The 5 Most Profitable Digital Courses (and How to Choose the Best One for Your Business) with Amy Porterfield


Shake the room fire nation and J. L. D. here with an audio masterclass on the five most profitable affordable digital courses in how to choose the best one for your business to drop. These value bombs have brought none other than Amy Porterfield Porterfield. Amy Is an online marketing expert in host of the top ranked podcast online marketing made easy. She teaches online business owners and entrepreneurs how to create and sell digital courses and fire nation. This episode is a doozy. We start with deep dive into the five most profitable digital courses courses. We talk about the pros and cons of each in the success stories that amy seen go through her program. We talk about the big mistake that most first time course creators make and how you you can choose the course that will be perfect for your business and so much more fire nation as soon as we get back from thanking our sponsors customers want more from brands delivering more means owning the customer experience taking control over data acquisition analysis creative and delivery Clavijo caused was this owned marketing and believe is the best path to growth for more visit Cleveland Ohio. Dot Com slash fire. That's Clavijo. Dot Com slash fire when it comes to hiring background checks are a must entrenched union sharable for hires enables immediate access to employment screening tools that deliver reports in minutes start your on-demand screening at sharable dot com slash fire in use code on fire fifty at checkout to save fifty percent on in your first screening. Amy Say what's up to fire nation and here's something interesting about yourself that most people don't know we'll. Hey there fire nation. I'm so excited to be here. Okay so what people typically don't know. I was a die hard cheerleader all through junior high. Hi and high school like competitive. We went to like Magic Mountain. which was a big deal? Let me tell you to compete agree wor TV now. Wasn't your mother a cheerleader as well that I don't know. I thought that I just remember going to your house for dinner. One time she was there cooking and she was just so bubbly. Oh my God I forgot you met my mom. She's she's a doll. She definitely comes across cheerleader in a good way. I think I probably got some of my moves from her. Definitely fire nation we both learned something about Amy Porterfield today and as you heard in the intro we're GONNA be talking all about the five most profitable digital courses and how to choose the best one for your business fire nation in amy. She's a busy woman. She is just always rock and roll and so I'm going to dive right into the business in amy. Let's start off with a deep dive not shallow on a deep dive into the five most profitable digital courses. Oh my gosh. I'm so excited to do <music> so I'm going to start you off by saying that I believe that creating a digital business is the single most profitable in strategic comper powerful way to make an impact in the world and at the same time generate income and freedom to life changing engine levels. I know I'm biased because I have digital course business but it really is a way to change your business model so that you can see that reoccurring revenue so I'm I'm very excited to talk about the different types of courses today cool. Let's kick it off with number. One okay the first type of course you can create that can be incredibly profitable. Notable is the workshop course now. This is one that I have not talked about until very recently and I'm seeing a lot of people do it and I'm excited about that. It's a two hour training that addresses either a current struggle or a desire so it addresses an immediate problem or something that people want that's often keeping them stuck from actually moving forward to working with you in a bigger capacity and so a really great example of this is my friend. Sarah Jane case she has this really popular instagram channel any agreement coffee and she recently came out with a two hour workshop up where she's teaching people about their type of any aground and she's saying look a lot of people get stuck here. They're not sure if there's the assessment they took was ride or if it really means what they think it means and I'm GONNA give you total clarity around this now. Here's what I love. She sells it for really cheap but once people oh really understand their type in terms of the program they want to do more with her and she's got a membership site so she can dig in deeper but this is her way of getting them unstuck. This is a full course that you can sell over and over again now. I love this one personally because fire nation. What's stopping you from just women whipping opens zoom talking for two hours of something that your knowledge about you're passionate about and you have skills in just the ability to deliver those skills to individuals vigils and actually in the pre interview house pretty funny aiming? I were talking about any Graham randomly and she had me pinned as a three a lot of people do by the way but the reality is I'm an eight and that is a challenger and people that really know me. They know that I'm an AIDS all the way through and fire nation. I Challenge Alan Jew to take the any grab even check out any Graham and coffee and let me know what you are. Shoot me an email. I would love to hear all about amy. We got a lot to cover number. Two Okay so number. Two is the starter course and actually let me back up quick pros and cons with the workshop course Appro Wpro is exactly what you said. Let's get it done. Let's get it out. There and let's make some money. It's a quick way to make some money with your skillset and know how the CON is. You probably probably are not going to charge a lot for this. So if you're looking for more revenue and something with longevity you're likely going