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What's up guys? It's Kelly and welcome to the ringer podcast network recently on the winging. Podcast Vince Carter and Anthon Berg sat down with NBA All circle lowry and recording artists. Rotimi this week. Twenty seventeen first overall. Pick Marquel. Full joins show talk about living up to expectations and working. Its way back from injury in the NBA. Make sure to check out winging it on spotify. Or wherever get your podcasts fishes check discovered check? I'm your host? Jong and solid joined as I am every week. When my producer Steve allman Stephen Thinking about this Family here ICKE check and I feel like you need a nickname. Previously you were New Isaac. But you've since grown out of that. I'm thinking about maybe Stevie Franchise Franchisee. Anybody ever called you that no absolutely not. I'm kind of okay with it. Were you St Francis? Fan at all not not entirely no but I can actually adopt this. This is a good look for me. He saw at the beginning. They were very high hopes for him. I don't want this to be like an omen for you right. Because he had very high hopes for him and then he sort of flamed out. And you're going to have a much better career. Trajectory than Steve Francis like. You're just going to continue ticking upward rather than it being sort of a parallel speaking of thank you for listening a reminder to please rate and review US and don't forget about all the great mba content on the ringer dot Com Palo. Esco blog has his questions of the week column up including the rockets ceiling and Zions rookie of the year. Chance IS GONNA get into design and just a little bit the incomparable Haley. O'shaughnessy two pieces double dip Halio Shaughnessy jaanus versus the hardened twitter beef. We're going to have a little twitter beef. Nba beef convoy and a little bit and also she wrote about how the NBA has missed steph. Curry his return has been postponed. Talk about that as well and then Dan Devine last week. I had problems with Dan Devine. This week I got more problems with Dan. Devine I'M GONNA need him to defend himself. Wrote about how the SIXERS are breaking down? But they're not broken I take on bridge that coming up later in the show will play as Steve alluded to NBA survivor. That sounds fun. I don't know how that's GONNA go. But it sounds fun. And we'll vote some things off of heat check island but first let's review the latest news from around the League and bring in our regular contributors Dannon Haley. One of them is in studio in one of them has returned to our NYC HQ Coast to coast with Alien Dan. Dan You're back in the NYC studios. I treated in the comfort of my own home and Luger on the couch for a building where there's a ton of construction going on so if you hear like Clang Clang Bang. It's not just me flipping tables. There's a happening here. Feels like A. B. C. That's later on in the show and the program but I feel like I. Apologize Haley Fresh off of Sunday's Clippers sixers game. You went to the game. Yeah I had a great time sad good at all right all right all right. Let's keep some things to be for the show you get to that in a moment but first let's review some headlines from around the league with NBA instant replay art so the Knicks. The Knicks won out and made a higher. They have officially hired. Leon rose as their president per ward. She will attend the Rockets Knicks game on Monday night at MSG his plan is to quote. Stay behind the scenes initially observe and listen and stay away from big public proclamations Dan I'm GonNa Start with you. Hear your beloved New York Knicks. That feels like a good place for Leon rose to start although he also he tweeted this out or set it out on social media. He asked fans for quote. Continued patients. what's your continued patience level. Dan Well I mean I'm dead inside so I guess I'm pretty patient like I can. I can last for the remainder of eternity with considering the lack of faith in my heart I would say the right idea for any knicks. Gm or president or executives to like. Just kinda chill out and not say anything that's going to step on rakes in sort of blow everything up in your face The last time we heard from the next executives publicly. It was the like crazy. Weird press conference that Steve Mills ends and Scott. Perry had to give at the beginning of the season. Didn't work out so well for for For at least for Steve Mills. Yeah let's just sort of take our time and try to forget one thing right and then we'll see where we go with. Leon Rose Haley. What are the chances that Leon rose can fix the broken New York Knicks? That nobody else has been able to fix previously because we saw mills and Perry screw it up and before that Phil Jackson couldn't get it together At now we've Got Leon. Rose is Leeann. Rose go together. Roses the one. I like to stay away from Big Public. Proclamations press conferences. Either I feel like I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing because we've seen with previously. How media verse they. Are they have a disdain? For the media and yet I really enjoy when they do to Dan's point earlier steps on rakes and screw things up. that's always good fun for the rest of us at the very least good content. Dan. That's right I mean gones far be it for me to get between you and content but if we're talking about what's the best thing for the Knicks yet. It's maybe sort of keep things quiet and sort of do things in a normal professional basketball organization. Sort of way The next big thing that's going to happen for Leandra will be