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Afternoon Dezeit 11/18: Chic-Fil-A, High Hopes, Alan Moore, Walmart Black Friday, South Dakota


Hello the Internet and welcome to this episode of afternoon design. That is courtesy. Erin winking AK right. Yeah I think I think he did the Brokaw and I gave credit to another person so mobile add miles therefore things trending right now now that the people need to know about okay five okay. So let's just tick through on real quick Chick-fil-a Hashtag Chick-fil-a Yep would what they do they. I think have said officially. They're no longer giving money to anti. LGBTQ groups okay so okay fine. Is this the first time that we've seen like I've heard of change being affected through like a Bernie Sanders will make Hillary move left on. Is this the first time we've seen that effect effect from just a really great chicken sandwich from Papa. I think so. Yeah it must be because they are screwed I think they I mean but when you think about the health of their business business clearly that wasn't a concern for most consumers based on like how aggressively chick-fil-a is expanding and how well their businesses still doing. But I think maybe they're just SORTA like cowdery remove every barrier to entry for people to like Brandon. If that means we have to not give to people who are going to tell you that you know being an athlete through Christ is the way to avoid the you know the fruits of data man. Yeah I was. I was one of them back in the day fellowship of Christian athletes. Yeah in Kentucky. That was the best run after school. And what it means the best run on the Best Lake pickup game. Oh really yeah. And it was the only one that was like my school's gym by virtue of By default me not being able to get anywhere else. I mean yeah. I think it's good for them. I think before the fellowship on Chick-fil-a ask things why those areas you told us Were quite jarring button. I think with them I I. I think the the company proper was donating and then like we stopped doing that but the foundation was still giving so now. I think they've completely ceased right so it shouldn't have been that hard of a thing to do. I think towards the end. It wasn't that much money but I you know what good aren't move. Move the culture but The Pie was better. It is better than any chicken sandwich. wow I've ever tasted high hopes taking your mother's heart even mine not I didn't say Chicken Salad Ma. High hopes trending that is the so long that people dance to in a manner such as in accordance with what the team Buddha judge was doing yet at the peak. Summit the pizza. Yeah the fuck is that it is. I don't know I think it's Just in general looks like a group. The organizers were gathered. I think that's not really as relevant as like it was look one of his. Staffers Abuja's staffer was showing that from this. I guess over the weekend. They had a pete summit so a lot of supporters doing this panic at the disco song dance and choreography geography. I mean much. JABBA walkies. Yeah we were just talking about job but team. Buddha judge might become a for your neck with some of these moves they were waving their hands ends. They were clapping. Yeah all in line. Yeah I mean good good on. y'All was their music. All there was music. I couldn't even hear there was high hopes. Okay okay. There's just so weird but I mean and just doing like it looked like Like an aerobics. Class IT haunts. Exactly what because the choreographer react look a little better than that. Some people had look some people definitely add honey in their hips. Yeah they were doing it. and others looked like they were getting their exercise. Yes it was among and there's some of the latest dancing I've seen since a lot of people are just taking the time to absolutely flam Bay people video swampers. The trump is going to be president from one hundred Team Buddha Judge Baby. The high high hopes high hopes Elmore is trending and he had a fire. Take down of superheroes in popular culture. Basically clean that sounds like I don't know if Damon Lindelof like read his takedown Superhero Culture When he was making king this watchman show for HBO because it takes? It anticipates a lot of these critiques. Alan Moore says I think that a good argument it can be made for. Dwi Griffith's birth of a nation as the first American Superhero movie and the point of origin. For All those capes and masks why how. And it's he's basically talking about how there's like sort of a a not subtle undercurrent of white supremacy coursing underneath a a lot of these master race superstrong. Yeah Yeah who just come in and say of all the pro like save us all from our problems right right. You don't have to do anything. We just looked their stand back and look grateful I mean Linnea Lindelof was convinced that Alan moorehead cursed him. Oh yeah because he was just like. I don't know what it is. I just felt felt that things I was feeling certain way and I could feel Alan. Moore's disapproval wash over me and he's like I could also be completely delusional and self centered and to try to assume that the feelings I'm having because one person is so obsessed with me right. Yeah Walmart Black. Friday ads is trending. Yeah Osh this time. Everybody's dropping their black Friday every ever. Do you ever go out and hit the stores down. I remember I tried in high school when my shit like get a flat screen TV for forty bucks screen. TV's like nine thousand dollars. I was like yes bro. legless go went there. They were gone. 