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This is mornings with Kale in northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI K. Well. As I spin that Cova dial trying for the life of me to understand the five categories. Here's what we know Denver's moved to the second highest level of covid nineteen restrictions forcing most businesses to operate at twenty five percent capacity have mayor Michael, handcock saying the resurgence of the viruses a failing by those who still refuse to believe in the science enter the panic porn component of the conversation as we have new covid nineteen modeling data predicting that Colorado will exceed April peak hospitalizations in just a few months Colorado governor jared police says he's facing challenges as Colorado is among the states experiencing. A surge in covid nineteen cases, compare, and contrast in August. The state logged about two thousand new cases a week last week that number jumped to more than eight thousand governor polling warning that the situation could indeed worsen in the coming months seven eight now thirteen ten, kfi thirteen, ten, Kfi K. A. DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings at Gail from the auto collision specialist studios. So where does that leave Weld County and more to the point Greeley joined by Greeley, mayor and director. Excuse me chief of safety and security at Greeley School District Sex John Gates Mayor Gates welcome back to the shout. Wasn't good morning to you gail, if you get that Kobe metrics figured out. I'd like Short dissertation if you'd give me a call. Make sure you have an hour or so I'll I'll make an hour i. I always appreciate that about you know seriously this whole dashboard and the covert dial is so darn confusing. But once again, you've got Denver amping it back up again at well to the peril of businesses forcing most businesses to operate at twenty five percent capacity where to swelled county stand with all this. I had the opportunity to talk with the Webb County Commissioner, Scott James, and asked him about that Cova dial and he said, well, we don't really subscribe to that. Yeah no well, county doesn't and you know we're we're trying to give it a look. We've we're relying on our emergency manager who? Deals with this. Issue every single day that to keep you posted on the. You know the stay at home to go home the etc centrists But yeah, I think we have to strike a balance in Greeley between. What we need to do to get rid of this virus and personal responsibility and I don't happen to think what the Denver Mayor did strikes that balance personally east. He's got a tough job. But I think that we need to attempt to keep our businesses open to the extent we can safely and there's there's then then no indication in Greeley that we haven't opened up safely. But I can assure you I've talked to several businesses restaurants since Denver went to twenty five. Percent Capacity and it hasn't been a situation of we may not make it. It is we won't get twenty five percent capacity and when they tell you, you know we're breaking even at fifty loosening of fifty, but we're staying open to give. You know residents some entertainment value or striped I, just I simply think it's gone too far. I'm not trying to. To underestimate the Kobe Kobe Israel and for whatever reason our numbers going up. Greeley well, county aren't going up near to the extent Some of the ones in Denver and maybe. Mayor. Hancock had to make decision that he made but. I just I give residents more credit for personal responsibility and I wear a mask when I'm in businesses. But. To those that say they want that it's it's merely an executive order and Ottawa. Right that's that's true. To. Say. We have to wear them. To shake the virus I I. Don't know if that's true. I've read different studies on whether mass or beneficial run. That's the problem we keep getting litany of conflicting information misinformation, and then you know you've got those elected officials that are basically saying, oh well, you're not doing it right? Sure and that's why we need to crack down. Well, I'm sorry. We had gotten the story straight from the get-go perhaps we would have a better handle on how the virus actually spreads and the efficacy of mass. Well, into those many many people who've talked about certainly, bet my ear about follow the science. Yeah I'm a fault with the science guy but my question after six seven months is. What is the science? They haven't nailed that down and I think if most elected officials new unequivocally what the science was, they'd be more apt to do this or do that. But you know the the world's famous doctor WHO'S ON TV? Every thirty forty seconds certainly right I I respect I, respect his credentials very much but He can't get it right I certainly can't get right. Yeah exactly you know there is something to the term of pandemic fatigue actually talked to a gentleman. I believe it was yesterday. Of course, I'm on over time as we all are. So it's kind of like groundhog day every day but I believe it was yesterday but yes, and you hint democ fatigue has set in for so many of us and it just appears as though if we do the right things even if well in our hearts, we doubt the right things because to your point about science. Okay. I will concede this point science changes. And