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GSMC Entertainment Podcast Episode 102: Wendy/Crack, Jeopardy Drama & MJ Pulled


The always on the go. But the day just be one without your Hollywood Phipps foot, Golden State media concepts that are ten podcast take care of that. And all inclusive look of pop culture. Greetings, good people the planet earth in the known universe. You listen to GSM emcees entertainment podcast. You captain Keith. And today's entertainment podcast episode is titled when d Williams crack jeopardy drama. Nj music pulled. So I was about to put our Kelly tagline in there to balancing I hadn't up space, but it's gonna be fun filled entertainment for you today. Good people on the planet earth and the known universe. Here we go. Let's get it. DJ collared announced as host for two thousand nineteen kids choice awards. Okay. Nice pitch at him in front of the FOX four display or press press box thingy. He's got his hands out in victory. Pose DJ, call it will be hosting the biggest party of the year digit Cal. It's been activists. Hell offense eagerly await the arrival of father of Asha, he's been working on other ventures. He's been holding down judging duties on the four with Diddy. He was recently cast for batboys three. And now he's taking hosting duties for the kids choice awards DJ carrot announced earlier today that he'll be taking on hosting duties with two thousand nine hundred kids choice awards while letting pants no that he secured the bag with his new deal secure the bag alert the biggest party of the year is about to go up. He said that's right, March twenty third. I'm your host father of shot DJ collared the Colombian kids choice awards. I'll see you soon. Is way to promote yourself. Shameless plugs. There'd be go by I'm not mad. I get it colored is no stranger to the kids choice awards last year. He earned himself nominations for favorite male artist and favorite song for. I'm the one between low main- quavo chance of rapper and Justin Bieber this year. He's up for three nominations, including favorite male artists and paper collaboration for no-brainer featuring quavo chance the rapper and Justin Bieber. Okay. Hey, we go again and a statement to Hollywood reporter the DJ expressed his excitement for the show. Santa father of a shot is here to let you know. The biggest part of the year is about to go up. That's right. Much win third. I'm your host DJ collar the Nickelodeon kitchen awards. I'll see you soon. See that's how you do you keep that's how you do as the word magic keep on just promoting what you doing people. Keep hearing it. No there is some of Blair appears in her first TV interview since her diagnosis admits she was a little scared of talking. Some players opening up about a multiple sclerosis diagnosis and camera for the first time on Tuesday, the forty six year old actress spoke to good Morning, America's Robin Roberts and revealed how she reacted to her August two thousand eighteen diagnosis how her son respond their noses, and what's liberty has been there for her through it all Blair's interview, which was filmed before the first public appearance at the nanny fares asks party on Sunday came during a flare up for the actress something that made her nervous talk to campus to talk about camera for Blair spotless, rose, which is potentially a disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord acquainted. Mayo clinic includes a symptom, call spasmodic this phone you due to that symptom, which causes voice breaks and gives the voice tight, strain quality Blair's speech was slow, but she wanted to go through with interview to show what being mill of an aggressive form once rose this is like. Man. I was a little scared of talking and even my note neurologist said no this will bring a lot of awareness because no one has the energy to talk when they're in a flare up, but I do because I love a camera. She quipped. It is interesting put it out there to be here to stay to be here to say, this is what my my particular case looks like right now prior to diagnosis to her Blair had been the mist of MS flare up since the birth of her seven year old son, Arthur. I was self medicating. Arthur I wasn't with me. I was drinking. I was paying. I wasn't always drinking. But there were times when I couldn't take it. And I was really struggling with how my going to get by life. She would call. I even got to the point where I said, I need to go to work, and I have to stay awake dropped my son off at school a mile away before I got home. I'd have to pull over and take an app, and I was shamed. And I was doing the best I could. And I was a great mother, but it was killing me. Additionally, Blair wasn't taken seriously by doctors and was told their symptoms due to being a single mother exhausted dealing with finances while struggling explain her symptoms blare out to Michael J, FOX who's been struggling with Parkinson's disease for decades for decades. I said, I don't know who to tell but I'm dropping things I'm doing strange things. She would call an Email. She sent back to the future. She sent back to the future actor he got in touch. With me, and we begin conversation conversation. So he really helped me he gives me hope. That's really nice day here. I think that's really amazing Mberi cool, Mr Fox real cool guy to meet. Plus that was like I have Michael J. Fox's Email now. Like, I'm pretty cool. I'm cool. I thought she quipped that's keep once that diagnosis did come through Blair cry with some relief after years of giving it everything to seem normal. I cried I had tears been went tiers of panic. They were tears of joy I had to give in to a body that had lost. Control. She said I cry with some relief of like, oh, God, I'll be able to do something when it came to telling her son of her diagnosis Blair said, it was it wasn't hard at all. I always wanted him to feel safe never responsible for me. But he had already seen that. I was falling in doing things. I wasn't. I was. And I was always laughing she explained, and he and he imitate me. And he and I'd be like, that's fine. But don't do that out of the house. People think you're jerk. I'd have to tell him after the my I said, I have something caught multiple sclerosis she recalled, and he almost cried and said well kill you. And I said, no, I mean, we never know what kills us, Arthur. But this is not the doctor telling me, I'm dying. And I was like, oh, okay. And that was it Blair described the partner strangely amazing revealed that her doctors are hopeful at think she could have ninety percent of her abilities back in the year despite that hope Blair does have hard days, which she combat's with both sleep in her loved ones. I have three of the dearest people with me off time, plus my son. She said I never thought I'd have such riches that I'd have to be so vulnerable and be an accepted so vulnerable except it's keeping me alive. No pressure to them. So rude of me, but the truth is they happen. I get in bed, and I don't move. She continued of her need for rest. You just have to you. Can't do it. Excuse me. Let me. Re ppac. I get in a bit. And I don't move. She continued her need for rest. You