Lions HC Matt Patricia, Ghost Hunting In Milwaukee, Hard Knocks & Mt Rushmore Of Cheese


On today's part of my take we have a lions coach matt patricia. We are live in milwaukee the pfister hotel we have ghost host hunters they the i mean that was gold. I don't know if i'm going to be able to recreate start start again. Wait till we get into the show. What just run all this is a great cold open yeah you heard p._f. Tease real joke. There nailed l. did oh you didn't know you probably heard over my mic. Though you said wait wait. We'll do to run back okay but if i heard it then scouts pretend like it's the first time all right the cash app. Pardon my takes brought to you by the cash out the number and finance app in the app store. Cash app is most powerful way to send spend and save. It's connected to the free cash card the only debit card with boosts. Just select a boost in your cash app than instantly save at some of your favorite places like ten percentage percentage polls or one dollar off all coffee shops. They're always adding new boosts so check yours. 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They welcomed part of my take presented by the cash app. Go download loaded right now putting code barstool you get five dollars for free five dollars a._s._p._c._a. Today is wednesday august seventh and we are live on on the road from the pfister hotel. That's right fister. I barely even know her nailed it. Were about to go hunt. We're going to do that. We're gonna get the were introduced. The ghost hunters at hot see cool thrown now to just back up for a second because the pfister hotel that is widely known as very haunted hotel here milwaukee. Yes there are a lot of major league baseball players that are afraid to stay here because the ghosts so we brought into ghost hunters to see if there when he goes and hangs room will get to them later coming up boiler alert. The hank is going to have a very interesting night sleeping key okay so before we do that we also have mount rushmore cheeses and matt patricia tricia packed show for you but before we do all of that hard knocks yes hard knox's back. Derek carr is awkward as he's our my big takeaway. He seemed like he was reading off a script or i'll take that back. He wasn't reading off a script. He just knew the cameras were on the whole time so he was like trying his best. He was like a robot trying to impersonate a quarterback he was. It's very clear that the message the raiders are trying to send his derek carr quarterback and we're going to give him a lot of airtime and we're going to show oh how tuffy is including bullying his two young kids to to fight in the living room other playing basketball that felt script. If you're a car you have to be like don't fight against each other because if you cried your mask is gonna run tests right so so that it started with that it also started with antonio brown in miami and his feet is big feet having a big problem so those were the two like <hes> you know like derek cars. It's gonna be derek. Carr is hard knocks. He's the quarterback he's tough. Antonio brown's feet we you don't know and i forgot to mention great opening. Do you think gruden wrote that like beforehand. I don't wanna dreams men and one nightmare where he said. I'm not in the dream business. I want i wanna make i want you guys to to make someone else's life a nightmare crush their dreams and then he was like we're not playing for the gator bowl the peach bowl the tax layer will play for the super bowl guys. I liked it and it was very misleading. How intense that absorb started compared to what happened during the episode yes. It's very obvious that jon gruden was not gonna let them show anything. That's like remotely interesting. Well we just have to hope for next week which sean mcveigh trying to out gruden jon gruden. It's just like saying the exact same lines. They're going to get into a music volume off. You just keep raising the volume on their music until all their eardrums explode. The one you think gruden does that has always fascinating 'cause gruden. You're right. He's never he's not gonna show anything really for the camera other than you know the the big barbecue at the end where he's like family i i you know i'm a coach and i love your family gruden though the cameras just catching his face in a permit squint i could watch that all day but he just standing there relaxed but looking so angry. It's his resting heartbeat. Any wants to kill someone. I can't figure out what jon gruden because he always has one is hey. That's like kind of cocked can't determine if it's the same i each time or if he switches it up from time to time that was one thing the other thing i noticed about him. Never weren't sunblock and his life life. No he is anti he thinks he's tough in the sun the fucking sun and i believe that he is he's got an he. He wears so little sunblock that he has an ear tan so behind signed. His ear is like super white because he always stands directly facing into the sunset. He's tougher. Oh by the way speaking of the sun derek carr. You did oil up you old up your arms. You pretend that it was sunscreen lotion youth. Drop the dad line which i think when your kids is like six so you can't be like i'm a dad now. You've been a dad for a while when you get to stop abusing. I'm a dad. I don't still goes. I'm a dad now. I can't use after your kids like one okay. I'll make a note of that. We're gonna guys they're standing marked. Dad now is different than i'm a dad by the way how pissed off do you think lebron is that he can't have training camp in napa valley she she's got to a. b. Also mayock made a brief appearance. I i need a little bit more. Make you gotta have me like taste. Some of these stars a little bit because 'cause you're right. The only real glimpse grew it was at the beginning and then when he had the barbecue which him in mark davis probably to like fight tooth and nail to figure out if guy fair who's who's gonna cook the p._f. Changs menu hooters menu. Mike mark davis being a white sunglass guy is something. I don't think i knew but i knew when and you knew you felt it you. I don't think i've ever seen a picture with him with his white sunglasses but you felt it in your bones. He's a white sunglasses oakley's. Maybe the pair that you buy for fifteen bucks at a gas station and he's like sweet sunglasses. I got yeah pretty awesome. His entire paycheck goes directly to pacific. It's a he he is. He's just a beautiful specimen of a man <hes> other notes i wrote down your guy was his name ronald ali. Ali ronald ali big time like they tried. Would who's beeping. I think that's bubba. Oh okay. I think it's you you you try to just wow that was also hello quick blame. It's something that was one hundred percent you i was. I was hoping that everybody would want everybody would look at bubba while i know only switched my phone off <hes> so ronald ali holly. Who 'cause you know how knowing that it like. Someone's sitting at work being like wheaton founder's go off. No sirens colored up. Everybody volley. Really that was the quickest like we're going to try to get you to feel bad for this guy even though he got cut i think the fastest cut in hard knocks history. He was cut twenty five minutes in he also had an unbelievable line when he said talking about last chance you saying you need to experience it to experience it. It's a fact it's can't experienced out experience thing with him to is like that was what he was like. In the beginning of last chance to accept then he like got it figured out and turned around so it was like this is like the real life version also jonathan jonathan abrahams. They kind of brought him out a little bit going. Here's the thing i don't know how annoying he's going to be. I liked him when he was interacting with. Jon gruden a little bit at the beginning when gruden gruden was like don't hit i i like to swag but then when you sit him across from somebody like derek carr that doesn't know how to handle them derek cards shorts. I think he's a robot. Actually i think derek carr is a robot and he doesn't know how to do with personality. It's that is true but the gruden jonathan abrams situation that told everything i know about jonathan abrams gruden was being serious and jonathan abram kept on doing that thing like we're joking joking. He doesn't know how to read a room. He's the he is a quintessential guy who like not a bad guy seems like he's going to be a hell. Football player wants to just tackle tackle tackle but he does not know how to read a room. He he's the guy who he he will keep making jokes until john gruden's like dude. I'm not joking. Stop blowing people up in paddling practice right right. You just couldn't figure it out. He he blew up the lead blocker and then went after lou. Wilson are ya getting another chance. He had a nice line though he was like wait till we put the pads on dude. Come at you so shout out. Luke way to go didn't know you're on the team. I he popped up in all three of us by the way we watch it in house so thank you a to allie allie friend and her boyfriend and her dog and her cat so it was an awesome setup but we i think all three of us are like luke. There is going to double check because i think it might be kelly. Okay so what else did did you have from <hes> need more john madden yeah john madden was the highlight when he was like this is what football is football guys coming out here hitting the seven football guy blocking flood yeah who needs a sled in their backyard. Every former football player needs to have needs to have a blocking sled in their backyard when they retired. Yes yes <hes> oh the other two notes. I took down guy fieri electric as always of course i his son's name writer. You know that i think i knew that but i forgot it which wish that i looked it up and his other sons name is hunter. It's like dude you just you couldn't be more guy fear surprise you to know that guy fair. Your son plays the drums. No no the other ones skateboards. I think both the cool ass kids <hes> and then speaking of kids antonio brown. I forgot about this part. Starting the entire hard knox episode basically trying to erase the fact that he went crazy for three months and every teammate