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It it's that time time mocking load full michael. Very show is on the air in there. You can't hey camera over. Your body ruled out there every day. What is this miami beach early. abstract with. Chuckers is safe excited about the program we have for you. Today are second of the show will be conversation with professor angelo coda via i discovered discovered professor kota via one day when rush limbaugh was reading an article. And if you know much about rush. He doesn't spend a lot of time reading from other people's writings he has something to say. Says it himself but he was so impressed with this article which was an excerpt from a book about the ruling class and the ruling class or the people in government democrat in politics and media democrats and republicans versus us. The country class the peasants. It's very european Eighteenth century style stuff but he made some great points in inrush loved it and read it. I i rushed to get it and read it and it gave me a whole new way to think about and talk about these new vernacular a new Way to describe what's going on and amazingly so much of what he talked about has continued to be true and trump really laid that bare trump really laid bare that the democrats and republicans have much more in common with each other. Then they do you and that the republicans are really. This is my addition to it. But it's part of the same theory. The republicans are really the washington generals to the democrats harlem globetrotters the republicans. Don't want to win. they don't need to win. they don't have to win but one thing they're not going to do is they're not going to put their best effort forward and beat the globetrotters because the show is that the globetrotters win. That might seem hard to process michael. Why wouldn't the republicans want to win because doing what it takes to win. As donald trump showed us means making yourself a social outcast to do what it takes to win to say the things and enact the policies that it takes to win would put out side of polite society. It would mean your kids couldn't go to the right private schools. I mean your kids couldn't go to harvard or friends in dc or yale it would mean you could not be invited to attend the parties in the salons of georgetown. You wouldn't be invited to be on the prestigious faculty of universities at john. F kennedy school of government at harvard. It would mean that you can't serve on the board of the fortune five hundred companies. Which is why when you're done with politics as where you get your big paycheck so if you do those things if you do what trump did you actually try to fix the problems. Then you become a social pariah and the mitt romney's john mccain's and and jeb bushes. They won't stand for that. They won't have that and via really influenced my thinking about those sorts of things and you see so much of what he talked about in. What's going on in washington dc. Today it's why marjorie taylor green has to be kicked out of the republican party. Why mitch mcconnell said. She's a cancer. It's why liz. Cheney must be protected. It's why the republicans who voted to impeach trump will be protected while those who defended him will be called. Terrorists white supremacists. It is very important to the ruling class that this whole tea party. That morphed into trump that morphed into maga- it's very important that it not just be defeated at the polls that it be marginalized. It's violent that's why january. Sixth is their waterloo. It's the most important moment of the last twenty years. That's why the narrative has to be that this was the most violent massacre in the history of mankind. We've never had anything like this. This was the rape of the savvy. Beans this was a historical act of savagery. An anyone associated with it must be destroyed. Not just trump. who now must be impeached. But josh hawley and ted cruz and everyone else and everyone of you every one of you who went there everyone of you. Who in any way has ever posted anything. And that is the justification upon which big tech can close your account and do so without seeming like sensors without without seeming like sad jesse's or or islamic mullah's silencing people they can do so because they're not silencing dissent they are silencing nazism fascism fa- minting violence now they won't silence antifa or black lives matter because in the salons of georgetown in the pages of the magazines like the atlantic these are organizations that are organs of discontent they have their vehicles by which the young people express their frustration. And hey if some people have to be beaten or killed if some police officers have to retreat or die if some police departments have to be de funded if some small business owners have to have their business destroyed burned to the ground. These are just the costs of avoiding being overly heavy handed. We don't want chicago. Nineteen sixty eight again in the chicago. Seven we want to show that the chicago seven the government. Now we want to show how open minded we are. And that's why we do things as a ruling class like a six foot five inch man competing in women's sports to show that we're not against transgenders. We must take everything to its logical extreme. That's why black lives matter can never be called violent because to do so would make you racist because blacks had such a hard time of it that now we're going to let the worst element of blacks conduct warfare on middle class blacks and call this progress. We must support the youth and their open mindedness and their their willingness to experiment in their frustration with their parents so if they organized as antifa that we won't stop them from their actions and when we do we won't arrest them in when