just have to you. Can't do it. All it's fine to feel really crappy. My son gets in my son gets it. And now I've learned not to feel guilty. I'm going to do as much as I can. But I have to put my brain in recovery after we set my attitude, sometimes I need to smile, and I need to get the positivity to believe she added. So nice picture of her in this dress pack, a gray black, and pink striped dress is flowing, and she has a black Cain. She looks very real. She looks very nice very brave of her to add a interview talk about what's going on can be easy. So we wish you all the best player. We definitely rooting for you and your son. Zachary Quinto and miles McMillan break up after almost six years together. Elmo Spock is boyfriend this. Oh, my. Zachary Quinto, mouse, McMillan are no more a source confirmed. The couple split up after nearly six years together. Neither Quinto Normand Millon has posted photos on social media on social media other significant others sometime most of the millions most recent photos involves snuggling with his dog are traveling to far flung places. The last time between nine year old model upload a picture with his boat occurred in June two thousand eighteen Tony awards he captured a snapshot of them on the red carpet last night at the Tonys with my one and only on Clinton's birthday, June MacMillan patriot by calling him my favorite in adding. I love you forever and ever they celebrate their anniversary in June. The Star Trek star traveled to Los Angeles over the week of the weekend for the two thousand nineteen Oscars. Okay, it's cooling. He was at the Oscars and state with modern family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband, Justin Makita, the two of them. Not McMillan where his Oscar squad Quinto attendant vanity fair's Oscars after party, whereas Mona stop by Elton John's aids Takami awards doing party Quintas last reference of his new of his now ex social media happened in Tober the forty one year old shared a blind drawing a million that he made on a cafe's paper placement on June twenty seventh. He praised me million on his birthday and called him the most beautiful person. I know the hero star McMillan where I seen out together two thousand thirteen according to people magazine, they moved into get in two thousand fifteen architectural digest even featured their bright and spacious New York City, Pat and may two thousand eighteen last year. There were some murmurs of an engagement in two thousand sixteen when spider Wayne abandoned his ring finger, but it quickly put those to rest, it's vintage ring that I bought as a gift from ours. And because we were not together on this long press tour. I was like I'm going to take that mean because I love it. He explained. News June two thousand sixteen but the only figure if it was my ring finger on my left hand. So I didn't think much of it the Cup. I talked about time not especially as it supreme court ruled gay marriage to Sean two thousand fifteen we love each other. And we talk about it. But we have no media plans. Quinto told us. You've been with somebody for over like two years living with them. You talk about marriage, and you don't get married. A lot of times that will be the reason why you break up. It's not being said, it's not that's not what's being said here. But I would not be surprised if not being married was part of the issue that brought these two up just saying. Let's see. Quinto came out as gay in two thousand eleven with New York magazine as a gay man, it made me feel like there's still so much work to be done. He told the magazine what discuss in the Broadway. Play angels in America. There's still so many things that need to be looked at and addressed the undercurrent of that fear, and that, you know, insidiousness still swarming. It's still around. It's still all around us a week afterwards. He called it an incredibly overwhelming experience. But in a good way, he stated September of last year at the real Marty at the real. Margaret, I don't know what that says premier marcher the real margarine premier. I'm just grateful to be able to participate in conversations more typically now, and to be able to stand up on behalf of people that aren't quite ready to stand up on their own give them whatever shred of or hope in in a real doctors. And then more entertainment news. Jordan woods. Oh man to. I love my job. I don't care even make this stuff up. Jordan woods. Red table talk appearance. Violate cardiac Kardashians. India? Very nice pitcher Jordan in the red robe. I guess. I guess I guess she's about to get her makeup done. For either acting or a photo shoot or something. Okay. So see. Says the tea comes with a cost Jordan woods upcoming appearance on Jada Pinkett. Smith's table talk might result in legal battle his ex best friend says too much about the car dashing family or even her thing with Tristan Thompson, according to teams Jordan would face a lawsuit from the Kardashian clan. If she gets to candidate about the Kardashians pitcher of Jordan with Kylie. Like most people who've been connected to the Kardashians. What's what's required to sign off on disclosure greement do appearance keeping up with ashes? Ultimately, the language agreement reveals that she's prevented from this closing any details about Chris Kim khloe Courtney and kindle earlier today, Jordan, which shared a dramatic video teasing her parents on Jacob on Janus where table talk. The show was shot earlier today. But there hasn't been any detail surrounding Jordan said on the show Jada Pinkett apparently wanted to create a healing between Jordan khloe Jordan platform to tell her side of the story. Oh, man. Wow. I guess we're all still surprised they're professional athletes cheated on his girlfriend, but it's really cheating. If you're not married. Things think about. Jeans. Think about the actually clan are pantley livid that she's trying to spend the story before probably apologizing the khloe for Leslie hooking up with Tristan Thompson. Okay. So. They want her to apologize to Chloe. But Chloe apologize. The Tristan's first baby. Mom. Just saying. What is yet to publish speak about speak out? But reports surfaced earlier this week claiming she's blaming the mistake on the alcohol. Clearly that wasn't enough to gain the trust of the kadarshian jitters who reportedly cut her off completely. It was the alcohol. Where's Jamie Foxx song? When you need it on more entertainment news after this break. One of find out what movies to go, see and checkout, GSM GMC movie podcast. It's your ticket to the leaders movies. Whether it's a new blockbuster event, romantic comedy or action flick. This show has got it all covered they talk. Some what to go see? Now, don't bother what's hot on Netflix and everything in between that GMC podcast dot com. Back slash movie dash podcast when it's all about the movies. It has to be this new show. Don't forget to like on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Visit GS MC podcasts dot com. For more info. What's listen to GMC's entertainment podcast? She captain Keith. More entertainment news for you. Ron tomatoes takes preemptive strike against troll reviewers, what's