Hour 2: Kaepernick and Garrett


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And the help the Home Depot's convenient pick up blocks you'll find plenty of. DIY project ideas and buying gods that make me outdoor or that make outdoor activities funded easy visit the visit homedepot dot com slash outdoors for details the home depot more saving more doing also tune into the ESPN daily podcast bringing bringing you a deep dive into a single-story for one of ESPN's hundreds of reporters presented by Dell Small Business Download Subscribing Review Espn daily available. Wherever have you enjoy your podcast? Get back to the calls And somebody else said they wanted to call in if they call and I'll put him on a line If they don't I'll leave it be I'm not GonNa let you know who that is He called me out of the blue said he wanted to call in because he's pretty ticked off at this whole subject matter You know it is what it is. I will tell you this. You know. The colleges brought up The Colleges Burnham ratings success in all of this other stuff disc this to me. That's offended again. I am not going to go after because the reality situation is even though I thought it was bs and Bushley what he did did what he said. I think it's incredibly important that he also said he's my friend and we communicate with each other. He wasn't talking about me. Overall General. He was talking about me with a specific incident involving Colin Kaepernick. That's what T. O.. was talking about when he said this. Good Lord I thought they had that ready for me ladies gentlemen let me know go ahead play that right now. What he wanted was transparency for people to see the full workout Colin Kaepernick again? You mentioned obviously Max is going to get in here. I'm in the streets. Max Almost seems blacker than you Stephen. A and with with with with with with coming continue with all due respect. I'm just saying wait a minute wait a minute thank you right now. You say wait a minute. You don't cost a lot. Teo was talking about me with this particular incident. Instance with involving colleague happening again. I think it was Bush League. I believe it was beyond the Pale but teo talk all the time about a variety of issues and so again I think his statement was Bush League in CBS. I don't believe he's Bush League. NPS He was my friend and my brother before DJ's Joe He's my friend and my brother now so i WanNa make sure. I'm very very clear about that. Point number two. We don't have a whole bunch of people that are probably call up and be on social media and they hate the fat that to black folks or multitude of black folks are going at each other and stuff like that I would say to you I would defer you or refer you back to what Barack Obama said when he was running for the presidency of the United States of America back in two thousand and seven we can disagree without being disagreeable the crime and the unfortunate element of it all particularly when black folks are against one another. It's not that we agree agree with. It's not that we disagree with each other and make salient points as to why we disagree with each other the unfortunate part two all of it is that we resort to nonsensical levels just because of it because other groups ethnic groups in our nation. You should don't do that to each other. We shouldn't either point number three the call that called in a few minutes ago that add to cut off because when you go into a heartbreak heartbreak and I welcomed him to call back into the show in our number two. He talked about the platform that I have. He also said coller capital happening has that platform and he was alluding to the fact that we need you to speak what you believe to be true. As opposed to parroting parroting speech that Black America feels. You should make and what I would tell you. Is that our harking back to what I have always always said. And I will challenge anybody in this world to refute this fact that I am about to break down to you in a career that spans twenty five years from the New York Daily News to the Philadelphia Inquirer to the Philadelphia Inquirer with Fox sports. Sorry with CNN. Sl to the Philadelphia Inquirer with Fox sports thereafter to the Philadelphia Inquirer with ESPN whereafter to me. Having my own national television show having a general sports column having a nationally syndicated radio show after local radio shows been gone from the business daily two years before coming back and having a show at Fox and then back at ESPN before being on first take for the last seven years I have religiously made this statement and I challenge anybody to tell me one time where I betrayed it. I have said to my bosses losses while fighting by the way any of my bosses at any job that I would have would tell you who's at the forefront of fighting for diversity city and beyond talk to you about who gives back to HP see us and beyond they'll talk to you about all of those things and who's been a warrior on behalf a half of African Americans in this nation and this business it