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You're listening to the Adam and Dr drew show. Yeah get it on that. That dude is Algebra is mad specialized you man when a thank our sponsors for the show. Net Sweet Tommy. John lifelock flock is. Well what's going on risky so we were going to continue our conversation about spilling coroner's so-called And what that the form of it in the Henry. Ford's Day was to hearken back to center the eighteen sixties Bo would spill if we were to create a environment that took into account the current Technological revolutions. How would we do? Would it be an eighteen sixties. Version of America would have been eight nineteen fifties version. You know what I mean how. How would we create that? Even and how would we sustain it because horses sort of so to speak out of the barn. Yeah Just to recap Henry Ford had kind of an old timey town he built on. I don't know how many acres Gary but it was lots of acres and He wanted to show people what that life was like back in the day before technology that he writ large created right he contributed needed to at least well. I think there's a lot of that in human beings. I think they do tend to do that. I think they tend to create the you know they. They the the Nobel Peace Prize and they know if the guy invented dynamite. Right alright they they tend to become a invent an atom bomb and then they become a a passive like there's a lot of that in life and human wiring. Yes before it had a little of that clearly now. I think nope what they have tried to do today. It's twelve acres. But at its height it must have been hundreds of acres thousands of acres occurs. But what I think these companies like Google or whomever have attempted to do and I noticed it. A little like Pixar is I think what they had attempted to do was put it all under one roof so we you will now have people coding but they can play foosball when they want which we thought was A. We've looked that is sort of a remedy for sitting and staring at a computer all day. Every three hours you could stand up and play ping pong and play ping pong which it's not gonNA hurt. No and it's probably better than sitting there for nine hours and never leaving your cubicle. But I don't think ping pong is the answer. Yeah it's interesting. It's weird metaphor. Because Pong was the original technological move around now in order to restore restore connection to reality reality we give you ping pong right that weird. Yeah so I mean we give foosball. We'll give you ping pong hackensack the hacky sack. Or maybe we give you a Frisbee Frisbee outside but my my point is not living a certain life. Certainly you're GONNA have to get a little more into nature chair. Then a mezzanine with a ping pong table is it sufficient to take walks and listen to music or do we have to. I don't know my feeling feeling is if you're breaking a sweat that's a good thing. I agree with that number one number one. Break a sweat number to have some engagement right. I think that's exactly that's exactly what I was thinking. which is that the one thing? The screen has done is removed us from from human connection down the piece that is really really missing right right and so maybe not ping pong but maybe coffee sitting and talking with somebody. I'm not sure asked. Doing both is necessarily good. Go ahead and take your walks and run but then focus on another person for a few minutes. Well there's there's two types of engagement. There's an engagement that is a personal having coffee engagement. And then there's an engagement of a project or a task I would also add that. What's fascinating about what the construct you've created here? which is that? It's all under one roof. And it's Ping Pong foosball. That's engagement for a seventeen year old male right. That's how Jill males engage the model for humanity right not the model offer deep engagement right. Think about how regressive their idea was right. Yeah it's interesting. Yeah so I think what they I sort of thought is yeah have fun have fun activities activities and many women. Don't dig that some do and be a twenty five year old males. Don't so much I mean. If that's the option they'll take it but you also have to understand that the thirty-three-year-old coders it it. Google are seventeen year old man. That is my point that is certainly the leadership there. Is that look how they dress right. Well that's their constituency. You either way you're going to have to the things that will the things that will make sure you of. This is sweat ed or movement. It can be synthesized. You'd be on a rowing machine or on a treadmill or something not as good as a hike but but but since but sweat sweat engagement engagement challenging engagement. Is that sort of onto something there. Well yeah I will I will. I will mix and I I will take all three of these pillars and turn them into something which is which is this magic trick that the thing that will keep you from Cutting on your own inner thigh and scratching on yourself and going insane is movement sweat engagement human being goal project project engagement fix problem solving right now like writing a book now builds on. No No. No what would do all all three is when you have a crew and you're saying you do