really gone on. There's a picture of a guy around tomatoes cost to them. You like he might be a reject from from the from the fruit of the loom commercials. So pitcher. So essentially looks like. They're taking their ball and going home. Is it really power? Is it really power move? If it's this reactionary such as the question minniap- partners since rotten tomatoes Sutton, remove their audience scores. Really the move us sensibly to prevent review balmy has led to rotten tomatoes pulling the plug on a key feature. The want to see audience rating. Of course, the trolls struck first by targeting, captain marvel which which many believed to be an attack on the films, female Lee. But be that as it may, it seems extreme mood that feature altogether as it has been used to great affect on plenty of other movie platforms, and that sense, the move feels more like a stance being taken than anything. A report from in gadget refers to rotten tomatoes logic in that members were getting confused between want to see an audience score. The latter being reserved for positive posts release scores. We're doing it to more accurately, an author tickly represent the voice of fans while protecting data and public forms from actress says are. That's the statement continue on that. No RT explains that there. They've also removed the option to comment on impending releases. We are disabling the comment function prior to movies release date. Unfortunately, we have seen uptick in knock constructive input. Sometimes bordering on trolling, which we believe is a disservice to our general beauty ship. We have decided that turning off this feature for now. It's the best course of action. Yes. Such a drastic move will surely prompt the Charles to mobilize taking to their forms to the next course of action. In the meantime, us lay people suffer the result and eternal debate between people who generally have no sincere opinion on the last should I but feel compelled to honor and tear it down a never ending damn biblical proportions. Well, I will say this though, having the audience score versus the critics court is what made Ryan tomatoes special as a movie review site. So by removing that. You gotta be careful. There could be consequences to doing that. That's one of the things that people like people were able to year was the first of a kind where you can see rotten tomatoes review, the for the film, and then what the audience review that was a very cool thing too. There was unique it made you special. It's one of the reasons why you become successful as movie review site. So if you're removing there, I mean, you have new management what what's going on over there. I don't know. I don't know and entertainment news WWE legend, Tammy sunny, sich arrested for six DWI what six. WWE hall of Famer sunny arrested on six drunk driving charge WWE hall of Famer Tanny sick. More commonly known by her entering name. Sonny reportedly again for DWI over the weekend in jersey, if the six time that she has been busted for DWI. According to reports sich was put over after blowing a stop sign and driving and driving the wrong way on a one way street around six thirty pm on Saturday. Officers reportedly an open container in the car and also discovered that she was driving with a suspended license with two outstanding warrants out for her arrest. Sich forty six booked at a nearby station, but later released from custody after seeing a judge by by video conference. According to reports, the former WWE superstar has had a number of run ins with the law over the last few years including fire previous DUI arrests and other rest for burglary, burglary and Mesic violence related charges. Who is this person last year? She served eight months in jail for three DUI arrests and two thousand eighteen. Wow. Okay. Celebrity has privilege Amy Schumer growing network, special hilariously, tackles marriage and pregnancy, the comedians latest special will be released on March nineteenth. Actress Amy Schumer newlywed husband. Chris Fisher didn't waste any time. When it can't to the -veloping their romance six months after they met they were living together. And it only took another six months for them to exchange ideas in California ceremony and early two thousand eighteen the fall these two announced that they were expecting their first child together. And soon to be mom was giddy with preparations following in the footsteps of other printing comedians who take to the stage while expecting Shimin linked up with Netflix for stand up special, titled Amy Schumer growing that brings both the laughs and the baby bump the comedian kept working and touring throughout her pregnancy as much as she could. However, November shimmer was hospitalized due to. Hyper, hyper. Purposes, hyper. Hi premisses. Dharam HD. None as extreme morning sickness. The condition causes expecting mothers to constantly throughout the day. Pee on the day to day activities Schumer shoot fans that both she and her baby we're in good health. Schumer grind actress jokes about her life turnaround as a married pregnant woman. But here's the thing you pregnant, but like you don't change who you are. I hate women who start to act like really precious like he don't stop being you. Don't stop working drinking Schumer ask delivers. Funny minds about Hubbard to never be a bridesmaid anymore, the awkwardness of engagement proposals and why no one should enjoy being pregnant unfortunately last week Schumer on Instagram that she would have to cancel her to do to her age Jeep diagnosis. I'm not cleared to fly for the next couple of weeks. I'm going to cancel the remainder of my tour refunds are available at point Porsches excuse me, appoint a purchase. She I'm in my third trimester. And I'm still Knossos nauseous all the time in balmy embalmment, mostly everytime. I ride in the car even for five minutes. She said Schumer said that as much as she loves stand up and money, she has to think of her health and that of her unborn child. I can expect that help you feel better. Congratulations on having a baby. Johnny. Depp accuses X amber heard of late night creeping with Elon Musk. Oh, my the plot thickens. The plot thickens. Let's see Depp has filed a fifty million dollar defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife buckle up because the Johnny Depp. And amber heard drama just took a turn that no one expected previously actress amber her publicly accused her ex-husband, Johnny Depp up domestic violence two years ago. A judge even granted her domestic violence restraining order against after her lawyers presented photo showing various bruises. She claims inflicted various times during their marriage. According to TMZ just this week. It was announced that depth filed a fifty million dollar lawsuit against hurt for defamation specifically citing her it's Washington Post op Ed piece where she laid out specifics about being abused by a partner, she never named that. But the implication through the couple's relationship into headlines. Yeah. Applications can't be dangerous picture of the two of them are happier times. More details. Have dips lawsuit are coming to light. And surprisingly tech entrepreneur