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To the television. Streaming. Of Car who everybody and welcome back streaming in place. Today, we are talking about the legend of Cora books three change episodes one and two a breath of fresh air and rebirth. So so that happened so. There's a few things obviously Zuko, very exciting. But we had to start out with. Billy. Excited for him What did you think about this? This season premiere, these two episodes and our new like relation of the return of Air Bending God what an interesting place to start the season I think these two episodes did a really nice job of setting up like wow look at this incredible thing that isn't also complicated as all things in life are and looking at all of the different ways that this thing that on the surface would seems to be nothing but a blessing can actually be a lot of things at once including a great start to a jailbreak. Like whoa that's a fun way to certain jailbreak. So I'm very excited about what that means for the season and what it says about some of the ideas and season one in particular and Yeah I was very intrigued by the premise. And also had a hard time remembering what outlandish. Guest. Was Real. Because for all I know guest boomy becomes a bender but maybe it was. Cora and Asami are like that guy. And I and I don't actually remember what else I said so. So someone. Tell me what? You talk about the Earth Kingdom, and that's where the bulk of the season half okay great. See Nailed it. Yeah very, very promising. Was this what the two of you remember do you remember a really solid start to season three? I'm sorry to put three. I. I was so very happy like the breath the fresh air rebirth. Yup for the season's like. Pay No attention to that too. Don't worry about it. We're do this now. Is this great what did you think? No I what I remembered from these two episodes. The montage of tens and trying to convince people to give up everything to become air nomad. You're gonNA love her vegetarian Diet. We have these great robes. Your best friend can be a skype bison. And none of it working and the delivery of J. K. Simmons hitting all of those is just so delightful. But I just remember that as a thing of all nodes GonNa, join the Arab nation, not even for a skype bison because. It's a lot of work. And that's why you gotta get when their babies Yay. Just. GET THEM when they're babies exactly So watching all of that. I think it's just a really great comedic montage plus the very animated. She be versions of them on the map going from village to village to find is super cute and I really really like when they do that kind of thing, it's a very good call back to the vacation. thing on the map from season to So. That is a really comedic way to get into the whole. What does it mean when you want when the culture wants you to simulate into her? And you're just like, no. No. Thank you, sir. And like that discussion I think is really really interesting. And I think of the episode does a good bit of kind of starting to tickle interrogate Teradata as a concept I'm very excited about that because that's one of the big things I remember from the season in particular is, have you convinced people to become Erdo Maths despite the fact that? Air Nomads cultures really strict compared to. All the other cultures are not this. Their. Gender segregated. Nuns go to the South go to eastern Western go to the north and south like there's a lot of stuff to kind of like dig into with that But then that triggered for me the other part about this season's air nomad stuff is everything Zaheer's. Monkey I can never remember the name of that era nomad the grew watch me And we a lot more of that as the season progresses I remember that very clearly So just the ways in which the season begins to deteriorate how you rebuild it error no Matt Culture I. Think is really interesting I'm very excited to watch all that play out but like Allison said, pan that jailbreak is much cooler than I remember being it's very good. Just. So many jailbreaks I watched this one separate from my parents and then I asked them about their reactions later in my dad's again watch sure you know we'll see that don't know about the. About the the the bad guys seem kind of whatever I was like. Okay. Did you watch the jailbreak I did that was so like the also guys like that was really cool and it's like superpower bag as they each have their own specific kind of sell to neutralize them except for as a here whose whole thing he wasn't in her bedroom before this Sukey was trapped on a mountain which seems pretty extreme for normal guy which I think kind of also tells you just how dangerous he is before he got Arab ending and also mastered immediately in two weeks which is also delightful that they dig into bit more. But? Yeah. Just the whole we've got our lava rock bender I think kinetically it's a magma bender And then a armless bender voiced by grade DC who voiced Zula in last term under. Yes at listeners alson making a big surprise on, do you at the other big celebrity cameo these two episodes real quick because polling, dynamite voices, the slacker guy who will not leave his mom's basement. Really painter. Later Hater. Tighter Bagai. Fun Guy. That's awesome. One bit of slivered casting