to want to choose one of the other other courses so let's move into the starter course so the starter course is a jumping off point where you help your students get started in your area of expertise not now it's different than the workshop course because it does drill down deeper and you're going to give them just enough information and support to help them begin moving forward so think of it as a way to kick start their momentum but you're going to cover a lot of ground so that they feel like there's really some good substance substance. They're so pro to this is also it's pretty easy to put together and you can likely charge more than just the workshop course so at least just two hundred dollars if not more sometimes the workshop course will be one hundred dollars are somewhere around there with a starter course one hundred two hundred dollars typically works well well and you can even go higher depending on what you're teaching but it allows you as a course creator to get all those thoughts in your head out of your head and and into an outline and really start teaching with substance and you're getting your feet wet with something that you can sell over and over and over again now. The con of this is is it will leave your students wanting more because you're not going to take them through a total transformation but I can flip that Khan in a hot minute and saying great so you'll be ready for your next course that you're going to teach them but I'll give you a quick example of a starter course one of my students. Her name is Melissa Norris. She she created a course called home canning with confidence so she grew up as a homestead her and she knew how to can all her fruits and vegetables officials that she would grow at her house and she said Amy. This just came second nature to me. This is what I know and for the record. She's a pharmacist by trade so she wasn't <hes> in this profession just yet. She just knew it well and she knew a lot of people. Don't know this so she got him started with canning really simple introductory had a canned and your fruits and vegetables was a ninety seven dollar program huge hit so a starter courses just a really easy way to start and it has more substance than that workshop course course cool. Love it number three okay so number. Three is the spotlight course and I really like this one because I'm always telling my students students. Let's get really Nisha focused and so with a spotlight course. It's a deeper dive into just one main area so this type of course offer specific in detailed information and often uses a step-by-step framework to walk people through a process now. Let me give you some pros and cons and then I'm going to give you a really great example so the pros would be that you can drill down on something really really specific when you get more niche focused. We always say say. The riches are in the niches. There's money there. People will pay for something or you're gonNA drill down and really get them true results in that one main area. Also you build your brand as people will know you for this very specific thing so you get to be known as that go to source a lot faster when you drill down into your niche so those are all the pros one con might be that you might feel little pigeonholed like let's say if you like to teach facebook marketing and you drill real down on facebook ads and you get to be known as a facebook ad expert you might say hey. I've got other stuff to share him. Not just facebook AD expert listen. You'll make a lot a lot of money. If you drill down and you stay comfortable for awhile in that niche focused area. Let me tell you that is what people will pay for so don't let that pigeonhole filling <hes> sway you otherwise because there's actually really value there now. Let me give you an example. I've got a student and she is a yoga the instructor but she's also a business owner. She's done really well with building her own yoga business and so her name is Kelly mccue and Kelly put together either a program a spotlight course where she taught you how to build your yoga website with wordpress so she has a lot to teach here or something. I want you all to hear if you WANNA create a course you might be thinking of twenty things you could teach in your overall nation your overall market but she drilled down on <unk> own website with wordpress not for anybody but for Yoga instructors and people that want to build businesses in the yoga sphere and so because because of that she became the go to source like Oh. She knows yoga she as a yoga teacher. She has a yoga business this girl I WANNA learn from so that's an example of a spotlight hotline course we're then she could pull back and teach overall in another type. Of course I'm GONNA teach you in a minute how to build a business overall as a yoga teacher in any yoga business owner but she drilled down so she was known for that one area and it sold like hotcakes so there's a lot of pros and cons. There's more pros and cons though so think about spotlight course okay moving on to my next favorite one. Are you ready ready. This is the one that you do not start start with just for the record. I do not suggest my students start here but it's this signature. Course I call it. The Mac Daddy of all courses is a signature course and your complete comprehensive system so let me give you an example. Let's pretend that you are a therapist a marriage and family therapist and you use a system stem to help your one on one clients. You take that system and you put it into a course in you. Teach it from start to finish now. What makes a signature of course really unique is that you're going for total transformation from start to finish so I would say John. That your podcasters paradise that that is signature right that is start from finish everything you need to know. Would you agree create launch. Grow monetize your podcast in access to me