Sudden Blood


Hello kids. This is risk the show where people tell true stories, they never thought they dare to share. I'm Kevin Allison. And every Thursday we release these special episodes that were calling classic risk singles each of these episodes features just one story from our previous years if you're new risk. You should know that the podcast can be very uncensored this week a story by comedian Tim Heidegger that he shared on the podcast in twenty twelve. It's not for the squeamish. And it's called sudden blood. The music off. Please. I'm not going to tell a funny story. But I am a funny person. So you're probably gonna laugh. So that's good news. It happened. In March of two thousand six I was living in Los Angeles in Los feeless. I was living in a little bungalow community, and I was asleep. It was around twelve thirty at night. And I was awoken from my sleep by the pounding of my iron gate, and the voice of my neighbor, an older woman screaming Tim, please help. My son is overdosing. My son is going to die. I don't know. What to do? I've called the police. No one's come. I need your help. So. Get out outta bed and put on some sweatpants and a t shirt and run out of my my little one bedroom bungalow and to the right and I run upstairs to the second floor of their apartment. Her son. By the way is. Seventeen. He's about six foot three in community, college and. I had known them very well known the family known the mother and the son and the daughter and was very close with them. And they're very friendly lovely people that I was happy to have as neighbors spent some holidays with them. And so I was very happy and eager to help and do whatever. I can. I was running out of my apartment running up. The stairs barefoot thinking to myself. I don't know anything about overdosing. I don't know anything about CPR. I don't know what kind of help I'm going to be. But I'll do whatever I can and expecting to find somebody unconscious. Trump thinking to myself, you know, Jimi Hendrix with vomit in his mouth and. Because I was also there during that horrible experience. And as I'm getting about halfway up. The stairs. I hear this. And I immediately start running back down the stairs. It was a scary, son. I've ever heard in my life. It was the sound of this young, man. I'm going to start calling him Joe. That was the sound of Joe, but it sounded like a lion sound like a beast. And for some reason, my body said don't go there because that's bad sound. I started. I started running the other direction down the middle path of the of the bungalow, and I immediately sensed and felt and I must have seen him coming down the stairs after me. And and he had a knife innocent. He had eight inch kitchen knife. And. So I continued to run and I ran out onto Talmadge and up onto fountain. And I ran up to Sunset Boulevard the entire time. A literally a madman yielding a kitchen knife running mere feet behind me again, five minutes ago sound asleep. I turn onto sunset, and if you can go and Google maps Sipe and Tang's donuts, you'll be able to see Tang's donuts, which is where I ran into the Tangs donuts parking lot. It's it's a parking lot. We're a lot of sort of degenerates hobos and kind of weirdos. Like, we're chest player kind of types. Hang out. And I'm literally running around like cars, you know in this. This kid's chasing me. And I second I'm about to run into Tang's donuts. And you know, I think if I had run into Tang's that'd be dead because in Tangs donuts was nobody except for like four foot two sixteen year old Korean girl. Manning the counter who would have been no match for this this young gentleman. So I my brain told me don't go in there. That's a trap. I run across Sunset Boulevard to the McDonalds, which is lit up and get to the McDonald's store and they're closed. They're not open past midnight. And I kind of had this thought in my head of the scene and in Ghostbusters when the Rick moranis is getting chased by the Sigourney Weaver's beast. You know, she that beast basically kills Rick moranis against this window of like tavern on the green or something. So he's against chasing me. I looked to my right. There's a gay bar in the corner called Akbar. And it's Thursday night. There's a tremendous amount of guess you. Call them bears out front. Large strapping men smoking cigarettes bouncers also variety of different kinds of men out front, and I run into to Akbar barefoot and run had been in their once with a friend and. I I ran immediately into the bar and took a left and went directly behind the bar. I'm screaming, I'm screaming for my life. I'm screaming help help. This person's trying to kill me. He comes right in after me. I mean, the whole time he's literally ten feet behind me between ten and five feet behind me. And I just kind of collapsed behind the bar, and he comes running in full steam into the bar into thirty into thirty guys three or four the guys tackle him down to the ground. Take take the knife out of his hand and throw the knife on the ground at this point for the first time, I feel the warmth and wetness of the blood running down my back. I have to this day. No memory of the actual impact of the knife. Which is kind of a fascinating thing to me that I have, you know, the adrenaline running through my through my veins as I'm being as I'm running fountain. I think prevented any feeling of pain when the actual impact of the knife went into my back twice. And and kept me kind of focused on continuing to run. I mean has anyone has the dream where they're being chased by a murderer in the middle of the night. And you have the feeling that you're running through molasses, and you can't move, and you're not going to be able to get away that doesn't happen in real life. You