this. You do that. We need to do this. We're we're GONNA figure this out we're GONNA solve this. I'M GONNA have this list. My list is all the stuff we need. I have to keep you going. You have to keep that guy going. Tell so and so to do whatever I'll tell you to do so and so I'm GonNa come back and do whatever phys I will physically do some of it but I will also move with it in in move with you and engage with you. You tell me your ideas what you think we should do. That will cover. You can check like all three boxes and the sanity department. There you can move you can sweat. You can engage in you can problem solve sort of simultaneously so we all know. No just the little. I know from like doing celebrity apprentice. You know they go Here's your here's your challenge. You got up sell this car. You GotTa See who sells The Most Deli sandwiches or you have to whatever they give you that the challenge you then convene to your war room and you roundtable and who's in charge. Wh How do they delegate. WHO's good at? What what your skill set? What are we going to do? What are some ideas? What's a slogan? What's the Color Palette? Who Do you know What you know publa- no one ever sits in the corner and goes? I'm a little bummed out. I'm not feeling it no never ever ever. Everyone's at battle stations in other words you're on the clocks think of you in clay just mean clay. I'm a little claiming that guy. I've thoroughly impressed by that guy and I thought we when you get with him. Personally the smarts pours out of him. Yeah I don't see it on television but in space when you're right next to him it's like comes out with pores. Yeah Super Super Super Intelligent Guy and hardworking and so my I feel like in that environment. Nobody's leaning against the mop and resting and nobody sitting off in the corner needing some me time there's no microaggressions and nobody's feeling in their heart of hearts just sort of battle stations against against the clock. Now Look it's not real battle stations it's pretend. TV battle stations. But that's all you need right you've simulated it. Even if it was a pretend rowing machine all or in the water rowing right you still rolling together right and so you're immediately engaged and I don't think if there was ever a period in that time when I was doing celebrity apprentice where anybody said like I'm not feeling today day or I'm going to be over here or you don't understand I'm going through something triggered triggered I can't Baba Blah. No no everyone's just sort of up and running. Yeah and that's what happens when you don't let the devil make work for idle hands. And that's a very victor statement. Yeah so if you synthesize that engagement if you have that project if you're involved with that group group and have that whatever it be anything and by the way you were off the phones you got to be engaged enough to the phone doesn't distract you. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah. Our winters are certainly not again. Yesterday we were talking about a woman that worked up a big bear in the red jacket. 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ADS SETUP THAT FREE DEMO get get your free guide today net sweet dot com slash ads. I mean this is what you should do man. If you're running a business the way to do it net sweet dot com slash Shadia. So Henry Ford is we spoke about. I think sort of knew this on some sort of Cellular level yeah and created this stuff. Well this engagement the the nets this. That's we'd add triggered something else in my. Can I bring it up a different thing ahead. I don't know if you saw. EEOC the about five days ago. Maybe not even that long ago was talking about the fact that the stock market has been on a tear. And that's horrible. And that's the problem with America and that's the difference between people with money and people without and I thought people retirement retirement plans and labor unions and people that by the way and all that growth in those companies means it translates to jobs the only thing we got wrong so as far as it hasn't CIA translated to salary growth. That's what we need to like. See some of and that's starting to happen maybe again. That's a problem. Well let me but how are are you GONNA do Hillary growth without business growth on that note. There is a McDonald's and I brought this up before I think when I was in San Francisco and I was walking down the wharf street and pass the in and out Burger. I think it said fifteen fifteen dollars an hour or possibly eighteen dollars. I think they're set at fifteen at the medicine. Eighteen it was above whatever the minimum was the requirement was because they need people. That's what demand creates the price increase. Yeah I was like. She doesn't understand basic think economics would wants to pretend it doesn't happen or wants to remind and I was. I was An Omega when you and I were killed eighteen dollars an hour for working for aw Burger Badgen. I was I went on a McDonald's run for some of my guys Two weeks ago at my house by the McDonald's by my house and that'd be a sign hanging out and said fourteen bucks an hour and you know that ain't in San Francisco on on the water. That's just the middle of the valley. Kind of thing. They wherever that whatever