has been me and even then I have religiously stated this I do. You feel compelled to make sure every one here's the quote unquote black perspective. Because there's a scarcity of voices available with microphones in front of them to disseminate a message to the masses about the quote Unquote Hope Black Perspective. I do feel an obligation to articulate that I feel zero obligation to to feel the same way everybody else feels I speak for me. I do not speak for black people. I do not speak the vast majority or anything like that. I would hope I would. I believe identifies with a multitude of black people in this world but none of us speak for all of us none of us befall us. I feel no obligation to agree but the masses. I feel what I feel. I say what I me I speak for me now when there are enough black people or enough of a black coalition that deserves and needs to be heard. I'm make sure they heard but how I feel it is separate and apart from all of that I have been that way to my entire career. I've been that way through my entire highlife and I will never change if I'm wrong. I correct myself if I'm right I ain't budget and when it comes to my positional Colin Cabinet. I believe in my soul. I am one thousand percent correct. You cannot get a job. With an employer particularly one you filed a grievance against dance and ultimately settled. And now you're trying to get back with them. You cannot expect to receive favorable anything from them while insulting them at the same time I stand by that. That's my message about Colin capital of what happened last Saturday. Everybody else can make it about whatever they want. And I just find it. Odd That The folks in Colin Kaepernick's camp mainly a guy like Eric Reed. Who Took Caen? On behalf of racial oppression and police brutality and inequality are the first wants us to attack their own people. The second you disagree with a speck of what they do. I find that had a bit ironic but you Canada right place. I will never back up from this. I am right on behalf of myself and youngsters WANNA come up everywhere. I'm selling out I'm looking out. There's a lot of things in this country. That's all black people are oppressed. Black people do experience. Racism is still unfair in the workplace. Place we are constantly behind the eight ball but the challenges that await US moving forward Colin Kaepernick's way is not the way to handle it. I will not bend on that position because I'm looking out. I may not have taken a knee. I made out of voiced my discontent at Ed. Racial oppression and police brutality by taking a knee on a football field on a Sunday afternoon. But I've been fighting that fight for the last thirty five plus us that would mean before Colin cabinet was even born. I'll be damned if a football player bringing attention to something three years ago before before. Transitioning to it being all about his employment in the league he openly felt aggrieved. Aw so much that he filed a grievance against is going to sit up here with his Qadri supporters trying to label me something that I'm not and I'm GonNa run and you bet the House on that I'll stand wherever I need to stand and I'll fall anywhere. I need to fall standing on that principle. I will not budge now one inch that you have my word champ going thank thank you are you doing. I'm going I WANNA I wanNA say this Thanks for taking my call. It's a real one hundred percent wrong and steam Steven naismith on Saturday one hundred percent. Well and here's what you have a position. You have the biggest platform and the biggest voice voice in the black community in America right now. You have these positions because ESPN. It's the world while even sports your your voice transcendence beyond Alan Iverson beyond Michael Jordan beyond Lebron James and the rest. Everybody is looking up to so you and waiting on Saturday off. You took a position and because you took that position the NFL was is off the hook so now everybody is focused on Colin Kaepernick and Stephen Smith speaking. They has this beautiful position and this time should be quiet. You WanNa know why because about Football Colin Kaepernick is the NFL quarterback. You cannot tell me. Ninety six players ears are better than collar cap and at the quarterback position. That's the topic. That's the only thing should be talked about. But when Stephen opened his mouth and made it about with Colin Kaepernick didn't do to the folks that kicked him out the lead when they let another guy back in the lead for all kinds of stuff. Drugs Marijuana Here's the pedestrian and so forth. The list goes on and on at the end of the day Stephen. A Smith has a position of power. And sometimes sometimes when you had that position you have to be quiet and let everybody else. I guess what go ahead let me stop. Let me start on what they go ahead. Please my point I'm making. You're not cool but those out here. That makes them stupid states. Awesome Detroit Michigan again. Well fortieth stretch. We had a black mayor all black city black humor police black neighbors