I don't like is that we've gone from Dante Basco to the whitest. Man. Possible. Bruce Davis the voice Zuko. You. Don't get much wider like even physically the Bruce Ames he's. He's very pale. Yeah. So anyway, that's on killing about both these episodes very eager to get like really getting into the season because these has really strong like right off the bat for me. Well, it's also a lot of just. Let. Get Public City let's do something different which like like rebirth is. Just going to start this over feels like a good way to go on it and it really they hit that on the head like Assam here's a worship. Don't ask me how I have the money for it or anything don't worry about it. Two weeks that Eric Investment really really kicked hard in two weeks. Yes I'm okay. Leaving my company I don't have controlling interested anymore. anyways. So let's just go on adventure every betting on the other things. that. I really appreciate are some of the tweets with the characters in most specifically what they're doing with Moscow. I'm very on board with how awkward and. Uncertain. He is right now I'm very on board with a Cora and Asami like driving buddies like is you know and they're like, yeah. We all knew far sorry should've told you the the they handle that really well, I'm very excited the newly energized relationships that we're seeing here. Elson any thoughts on on Gorhino Asami in Monaco and all of the different dynamics yeah. I mean it's it's more interesting to be sure. But I have to tell you when Bolan Mosey DOPP and was like you're not coming with us. Let me be charming and convince you to come. No don't everybody needs space including me. Let him stay into his job for a while. This is textbook getting past an awkward breakup and still wanting to be friends you can't force it. You gotta give it room to breathe. Lead the man be a police officer for while if that's what you're really wants to do don't it's fine it's fine. There are other people can help the flip side of that those that we would not have gotten beyond the lookout for fire bender in a red scarf. Oh no here I come with my scary fire. Circa. Yeah. No I have the same response of. Just. Let him stay. Let him I mean I get that that we're going to Rehab Oh here and I'm fine with that but but link yeah, give it some time. Some time, he'll be way more endearing if he's like Hey I realized I was kind of at. Mock. Muko here I realized. That I was kind of a whole Would you like to talk about that or should we just move past it and then it'd be like we move past it and then it'd be like great. I'm never going to date anyone ever again. And then everything would be just wonderful. That's that's what I think. The central. How do you rebuild the ads if? The people who are getting air bending are not children. Who whose parents can decide to sort of? In, enroll them in like the temples in this like that lifestyle. But are instead you know grown as people with families and lives and businesses I think is a really good way to go the fact that boonies like on board I I think they did a good job with everything in this upset but. I'm waiting for and I think we really need a really. Close moment with boomy reflecting on what this means because this is a huge part of his identity being the non vendor in his family and so for him like that's got a dredge ups so much stuff avedis very excited and everything but this is gotTa Drudge of a lot of daddy issues and I'm really hoping we get that I don't remember anything specific but that doesn't mean it's not there. It's been a while. But aside from that, it's nice that boomy like fully on the team in everything but he's not giving up that flute he's not GonNa you know lose that swashbuckling jacket I think the flutes okay. The probably GonNa be the harder thing to get rid of 'cause I don't think tencent's GonNa take his flute but he's probably CSAK me low might. Will definitely take flute. Well. But. The flute, his flute in particular is a wind instrument. So wouldn't it be the ideal instrument for an Arab Bender? Good point thinking about he's GonNa be able to do that like Kenny G. circular breathing. Right he's got a real advantage as a musician now. Yeah. Can you imagine what Oh and opera singer? Who is an air bender would just like dominate for all time fifth element opera just like date night I'll just continuously. Well do we have any other threads that we want to dive in with any other distinct like they? It's a lot of setup. In this episode what we think of this spirit vines taking over a republic city. I mean I think it makes a lot of sense that you can't even get rid of them like because of how. Manipulated things like my I really liked that as a concept and I also really like it as a point of contention for core to drive her out republic city. And Slightly connected to that I like the fact that Cora has approval numbers. which is just so delightful that they're eight percent and she's so dismayed by this. And is talking to me about is like you haven't seen my little numbers It's just very sweet. But I'm also I. also have like some context for like how this plays out as well. So I don't WanNa like too much too but it is a very sort of good exciting development that allows the to continue to live with. Cords decision