Elon Musk name must name has been thrown into the mix security guard. Alex Romero testified under oath that. While Depp was away filming one of his many parts of the Caribbean movies. He saw musk visiting heard in the transcript of taint by the blast Ramirez said a few times a week. He buzz must enter the building late not late at night. He said, it must visits will usually be around eleven pm tip midnight. When Romero would punch out and head home musk would still be with heard. Oh boy. Not good. It's not look. Wow. Romera stated that he even mentioned to supervisor it was really bad that I saw you must going inside the penthouse when giant Depp was not home, although he felt uncomfortable with visits Romero containers, quit him to hurt apartment where she lived with DEP. One occasion. The list came after debt and Herod heard had a violent argument where she reportedly through a vodka bottle at him causing depth to undergo surgery to get his finger reattached. So wait a minute. She had previously said that he was abusing her physically. But yeah, he had to go to the hospital to get his finger reattached. What's going on with all of that? Wow. Maybe they're just violent with each other. I don't know. I don't know. That's really kind of sad though, and scary. Well, she's a female. He's a male Romero set in his transcript both of them by themselves upstairs. Is you know, she's married. I dunno Elon Musk personally, I don't know if he's married or not I don't know anything about his personal life. Both heard muskat an on again off again relationship between two thousand sixteen in two thousand seventeen following both of their breakup from their partners and may two thousand eighteen her describes her previous relationship with musk as beautiful saying, they now have a beautiful friendship. Meanwhile, must rep issued a statement saying Ilana, amber didn't start seeing each other until may two thousand sixteen and even when it and even then it was infrequent they were not on the same continent for most of this time their relationship didn't become romantic until much later. So the security guys lying. Okay. And more entertainment news, Jesse small. Let's drop the mic episode axe due to Bill reference assault would not be making its way to air. Although jussie smollet may have a few people on his side and with the allegations against him that he staged a racist tech. But the after just can't seem to outrun evidence proving his guilt for what he's being accused of jussie previously. Taped an episode for television series drop the mic, and according to the show's head writer episode has been shelved. We had episode of drop the mic this season with Jesse that you'll know correctly, never see executive producer Jensen Karp on Twitter, but savvy it will shelve. It would be it would be shelved. Who was it? Bombs at clay aching. Who was very good rapper at least for now. Interesting. Okay. Jesse was battling orange is the new black actress Danielle Brooks, and according to the blast after drop a line, referring to bail how. So you can drop the episode because he said bail seriously. That's that's happening. Wow. Okay. And people get paid to make these decisions. How long has your chapter excuse me? See that just threw me off balance. I couldn't even read. Excuse me. Okay. How long is your care to going to be in jail? If it gets you off the show that I will pay your bail. He spent again. Yeah. The lyrics just too much of a coincidence considering all that's happened with Jesse in the last few weeks. That's exactly the reason why you should air. It can give you ratings. The two brothers who are paid by Jesse to attack issue and apology for their involvement. My clients have tremendous regret over their involvement in this situation. And the stand how has impacted people across the nation, particularly minority communities, and especially those who have been victims of hate crimes themselves. They're attorney Gloria Schmidt stated that's the same. Luke perry. Son withdraws from participating in upcoming wrestling show is understandable. We'll talk about that in the death of Luke Perry after this break. Tired of searching, the vast jungle of podcasts. Now, listen close. And here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching, the Golden State media concepts podcast network is here. Nothing less than podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast covered for news, sports, music fashion, looking entertainment fantasy football and so much more. So stop lurking around and go straight out to the Golden State media concepts podcast network, guaranteed to fill that podcast is whatever it may be. Visit WWW dot M C podcast dot com. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Download us on I tunes stout. Cloud and Google play. You're listening to GSM sees podcast, captain keep and next. The news Luke Perry son withdraws from from participating in upcoming wrestling show. Lou Perry's sound will not be partaking. Interesting match following the riverdell stars death by resting announced on Twitter, Jack Perry who goes by the moniker jungle, boy will no longer be resting. Our March thirteenth show. The organization added our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family at this time. Luke Perry died on Monday due to complications from a stroke that he had on February twenty seventh. It's been we learned that the fifty two year old was surrounded by his kids jacket. Sophie as well as his fiancee, Wendy, Madison Bauer. Ex wife Minnie sharp, mother and Bennett stepfather, Steve Bennett, brother, Tom Perry sister, Amy KOTA and other loved ones at the time of his death. The actors rep stated told the news that in in a statement on Monday that the family appreciates the outpouring of support and prayers that have been extended to live from around the world and respectfully request privacy in this time of great mourning. His Riverdale and Beverly Hills down to one oh co-stars as well. As fellow celebrities took to Twitter on Monday to praise on the actor even those who met him briefly shared anecdotes about the actor and his influence on them. Tom Hanks son, Colin Hanks, for instance, wrote a story on Instagram that explained a time there were on a plane together and loot quieted down kids who had been screaming for hours on end. Guys seem like a true Gent gone way too damn soon Hanks wrote. CW network. The air's. Riverdale set in a statement on Monday, we are deeply saddened to learn today about the passing of Luke Perry. A beloved member of every day on one brothers and CW family. Luke was everything you would hope he would be an incredibly carry consummate professional with a giant heart and a true friend to all a father figure and mentor to the shows young cast, lukewarm, incredibly generous, and he infused set with love and kindness. Our thoughts are with loops family during the most during this most difficult time. I gotta tell you guys too. I watch Riverdale fan of that show. And he plays Argies dad, and he doesn't look period to the great job. I'm I'm a little bummed out about this myself. If you couldn't tell. Yeah. Move this myself may he rest in peace. Definitely