Office often changes rapidly and as a new information becomes available, you know they incorporate the scientific method and you know react accordingly but we've been so whipsawed by all of this and the other thing that really irritates me is back to your point about the executive order relative to mass and governor Jared Polis really crank down on businesses making them the mask police because it's to their own peril, which is why I wear a mask and businesses because I want to support those small businesses that have been so hard hit that's why I wear a mask in small businesses I want them to survive. Right, there, with you Gail I do too and I and more apt to maybe patronize a business. I would have been before for that very reason because. When all the dust settles don't know when that's going to be but. We, need our our businesses and our economy to. Still be alive. So I I completely agree with you in that regard. Interesting, because I had pulled a piece out of the Fort Collins Colorado end and I think it sums up the very nature of the conversation. We're having this morning headlines. Says it all Kevin Dugan in the Collins Colorado and covid nineteen frustration hits the Larimer County Commissioners. You said that I'm sorry it was. Steve Johnson. Basically. Saying that businesses have invested so much money into protective measures in order to follow health guidelines, keep their doors, open restaurants and bars are looking into buying heat lamps intense to serve customers outdoors. Okay. Fine. But I wanted to ask you. What was the? The success of the outdoor dining that we had in Greeley and what's the future of that Well I think it was successful and that's that's partially antidoto that I hear from businesses but I I was down there downtown quite a bit as well, and it did in fact expense eating out to give me about the ability to serve more and service those individuals Wilco out but they won't go inside obviously that's not going to be applicable now for several months because it's quite cold but I think that's beneficial and God forbid of viruses still with us when it gets warm again. I think that's a very real possibility I. Agree with the Commissioner Johnson. Cova fatigue is currently studying. People are have been cooped up people are angry. There isn't any question that that. We're we're seeing quite a bit of that in in fact, it's probably why lots of numbers going up because a lot of people were racing our arm saying, I want to get back to air quotes normal. whenever normal there there there are a couple of interesting statistics is I've tried just like you to keep up with this and that is the number one age group. Now, for positive tests, it's actually twenty, two, twenty, nine. So that'd be that would be indicative that it's college campuses and I would tell you that I speak to President Feinstein, often UNC and they're not really having issues to speak of here See you is, but I'll tell you that I'd rather see that age group twenty to twenty nine, then seventy, two, seventy, nine because the folks in the in the twenty group. Are are likely to either not have symptoms or are to heal real quickly as we know early on in this virus. a lot of the deaths were the elderly and those in nursing homes at certain just had no ability to fight it off. So they say different strains, I, I saw. A doctor on TV last night not the world's most famous doctor. But doctor who said that that there are different strains than the the strain that some parts of the country are seeing now artists series. So those are all positives you know I I look at things in Greeley obviously mean as much as I'd like to go away I can't control that but I I look at mortality and and hospital stays from the last thing we wanna do there's over odor hospitals and I can tell you that as of last night I'm getting numbers about daily now hospital numbers up, but we are not overloading those. Those are the types of things. That when our hospitals get full of patients and and out of ventilators, which I hope doesn't happen. Then jurisdictions going to have to make some decisions but but we're not there we're nowhere close to that right now. Yeah. Yeah. Lamoure County Commissioner Steve Johnson went on to say if the state raises its put restrictions, the county might not comply going on to say, we're not going to lockdown our businesses again, just based on a few numbers and a metric see he shares are confused frustration with the Cova dial unless we're seeing a real crisis in our community mirrors roar words. Exactly. and. As you will know, well, that that's I'm not gonNA speak for commissioners back that certainly mirrors the commissioners. Version of you know keeping our communities open at whatnot. But. I'm not. I'm not buried in the sand with this stuff cooker also not gonNa make any panic driven decisions. want to keep people healthy wanNA keep them alive. But we also want to keep our economy thriving. It's a balancing act and Sarah and it goes. Back. To what some of US have been saying since March or so it's it's not easy being an elected official right now because. A lot of the calls you make are just flat wrong in a lot of it at least in people's mind a lot of it is that people hyped up right now and I've used the word unhinged and I don't think they're quite as unhinged. As