of his in pittsburgh hated him by showing longest. How cute is kids are. They are very what worked it absolutely. We're ready to go to napa and the kid was like yeah. Okay the rothlisberger line like your way to go. Oh that is i tip my cap to you tony brown. Everyone's like damn. He's got cute kids and they think that derek names derrick carter which i might start on him to call her back. Yes a super way way derek number one nathan peterman number two derek carr number three also shutout. Mike glennon long neck made a quick appearance you he i don't i think we saw mike lennon's face. We just saw the back of his neck. You-know-what neck that is when you see yup also ventas perfect yes that was that was pretty cool to see. He's going to him and richie. Incognito are not going to like each other a lot of personality so overall. What would you say grade for the first episode how migrating this honestly five on five five balls yet boss to bowls yeah. I'd give it like two and a half balls because i thought it was good but the expectations have like i'm expecting five balls all around worse and it just didn't have the pop. I needed a fight. I needed maybe a little less jonathan abram and a little less awkward awkward derek carr bubbly okay. What do you give on the balls to balls loss good. Well can score so honestly this is. This is where it's like. We've always been differentiated. This where i'm like. I'm just kind of always been like a patriots fan and cared less about the outside world of football. Hard knocks is never really done it for me but that's yeah i like. The first season i watched was the bucks was bad bad. The browns one was good awesome but not like you know like i excited about because you guys get excited about it and then i watched her mike from a position of privilege right and it's also hard knocks is as we did the whole thing on thursday which we probably we admitted like when they do the hall of fame game. We get excited and then two minutes. This sucks hard. Knocks feels like the official. We'll start football season because i'm thinking and it always fox my brain up because they're taping it but it's also happening right now. No that's what i'm saying. So you see something happened to the raiders. You always think to yourself. I can't wait to see this hard right right. In the rams and raiders are probably practicing probably practiced today that's weird and we saw aw just blew my vein gruden and it's like what how does this work also. Mcveigh's beard looks lot better. Did you notice that he's he's obviously been nagged enough by us. He's a growing boy. It's going to be great watching the two of them just talk in the same exact language back and forth exactly it's. It's like a dog staring in the mirror barking at itself. Uh all right other news before we get osce cool thrown hank. You showed us this. The ultimate stay woke. They're trying to keep rich paul down. Is that yeah pretty much it so the n._c._a._a. Has created a new rule. This is my stable by the way no. It's lebron stay woke. They created a new rule that any agent that wants to talk to a player before they declare for the draft. I think <hes> has to have a bachelor's degree. Rich paul does not rich. Paul is disrupting the business. He's basically lee making everyone nervous. As much as it pains me to say is i love it because i love people who make like the establishment super nervous the n._c. Double a. has been just is milking. Everyone forever having a disruptor in there when i say disruptor obviously mean d. s. r. p. t. r. novell vowels is great great for everyone because n._c._n._b. Will have to change if rich paul keeps disrupting p- people are also saying it's the n._b._a.'s involved because they hate how rich paul and lebron taking someone like how last year they like controlled. Anthony davis controlled his own destiny the how the trade deadline's and that stuff doesn't matter right so there's there's a chance that it's the n._b._a. And civil inco. I think you're probably right on that. Bronze think it's not a bad idea overall to have your agent and your right hand man have like the education for your education. I think that's probably an advisable thing in most circumstances but i don't think they needed to go. Ahead didn't make a rule out of it like it's very clear that i think they're going after lebron as bronson. I'm very glad that i have you guys on my team now supporting well. No we're on teamers paul. I i think the n._b._a. Should suspend lebron clutch naral were on team rich paul knock clutch just written no per clutch with no with no you team team anti-establishment yeah right rich paul. He's an agent of out there fighting the power right. We are a bad ass podcast. Yeah we are bad fox podcasting our our it. How much of a power move must feel like you're rich. Paul and you go to sleep tonight and you're like they had to make a rule because i'm so fucking good at my job. Data has to feel awesome like as much as it sucks rich paul. I actually think it's like all at the end of the day. You're probably saying this is so sweet that i'm so damn good and i control and they're so scared me. They had to make a rule so that i have to go to university of phoenix next year like he's dragging cow coups but take a bunch of classes trump trump university. Yeah you can get a degree from wherever you want to wait. Does it say accredited university. We could just he he. He should make his own college. Honorary degrees count yeah because university of akron would definitely keep them one right. Absolutely i school ohio state would do it for him. I would would not be surprised if he made his own college. At this point great just gave himself a degree grabby awesome and also the name rich paul people forget. Just how cool that is your name the rich paul your fucking loaded man not richard rich yeah. Yes i mean that's a guy that trust my money. Yeah absolutely all right. Let's get to some hot. Let's see cool thrown before we do that. We need to mention <hes> two things. One pm t gold is coming out tomorrow so go to barstool goal dot com slash ashby g._m._t. Don brown and we answer all the gold members questions and the second thing we need to mention is that we are officially ghost hunting for the rest of this podcast hod cast so we have the guys and girls from supernatural investigation crew aron annely s._e._c. in the shadows. You can find him on twitter. Youtube facebook look everywhere they have come up from northern illinois and they are ghost hunting the pfister hotel with us. Can i just say that. I'm sure they're gonna find something could probably see it on the cameras right now like stuff that we're not able to perceive with our eyes. I walked in the sorts l. I got chills right on my she's hitting. You can't swear he's got it. We already got hits annely and leeann alien erin. They're getting hits right now in the other room i'm telling you i walked into the lobby. I got chills. I saw the big painting behind the front desk. I'm pretty sure that was my face painting an old version of me so i found out about the fisher otas stayed here a couple times before but a friend of mine who works with the cubs. <hes> told me that starling castro refused to stay here and then if there's been some articles written people i think milwaukee no the pfister hotel very well l. pretty popular in this area with with all the baseball players. They always stay here but i always report that. They don't want to stay here no more. They're like send us down the street. Okay else. That's that's errand by the way so. What have we gotten so far. We have a thing called an electric scope and khaleda measure static readings so let upright and green and it's kinda gas yes or no questions on it to an an lease in the other room and the bedroom marion. She's beginning science. She's been silent questions in spin leading up to her questions silent questions. Are we talking about hanley. You like we're asking. Why don't you save for the end. We'll save it for the but we just know that we are now podcasting with ghosts so yeah that's why this podcast and you can follow along and watch the ghosts impartial gold okay all right aaron. We're gonna talk to him at the end. We're going to do guys on ghouls. They're going to continue ghost hunting while we do this the rest of the show but we're going to get too hot sequels rhone hank hank. Why don't you start. My hotseat is kanye west. Oh there was a i'm sure you guys rented a top fifty rappers of all time lists that came out with drake on there it the neons who tweeted this someone tweeted it but it was joe biden from the job done podcast he just went into shout out shuttle now now our friend and we gotta do across across great great show joe biden podcast he just like he'd written to the whole thing on his on his podcast and then that that sparked a debate on twitter and the rest of the world which then basically caused every single like d._j. Notable d._j. That's like does a show in new york. Los angeles us. Everyone had to come out with their own lists to dante which parked out more more debate. I don't know if dante a good question. I would love to see dante point of order. Yeah what's the difference between a deejay emcee. I think mc is our midst. Yeah okay song the electric as their closer okay. I'm just making this up and i'm pretty sure m._c.'s live and d._j. Is like you hear them on the right so so connie wasn't on the list wasn't analyst molested random person who tweeted this which i love this is so peak you know nine thousand nine hundred complex or something you can just tweet a list and then have everyone get mad about it. It's it's just a random person. What about what about <hes> john cena he was not on the list who what about west smith will smith will smith number number one faulk and the rock number two. He is pretty good on that fuji song yes and then johnson. It'd be majority just professional wrestling. What about kobe bryant. Nope damn no lot of mrs. What about big cat yeah. It was an account and it was like oh no so this is what it was. It was an account with four hundred followers that joe bonus number three rapper. I love that so the people got mad we got to do that. We gotta we gotta have we got