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Get fast speeds even when everyone is online working to make WIFI simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply this message comes from NPR sponsor xfinity some things are slow like a snail races other things are fast like Xfinity X. by let's say she's excelled at staying true to yourself now before we get to the conversation here's Jonathan Brooke playing one of her latest songs live it's called fire project in Nineteen Ninety-four and although she put out many full length albums over the years for her latest set of song she decided to keep it short and sweet and released an EP I'm champion of Jonathan's music interviewer the pair will delve into her latest release as well as look back at some of what Jonathan learned over her many years in the music business that Mir vegetable dispensable think again I am exquisite I got chicks you good he called impostor Genita- stopped by World Cafe for an interview and performance in front of an audience earlier this year and our own Executive Producer Bruce Warren who's a longtime always been a please it's easy and again uh-huh Zieger Diane long before you got out of school that is not giving Filiasi me with easy the die or an EP the landscape has changed pretty significantly since I started out so I guess you made a decision because you put back to the beginning first of all nine thousand nine hundred eighty nine was the year you and Jennifer Kimball form the story so if you do the fourth a sixteen about three years ago it was called midnight Hallelujah and since then I've seen you a couple of times the last time I saw you you were on the stage you work can you talk a little bit about the story in what that was about and yeah this story was it was mostly due oh but we did tour a fair amount with the band do a smaller tasting menu see what happens maybe fives plenty people consume music more than ever but in very different ways than they used to if you can indulge us a little bit the five new songs yeah I just picked my favorite new songs five favorite my favorite news songs and I figured well let's just and I was like how you doing what are you up to and you you said to me I'm recording but I'm not really sure whether I should put an album out anymore or just do some singles but Jennifer Kimball and I met in college freshman year at Amherst College and we were both auditioning for the acapella group are called Sabrina 's and we were both selected because the one of the new songs on Jonathan Brooks EP called impostor it's called fire your last album came out in two thousand rang and I'm a knockout watch Bremer I'm not giving up till you see me 'cause meanwhile time not shutting up Eh step aside thing golfing and drive I active in the middle of the ocean disappear nobody drink this potion so you don't break you know you started the story and then you had your soul career for some of the listeners who only know you through your soul ah writing songs and making up crazy vocal parts and she was coming in with like hey how about this instrument and this Columbia thing and so we started performing uh-huh Damn Song before I tell you how I feel and then Israel because I'm hot now Hey Montana contrary land was so sublime and we were the Sabrina in the group and then we became fast friends and super buddies and by the time we graduated I had started there's a place head now watching now see your watch me now now point yeah so would you be able to play for US I could yeah we're going to try to pull it off thanks for asking I'm making records on Elektra records so we had one called grace in gravity called the angel in the House and had a little great run of it and then I took off on me harmonies and these weird cluster chords that kind of made you sit up but then we would resolve them and make you feel better and it was just a real thing and so we ended up was just from Fan's perspective from my perspective mostly from your perspective was really the record that really brought you out to a wider audience hold you accountable wouldn't take no for uh-huh neighborhood and it became the thing that we really loved and we had a very special kind of sound I mean we were both really drawn to dissonant I mean it was filled with hits Jonathan weirdest thing it was like the most obtuse songwriting which was awesome about it it was but you know what the heart of all the things you have written as a solo artist or with Jennifer the melodies are there you know yeah one of my favorites and I think a fan favorites was the song at the still along at best aw Bill Bradley Bradley Damn and do so sweet but I'm just very so I want one aw still you're still making great music you know you mention the couple of the items that you that you guys made together nineteen ninety three's angel in the house in your me why not jetton agree I'm extraordinary wise time own and Jennifer took off on her own and I saw her last year though she's doing great it's awesome that's great yeah now now it's thirty years of pass why name by the loves by there and and time again Eh W how I feel this is our field I'm not now no hell finally wise and to me the way and if you read I make you remember the game credible arts city they're so generous they're there's a ton of arts funding so I was able after the first year to get a grant which helped me make imposter you know how I will borrow and steal the seat has been on the same three the misbehave me watch just like you're GonNa like it 'cause I'm terrible the EPA comes out in the wash I will love you ativity I think I have a little more space to spread out I have you know have my own space on the third floor of our house and and Minneapolis is an Louis P there are tons of clubs and and great restaurants and a small theater there helped me produce my mother has four noses my one woman show math eighty nine when we were twelve ninety nine it's thirty years no way it's thirty year congratulations that's thirty to be naked and it was sort of based on the idea of my being cast as the emperor with no clothes and telling the story whatever what I'm holding up now can you describe the album cover I'm naked and what else is going on well I had this great idea Tabei say here's in PNC the Jesus I borrow this massive marching big bass drum from marching band and then I talked to photographer into doing it for no money at all and then we talked her neighbors distance would four made us throng around the down the big apple from New York City to Minneapolis a couple of years ago my husband and I moved to Minneapolis has the change of location affected your your songwriting your it's a fun album cover thank you Jonathan Brooke is our guest today on the World Cafe I'm Bruce Warren I asked you to play the title song to your EP is still going on embracing kind of town that's great yeah really Nice the record covers really interesting can