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Hello before we get rolling today. We have a favor to ask over. The road is conducting a survey. That will help us learn more about our listeners. And we'd really value your feedback. Could you take just a few minutes to tell us about yourself and share some things you like about the show after you listen to this episode? Of COURSE PLEASE VISIT SURVEY. Dot P R x dot org slash over the road to take the survey today. That's survey dot P r x dot org slash over the road. Thanks so much. Hey Todd dills here from overdrive for this week's Channel One nine. We're trying something a little different. We're getting off the phone and heading out into the World Day off when you come up. The question of the day is how do truckers customized trucks interiors? So we're taking a little tour. Of course there are as many answers to that. Question is there are over the road drivers but Daniel and Phil Snow here out of Harrison. Arkansas can give you a good idea of just how far some truckers will go to make a truck their own. We got married three months after we met. I mean I thought she was just going on vacation when she got into drive women. Fourteen years ago. She's still air. You know. Get rid of me. Daniel in Phyllis call their deep green truck. The goose that does is a nineteen ninety six freightliner plastic exile for actual tractor day droid powered with a custom hundred and forty inch bottled on it. One hundred and forty inch bunk. It's a pretty staccato workforce. Let's sleeper cab. Almost twelve feet long picture. The body of a small travel trailer say built onto the back of the driver's cab and painted to match. You're getting close to a good description of what the goose looks like two top stove and then I have a microwave conviction. Eleven Jeanette shower shower bath in the toilet dining table and all of it tastefully tiled floor decorated to theme that reflects the snow's faith so our basic overall fame of the truck is Christianity. Daniel show you around a little bit on the back wall. We used a cowboy nail nat across the center of the sailing. We have a cowgirl With a truck behind her Neilan at across and it says in God we truck I have a lot of Cherokee Indian blood in me so we made the front of the sleeper basically a tribute to the native American. That's actually a real ghost. Feather and feathers are very important in way of thanking. You get to feathers one for wisdom and one for courage but anyway. So that's the front of the sleeper. On the side over the dining table we built her a mantle and we made it a Western theme mantle with rope outline. She's not a real rifle a real pistol but I don't know I guess you might a thief. Thank it was if you grab it off the wall and then on the shower bathroom door we put an assortment of bickers each of our mothers so we add different things around to to be more like a home not just. It's not just the trump to us. It's a way alive. When we bought this labor it was out of a salvage yard. It's important to emphasize here. That customizing a truck is not just about style for day on Phyllis. It's really an investment in both their business and the quality of life Ivad quite a bit of health issues. I ain't GonNa say all of her due to my French fries as I still like French fries but we gutted all this out and just built it back the way we wanted it and by doing that we made it possible for us to eat a lot better healthier and we have we'd about nine out of ten meals in the sleeper. Not Anything you do at home. I mean there. The night we ate eggs bacon and biscuits and and then yeah. Shrimp and steak. He barbecues that we've got a barbecue grill that matches the truck to its green looking in here like a cake or anything going down the road. You Know Ball on my biggest problem is I can't hardly drive down a road smell and all that cooking on my okay. We gotta find a place to stop. I'm about to starve to death. I like to eat. And she's a good cook so it's a good combination. There's a world of customized trucks out there as varied as the trucking business itself. I've seen sleeper cabs built out with any kind of cooking equipment. You Can Imagine. Ranges Ovens Espresso machines and grinders foldout charcoal or even gas grills mounted on the deck off the back the exercise equipment weights stair steppers. Sometimes even an exercise bike. Along for the whole I know at least one trucker songwriter with a professional recording studio built into the bunk of his rig. Hey maybe we ought to get Paul set up with one of those WanNa see more. You can take a tour of the custom rigs section of overdrive online dot com. Don't miss the reader rigs photo gallery. We're owner operators upload their own trucks. You can also see the goose for yourself in all. It's gory search. Daniel Phyllis snow. That's spelled exactly like the white stuff that's for channel nine. Keep those questions coming. We'll catch you next time. Gentlemen nine special is a feature of over the road from radio. Topiary and overdrive magazine is produced by Ian Costs and myself. Todd dills who support from Lacey Roberts Palmar Hoffer in Jewish appear the trail. Joppy glass off your tail available now. From imperative entertainment in Texas monthly. A new tin podcasters called boomtown about the biggest whole building. History boomtown takes you to a rugged quarter of West Texas roughnecks and billionaire. Wildcatters are fueling boom so big. It's reshaping our climb in our economy and our geopolitics. You'll get an inside look at the people cashing in and those whose lives are turned upside down. Find weekly episodes of boomtown wherever you get your podcasts radio X.

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