'cause there's only like to Bray and then after that I was like Nah I also just don't like I'm just not good at Fi- like knowing to buy shit like I'm pretty much like Oh yeah I like that. I look forward to black Friday like okay. I need a USB battery. I need a fucking a bunch of HD cables and shit like that everybody take note at home. Yes this is. What miles is what I like? I like a lot of external batteries and HDMI cables. And I'd like to collect them. You never know when someone that need it but yeah everybody is doing wild sales els which is funny. Because isn't it like the thing. Black Friday is that it's like the the sale really isn't that much of an actual sale like it's just the illusion of one right. There's something Calgary money off of it. Urgent Story for like the naming of black Friday which I think is getting so you guys just get really emotional. We're talking about black Friday the origin stories. That you know you write down losses and read and When you start making a profit it's in the Black Friday it brings stores under the black so even if that's almost definitely apocryphal? That is still like most people have heard that. So so why would you think you're getting a deal when this is where they make their money and start profiting like right. Yeah like basically the whole ideas he is. They get a lot of foot traffic by bring a lot of people in for these deals but only a couple of people get the deals. Yeah well you know. There's classes having having a six sale. I will say that if you're on these magnetic earrings like I used to get you get you some at Clair's just the stud like What's his name a righteous gemstones? Yeah exactly just you you want. If you want to surprise an ex letters to slow reveal like I'm different now you got that little ah dangle. Crossing might years might ear piercings. I still think. Still work heart-wrenching manually. Oh Yeah I think you know when this show becomes massively popular and I'm wearing just only only gold jewellery right. I will be wearing dangling crossing. Yeah like Barry Bonds podcasting okay without the ACH. I was GonNa say George Michael but either way doesn't look that good in jeans right. You've all seen I have to call Mambo Mambo Another thing to watch out for speaking of myths about Black Friday the whole There were like people trampled this year at Walmart. Like that's overblown story that they they know they want to tell that story ahead of black Friday. They know it's going to be a slow news weekend. And they know they want to tell that story carnage baby. They'RE GONNA they're gonNa try and tell you that story but if you if you do any follow up on the story or re tweet a story at Man all a look at a man but he that it's when you look at the deal Sam's Club is having one one hundred nineteen dollars for a respond gaming chair hill with the focus real. No reese the game each year it looks like it has a weird foot rest so you can fully recline arteries clock. Yeah Okay and finally South Dakota I think is is actually trending. They spent five hundred thousand dollars others On this ad campaign that was post to combat a meth use in South Dakota. South Dakota has a math problem and The campaign slogan was meth period. Were on it like we're GONNA get on this problem. HOMERED ASEC but it. It just says meth were were on meth yet. Hold on like how. How do you fuck this up? It's it's the same thing as North Dakota South Dakota. We're on Meth. Yeah we're on it. Yeah I it's is it supposed to be like a provocative I don't know or tackling it. May maybe they are will do a campaign or a slogan and so bad that people will re tweet it. Yeah South Dakota we're chasing the dragon up Outta here get the fuck out right every time. There's a South Dakota you're VCR's are safe something like this. I like to think back at the Pepsi campaign the redesigned onto the Pepsi logo. Everybody needs to be tightened in high school. The leaked documents from that. Because it's just such thorough. Hello and like unmitigated bullshit. Ry Yeah from the AD agency but it's just so change the logo as subtly as they did but use like this back doc story of global connections yes millennia. Coming around the sun this time at a thousand revolution gaining like like what the fuck. Oh my gosh I mean even like this thing this photo of an old rancher. It looks like an old guy says meth. I'm on it. Yeah that's now fair to him. That's not yeah he didn't he didn't sign up for this shit. Why Yeah I? I really don't understand where they think this works works right. I'm really trying to find like a nuance in this. I mean I think I think we're right. I think that you know. They took a look at their audience. They're like South Dakota NHS are just jaded media saturated people who are just you will need A little wink and nod with their anti math. Message Right I mean a lot of people are getting mad. It's like for that money. They could've opened up like rural like Rehab Clinic Treatment facilities can get a lot of you know gabba pent do. It's whoever fucking sold them on that Shit while yes Vanessa. Fuck out of the state South Dakota Yeah I mean all of the you know conman like who pulled off all the Great Great Flimflam in the early twentieth century just went into advertising. That's now now. Advertising is all those people someone was pointing out that. This isn't the first weird ad campaign pain from South Dakota in Twenty fifteen. They had an like basically an ad that said why die on Mars when you can and live here and it was an anti-drug no no it was just like it was for the Tourism Board or just invite people to the state owe their. The thing was like South Dakota why Diane Mars you can live here Okay Yeah to South Dakota and whoever is selling them their AD slogans That's GonNa do it for today. We ever introduce ourselves Jack O'Brien I'm miles gray gray. Yeah that's been off that's good evening. We'll be back tomorrow morning. Also there's going to be sailing. T public starting Wednesday and guess what circuit design in there and get that for thirty percent off anything getting even black. Friday might be my favorite design in a long time. Wow it might be not saying you didn't have to keep underlining could end it there okay. That's the but do you think it's good now

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