even if the show right now anyway is more negatively interested in the effects of Mama convergence directly as opposed to chorus decision to allow the spirit world to begin to overlap. Or to mingle with the human world again. Because that's what they're much more interested in at least initially. They have not explained why there are spirit vines in. Republic City when there is not a portal in republic city well, it because like he was like, did he grew the vines like duct his hands under the thing? an under the ocean they started growing in the finale in the big battle. Forgotten that so like you see them kind of take over that miniature Tokyo Tower that they have set up a bunch of other stuff. But yeah, there's no way to get rid of him. And creates like we those weird neighborhood pockets that we saw in will continue to see us over the show But Yeah Yeah. Marcus I don't blame the people being angry with Cora and no. Of course, not like their home is gone The building got a yeah. Of course, they're upset. She didn't anticipate this but also, who else are you going to blame? You know? Well, she's also not helped by the fact that I appreciate that this university doubling down on all politicians garbage because. We. Because well that that's a theme that resonates right now. And at an IT makes a lot of sense that the president who just sees him as like I can't get involved in almost brought about the destruction of everything as a result would be like look at the Avatar it's her fault. It's her fault that this happened her and like yes but. As as we all like to say, the situation is a lot more nuance than that and there doesn't seem to be a lot of room for nuance and political conversations in Republic City or indeed any corner of this universe. So Boo to that guy. what do we think of our new recruits? Chi are obviously not a going to be a standard for Lynn's younger selves absolutely not no horse knows. No. Barrier No. Pill going to happen. They're absolutely not not even a little bit not a love interest for Genera Norris not. Not in a door to door seeing seeing the first boy that is not her her brother ever A. Yeah. Nothing like that? No Allison how'd you feel about Chi-? Brief right it was. It was brief and I feel like I got the job done I. was like, Okay I get your deal. I got his deal way before any of the characters did which I assume not a unique experience like. You're a scam. Got It. Got It. You're on the Lam let's do this. I'm all about it. Artful dodger me all the way up like, yes bring it So I i. also love it when animated characters blush. So one of my very favorite little specific things and a really good animated character blush is a thing of beauty in that Gina's little tiny just right here cheek clutch was a delight. So I'm into it I'm into I mean just a couple of episodes ago. I, was talking about how? We the show didn't seem interested in exploring the fact that Moscow and Berlin have this stability that they didn't have as they were when they were kids and what it would mean for them to potentially lose this privilege that they've encountered for Asami what it's like for her to go from the sort of lap of luxury to be struggling a little bit although apparently maybe not So I'm glad to see this element of it does economic sort of class element introduced into the conversation and what that could mean for the future of the air nation because that idea is very interesting. To like what it, what it is going to cost people to build their nation what will the our nation look like as a result? Anyway very cool. Yeah. Marquez tens of his definitely, not a salesman and the gender segregation will not help them with increasing their numbers and there's actually a good point because there aren't enough air bending masters for them to be able to split into different temples. So for potentially the first time in their history I mean I don't think you can count currently with Millo Genera Nikki it will it won't be gender segregated and that's gotTa have a significant impact. And yet they're obviously were very centered on the trying to recruit people to many but it's still like it's a way of eight vendors. There's like eight of them, right? It's still not a lot. So getting to a point where they can even just find. Have the numbers where they can. Have a temple will be a significant say and how what are the dynamics going to be for the accolades who don't have Air Bandai and what have like Really accolades at one of the temples develop bending the other ones don't trauma the personal injury in stakes it he meal on a cure dealing with offscreen this entire season that one of the ACOLYTES got Ruben, but we never get to see that story. Or none of the. Got Air Bending but the person who does the catering dead and now they're all furious. Yeah. Very upset. The vegetarian caterer. Yep Yup. though now I'm just thinking about the impact of air bending on baking and your options and how that would just lead to perfect souffles every single time. So make they make good pies apparently like okay. So here's here's an anecdote. There is a winemaker in the champagne region of France called Kanar Duchenne. It's one of my favorite wines. If you see, it's a good value it's like. It's it's like forty dollars, champagne tastes