Sabrina Elba Wants Her Listeners to Have Successful Relationships-Just The Sip 07/21/21


Coming to you live all the way from south africa. The one and only the woman i hope to be one day my d'appel ganger and yellow. Sabrina elba everybody. Nice to meet you. Okay i was nice to meet you too. We briefly met where we'll tell you where. But before i tell you everybody out there i just wanna give you guys some context. There are three things in pop culture. That i can remember where i was when i found these things out. Or when i was experiencing them one was k- do you remember what i do too. I remember i remember. I was when whitney die accidentally and the third thing i remember was where i was when i got the news that interest alba was off the market. I remember my friend calling me a thing. You know what. I mean because you know i remember. That's where i was on black twitter. Trying to figure out who you are. And i first google search. I was like oh okay baby girl got it. Thank goodness all right. I'll take it. But i remember where it was for that too so i see we come up in common bristle. What was it like because you were look. I'm not. I'm not trying to discredit anybody. This limit is well accomplished. She was a tv host. She had a name on social media. Before any of all of this but to get the rust did into this you know stratosphere so quickly and be polarizing almost because half the beloved you an happy people hate it you because you were taking their man's what was that experience like crazy. I mean not at birth i. We were building this beautiful relationship and then when it got out there. I was like okay. People are way more interested in me. Now that we're married we've obviously reached a place where it feels like. It's just a part of his life and now it's mine and it's something against you because you got a lot of positives negatives people always ask me a whole must be so negative attended. I know there's so many great things that happened in opportunities and to be able to win platform tables to talk about things that i really wanna talk about now. I mean you know those posits. No for sure and we're going to get a couple of them because you know have on again off again relationship would audible. I love it. I really do. I love it. But i've been using my social life because i listen to books day and we're going to get to the mike you look and i'm deep audio book person and i'm so much of audio book person that have the by the hard books to like put in my house so i can show people that i read but i never open because i always listened to that i think like i wanna have the books like i just want to touch them feel recovered. But i'm just getting onto audiobooks. 'cause i don't actually get to the book faster when i'm listening to it otherwise lately nine. Pm i'm looking at a page and two pages on honestly same thing and i like which is so crazy because when you're doing things like watching tv. You're usually on your phone. But for some reason when. I'm listening to a book on my phone. I'm completely into it and i'm not looking at anything else good for you. That's great. I think that says a lot about your attention span. Which for a lot of people's difficult these days apps like instagram. And you know it's meant for us to get like add and just keep scrolling scrolling scrolling. So and it's really good that you're that you're able to do that. Not everyone can do that. I also keep my phone at home during dinner. Mike for the last two years. I've never brought my phone to dinner. I i'm i'm you it. It stays in my car. If i mistake bringing in i turn it off. I just i feel like if i'm ed dinner. I need to be present with the people that i'm with and it was hard at first but it was the best resolution ever me. I wish i could do that. I work off phone also. I have two brothers and two sisters that i feel like our may children always worried about scientists. Are they okay. I wanted to do that. I really want to do that. You're just all around impressive. No i think you're impressive. I think you are the knees. Me and i've just hang out more if you want to. Are you in london london. I'm basing limited yet. The first time i ever met you briefly it was the hobson shaw premier your bad ass silver dress. I remember you airing this. I that asks overdress and it was interesting to me. Because when you're at these premieres jason state them came up and some other actors came up and add these premieres. not this specific premier. The wife is always in the back and she's always like this again like we have to wait here while you do all and for the first time in a long time you were standing there at you were like your energy was like this is great. I'm on here for him. Like oh yeah that alberta for ready gown to you okay. that's how i felt. I was like look at me but you know it's funny that you said that because it was. It's a growing process. It's like i don't know if that's what you're saying you particularly but it definitely is a process. I remember at first. I used to be like i don't really care. I just want wanna go to support you babe and actually watch the and into too much thought. Maybe it's my outfit or whatever. But i realized you know actually kinda bun bit. It's like just let me just walk carpet. Alright so like absolutely any better at it and i actually find that really fun now whereas before i think it so intimidating that i was kind of just friends mechanism being like i don't really care you know but now for your own you gotta do it right. Oh because we don't want to come off as i bought like we're so bothered by this to meet. You're just idi like nano no defense mechanism for equal. Know for sure for sure. Is it true that you guys made the jazz