they were but in our our society as a lot going on right now and. and. In some cases we haven't adapted to it real. Well, I don't know if our country can can get any more angry. It's just really frustrating. Don't we can't get along better but that's a problem that I certainly can't solve. I getting maybe help contribute to that we just Are. Yearning Sir. Absolutely and well, arguably five days away from a better times. Have you Have you voted mayor? Gates I. Did vote voted early on hoping that it would I don't have a home phone anymore but hoping it would cut back on some of the emails and calls to my cellphone was a sort of. On me but. My wife and I voted early on. I sat down one weekend and did necessary research since since there were few those audience I knew very little about. I felt like I was educated enough to vote. So I, got her down in. Appear. So millions and millions of others have also got it done. So that's a good thing. Oh, yeah. We are seeing record breaking returns Larimer County talked with the Well County Quarter Carl Compass We're seeing about the same of course that number could have gone up as we saw twenty sixteen but oh, my gosh. You look nationally and we are just smashing records wanted to ask you about a local issue and your thoughts on that food tax. You know. The PHE- taxes. Is really a good thing. It's past seven straight times. Goes directly the infrastructure streets. and parks, and the fact is. That with. Coupled with keep moving. We can keep our streets setup. There's an acronym called us. Fatema Quality. Index that we can keep those streets up and It's just A. It's an ongoing tax. I'm not going to say it's not a tax it is, but it's not a new one. borders of past seven straight times we're optimistic but you know anytime you talk to tax. There's probably nothing that I could think of that are residents could vote on. that would lend more to the beautiful. -CATION and aesthetics of Greeley than the tax. So. strongly encouraged support, for food tax. In that it will allow us generates about nine or ten, million a year the neck money goes directly to our streets. Keep them. You know as good as we can right and even the Greeley trip editorial board backs you on that sentiment. Yeah really mayor and Chief of safety and Security Greeley Evans School districts six John Gates. Thank you so much. Appreciate your time as always. Always a pleasure look forward to talking to you soon, gail. You Bet seven, twenty, two now thirteen ten Kfi K. Dan Patrick the whole show and Colin Coward or a northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten Kfi K. catch me Dan Patrick and the Danettes weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten. K. Well look. Governor Jared Polis discovered a secret stash of money. That's a good thing. I suppose as he announces. Three hundred and seventy five dollar direct payments for more than four, hundred, thousand, Colorado, and this of course with the epic fail that was the COVID. Nineteen related stimulus talks in Congress working in piece by Alex Bernez out of the a Denver Post Oh and Joe Rubio as well. Hundreds of thousands of Colorado and will receive three, hundred, seventy, five dollars each in one time direct payments that come out of recently discovered untapped funds. Governor Jared Polis announced just yesterday. Now, according to an executive orders signed by Pulis eligibility for this money will be limited to those earning under fifty two thousand dollars who have filed for unemployment at. least once between March Fifteenth and October twenty four th of this year and who met state eligibility requirements for a weekly benefit amount between twenty five dollars and five hundred dollars during that same period. Now, the police administration estimates that more than four hundred, thousand Colorado ones will receive payments for a total of one hundred and sixty eight million dollars to be distributed. Statewide police told the Denver Post. The money would hit bank accounts by December first and that you if you qualify, you won't have to apply for the money multiple members of a household can receive payments now about one hundred and forty, nine, million dollars of the money. This according to police budget director Lauren. Larson. Said will come from quote. Some expected review Zhen's I think she probably means visions to some over budget lines for the Medicare program. We're seeing a slower uptake in that case load the rest will come from disaster relief funds, Colorado Department of Labor and employment estimates as many as four hundred, thirty, five, thousand people will qualify for the payments which it will be dispersing. Every eligible person will receive a call or an email from the labor. Department, people who have filed for unemployment. This year are encouraged to log into their accounts and Make sure that their addresses and preferred payment methods are up-to-date Colorado ones who are not eligible for traditional state unemployment support but have collected federally funded Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program benefits this year. Yes. They also will qualify for the three hundred and seventy five dollars now more than seven hundred and fifty thousand people have filed for unemployment in Colorado since mid March. This according to the