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Hello and to Mughal improve I'm Debbie Miller host and I wanted to talk today. Continue my discussion on Florida, but I'm going at it from a different angle of done many podcasts, covering various parts of the country that are popular for retirement with baby boomers like Maas Vegas new, Mexico Arizona North and South Carolina Virginia and I've talked about areas on the both side of Florida today I to talk about places on the Atlantic coast side of Florida that you may want to explore. Explore and if you want to review the Gulf side, you can listen to the podcast. They did on April Twelfth, Florida, good bad, and the ugly, which kind of talks about the whole state, or you can listen to the my may eleventh podcast on moving to Tampa, or may twenty cysts on moving to Sarasota, so you'll be immersed in Florida, and you'll either love it or hate it You may want to continue to just visit, but let's talk about the Atlantic coast today. It's something interesting to send me an email and I'll put you in touch with someone in that location who can help you move or improve with Debbie at g mail, dot, com, or you can visit my website at www dot boomer housing options dot com. I'm talking mostly about active adult communities in this podcast, but there's other options to consider as well of disgust. Master planned communities versus active adult communities in previous podcast in we've talked about. Whether. You should rent or buy, so there's a lot to think about. But obviously because it's Florida. There'll be a myriad of options for you to consider. Your Tyne before you visit any of them. Make a list of what you do and don't want in a community. Many of them offer the same amenities, but to talk to the residents to see what they like and don't like our wish. They had known before they moved in. Thanks to consider are what are the amenities. It's important that the community select has the things that you wanNA. Do them have amenities that others don't. Say Ball or aerobics studio multiple pools Botchy Ball. Check them out when shopping and if you're if you don't play golf and don't buy into a community where golf is the big thing, you can always get into a community where there off courses outside the gates and that way you're not paying for. The maintenance can get expensive. And, then the size of communities can range in size from about a hundred homes to over seventeen hundred homes, depending on how big you want. Some people prefer smaller communities at prefer large someone just a mid size. Personal feeling is that it's kind of easier to fit into a medium sized community than a very large one. Amenities vary and are in direct proportion to the size of the community. Everything you want to check is the reserves. How healthy is the reserve fund if they run out of money? Who has to pay the bills you do for residents. And the people are going to be important, each community has its own flavor. Some communities are more active and more friendly, more welcoming when visiting a community, you want to talk to some of the people in the community, so you can form your own opinion. Is over seventy active adults communities in Palm Beach County alone, so we better get started. From Beach County is the largest county by land mass in the State of Florida and it includes more than just swanky, calm beach to the north or Boca Raton known as Boca to the south or almost forty cities and towns in Palm Beach County. So kropulation is about a million and a half people. There is an international airport plenty of great restaurants. Lots of shopping cultural activities to keep you busy. Palm, beach, and Boca date back to the nineteen twenties thirties when the wealthy less cold winters of North Bask in the sun trying to Florida. It was really developed by Henry Flagler. Who Developed Standard Oil was John Rockefeller. Flagler took his wife's to Florida for her health and immediately recognized the potential of the area, the lack hotels solid rail system the he was really the brainchild behind the development of Florida which attracted tourists and the wealthy up north. Yes they're celebrities living in the palm beaches as they are collectively called. Ariana Grande days pop singer in Boca hadn't James The actor Listen Delray Beach Bill Gates You know him some Microsoft Wellington. Florida and I'm Sandler. The actor comedian lives in Highland Beach Florida Michael Jordan of former Chicago. Bulls Star Arisen Jupiter Florida. And Radio, personality Howard, Stern, lives in Palm Beach. Now, there's twenty hospitals in Palm. Beach County and many more in neighboring Broward and Miami Dade counties, and there's no state income tax in Florida doesn't tax your pension or thirty or income from an IRA. Inheritance tax and lower property taxes than those in the high call states of New England. So here's two towns to consider starting from the