bar. We didn't meet at a jazz are. It's called slow jams sundays. It's a once a month party. That happened in vancouver. At the time that i was living there and the only place dams like. I'm talking like classics right groove in five hundred singing everybody singing and we see this guy and i'm like girlfriend's birthday party you know so we're all hanging out and actually funny enough. One of my girlfriends was like go up to him. And i was like okay. Sometimes we men might get your life girl. So we're going in we're talking to him eilly Talking about you. And i'm like not excuse me that's wrong. I'm trying to be a good friend. Shut the hell up. Go over there and talk to him. We were talking about you. And i was like okay and obviously at first. You're like you know this guy's not gonna really be. He is or whatever but he. We had the best conversation. We talked all night all day and in inseparable. After that. as you will meet right you meet a lot of people meet out at a jazz bar. Not a lotta people meet interest. Elba jazz bar okay. And by the way that birthday girl could have turned forty. Gave burton alien. Had that thing. Dr are limousine out of her coochie. Nobody would have cared that night because everybody was trying to figure out if you going home with idris elba molly claire. I often wonder because when we had this conversation about having you on. I knew about couple already and not already had a sense of who. You are as a person in that you guys. You had already had a life and a career before all of this. Do you feel like being somebody like interest. You have to remind people that you are an individual and you have going on or do you just like lettuce you know. I think that's just you know again. It's just like a national kind of human feeling. Like i'm human like everybody else and i think you know you start over thinking what other people might be thinking or trying to justify your relationship Early on interest told me do not read what people say do like the internet. The toxic plays in it. Very much is an item. That i started living for myself. Not feeling like i adjust relationship. I know that i have at home is amazing and beautiful. It's something that i cherish should take care of. It's not necessarily for other people to speak on talk about. It's something that we both value but at the same time you know we're trying to get used to the idea of exploring that relationship openly and that's one of the reasons we started the podcast because we thought it's such a beautiful journey for people to go on when they're getting ship or starting a business partnership were or a new friend to talk about with other people what that's like so we were like okay. You know what we're newlyweds. We wanna learn grow just like everybody else that we want to do it in a space where we feel like we can own it. Let's take me but with us. Let's talk to other people who have done and let's see what they say and hopefully people can come and listen and learn and feel like there is somewhat more informed maybe but also inspired and what i love about couple them first of all i hate. There's there's only six episodes because you run out really quickly. So i let you start six and the other thing that i really love about it on the flip side is that you don't stick to traditional relationships. I i thought it was gonna be about you know people who got married and unconventional ways. But really it's this. This talk of partnership in so many different dynamics and one of favorites is been in jerry. Because you know. I always thought ben and jerry were company and they add a thousand employees from the beginning and they just shoved it down your face but the story about jerry is so interesting. Actually my favorite episode that we did for sure because their values and their to businesses that they founded ground up. And even when it's sold kept it that way as us as new business you know entrepreneurs we wanna make sure the weeds do business to all the things that we care about. We wanna make sure that people can see that at the forefront. I didn't expect them to be so funny. I was like a bluebird meal of that episode. I'm telling you. I was just like laughing the whole time. I was actually trying to interview. Do your do it. And i studying. I'm laughing like they were great. I love it. That's a great opportunity for us to learn grow ourselves. Like i mean the the learnings. I took away from that episode. If you like damn why. Don't we do this sooner a few episodes that i'm i'm wondering about the first is what's the one thing that you took from ben and jerry that you are like i'm going to apply that to my life absolutely if you believe in something that's matters you need to push what you believe in you need to fight for what's right whether it be about protecting you know that bottom line business is changing. People are going growing savvy to the fact that businesses can speak to something and not worried about losing their consumers. And i think i really stuck with maybe world is changing so much people really wanna speak up in fight for what's right. We saw that so much so those were no suggests. That just really appeals me from them. And i thought they were really amazing. In that sense. I loved it. What about christian lubaton emeka. Because you know interesting. Oh my you gonna love today. Gonna love today came out i own. He's he's so insightful. Isn't he like he. We were captivated whoever just listening to him question is a really good friend of ours. We met me on that on that conversation. I was so impressed with the eloquence of his of his knowledge in the way he spoke about things that he believed that he was so great but the way they spun for me in that episode. They made me realize a typical maybe pop culture definition of abuse is something that actually can be a little bit degrading to a woman. You know this kind of like some muslim you know maybe a woman has to be a subject of art for another figure. Something i actually had thought about it like that so to hear christian that i was like. Oh wow so. He was like look. I don't believe in muses. Pal meek of seville set for me. 