black principles black Paolo. uh-huh someone folks say they in the streets and Leeds Alabama or Down South anywhere else Miami New York City. y'All minorities in the city of Detroit. You are the majority so when folks start having these conversations on the public setting. They are missing for him because guess what in the black community community. There's thousands of black communities in the United States of America. So I challenge you to have a form Brag on Allen is brain speed Smith Branko hello gender roles and how do you compensate sat right this. I've listened. I've listened enough first of all I would remind you and for those of us the Joe for those of you who don't know champion. I go back a long ways He's my boy from Detroit. We've known each other for years now. Beloved we disagree on a lot of the things and we agree on a lot of things we both brothers we always gonna be brothers. s fine his his where we part ways. You don't get to make that call black people. Don't get to make that call. I make that call. This is my show I take as my show and the bottom line is is that I have a platform where a minimum of two hundred and forty shows a year are aired. You brought up Alan Iverson. You brought up Jalen rose. You brought up Steve Smith and others. Do you know that every single single one of those people have been on my show on Hoda. Of course you have. They all came on shows to discuss issues. Of course they have. They'll continue to come on in the future to discuss issues. WHO's the number one show that gives all these platforms to discuss all these ships? You make the no no no no no no no you let me make my point. Why y'all amiss is that if I didn't do it on a Monday with them together folks act like data ways the two hundred and thirty nine other shows? We're not only to do have the platform available to them and this show but also they could come on the show and tell me this eight the truths champ because you can speak to this better than most champ. This radio show. How can you always get through right and I bring you? Let me ask you a question for because people don't know how well you know me Ho Ho text me all the time. I'm talking about all those athletes every body and by the way everybody everybody's champ. What else do they do when they tax? What are they constantly? Told me this show platform you WANNA come on. Will you WanNa talk about this. Did you know I'm not saying Oh name though. I know that. I know that you can't say any names right but another thing you also know I invited Vita Collen Cabinet on I two hours. I want everybody to know this. I say to Colin Kaepernick's lady his camp. I I said Colin Cabinet could come on my show. Would whoever he wants our wipe away two hours. The entire two hours always is his live. unedited it's all yours never heard a word from you. Notice Radio Show you you call it all the time. I didn't know if the same platform there so let me. So I'm I'm I'M NOT GONNA hang up but I'm GONNA come back with you my point so you is yes. I'm a black man. Yes some principal yes up Afro centric and I got a conscience. That's relative to black the people who the hell I am but I'm also a professional who works for ESPN who has millions of people watching me every we day who also ain't black too and guess what they want to hear they want to have their say and they want to hear from these guys to so if you give them the platform just because they don't take it doesn't mean you can ask me to do anything what you can't ask me to do in this S.. Profession is to shut up because to ask me to shut up as to ask me to not do my job and if I'm not doing my job I wouldn't have this platform that everybody's leading on to say Yo you set up yours. Well when you say shut up I didn't. I made it that way. I said be quiet. And that's what I mean but you was the first to do it. You was the first to speak on Kevin Durant and they ran with it when you speak. They repeat it so people were there to help. They repeat the word there they report. They replaced him back. They take your words and add it to their playbook so that means you have a platform that super powerful and all I'm saying and my position. Is this right here. The conversation that you had publicly about Colin Kaepernick in my my opinion was a private conversation. The conversation that Terrell Oath had today was a private communist started. Because I want to come back to you about something. Teo was a private conversation. I understand that because that had no credence credibility. That's just your emotion talking. You see what I'm saying. I was addressing the Colin Kaepernick situation. And I was addressing. You want to be a martyr you so you don't WanNa play. Why was that an opinion but it mattered because it came from an informed perspective because they had been communicating with me leading leading to the workout? Not a spectator standing on the side having no involvement whatsoever and just watched day came and reached reached out to people. Like me saying. Will you help us. We know