Labor. Department as the week ending October tenth. Nearly, two hundred and eighteen thousand people were collecting ongoing benefits police to Denver Post. These direct payments are the best way to get hardworking folks through very difficult period and get our economy back on track well seems to me once-stellar way of getting our economy back on track is a not to tighten those restrictions and lockdowns and. Basically hamstring businesses as we're seeing Denver Mayor, Hancock do twenty five percent capacity. You know don't you how hard hit small businesses particularly restaurants are, and you know even if you're not for millions what the profit margins of a restaurant, the bottom line is this those profit margins are very, very narrow and every single restaurant owner that I of ever spoken with about twenty five percent capacity roles as we can't do it it doesn't make any sense for us stay even reopen. But that aside. Governor. Collaborated with state lawmakers and finding the money. This. Morning to a publ Democrat. Representative S car who chairs the legislature's joint budget committee the excess Medicaid money was the result of a lower than expected number of caseloads and higher than expected federal match she went on to say now the governor for his part said he considered making the move earlier in October but he was waiting to see if there would be another round. Of Federal Coronavirus relief payments. 's announcement of course, comes less than a week four days as of today before election. Day. One of the Democratic lawmakers mentioned in the press release state Senator Dominate Rano of Commerce city said he doesn't think Colorado INS should quote re too much into the timing what is he calling skeptical? Perhaps, the importance he said was getting the assistance to folks. Before the end of the year, considering that it looks like Congress isn't really going to do anything. Marino is vice chair of the Budget Committee this as a governor Jerry Polish announces three hundred, seventy, five dollar direct payments for more than four, hundred, thousand, Colorado INS and payments indeed will be automatic for one who qualifies seven fifty, one now thirteen ten KFI. Rogue Code now. Weekdays at four another in Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI K.. Tune into the House show at noon and no co now at four back to mornings with Kayla Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI K. Seven fifty six thirteen ten KFI, thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail from the collision specialist Studios Hey thanks big shout to her friends up at Cake K. Gabba for this story DUNNo. If you heard about this or not but apparently last Friday Colorado Governor Jared Polis visited Larimer county to well see for himself. The impact of the fires police also met. With officials at loveland incident. Command Center to discuss Colorado's response to the cameron peak and east troublesome fires. By the way, we have some updates to share on those fires that we will get to time permitting in the eight o'clock hour. But at some point during the day well, let's just say that policies truck met with wildlife and no police his truck wasn't. A ramtruck, it was a suburban but well, let's just say Kinda got rammed There's a photo floating around just fire up the Google or you can find it a photo of police's vehicle with a large dent in the driver's side, which was reportedly made by a big horn sheep colorado parks and wildlife shared the photo this as a reminder that quote you spell Dwi. See what they did there. You never know when you might get rammed. Unfortunately, the governor and the sheep. Well, they're both in much better shape than is the driver's. Door. A. Oh my gosh. Go rounds some fifty, seven now thirteen, ten, J. Thirteen, ten. Up. A DOT COM, all right we've got a busy eight o'clock hour ahead we're going to check in with. Senator Cory Gardner Taking Front and center. Stage yesterday that says, the Commerce Committee convened to question some of the Honchos Social Media Honchos about well, why President Donald Trump's tweets are sometimes. Censored by twitter among with other conservative voices but tweets, for example, from the Iranian I- Tola Khanini. Including one denying the Holocaust and including one wishing death and destruction rain down on Israel well, twitter doesn't find it all that necessary to censor. tweets like that public questioning came during a hearing of the Senate Commerce, Committee on Social Media Regulations, and of course, you had the twitter CEO Dazed and confused I don't get the beer to you Jack Dorsey facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Sundar. Pichai. Dorsey said he believes twitter has removed or flag tweets from Khameini and other World Leaders Aside from trump but. He just seemed to blank out on the specifics couldn't recall any specific examples and. He agrees that Holocaust denial is indeed misinformation Dorsey. Told Senator Cory Gardner that it does not fall into one of the categories of misinformation that twitter sensors. Wait what? We'll make some sense of all of it when Senator Cory Gardner joins US this morning at eight zero, five ABC News local news coming your way thirteen ten Kfi Greeley loveland. It's eight o'clock. ABC.

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