'cause mika give it away but listen certain. Oh i'll get more way. How they're connected a partnership alma guy. You guys listen to the episode. I just. I just love that christian. Must've torture women. I feel like women. Hey two hundred dollars to walk in like torture chambers. But they look when he goes. Yeah comfortable shoes. So i talked to christian right. Very probably say that he doesn't want anyone ever say his shoes look comfortable. I don't know that certainly the compliment. He's looking for his shoes. Look i never tried the male shoes. You have to speak. So i can't. I can't say anything on that. Oh i lost my tenth to- about three years ago when the loafers at an academy awards. True story true story. One of the parties ever into was a golden globes after party at delilah. It was like pre kovic keen. I had to be a work at five thirty in the morning. The good days. I was having so much fun. I left my shoes under a booth there at three thirty in the morning and there were christian lubaton and i got to work and i don't have the christians take him out of my paycheck because that's how much fun ahead. Ooh i haven't embarrassing christian libertad story. Actually this is really all. I would never do this amazing. Why don't you 'cause. I was on a date ones and i was wearing the sexiest lubes. I felt so furious and this is back in the day when you say like my whole paycheck to go get a personal case. I loved them so much. I saw on this date that they were scratching and something in my head. This guy a scratching. These lubes over. And i took them off and i walked back to the cab with shoes i want to waste. It was like damn like what. Was i thinking shoes but no no no no. It's not but it's so true. It's you have to have that in your mind like was it when you get to be at thirty something. I know you're young. You cute thirty three actually back threes. When we would again in june. Ooh we get along. I'm a scorpio november thirty three. There's something that changes in you and you're like. Is this going to be worth the effort for me to go out on a date and do my hair and put on and take a shower shave these legs like is this dude going to worth it like. It's one of those things like when you go out to go out and be fly but in your thirties you really starting at about eight that true. That's so true. I think for me. It even happened to be earlier. Like i wanna say twenty five. I kind of started i. I think it's a cultural thing is your marriage is a thing like you'd happens right away give you know. We don't linger off the subject. Just get it done and so for me. I think having that cultural background. I just wanted to kind of make sure that i time on. I was really looking at making smart decisions and informed decisions about you know my life and that's what people should be doing. I think you know make mistakes. When you're y'all but at some point you really need to start looking out for yourself. Account for what's best for you and your your mental health. You know how you feel about yourself because of a bad day. We'll just make you feel not good. God it will throw you off and what background by the way. I'm somali canadian. I was born in canada. My parents this molly so we have a muslim. So you know there's a lot of religious and cultural aspects there that push marriage on you a lot faster one hundred percent and i wonder this being 'cause you met address you met your husband at around twenty eight inch am i. My wrong about that is funny sounded. You're twenty seven and usually in your culture. That's four years after prime time. Like most people married at twenty three. Oh my mom was. I had four kids by your age. I was like oh my god you ever. Did you ever feel like twenty seven years old. Were you like. I think i'm just going to give in in my in and do this marriage thing. Because that's what i'm supposed to do. You know what i mean. They ever those moments where you were just going to do what your family want. It definitely wasn't a back my mind like i mean. I don't want to make their mom happy. I wanna make my mom happy. But the acsh- actually the opposite happened because it uses interests. My family was like you take your time. But don't get up things actually. My mom is really get along and she loves him. Bits unless his mom. We're really lucky that our families like merged so easy. That's not always the case for. Everybody might not forget. Samis west african. It's a party get together apart. Ooh that wedding must have getting off the chain for. Everybody must have been way. we cladding almost. It'd be pull my hair out because it's quite a big winning and we really you kind of realize that the point that you're at the altar you like this was for everybody else. I'm so happy that everybody else had an energy. You wanna just make everyone around you happy and you know so beautiful. We got our moment and it felt so good but yeah. I'm so happy that everybody that they had such a great time. Finding the perfect gift for your family members can be a struggle. Our family hasn't been able to get together for quite a while now so i felt like the pressure was really on. 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I want a man who has lived to i. I want a man who has a credit score. a fico. your four one k. And he knows what he wants. My but a lot of times. I find that when you data odor man. Bad habits are hard to break. 