who chooses to hire a general manager. We see who that person is. And what sort of plan they WANNA implement together. We'll go from there if we don't hear anything between now and then that might be just fine and other news. Let's go to another big city Here in Los Angeles both teams played on Sunday. Not both of them in Los Angeles but both Los angeles-based teams played the Lakers. Were in New Orleans against the PELICANS. They picked up a big win on the road. No Anthony Davis Brian. How to thirty four point triple double. He ties Luca for most triple doubles in the league this year. They're eight inch. Ooh over the last ten Haley. They're five and a half games up on the nuggets and the clippers. How good the Lakers look. I mean except for the Grizzlies lost which is on the first night but back to back good God Yama rant and do stop it and that's not happening. It stopped the official team looking beeped. I on but you cannot be dumber as right. And that's when they rookie of the year has nothing to do with Science Grizzlies topic which I love but also the Lakers have been really really good and their problems are still the same. They could use an extra ball handler. They need wing help. And then obviously there's the injury. Scares Dan the cleared a roster spot and there have been reports that they are working out dion waiters and Jr Smith. Yes to both please. To back to our point about Always wanting content here on heat check that would be glorious glorious content But you're a basketball guy. Would either of these guys helped the Lakers? I think the best case scenario for both of them absolutely. Could you know you talk about needing another ball handler? Dion waiters is a guy who did a lot of a lot of positive things as a ball handler in Miami. When he was sort of on the straight narrow they're working alongside grindrod. Catch you talk about needing more wing help guys can defend the best version of JR SMITH. A couple years ago was able to sort of switch off on twos and threes and handle himself out there he might be a little bit further removed from that given how long he's been away and also wasn't really at his peak defensively in Cleveland before they went out the best version of both of those guys could help whether you're going to see the best version of both of those guys. Is I think very much an open question given where they were at before they got. Let go to the point where they're going to be working out this late in the season. Haley. I feel like you'd have to take on this one between Dion and Jr. I really liked both of them. Because they're such knuckleheads and their superfund in that regard. But I feel a you'd have like a stance on this. Do you have a dion versus Jr? Pick chart where it's like chaotic. Evil neutral evil okay. Jr is a better. What he's more neutral than Dion is because Diaz had actual problems with coaches and playing time. And he's fresh with that. Jr Is Spacey. They're rotating wild shots pajamas spacey. And that's his biggest problem obviously. There's a huge example. We can point to in the finals with Dion. He actually kind of problem a lot of the time. I'm very excited here. Because I just want to note for the record that Halio Shaughnessy just did a dungeons and dragons thing on this podcast short chaotic neutral lawful neutral dragons role. Playing dragons is a role playing like. It's on a video game as a blonde girl. You should definitely your. Let's take this. W W and walkaway abscond all right you. Did that not only do things that we all learn on the fly? Also in the Lakers. And PELICANS Games. I N had a career high thirty five points He's looked absolutely incredible. I'm curious though about what they're going to do as I on moving forward Dan. They've got four back to backs coming up. They're chasing that eighth seed in the Western Conference there. Three Games out on our. I'm saying that for heat. Shock you our Memphis Grizzlies They're trying to make it into the playoffs. They're nine and seven cents ion has returned but they've got these four back to backs. If you're the Pelicans what do you do you play him? The rest of the way you play them those back to back so that's a lot of wear and tear on him on there. They're trying to keep them around for the long term. Yeah I think the the the David Griffin regime has sort of made maintain. They're going to have a long view with Zion. Because of the you know the obviously the start of his career with the ministers injury and the extended layoff and still sort of getting him going and getting some momentum with him. I think it's going to be. They started him with minutes limitation. The Early Games and Alvin. Gentry was very clear like I really don't like that. I want to be able to play him as much as possible but I think they have to go there. It's going to be might see some push and pull between coach front office there. But it's got to be about the next five years not the next five weeks. It'll be interesting to see if they catch the grizzlies for that last spot. I want to note that are ringer team. Jj Rhetoric on that team. He's out right now but he's on the team and he's never missed the playoffs in his career so the and the first thing that he says his eye on and they don't fuck this up for me. Jj We want to make the playoffs. Haley want to run this past year before we move along. At the end of the Games I on Javale McGee came up to Ziona after the game and asked Zion for his Jersey and so's ion gave it to him. I WanNa know what you think about Jersey exchanges between teammates. I love them