north and working our way down to Boca. I at the very north part of the county is Jupiter. It's a small town beechy bribe, and it has the Luxa Hatschi Rick River for your kayaking or canoeing. And while you're paddling, you'll pass Cyprus trees, and you can search the birds and alligators and turtles and toes in the sand at the Jonathan Dickinson State Park. Your visit, the Red Light House with the staircase, leading to beautiful beach views. And you can buy a ticket for a Broadway style show at the moment, stupider theater. You can buy high end or medium price property. It's convenient to the intercoastal waterway. Two Miles up the road from Jupiter is the small village of Esta, the native Americans who lived there many years ago with its test at Indians. It is a popular retirement area and it also has an off leash dog. Beach Popular Places River Walk. Point, which is rental community, which has fifty five plus crowd, and one to three bedroom options and I was like to tell you rent before you buy because you're just exploring, but there's fully equipped kitchens, their and master bedroom retreat, walking clauses Washer Dryer Patio balcony with free outdoor parking. You know you WANNA. Try Place out before you spend a lot of money, so we're walk. Point is a good place to start. Then you move to West Palm Beach one of the best opportunities for an urban lifestyle in the county. There's lots of new condos downtown which provides city, living and walkability store neighborhoods, dating to the Twenties and Thirties. There's also a century village retirement condo community for people over fifty five, and that's a very affordable option. You'll enjoy shopping from the vendors West Palm Beach greenmarket on Saturdays from October through April and you WANNA. visit the always happens city place. It's an outdoor mall with restaurants shops in downtown wedding. The climate is three historic commercial district is a U. S historic district located in west, Palm, beach. Is Runs along the five hundred block of Columbus Street contains twelve historic buildings. And, then we go to Palm Beach Palm Beach is separated from the mainland by the Lake Worth Lagoon, and it's known for its glitzy estates. Gorgeous Beaches Long Sandy, Crombie Beach Municipal Beach, and Worth Avenue is aligned with upscale boutiques and galleries and restaurants. Art Antique furnishings or displayed at the Henry Morrison flagler museum inside the hotel and rail railroad tycoon sued Gilded Age Mansion. It's incredible. Often referred to as millionaires road and the South Ocean Boulevard area is a fun place to count bentleys and Rolls Royces. Onto the over rich, you'll see manicured blonde. Stretching out to the sparkling water took always pools and a variety of architectural styles, the palm. Beach, Zoo and Conservation Society is a nonprofit Zoological Organization located, at Dreher Park in West Palm Beach Zoom has more than five hundred fifty animals. Many of them are in Beijing, and it's a twenty three. Acre lush tropical habitat for those animals around each zoo and conservation society is a member of the Association of Zoos and aquariums and the World Association of Zoos and aquariums. Let's head on down now to Wellington and that's about thirty miles inland from West Palm Beach so. Discover, the city of about sixty five thousand residents money magazine named it a best retirement city for golfers, because it's two hundred twenty golf courses within thirty miles of this place, the Wellington National Golf Club and the wicketless golf and country club the most notable. Since. The town wasn't chartered until nineteen ninety-five. A lot of housing is newer. In planned communities are everywhere. Love Wellington because it's home to an internationally recognized equestrian community with a social scene to match. It offers endless opportunities to play by day and ride off into the sunset tonight. Each January through April Wellington's equestrian season leaps into action. The Winter Equestrian Festival welcomes the world's top riders. Twelve weeks of competition during Palm Beach International Polo season. You can't swing now without hitting a daily event, a field side, grunge or champagne soaked party. Capping it all off is the International Gay Polo Tournament with non stop excitement happening on and off the field. You. Can days sadness hats at a match or a little retail therapy and the mall at Wellington Gre-. says. He's had enough horseplay. You'll find a variety of beaches near Wellington. Like nearby lake worth municipal beach with its popular fishing pier and the Palm Beach Municipal Beach, a public beach only steps from shopping Mecca of worst revenue. You could easily spend in higher day at the Wellington environmental preserve. and has nature trails on the six story Observation Tower, and of course question trail. Designated learning area, and it reveals insights into the surrounding