to create like a burner account and see see like just do list goes to make people mad it just constantly. Hey we made that forty under forty list which was essentially a re tweet lessees retweeting. Yes please do reach. We draw wasn't even yeah. I might i i might have my facts. I'm looking this up now. It wasn't joe biden that joe biden being three on the list that that caused it to go crazy. How the fuck is show three. It was then he talked about it. Thanks guys love that targeting one specific celebrity and getting going that way you know we should do we should do a ranking of the best female singers i mean is like the top mentioning here's eleven names before he ate the trash it come on scott. You're boy kim easiest way best female singers the last twenty years and just don't include beyond saying yeah and just make carly rae jepsen number number one immediately goes viral to this guy is like all these everyone was responding like everyone the trash oh my god i've seen every hudson all these people for eating the trash because then it's like all the all the all the other rappers that were like i wa came out. I'm on the list like how can i'm not going to be cocky but but i'm a top fifty rapper of all time mark mark the other. No it's does vanilla. We need to make our own of top fifty rappers that no one that didn't make the top fifty rappers list and then my cool phone is picnic tables. Oh yeah so another thing and i'm sure you guys have seen basically the internet. The past two days has been the pigs eggs which i'm hoping you guys. Can i have that as well. I'm sure p._f. Does throw hogs yeah. I don't get that at all. Oh yeah it's a problem what has been like a waste wrapping lists and and this fucking stupid name with the picnic tables where you just put anything in a picnic table and say which one would you want to sit at well. I think this is like okay mid august to get into like the psyche psyche of the internet here for a second. I think what has happened is when there is a mass shooting in a tragic event and like everyone doesn't really know how to react online because like that's really sad they just figure out the dumbest things we can then jumped to talk about so we can't go from mass shootings two like oh. Oh who's an elite quarterback. We gotta go mass shootings to a picnic table meam <hes> so it's kind of a pallet cleanser to getting back to the other stupid things a metaphor for sitting down at the picnic table of ideas. Let them develop an intelligent discourse with each other. I think you're right. I think that there's something to be said about like if you're going through a weird time like in the national areas things serious discussion you long for something stupid to argue and then everyone to have something to get into a fight it was somebody about the doesn't like displaces the real fight. They run correct so it's essentially like oh. This is something we can all talk about and make fun of that isn't serious serious to to get us off the serious stuff and then we will get to like the medium serious stuff that everyone takes too seriously and gets mad about online which is just a regular wednesday. The other thing was that all decades list for two thousand ten's and kobe was thirteen on it which i honestly think is fair well but he got hurt. No thirteen thirteen okay yeah thirteen. Yeah kobe's stands being like he should be first team these but it's like two thousand ten years right yeah he was. He won a title right lots. What's twenty four eleven. You're looking at the whole decade. His body work over the two thousand ten is not like promise he broke all his records then so oh that counts like at the end of his career and his achilles to kill his anti dropped like seventy points against the team wasn't trying in that last game. That was an awesome moment. Shadow kobe kobe. That's right. That's a p._e._t. Okay my hotseat is the n._f._l. One hundred logo. I'm already sick of it. I'm just squatting riding on this. Take let me look. I think everyone else is going to get sick of it too. They've overdone. It's not that cool logo to begin with but they've put it everywhere so far this year and it's going to be an every single game on every single on like they're gonna have a special patches on the jersey's chris collins where it's probably going to be wearing a lapel pen at some point with the one hundred logo on. I'm already sick of it and we've just had the hall of fame game okay so i my blood is going to be boiling over the course of this year. The problem is the fifty logo and the seventy five was awesome seventy five dollars a diamond right yeah the nineteen ninety four. I'm looking at right now. That's sick logo yep hundred. They didn't put any thought into it. Looks like you know a john always four tech's. It looks a little bit like the boards ex. It also looks a little bit like the like an expansion league football. Oh yes yes. You're absolutely right already. Forgot the name of the expansion league that folded the spring a af af i was going to a._f._l. That would've worked. Yeah looks like the af logo yes if it was designed by somebody with a head wound okay. That's a good hotseat and my cool thrown is michael crabtree. <hes> so michael crabtree decided not to sign with the arizona cardinals yesterday they brought him in. They got into negotiations with him and he said thanks but no thanks. I think i'm worth more it would have been a terrible move for him because he would have had to play against the kip to lead twice and so we were we were yeah. The done chain was about the hangover's neck in a kid was about to swipe it off and spit on the ground well. He probably was like you guys are going to pay me three million million dollars but i'm going to lose at least five hundred thousand dollars in chains. He should have had like an escalator and his contract. If i get my chain snatched right do replace it for me down like rain insurance. Damn come on michael crabtree the guy he the guy moves the chains <hes> is that it got too hot seats. The first one is not oh so we're taping this on august six and you have yet to wish mike greenberg happy birthday. It was my notes. Oh okay yeah so when we're going to do it was in my notes. I was going to do it fun fact. We're recording this true. After we wanna start the show i bet all right now. Okay now all right now who thrown second thrown mike greenberg. It's his birthday. He talked about it the entire show on get up this morning which i tuned into know how old old house mike. I don't know that's a good. I would not have done a day over forty five yeah. He seems like a guy who will just be forever and his forties. My the note that i had i was going to do all my ad rates in my mike greenberg voice okay we will matt patricia in yes. You'll have that to look forward to my view. Mike greenberg he is the promo code in our microphone is the wind beneath her wings. He is the man who needs a fork and knife tita grape yet well he also eats scrapes and three confusing that with pizzas pizzas says and wings for life and the grape yeah the gloves that's for southbound sandwiches sandwiches glove mike greenberg just not jerk off and mike greenberg gets interaction direction and wage for god to take care of. He goes belly up. Do you know jerome probably gets close to the jacuzzi thing in his big bathtub he goes belly up and he opens a window and then he just waits tonight there it is he just looks at. He looks at an aerial view of gusta. That's all it takes might've putting my other hotseat are feral hogs which you mentioned <hes> hank feral hogs are officially on the hot seat because the aforementioned there was tragedies on sunday or saturday so there's been a bunch of twitter gun debates and someone brought up a very actually the love like the most fair point that's ever been brought up. He was like what about the thirty to fifty. Feral hogs that run in my backyard and terrorize my children and i did a little research coach talked to some people who hunt for hogs. Apparently they're real problem only just run and just they will kill you. They're mad. They're insane so we need to do something about the feral hogs and feral hogs. I feel like have been living under the radar now that the whole country's got on them they're in trouble. I think they're definitely on the hot seat because people didn't know about it as somebody who's lived in texas for a while. They are a real issue. Yeah like you have people that set out explosives. They just blow up feral. I was watching a video called black hawk down today exe- helicopter they they pass a law in texas like five five years ago saying you can shoot them with a rifle nineties but for hogs yet no they knew that night and they just they just moma down and they're like i guess the meat's not even that good so they just kill it depends on what yeah sometimes it can be a little bit game. You have had wild-boar ribs four. I like that idea that making porn perry's for pigs. That's black hawk down. I watched that video that's pretty and then i found out also they have dogs that hunt hogs dogs and hawks and the the dogs like pin the hogs and then the guy comes in just slits its throat hog yeah no i don't i have heard of them. Hunting hogs with ten right which is just an explosive. It's shoot so you wait for all these hogs dogs to get around a barrel like it's doom video game and you just shoot the barrel yeah and it just explodes and incinerates fifty hog. I watched thirty to fifty video where they did a double. We'll trap on hogs on sixty hogs. They just put out a bunch of corn seed and they all start eating it and they drop these two huge traps on them and they went fucking crazy. I didn't watch the end because oppose the and i want to see a bunch of hogs killed even though the feral daryl and they're dangerous and they do a lotta destructive work to crops and what it means like wild they run everywhere. They got they got might solo. Pete got a big time issue. What are they going to do with the feral hog. They can't get close enough to him to save them. Yeah this is going to be. I actually would love to see a bunch of people going going down and being like save are feral hogs. Just run over them. <hes> i just think of the