The Moors Murders


Welcome to the murder minute podcast today, the story of the moors murders. But I your true crime headlines. A southern California man is being held without bail after gunning down the mother of his child during a child custody exchange at a police station. The accused murderer thirty year old Jacob Ryan Munn dropped off his seventeen month old son at the Hawthorne police station sometime before six PM last Sunday. Then retrieved a shotgun from his vehicle, and waited when the child's mother twenty eight year old Brenda renter RIA, arrived to pick up her child a short time later. She was gunned down. She approached the front door of the police station. The victim's mother who had accompanied her daughter to the police station was not injured after the shooting Munn fled the scene in his vehicle. He was apprehended about three hours later if convicted he could face the death penalty to men in a Portland suburb called nine one one to report that a burglar was hiding in the bathroom of the home where they were house sitting they had briefly left their nephew's house to walk his dog upon returning. They could hear commotion in the bathroom and see a shadow of a suspect moving under the door. Police canine units descended on the home. They ordered the suspect to open the locked bathroom door but got no response. With guns drawn, they broke down the door and encountered they're suspect, which turned out to be a room vacuum cleaner repeatedly knocking against the shower door. The Washington county sheriff's office shared the tail on their Facebook page, along with a photo of the robotic vacuum cleaner stamped with the word captured and red letters and body, Cam footage of. Officers apprehending their suspect. Minneapolis man is being held on first degree attempted murder charges after throwing a five year old boy, over third floor railing at the mall of America last week, twenty four year old Emanuel Ronda told police that he had gone to the mall, intending to kill an adult but instead grabbed a boy who was outside a cafe on the third floor with his mother, a Rhonda, approached them grabbed the child and dropped him thirty nine feet to the ground causing life threatening injuries. A Rondo told police he had been coming to the mall for years, trying to talk to women and was frustrated and angered by their rejection. He had previously been banned from the same all for confrontations with shoppers and damaging property. His bail has been set at two million dollars. The boy remains in critical condition with multiple broken bones, and severe head trauma to Texas teenagers are facing capital murder charges after murdering a fifty three year old woman during a robbery of her home. The victim was the mother of one of the alleged. Killers the accused Daniel Saito and Matthew Dempsey both eighteen used Dempsey's key to enter the home of his mother. Mary, Helen Dempsey intending to burglarize it. They began gathering items from around the home, preparing to steal them. When Mary Dempsey unexpectedly returned she turned on her kitchen. Lighten was immediately attacked by her son, who beat her repeatedly with a baseball, bat and slit her throat with a kitchen knife. They then bound her with duct tape and covered her body with a blanket, leaving it on the living room floor. They loaded the stolen items into the victims car and fled the scene later withdrawing money from her Bank account at an ATM win. The victim did not show up for work and could not be reached her concerned employers, contacted Dempsey's daughter who went to her mother's home and discovered her car, missing, and her body concealed under the bloody blanket win. Authorities questioned Matthew Dempsey at his mobile home, a short time later, they discovered bloody clothing concealed. Trash bag at his residence. Matthew Dempsey and his girlfriend were subsequently arrested and Dempsey's girlfriend told police that he had confessed to her that he killed his mother SALCEDO was arrested a short time later and both men are being held on one million dollar bond. Oh, Wisconsin teenager has been charged with two counts of first degree murder for the killing of his grandparents last weekend Alexander Krause called nine one one on Sunday and told the dispatcher that he had just killed his grandparents and needed to be arrested by police when an officer entered the home in grand chute. They found seventy four year old Dennis Krause and his seventy three year old wife, Leith lying dead on their kitchen floor. Each of the victims had been shot in the head in a bedroom in the home. Police found a red folder with Alexander's typed out plans for the killing, he also told investigators that he had intended to cause harm at Nina high school where he was a junior. The seventeen year old is facing two counts of first degree intentional homicide and faces life in prison. If convicted a drifter who became a viral sensation six years ago is now on trial for murder in New Jersey, Caleb, McGill, -very, also known as. Guide the hatchet willing hitchhiker rose to fame after a six minute profanity Laden interview with a local news station in Fresno, after he warned an attack on two women by taking out there, Salem with a hatchet in February of twenty thirteen the clip has been viewed more than seven million times on YouTube and turned the frizzy haired hitchhiker into an instant celebrity. He remained off the grid continuing to wander around the country, and eventually crossed paths with a seventy three year old attorney named Joseph gal fi in may of the same year. The two met in Times Square, drank beers together, and then gal fi invited McGill to sleep in the guest room of his New Jersey home. He stayed with gal fi the next night as well and alleges that on the second night, Galthie drugged and raped him. And he fought back in self-defense gal fi was found dead, the next day after failing to report to work, and investigators found information on golfie cell. Phone linking him to McGill, who had written a post