you since we're on the radio and many people can't you know see it on the World Oh be still that I had done off Broadway but I was able to bring it to Minneapolis last year for a month actually Sean was was in that so yeah it's it's been a really performed by your big Band Lori on the background vocals and Sean Driscoll on guitar I understand you made a move to Minneapolis from the B uh I stood there naked with his bass drum covering all my bits and wiggles and had these people staring at me as if I were going to start grieving mood find hindsight at the end of the world the the end been there which I do in the title Song Pasta I sort of tells the story about being a the impostor the you know the person that thinks that everything's going great and their stark raving the country day airside two years in the forest no you've got it going on and I just never do I guess maybe that's a good thing and so anyway that's why I'm the imposter in the song but then I got to do the naked a naked and so I had this idea wouldn't that be super fun to be like that person so I figured how am I going to do this because they only in four hundred dollars so basically Jonathan Brooke performing a song that she recorded when she was in the story back in ninety three called at this point that song still sounds so great and perform performed I'm the and pasta and raiding through the downs in a couple of dudes on the street and then my stepdaughter and then my best friend ban became and they stood on this nondescript street in L. A. Because it was December but it was warmer in l. a. and long ago of loves fine the first songs in Song Club like each of us every two weeks you're supposed to come up with a new song whether it's not and the the idea was to get less precious about yourself auster and I was watching a little video on your website in which you said that you had joined Song Club write songs and this is one of the songs that came out of it thing by and he'd come back again and pretend to deliver packages and the kids started coming over the news is very liberating suit so it was all worth it is certainly do and they're times when I feel like when will this and you know well when will I stop doubting myself when will I ever feel like it says I'm the one stand up against the wall five hundred me remember since Oh don't see everyone z. there eh and just like to put something down stop worrying about it just write a damn song and think later and so we each every two weeks we've come up with a title and my title yeah like really put myself in a whole other someone else's shoes I've been doing that a little bit more lately writing for musical theater but it was really fun to explore a character that deeply actually sean lunatic naked with a bass drum and it was it was it was so like I didn't WANNA put my clothes back on I sort of felt great sort of started doing it then the Fedex guy kept is incredible craft for thirty little over thirty years now so looking back to those early years sort of holding changing technology off to the side Dan you never ever call a loser what would your now wise in self say to your younger self about the business oh wow they may get as de vying for the SPA is I feel the rush of cold Air and it runs in I come from a long truthful I'm going to get a little emotional bruce like song called the angel and the house was very hard to write because it was about my parents divorce and it was a shock to our family in here is through the other imposter because I already had sort of the seeds of the idea so I thought well I'll get a head start and then this is the song that came out of it I don't know if any of you struggle with impostor syndrome it was very hard to to like break that bind of loyalty and yet I'm an artist and this is my story and we're in Denmark last fall and they just thought it was about trump like no well oaten good idea that's didn't okay my brother and I had no we didn't see it coming and for for two years I struggled with the lyric that first line was my mother moved the furniture when she no longer move to the man we I'm GonNa ask you to be a little reflective here for the last question if you need a second or two to think about so you know I referred to the fact that you know you've been and sometimes and it just never we didn't really discuss it and it it was what it was and it was kind of an east coast deep uptight waspy thing waited the things but I would say to you know really write the song you have to write and make records you need to make and keep creative control at all costs long inconsolable went on at the end of the song it's like a seven minute song but it's this Gorgeous Piano Solo that kills me still to this day and I stuck my it is true uses and I'm like but that's what's special about me Jennifer like that's otherwise it's just a song and uh a three dodging reflects song same thing with so much mine they tried to talk me out of that weird dissonant thing so the weird stuff in between the first tuber it's which was something that for better for worse I had written into every record contract I ever made I I made the final decision on like how thought nothing of it at the time and I thought well I love that line it was really good line I thought just as a writer but as a daughter and a sister to my brothers well thank you for continuing to stay focused on on your own on your rights as an artist so you got one good person don't burn any bridges and be kind and write that song you have to right there were times when I struggled with writing songs that were deeply hell it and this is how I saw it and took two years to get the guts up to record that song and we never spoke of it my parents would be in the song can you do twilight yeah I would love to do twilight my own I am my in the someone manner muster I am John's and I'm like no that's staying that is where the fade will be it's not going to be a single what are you worried about it's a frigging ballot like all right that's the song that is the so I- luckily was able to say sorry I'm not changing it so those things like stick to your in the pit of your belly you know what the right thing is and always trust it the smell through imposer who wanna be I don't WanNa wait and see hand me down until we meet again the impostor here on the World Cafe our guest today is Jonathan Brooke that was a bit of a breakthrough song then person's personality wise right was it it was really exciting I'm leaving soon so fairly shallow you take from my best owner you leave behind the lie on be story that you maybe now's the time to give laugh now it's too hi we'll pay for yours and now the always the other person imbo mind as I will ah misses the legacy UK from our guest. Jonathan Brooke Today on the World Cafe One five th excellent excellent songs from your recent EP called impostor and as always

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