hannibal the shitty hannibal movie when the hogs eat the guy you gotta be careful who you get into bed with as peter and i feel like like the hogs don't want your has announced. Listen wild hog. They have a lot of pride. I feel like a wild hog would rather die by getting shot with a rifle from a helicopter then then have somebody from petah come in and pick it up and take it to safety verbal mean but not mean because no one is just a video that was shared last year. Wild hogs is running in its bret bielema running for the super bowl. Remember that video. That's pretty good yeah yeah. He was just trying to catch up to everyone all right. How about this live look at a wild hog. When you try to shoot it with caliber alber rifle that's too small and it's just a picture bobby patrol wearing his arkansas thing all the other the other fun fact i learned is a pig is a pig. A hog is when a pig gets to one hundred twenty pounds so i'm to hogs and get slaughtered plus you oxy up to hawks plus all right half which sounds cooler yeah yeah that is i'm. I'm adduced hog. That's pretty cool do sog so my cool. Thrown is the broncos because paxton in lynch bash them on hawks don. Did you know that yeah okay so paxton. Lynch said talking about the hawks feels closer feels like a family. I bring my fiance out here. I bring my dad out here and they even say it to. They feel so much more. Welcome around everybody. They're so good to them. They treat them so good. They treat the players good. It's actually well paxton. It feels like part of a family feels like everybody's close desk because you haven't been caught yet first of all i before you go any further. I just want to say i can't tell you anything. Ed paxton lynch says because he threw five interceptions in that ballgame when i bet on him he gets actually got. He didn't throw five interceptions that i looked back up. I definitely added a few interceptions too that all through a lot of interceptions and know how bad the weird sunglasses in a bowling alley early on his draft night yeah well. It wasn't just a weird sunglasses. That bothered me. It was the combo of the weird sunglasses the weird mustache and the weird little like like beat poet goatee a two year old drug high school drug dealer yeah yeah exactly. He looked like swag out of his white jenner. I was gonna say looked like a guy like duct tape mids to the underside of bikes and then drove his huffy through middle school trying to stay away from the cops trying to keep a real low profile. Yes oh paxton lynch now that i know that you're on the seahawks. I got my eyes on you. That was a big mistake talking yeah because now i gotta your feral hog in mind. Carol definitely didn't know that was on the team. Everyone the backup now on the seahawks. I love math is still there. I know he's not yeah and also to jackson yeah. Maybe seneca wallace to diverse jackson. He was a hot backup for weather's. <hes> wasn't hasselbeck didn't spend a year as backup. Yeah i mean yeah. He was obviously there for awhile but yeah then he think he had a year or two as a backup. Yeah i mean you could pretty much. There's like a list of five guys that if they were like that's the seahawks backup. Avak sounds interesting that he goes from one city. That's legalize marijuana to another many. Where's those glasses interesting all right. Let's tour mount rushmore because because we are in wisconsin. We thought we would do the mount. Rushmore cheeses a simple easy one that i'm sure we'll get contentious with people online because everyone's got their favorite cheese. She's <hes> hank dank. You're going. I am so and then me no no. I mean for keeping the same orders orders we always go. I go second now because you went. I on on sunday and then hank wettin than i did. I thought we all always clockwise starts. The way it goes. Is i start the week three and then i go to a one you start the week one three two. I go snake with myself. Yeah yeah so we were sitting goofy promised to do gold. You'd get that joke. Hanko keep simple american interesting burgers growing up. I always have american slices in my house cats. Do it's the other day yes go in the fridge. Take a couple of slices slices. It's just a couple of loose yesterday but loose ways through the refrigerator well. There's burst. There's no snacks. There was nothing nothing else so that was like i went for snacks and then it was like fuck doc he's back with chew slices of american cheese and a monster energy and i was like boo argue love ah you fold the cheese and a four slices so you get four little little slices. You break it in half. That's a five course meal jacksonville into force you break slice into force you take a slice fold that in half and youthful the half and a half and then you have four little slices of cheese. That's incredible. You're like bobby. Flay of american dress it up good presentation excellent pam right i'll go with. I'm gonna go with mozzarella because it's pizza cheez. Its versatile mozzarell- mozzarell- out g oughta says it always oh. I says any italian word. She's looking slights won. No no they're tasteful. It's like a small tasteful amount of cleveland so it's not like staring. It's just that i'm noticing appreciating and moving on wood. Sorrel okay okay so my first yep my first one. I'm going classic real classic. I'm gonna cheddar cheese. Yeah it's good cheddar cheese. Very versatile. Highly multiple works works on sandwiches now snack. Are we going straight cheddar or is there degrees of cheddar that can be used in this. I enjoy it. No i you get all the chatter. I think i'm a sharp sharp cheddar. If i have to choose i liked sharp cheddar better but i also like regular center as well <hes> my second choice. I'm i'm gonna go with problem. I love a good provolone on like a turkey sandwich okay. I think it's the best sandwich cheese. It's the most versatile sandwich cheese cheese on its own. Nobody is a great way here right like the best you don't do crackers you cheddar crackers correct right all right l. Finish the pizza then i'll go with parmesan also you can't have pasta without a little parmesan. It's sprinkling on hard cheese. It is true. Thank fucking tough. Cheese and hank would know about that. You'll tough cheese are hank. You got to hear all right. I will go with <hes> pepper. Jack good pick and melted just melt away. I don't know if we melted. What do you mean okay because if you take if you take that you took every kind of cheese but if you take cheddar cheese and it's like you put a hard cheddar cheese and a burger not good take churches and you melted on a burger delicious any any type of cheese melted on top of something makes it back that was i'll allow was a hack just hot cheese hot cheese. What about the flaming cheese in greek restaurants are flaming hot cheetos or hockey's. I gotta pick. I'll go with cream. Cheese could pick need cream cheese on bagel. I i mean you gotta. You gotta. You like flavored criteria. Okay oh yeah. I get fucking spicy with us. Sometimes i'll do sometimes do the locks. Sometimes i'll do a little fucking veggie. Feel feel like i'm eating a salad with my two bagels because you have to have to because you order one bagel to eat right away and then the other is like an hour later. You have to have two. That's how you get to. That's how you get to notice that the company. I'm not gonna you know like the world's ever. We've gotten a lot less bagels lately now. You'll fridays have gotten very very minimal fairs. It's concerning. Do you know that that's why. I didn't know that i just know that i come in and get one now. It's like i haven't got a big on a bagel friday eagle mondays on floor two bagel fridays on floor three walked up to the third floor for a meeting a couple of fridays ago and i was like what the fuck is this any. No bagels have been here the whole time. I walked around the corner because somebody tipped me off all the bagel sandwiches on floor three normal bagels are down here someone up to get myself a sausage egg and cheese breakfast bagel walk around the corner or i'm getting up to secrets out this guy no worse bagels ever to like an and the worst thing. What did you get our big order bar so this is now very wake review. No need to say it because someone needs to listen in fucking change aged. We get probably fifty bagels like five everything five sesame forty plane <hes> it's and you know what's weird is like the amount amount of plain cream cheese. All we get is always accessible to. There's always like two big pints. Leftover correct looks like a lab sample from pamela anderson that just got stuck in traffic. We can. I say something real quick. We just totally forgot the fact that there's ghosts in here like i'm not many aaron. I mean i'm sitting over. I was going to say like harridan have been in there looking for ghost and i i think they found out when we check in the hotel room then then right before it was like oh it's europe hank and now i'm realizing like we're going to find ghosts and mike yet but just give me a how many he goes to. We have okay all right. We'll come on the bed. Thank your bank. If those mike greenberg probably will be nut tonight hank just go into the do the tell liam. He's gotta stay in this way. What player fucked ghost. I think ronald test rotate good luck tonight. Hey you know oklahoma right. Bobby bobby brown bobby brown fuck goes and he liked it because he was. I went back for more. You say at the same hotel rental talks yeah all right. You have to pay my last two. I'm going to go with nacho cheese. Okay i love nacho cheese and this might rubs people the wrong way. I love it. The more unrealistic the cheese is like the more yellow the neon yellow colour you get with stadium nachos. I love that shit. Okay you like the radioactive goo love that on notch okay absolutely and then my last one never give you enough jalapenos. That's true that's true and sometimes they give you double cheese and sometimes you just want one cheese. Once also right in my last one is gonna cheesecake. Oh i love cheesecake. I'm never i've never been a big cheesecake. Gusting cake is so good especially if you get like a like a peanut butter chocolate cheesecake something like that but that's world cheese. It's the