'cause they're stuck in their ways. Yes that's true that's true. I think if you're going to seriously consider being with someone you know. These are decisions you need to make up front because of that very think you're never gonna change someone. Don't ever think that because people are who they are. And you shouldn't wanna change someone either. I think you should want to watch them. Change and grow as they do not really. I don't think you should ever force that on someone. But i think you know managed scott along so well our values connected you know we have the same interest with the same comedy sense the it just so many things alliance that. I didn't really feel like that. Obviously every relationship has things were like. Oh you kind of wish you can make your less. Yeah you gotta love for the reasons. You don't like them as you know you gotta let the whole picture out. That relationship grew de girl. You you tame the beast like you like you are griswald honey. You fantastic beasts. I thought soon to my whole life. I was like i'm going to be like interest bitch. I'm gonna be like daddy. Something chilling my george. Clooney like not dating marrying and then roof. You came in and was like nope not only. Am i going to date him for a year. I'm going to get engaged loubier in a year later like you were in the fast. It just goes to show. I think you know when it's meant to happen. It's meant to happen and that goes for everyone. It doesn't matter who you are so if you find your one there you're one. I also find that you are an independent person who is not willing to like. Yes we will compromise in a relationship. And if i need to take a step back because you are gone for six months and you need me to be around. Because you're doing something important we can do that. But yeah you're independent thinker and you're also so sufficient like i think people lose that interrelationship because some men want them to give that up secretly. They don't have that on you and when the minute you give up on it and the minute you let that go and you just be like okay. I'm here for you all the time. That's when they're like ooh this is. I don't want that actually. How hard was it for you to keep and be like. Oh that person. I'm self sufficient. I don't need you knew that is so me like i love my independence. I love you know. I would never want to lose that but actually i'm quite thankful that in our interest pushes for that. He's looking for ways to support. Whatever career path. I wanna take or whatever dream i have. I don't find that. I'm trying to struggle with the balance of being pleasing someone for there to follow them on their clear. In fact we found ways to spend more time together and build generational wealth. Because that's something that we want to do in the we're forward thinking about our family in the future. Except by i feel you're speaking from a personal space. We do. We need to talk about something happened. I'm going to be honest with you. I feel like okay. We both showed up yellow. We're both thirty three. I feel like. I look like a young interest. I just feel like there's so many connections here. Let me fight him. where is he released like that. And i feel like that's a very dangerous place to actually being Independence is the most important thing that you can have. Its beckon grow together. So that would be my vice. My younger self. Don't ever lose that. Yeah i mean look my last relationship. I thought i wanted to be the person that that person wanted or needed. And i dimmed my own light. And i changed my personnel. I tweet myself a little bit not too much. I think the full body overall. But i got some tweets personality and at the end of the day i was more upset with myself. I wasn't upset with him for breaking my heart. I was more upset that i didn't give him our myself. A chance to be me in a relationship. I wasn't i look back and i think to myself like why are you so willing to give up yourself and give up your independence and give up. You know things in work your life around this person who was not working half that hard for you absolutely you had to kind of get out of it to look back and see that sometimes you have to think about. That is a learning experience. That was something you need to go through so that you could be allies aso that it doesn't happen in the future and that's how i look you know the previous time for. I felt like that because everybody felt like that. Some way You do too much you give too much and you feel like it's not reciprocated in the right way about that anymore. I mean like to present we move on. We have grown relationships needs to be fifty sixty. You need to come together. Both people need to give as much as they take. But which is so interesting to hear you say because there's a stereotype in the muslim religion and in the communities that practice that religion the man is all and the woman is subservient. And you kinda sorta see that in movies and you see it in. Tv read about it in a is that true and b. Was it hard to if it is true. Was it hard to break that mold and not fall into the same categories as the people that came before you on who. You're talking to to be honest. I think and i don't want to ever talk on it. That's somebody's decision. Like my mom was a was a housewife and very proudly so wanted to raise her children and gave so much so much for us right to be able to have our education. And i wanna actually didn't put in the hours that she did an at home. Helping us tutoring us class. And all that stuff and we actually talked about that on one of the episodes for her it was a big sacrifice. So howard to women. Who want