we do. We won't hold them and we'll on so lot to get to masking big discussion coming up next basin that i get from the show that i don't seem to get from other places. The michael berry show hand. Larry only leaked camera over voting old out there every day. What is this miami beach harley. Abstract would chuckers if readily cattleman. Open letter that was posted yesterday by two doctors now granted. I don't know these doctors and they might be absolute kooks the might be but i thought what they had to say was interesting. Their names are tim. Powell and john powell one of the sites. I follow one of the people. I follow is a woman named jennifer cabrera who's been writing about public health policies since the beginning of cohen and she reads and writes about this all day long and she posts all sorts of you know studies comments updates and she posted this and it has a lot of graphs from the cdc tobacco up the points and the world health organization just using the actual hard data. Well i'm just gonna regional lender their practice practices called the evergreen family medicine. It's called evergreen family medicine and again. These guys might be complete goose but what they had to say. I thought was worth hearing about masks especially because now. There's talk of people wanting to do to masks in even fao. She came out and said to. Mass is not better than one. You need to be doing to masks all right. I'm gonna read you the letter. Masking the science january twenty fifth. Twenty twenty one we have purpose purposely avoided directly confronting the issue of masks because it is such an emotional and political issue like waving a red flag in front of a bull topic elicit strong emotions. Which overwhelm reason. We were mask in the hospital. In don n ninety five mask gone and gloves when we see a patient known to have covid nineteen masks are used for source control when patients are admitted with various types of infectious respiratory diseases. After the visit we dispense of the gown gloves and change into our regular surgical mask to continue our patient rounds in public. We wear a cloth mask to comply with executive orders and as a courtesy to others who feel afraid in uncomfortable. Light most of you. We rarely washed the mask. We stick it in our pockets. Pick it out of the glove compartment. Are off the floorboard when we need it. In truth we wish masked masks worked in truth. We wish masks worked if they did it would be a cheap and easy way to control the spread of covid the idea that they protect not only their wearer but also those people around them seems noble. Wished mask work because citizens are spending billions of dollars on them. We wish masks worked. Because most americans wear them now telling them it was. Unnecessary will not make them happy. We wish masks worked because they have become a symbol for virtue and social responsibility. Anyone who doubts their utility is personally attacked as though they don't believe the viral pandemic his real or don't care about those who die from it. We wish masks worked because they distract from other important and related issues such as school closings. Lack of access for non covid related illness. Increased mental illness elderly dying alone missed youth experiences substance abuse suicides increased poverty and suppression of free speech censorship of science disruption of supply chains government agencies use to oppress small businesses of religious gatherings travel disruptions isolation protocols modeling over actual data quarantines lockdowns contact tracing and global harm of the economy that most impacts the working class vulnerable and poor. We wish masks worked but they don't. At least not. The cloth and surgical masks see in the public arena. They litter the landscape and the waterways. They're difficult for people with disabilities and small children. It promotes natural germaphobe tendencies and indoctrinates the young to see their fellow humankind as a sack of germs. There have been there have been many randomized control. Trials are ct's and meta analysis previous studies that suggest that masks do not work to prevent influenza like illnesses or respiratory illness transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles which is what covert is. This knowledge was the basis for the world health organization and the cdc recommending against the public wearing of masks in the spring of last year it was repeated by authorities and experts at every level. Dr jerome adams. The surgeon general tweeted at the time. Seriously people stop buying masks. They are not effective in preventing the general public from catching corona virus. At the time. Dr anthony fauci told sixty minutes. There's no reason to be walking around with a mask. in april. The new england journal of medicine wrote quote. We know that wearing a mask outside of healthcare facilities offers little if any protection from infection was changed. Well it wasn't the science. All studies are not equal. The gold standard of medical evidence comes from randomly controlled studies recent observational studies. That were used to support mask. Mandates were poorly designed for confounding factors carried out medical environments and then impressions were extrapolated to the general public studies that evaluated the viral exposure of mice in a cage covered with masks material versus caged mount mice. Without a mask cover does not seem to translate world well to a world of humans who used their hands. In contrast a recent danish masks study of the general public that was performed in a prospective randomized. Fashion did not endorse the current majority narrative and was vigorously criticized and suppressed by a new drug. Medical product or procedure would never be approved based on this type of