peanut butter and chocolate. It's still in the cheese rather have a peanut butter and chocolate ice cream cake that well. You know what cheesecakes more versatile. I'd say okay my last pick. I'm gonna go with a string cheese. You string cheese is so i had that cheese is a hack but string cheese isn't well no once you did melted. She's the doors on. That's fine cheese and i was going to go with something else. Go gouda we'll. We'll get honorable mentions but once you did melted it was game. I wanted to say cheesecake until melted. I actually have jeremy piven is in old school jeez. That's pretty good yeah true case oh because you did nacho cheese. I feel like it's different now. This is getting. I feel it's very similar. Only only we would fuck up mount rushmore cheese. I think case place. I think it's different than nacho cheese. I'm gonna say that nacho cheese yeah. I think it's different like taco. Bell like the what you get with nachos. He's always more like browner notes that a different two different types of care you to vote. I vote white caso and then there's yellow case youth. Nacho cheese is yellow akeso all right. I'm voting that accounts baba white case of thank you yeah white case okay okay why case for all right. I was going to go three shoes of it didn't count which i think would probably be a hack but what he's on like the mexican blend all-stock three different kinds of cheese yay. It's a thing you can buy in a package what our thoughts on blue cheese is probably the most contentious cheese out there. I used to hate it on now. I love it. I love it. I love it and she's though i mean obviously you guys know. I hate fucking hot wings. It's like people only like it's like hot. Wings are so people can only eat it with blue cheese so it becomes they order wings just eat blue cheese poochies catch. I like cheese at that smells. We're yeah that's what i love. Which really got to me in my old age is like a nice gorgonzola <hes> with a pair like that type of salad ricotta. You guys like mcconnell ricardo's good sweetness to it. <hes> <hes> let's see oh the little baby cheeses yacht the wheels. Yeah those are awesome. I would just a wheel of cheese. You don't like those so okay that khuda. I don't know what it is pretty good fedor fez score of salad. She's like you'd be like well on a road yeah or or yeah a giro giro to flaming cheese for that they bring out and they opa awesome. I like i like bre- i like <hes> <hes>. I like <hes>. Let's yari took good. I looked by a little bit melted. <hes> i'm saying like yeah squeeze run on toast. <hes> what other kinds of cheese i i think cheeses you can actually name all your kids after cheeses and it would work yet like kojak pepper. Jack bree mozzarella mozzarella. Says is the <hes> the shithead mozzarella the hallam you cheese. That's the shit you can grill. Hello me that stuff is so good yeah. That's tough is like cheating eating because i'll eat a whole thing of it and realize i'm a big cheese and crackers. I'll eat a whole wheel of cheese. No problem put it down and no trey wingo wouldn't even be mad no he would. He be impress exactly. I shouldn't have rich. What's the thinking of another <hes>. Maybe it's i dunno go. Cheese is good to coach coach man card. No go cheese. You kidding me chick cheese. I disagree. It's a big change for me. Go cheeses delicious. You spread on some crackers what the fuck triscuits. Maybe it is good that i like smoked. Gouda smokers smoke good is is is real good all right anything else have jack allison brie actress. Is she in anything. She's stunned regina. That's her <hes> now. We're just doing l. I met your mother. That's right my favorite show okay. Let's get to our interview with matt patricia after matt patricia. We're gonna do you some segments and then we're going to do the first ever guys ghouls and figure out what goes in this hotel room before we get to matt patricia what if the guys who made some of the most outrageous r. rated it'd comedies like super bad and sausage party decided to make an r. rated comedy starring twelve year old boys while they did and the result is hilarious. New movie good boys good boys falls the three in over their head sixth-graders is they skip school one day to do whatever it takes to learn how to kiss before their first middle school party. The thing thing is they're just completely clueless about all of the inappropriate situations they get themselves into along the way like accidentally getting involved in a drug deal causing crazy car crashes and mistaking sex toys for nick nunchucks. You've definitely never seen a movie like this before. It's so funny watching these innocent twelve the old trying to navigate an adult world sex drugs violence and profanity. It's super inappropriate an r. rated but there's also a sweetness to the movie with the boys friendship at the center of it all and ever since south by south west early audiences and critics have been raving about good boys saying that you'll laugh for ninety minutes straight. 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We're giving away right right now. It is audible dot com slash take or text take two five hundred five hundred get smarter and twenty nine hundred do it for i do it right now. Audible okay here. He is matt patricia. Ooh okay. We now welcome on very special guest. He is the head coach coach of the detroit lions. It's matt patricia. I was actually joking with p._f._c. before that. We usually do our grit week. How do you define grit <hes> during grit week in the spring but being around you you're such a football guy. I'm just going to start with that. How do you define grip grit. That's a good one football wise you. No i think we're probably talking about the toughest game all that run the ball stopping the run all kind of everything that has to do with drenches other than that. Just you know there's probably a lot of good things out there that you gotta kinda just handle and grind through from that as you gotta understand something like because it is we're taping this. The end of july and we want football. We'll be back so soon that you just saying you know. Just gotta handle your business in the trenches like that. That got me excited. I had goosebumps goosebumps kind of back in mode. Yeah bring strings a little bit different than it might be a different grit in the spring fullbacks. Definitely i mean you gotta you. Gotta get the full back out there. You gotta you gotta give them downhill and <hes> you know get the ball moving had football football. We gotta get ahead on the hat. I love it. I love it right back to the high school locker <hes> so <music> i wanted to the oklahoma drill and all the rest album the pencil. Can we do that real quick to sure. I'm glad you're wearing it. It's kind kind of permanent. Do you ever take a shower with it. You sleep with it. There's a lot of times. I forget it's there. They'll have a pencil and i'll have another pencil and i'm writing with and we'll stick back to him in there and i forgot the other one. Was there double festival. That's always a little bit of an issue. I think the most dangerous thing is that i've learned <hes> you know. Sometimes you see in friends. Nhs or family whatever it is and you might hug it up a little bit and you got to be real careful in the i._r._a. It's very dangerous so when people say like the pencil is a stick or over the top i mean how long have you been rocking the pencil in the year. Yeah i mean it's really just a good writing utensil. I mean i'm not really sure what we're talking about. It's just the fact that it works so <hes> we've had the pencil for a long time. Being a engineer who kind of background always use them. I honestly <hes> something where i just take notes all the time. I noticed by the way you're you're doing such great football guys speech speak that you're saying we've had the pencil on just talking about yourself yourself. Where did you have the training mode right now so switch gears. It's the collective team about. This team is always the same pencil by the way. This is only only gonna pencil. Questions isn't the same all the time. Do you have a go-to. We're definitely ticonderoga number two. That's our standard of ever from that. <hes> you know my kids kids have given me some pretty cool ones that i'll rock once in a while spider man. You don't want to be caught on camera where the spiderman central yeah not a not on game day. Can you tell when the graphite rafael too soft we just it's the same yeah yeah i'm more of. I used to be a barrel eagle pencil fan but they're too bendy i need. I need to like a little bit of solemness. You've got to be one of those guys. Pencil break game disappoint. You get the right pencil out of the right where the best for those it turned into like shredder all day based guys pencil. I want to compliment you. Make another comment about your parents appearance. You're rocking the hat forward these days. Is that like a professional. Is that like a cognizant thing. You were like you know. I'm a head coach now going to turn the bill around no just kind of just just a hat really yeah yeah. The other thing is sometimes forward sometimes backwards and we're going. Do you hear when i mean there was a whole thing last year about how oh you weren't dressing coach like and maybe trying to be bella. Check you listen. I suffer like i literally just dressing. I've always honestly probably wear the same exact thing every single day <hes> we're just got eight different versions of it's just steve jobs. Just kind of go to work yeah so you're not copying bella check you just your brain has been warped warped by him for so many years that you just look exactly the same things over and over. I think i kind of got my own luck. Do you do so. You're going into year two right now. You're one was probably like that was like a lot of stuff you find out on the job that you would not have been even prepared to know going into it. What was like the biggest thing thing that you didn't know going into your one that now you're making a change with for you to think a lot of things that you learn through the course so you're one that as you're doing it. <hes> i'd say one of the more interesting things for me. <hes> as i got