to do that but i think we should never be looking to to stereotypes dictate who we need to be. You know sometimes family pressure can be overwhelming. But you should never be looking to that either. You should do what feels right and you know what feels right for your future so yeah a lot of women who might have some regrets. And i'm sure there's a lot of women who are like you know what i did this the right way and i did the way i wanted to do. So it's such a personal thing you've got to figure out what's right for yourself one hundred percent. I honestly i'm trying to get this life in my thirties and forties like. I am dying to do everything. I want to host everything which i want to be in a movie. I wanna pose naked for g. q. I want all of it okay. I'm trying to get all the way now. I want some ashi co. Yes and i want to do it all so when the day comes and they're like yo you're about to have kids it's happening. I want to be able to live to say. I lived that life so i can give that up for some time and do what your mother did and do. A lot of mothers did and said that. They devoted their time by choice to this in raise. Kids now granted my man going to be some generational wealth as you say you can build together. And how amazing would that be right to put your children. I mean look. I'm i'm first generation canadian. You know kind of immigrants were always thinking like that. Our parents struggled so much to get us to where we are. We want to build generational wealth. So that our children don't feel safe that that's always at the forefront of my mind you i'm always forward thinking it's probably residue of my mom's you know upbringing in something that she says that your children are important. And it's it's beautiful way to to carry on your legacy carry on your your beliefs your family and your yeah. I mean i don't talk about. How many children doing doing it you. You have committed to sue children three children. Are you going to do one. I mean you have to give me some podcasts advice because you have gotten solitaire that i know you're your baby fever. I think there was a lot of pressure. Also culturally again to have kids very quickly and i just wanted to make sure that i took my time and you know i come from a point where no i just deferred from moscow on. I was like okay. It's not the career path that i want do something else and i was like. I need to figure out what. I wanna do. Where i wanna go before. His settled down on that side of things so not but almost at always there. I'm looking to other people's babies. Like i got like literally my. Oh no no no no. I'm the worst like it just is. It's so terrible because of my. Hey while you're cooking out one you wanna just jump of for me like you're doing it already. That's conversation with all my siblings. You just before. I do it. So that i can hold their paris the mic. I feel. I feel one hundred percent. I realized talking with a bit of a list in business and a guy juice out. I literally june. This is weird to you. it's streaming and we both love interest album sign. It's fine we're just the same person we have things in common that we're not to steel magnolias. Okay we're not no. I signed by nerd. I was hoping you'd be like of the star wars. Or what's the saddest moment in all seven films of harry potter hold on hold on hold on the miranda miranda down so you can guess it hold on hold on again. What is saddest is moment in the whole harry potter franchise. And if you did this if you get okay. I'm flying to canada canada before the end. This and we are going to hang out. I will literally take our dinner. What is the saddest moment in harry potter. Please read my mind when dumbledore died. Close second-guessed second guess. What are you reading three. Think about think. Long and hard black-eyed you're so close any more sad than that. Okay come on come on now. You're in the right on the right side of the ranch is yes. Yes who dies. And you're like damn that heard more than it should have at the cup. No penetration dhabi died. Oh you underdog mother like really oh my goodness. I'm sorry i didn't get that dumbledore. Is death is a little bit more dramatic than now clean. You win dombi died. I will walk out the movie every time and go collect myself. But they're not. His character was so beautiful so she was the whole thing. Like i was just hold on. I'm not that you go anywhere until you tell me how stinky that chapel was for megan's wedding because it looked like it was musty. It wasn't it was cold because it was so much aired space. I didn't realize like the walk to be on camera and like i thought just inside. The chapel can undo ec. Bad like you know. I was like i would have done more of drag some good. You're good. I remember you walk in a gucci gucci. On it was he was fly to. She's when gucci calls and says yeah. Come in and out whenever you want to take the whole thing shoes on my life by the way that i grew up in the south in like a black wedding in the sal is in production and it's so much fun and you know i've been to african wedding and it's all these traditions and the dancing and it's crazy and you finally see like your friends parents drunk for the first time and it's like all these things that contrast it was so it must have been so crazy watching this such proper well-mannered scenario because i know a year earlier. Y'all had a blow. Oh the same time the same night. We had the after after party. That was for them and it was great. It was like the best party was so funded down. Interest actually dj. I saw him at coachella. Lives best before. I let you go. There's one other thing. I need to talk to you about and corona virus happen. We didn't know any at it and we knew was deadly. We knew