that is unfair. We know he's been blackballed. We noticed that right. He deserved opportunity. Entity Stephen a will you please help us and I did what happened. You don't show up which is spine but then the head of the post press conference the way that you did and salting the very odors if flew in the face of everyone who talk to them to autistic convincing them to give you a changed. How do we how do we ignore that and go like this private? It's not shut up. Be Quiet and all of this other stuff when you have this platform the reason I have this platform champ is because I'm me because I don't wait to see where the wind blows before I decide. What the Hell I feel I say what I'm be? I mean what I say for better that all worse right or wrong people's eyes that's what makes me. Why would you want to encourage your boy to be any different there? What you need to be? And what has clearly worked for me. Why at this position Colin Kaepernick? You have a platform and the way black America looks at it as when you speak and no one else when the NFL has made a public statement it looks egregious. That's just the facts and what I'm saying to you. Is this after Saturday night Iraqi. Dale made a statement and then you doubled Dow what you said. No one will be talking about you like there's no one I got it and I appreciate that point and I don't disagree with you. You told I totally get where you're coming from and I appreciate my brother other telling me what you tell them. You're looking out but you know me and you know I don't give a damn when it comes two. I believe I am right. I heard all champs points. I still stand by what the hell I said I still. Oh stand by how I handled it. And I'm not flinching. You cannot because at the end of the day all I said yea I please. He didn't WANNA play. He wanted to be a model. What I'm saying is at the end of the day? All I'm saying about college cabinet. You said you wanted to NFL job. This was your best shot and you throw it away. That's all I'm saying. Tell me what possible other definition could be deciphered from what I said when I just said that you wanted an NFL. John that was your best shot and you threw it away pretty much because of the post interview and statement even more so than the workout stuff breath stephen a real quick go. I'm elise with this. Yeah this is not to bring up the past this permanent to this conversation and Black America. uh-huh understand where I'm coming from Danny Age play Gordon Hayward last sure and you were really calm about it. But she said it. It wasn't the Stephen A.. The bottom line Gordon Hayward was being pushed because he was a white basketball player in Boston. One hundred twenty plus million dollar Khan who was a former player under Brad Stevens at Butler. And oh by the way by the way you keep forgetting who you talk to you. You were traveling initially addressed. I did address it with the same degree of fervor. You missed it in K.. Beck and so. Let me repeat myself a few days later and in a few weeks later and in a few weeks after that and then a few months after that but the first time I initially went off about it. You were traveling champ. You forgot that didn't you did yes you did. I'll talk to you later off the air but I appreciate the call and I appreciate the love paint offended by ride at all in at eight say. ESPN eight seven to nine. Three seven. Seven six champion forgetting how much he travels chance. Haslett chance to be all over the world crying out loud. How and when I went off about Gordon Hayward Champ was like what the Hell did you say? It's all over social media with allergies. Hell said Oh you're right. You're right about that. But he saw me calm or the next go round when I addressed it just a hell I did. I just it with the same fervor. I M me Michael Jordan. The greatest who ever lived and iconic figure someone I revere call me years earlier or you years ago and say man. Dan is not what you save is two way you say things man and I looked at Michael Jordan. Can I have a job can job. I need to sell it. We can have a salary. I I need a job at at this salary. Can I have that. Like what the Hell you talk about cannot earn a living just happens to be how I talk. I speak with passion. I speak with conviction conviction because I'm usually passionate convicted. That is me. I told you all along time ago. Decades ago Oh years ago months ago weeks ago days ago. I'll tell you now for better and worse for better or worse so only one stephen a baby. Tony One Stephen. For better or worse act. Cheer about the things I talk about otherwise I don't talk about it. Is that simple. What you see is what you get? I Am Not Bending Omb Opposition on Colin Kaepernick. And I understand how people offending people oakland nervous because guess what all black folks out there. We Family Steven Steven without. y'All not in terms of rate success in this business. y'All everything everything my love for my people knows no limits none but understand why you love me. 