here walked out to the practice field and <hes> you know i'm trying to visualize casual is how the fields are going to be set up and i'm looking at the space and that kind of turn said the grounds guy said <hes> where the goalpost and there was no goalpost and and now we have this leaves. We're gonna we're gonna like no we just kind of roll the goal post out and just kinda take him back and i was like okay can we. Let's start with goalpost. Let's talk. They're so pretty poor apart right at the ground level or just trying to get it all right and you know make sure we can go out there and practice series fans would probably hope for fewer just get rid of them all together. Let's get to that because i am a bears fan and i have said some things about the lions and you so. Let's get out in the open. <hes> last year i after three guys lost against the jets said you lost the locker room now. I say that because it just sounds cool when you're like well i think he lost the locker room. When you don't really have anything thing to say of substance in the media business you can always say lost the locker room. So did you ever lose locker room locker rooms downstairs since saint place ah okay good okay and then the other one. I think you saw this clip. Mike florio when i was on with him on n._b._c. sports he said ed don't sleep on the lions. This year and i said you could sleep on the lions every year. Never wake up. I mean that's you know that's good for us. We like that little motivation baltimore. We're good. We're the bears. The packers yeah likings. Obviously just you know we're. We're trying to catch up. I think it's it's fair that i got it out in the open. We like to do this because we don't want to walk out of this interview and then you see that we said something in the past. Oh these guys are two faced. Yeah kiss my butt so i had i had had a couple. Things and i don't think they're that bad now the first one you're all dressed up one day i said i think you were wearing the black <hes> bowling shirt or the ghia bar ones awesome. It is nice. It's nice shirt but i said i did say this map. Patricia looks like a hot topic manager going to a funeral general. <hes> sorry plays so i said that at one point i also i say oh he uses a pencil on laminated piece of paper would a total psychopath awesome and then i also accused you of faking the hawaiian nuclear missile because you're a rocket scientist to throw mark mary off before you beat them in the playoffs. Is that day so just want to get that all in the open. You guys feel better water on. I honestly good good okay all right so the rocket science scientists what is part of your <hes>. You know education <hes>. Do you think you on moscow's a fraud. Wow these are really in-depth questions. I'm just trying to make sure we got practice. Just right for your crop. We haven't gotten out so no. That's a good one. That's really unlike the ones that you guys usually give me when you're sneaking into buildings trying to come up with questions to ask about so. I haven't gotten that one yet. <hes> let me let me back okay. Look you look into it. Do you could you could you put a rock in the air right now. Do you have enough absolutely not okay. There's no chance if i give you all the raw materials and lock you in a room with food water toilet for six months. Could you build a missile to the moon we're. I'm just trying to make sure that we can get a first down. We're focused on getting down his rocket science. It's not rocket science football football. Is there like i assume assume you keep in touch with some of the people that you went to school with. Is there an element where they're like. Hey man you're wasting your time. If you're you know you're an n._f._l. Coach that's beneath. You should be bill used to be out. You're designing like boeing planes that don't crash pretty much definitely not you lost me there for a second. I wish i got out of engineering. I'll have tried to get into coaching. That's when i got the sideways looks a little bit of you know. What are we doing but okay. So what was it about about coaching that it's obviously like a much much different career path than the path that you could have gone down. What was it about coaching particularly that you were like. You know what it's worth it for me to to follow my passion. Maybe take a few steps backward in terms of pay all that stuff like what was it that made you decide to go down that road yeah good finally question here we go. We finally rolling on this thing. Is this real good okay perfect. You know what that is. It's a great question. I think for me. I'm doing engineering and playing college football obviously a very small school but <hes> when the game's over it's over. There's not like you can't go out and play with your buddies. Ladies on saturdays. We're not throwing the equipment on having a game so the aspect of the game that i missed the most of the crime rotary and the relationships and all that so <hes> you an engineering remember just kind of that i fall that came around that was without football and the smell of the grass and you get that feeling you get a little bit of nervousness little bit of excitement and you just want to go out there and and go practice and and i just knew i had to be back around it so i think at that moment i really thought that <hes> you know i'd be a lot happier just trying to help people and coach teach the game whether it was high school college professional whatever it was <hes> you know the relationships is what it's all about building those relationships and hold onto him so <hes>. It's something you just can't really get anywhere where other than the game of football has a very good answer. I i imagine you can correct me if i'm wrong but when you join the patriots coaching staff you join at an offensive assistant at first. You're probably not doing a lot of hands on instructing all the time one on one with guys from what i know about the organization they start you out here doing data entry or log in film film doing all this stuff. What was it about like even though it wasn't a glamorous job at the time that made you say hey. I want to stick around because i know eventually like i'll get to that place where i work with guys. I don't know if all of that is really accurate. You know to be honest with you. I think when you go into a staff and you know you're part of the coaching staff. You're doing a lot of things. Are you doing a lot of those type type of you know breakdowns and data entry and analytics part of it sure <hes> but you're out in the field and every single day we're coaching. I was working with the offensive line at the time them and <hes> you know just developing that relationship with those guys and <hes> you know for me is just again. It was another part of the path that i wanna go along to try to be a coach and i was obviously at a <hes> great place in working for great people so <hes> you know it was all i was all really good but now you move on we're here and we're trying to do the same thing you're trying to trying to develop coaches develop players <hes> put everything together from that atmos- point from a culture and build it from the ground up and foundation and that's the fun part when you get to kind of just start over and see what you can do yeah yeah you bring up a kind of a cool point. What's the difference between coaching players and coaching coaches yeah. It's a great question really is probably the yeah you're good yeah yeah so as long as we just go from where we started from. Now i know i screwed up my question. How i'll i'll say this. One of the biggest things is obviously development players but you know you do have to develop coaches and i think as a head coach you coach the entire team. I think as a coordinator you spend allows allows. I'm coaching the coaches and the coaches the players you know you're in the meeting rooms with them. <hes> when you break out of the big sessions and going to those individual rooms and you're teaching fundamentals and techniques and all that so <hes> you just look it doesn't matter it's all about <hes> trying to improve everybody in whatever their job is and and that's important. Certainly you're trying to get better yourself so it was that a hard transition transition <hes> going from according to head coach and being like hey listen sometimes. I can't just teach technique to defensive lineman. I have to step back and be like someone else got to do this. I would say it's just it's an interesting transition. You know it's it's there's so many things that tug you in a lot of different directions that you may not be kind of in you know the the ground level as much which is you want to. That's certainly interesting you definitely experience a little bit of that when you kind of go from a position coach to coordinator a little bit <hes> because there's different responsibilities you know so so we've heard through the grapevine and also i think i've read stories where bella check <hes> would help his assistance every year kind of give them. Maybe a little lesson on on what is like to be a head coach. Do you remember one of those years where he either gave you a task or gave you a lesson like this is what's gonna be different when you become a head coach coach and i had a lot of long conversations a lot of great conversations <hes> he's. He's a great man. He's a he's a great friend and you know he did a lot for me and i'm. I'm really thankful for that so we'll. We'll just leave it at that is it. Is it weird. I was good those of you. You're never going to reveal secrets was it is it tough though because i think the media's fascinated with bell checks coaching coaching tree and like you said your close friends with them. He's taught you a lot but then to step outside of that shadow. Do you feel that at all because you get feels like every guy who leaves to england gets judged by bell checks standards rightfully or not you know it. It definitely feels like that in the media. I mean pretty much focused. It's not just trying to get the lion's right so for me. It's just all about the detroit lions and <hes> this community this fan base this ownership and this team and really what's what's awesome is the fancier