actually. I saw tweet the other day. That these two guys leaving a club Vegas and they both had button ups and they were like we had such good night. There were strangers that they exchanged but I thought of that too. I love that McGee who? I don't know if you guys know this Javale. Mcgee is an avid Fanny pack enthusiast. I one time when he was with the warriors had like a ten to fifteen minute conversation with him about his fanny pack collection. And I thought that Zion was GONNA give him a jersey. He should give Zion a fanny pack. So maybe he can mail out or the but not for jovial. Mcgee's tilt the. It's like fanny pack shape across bag your bag person but not their lawful evil lawful there. We got so mad about that Angeles team that plays here as Haley Told us she went to the game. The Clippers OP and your ten. Nine eight seventy sixers clips win one thirty six thirty a game where nobody played defense. The clippers have won four straight Dan. They finally getting hot at the right time. Kawhi. Pg mantras all had big lines. Marcus Morris as plight not as well as he played for your New York next but they finally getting a hot at the right time. I think it's less about getting hot at the right time and more about getting the lineups together at the right time. You know Our colleagues Cram wrote about this today like whenever the Clippers have had their full complement of dudes or at the very least Hawaiian Paul George together. They've been sensational. I think they're twenty one and seven and the twenty eight games. Those those guys have played together. Something like plus eight possessions when they're both on the floor when they have the team the way it's supposed to look and everybody's healthy and lined up that's about as good a teams you're GonNa see in conference with the exception of the Lakers and even right up there shoulder to shoulder with them so I think it's less about overall gelling and mortar Scott Availability hillyard. Do you have any concerns about their defense. Because yes they won this game yes. They've won four straight but the sixers on the road as we know we're going to get to the sixers and the second not good away from Philadelphia. They didn't have Ben Simmons they didn't have Joel embiid. They still scored one hundred and thirty points and shake. Milton had a career high thirty nine. But that's a shake none. I play can't include that. I don't have huge concerns about their defense. I think like Dan was saying earlier. A lot of their problem is that they haven't gotten enough time to get their lineups to Mesh Ideal line-up smash when you look at them on paper. They have wonderful defenders. They have Paul George. They've quite Leonard. Patrick Beverley I think they're going to be fine. They're seen time dealing with mentioned the sixers. Nine and twenty two now on the road just cannot seem to buy a win away from Philadelphia. You wrote about them for the ringer dot com great website. Everybody should check it out. The story you wrote was the sixers are breaking down. They're not broken I think that both of those things are actually true. They are both breaking down and they are broken. Josh Richardson by the way. Right after you write this ring. Occurs Strikes Josh. Richardson gets a concussion. In the game against the clippers Explain to me why you seem less concerned about the sixers. Then basically everybody. I know from Philadelphia. Well I think maybe because I'm not everybody you know from Philadelphia so it's it's not like an elevated blood pressure situation for me But it's also yes they're nine and twenty two away but they're also I was at twenty eight and two at home like they've the and then when we have seen them respond like this is a game where they were down two best guys and they were still right there neck and neck with one of the best teams in the NBA for the duration and shake Milton. Obviously he's not going to be putting up thirty nine every night. He's probably GonNa be putting up something more like forty five or forty six. But that's a guy who can play and who is now getting an opportunity to get more run on the ball as a point guard with Ben Simmons out they know. There's a redistribution of sort of opportunity. There I feel like that the collection of those guys getting more opportunities Horford has a center Tobias Harris at the power forward and then the heat also struggling. And that's the team that fill needs to catch. There's still a chance winds up with homecourt advantage for the sixers. It might not be a huge one but I still feel pretty confident about data from them. And then if I'm healthy heading into postseason series with embiid and Simmons and that CAST. I feel good about almost everybody. I could play in round one as we record this sixers a game and a half back of the Miami Heat for that four spot which would be critical for them because then they get to have home court advantage in that first series and you. You mentioned this last week. Damn remind me you. GotTa Play Games on the road in the playoffs. I've checked with the League office and it turns out you did. You did the reporting on that. He's a journalist Sixers really need that spot moving along here. Jaanus Janas had forty twenty and five in thirty five minutes in a win over the Hornets. That's the fewest minutes to reach that line in NBA history. He's absolutely killing it much to the dismay of his arch-rival now James Harden we're GonNa go to the NBA beef section of the program Harden Janas have gotten into it. Hey you wrote about this. The two of them have sort of gone at