on his Facebook page, claiming that he had been assaulted. Police apprehended McGill re at a Starbucks in Philadelphia a few days after galaxies death. He has pleaded not guilty. Those are your true crime headlines. For more headlines, checkout, the murder minute app in the app store and Google play. Or follow us on Instagram at murder minute. Coming up next. The story of the moors murders but first, a quick break. Our story begins January of nineteen sixty one where Millward's merchandise a small chemical distributor in Manchester England was the workplace of two peculiar people to people that didn't seem to quite fit in with our coworkers the I was eaten Brady he was known to keep himself, and be a generally quiet man. His coworker said that despite his quiet demeanor. He was prone to frequent outbursts, and as if that wasn't enough, he had an obsession with Hitler's Mein cough that he kept hidden from his peers. However, the list doesn't stop there. Brady was also obsessed with fantasies of death in violence and fittingly. The Nazi regime's, countless, atrocities, our second strange yet, quite employee was Myra Hindley. She was the news employees at Millward's having began a job. As a typist that month. Unlike Brady Henley showed no warning signs that she would become a devious killer despite having a rough childhood and Lee was similar to many of her co-workers the biggest difference, though. She took an immediate liking to Brady. It wasn't long before she began to idolize him from afar and within months, she finally mustered up the courage to speak to him a few more months went by until they went on their first date from there. There was no turning back the relationship develops quickly with both of them diving into deep discussions centered around their violent fantasies. However, the fantasies weren't enough to keep them satisfied. They wanted to kill not because they had hatred in their hearts sought revenge or wanted to be criminals. But because they had long for death for the sake of death. So they walked the streets of Manchester stocking anyone that appeal to them. And search. Of their victim. That's when they spotted their target sixteen year old Pauline read a friend of Henley's younger sister was the unfortunate victim. The pair chose her solely because they believe that her death would not be seriously investigated. It seemed like there was spot on as on July twelfth nineteen sixty three she vanished leaving no trace behind. No one had seen Pauline prior to her disappearance in little move forward in terms of an official search until it was too late Brady and Hindley had already taken Pauline in their van and headed out of town towards Santa worth more once the pair had driven far enough outta town. Brady slip Pauline's throat twice with a large knife. She bled out on the moors as Brady and Henley sexually assaulted her. They buried her body with a blue coat and white heels, she was wearing and drove back into town as if nothing had happened. The couple had finally acted out their fantasy of taking. The life the satisfaction didn't last long immediately. They began to plan their next kill the target twelve year old John Kilbride in November nineteen sixty three Brady and Henley, rented a car pulled up a side John. They offered him a ride home, but he was hesitant. However, after giving him a bottle of Sherry, he agreed and got in the car not long into the ride Brady told, John, that they had to make a stop on the more because he lost his glove in Nita John's help finding it was. They arrived the same sequence happened again. Brady attack, John in tempted to slit, his throat, he was unsuccessful which led to sexually assaulting John Kilbride before strangling him with shoelace to immortalize the moment, Brady photograph. Henley closing of the young boys grave this time. They're high is lasted longer. It wasn't for another year and a half until the couple struck. Again. Their target. This time was twelve year old Keith Bennett. Keith was running late on his way to his grandmother's. House Brady and Henley now noticing the boys frantic nece offered him a ride as with the previous two victims Myra nails. That there is a stop in the Moore's, they had to make. Once they got their Brady told Keith that they were looking for his lost glove, and much like the other victims. They sexually assaulted the child before murdering him. It wasn't until the summer of nineteen sixty four that Brady buried Keith area, the Moore's that is believed to be where the other victims were buried in this case he's body was never found. But his family has continued to search for it over fifty years later, three murders. Weren't enough for Brady and Hindley before the end of nineteen sixty four they spotted ten year old Lesley, Ann Downey, standing alone by a ride at the fairground, and they were set to make her their next victim. They approached the young girl and ask. If she could help carry some things to their car, she agreed without worry. And when they asked if she could come home with them to help them unload, she got in the car. Unlike the previous killings the pair carried out the murder within the confines of their own home, Leslie was bound, gagged and forced to pose for photographs. The same story repeated itself as Lesley Ann Downey was raped and strangled. The next day, the pair, drove her body to the moors where she was buried near the other victims by the middle of nineteen sixty five braiding Henley seemed to be in the clear despite their horrific actions searches had occurred, but no one suspected them. As a matter of fact, nobody had tried to link any of the disappearances emerged together. Then the murder of Edward Evans occurred and sparked a change on Tober six Brady met Edward Evans at Manchester central railway station for this murder. Brady and Henley decided to expand their group and include Henley's brother-in-law David Smith, the to manage to get Evans back to their home, where Smith was called over. Once he arrived Brady attacked