unbelievable you know when i see him out and get a chance to to say hello <hes> there so excited and it just that's one of those things that drives me back to work and make sure that i'm grinding away to. I try to do everything i can to get this right. You should get a picture of detroit don and superfan and just like every day when you get in your truck. I assume you drive a truck. <hes> you just look at that picture and you're like these guys. Do you know those guys. Would i mean we gotta get some posters up. We gotta get that aspect of those. Two guys drive a truck. We're we're speculating drove silverados pickup truck. I know you drive the a._t._v. Cardi drive crashed right yeah. No that's fair. That'd be a ford yeah yeah. We're in detroit hand up that was that was a big mistake. So what do you drive a truck f to fifty yeah. That'd be awesome. If you've prius sorry guys it is what it is that we really don't drive much pretty much. It's out there and you signed find. Mike daniels congratulations he said in his i think one of his first interviews. He said he signed here. Because of you specifically. He called you a genius how many extra extra millions of dollars that you pay and i'm saying you know he's just he's a great guy. You know he's he's coming in ready to work and we're excited sided to work with them so <hes> can't wait to get it going. I obviously a guy that i have tremendous respect for you know he's a problem out there on the field and i'm glad he's on our side and <hes> summer that i watch extensively you watch players in the league and you know you go through weekend week out and game plan and evaluate <hes> you know you tend to look guys and said well. That'd be we got. We think we could do something with and work with but <hes> we got to see we'll get there. How cold is too cold to not wear shorts good question. The cold isn't really. It's the wind coca. Cola doesn't bother me so much. The wind is that's. That's bad okay so like ten degrees but no wind shorts. I think we're good short short yeah. I think we're good. Do you worry at all about <hes>. Sometimes people say bigger guys in a big guy too big guy bigger. Guys are the ones who wear shorts in the in the winter and we kind of get a bad rap for it got it. I think you lost weight though i'm in the process. I've been on three days doing good. I see that it feels good yeah. I'm just going to practice practice. Whatever's coming pretty much run into practice. I'm i'm like i got my script. Let's get out there and let's okay all right so c._k. Question put in the promo code. Take ten dollars off goto lions game. This year see matt patricia on on the sidelines scekic pro. Take i wanna play a little game. We are at the combine. Would you ask us to stud. We're doing tandem hannam interview. It's kind of weird were to stud prospects. What's the what's the go to question to figure out what we're made of sure. <hes> thank first question i'm going to ask you is what position you play. I'm actually h athletes so you can put me anywhere great. How about yourself. I'm offensive weapon. Okay perfect so we're pretty good the guys can do you have any goto like maybe ones that you've retired because you don't want anyone's that us now anyone's that you've used used in the past that you're like. This is a good question that gets to kind of to the bottom of it not like. Are you a dog or cat yeah no. We're just just trying to get basic information that number and stuff probably know as much as you need to know about a player you bring them in and make sure you can look at the eye and that things sir okay that he doesn't try to flips. They're on a job interview. That's pretty much exciting. Do you love watching film yeah. Absolutely i could tell when you were talking about. Mike daniels a second ago that you got excited because you've seen them plan film sure probably game playing against him and now you're like hell. Yeah gets to be on our side. Who is <hes>. Who's your favorite player to watch on. Fill my favorite player to watch on film. This is a great question there. You go jim brown. Wow okay that would definitely be jim. Motto of big jim otto fan growing thought he was pretty cool. <hes> with the double zero so just just loved the game. All there was a great. I think it was called. Crunch course back in the day in the in the as it was a great video that the n._f._l. Did that i think <hes> n._f._l. Films that do such a great job of capturing the game. I think that was one of the more of the ones i remember <hes> distinctly that just y- you fell in love with it and you fell in love with the game <hes> what's the most amount of film watched one sitting. I don't even think you can count that. We talk in twelve hours more. I mean there's usually something that comes up. You're not gonna gonna sit there twelve hours straight but i mean within a day. I mean you're grinding. We're we're watching tape so when you're watching tape what's your what's your setup like. You got a nice monitor. Jeev excel spreadsheet pulled it up hot topic questions right here. We love it. This is the nitty gritty yeah for real say in my office. I think i have probably four monitors to televisions that. I watched a film off of her. Just you constantly just kind of have everything up and and you're rolling so yeah. Do you think it's so point the n._f._l. Do like three d the film where you put on the glasses we we might have a little bit of that going dreaming film. I don't even know if i dream anymore. I think i just kind of blink and then i wake up and it just keeps going and so that's a big time. Football guy answer were you. Were you concerned when there were the reports that hard knocks was going to be here this year gin again. How just really trying to focus on the spring at that point. I think <hes> so it was my dog that started that rumor by the way yeah yeah. It's it's interesting how your your dog spawned a lot of text messages to my phone. You know there's a direct correlation there he he was acting on a hot tip. He's been disciplined. I won't happen. I suspended him from twitter for. I think like a week which is actually seven weeks in dog years. He's been off for a while so you. You were a defensive coordinator for the patriots. Tom brady. Would you say the way to beat tom. Brady is to pressure the quarterback yeah so you know we're good practice today. We got a lot of early down situations here. We're gonna get into some you have to love. They'll come on the. I love whenever someone would be like back in the in it still happens but like the key to being the patriots of sack the quarterback. I think the key to beating every team is to sack the quarterback. I think the key to beating team. Is you know the score yeah. You're going and do that. I know you're going to that score more points than the opponent. He's a math guy yup that is there's a math guy sean through <hes>. What's what's the one thing that if you're at a practice at the end of the day you're like today was a good practice as opposed to like a bad practice because a lot of times. If i've gone to a training camp it kind of all looks the same but what are those details that us everyone. I know that make the difference. Hey circle back. You've redeemed yourself. You're back on the original. There you go good job. I would say for me as a coach. I watched all of it. I wanna see obviously the pace temple abo- <hes> the execution the communication. I wanna see it all operating in working at a high level. <hes> you know we look at the game and we look at practice. There's just certain things that you know that we can't live live with that are gonna come up in the game if they happen that will lose so trying to eliminate those mistakes and just be able to go on practicing in put stuff on film that we can then take into the classroom and teach off of that's the most important thing and we kinda walk field feeling like we can really learn from today. I think that's when you feel the best. I think the one thing i was told a while ago and it's probably true is <hes> when you when you're watching practice i think when it's done it's never as bad and it's never as good so when you go back and look at the tape probably maybe it was a bad practice probably not more good in there than you thought you. It was a good practices. There's probably some things in there. You gotta get fixed. Just try to keep it even when we interviewed doug marrone. He said he sometimes closes is during training camp and listens to to the pads and helmets cracking. What's your favorite football sound yeah. That's a great. That's a great kind of <hes>. You know moment. I i distinctly remember early training camps in my career. <hes> you know there's different points of camp like rookies or early trying to get whatever it is and then when the full team got back out there the the sound of the game <hes> it's awesome. It's you know it's just kind of just brings you back into that moment and <hes> when you get the pads you know and they're and they're cracking out there and and guys are communicate and yelling and screaming and gidon. You know everything <hes> worked up. It's <hes> that's fun us. You know fired up. Let's go so you can probably tell the difference between good practice and a bad practice by a lot of the sound because we're talking about tempo good or bad but you can tell definitely tell the difference <hes> hundred percent and if you're if you're trying to have a physical practice and you don't hear it <hes> probably you know because they're not being physical and yeah and that's something you've got to work on. What's what is everyone wants wants to be a line until it's time to do line shit mean to you. That's a that's a good one right there. <hes> yeah it. Is that too great saying. I don't think i can take credit for that. Okay yeah not at all so yeah. We're just trying to come to work every day and i feel like a mouse in a maze and every now and then i just run right into a wall. You give me an answer that just football guy answer that. I know i can't get it. I turn around you. Keep calling. Where am i going again and again trying to get to choose one of these times learn. You know what i'm having a great time. Here's an easier question. Do lines concern turned themselves with the opinions of sheep. That's another great quote. <hes> i'm gonna mess this up lebron james yeah. I don't think it was so how do they do. They concern themselves. You're going to have to go ask okay. Give go ask a lot. I am asking lion yeah. We're the head coach. Okay okay no motivation idea for you guys. It's gonna silly yes at the entrance. There should be like a stuffed sheep and then when you walk past it. Nobody's nobody's allowed to look at it no icon because we don't concern ourselves of that. It's like some coaches have the football on the wall that you hit every time you just don't look at the sheep that's good it will work <unk> down the line somehow. I don't know what about a lion cage as well kind of really get out. There would definitely going down a path. You okay last question <hes> how oh was our posture in this interview. <hes> posture was okay. Okay <hes> some slouching definitely some leg crossing. That was good yeah. Fidgeting dropped notepad sunglasses inside. It's your thing. It's like my pencil at school where she got married so i get it but <hes> you know just a little bit more. Maybe on attention okay. I'll tell you what i dropped pad but i didn't pick it up because i felt like we were having such a good boy. We're going to tell me how we're unbreakable went right through that and <hes> you know one. Hundred percent didn't let that break your stride all right last last question for me. How long would two guys like us last in matt patricia. 