like eighty dollars champagne but does not taste like one hundred, twenty dollars champagne don't get excited but it's very good and it is so called because a barrel maker I. Think it was Canard now I never remember. which which is a cooper. Is a cooper. Think Right. Met the daughter of a Vintner who grew champagne grams. The family name was Duchenne and they met and fell in love and decided to make barrels and put wine in them together for the rest of their lives. It feels like it air bender in a fire bender should fall in love and then bake forever. And the navy also then like employ like always have an a bender as an intern to make sure that things stay moist. Also, the run. Barbecue. Yes see ooh, the implications. It's very exciting, very exciting here ads during a place Any final thoughts about these episodes any other now that we have a little sense of the structure of what's happening this season and the other were looking forward to all I. Do WanNa, know how since feeling about what we know about the here and his gang of Criminals that. Because on and meanwhile. And how? Like. It's a really strong introduction does here but I'm very curious to see here what else? Thinks about Zahir in particular you know 'cause he? He gets the most development out of every, all his his band of miscreants. Well I have to admit that I don't have any thoughts yet because there isn't a ton in the way of development other than it being very cool introduction for that sort of element of the story but it feels a little bit like at the end of O- Franchise launching movie you get the cut scene in the middle of the credits at where you see like whoever the big bad for the next. Movie is going to be or several movies down or or your marvel, and you just show me four seconds of Thanos every five years and expect that that's going to do it for me somehow. So whatever the case it felt like that like it felt like they were priming need to be engaged as opposed to actually engaging me all that much and I was super engaged with the sequences a whole. But I think, I, want a way to sort of see what the deal is but I'm very into the voice performance I was very the animation he was sort of immediately terrifying in like A. Oh, you know I also in a prison break kind of sense but the energy of that sequence was a lot like a very dangerous criminal got a toothbrush fifteen minutes ago when we haven't seen him since. Right. Like he got or a paper clip or something else incredibly innocuous and not scary but you saw them get that nobody else did. So now you understand the stakes and you sort of marvel at their prowess. And power while also being terrified of them like it felt very much like that, which is great but I don't know that I know all that much him as a person yet. Although he probably should've gotten his girlfriend I. Well as we'll find out not. Not In the next up. So I don't know it's the fourth episode Because I do not in the third episode at all. Because they have really big Fri-. Third episode. but. Yeah. I'm GONNA remark Marcus prediction here is that his current prediction is that here or his girlfriend who I assume fire bender is the descendant of Zula and that's they're after the Avatar which is the big thing is going to make is that Zahir and his gang. The big thing that we know is that they wanNA kill the Avatar. Like that's what he says he's going to do. That's what Zuko worried about is like you need to were you need to warn the Avatar because this is bad and I think that that's a big way of sort of doing. threat. Escalations Zuko thinks they're bad news. In addition to these ridiculous prisons that they're all and And I think that is the thing wool bookmark. Some of that other stuff that work is said for when we meet the girlfriend. Marcus. Says they might have killed ing that's another theory How died so yeah, we'll see Yeah. It's great to season. Go back. It's really fun. We don't get much with him and s going to have to be something that you know wait withhold judgment on, but it was cool to see his dragon. Yeah, you have to the dragon now he's dragging now 'cause Zucca wasn't cool enough already. Yeah that was very cool. I mean I know those points are all great. And you are right and that is very interesting. But I one hundred percent and got stuck on Zuko and then stopped thinking around. No no fair. And then dragon and it circuited my brain and that is really all I could focus on with with relation to that character man when I saw that I who I got so excited. Very. Glad to have another of our friends back. However fleetingly. Yeah, and this isn't the end of Zuko in the season just like you know. He shows up a couple more times I think. To. Kind of provide. Con Spreads in context off Greg All. I like that the dragons are back enough that one of them is able to just hang out with Hugo to be a taxi opposite dial. Like there's enough dragons that that you know in the world at this point, you know seventy later that they aren't just like the two that hang out in the dragon indicate in mountain and occasionally come out to do some choreograph by dancing with Zuganov. Secret secret sect of Iraq lights of actually raising dragons in secret for the Palestine Hundred Years the baby dragon parcel. Princess Strawberry Spice Head