neighborhood man however that works. It Ain't attracting people for nine bucks an hour. You GotTa pay him and I read somebody somewhere. Somebody tweeted me. Me that Takhot Bell I think I think somebody tweeted me if thing because it was like Taco Bell Your Toco bell material or whatever it was but tree thing says You make a hundred grand is a manager managing Taco bell and while that's like average income for internist general practitioner TACO bell will try paying some managers thousand dollars a year. Sixty two thousand But in and out pays oh they're already pays one sixty two some. Wow you know you can't wonder no one wants to go into medicine and everything has to do with. I'm just saying I'm looking at it from my perspective. I'm worrying about my professional the time and now I get it well. Well here's the problem. Here's the problem the AFC problem and I've been around. I've seen Ettelaat because your family i. It's I've seen it it is. It's a Lotta this chick think and it's like a lot of like I don't like these fossil fuel companies. I don't think they should be allowed to bub-bubba I don't think and it's like you never look Those shoes you're wearing right now. You ordered on Amazon and they were shipped across the country on a diesel truck. You know like that that plane you fly like all this stuff. I'm not sounding sound like one of those people but I'm saying is let's not be so naive and just go. Let's get rid of these fossils. Fossil fuel built this nation. Okay let's look at ways to curtail or let's see if we can get them to start be part of the solution or or whatever it is but let's not just be angry. I angry at so-and-so trading so and so you live in a world that has air conditioning. That's a big deal. This is metals that are taken from the ground. This is mining this manufacturing and there's there's a byproduct of manufacturing there's pollution and there's lots the things that that happen and there's byproducts of energy this sort of this this notion let them eat cake kind of thing like I just have a I will not. It's a very it's an adolescent way of doing things. The cell the seventeen year old stuff right seems seems to be the thing right now. Yes it's like. Oh I'm angry at my step dad because he got me a camera and not a BMW. It's like okay. Let's really drill down on your Stepdad. Right and what he does and what he's had to do and where he started and where he got to. And what what he had did anyone by him a camry emory growing up like this really instead of just waving your hand and announcing he's a bad guy and you're angry let's really break get down like yes The people who are making money off the you know the big corporations or whatever they were big in them which which means they have employees which means they generate a lot of income for a lot of people and or and or tax tax revenue for the government as well like flippantly sweeper hand ago so and so's evil. GM is evil no no GM is just GM. There's things about them we. We'd like them to do better things we wouldn't we'd like to do more of things we'd like to do less up. It's just a sort sort of. We don't need these failing. The blind went away. How many jobs would that mean? We'll hundreds and hundreds of thousands right people corporations big big and small create jobs. And that this thing that you want this middle class last that you speak of. GM employee approximately one hundred and eighty thousand people so says the Internet and many of those people. Most of those people are in the middle class. And I'm sure there's a whole group of retired people dependent on them to another hundred eighty eight thousand right so you don't like them because they make a product that pollutes or whatever it is okay. There probably make a lot of equipment that goes into hospitals that works on Prenatal and saves lives as well. Let's just throw it all out. The you know what I mean that is that is the interesting we think notion. Let's get rid of that right. The throwing the baby out with the bathwater is something I find myself thinking about all the time. There's a lot of gotta gotTa do this. You know and and everything goes including all the good things that could have come at their undoing right. I mean we gotta get rid of jails. Oh good well well now whatever we we were going to build one with the whole hospital attached to it. What are those people supposed to do? We're figuring out. Well it's also the sort sort of thing where there is. Nothing inherently unjust pardon the Pun or evil about a jail. There's there's nothing inherently unjust are evil about a big corporation. It's how the corporation function. Yeah what what do you do. It is is jailed good or bad. We'll jails aren't good or bad it's who's in the jail. How did they get to that jail? Why are there in that Jim how they've been treated video how they're being treated in jail that the answer is get rid of jails? The answer is let's make sure we get it right in terms of WHO's going in and who's staying power our. They're being how they're being treated correct. That's the throwing the baby out the bath. Water stuff that I've been preoccupied with lately. It's been weird California. That's their deal. While just undoing doing everything California does a reverse