evidence. Logic argues against mask effectiveness. The size differential between viral particle or droplet size expelled from the human respiratory tract. Compared to the filter size of surgical or cloth masks is substantial. If you read the fine print on most consumer masks while we'll likely see a statement such as this not intended for medical purposes and has not been tested to reduce the transmission of disease. The best studies are outcome based and measure patient oriented. Evidence that matters. A pharmaceutical company may show their statin drug greatly reduces cholesterol and science can show a correlation between cholesterol and heart disease so the obvious premise is at lowering. Cholesterol reduces risks of heart attacks. Except it doesn't at least not for primary prevention in patients without pre existing vascular disease. It's why you must do. The study. Does the intervention work in real world conditions in august pew. Research reported that eighty five percent of americans said they wore masks in public all or most of the time. If this is so and if masks are effective why has the incidence of covert increased so rapidly wiser not favourable correlation between mask usage and disease transmission in countries and states would different mask policies if masks and were lockdowns work. Why don't they work. I'll finish the article coming up and it will be posted to the blog within five minutes. Michael berry show dot com ours ours and a few thoughts from those are michael berry show knowing weekends fly camera over. Get your bony old out there. Every day what miami beach abstract chuckers if back to the editorial doctors if masks and lockdowns work. Why don't they work. The graph below shows the daily number of deaths per million in the uk. France spain italy and sweden from march to december. The number to the right reflects the percentage of the population that report wearing a mask in public spaces. Sweden has the lowest number of deaths per million in this comparison despite only seven point. Seven percent of the surveyed population reported wearing a mask ramona. I saw you post something on social media. Somebody put a picture in sweden and you. There were four pictures in you. Come in and something to the effect of. I had to study this picture to figure out what made it special and that was that. Nobody was wearing a mask for those who argue that norway. Denmark and finland have lower mortality rates than sweden. They would be correct but these countries also have much lower rates of mask use compared to other european countries masks have been oversold as a solution. Dr anders tech nell sweden state epidemiologist said face. Masks are an easy solution. And i'm deeply distrustful of easy solutions to complex problems. He was right. Sweden now has fewer deaths per million people than the united states. in fact they have a lower death. Rate than thirty of our state's history is replete with examples when politics or religion metals with science and adversely impacts solutions by the way impact was just used as a verb on our show. But i was reading an article. I would never do that. Dr martin cole. Dwarf has argued against widespread public mask mandates from the beginning. He is a professor at harvard. Medical school and a leader in disease surveillance methods and infectious disease outbreaks. He describes the current pandemic policy of covid lockdowns and mask use this way after three hundred years the age of enlightenment has ended at this point. Many do not need an expert opinion to trust their own. Intuition and lying is that masks are not working. Everyone wants to mitigate the transmission of the virus but let's focus on what works but wearing a mask is so easy to do. Can't you just shut up. And where the damn mask. Why are we poking this tiger. This mask issue now because there is mass hysteria and many are blind to it. Because it's an irrational and divisive policy when unity is required more than ever because evidence should matter because in two thousand nineteen if we saw a father struggling to muzzle a- terrified crying two year old child on a plane with a cloth we would report them to authorities for possible child abuse in twenty twenty one. We kicked the whole family off the plane. The father is successful in his efforts because of a young man with autism who is unable to tolerate a mask on his face. Being publicly shamed because the masks offer a false sense of security in may adversely impact more important public health mitigation measures because our local high school cross country. Teams should not be running the trails washington masks because the oregon board of medicine suspended the license of a physician who objected to this policy. Because one of the greatest losses in this pandemic has been the loss of credibility of organizations for whom we held in high regard organizations. Such as the cdc the who and public health organizations that need to maintain the trust of the citizens because it is increasingly apparent that the basis for the mask mandate is not medical but political because fear and panic should not prevail over actual evidence even when many powerful institutions have expended so much political capital promoting the wrong policy. We wish masks worked but they don't. We wish we didn't have to fight about him but we do. And then at the bottom there a number of graphs and and things like that backing up what they've said in all the graphs come from sources like the cdc and the world health organization. It's a very odd time. If you so much as question. Public health policy on the wearing of masks. The response is not to discuss mask wearing as to whether it works or it doesn't the response is like a monkey. Flinging poo is to scream and yell at you and call you bad