is the the the baby dragon. Yes. Yes. Okay. Well, I'm excited for this season. It seems like we're on page off to a good start a confident solid started I'm excited to talk about what comes next yet it's got that It's got that. Soft? Relaunch energy. which I always like when it's well-timed. Yeah. When it's necessary certainly is appreciated. Well, tomorrow we're going back to talk about episodes three and four episodes three. A of book three is the Earth Queen ant four is in harm's way. So any predictions? Elson the Earth Choline Okay so Tough, had two kids. Let's. Say Twins. So Lynn has a twin and she's the queen of the Earth Kingdom and she. Is. Cool and smart and fun I. Don't know That's a terrible guess but I'm guessing you I mean in more likely. She is a descendant of boom, but you know what go? Just go with me. We're just GONNA. We're going to say there's another little bit. There's another little bay out there or Grownup Bay. Vong and and she's awesome. and then in harm's way. the. Magma. Bender gets. A volcano which is near a town, which we know is a an Avatar, the last air bender classics so they decide to like recreate history. And then Cora has to stop the lava. And as result, no, one can touch the floor. So you're saying floors lava the floor I'm saying the floor is lava Alcalay. Marcus says the Old Earth King made his bear his successor. So the Earth Queens Bear. Oh I really like I guess it's very good I. I gotTa be honest I forgot about the earth king and his bare until this exact moment. Yes that's good though I'm sticking whatever I'm sticking my guess I was a vaguely sort of almost correct on one thing. So. I'm will be almost sort of vaguely correct on one thing. And then Osama Asami incorrupt, kiss okay. I'm GONNA will that into being with guest starred John Leguizamo. Oldest Getty's so we'll see we'll see what happens Yeah. Okay. Anything or you on I'm looking I mean the earth episode I think is really good I think that looking I'm looking at my review for in harm's way and just going like apparently I thought it was fine. so That was fine Yep. Yeah. Apparently I thought it was fine. Again, I'm going to be rewatching all of these episodes for the first time. This time through. So some of this isn't gonNA stick but I'm excited I also forgot the nickelodeon started dropping episodes like two episodes a week. At this point. Reasons that will get into a couple of days they see stopped airing it on TV. It was an online only show. Yeah. It became it became you could only buy digitally or you can watch the NICKELODEON website from episode ten offered. This is like Fox levels of nonsense. Yeah. Wait until we really get into it because it's really ridiculous I, you you luck into. Like like a potential all timer and then. You just. Do this. Allah. Sorry. I. Did a Double Double Bird. There you have no idea. Wait until we get to see some four. Point, okay. How do you? What? I don't understand how you spend the money that they clearly had to spend to get Mir back and to make it look good and then they don't air it. That's what I don't guess. It would be like if it would be like if HBO was like we have the wire, you can you can view it as a comic Strip and Sundays in USA Today and that's the only way enjoy the wire. Thank you for the cloud. Yes extract it basically like there's we'll get into it when we hit upset late nine. But it's just it's real weird and then there's other substances in four that is also real weird like really really weird. But there's also a range of conspiracy theories about actual reasons for things that are happening so. Now let's say in season four, they'll be upset where we do three because one of the is a straight up clip show yesterday since to make an actual clip show. Yes. An animated clip show. That list there's Allison's making a very confused face. To face, hold on like Meta Wink Wink format of clip show. Now, action eclipse show actual clip show. There's a little bit of original animation in there but yeah so cora will be like that reminds me of the time that we went to passing say and then yeah. Those were the days. Oh, are they going to do it golden girls style? Do they sit in a kitchen and eat cheesecake I'll. Show. I. Think it's more family ties style where they sit around photo album and flip through it all. I honestly don't remember with framing device for the show is there is some original animation in it, but it is like papa video situation. Yeah. But it's it's it's a cook show all the way through. Racing else's yet happened for like two weeks. You're not be you this for like two weeks. If he's percolate, you back your brain until Ray. I'm definitely going to forget about it because my short term memory is garbage right now. So I'll get to have this experience all over again, which means we will to it's thank you for that. Thank. Markaz unless they were trying to launch their own streaming streaming service, it doesn't make sense and then there would be like five years too early. Yes. If they could because they were taught by a combine combos interested in watching its own streaming service. Yeah. So anyways until tomorrow thank you Marcus for hanging with us in the zoom. Thank you everyone for listening Talk.

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