our prayers are with his family in inference lily Reinhardt who plays Betty Cooper on the show wrote on Twitter. I'm finding it hard to grasp that he would no longer be around to give long hugs ensure his wisdom and kindness with all of us. I'm thinking of his family his children. I pray for them to heal and find peace in this devastating loss. On tuesday. Sophie, Perry made her first statement on social media about her dad's death. She posted a photo of the two of them smiling. Standing on the grass with horses in the background. A lot is happening in this past week from me everything is happening so fast and made it back from Malawi just in time to be here with my family in the past twenty four hours. I have received an overwhelming amount of love and support. She wrote I cannot individually respond to the hundreds of beautiful and heartfelt message messages. But I see them appreciate you all for sending positively to my family, and I saw they continue. I am not really sure what to say or do in this situation. It's something you aren't ever given a lesson. How to handle especially when it's all happening in the public eye. So bear with me and know that I'm grateful for all the love just being grateful quietly. Our thoughts go out to parents family at this difficult time. That's very nice eloquent thing for her to say in this very genuine, and I can. Yeah. How do you grieve? Especially in public. It's bad enough agreement in private so. Mister perry. You will not be forgotten. Not at all. So Michael Jackson's daughter Paris afraid leading Neverland will affect career. Paris Jackson's reportedly devastated by the documentary case, she's been hiding under rock you've likely heard about the documentary that made waves this weekend detailing the alleged abuse that two men suffered at the hands of Michael Jackson when they were children. Wade wraps and James safe. Chuck are both stating that the legendary singer sexually abused them as kids spewing claims that Jackson's family have denied from the start pairs Jackson. MJ's daughter has not made any public comments about the controversial, doc. But according to the sons, she is devastated by of course, she is. You know, nobody wants to hear that their parent or their fathers a pedophile. You know, whether it's true or false. So parents Jackson has been building an acting building an acting career. And despite her talent in the field. She reportedly believes that the Gatien's made leaving Neverland will derail her is obviously she's likely also upset about how her father's legacy continues to be tarnished. But the publication notes that producers and casting directors may not hire her and their movies because of leaving them lamb. She was in the movie last year. She was an excuse me. She was in a movie last year. The police document is already scaring directors away because the abuse. Her father's accused of may put moviegoers off of her allegedly said a source that community has been ordered on a global scale, and it will be and it will begin being aired in international markets this week. Hopefully Perez can continue to see her career in the film and television floors by other Jonah the documentary has rehashed. So has my Kelly info for you. It's going to be to Frenette. But before we get to that need to get to the title of this podcast episode on Winnie Williams jeopardy drama, m j music being pulled. So we'll go straight to the jeopardy drama. Alex trebek's reveals he's been diagnosed with stage for pancreatic cancer. Alastair back has been diagnosed with stage for pancreatic cancer. He revealed on Wednesday today, the seventy eight year old jeopardy host announced the sad news on the shows YouTube page normally the price for this is not very encouraging. But I'm going to fight this. And I'm going to keep working trebek's says and with the love as a port for my family and friends and with the help of your prayers also plan to beat the low survival rates statistics for this disease. Truth be told I have to be a half to because under the terms of my contract. I have to host jeopardy for three more years. He jokes. So help me keep the faith and will win. We'll get it done. Thank you. Tribeca has hosted jeopardy says nineteen Eighty-four and last October. He renewed his contract to continue hosting the show through two thousand twenty two. Wow, that's pretty cool on Germany during his appearance lash lie on Harvey Levin, show objectified. He said he could definitely see his life without hosting the beloved game show and share that he seriously considered retiring in twenty twenty before eventually we knew his contract, he even named possible replacements. He approves of Los Angeles Kings play by play announcer, alcs Faust and seeing legal analyst, Laura coats, if I'm still enjoying it. And I'm not making too many mistakes. They're not will continue trebek's set of his hosting duties. But there comes a time. Of course, the prices rice host. That's gives me the price is right host. Bob Barker is a perfect example. He was still doing well. But he figured hey, the time is now and a life. We make a lot of decisions about what we want to do. And whether to accept a job, and you should also be able to make an intelligent decision about when it's time to hang things up tobacco has dealt with health issues in the past including suffering mount heart attacks and two thousand seven and two thousand twelve additionally two thousand fifteen he hosted jeopardy seat it due to a knee replacement. Okay. And he still worked see even let the knee replacement. Stop him. He's still got it in. He's still wanted to work. That's that's impressive. Last january. He revealed that he underwent surgery to remove blood clots on his brain. That's very scary. Actually, some of you may have heard that during the holiday break, I had a slight medical problem. Shebek set video posted by the official jeopardy Twitter account subdural hematoma blood clots in the brain caused by a fall endured about two months ago surgery was performed after two days has came home to start recovery. He continue he continued the practice. This is excellent. And I want to thank all of you for your concern last November back reveal he was tested for Alzheimer's disease after experiencing memory lapses lapses, the first time, they tested me. They said doesn't look good toback told vulture what testing and they said, you're okay. No need to worry. It's natural. He added about. Being excuse me. It's natural. He had about not being concerned. I'm seventy eight. It's not like this happened that fifty when it's clear that it's time for me to go. I'll go. But we are definitely rooting pulling for you, Mr. back that you beat your pancreatic cancer. That's scary. And you've had some some medical scary run ins while. But you're tough when you're still here. So that's awesome. Very very cool. And when he Williams and crack when you Williams speaks on pass crack cocaine abuse. I am a walking addict. When he Williams says crack is Weck. Thank. Banke when the needed that today. Just two days into Williams television. Turn we have enough drama to make up for make make up for her are months-long. Let's do that