'cause real and I'M GONNA give it to you like I feel it. I am not changing. I am not wrong and I believe my statements about Colin Kaepernick is looking out for our people not selling them. That is where I stand and I am not the budget it eight say espn. It's edited seven to nine three seven six mortar stephen a Smith show on. ESPN radio in the minute. By the way when it comes to hiring. You don't have time on the waste. You need to get to your shortlist qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot Com post a job in minutes set of screening questions based on your job requirements then zero qualified candidates using an intuitive online align dashboard. 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ESPN twenty five at checkout to you. Get Ten percent off your next order. Don't buy just any see. Get a vivid seat is presented by Progressive Insurance Co. by and save on Home Insurance with progressive homequote explorer only progressive live dot com. I meant what I said before I went to commercial break. I'm not changing my appreciation for everybody first of all. I've never been after black appeal. I've always been after mass appeal. I keep up with everybody. Thinks but I'm a black man. And I have a heightened level of sensitivity about anything that I think potentially has a negative effect on our community intentional or otherwise. I don't think anything harmful that has come from. Colin cabinet has been intentional channel. Not Towards anybody in the community. I think that he's gotten bad advice. And it's gotten in his own way for his individual agenda but I'm mindful of the fact that following him would be something incredibly detrimental to folks particularly from the black community. Who who thinks this is the way you handle things having said all of that? I'm going to continue to be who I am. I take along with this radio show for as long as I'm doing it as a platform for anybody news worthy and relevant to come on an express their points of views Colin Cabinet scam was given a special invitation by yours truly to come on I take for the entire two hours. I directly spoke to his wonderful wonderful lady. Nessa and I don't care what she says how she feels feels and all of this other. She is patacula. Because if you are a man that woman that woman right there who's ready to ride and die with him any man. Dan should want that in their woman. I know I would and I have such respect for her. She's going support. Alan no matter what I am not. I will support the fact that he's done wrong and he deserves an opportunity back in the national football league but if oh I think he mishandled something. I'm going to say something. She wouldn't 'cause that's our man to be honest with you. I want my woman going to be exactly the same way. No judgement over negative variety and those people in her camp that I met at that radio station classified. Anybody that tells you disrespected me as lion. They will wonderful. I just respectfully disagree AM I. AH INSTAGRAM or tweet. Saturday night followed up by my diatribes on first throughout this week I stand by not because coller capital bad personal. Anything nonsensical stupid like that. Because I don't think he is. I'm still upset. That a bunch of folks who said he wanted back in blue the best opportunity to get back no matter how salacious no matter how uncompromising no matter what the situation was. I'm not saying sign a waiver saying work it out figure it out to skip to work out. They'll cut off your nose despite your face if indeed indeed you want to be back in the NFL. Nobody's called him in three years and he hasn't gotten a call since last Saturday and in my opinion he won't get a call because the people that have the power to do so said hell no back to the phones we go to now. You'll Stephen I go ahead Stephen. I personally think they're just missing it people missing that what you're saying is I. I agree with Colin. The way he is going about not kneeling Yada Yada Yada. They're missing that you're disagreeing with the way he delivered liberty. He's coming out doing all that you had opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to respond to the NFL. Oh you could have held your little single but you could have sold up and said I want to work out I want to work for the NFL NFL. But they want me to find. He did it wrong and people aren't getting it. It's not about you disagreeing. Someone else going with you disagree. You're right they're all that's it that's all he delivered it wrong. That's it he did it wrong wrong. And they're not going to know one Pittsburgh could use them by the way because I'm say it but it's a whole bunch of these could use if you still play with only say that because he's been gone for the last three years but you now I gotta run thank you so much for the call. I appreciate it Jay alive even go ahead. Yeah Stephen this was going on. Let me let me stop right there. Real quick I just WanNa let you gotTa Russia. You only got a minute okay. Because I got to go to break Glenn Listen to people. I'm a black man from Queens. These both people