each other Hardened wrote that. None of them can mess with me. I average more points in assess. I wish I could be seven feet and just dunk. That requires no skill to which jaanus replied. My game is not just power and Threw shade at heart and said I want someone to pass the ball. Here's my question. Is this fun like this. Feels like a very manufactured kind of lame beef between the two of them is mostly responding because harden has had comments and not necessarily directed at Janas. Even if he's used his name arden any did this with. Russ to where he's just comments like what does this. Mvp Award mean to is because look at all this fantastic stuff. I'm doing and I'm still not winning. So I think that a lot of hardens beefs you know we kind of I think manufactured the one of him and Russ but he did back then he was like is this about winning because my teams winning but then down his argument is more like I put on this amazing performance and I carried this team and last year the bucks had the best record in the NBA. So he's kind of switching arguments but I think that hardens always been like me versus the voters versus the narrative and the perception. And then just kind of like okay. That's great but you can't talk shit about me still one normally. I would love this stuff. You guys know me like as we've mentioned many times on this program. I'm all for people going at each other for contact purposes. But this feels like neither of these guys are very good at it and I would like a little bit more spice to my spike on this. The thing is is that you honest isn't genuinely malicious in his comments. Like some guys are cutesy about it like when they were doing the draft. He said I want someone who will pass me the ball. He's not a good astle. That's a job very good at it. These guys are good at it. I WANNA wrap up with a couple. More things Dan Steph curry was supposed to come back on. Sunday versus the Wizards. They decided to send them out They issued a statement that said the worries issued a statement that said he continues to make good progress in remains on schedule for a return to play at quote some point in March He scheduled to practice with the Santa Cruz G. League team on Monday. So it seems like he's close. Kerr told him he was going to hold them out though. Said that curry wasn't thrilled. But he's a pretty even keeled guy. It's the right move to not bring him back yet and would you consider shutting them down completely. I mean the season's almost over in the warriors aren't very good. Yeah they're four and a half games clear of the cavs for the worst record in the NBA. And the highest odds for the number picking the lottery I don't I think steph curry wants to play. And he's a hundred percent healthy. Then you give him a shot because he steph. Curry everything about your franchise is oriented around him. And it's not worth like screwing that up in some capacity by holding him out longer when he's ready to go But I think that said there's no compelling requirements immediate like if he's ninety seven percent or if you have any uncertainty at all then you know yeah let them lick lets. You don't need to rush him back for any purpose. I just feel like at this at this point. It's not it's about how you manage that relationship because I think fans get it. The warriors fans like they would want to see stuff play again but there's also understand what they're that it's about next year for them and moving forward to so. I think it's like if it's cool by staff and your he's one hundred percent and you let him go and if not short let them wait a little bit. Haley less headline and then we'll move onto the main event last week. The timber was fined. Twenty five thousand dollars for violating the League's player rusting policy. Now this is interesting because The Wolves rested Diangelo Russel and game late last week against the nuggets on the road. He was deemed healthy however under the policy. The policy prohibits sitting players in quote high profile Nationally Televised Games that game was on NBA TV Y- your mileage on the term high profile and NBA TV might vary but still. This is the way that the NBA came down on. The policy requires teams to rest players when they are at home unless there are unusual circumstances but this is the first time the League has find a team since putting the rule in place in twenty seventeen. Do we like this rule. And Are you surprised that they finally enacted a and loving it against the wolves at least has some flexibility? I think that the League probably felt that they had to do something about it because so many fans are upset. So if they're saying okay you can do it at home games. That makes more sense. I don't really like anything that prevents people from racing or sitting out. I mean this is their career if they feel like they need to a break than they need to take a break and this is all about the postseason anyway. My theory is that everyone just hates de Ngelo Russell. One Magic said when he when he left the Lakers. You saw what Steve Kerr said. Another world hates Dangelo. His Haley Karl Anthony Towns investigative journalists. Nba is so annoying. You don't get it with league. This is like this is the worst channel on TV. I didn't realize you'd get spy on. Tv provide more time for it that was NBA instant replay. 