run like a fucking crazy person, you run screaming, and you you know, like, I said it was barefoot and running through the middle of the street in the middle of the night to survive to live. So. I realize I'm I've just been stabbed first time ever being stabbed. I have the moment of oh, I'm going to die in a gay bar behind the bar. This is going to be one of those. You know, my parents are gonna have a hard time explaining this story. The the immediately clear the bar out and the lovely woman came behind the bar, and who was a paramedic student and assisted and give me some first aid and put some Bartels on my back. And really was the first line of someone just saying you're going to be okay. It's not that bad. It's going to be okay. And as I'm lying there on the ground like really starting to panic. I see these guys walking out, and they're all kind of like. By now, my shirts off, and I felt really, you know, I'm not homophobic, in any way. But I felt very protective and defensive of my body at this point that I was not some kind of piece of meat that you guys can just look at on your way out. Very troubling. So there's this is the first point when I'm taking I'm being taken out to the ambulance. I have this first sudden rush of paranoia, and and fear that the family that I'd grown so close to was planning this and this was a conspiracy. And that this was all as was supposed to have. This was their plan that I was going to be killed this night. And that the way they're going to do it was to arouse me from my sleep and create this false story. So I become really paranoid and upset and and my girlfriend who was her side of the story is incredible as well because she was asleep as well. And her side of the story was she sees me run out to help somebody. And then sees me run down the stairs being chased by a person with a knife. So she came and met me there, and we went to the hospital, and you know, the the rental wears off and the pain comes in. And you start feeling the pain of knife in back. What what what kind of pain, you can imagine? What would be? I don't know if you've ever cut yourself. It's a it's a big version of of cutting yourself. I remember being in the emergency room and variety of doctors and policemen and paramedics walking past me looking at the my wound. Oh shit. Oh shit. That's what I kept hearing. Oh shit going to be. All right. And I'm like losing blood at Mike, and my dying my still dying. I know in the hospital. But what if I'm bleeding inside? I don't know it really hurts. It's it's hurting more and more. Then I was given this wonderful drug called delayed in does anybody know, delayed Innis. It's heroin. And it really really is great. And I recommend if you guys don't have addiction problems. You try it because it's really wonderful. It's greatest feeling of ever had if ever had in my life. Was that drug intravenously going through my veins? It it started with a little bit of warmth around the nose. And then it just felt like, wow, I could just really I really love all the people around me. And I could really just be here for the this is the most comfortable ever been. So I'm not going to get into any opiates. I think that's a good lesson. So and then kind of the the the sister of the brother showed up, and was was was really great friend and still is a great friend. And we caught is. And she looked at me as if you know as her brother had killed somebody, and and look of of regret and remorse and guilt that, you know, have never wanna see again. And we just both were sobbing. And she's sorry. I don't know what to say. I'm I'm sorry. I don't know what to say. This is clearly, you know, the fear and paranoia that this family was was looking to take me out of the game was was gone. And and. The next few days. It kind of came out that that this kid was you know, he was smoking marijuana. And which is fine. I have no problem with that. And but I think there was something else that that started coming into the supply that was like this this these synthetic marijuana. Does anybody know what I'm talking about does that ring a bell PCP kind of stuff? Like, these these drugs don't have names have letters and numbers like t h nine seven six, and and it really makes you psychotic and this kid had gone on sort of bender of this and had completely lost his mind. And was was you know, from what I hear later was had a knife and was threatening to cut off his penis. And his mother was freaking out of your sleep. And he had the burners on in the kitchen and was threatening to burn the house down and was completely out of his mind. And when he came to when he became conscious and became sort of. Where at LA county jail after being arrested for the crime of trying to kill me. He he asked what happened? What am I doing here? What's going on? Why my in jail, which is way scarier than what happened to me in my opinion because I knew it was going on. And I could I could place what was happening in some kind of context and understand it and understand why it was happening. He couldn't do that. He had note he had done something that he shouldn't have done and it led to a gap in time where he ended up in jail. So he had a lot more work to be done to him. And I had to be done to me. And I'm fine. I can't walk. I know what you saw come up here. It took a lot of drugs and took a lot of courage. I usually can't walk. And I guess close by showing you my scars, right? I'm planning on getting plastic surgery because I can't stand to look at my back probably zits back there too. Someone took a picture. It was like the biggest violation of trust. I've ever had delete. It would you could you imagine. Anyways. Thank you for having me. 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