names and accuse you of being a murderous nazi but i thought we were civilized and sophisticated. I thought we could talk about what works. What doesn't based on the science. I thought we could agree to disagreement. And we would share experiences and science knowledge in studies and as new information developed. We would share that as well. Maybe we would be receptive to people who said things like. I have trouble breathing with this. Had other symptoms as a result of this. I got co vid despite wearing a mask at all times in public. I'm saying these would arguments. I've heard people in media print radio and television. Say nasty things about those who won't jump on the panic train. Why is it so important that we all agree. People get less angry about abortion then whether you wear a mask and they tied into their own fear and somebody they know who died. I know people who've died drinking themselves to death a lot actually. But i don't run through the bars. Tipping over drinks are trying to close the bars down. I've known people die of lung cancer in our. But you have to. But when i see someone cowering in the corner in the last hidden hallway where they can smoke. I don't rush up and steal their cigarette and try to get him arrested. Stop and think about what happened in this country over the last like a dark east german movie radio know weekend cameras over. Get your bony old out there every day. What is miami beach. Abstract chuckers left and republican establishment figures the ruling class as it were heavily funded. An organization called the lincoln project and we were constantly told that these were republicans who didn't like trump because republicans don't like trump not respectable ones. Anyway only the savages. Only you the peasants you. The violent white supremacists truck driving gun toting god fair and peasants so the lincoln project was very useful to the left into the republican establishment. Both of whom want to kick us out of the party and get their guys back in jeb. Bush for instance so john. Weaver was the co founder of the lincoln project and it now out that he had been grooming young men as young as fourteen using his place in the political hierarchy to recruit young men to be his sexual toys now. A lot of people are pointing out that he's married with kids. That's not the biggest issue here. That's an issue that you can take up as a moral issue. It's an issue for him and his family. He's breaking the law with teenagers and using his position to do that is really important to get to. Because we now know that this pattern was written about it goes back to two thousand four in an article in the atlantic. It goes back. According to karl rove tonight eighty-eight before i let you go. Carl i want to ask you about a separate story here. That's getting a lot of attention today. The lincoln project has it was founded basically to be a very strong anti-trump organization and to paper social media. Everywhere else with anti-trump messages john weaver was one of the people who ran it. He has a lot of accusations against him from young men who call him a sexual predator. You mentioned this back in two thousand four that this was a concern of yours. you know. This isn't something that anybody really wants to be vindicated on but it turns out that you were right. Well i didn't mention you. Two thousand four. it was printed in atlantic article by joshua greed. Who's now a major figure with bloomberg. I've actually known about this pattern of behavior since nineteen eighty-eight all i want to say is. Is that the twenty one statement that statements from those twenty one young man who talked about How they'd been approached by mr waiver. That statement speaks for itself and I don't have anything to add to. It exists sad sad chapter. So that means this pattern has been known about for decades. How would you like to know that your son or daughter was the subject of sexual harassment by grown man in his forties reaching out to your fourteen year. Old your ambitious fourteen year old and you know all of us who've had children i have my my youngest son. Crockett will be fourteen exactly two weeks from today and my older son michael t turned fifteen on december. Eighteenth nineteenth my dad's february eighteenth. Get those those three are altogether anyway so When i look at that when i think about how many times. They've looked up to a coach or a teacher A mentor of in one way or another it could be. The youth minister of the church could be a coach. A teacher tutor. Young people are uncertain. And they're eager. There's an innocence naievety to their eagerness. They're willing to to carry the briefcase just to be in the halls of power. They're willing to file all day. I guess i don't file anymore. They're they're willing to answer the phones in order to be at the front of the organization. That's doing it citing things right so to abuse that. Because they're not mind for yet they're not cynical yet they're bright eyed and bushy tailed so for john weaver at the lincoln project to abuse that and to have done that now for dozens of people which means there are dozens more that are not about to come forward because they have a wife and kids and they don't want to be the subject of a male on male grooming. How many of these are there out there. How many people who did end up in powerful positions. Maybe thanks to john weaver or maybe not. But how would you feel. If young you're young person was was the victim of this and that other people knew it and didn't come forward. So what are we to make of the lincoln project this organization that was so fanatically anti trump look. I don't have a problem with political. Disagreements what i do all day long but they were taking people who worked with trump who served the united states