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Go to get roman dot com slash ringer. Nba For free online visit. Today that's get Roman dot com slash rare NBA eligibility requirements and additional terms. Apply and now like to check. I'd so I spent some time last week with our Guy Sean. You who's who does excellent work for our video team turns out. He's a massive fan of survivor and we have survivor podcast. Our Guy Riley. Makati does a pod. Called the pod has spoken And Steve You produce that pod right. Yes indeed I do. Everybody should listen to it. It's a wonderful POB so we've got a lot of survivor fans here at the ringer and Shawn's one of them and Sean was telling me how one of the guys who got voted off had survived cancer. And he's like I can't believe he got voted off. He's the only actual survivor on survivor. So we started talking about all this stuff and I thought okay I. I haven't watched survivor in a while. But maybe we'll play a little heat check survivor whereby there things in the NBA. The maybe we're not so thrilled with that we're done with. We're GONNA vote them off. Heat check island. So we've all got some different suggestions and Because I am contractually obligated we will go to Halio Shaughnessy First Ladies First. I just want to say as a quick aside that I thought that when I had read guns suggestion to do this I thought he meant that we were going to be voting each other off proverbial island and this is a lot less than I thought. So I'm a little bummed. I will still be voting to curiosity which of US wouldn't have made the cut. Well we'd have to see how the game playing my first one is that I want to erase the narrative that harden is boring to watch voting it out and voting it out and as a huge historically big fan of Ross and the way he plays if I can accept that both of them are very fun then everyone should be able to accept it stopping grumpy Dan. Where do you fall on this? I'm I'm kind of on board for it but I want to know what about hard specifically is fun for you all the scoring all of the scoring. And I'm sorry but you've mastered this thing that yes probably slows the game down but we're still watching basketball something. We're watching baseball I am. I realized that I am a like a rare case here. I'm in the minority but I like his ability to draw fouls like I know that that's like people I can't believe you like to watch free-throw it's not so much that I like to watch free throws I like to watch the art of getting to the line. That is a skill and he utilizes it better than anybody else in the league. I mean his ability to get I mean like once he gets in line he's automatic and that is a huge advantage to for him to see the different moves that he puts on people to get them to draw contact and get the whistle. I think it's fascinating the hell out of people that also you see players from other teams showing other players knowing that they're about to play the rockets how to guard him. There have been like multiple clips of that when two teams have played after the game. They know that they're about to play the rockets. That is fantastic. That is very fun like you said. He's mastered something. We should appreciate your stop. I mean his euro step is insane. Yeah and then all the three point shooting of all the three point shooting sold me. I'm on board with US Dan. Devine what's the first thing that you're going to vote off check island? I mean we'll go pretty basic here but James Dolan the fuck off our island buddy. Oh this is so obvious back on I wanted to just just to torment me and until Haley votes off I just. It's been twenty years twenty long hard years and there's just the idea that you can't you can be so successful as a business person so successful. The Rangers have had a lot more success over the course of this two decades than the knicks have and seeing if you hire person and leave them in place and let them do their job then good. Things can result from that but tearing up the plan every two years and hiring guys it never seems to work perpetually on that treadmill so until and unless we see something maybe Leon roses the answer as my my colleague. Haley's informs me. Rose is always the answer until we see that. I don't believe it and James on get the fuck I run and tell everybody That's listening at home that when Dan said maybe Leon rose is the answer as Haley suggested hilly double finger gun tip so you got the double everything he says. It's Smart Dan. He also is in talks. Potentially to by the mets. How do you feel about that? You can get a double dip Dolan. That's that's a lot of alliteration. That's really good. That's professional broadcasting. The thing about the mets. I grew up a huge mets fan and I haven't been watching them very much because when we get to the end of the NBA SEASON. It's like either needs to be compelling reason to watch sports for me to allow it to be on TV when there's so much dvr catch up on and they're the mets so they're out of it every year by June I don't think James Dolan owning them is going to reduce my level of psychic pain at all and make an increase my level of interest when the basketball season ends so. I'm hopeful that it doesn't happen. But then Bobby Wagner boy bobby wagner was like it can't be any worse than the current ownership situation and I was like well that's crushing and depressing so I guess yeah it'll just keep on keep shoveling. Misery gives me so much I want. That is my favorite thing. And you're such a source of it all right so. I think that he check listeners. Like the number one complaint. I hear from heat check listeners. I'm going to go now. The number one concern here from heat. Shock listeners is that we simply do not talk enough. Philadelphia Seventy sixers on this program ignoring talk about him. So I'm going to