didn't wanna get it. We knew the world was shutting down. And you're a newlywed. Your man gets it. And i'm watching. Contagion be flipping on cnn. I'm back to contagion. I'm back and you're sitting next year man a you're holding him down girl. I would have been a man that would have been in a yurt outside getting fresh air. What was going through your mind when all that was happening he has it. I have it like you know we were together right before he flew out. I was just two days after him. So i was like listen. I'm there and i had just flown in that day that he had tested so we didn't actually get the results so the next morning. It's not only. Was i with him when he thought maybe he was going through it but by the time he got the results were already in the same house. And then i think at that point i would have had to queen technically. It's so funny that you will made it this whole thing like. Oh my god i. If she stood by her she should have detonated it out. I'm like first of all. Listen i might have given it to him knows from the way that we had been go in business week just before so i was like oh my god. It totally could have could have been meeting gave it to him. So that's funny. I mean i wanna say guardless handed me ways you being on the situation but yet i was there and and i was actually genuinely worried at the time. We didn't know what it really was. It kind of sounded like it could be a death sentence. He's asthmatic. he's absurd age. I was generally really scared. Don't know if you could tell them that video. Look i watched the o. Back like the who. I'm really close with message. Me right away. he said. Call me right now. You look so scared. That video I was genuinely like what's going to happen. And the only reason that video out is because at the time for so many like crazy rumors like black people can't get co-editor calling it all these crazy things. He really just wanted to spread that awareness of like. Let's it's gonna affect us all. Let's let's be careful. This is a real thing. Like it is such a conspiracy theory He just wanted to help. Maybe help out of its money because it turned into like people looking at all the wrong reasons may be or it was just the funny thing but i i was scared. My let's just get through this together but you know what that thirty two days a week did not in the middle. Nowhere santa fe new mexico. We got our live. We made by pitcock. Leo's bluebirds eat cheerios. Every day i was so much. I bet you got your live thirty. Today's locked in a house with that man with no electricity girl. I would have cut the power. And pretend that i was amish. You can't do anything but hang out with this all debt. Now i'm not gonna say that quickfire. I'm so stupid them. What are you called black people in canada. 'cause you know here it's like oh my god you can't say black. You have to say african american mike but maybe a lot of people are an african american. But what are you guys. Call black people in canada and in london people. No no no. I get it i get it because actually canadians. We call each other canadian so we have almost sometimes forget the fact that you know there is there is such a sort of a like a a fire going on in the states about about these kinds of things rightfully so because there are struggles. There may be canadians. Can't speak to as much. A little candidate has a massive problems. But yeah like you know. That's not something that i actually thought too much about growing up. I thought my other myself with the canadian. Molly canadian the people it was like you're canadian. You're italian canadian. Like you know we just all kinds of beautiful mosaic as opposed to like pop. Maybe that is america canadians. A little bit of a different mentality and i hope i can speak for other say that. Y'all must have been looking at us in this pandemic like lou that meth lab of an apartment called america is a mess girl they knew when all the brazilians started going back to eighty in brunswick call and be like how is everything and i definitely. There are a lot of fun. i think. America's a beautiful country like. I'm not trying to hit on a on a country that has so many beautiful things about it. But there's definitely all mental problems. People recognizing connect feel globally. Be prevalent candida. But that you know we still experienced racism in my life as a black woman as a muslim so you know that we can feel internationally. One of the reasons that manageress did the lubaton collection christian the walker marlon my shoes would be wanted to highlight. These injustices are felt everywhere. Hundred percent of the proceeds of those shoes go to these five organizations that we have picked that fight systematic injustices underprivileged huge it. we realize it's a global. Those charities were global. Mandate you know so. America has its own set of issues that i want to see justice. We just all want to see justice so tired of it you know. I'm trying to see justice and a canadian. Passport lockdown ever happens again girl. I'm going climb. These maple trees in toronto. You got an invite cooper comes. Thank god lean. It's so nice to meet you. Johannesburg girl find me amana johannesburg. I'm looking older. Why gent let me know. They're white gender. All right all right. I hear it tax switching from war of sabrina. Don't forget to check a couple of them with idris and sabrina a. On audible podcast. It is amazing. It's one of their best originals. Check it out today. And don't forget rate review and subscribe to this podcast to all your friends about it. Hit me up on instagram. Act justin a silvester and as usual. We will see you next wednesday for another episode of justice.

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