government. Who served the united states by doing that. They were taking their phone numbers and making them public their home addresses. You know they're crazy people out there. They were taking their home addresses in publishing calling and trying just flooding. Their companies lawyers for instance their law firms to get fired from their law firm. Which brings me back to the point of made over and over and over again. And i want you to see this the kinds of people who engage in these these maniacal acts like this. These are people who are carrying a very very heavy burden a big load unemotional instability stuart stevens. His co founder. At the lincoln project had a woman get a temporary restraining order on him and five renewals after. She said he harassed her. Repeatedly you find these cases of control-freak whacked out over the top individuals who hate trump. And that's why. And i've told you this again and again and again it's not trump. They're angry and politics is their outlet. Daddy didn't love him. The girl they most wanted to dance with wouldn't dance with them and called them nerd. The coach wouldn't put them in the game on the team or they couldn't make the team. These are people that are suffering from an instability before they entered the political realm and politics became a proxy a way of acting out for all of their anger. That is their sexual frustrations their professional frustrations. When you see these people on cnn msnbc and yes fox know that whatever they're screaming and hollering about is not what's really at play there. Professor angelo via is our guest. And i'm really excited about this. It's time time locking load. Michael very show is on the air long folks. Some of you will remember the scene in saturday night. Live where chris. Farley is playing the journalist. Who is interviewing paul mccartney and he keeps Just absolutely making a fool of himself by asking questions of mccartney that are elementary pedestrian. Because he's such a big fan. Remember that time you were in the beatles and he slaps himself on the head well. I joked over the years about once every few years. I have an interview with someone. That i hold in that high esteem. And it's hard to get through it. So i did all my fan boy stuff before the interview started but it is a real real honor. I must say on air To be hosting. Angela angelo via. Who's writing the ruling class. Absolutely influenced my thought process and reordered a lot of things that i thought i knew so to have him. Make time to be with us. Today is an incredible honor. It's it's a piece. He's written in. American greatness is quite a prolific writer. And i try to read everything. I find his the pieces entitled dismounting the covid tiger the oligarchy is chosen method of reopening after the pandemic that it intends to attempt to validate the harm. It did over the previous year. Will it work professor you you sort of lay out the case here by the way folks. We've posted this to michael berry. Show dot com. You lay out the case here that that the oligarchy as you call them setup. This trump didn't do enough. This is all trump's fault to get into power and now they're they're in the natural responses is okay. Well why can't you fix it well. Yeah look every literate person that once a infectious disease communicable infectious disease enters the population. Once it gets routed in the population it will run through the population. No matter what anyone does That is what diseases do. That's what they've always done. And this one is no different from any other now Throughout history people. In have the the i learned ones have clamored a to the to the powerful. Do something about the disease and the powerful have obliged or try to oblige in a way that has been of their own nest again. This is no different except that this time. They really went overboard. The proof of what i'm saying. Is that no sooner had Biden been all your rated. Then he spoke bit of truth and that there's nothing anyone could do to To affect the spread of the disease. That's absolutely true And he said it's Obviously to defend the question of well. Why aren't you stopping. But fact is that for almost a year the oligarchy could joe biden foremost had said Trump is responsible. Four hundred thousand two hundred thousand three hundred thousand murderer murderer You know. I mean that's obviously false and They had to somehow get away from the responsibility number. One number two is the fact that the the measures they took which gave them great power. The lockdowns are of course extremely popular and Destructive their now in charge of an economy. The economy's faltering. What are they going to do about it. Well they have to open up the have to but they have to do it in a way. That preserves their the the authority of the judgement that they pronounced in the first place. So we see this kabuki dance around the numbers of cases and Half ass excuses for opening up in a half ass manner. The great winston churchill quotation which you borrow them and there are others who have used it. Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount and tigers are getting hungry in. This case are the tigers the american people. Of course. well no no no. No no the tiger. I'm sorry are the are the. Yeah the tigers are getting hungry. is in this case. Is that the american public who want answers. Certainly not no. No yeah look. The tiger is the pretense that that they And the fact that the pretends engendered a whole bunch of expectations and and caused a great deal of pain. I mean i i. You don't wanna take the allergy too far. I mean tiger is the the impossible situation that they have created themselves on the one hand Oh yes there's this horrible disease out there and you've got to. You've got to shut down in order to fight it. of course that's false shinedown. Don't fight it at all But now you have so. You've got to open up and but opening up in the face of so-called rising case counts Just simply impeaches everything. They've had to say now in that piece. I also pointed. I wanted to stratagems. That is now being used in order to justify this has opening and that is the the They are changing the way in which case Numbers are being a right The that that concept of cases with regard to coronavirus was always plastic. it was always a convenient fiction Okay let's get to the basics here this particular disease because it is what it is Hardly in parley inconveniences. Most of the people that it infects so something like sixty seventy percent of those infected never know they are infected or confused with not feeling all that well that day And so we have no as of today we have no idea whatsoever how many people have been infected or not that has always been the case from the very first but from the very first the The wise one decided that they were going to Use a different definition of case. They took people who are very sick very sick. And who tested positive for the virus and this is this is a case and then they said Well What happens to people have these cases. Well the fact is that people were very sick. Offer get very much thicker and they often die and so they said well. How many of these are getting sicker. Indict a lot. Oh well If you then take that as a measure of the legality of the covid then you'll get some really scary figures you spread those figures around. You scare the living daylights out of the american people. That's exactly right also pay and now and now they're they're trying to run the process reverse. We'll continue our conversation with professor angelo code via coming up next the michael berry show hand. Larry got camera overnight. Your voting cut off is out there every. What is this miami beach sprite with. Chuck chuck out. Kim dong speaking to professor angelo. Coda via think people need to know this. The reason the numbers were so high before are the very reason that those numbers appear to be coming down before you had everything being lumped in as as Go vetco and now you have to match all these. Could you speak a little bit to that. Because i think that's important for people to understand well okay We little known is that The us government's always various very has been rewarding hospitals for the number of rewarding. Maybe they're all word has been compensating or overcompensating hostels for the number of cova cases that they handle so the incentives for hospitals doctors. Say this is a cova case Whether or not the person tested positive for the cova and in the case of deaths No distinction was made between tweet zoomed cova who died with covert and people who died of covid and so the the there is no reason to pay to pay any respect to any of these figures. These are all entirely plastic figures. Audits have been performed. we have seen in some cases. Where a guy who Who have three bullets as chest with classified as having died of covid. Clearly the bullets something to do with So it goes so it's It is a shell game and entirely dishonest. Shell game if we had a press did his job. the That only the falsehood of all of this for the corruption of would be exposed but of course it is not being supposed professor co you or someone who is known to be able to step back and see the bigger picture so when you look at your years of experience in end the result the consequences of what. We've seen a couple of things come to mind to me. For instance if the public doesn't trust our public health officials That could be very bad in the future. And i'm a person that believes in a healthy level of skepticism cynicism. But where else what else do you see when the dust settles as to how our world will have changed as a result of what happened and it's negative. Well it isn't simply because it mind you. I mean this is covered really sort of. You're my say the pretty close to the capstone of everything that the ruling class did Ever since Has done since two thousand sixteen basically what happened in two thousand sixteen. Is that the ruling class. Were utterly shocked by what happened. Republican primaries all of the came republicans got swept aside and the only people who survived. Were ted cruz and And donald trump and they survive only. Because they're willing to. they're willing to either they. They spoke ill of the ruling class and they meant to take away. Privileges now Trump won the nomination. Not only because he was the the the most insulting to the ruling class but also because of a of the dynamics the unpredictable dynamics of multi multi-member field In those situations when whenever as usually ask wasn't his case determined by who drops out when and who doesn't drop out win But the point is that whoever whether it was going to be cruise or or Or trump the ruling class was faced with a real honest to goodness challenge And when the challenger this case trump won the ruling class but i the oh during the campaign. Hillary clinton had used a throwaway line about not accepting the results of the election. But by god the moment that the election results were in the class decided At first slowly and tentatively but then With who turbo charge to reject the outcome of the election and to use all the institutions at its command. And they're all basically all those are going to have to To overturn the results. Which leads me to direct to answer to your question. Which is what i. What are the long term consequences with the long of consequences. Is that the ruling class. A burn all of those institutions. They are now they by using them to overthrow the judgment of the voters and by doing so in in a really south to