engineering. That is the worst reverse engineering in the world. It is my again. It's my in. This car won't go faster than forty miles. An hour will then bust the glass. Put your finger on the Speedo and move at sixty five and say they're putting the finger on the scale. Always Stu many suspensions at school. Then stop doing suspensions at school. There's too many people in prison prison. Then let them out. There's if stealing something that costs five hundred dollars a felony then raises two thousand. Half half the felons this notion we're California zone and the rest of the country doesn't know what's going on here is is Biz bizarre it out. Obviously all the does exacerbate everything you need to figure out. Why Hi this cars topping out at forty not moved the speedometer that that just means less time and less resources into why hi? This car isn't moving and more into move satiated moving. Forget honesty. Oh Yeah Yeah and it doesn't work. God they just had the story story in I think Eric and find it. Out of San Francisco Guy like rob three banks and three days and they just let him out in robbed a fourth like but he can do he took probably less than a thousand dollars each time. So it's not a felony David. Thirty four Fontana lifetime percent. What's up it's up so I got a four year old son and my wife was swing as I noticed he he was put aside hurt himself a little bit let scratching himself? So we're trying to see something that we should it'd be worried about. Is it just growing up. What concern about this? Tell me more what he's doing exactly so the first time he did it. You know I was assigned down. He had his pencil and nothing by himself. Kinda say in writing on very crying on looks like he your pencil into his hands because you took something away from from him no I think like he was. Maybe he didn't realize shocker was my thought But like maybe he tried to write on the Polish. And we're we're having trouble. I'm having trouble getting at what you're describing well because one time you say he's he's jagged Pinhas had that it's like oh no. He was just riding on his hand and pushed too hard right right. That's what I that's what I thought he was doing. I thought he was. Maybe just trying to draw his hands ready ended up like jabbing his hand. Because was he up so much of communicating. Yes yes indeed. Look obviously it's a mistake. Then that's a mistake. There's nothing Scott. He's intentionally only trying to hurt himself. And that's that's an issue but you can't just keep going. I thought he was doing that and I thought it was doing this now. I thought he's done that. It let me speak Nick to David was he doing it. was He hurting himself intentionally. Yes or no no no that time all right so now so he never does that. So why would you bring it up as an example if he wasn't trying to hurt himself that time Christy my wife. That was the start of something that he's Like behavior that he started showing so I've us a time where the Everson Everson example where he did it intentionally. I'm only time he was sitting down. There were at lunch and he's he's scratched himself because he was angry. Okay where did you scratch himself on his hands. So he just sorta like was digging his his nails into his hands. Yes all right. You should talk to his pediatrician. I I don't know that I would necessarily get alarmed about this again. He you can't regulate and kids kids move towards primitive ways to try to feel better and regulate express their anger and whatnot. Kids will even hit head their head and to hold there breath so I don't know what to make of this just yet but you should discuss with his pediatrician. Okay we'll do just want to know if there was any considering well. I talked to. The Pediatrician Kids David. If there was no concern I wouldn't tell you. To Talk to the media attrition. Okay how are you and your wife doing at houses home. We're good I mean I'm I'm away from home for work often anyways you know we'd be whenever I bohm in your way your way from home doing what I working you three months three weeks out of the month. What business are you in? What works on On what Cessnas. So you're you're GonNa hold on do you. Do I work on Tesla. Tesla Tesla Tesla so you three weeks out of every month so the child is GonNa feel. Oh that that's a lot of absence a lot of absence. What are you doing on Tesla? I'm a technician just fixing cars when they come now with that Super Roadster if I knew I would tell you. Yeah then says we're. I'm always interested arrested in how people respond to things their questions. You know what I mean like because it's so funny go. Where are you Jay? Tessa what they also when you go what they don't really change their what they said like you have to understand. Tesla's US something we've heard of but in a vacuum it's kind of weird. You know what I mean like when you go what do you do. You wouldn't go norge uh-huh go. I do refrigerator repair. Yeah you wouldn't go norge. Yeah you could say Boeing generically what you do. Yeah not just put out a company you describe. What do you do mountain dew like okay okay? Something with mountain dew. Now I have to keep doing what I'm saying. Is this whole process of the defendant. The processes like I'm gone three weeks out of the month. Why why what do you do? I work at a facility. That's two hundred miles from my house. We repair automobiles and so I stayed whatever whatever that is. I don't know what is it. We used to deal with a love line a lot like the people. You're constantly asking a second question Russian. What's going on all right? Let me tell you about. I'll tell you about this guy in Stockton and robbed all these banks. I will say about. Tommy John Tommy John. They don't give an f they give three FS fabric fit and function proprietary fabrics or perform. 