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Welcome back to essential oil solutions with though Tara at this time of year when environmental threats are high. We know that many of you are looking for natural ways to help support your immune system so we're excited to bring you the strong all season education series. These episodes will be focusing on all the ways. You can keep your body working the best. It can so that you're able to stay strong all season. Hey everybody my name is Dana more. Today we're GONNA TALK ABOUT SOOTHING. Your body with essential oils and this is an important topic right now and something. You're probably focused on a little bit more ways to reduce stress in your muscles maybe ways to reduce stress in your emotions and relax your emotions and also just stay relaxed throughout your day on. If you're like me you probably have children at home now. So you're maybe adjusting in having pivot and so there's just a lot of adjustment taking place in I'm not immune to any of it but I do have essential oils that are helpful ammunition share with us. Some texts that. I'm doing that. We're doing as a family that are making this transition a little bit. Easier artists helping us to adjust as we're all kind of learning new ways to support things in new ways to do our daily lives so one of the first things to talk about is just relaxing muscles and for me. That's that's kind of the main way that I carry stress. That's when when stress hits and when things uncertain or You know I feel just overwhelmed. My Body will carry stress really tencent. My shoulders my jaw curious strands and I could just feel it in. That comes out in a physical way liquor. Some physical discomfort but it comes out emotionally to conceal this tightness impacted this locking up and we don't want to feel that way. We don't WanNa live in a place of stress in any way because when we are stressed out in actually is a detriment to our health. That doesn't support healthy life and so if we can stay in a place that's peaceful and relaxed. It's good for our bodies that supports US integrate way so one of the things I do I love to do is to take an epsom salt bath or create an epsom salt foot soak or even perhaps a shower and so I say on that because I know not everyone is a is a bather to soak in a bath the I'll have to soak into back consumer tip for us to take two COPs epsom salt in a nice warm bath and soak for at least fifteen minutes and to maximize that. I love to add a romantic essential. Oil Beautiful Bland. It's warming to the body and it smells amazing and so it brings it the aromatic peace over me as well but it mixes really well with epsom salts. I would just say use three drops. No more with two cups of epsom salts. If you don't love a bath on the back that's okay plug your shower and put the same thing in the bottom of the shower and just take your time in the shower. Maybe that's today where you take extra time to shave or something. So your feet are soaking in the epsom salts in the essentials as well and you're benefiting from the aroma or you can just sit in your feet Base either way you're GonNa get the benefits of Epson Salts which are calming relaxing. Amazing for distressing. But you're also GonNa get benefits of essential oils as well so that's one thing now because I'm prone to stress a couple extra things to I like to use this. Jade roller mini could kind of get these anywhere online. Just have it shipped to you But I like to to roll it along by JAL line where I get tense right through here because when I go to bed I'll end up clenching because my muscles are so tight or I feel stressed out and so one of the best oils that you can use for that. That Ivan is ballots. I think balance is phenomenal. Oil religious feeling grounded and insecure analyst. Take a few drops a balance and rub it gently along my jaw line. And then just take time to slowly. Ralph and you can even breathe by doing this. But it's calming relaxing in works that oil in and you're getting the benefits of Blue Tansy and Frankencense and black spruce was. You're actually great for your skin as well and it can just become a ritual that you do to set yourself up for being called before you go to sleep. Which is a great time recharged by two and then in addition one of the best things you can do if you're just uncomfortable or maybe you're working out more right now. In this season of lies put some deep blue on your muscles and then put a warm wet compress on hot so often I just use even heating pad and output the Deep Louis. Were Aroma touches. Fine and then add the warm wet conference on top. And just let that sit in sued for awhile and it's it's more than just even the actor the oils and the conference. It's just being still in letting your body to heal and rest and recharge ended to find that kind of peace. So that's all about your muscles when it comes to your emotions In our home were pretty proactive with our emotions. Because I don't really like to to handle emotional things after someone has looked out or after we all feel a dot so one of the things that we're doing To combat stress. Were taken the adaptive soft gels and I definitely made sure that we had enough for this period of being born team. Thanks for joining us. And congratulations on living a healthier lifestyle with essential oils. If you liked what you heard today Rape Review and subscribe wherever you listen also if you want to try any of the products you learned without Goto dot terra dot com or find a wellness advocate near you to place an order today.

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