and Kate every day absolutely okay so that I'm going to use you as an example. That's a perfect example of a signature course and if you look look at how John Talks about students he's got tons of transformational stories people that had zero in zero talent or I should say skill set our know how to do a podcast and now they're podcasting and they get tons and tons of downloads that is total transformation so with something like like that you can charge for that so it's usually a thousand dollars or more and also you are getting really big success stories which puts chew out there as again the go to source like when you think podcasting you think jailed and so with that in Kate of course I love that girl so this is a great example of the the whole Shebang so when you have a system that you wanNA teach this is the kind of course you would create now. I will say that I don't want my newbie students to start here because it does take some work like if you've never created a course I suggest you go for a workshop course or starter of course just to get your feet wet then you move into the signature course because the pro is you can charge a premium price. You're known for this one thing saying and you become that go to source even more so than any other types of courses and also the transformations put you on the map like that. That is something that when you have stories like that you get to even charge more as time goes by like there's a reason why jail kate are known for what they're known for because has there transformations and what they can do for people now. A CON is that it takes a long time it takes longer than any of the other courses. You've really got to drill down and make sure that you're putting the entire map in there so you don't forget anything or Miss Anything or when you skip steps in a signature course people get very frustrated because they're looking. I'm for that big transformation and you got to be very mindful of how you teach it and make sure you've got that framework dialed in. That's why I say let's start with some of the easier ones first because because you're framework then starts to take shape over time so just something to think about so the last one is a certification course so I teach how how to create digital courses and I teach how to do the workshop course in the starter courses spotlight course and the signature course but what I don't teach is a certification course and and the reason for that is this is way more detailed dive dive really deep into how you are teaching it so somebody else can teach it so as a certification courses typically you teach them how to do it but you also teach them how they would teach others how to do it so they can go out in the world and do that. Let's let me give you an example so it makes sense my good friend Brooke Custodio. She has online coach training and it somewhere around eighteen thousand dollars and I think it takes about six months to get through if not more and there's tons of homework like she tells people do not even join my certification course if you're we're not gonNA make time every single day because there's homework you've gotTa turn in because she certifying life coaches and business coaches so she doesn't want her name stamped on that unless these people are showing up so you've got a really prove yourself any certification courses and they're very much in depth in their often taught by experts to have tons of experience behind them and they asked they offered the certification so that you can say Yup. I went through this type of school so there's a lot there but that would be very profitable course. That's something you ease into for sure legit certification fire nation doesn't come over night especially when you're putting your name on the line here that's a critical thing so so about a pro about a con and then that price range yeah so pro certification is that you get. A to charge a pretty penny for that so you're charging anywhere from ten thousand dollars up to twenty thousand dollars what we typically see for a certification in course so there's a lot of money to be made with them. <hes> a Colin would be that you have to make sure that your institute or your course that you're creating in the business behind. It has a lot of clout because nobody's going to want to be certified from somebody somebody that nobody else knows about so in Brooks case the life coach school is where her <hes> she builds her business around the life coach school and then from there this online coach training it is well known now she's grown into thousands and thousands of people who have gone through it and the more your business grows. It's easier to charged those kinds of prices so you have to ease into this and so a con is you gotta work for it is like you said it's not. GonNa Happen. Overnight fire nation that was a deep dive into the five most profitable digital courses. Let me just rip through them real quick because I just want to kind of rehash all of this the workshop you know we're talking like a two hour workshop. The pros frozen is quick. The CON is not high ticket. You're gonna Max at about one hundred to start a course. That's like a jumping off point. You can kick start the momentum of people that go through it's in the probe that it's easy and the con is you can actually get more dollars and cents for that like between one hundred or two hundred dollars the other spotlight course we're talking micro niche this. This is a deeper dive step-by-step the pro. You get real specific. You're the go to source the con- you might get pigeonholed but amy I did make a note here because your success story here. You're kind of pigeonholed for a little bit as the FBI ads girl in you made the transition also can you just real quick talk about that yes so. I was known forever forever as a facebook marketing expert and then I drill down on facebook ads with the spotlight