talk about them here. I get a lot from Philadelphia especially but but in general I mean. It's happened here at the ringer. There's been all kinds of podcasts. Talking about breaking up Simmons and Embiid I am voting that idea right off a heat check island. Keep them together. They're both in their twenties. They're both what top fifteen twenty players in the NBA. They're locked into contracts. It is incredibly hard to find young talented players that other teams would kill for one let alone two of them yes? The FIT is awkward. Yes there may be. There's rumblings about how well they get along and all that nonsense. I don't care about that what I care about is. They are incredible generational talents and the idea that they should split them up. Now doesn't make any sense to me. It's silly silly. They haven't tried enough things to split them up like say a new coach and I'm not saying this is but there are different things that they can still try. And you shouldn't throw away one superstar when you haven't exhausted all possibilities if WANNA stop here so you die for this. I want to stop here for a second and go back to. Haley's idea about voting. Each other off is GonNa be the second thing you said. Get Rid Roy. Go say that. I said that you should exhaust all possibilities. Here's an idea. Maybe put some shooters around them. here's another idea may get somebody who can handle the ball on the pick and roll and you free up and Simmons to do some other things I mean like I look again as I mentioned last week everybody talks about Zion's efficiency and how he gets He gets anything he wants at the Rim and he doesn't really shoot. Three's who who does that sound like I agree. It's like Russell Westbrook totally You know you're you're right and it's funny when you say the maybe try putting some shooting around him. I kind of remember a pretty good team that had Dario Saric Robert Covington and JJ rediker on those two guys and that line of annihilated everybody for two years so or a year and a half the there is a template that works here and that could potentially work any postseason series. Let's see some more of that. I'm firmly on board with this and the idea that you know you can't the hardest thing to find is cost control or under contract controlled twenty five and under talent that's like an all NBA caliber player and they got two of them under contract for the next five years or four years like fix everything else around them maybe give them a stable organization where the leadership is steady year to year. And we know who's making decisions for what reasons and then maybe we can. We can talk about it after I love it. We're all in accord Let's do more around Haley. GimMe your second one. My second one is that I want everyone to shut up about the TV ratings down. I don't care no more complaining. I don't care about the investigation behind why the TV ratings are down. Because it's going off into crazy. Things people have responded to my piece on Steph curry by saying him being gone the reason the TV ratings are down ridiculous. That is absolutely ridiculous now. In IN GOLDEN STATE. It definitely is. You can see the numbers there. I think it's crazy. I think that we are missing. How good the NBA has been the season? And so I think also with me voting those off. I have to vote off. Jeff Van Gundy. Oh just ain't gonNA go. He is the he talks about this on every broadcast a good court. You would think they would tell him the network the NBA is the only one where the announcers regularly talk about having issue with some part of the NBA. Whether it's a player a rule afoul challenges. How long it takes at the end of the game review or the overall TV ratings. It's ridiculous as a quick dinner before we go to Dan Devine. I just would like to say that. I want to see whatever the opposite of voting them off as I want to keep all van. Gundy brother related grievances on the island. Because they've got a bunch of them and when they start complaining like yes maybe the TV one can go but all the other van Gundy related grievances or delightful. Where it's like you know. The thing about coaches is it. Always the first one to get fired right. It's always their fault. Stay stands argument about about analytics. Sure anything though. It'll be like. Oh The thing about Greek yogurt talking about window panels like I love them. Last year I called in Gundy for my Y It's hard to evaluate coaches peace. And you'd think that Jeff Van Gundy would have some things to say about it and he did at the end of Jeff. I gotta go man. It's been like our our so but thank you for everything. Dan Give your next one. I'm sick of I'm voting off hating on so the idea that I have here is like Hey. I think you decided to compose the MVP. Why hate on the broad? I'm not hating on the Brian. I just think he's the number two guy in the MVP race. Oh He's number two. I Hate Non James. I'm not hitting on James Harden. I just think he's the best guy. Oh He's the third guy whereas Nicole Yokich whereas Luca Danni everything that you decide is not a referendum on somebody else. Being good multiple people can be good and sometimes some of them are better than others. Also it's an opinion. How can you be that argument about an opinion? I'm not hating on your favorite guy. I'm just saying the thing that I think. Haley correct me. If I'm wrong translate for me here. This feels like something touched a nerve with Dan Devine. I love this little. I think that this is just part of Dan being nice and wanting everyone to understand everyone and and respecting everyone's