again. This guy giddy with excitement to the story. Just today's into Wendy Williams television return, we have enough drama to make up for for her months. Long absence fans of daytime talk show are used to listening today kind of hostess gusty attainment world's hot topics. But upon her return, she was forced to discuss her own report marital problems issues in her marriage with Kevin hunter had become the subject of many headlines after winning took time away from his show to heal a shoulder fracture. She denied the AP where it was going on in her family on Monday using yesterday's show to address her previous problems with substance abuse. Let's see. Williams has been vocal in the pats about suffering from addiction acquainted Daily Mail. She began to show yesterday by touching on drug abuse and her experiences with you know, this about, you know, this about me, I told you I've had my substance abuse says the entertaining once your substance abuse, or you have you have to battle that for the rest of your life. That's true. The host goes onto detail her struggles with specific substances reminding the crowd that crack is wack. I was a mess functioning killing myself. So I realized that I'm I'm a walking addict, she says, Wendy when speaking about how she used to use crack cocaine regularly, you can just clean it just cleaned up and stop it and think that it's not going to affect you. Wow. So glad that she's back. Glad that you can be open honest about her addiction. You know, that's all part of the healing process being able to MIT what's going on with you. So we are glad you're back. Miss williams. Most definitely. Let's see. Taylor swift seemingly addresses Kim Kardashian feud. Okay, Taylor swift is calling out Kim Kardashian west the twenty nine the twenty nine year old singer covers the April issue of L and discusses everything from politics learning to cook and self-written list of the lessons, she's learned and one of less than she says, she has learned that disarming someone's petty. Bullying can be as simple as learning to laugh. She goes onto the scrap how someone calling her snake on social media that had to feeling lower than I've ever felt in my life that statement lightly refers to her long running few with Kardashian west and Kanye west which started when swift came out against famous a west Sunday claimed that the rapper mate that bitch famous in two thousand sixteen escalate it with Kardashian west releasing a secretly recorded phone conversation between swift swift and west that was made prior to the release of the song after releasing the audio recording. Connection. West took to Twitter to sub rate national snake day out wait, it's legit national state day. They have holidays for everybody. I mean, everything these days. She wrote. We'll be back with more on this story after this break. Golden State media concepts. Bring you book review dot by haven for bookworm of all ages and the whitest genres from mystery to memoirs romance to comedy fantasy to Sifi if you love to read this is the podcast for you. It's the Golden State needed concepts book review podcast. Listen to me concepts entertainment podcast, which captain Keith must get back to the story. Swift ended up reclaiming the snake symbol with their fans. Tweeting it out and support and even incorporated into into a recent reputation to our set. Oh, my. Yeah. Kim credential kind of win and didn't you? The no she had an inter- and my experience I've come to see that bullies want to be feared and taking seriously. She writes l a few years ago. Someone started online. Hey campaign by calling me a snake on the internet? The fact that so many people jumped on board with let me to feeling lower than I've ever felt in my life. But I can't tell you how hard I had to keep from laughing. Every time my sixty three foot inflatable Coburn. Name Karen appeared on stage in front of sixty thousand people sixty thousand screaming fans, she continues its the stadium tour equivalent of responding to a trolls hateful instrument comment with L. Well. It would be nice. If we could get an apology from the people who bullies. But maybe I'll ever get is the satisfaction of knowing that I could survive it and thrive in spite of it. She adds her fans swift says got her through both a feud and her tour the fans and their care for me my wellbeing and my music where the ones who put me through. She says the most emotional part of the reputation stadium to for me was knowing it was looking out at the faces of the people who helped me get back up. I'll never forget the ones who stuck around swift also as she was raised to be a polite young lady, but has had to learn how to stand up for self and be like snake be like m be like a snake when necessary grow background trust, your gut and know when to strike back. She writes be like a snake only by someone steps on you. Swift. Also spoke more about the effects of social media in general apart from the Kardashian, west Nicholson, social media can be great. But if also in date, your brain with images of what you aren't how your higher failing or who was in a cooler locale in you at any given moment. One thing I do to lessen this weird insecurity laser being is a turnoff comments that way, I'm showing my friends and fans updates on my life. But I'm training. My brain not to meet the validation of someone telling me, I look. And then there's emojis I can't I can't an us. What these emotions are also blocking early crap. I guess I'm also blocking anyone who might feel the need to tell me to go a whole whole one. I'm having my coffee. That's the. Yeah. That's that's a bit rough and brash. For too long, the protected opinions of strangers affected how I view my relationships. She continues whether it was the general intent. Excuse me, whether it was the general internet consensus who would be right for me. What they'd thought was couples goals based on the picture? I is an instrument that stuff isn't real for an approval secret. Light mean, it wasn't important lesson for me to matter. How tomorrow to have my own value system of what I actually want? Though, she's learned how to stand up for seven recent years swift isn't blind to the need to apologize when she's wrong, even if it was unintentional. It's so east. Just apologize move on she visors, try not to say, I'm sorry. But but and make excuses for yourself. Learn how to make us inspire apology, and you can avoid breaking down the trust and your friendships and relationships chances are you're not trying to hurt the person you love, and they aren't trying to hurt you if you can win detention if you can wind attention of an argument down to a conversation about where the other person is coming from there's a greater chance you can remove the shame of losing a fight from one of the view. And the ego boost. Of the one who wanna fight. They don't give out awards for winning. The most fights relationships that just give out divorce papers. That's true. On the eve of her thirtieth birthday, December in December swift has taken the mouse tone to reflect on her past feuds if your wants and being she has learned what's important in life. And what's not both of