course facebook ads insider and I started to be known for the IT facebook ads person and then in that made me great money and put me on the map and it got me out there and so I would never change it for the world but after a while I I started creating courses and I wanted to teach created courses. I started doing webinars with huge success. I wanted to teach it so what I did is over time. I made that pivot and here's here's something I'm glad you brought this up. It's not like I woke up one morning and I'm like I'm GonNa make this pivot and then I made a big fanfare online everybody. I'm changing my business. I want want you all to know why and here's what's going to happen. I really tell my students. Let's not do that. Let's just start to pivot our content over time <hes> expand and our messaging start telling new stories start teaching new content and over time things start to move in the direction you want them to go. I really do believe if they followed holid- you this long. Let's ease them into this next thing instead of making total total jarring change that typically works really well. It's exactly what I did now. I'm I'm not even known for facebook. Marketing love that in one thing fire nation that we talked about was the workshop your maximum about one hundred the start of course you're going to be between one hundred the two hundred where are we at dollars and cents on the spotlight. Horse Amy Ooh. That's a great one so with the spotlight course usually I'll say somewhere between Wean two hundred two probably five hundred so anywhere between about two hundred and five hundred is typically what you're GonNa see for a spotlight course you. You could go higher but that's typically the average. The signature course is next. We're talking total transformation and fire nation. I was honored amy amy use us as an example podcast paradise. It's the complete total package and that's the pro. You're known for someone says podcast. Oh you should go check go jail. These free podcasts course this podcast masterclass that then leads into podcasters paradise. It's the total package creates launch grow monetize but Akon. It's a lot of work but you get thousand dollars or more podcasts. Paradise is an annual thousand dollar course. It's ninety seven dollars every single month all all our dollar so fire nation. You've got her realized that with the more work comes the bigger rewards and then I I was really wondering where you were going with number five because because I was like I feel like the students for courses were ends but of course you are the course expert like I did that. Of course you're the expert and you well with a certification course and fire tation. This is a legit certification. You know the pros again. You are just making the certification and I love this phrase. That's the higher the barrier the lower the competition if you're going to spend the time to make this huge massive potentially six months certification process. It's not going to be easy for so much. It's just not their fingers and copy the higher. The barrier the lower the competition the con- your institute have to have some clouds for instance at this point. I could probably come up with pre legit podcast certification ask paradise. It's been going on for six years. We have over forty five hundred students that have gone through over six million in revenue like it's legit but I couldn't have done that back in two twenty thirteen so you have to have that clout over time so you start a little bit this ladder now amy you gave awesome awesome success stories for every single single one of these digital courses before we take a quick break. Do you have like one or two other just favorite success stories. You can share this real quick yeah so one of my students learned Messiah. She's a stylist so she used to go to people's houses in style them for photo shoots in movies and all that good stuff and if you know anything about a stylist there lugging all the clothes the clothing racks everything they need to do all the shopping and she was thinking. You know I don't want to do this anymore. I'm tired and burned out so she created created an actual course around styling yourself and the interesting thing is she had a business partner in our business. Partner said that's not gonNA sell we. We have to do this in person so I want you all to hear if you have the limiting belief like this would only work with my one on one clients. I have to be working with them personally for me to get them results. That is a limiting belief because I have so many stories that that is not true. However the person initially thought it was so lauren went out with the personal all style institute it was a signature course nine hundred ninety seven dollars and she taught you how to style yourself had a detox your closet how to find your own style dial and she took them through the entire process huge success she made she still makes so much money with this and now some of her students for the record occurred work with beyond say so? I mean come on beyond say that is such a dream. I would love that right so that was a really good one and then another another one of my favorite stories I mean Gosh I've got so many. Let me think Oh. I've got a great one one of my students. She was a weight loss coach coach or she is a weight loss coach but she used to be a physician physician. Her name is Katrina and when she was a physician she gained tons of weight because she was working really really late at night and so she thought you know what I've got to change this up. I've got to lose the weight for myself so she lost about fifty pounds and then all the other female physician said. How did you do this so if you're thinking about creating a course and you don't know what to create a course about the first thing you want to do is what do people tend to ask me like about what I do. My skill set my habits my