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I'm Katie couric and I'm back with my new podcast next question with Katie couric yeah. That's me not this season. We're tackling some cutting edge trans like CBD CBD is not snake oil there people trying to make it snake oil in promising basing that it can change every single thing in our society and that is a critical reason why we need research so why does actress Kristen Bell Take it. I've tried like every little little supplement or vitamin that comes on the market for my anxiety and I haven't noticed as much of a worry free crispin as I do with. CD's and and tough topics like the impact hardcore porn is having not only on women he was behind me and he put his arm around my neck were to you scream his name and I told him get off of me but on kids who can get it online for free all the time the discovered pornography he was was probably around ten ish can find it on almost any browser anything not very difficult that all we'll talk to big names doing big things in new spaces like Jennifer Garner. I've crisscrossed the country visiting the poorest areas in the rural parts of those states and and I just seen the similarities and the differences the similarities being this incredible optimism that if you get to a child and a mom early you can change the course of that child's life life will get unexpected insight from people. You think you know like singer Songwriter Andy Grammer. Everybody's got their phone face the cameras voicing back at them all day long. They're like very self right now and the more that you can go outward and do something for other people be of service to somebody else. That will undeniably make you happier every time. I've got a ton of questions like how are white supremacists being radicalized online when and how vaping become an epidemic why are so many many people into sports next question aims to make sense of our chaotic complicated an ever changing world one question at a time so join me on Iheartradio or wherever you get your podcast. I look forward to figuring this all out together.

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