my parents have had cancer. And my mom is now fighting her battle with it. Again. It's taught me that there are real problems that there's everything else. She says my mom's cancer is a real problem. I used to be science about daily ups and downs. I give all of my worry stress and prayers to real problems. Now, come to I've come to realize that I need to be able to forgive myself for making the wrong choice trust in the wrong person or figuratively figure. Figuratively. Following on my face in front of everyone. She adds step into the daylight. And let it go. I mean, that's cool. But. Yeah. Immigrants to being bullied by Kim Kardashian, west. I don't think that's what it was. I mean. According to the reports, you know, you're upset about a saw the wrote. But he told you about the song before he released it. And then when it got released it's like, you know, all the sudden, your perspective what you said changed. So then you got caught out on that. So you want him to apologize to you? But are you going to podge is to? And kim. Interesting. But definitely hope that your mom bows in wins. That's a scary thing. So we are definitely rooting for your mother here. This Taylor swift. And more entertainment news are killing breaks down in tears, and I interview since being charged with sexual abuse. R Kelly's breaking his sounds a week after being charged with ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Illinois, Cook County. Though, it's important to note that the singer's lawyer into a not guilty plea on his behalf regarding the ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. The disgraced singer sits down with Gayle king in his first interview since the charges and lifetime surviving Kelly docu series and the short teaser clip CBS evening news shares on Twitter. He's not a rapper singer the arm be senior breaks down in tears insisting the claims made against him are not true. And the first clip king brings up the rap the oh, he's not a rapper. Seriously. Wow. In the first clip Kim brings up the singers cases that were not acquitted. She says women have come forward and said are Kelly had sex with me when I was under the age of eighteen R Kelly was abusive to me, emotionally, physically verbally r. Kelly took me into a black room. Where unspeakable things happen. This is what they're saying about you. These are old rumors. Damn the fifty two year old star response. Not true. Not true. Whether they're all rumors new rooms future rooms, not you in the same video CBS releases another moment from the interview, what king brings up claim may r Kelly's alleged victims. Correct me if I'm wrong, you've never held anybody. There will she asked. Kelly, quote, I don't need to fifty two singer claims. Why would I how stupid would it be for R Kelly with all I have been through in my way? Way past to hold somebody. Let alone for five six fifty said house to what what I be to do that. That's stupid guys speaking directly to camera contains that's stupid use. Your commonsense. Forget how you feel about me hate me. If you want to love me if you want, but just use your commonsense house to would it be for me with my crazy past and what I've been through. He has. Oh, right now, I just think I need to be a monster. Hold girls against their will chain them up in my basement and don't let them out. Unless they need some shoes down the street from their ankle. Stop it quit playing quit playing. I don't do this stuff. He says raising his voice and breaking down into tears. This is not me. I'm fighting for my life pitcher Kelly. Wow. The full interview is set to air on CBS this morning on Wednesday today, seventy AM. Okay. The happened Easter times are Kelly's audit to return to court on March twenty second. News is learnt that the singer turn himself into the police on Friday fit between second and let the facility on the evening of the twenty fifth, which was my birthday. Actor posting a hundred thousand dollars bail the singer period. Cook County court wearing orange jumpsuit early on on my birthday gift. Paris Jackson still believes Michael's innocent. Despite leaving Neverland. Pitcher pairs of Michael pitcher put together nine and that a regular pitcher just two images put together for this. Article apparently pairs shacks isn't swayed by the allegations levied against her father and leaving Neverland and firmly believes Michael Jackson was not a child molester. Sources close to Paris TMZ. She hasn't seen beaks explosive documentary and contract to reports she has she was not offered the chance to see it before it premiered at Sundance where also told she's not the least bit torn or conflicted about its content where wraps and James save trucks graphic description of their alleged molestation Jackson's hands. We action to the project has been intense and passionate on both sides with even almost universally beloved Oprah catching flack for the interview with the accusers. The Jackson family as a whole has been outspoken about their anger over the documentary and Tito son, Taj Jackson told us he thinks we're up since making it all up for revenge. Interestingly Paris's, mom, Debbie. Rowe is also avoiding it. Our sources say she doesn't see point and watching never land because Michael has been dead for years. Fair to say my uncle's family is taking a United stance. Jaslyn Hernandez caused accusations against Michael Jackson chess moves, okay? The Puerto Rican Princess said everything is not what is seems Jocelyn adjusting lean hunter Hernandez has been busy. Now, only has she recently taken to social media to call out her fellow former love lover hip hop. Atlanta ex Stevie j for trying to creep with her behind wife faith, Evans back. But the reality star also caught out Michael Jackson's leaving Neverland accusers for trying to cap last from his name after his death. The same people that benefited from him. Now are throwing stones at his grave literally stand for something or fall for anything. Everything is not what it seems Lor. Forgive the ones that are willing to benefit from from him once again, while he tries to rest in peace at PR foundation is going to make sure are kind of kids can be aware of the chess. Move the masters played to keep all the money silencers and try to make another slave. Ouch. Meanwhile, in the wake of VH1. one releasing the leban- hip Atlanta's season, eight trailer jazz once again when on that makeup return after leaving the series in two thousand seventeen Justin Madam the wire that she wanted to show a different less hostile side of her. So I decided to move to Miami. And just really start a new life. She said, I did the real I did star are friends with lead Daniels. I have a lot of opportunities on the table. Okay. I want to show what I really do. Justin continue. I had a great performance at the goal room, AG entertainment. Brought me he cut a hole in his ceiling. The cameras came to see me. And it was awesome. They didn't show that on TV. So my thing is just really have to just focus on what's going to be best for me USO, Puerto Rico also Puerto Rican ah, your blow spaniel, I make Latin music, and I feel like at the moment at that moment. I should have just follow