opinion. I personally love this because I don't have that strong of opinions on basically everything outside of basketball. That's bullshit he's like candy corn. It's fine days. Okay like if you like it. Go eat at shake shack versus in an out. Whichever one you like. You should probably go soo. I don't fight me about it basketball basketball. Yeah that came from though. I know because Dan and I have had many conversations about Dan's mentions and Dan engaging with people in his mentioned. My general rule is Don't feed the trolls and Dan can't help himself. Because the trolls come along and he throws them a couple of crumbs and then they keep coming back. The thing is that Hayley's exactly right my start from this stuff. With like a yeah. Let's all have a good conversation about what we're talking about here and so it starts with like Lemme in good faith engage with our readership. Because that's a nice thing to do and then sometimes it doesn't go so well for me and the texture guns at like midnight going like stop social media social media all right last one before we wrap this up here so. I wasn't sure I was going to do with my last one Initially I was thinking about like voting off in the same way you were saying voting of people who were complaining about the TV ratings voting people who complain about the rest. I'm not really into that. Then I was thinking about voting off the entire mismatch podcast because masquerades as the official grizzlies podcast of the Ringer podcasting network. When we all know the official grizzlies podcast of the ringer. Podcasting network is right here But instead I'm going to go more niche my guy KFC who I love He's just a sweet heart of a human being Dan and KFC. And I did a podcast last year the NBA finals where Ko See climbed into my bed and podcast from the bed. Gospel Truth find by me. I love him sleep. Make yourself comfortable however what I do not love about K. O. Z. Is His continued conspiracy theory about Ben Simmons shooting with the wrong hands? I frankly had enough of that. So we're going to vote off the island. No more chaos talking about Ben Simmons and what handy he shoots with however because I love KFC. I come bearing a gift. I've got a suggestion for. Kfc in lieu of him talking about Simmons hand he shoots with he should instead talk about Rj Barrett. What hand he shoots with because last week. If you guys missed this. Rj Barrett informed knicks writers. That he's actually a righty and has a better shooting form with his right hand He's just more comfortable shooting with his left. Which makes no sense to me but Kasey gift this to you. This is your new thing to discuss. I like that. It's sort of like an eternal sunshine of the spotless. Mind kind of thing like we're not voting Kevin off the island just this specific part of his brain like this one thing goes but then as you say you come and replace it with something else. I also. I would be remiss if I didn't know that this was the subject of an MBA desktop investigation around the draft where he was during Summer League where RJ was seen using chopsticks with his right hand. And it's like nobody uses chopstick with their fan. It's always your strong head so yeah I mean. Listen why not there. Listen there are plenty of our very great athletes who have the sort that end by Lebron jeans and Russell Westbrook. I'm sure that RJ Barrett's going to go in that fine lineage. And that you know Beth Russell Westbrook in ozark and he's GonNa go in that fine lineage and the Kevin O'Connor can continue to haunt him like the guy who goes after the incredible hulk for their career. That'd be Wonderful Yeah. Westbrook and Lebron's are are both lefties. Who should with the right hand? These are all things and I'm not gonNA lie has nothing to do with J. Berry being a spotty shooter. That's just on history I like it And these are all things for Casey to investigate so I wish him well. On his course. That was the first ever. He check survivor. I think it will well. We're all still on the island. You WanNa vote one of us off. Now I'll I'll do it later. Show that was also the main event and now it is time for our favorite segment. Good call bad call one eight. Fold call here all right so last week. We brought to the attention of our listeners. Something called the mischief mystery box And we got quite a lot of feedback on this feedback ranging from we love this to Dan. Devine opened the box to people telling us that it was a scam. And we shouldn't be telling people about this cam box so good. Caller bad call US potentially setting our listeners up for fraud as a part time scammer at Kalsa. Good Call Dan. Devine the best back in your demands. I did it I mean I hate the way that sounded but yes I did. I got a lot of feedback in my demands on the mischief box. I say I think publicly. We have to say bad call on US going for this for this box and then secretly to among the three of us. And then Steve. Young just could call on Steve Almond you and I came up with this. Where are you on this? As a as a fulltime chaotic evil scam. I am a thousand percent on this good call doing this. We're still doing. This is an excellent point and this is what I've mentioned to check listeners. Before first of all the four of us were family that includes the listeners though the listeners our family as well so if you guys are going to get scammed guess what. We're going to get scammed with you because we're still buying the sandbox and I am opening it the second comes. That's it it's avenue. You will stop you from fixed Hyphen Tranquilizer