environment. More outdoor adventure awaits at Peaceful Water Sanctuary and Scott's place playground. And the communities of Wayne of a air, awful rentals that because of the price of the community prices will be higher. They're not only for rentals for purchases as well, but it's well worth visit. Let's get back in and further down to Brighton Beach. Experience Old Florida charm in Boynton beach in cozy restaurants and boutiques wine, walkable ocean avenue, and canopy covered walkways lead to warm sea breezes in a wide stretch of Sandhill. Perk. We don't want to miss the giant sea turtle sculpture and life. Size Chess Board near the concession stand. Each October Ocean Avenue transforms for the haunted best and mermaids flash. Speaking of drought buccaneers there may be a few hanging around the city Harbor Marina. And the scenic dockside restaurant serve up frosty trackable dacians outside downtown. More retail therapy awaits along the Congress. Corridor, and Renaissance Cohen's while the taproom at Deuce out brewing company opens for tours and tastings of locally. Made Craft Brews. We ready to again out of the water, well beaches like oceanfront park or some of the prettiest in the area with access to coral and artificial reefs. JC Park Hubs, intercoastal waterway, easy access for canoes and kayaks paddle boards. Keep an eye out for the chance to spot manatees and they because they said quote, the mango areas their. Housing is affordable here mid one fifty range and higher, and there's many communities to look at too. Now Boca largest, city in the county has about one hundred thousand people within the city limits and anymore residences with Boca dresses who live outside the city on this one of the wealthiest areas in Florida wasn't upscale, live and family friendly with lots of retirees, but Lots of yachts and limos will. The Boca Raton, Museum of art and concerts at Ms Ner Park amphitheater will provide a lot of activities and you WANNA. Be Sure to visit the town center there, too. It's an upscale regional shopping center and the largest enclosed conventional shopping mall in Palm. Beach County. And other thing to remember is you can take classes or attend a lecture at the ocean lifelong. Learning Institutes for the Florida. Atlantic University there. Many of the older homes in Boca, or in the Mediterranean revival, Spanish style of architecture, and there are several affordable, fifty five plus communities. One of the largest is century village that you want to investigate. The master planned communities if you want a multi generational community rather than an active adult community. Read, Race Park has the Gumbo Limbo Environmental Complex. And you don't have to D-. Do the limbo to get in. It's an environmental education center. It was founded in Nineteen eighty-four Gumbo Limbo is a cooperative project of the city of Boca. Greater bulk a beach and Park district board, Atlanta University and friends of Gumbo Limbo. In addition to the seat tanks in the Butterfly Garden in the boardwalk trail through the hammocks, complete with an observation tower number limbo has a research facility run by Florida Atlantic University students can study coral reefs and sea, turtles, sharks, and sea, grass and other marine related subjects. We're finished with that and where next stop is going to be? Delray Beach Delray beach is a small city of about seventy thousand. It's about nine miles north of Volka. The Pineapple Grove Arts distinct is dotted public art galleries nearby Cornell Art Museum displays contemporary work. The lakeside more, Comey, museum and Japanese. Gardens offered tea ceremonies. Calligraphy workshops in serene outdoor spaces. It's absolutely beautiful. We'll CODA hatching wetlands park, featuring a raised boardwalk view of birds and turtles and alligators. They'll ray beach was once named the most funds small town in the USA by USA Today. It's easy to see why it's nestled between Horton, beach and Boca del Ray beach is famous for its lively main street, inviting boots weather for riding arts scene, an interesting culture that stretches back centuries, and you want to be sure to visit the more calm museum and the Japanese Gardens. It's the center for Japanese art and cultural. It's West del. Of the campus has two museum buildings and a bonsai garden and library gift shop Japanese restaurant called L. Cornell Cafe and that's been teacher'd on food network rotating exhibits are displayed in both buildings and demonstrations, including tea ceremonies in classes are the main building. Traditional Japanese festivals are celebrated several times a year. And a park and museum renamed after George More Economy. And they give up their pan. Who donated his farm to Palm Beach County to be used as a park? And it's a hundred and eighty eight acres, so it's thirty large, and it's just beautiful. There's things to do those everglades and Francis Taylor Wildlife's