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Thursday-Roger Stone Is Yet Another Innocent Victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome!-Red Pill Diaries


Last night on the Tucker Carlson show when I just talked about was basically Tucker's monologue in a different form Tucker was talking about and was making the case that if the Russia gate is a hoax will then to charges against Roy Rogers stone at gotTa be dropped because that's where they got the UH that That that that was the source That was taken to court to get the the search warrants and our surveillance on stone just like your was unmanifested that would mean that both stone and Manford are free men. Look I didn't make the justice system up that's the way it works and so talk saying and like Mr President you need to initial raid now either. Russia gate was a hoax or wasn't Tucker makes a great point here. I'm surprised he's still able to broadcast this stuff. So it's two minutes and eighteen seconds worth listening to. Here's Tucker Carlson on his on the Tucker. Carlson report last night on F. A. U. X. Folks News. This is a pure political hit. Roger Stone is facing prison because he is a high profile Donald trump supporter. It's that simple. You want proof here. It is John Brennan. James Clapper will sleep at home tonight. Both have been caught lying under oath on camera about matters of national importance and yet neither in jail. Now there's been indicted neither ever will be. The stone case by contrast was transparently political from day. One the lead prosecutor Andrew Weisman is now literally an MSNBC contributor. The judge in the case. Amy Berman Jackson is an out of control. Democratic partisan who purely out of spite strip Roger Stone of his first amendment rights and prevented him from making a living coming on this show for example speaking at all in public now stone and his wife who is seventy one years old and deaf have lost their home because of this they have no insurance. They're utterly broke. The whole thing is shocking. And it's disgusting. It's a farce that discredits the entire American justice system. The presence to understand cannot allow this miscarriage of justice. He tweeted recently. He's right on what's happening. Roger Stone is totally wrong. It's immoral and we should not allowed in this country but politically. It has significance to stones. Prosecution was designed in part to confirm the fantasies that Democrats have constructed to explain the outcome of the two thousand sixteen election. His conviction helps their case in other words. If the Russia collusion story was a hoax. And of course it most certainly was a hoax. Then why is Roger Stone going to prison for his role in it? If Roger Stone's serves even a single day behind bars the Russia lie will be validated as true stones imprisonment will be prime facial evidence in the view of Democrats. So at this point. There's really only one solution. The president must pardon Roger Stone or commute his sentence before he goes to jail. Democrats will howl if he does that. Well they're howling anyway. How every day Chuck Schumer is now yelping about yet another investigation into Roger Stone Russia gate to in one entirely constitutional act. The President Could Save Roger Stone's life vindicate himself and end this nonsense forever. So sounds pretty reasonable logical to me the December reason logical to you. So what did talk? Just say this thing is tied to Russia Gate. Then it a hoax. Then it can't proceed because the evidentiary chain is fake another words. This guy is is innocent. Now you I got a seventy year old guy who's homeless. He's homeless has no insurance has no way to pay his attorney. Who Know How have who knows how his attorneys are being paid and his one major crime is what he knows. Donald John Trump. I agree with with Tucker that Now if you let stone be sentenced the president pardons them in Schumer Schumer House. Let him that does not solve and prove the hoax. I should say so. That is not prove that the that are Doesn't do anything for for. The Russia Gate was a hoax. Because then they'll The daily beast and MSNBC OH MSNBC Rick Mad cow and all the rest of them and every member of the Democratic caucus in both the house and the Senate will continue to wine carp and claim that it wasn't a hoax and the only thing that happened at a certain orange. The bad was basically pardoned by a bunch of partisan Republicans shampoo to make this thing. Go Away but now here's the kilt. I just love this. Here's the shot and you make it go away. Biden's GonNa fall on the Sword. One final time offer up. Silky Biden as the sacrificial lamb to protect killary and to protect all that she did to try and be elected president. That's the out for the Democrats. There's it look from where I sit knowing what I know about this. There's no other way because that story is GonNa come out and European. He'll look I used to say this often here on Mike Church. Show that if you if you wanna read news real news about what's going on in the United States get European newspapers read the Daily Mail. Read the the What all read the Telegraph. Because it's awful. Read read the Oh Gosh what's the other one? That has an American edition a couple Tabloids from the English newspapers. That will report on things that are happening here. That American newspapers won't touch. Now let me just add now the voice of intrigue here. Now listen to this. If you go to the pages of the allegedly Kowloon sear national review. I'm just going to demonstrate you that people that are elite ruling masters whether in media or government or the the biggest sack of liars or the most mill or miss or mel informed loud stood. There are maybe they all just have trump derangement syndrome. This from the National Review Corner Kevin D Williamson who does have trump derangement syndrome. Roger Stone deserves a severe punishment. The GRANDPA Roger Stone deserves a severe punishment. Roger Stone belongs in prison. He says for a very long time. Well he's in his seventies dude. You can't sentence them there for a very long time. He's not going to survive. He's going to die. It's going to be like Peterson Stat. Irving or Irwin Schiff. Who died on in prison for tax evasion as they call it. You have a government that can actually lock people up and do this. To the should be mortified of this seven felonies in which he stands. Convicted are at the heart of crimes of political corruption. Why Congress and tampering with witnesses? Or you mean like what shifted lion with the Sea Hag what fat Jerry Nadler did when Nazi Pelosi did what anyone that was involved. Sam Impeachment Mark Seen Waters Carolyn Maloney. And all the rest of them lying to Congress and manipulating witnesses. You mean like that because that actually happened and they are members of Congress as a matter of fact shifty Adam Schiff had an entire staff of twenty three individuals working to overturn two thousand sixteen election. How'd you like it? There's someone had twenty three individuals working to overturn something you had achieved in your life genuinely achieved.

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