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In June two thousand nineteen for robbing six banks in two thousand thousand twelve now being charged with robbing two more banks in September so it turns out it turns out that there is a very small group of human beings. If you really think about it think about what it would take for you you or your kids or someone you know to rob a bank move. I mean unthinkable impossible and think about what it would take for you or somebody you know to stab somebody or to just be walking down on the street. Bus someone's window sort of like crawl in through the window and grabs up. What would that take? You have to have happened to that or your kids. Just they'd have. Let's get strung out on. Are you capable. Are they capable. Do you know anyone who's capable of doing it. So is it turns out. There's a very small group group of our society that are capable of putting their hands on a stranger or robbing a bank or or doing. What have you to you do? It's essentially like domestic battery. It sounds unthinkable for you to put your hands on your wife bright but for the guys who do it. It's not one and done. Oh it's a thing it's a thank you and I would argue that when it comes to crime time putting your hands on somebody stabbing someone punching somebody hurting somebody stealing someone's property it's not one and done either with the only do what are you. There's a king attics. But that's not one and done either. That's however long you're right wrong out that's right so my point is once a guy rob six banks thanks Assume there's a seventh in his future and assume they're zero in your future because it's you're either either can do it or you can't do it and and you can either Physically assault somebody domestic. Is there any such thing as one in done with a domestic abuse situation patience no no and if it is one don it's a he said. She said she was swinging at him. He pushed her away. She fell down in but it's not a physically elite ball up a fist punch. It's not that it's OJ right okay. So now that we know show we act accordingly. Yes he would hope it'd be nice. Yeah yes all right drew take care of your piece of business all right our friends at lifelock tell us that over. Twenty six million people have their DNA in four or major testing providers databases. They remind us that it's vulnerable just like any company. DNA could be a target for hackers to sell say on the dark web. We liked the coming. It's the Internet. We'd like the power of it but we don't always like to protect ourselves. That's why it's a good thing. There is lifelock. It's important understand how cybercrime is affecting our lives identity theft theft other huge issue. Someone's identity is stolen every two seconds. You could miss identity threats. If say you're only monitoring your credit good thing there's lifelock flock. They detect a wide range of identity. Threats like your social security number for sale on the dark web lifelock. Everybody got to spend a little bit to protect yourself in this new technology Asia and they detect information. They'll send you an alert and if there's a problem say identity theft problem there agents will work to fix it right man. That's right. No one can prevent all identity any theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses. Lifelock threats that you might miss on your own joy now save up to twenty five percent off your first year call one eight hundred lifelock or head to lifelock dot com use Promo macos Adam. That's Promo Code Adamant Lifelock Dot Com for up to twenty five percent off all right this Friday Milwaukee PABST theater. I'm doing stand up there and you can come out and say hi. And and then Saturday Park West Dot com for all the live shows and chassis to us in a why if you die like to see all our docks and all our creations over there thank you very much. Also my book is Yes Ready for preorder on Amazon as well if you like it's I'm your emotional support animal about that coming up. Drew what do you got a go to Dr Dot Capcom for the family of Pods Santa but Dr Dot TV for the ask. Dr Drew on Sundays and do a live call in show. Get All your questions. We have Coming up I think we were trying to get the the presidential candidate forgetting his last name. Now give me one second. Andrew we Andrew Yang We. We're trying to talk amber Yang's well you get him. Leeann Tweeden will join me as well and also daily dose look for that usually around five. PM Pacific we do a live stream extreme. Check it out from time. Oh and check out PB stories on pod cast one new episodes every week till the time. The doctor saying Mahala in this is Corolla digital.

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