mortgage payment area. you can ride the everglades. You can go online. Country Safari is look Abell since you can tour. The Henry Morrison flagler museum in the more Comey Museum Japanese Gardens. And really very a habit or a quick ride through some of the best places to retire on the Atlantic coast. And be sure to check out my podcast on living in Florida as I said before. Florida, the good, bad and the ugly. was in. April. Twelfth to the exact, and then retired to Sarasota, was may twenty fifth, and if you like Tampa big city living go with may eleventh. Listen to that and you'll get a lot of information about retiring to Tampa. And of course I'm not finished with Florida out continuing another podcast, but for right now just wanted to cover Palm Beach County and I thank you for joining me today. Now a lot of people listening don't want to move to Florida. That's just not in their. Scheme of things, but you know if you listen to my podcast, I've talked about heiress Zona, and Las Vegas. There's a lot of places to consider. One of the biggest problems that people have is. Obviously making the decision, and they can make the decision by visiting these places, but make a list before you go of what you're looking for and what your budget is. You cluttering is a biggie because most of my clients have been in their houses for. Twenty thirty forty fifty years, and just getting rid of the stuff, just overwhelming I did do a Dash in March one decluttering, and what a freeing ceiling. It is to get rid of your stuff. And I think you should listen to that because that's really the first step. Obviously you can be making a list of what you should be looking for in a community. Do you want the active adults or the master plan? Community and I've done a podcast on master communities versus active adult better for you master plan. Communities allow for a variety of. And active adults is limited to fifty five, and over I've had people move to the fifty five, plus because they really don't WanNa be around kids and I've had people move to master planned communities? Because they worked to be around variety of groups and more activities, going on master planned. Communities contend to be somewhat larger and tune in the keep posted on the other communities I'm going to be doing in Florida plus. Other. Communities around the country Lakewood ranch other ones Sun City. Those kinds of places and there's so many on the boards so to speak, which means that they're in development. So you WANNA make sure. That you start to declutter process and it's going to be overwhelming if you have a lot of collections of things I've worked with people who has had to deal with what I do myself. Are you going to really pay a mover to move it across the country for you? it's it's a hard thing to decide and a Lotta Times. Your children don't want your stuff. And they don't want their twelve sets of that. You have and you don't want it, but you don't want to get rid of it. You're attached to it. There's ways to figure those added. I've done podcasts on those Check them out because they didn't have a lot of information on how to where the things that you don't want your children the war. And the older I've gotten I've been doing a lot of downsizing and decluttering, in I really like the freedom of not having a lot of stuff to take care of. It's less expensive I don't have to you, know breast, it and. Keep it! Dashed away some place. You know just. It let somebody else use it. It's using toyed it and especially if they're a box for five years in storage space. Nobody's doing that. Sit just get rid of it then you'll feel a whole lot better and there's GonNa, be stuff that you do want. Keep obviously you know photos and memorabilia from trips. You've taken, but you don't have to take everything with you because it's going to cost a lot to move. So be thinking about. Getting rid of stuff and don't wait until the last minute I. Always Tell People. If you wait and say Oh, we'll do that some day well Sunday. She'd be today You're going to have to deal with this wire story too I. Mean What if you fall down the steps, tomorrow or next week or next month and you have to deal with recuperating in a nursing home. You have to deal with this now. Make the decisions today. Because you WANNA be able to enjoy a new life in the act of the built community. You WanNa enjoy nights in Florida North Carolina Texas wherever you decide to go. And I'm going to be talking more about various places that to retire to with other people who live there. So that they Can share with you what it's like to live in that area, and then you can go visit. So if you have questions, you can contact me at moves or improves with Debbie had g mail, or you can come up on my website. WWW boomer, hosing options that come. And check out what's there and let me know what? Thanks for joining me.

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