life my experiences. What do they tend to ask me for insight knowledge information about so they they started asking Katrina Katrina you to be exact what what did you do to lose weight so she created Ecorse all about how to lose weight but here's the thing for busy physicians so I would call that more of a spotlight course when you get really zeroed in on the type of person you want to work with with that kind of teeters the line between spotlight and a signature. Here's the great thing don't get caught up on the type of course focus more on the type of the course topic topic you WanNa create so with her. She created this how to lose weight as a busy physician <hes> for females and it worked like gangbusters. She's gone on to do so so much with that course and here's one more thing I wanted to tell you. When you're thinking about the type of course you WANNA create. I want to break down really fast. You WanNa think about your skill and your know how the kind of transformations may be. You've gotten for yourself over the years. What do you know well. I also want you to think about what your audience genuinely unle needs and wants from. You and I want you to think about what you really like to teach. Don't think about how you'll teach it. Don't get caught up on the how just yet what do you oh really like to talk about. What could you talk about for days. What would you love to teach so we're looking for that intersection. There and I want you for the next twenty four hours. If you like a good challenge if you you're the type that you want to have marching orders for the next twenty four hours any idea that pops in your head write it down good bad no judgment meant. Write it down because it's likely already and you you just don't know it. I love homework fire nation. Make it happen and the reality is this this episode episode fire nation is dropping on September ninth two thousand in nineteen. Hopefully you're listening within the first couple days of going live. I know most of you are because because we've got something pretty cool to share with you. There's only so much we can do on an audio only podcast of course we are dropping value bomb left in rights but let me tell you amy me in her entire team have created an unbelievable webinar presentation. That's happening over the next few days. You can have multiple times to go. Check it out and and what you're going to have to do is go to e o fire dot com slash amy you'll fire dot com slash. Amy You'll see the options of when to sign up and even even if this is way past September twenty nineteen. There's going to be linked to a replay or to a gift so still get over there because we're GonNa get you access to get what you need but hopefully you can join us live. You'll fire dot com slash amy amy before we hit the brake. Give us a quick rundown about this live Webinar so excited. It's called the three behind the scene secrets to digital core success and if you are ever have you ever thought about creating a digital course or if you're curious as to what it might look like I'm going to take you behind the scenes of my own business of creating digital courses. I've now created eight successful digital courses well over twelve million dollars in revenue the new thing or two about what works and doesn't work but when I do a free masterclass I teach you stuff that you walk away with and can apply so we're gonNA talk about how to pull your content content together. We're going to talk about how to record all of it. What kind of stuff do you need to record. What is the editing look like and we're definitely going to talk about how you would market your courses well but all along the way I'll tell you more stories and my students and I'll give you insight about what worked for me and what didn't work for me as well fire nation. Amy's these women ours are amazing. You have to go you have to learn. There's gifts. There's bonuses. There's just awesome conversation going on in the chat you WanNa be there. EEO He oh fire dot com slash amy and don't go anywhere because when we get back from the break room talking about the biggest mistake that most first-time course creators make so toned and make this mistake and also how to choose a course that will be the perfect fit for your business as soon as we get back from thinking our sponsors as a small business making great hires is critical to your success and when it comes to hiring background checks are a must have unlike big companies with big. HR departments armaments small businesses may not have the resources to manage background checks or easily accessed screening tools but now there is Trans Union sharable for hires an online online employment screening service bill specifically to help small businesses quickly screen applicants with reliable data from a trusted source with traditional screening services. You might days or even weeks to get results but with sharable for hires. 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Dot Com slash fire air so amy we're back and gave a little bit of a tease rate before the break about the biggest mistake that most first-time course creators make take break that down force. Yes so what I see. All the time is that my students tried to throw everything in the kitchen sink into their first. I course even if it's a signature course even if it's a full transformation start to finish that you're teaching. I still want you to pull back but here's how you do it. I you sit down open a Google doc and you just brained up everything you can think about this topic that you want to teach you put it in here but I teach my students inside my course that we do a lot of pruning. We take out a lot and we keep it simple. Your Students WanNa get from point a to point B as fast as humanly possible so we've gotta pull who'll back a lot and the question you want to ask is. Do they really need to know this in order to get the results