my dream. And do what I really want to do with my life. Netflix debuts Ultraman their promises action packed enemy. Netflix drops off another anticipated watch. Netflix has been dropping off a string of translate showing off. It's exciting content set to hit the streaming platform. Just a few days ago part to season five for arrest development arrived testing it's four on March fifteenth and that puts has dropped and the trailer for anime series Alterman used to love all jammed back of the day years ago, the payments of Ultraman where it to protect peace on earth. Now, new champion arises Shinjiro. Hey, Atta a high school student who was who hummus down the ultra suit. And the worries that come with it the description for the Netflix original reads, the son of the former Ultraman he would become this generations new hero. Right on the trailer. Sees Shinjiro question if he has the ability to become Ultraman and fight evil. How can someone like me be al-jamir? He has the new content hits. Netflix April first. There you go. That's what I'm talking about. Talking about c. In other Netflix snooze. They recently announced the cancellation of the punisher and one. One man by the name of Marshall matters AK, Eminem wasn't too pleased about the move dear at Netflix regarding your cancellation of the punish you're blowing. It. Sincerely marshall. Good for you. I like that. Wow. It's a great show. So. Michael Jackson's music, it's pulled from radio stations worldwide. So here's the last part of the episode MJ music pulled. The station's clan that they're just responded to what the public want. The tenure aaniversary of Michael Jackson's death is right around the corner. And I kind of singers back in the headlines over child sexual sexual abuse allegations HPL's leaving Neverland community has another fire under the Jackson controversy and now radio stations around the world responded by pointing the singer sauce from their playlists and the documentary. Wait wraps and James safe shook alleged that when there were children Jackson regularly sexually abused them. They share their stories in graphic detail complete with a follow up interview with Oprah Winfrey. On after never land following the dock dozens of radio stations refused to Jackson's music, including New Zealand stations that broadcast over half of the population. Stayed on iron Z said the decision is reflection of our audiences and their preferences. Enzi EMMY director dean be can't say platelets change from week to week. And right now, Michael Jackson does not feature on them a few stations that can are following suit. The owner of. Montreal's French-Language station CK o r and rhythm. And the English language the beat said Jackson's music, it would not be playing until further notice media company co gecko Cuppers Twenty-three smaller stations and won't feature Jackson on their airwaves either. These radio stations aren't saying that they believe Jackson is guilty of the physicians, but they are just responded to the public outcry. We are living in a different time. Now, folks, we really are Jackson's estate and his family have openly stated the documentary. It's completely false. They claim that is outrageous and pathetic attempt to explain and cash in a Michael Jackson. However, the film's director, Dan reads, people will have to listen to music and the knowledge. The he was a prolific child rapist if they're comfortable doing that fine. If they're not what perhaps listen to something else for a while out. Wasn't really trying to India. But the pack has the man. Nope. Damn. Well, anyway, good people the planet earth and the known universe. Thank you for tuning in and listening. I hope you get time. I know I did appreciate all of you who listen. And as always, they're always be more entertainment news to come. So you know, that we were you know, we, oh one more story for you. So we will in the passive note. Man. Yeah. Shake that off chance the rapper reveals he's marrying his fiancee this weekend, sweet Twitter thread, and as a picture of the two of them. And yeah. Yeah. She's she's pretty she's she's she's. She's very pretty. Ready to hear modern day. Love story. I grab the tissues chance the rapper took to Twitter to gush by the soon to be wife and childhood sweetheart Kirsten corley storytime threat on how I met my wife. He wrote a long set of photo his fiancee's a kid this photos taken on the day that I met my wife. Wow. Okay. If you can believe it or not Destiny's Child is what brought the brought the no problem rapper and his future wife together, the paramount at his mom's office party in two thousand and three and as they said Russia's history, we were instructed to make a way for an exclusive for but this shout chance because in the back stepped out three young girls who were not Destiny's Child. He could teens question. Tell me what you think about me. Now. Now, I'm lacking is with the prettiest girl I've ever seen him out in almost a decade of life on earth. Wow. The twenty five year old staff says performance was so good. I was just staring at her as she and her girls were Cochran the choreography mastering the art of lip synching away, even the most professional performance have yet to accomplish aside from sharing his love story with his eight million powers chance drops another bomb. He reveals that he's marrying his wife this weekend sixteen years later. It's happening. This weekend is the time and places my wedding. Adding I'm going to dance with my wife because this is my destiny while it's unclear if he'll play his own music at the ceremony the twenty five year old style says he will most definitely be dancing. The Tootsie roll. You know, I will the rapper slams in response to a fan who wrote gotta hit the Tizi row at the wedding where it's only right. There's a nice key pitcher of his wife when she was a young girl here. We're not crying. You're crying. Congrats on the couple. Here's hoping to the Brits bump Destiny's Child and Tizi roll all week long. Congratulations chance rapper. So there it is. We actually were able to end the podcast on a positive note. Once again, congratulations to the forthcoming marriage just weekend to chance to rapper and Kirsten coyly very happy for you, both sixteen years of being together. That's awesome. So have a great marriage and keep on having a wonderful life and good people planet earth known universe. Thank you once again for listening. I really am out of here this, I'm I'm I'm going promise. Appreciate you all and till next time. Well, you know, I see somewhere on space. You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts entertainment podcast, part of the Golden State media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at WWW dot Jesus MC podcast dot com. Download our podcast on itunes, stitchers soundcloud, and Google play just type in Jesus MC to find all the shows from the Golden State media concepts podcast network from movies to music, throw sports entertainment. And even weird news. You can also follow us on Twitter and on Facebook. Thank you. And we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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