have no accountability. This was going on right now. You're caught up in it you can't gloss over to Castro shirt and the pig socks because they think because they're passionate about something that you can offend people. Also you know I it says your quality and it don't work like that if the NFL would have suspended him when he was protesting on his own time stream racism but the whole public sidestep his own battle. NFL debut as the White Man and you even aside with the white man so they call. You're calling. You sow the commonsense color a lot of these people. Yeah when the white officer kills a black man. I've seen you choose a making things about race when you bring up black issues so you can't please everybody that's society. We live in a lot of people. Don't WANNA poverty right. They want revenge. They WANNA make white people uncomfortable. Even people extra network that criticize you. The fact that Communist Knicks from the suburbs arrays while white women. That's not a diss. He didn't meal until he was benched. And all of a sudden he's you to these people have reps black people and the NFL is the K. K.. Shade the enemy. You know why. Because they're so is the white man to them and the enemy people have to remember that the. NFL did not have to do anything for college. They didn't have to do anything anything. That's just in the last year after a meal but they did whether you like it or not I got you. I appreciate your man. Thank you so much for the call it it'd eight say. ESPN you call. Close out the show in a minute. Are you still wearing your button. Downs on talked and hoping for the best. Then stop it seriously seriously. Easily because traditional shirts weren't meant to be worn untucked and honestly it shows untuckit believes in helping guys look sharp and feel casual. That's why their shirts followed the perfect perfect length and were designed for guys of all shapes and sizes taller. Short slimmer athletic build. UNTUCKIT has the perfect fit because everyone deserves a shirt that looks great untucked and and you shouldn't have to go to a tailored again. 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If you missed any of today's show go check it out on undefended Stephen Expert podcast brought to you by gap one while settle for average with capital when you can open an account with savings rate five times the national average. Welcome the banking reimagined. Hey what's your wallet capital one. NA member FDIC by the way as an aside before I get back to the calls myles Garrett in his appeals hearing today. Correct me. If I'm wrong Shannon was saying that Mason Rudolph other the racial epithet in his in his direction and that is what caused Tim to react. That way did not say that was going to happen if you remember earlier this week. I said that appeals hearing. He's going to say something along those lines because that's the only thing they come close to justifying what happened. I suspect there Mason Rudolph who was very contrite. Yes they will deny that. Who knows if they're south somewhere? We'll find out hopefully anyway. Eric Alive even a real quick every go. Hey how you doin' Stephen. I'm all right you only got a Maria. Hey I just wanted to say mad at. I thought that that would the Te'o he he was out alive for that. Hey man the the reason when you have adt definitely what makes you and I just wanted to say man. He's doing what you're doing man. You're positive influence for myself A- and many others out there I thank you for taking my call appreciate. Thank you for calling from the bottom. Marta appreciate that. Thank you so much. Let's go to John. You live with Stephen even a real quick John Go ahead. I just wanted to touch base real quick for racial equality You know in sports there's always like narratives that pin black people. I gave. He's told 'cause 'cause majority black people are being exploited and I just wanted to like how that always why he's always going against each other. They always happens well. Well in fairness in fairness I get where you're coming from a lot of infants to you. There's a lot of folks in the media. Were happen to be black. Who feel the same exact way that you do? My retort to that would be the two most popular sports talk about his football and basketball. And there's over seventy percent both over seventy percent black so a lot of times you find a lot of stuff going on and involve a lot of black people because black people people take up the majority of the sport from Athletic Perspective Surly not from an executive position president of basketball football operations. GM stuff like that. These are all things that we could discuss. But you can't but usually the athletes that we're talking about and since over seventy percent them are black and football and almost nearly eighty percent of black basketball inevitably inevitably. You'RE GONNA find yourself talking about black folks and that's how it goes. I'll be back tomorrow same BAT TOM and channel same story.

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