that I want to get them so if we start with. What kind of results do you want to get. Your students is pretty easy to prune and pull back so that's the mistake I often see. You're putting too much into it. Here's the good news if you put less into your course but you make it really valuable and you get the results. You promised it's less work for you so this is actually a really good thing once you dial it in and you get the right mix of content ten the biggest mistake that most course creators make amy just broke down. Don't make that happen. Don't over think this kiss. Keep it super simple now. Amy I want to end with a bang because we need to choose the course. It's going to be the perfect fit for our business and you're gonNA help us take a step in that direction. Of course your web is going to help us take multiple steps in that direction and then of course digital course academy is going to bring it all the way home so what's that first step yes so the first step is actually to do the homework. I've already teased the idea and I wanna get really serious about this. You're going to spend the time time every time. An idea comes up. You're going to write it down now. This is important because we want your ideas on paper I but from there I want you to jump on Instagram facebook linked in anywhere in everywhere and I want you to ask what I call. Is The magic question or magic wand question so so I want you to ask the magic one question which is this is some version of this. You can write it down right now so you don't forget it. I'll repeat it again but here we go. It's if you could wave a magic wand and make your biggest challenge disappear. What would it be now. I pause there because let's say I'm a hair stylist. I and I teach other hairstylist how to build their business. I would say something like if you could wave a magic wand and make your biggest salon challenges disappear appear. What would it be so you insert your niece or the topic. You're thinking about and so that way you want them just to tell you anything and everything even if you don't have a big audience everyone who responds back to you you get into conversation with them. They'll tell you more. I promise you that if you ask a few more questions you have them drill down a little bit more. Your audience will tell you what they want. I I want you to think about these topics and then I want you to put that magic one question out there into social media. The Magic Wand question fire nation it is pure magic and something to add onto that I found a ton of success with and I got the idea from amy and one of our some town you that's why you're going to get so many more golden nuggets by actually attending listening and absorbing that contents is going in a question and answer cise like Cora and actually typing a question like that and just seeing what other people are asking questions about because that's their magic wand question to Oh and then you can take that knowledge and you can insert it into what you're creating and get step by step into one of those five digital courses that we talked about at the beginning beginning of this episode so amy the three behind the scenes secrets to digital course success that is going to be your live Webinar. That's happening all this week. If you fire nation WANNA get over there. It's e o fire dot com slash amy sign up. It's free. It's amazing easing. Amy's going to drop a value bomb after value bomb amy if we could only walk away with one thing from this entire masterclass of course beyond the fact that they're gonNA fire dot com slash amy to sign up for the Webinar. What would that one thing be. I believe that everybody has has a digital inside them and you might be telling yourself. Who Am I to create a digital course. I don't know enough. I don't know how to teach put all those fears aside. You do have a course course in you and the first step you need to take is to explore some topics that you would love to teach and you know that there's a need a want out there for that information. Just just start there. Don't even worry about the how to all show you how that let's start with thinking about the idea and the type of course we want to create fire nation. You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with and you've been hanging out with AP and J. L. D. Today so keep up the heat's and head over over to fire dot com slash amy sign up for this incredible Webinar and we will see you there. Amy Thank you so much for sharing your truth. Your your knowledge your genius with fire nation for that. We salute you and we'll catch you on the flip side. Hey fire nation. Today's value bomb content the time was brought to you by Amy Porterfield and I know that you understand how podcast can ignite your business but I mean come on the planning the creating the collaborating with gas. Ask producing the distributing. Take it from me. PODCASTING can be intense. That's why I'm fired up for you. Checkout auks bus ox bus has an end to end podcast heart cath creation platform for entrepreneurs just like you visit auks bus dot com slash J. L. D. that a U. X. B. US dot com slash jail D. and try it for free. I'll catch their fire nation or a catch you on the flip. Side customers want more more from brands. Delivering more means owning the customer experience taking control over data acquisition analysis creative end delivery Clavijo caused this owned marketing being in believes is the best path to growth for more visit CLEO DOT com slash fire. That's CLEO DOT com slash fire when it comes to hiring background checks must entrenched union sharable for hires enables immediate access to employment screening tools that deliver reports and minutes. Let's start your on-demand screening at sharable dot com slash fire in use code on fire fifty at checkout to save fifty percent on your first screening Eh.

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