Evans. He struck him over the head with a blunt end of an axe, and then strangled Evans with an electrical cord Smith assisted Brady in disposing, the body and all seem to have gone, according to plan, however, the guilt began to creep in on Smith the next day Smith all the police and the pairs plan to expand their circle failed on October. Seventh nineteen sixty five in Brady was arrested while Meyer Henley was released the same day after claiming that Evans staff was an accident, although she was released. It didn't take long as on October eleventh, just four days later, she joined Brady and custody. The two would never be released even though they were now in custody, the full extent of what, Ian. Brady and Meyer Henley did was not clear. They were arrested only for the murder Edward Evans, which both claimed to have been an accident. At the time neither was a suspect in any of the other desks. They had acted out as a police began to investigate the story emerged in the true horror of the pairs actions was revealed the police began their search at the railway station where Brady Lert Evans Brady made a crucial mistake and didn't claim luggage with police opened it. They found nine pieces of child pornography. The pieces were photos of Leslie and Downey it wasn't until that moment that braiding Henley became suspects in her disappearance with these new pieces of evidence servicing the police had enough to suspect that braiding Henley were responsible for more murders, the police searched their house and found a notebook with the name of John Kilbride the suspicions of the police grew. And the began to wonder how many disappearances the couple was connected to the big breakthrough was when a large collection of photographs of Brady and Henley at saddle. Worth more was found from there. The hunt was on over one hundred fifty officers combed location in the pictures in search of clues in less than a week. They found their first body. It was Lesley, Ann Downey, who is easily identified by site. It wasn't long until they found the body of John Kilbride, the body had been so badly decomposed that he could only be identified by the clothes he was wearing the day he disappeared on the same day. John's body was found Brady Henley appeared before a judge. But we're only facing the accusation of the murder of Lesley, Ann Downey, two months later, they were officially accused of the murders of Lesley, Ann Downey and Edward Evans, each pled, not guilty. The police called on the payer to provide evidence, and when they did Brady spoke for eight hours while Henley spoke for six they stuck to their previous statements and denied all the charges against them. They claim. That the death of Edward Evans was an accident, and that they were in no way linked to the others. Their stories crumbled at the trial, when an audio recording of Lesley Ann Downey was played the voices of Brady and Henley were clearly audible, they could be heard forcing her to pose for photographs and threatening violence against her. The two could plead all they want. There is no way to explain this evidence Ian Brady was found guilty on accounts of all three murders. Myra Hindley was acquitted of the murder of Lesley, Ann Downey. She claimed that the murder Kurd while she was elsewhere, the public cried out for both of them to be sentenced to death. But the death penalty had been abolished in the United Kingdom only a few months before their sentencing. It's fair to say that had the death penalty not been repealed. Their fates would have been very different. Brady was handed three consecutive licenses while Henley was handed to licenses plus seven. In years, while Justice was served to their victims had been unaccounted for police had yet to connect them to the deaths of Pauline, read, and Keith Bennett this change when Kice mother when he Johnson wrote a letter to Myra Hindley. In it. She begged Henley to tell her anything she knew about her son's disappearance, though. She and Brady Brin credibly adamant that there were no other killings Henley appeared to be genuinely remorseful. For what she had done in November of nineteen eighty six she agreed to assist the police in searching, the Moore's again for the bodies that they had never uncovered though, they do not find the body of Keith Bennett. They did find the body appalling read. She was less than one hundred yards away from where Leslie Ann, Downey's body was found and only three feet underground, as time went on Myra Henley, downplayed her roles in the killing more and more for years after the trials she claimed that she was only involved in the learning kidnapping of children, leaving Brady alone to commit the murders. This was proved to be not true based on evidence in November two thousand two at the age of sixty Myra Hindley passed away. She. For a brain aneurysm that was linked to repack day, smoking habit. Though, she wished to be cremated twenty undertaker's refused to do. So on the other hand in Brady was not remorseful, and made no attempt to hide his past actions, fully aware that he would never be free again. He felt no need to deny his crimes. In addition to the five children, the pair confessed to murdering he claimed that he and Henley murdered five more, none of the descriptions, he gave matched any unsolved murders. And none of the killings were ever verified in two thousand one he published a book about serial killers, despite protests from his victims families, and has book he stays that. He does not feel remorseful for what he did and denied the claims of insanity and psychosis. He states that he did the killings for the pure, existential experience. In Brady spent fifty two years in prison until he died on September twenty. I two thousand seventeen his dying wish was that his ashes were to be spread across Saddleworth more, however, he was unceremoniously buried at sea. Protrude crime anytime. Download the murder minute app or follow us on Instagram at murder minute.

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