stuff gonna by doing it in a way that that insulted the voters a very bad idea democracy they they discredited institutions The press discredited itself completely The justice department the fbi The the Forgot about to see those of us who knows what was discredited. Long ago but The american people again to ask to not to get to the file. Part of your Of your question. The american people have become accustomed correctly to believe that everything here hear from above is alive. And there's nothing more corrosive that i find it fascinating that a media that could accurately in many cases be accused of fake news a term. I never used before. But but turned out to be. True is so troubled that their level of trust is so low. Because you don't get that back and for walter cronkite. Her edward r murrow to have not been trusted have been it would have destroyed them and really right. That would have been trust is what they they. They traded in By the last person talking about trust the last person i saw the media who sort of radiated trust Whether it was the other or not is. Another question was Bill o'reilly he looks like your grandfather talked. Like a grandfather was the most powerful thing on television when he was at his very moderate What every man thinks if you wanted to know what every man thought You know what everyone of the barbershop would not have had that you would listen to to to o'reilly is also an incredibly good communicator. Better than i think people. That was such a skill. We'll continue our conversation with professor angelo code via coming up next. Is there something wrong with me. No test required. You've definitely got it. We wish you well. And i have a good day here. You see you got it. The michael berry shows now give it to everybody else by turning up the volume there. You go weekend camera over. Get your vote. He's cutting off their out there. Every what is this miami beach strike with. Chuck chuckers speaking to professor angelo. Coda via professor. I want to ask you about The closing line of this piece says covering for that level of professional incompetence and corruption may be a bridge too far you talking about fao cheesy but i to ask him for for a little more context here you say not. Only is the binding objective getting rid of trump no longer. There documents are surfacing. Show the material complicity between faculty and the development of the virus. Yes yes yes yes yes can you. Oh yeah okay There has been over the past in the A biowarfare via logical community he debate on Regarding the uses of genetic engineering In research and everyone Responsible person involved in that debate beginning acknowledging that Is that you're playing with fire. When you were Genetically engineered viruses the practice particular practice involved has to do with raising the potency of a virus Making it more communicable now. Why would anyone want to do that. Well as the legitimate argument is is to understand what the the increased potency could actually do. Do i knowledge itself and perhaps the the The development of of countermeasures This debate has been going on for a long time. At a certain point. The obama administration decided upon advice of some three hundred Members of the community decided that this kind of search would no longer be allowed in the united states of america. Why because of its inherent danger. In other words. The argument for the for the obama. Administration's decision was yeah. You might get some benefits out of this. But it's not worth the danger involved and so they said No more well it just so happened that one prominent urologist by the name of anthony foul disagreed and instead of just simply say oh well okay. Well you know. This is a decision of my peers and administration. So i will agree instead of agreeing. He you some U. s. funds. Which were i guess. More or less his discretion to fund precisely that research guess where at the wuhan laboratory that research on the on raising the potency communica ability of animal viruses. No we do not know exactly precisely which experiments so the three and a half a million dollars that thought she transferred from you from the united states to on were used but we know they were used se in general for raising the potency of animal viruses like the bat virus like about corona virus making communicable to humans I mean that we we. The documents on the subject are in the public domain and It is a so-far shame on the Media that they have not gone viral. Because you know this is this is both a part of fox insubordination. Underhandedness perhaps corrupt. Because these were his friends But also you know a couple -bility no less serious for being direct But by the last line of my article was this kind of collusion by the media cannot remain universal forever. some guy willing to risk everything to gain is spurs. It's gonna say hey wait a minute. He'll convince them editor to run it. Something other than fox news right so you know. I sorta later. The united states of america arnold sequels. It's just if you care about the proper functioning of our institutions for the purpose of of education and information toward better health and you absolutely erode. The credibility of the public health industry It strikes me that the real loser is not the foul cheese. He'll retire to a good life in america. People the losers are the particularly those who who needed vaccines and who needed better public health information. Ooh look the the. The point is broader even brought that because it doesn't apply simply to to to the health industry the health establishment. It applies to everything. I mean they've done this with regard to to All institutions all this itunes have been have discredited themselves for the the the pro purpose of of defeating donald