Time. I Mo Speights update for you guys which is very unusual. Mo Speights played in the NBA for a long time. most heat check listeners would know he recently joined the. Big Three and there are a lot of big three heads at the ringer. But I wanted to tell you guys a little Mo Speights story that you may not know back when he played with the sixers his nickname among the writers was shit man. Fuck now you may not know this. The reason why his nickname among the writers were Shipman Faulk was. Because whenever you go to talk to. Mow Mow is a great guy. He'd always say yes. But any you could ask most speights anything in the world's any question and every single answer would start with some combination of the words shit man and or Faulk says no name among the writers became Shipman Fox. So let's say you to Mo Speights Nickname Shipman faulk. Gce OR BBC You know I don't really like causing in any that's how bad call. Yeah Haley's delicate sensibilities. Dan Devine. I'm going to say it's a great cause. It's a wonderful nickname. But it's also a significant. It makes me think of Fuck Mary kill. And I'm like I don't want the game shit man I don't want to do a segment talking smack heat check Stephen. A man tackles a juicy juicy. Gce as well speaking of nicknames. I spent some time with Dan. Devine last week and Some some various people decided Haley to call Dan. Odil F- so thoughts on Dan's new nickname being dill F-. You're asking me if that's a good support. Anything that makes Dan feel good about himself. Good call Down come to you less. Maybe I don't get to vote on this one. Good call good call absolutely adjacent love for. Dan is bottomless. And this is just one more thing that I love about Dan. Dan What do you think about your new nickname? That's been bestowed upon you. Thanks I hate. It makes me feel uncomfortable at Michael. Bowman our our friend from the ringer mobile show Decided that that was something he could put a tweet without clearing it with a and then it caught like wildfire among the four people. That look at that tweet All of whom are my colleagues and keep talking about it so my skin crawls every time I hear it which is how I know. It's never going. I'm sorry buddy you gotta mirror you look in the mirror and see how handsome you are every day. This was to happen. That's the worst nickname you've ever had. Worst nickname I don't. I don't know that I've had a where everybody either calls me gone gone so is optional. And all the way I go did somebody ship man and did you have a bed. Nickname feels a little personal. I've had a lot of nicknames. Okay yeah to share any of them. I will say that a lot of people recently since I've gotten out of college because a lot of nicknames in college but recently that people have been Shag Hennessy like from key and Peele I really into that. Yeah I like Haley Hill. Good all right last one. I want to run this past year because I've got another idea for us as a show last week. Was the mystery box. This week's new idea. So colleen my wife was at the NFL combine in Indianapolis this week. And I don't know if you guys saw this guy named Ben Bartsch. He's a division three tight end and he's at the. Nfl combine as an offensive lineman. Now Division three tight ends. They go about two fifty. He had a bulk up so he gained seventy pounds to become an offensive lineman. This has nothing to do with basketball in the same way that the mystery box didn't either but I don't care So he had A. He had a bulk up so that bulk up. He created this ridiculous smoothie. The SMOOTHIE is seven scrambled eggs on top of cottage cheese. Oatmeal grits a banana chautauqua peanut butter and a Gatorade of your choice now at the at the NFL. Combine Colleen and Ben Bartsch drank this smoothie. Together God bless Kellyanne and she was like a little nervous about it and I asked her afterwards. What it tastes like. And she's like it wasn't that bad. The temperature was a little off because the eggs were warm but pop out taste wise. It was kinda sweet and mostly peanut buttery so juicier BC to the four of us trying and this is binding. This is a binding agreement. Majority wins we're not. We're not doing a united thing here. So whatever side we all fall on his side of the obey juicier BC on the four of us. Trying this on next week's he check. Let's make it a boozy shake and I'm in JC TC Dan Vine you'd have to make your own from over there because I can't like tr- teleport you your own so you and we do want here you know what. Jc I'm I'm about I'm about the show Steve. All I mean shit man in the contract and call and call the sweeper doted next week next week on. Chester around sacred call bad cops. Seven scrambled eggs cottage cheese. Oatmeal grits banana peanut butter gatorade. They're gusting Jalen. My major still like protein. Say It's like a normal container of Gatorade. You pick your favorite flavor says you dump it in there. You blend it all up and you drink it. She said we're going to find out Stay tuned for that. Everybody I want to thank all of you for listening. WanNa Thank Dan. Devine dill failure. Shaughnessy nickname still. Tvd Steve Almond speaking of nicknames. I've decided he's going to be stevie franchise I liked that for him L. Yeah he's killing it on the show. He deserves it. Please rate and review us if you don't mind read all of our content on the ring dot COM. Listen to the ringer NBA. Show on the ringer podcast network. He check we'll be back next week including a smoothie. Thanks for listening everybody by walk.

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