trump. okay so they deceit donald trump. Do they think for a moment. Did they have defeated the Call it populism if you wish The the the sense by on the part of the american people that they've been ill served heavens no have they have. These people made themselves more popular. They yeah. They did with the elections. of course. there's no way of knowing how many how many of those mail-in votes were real. And how many were not. There's just no way of knowing because the way the way the system was addled it made it impossible to know but one thing that the votes that went to donald trump who would basically not like very well by a lot of people voted for him including yours. Truly more michael berry. Show coming up weekend camera over. Get your voting off their out there. Every miami beach arly abstract with chuck chuckers and we are speaking to professor angelo. Coda via who. I discovered when rush limbaugh was reading from a book. He had written called the ruling class which i highly commend to you about an article that he's just written in american greatness called dismounting. The covid tiger the darkies chosen method of reopening after the pandemic shows that it intends to attempt to validate the harm. It did over the previous year. Will it work. Which which is why. They're trying to frighten everybody by saying i if you don't knuckle under real fast we're gonna call you a racist white supremacist. And does anybody think that that's gonna make them even. Yeah that's gonna it's gonna make them more loved more respected. No calling people names that they know that they all deserve is not a winning tactic. It really isn't no but you know your book. The ruling class. I have often said gave us a whole new structure within which a vernacular and in a mindset and i look at politics now instead of looking at it horizontally of the right and the left or democrats and republicans vertically of the ruling class and and the country clash with the peasants. And it's almost as if they're they're drawing the moat and withdrawing to the castle and saying as long as we can self deal and maintain. Our position of society in society will just trash the peasants and hope. The french revolution doesn't happen. A nation is a very bad. Look i one of my most more. Recent articles called clarity explains all of that and the kind of position to put themselves in and basically what the what the rest what covered the the country class can do about it The american people have genius which involves sorting themselves out into mutually congenial groups This has been going on since sixty and thirty. When roger williams led his band out of massachusetts foreign providence colony the mormons who were disliked in new york until annoy and went often founder. Salt lake city And today there is a tremendous shift of people away from ruling class institutions that ruling class. Borys it's physical and societal shift The the imposition may just just look at one thing. The position of abortion on demand has willy nilly created a well nigh impassable bar to marriage is between people on different sides of that issue. It does and it makes sense. I mean why would someone who is pro abortion marry. Someone who is who is pro-life and vice versa just so The the The moment that parlor gets back online. You're going to see a mass abandonment of twitter facebook. The moment twitter why because twitter. Facebook have have labeled themselves as being of the left. Why would someone who is not of the last. Wanna stay there. I mean again Castle cancelling banishing is a two edged sword. You vanish someone. You banish yourself at the same time right but you know professor what concerns me about. This is when you when you look at when you look at societies as you your student of history and deeper perspective than just a modern era and you see this sort of balkanisation in a society. Social media used to be a place that people could interact a marketplace salman square. We have fewer and fewer of those things. Yeah well that's Yeah uh-huh alas that was a great promise of Of the internet and social media but The i guess the people who run them decided to break that promise that was broken broken. I mean now nobody you no matter who you are. You can be a leftist. It goes for them as well as everybody else. When you go on twitter or facebook you now have to tell yourself. O- i gotta be careful what i say that-that's unfortunate because first of all i think it it makes it less of a sense of nation in amac's vaber way we have less and less in common but but secondly it seems that It's not as as enriching life if you're not ever around plonker different. of course. of course. I i was born and raised in a very very very homogeneous environment and in the back with of italy where the people who live of three miles away spoke recognizably different dialects. So when i can't new york it was a it was a feast of diversity There were people all over the world absolutely wonderful of far richer far more interesting place than than the The the little clay which i was raised I i'll never forget the joy of it but yeah no i mean we are forced into claves instead. That's life. unfortunately it is. It's a less rich life however professor. Angela is code. You are a wonderful guest. I hope you'll come back and visit us again. We'll do thank you. Thank you sir. Remember your with the beatles and you're supposed to be dead and there's all these clues that like he plays some song backwards and say like paul is dead and everyone thought that your dad. That was a hoax right. Yeah i wasn't really dead. Well that's it. Serve this week show. Thank you phone cardi. Thank you for being one of the greatest rock. I mean the living legend. Chris good thanks.

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