's coaching staff. Yes that is a good one. How long have you been in the building. <hes> like thirty five minutes probably worn armed bucked we've had can we take some more of those diet cokes. He's on the way i get every okay. We're we're good at <hes> ordering dinner. We could do that. It'd be like hey anything. I'm you know that happens to be one of my favorite things so guys. There's value there right. Here's value oh. You got that value to the team. Even your to your job. We're like our job is to order the pizza dago done. That's what we're going to get my last last question <hes> there was that famous picture sure of last year's practice when you guys were outside in the snow which i enjoyed. You like practicing outside more than you practice inside. Even if playing an inside game is that is there like something more that you can teach outside. Surely is a practice <hes>. Does it sink in more. If you're outdoors as opposed to inside yeah i mean i think i just love being outside most of the time in my world it's seventeen fluorescent so i don't really get out there that much unless we're in practice and think you know we can go out there and practice safely. There's a lot that goes into it about being on the grass as opposed to to the turf and <hes> you know certainly i think that point the year we still had to outdoor games <hes> that definitely could have been pretty severe weather so just took a good opportunity to practice in it before we got in it for for the first time and didn't know how to respond but we moved on from all that i think we're we're good just trying to practice right record. This year guaranteed guaranteed in his own. Oh so yeah. We're trying to go to know i mean. I'm trying to win tomorrow. I'm trying to win the rest of this interview. Yeah you're good. You're good. I think i think i think we're good okay. You can take that walk. Get better every day. I appreciate it better with <hes>. What what did you would. You hurt we have we have a foot injury or lower body injury. I like what you have. There's no weakness is something something got you to the dr br grudgingly i assume definitely there's no way you went there and then you came out with the cast and you know we'll coupla a couple of hours later and it was a cast and you know just can't put any way i'm shocked that you didn't go with the <hes> light-colored cast and have everyone signed. You seem like that type of guy yeah. I think a couple of players here's we're trying to sign it as i was willing to kind of go a little faster so they couldn't autograph it. Yeah yeah all right coach. Thank you so much. It's been a ton of fun seriously sleep. We could do this forever because go running into the wall and it's very very funny yeah. I don't know why reporters complained about honestly yeah yeah just you you keep i._r._a. Questions until you get one good one and then the other ones that are just going to suck and you're going to give us the you know the rodents yeah we will wear you down eventually went by uh. Hopefully you guys can come back and maybe it's not the started training camp. We'll get a little bit more time. It's a little bit less lax. Gotcha okay the super bowl. You come back when you guys were the super bowl like guarantors tailors yeah yeah. I think we're all right. Thanks coach appreciate that interview with abc apparition was brought to you by figs. Shout mike greenberg. It'd his birthday today balloon at the game like we are all thinking about your buddy. I think there's something all of us can agree on nurses nurses doctors dentists and people who work in medicine and healthcare pretty awesome. I think so my wife thinks so as well. All of us can think of a time when a medical professional helped us or a family member like when my wife gave birth to my beautiful these amazing people dedicate their lives to caring for and serving others. Shouldn't these amazing. Mazing people wear scrubs that make them feel good. 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Tom brady he is putting his house house up for sale which is always sign number one so he's might be the new coach of alabama. Yeah i mean that's it is. We're all we need. Is his tail. Tell number for his private jet anytime. Any celebrity gets involved in selling their house. You have to make that you have to get just a little bit yeah. Jon gruden was looking looking at houses in knoxville last year. That's true yeah. You always gotta. Pull that out there. Are you just a little bit worried that this is last year. It's kind of weird. No kind of just just restructured his contract and any has like a thousand houses images l. point. He's just probably moving to all the real estate. He owns and everybody else's brain. Wow including both of yours gotta so you know you you. I wish i one day i'll make a compilation of every single time you guys have been like here's a story about tom brady and can nervous well. I mean talk radio like we should. We knocked show topic. You guys want you guys want him to regress once. I don't know coverage coverage gets on the beat. You got a notice the buzzer covered by way the preeminent real estate <hes> celebrity site that and yeah like somebody that there maybe possibly possibly dating dated in college. They'll get the bikini pictures this house. I saw pictures are insane. Yeah now where we look inside of the house <hes> i feel like all the pictures of the guest house which was nicer than any other house ever been so that was just a guest house so you're not nervous at all. Zero percent names percent all right good no. I just think it's interesting selling his house. That's a weird process to go through as you're in the middle of a stressful about to get started with the season he's going to have to do like oh. Hey a tom <hes> on thursday. We have some clients. Can you clean up the house yeah. He's going to get that email <hes>. Tom left out all your weird avocados. Keep them away tom. Tom there's a lot of flies in the kitchen. Can you make sure you put down the seat on all the toilets because that's a real estate trick that kinda stuff. He's definitely got a urinal in that house. Hubbert talk radio probably dude show about it. Shall i know the one that's in. He can't hit a wall shot coach dana urinal and his house member by the way. I'm gonna put this on the a._w._s. To remind us week two of college football friday night on e._s._p._n. Houston verse washington state. We gotta get coached in and mike leach on before okay so remind us because we're going to forget also one day the yeah the week before it's coming up. We'll get them both on also. I'd like to make a quick announcement here. This is a verbal notes ap gai so this. I'm saying this out loud in the notes abc from p._f. Commentator i'm sorry allison brie did not put a flute into her pussy. That allison brie was different actress us like so so sorry about that okay all right well. We regret to inform you. I was incorrect so we fix it. We always we always fix mistakes next. I will work nonstop to be better at determining which celebrities have have made jokes about their pussies next we have a way to stay relevant baseball players weekend and they have the new jersey's and last year they were fun weird colors nicknames. They put the nicknames in the back this year all black and white <hes> straight black and white. I actually think this is a genius move by baseball heinous the jerseys but genius move to get everyone to talk about yeah genius move also it's probably the most was fixable mistake of all time yeah they can act like they're being the adam silver now where people can get mad about them and they can instantly be like okay. Here's our new version and you just added like colors on the letters yeah so they can save it piping yeah they can they can they can save it real quick but i there's a element that that i kinda like color russia. That's all one color and sometimes colors on baseball. Jerseys just look like the devils instagram problem. I have with it. Is that if you don't have black or white in your team colors. It's just weird to where completely different color than your team colors nap. Part part is weird to me. They should make the white sox. Just get dressed up in like bright pink. Yeah just took something totally different. You know what i mean. I do yoga as and you're wearing all <music> all white jerseys like what are all black jerseys. They might have the piping like i said in the hat but like all black traditionally what's going on or the race or wearing all black jurors. You don't have that anywhere anywhere near colors yeah i i agree. I think that it is kind of gross to look at. I look like alternatives that you can only find to buy like san francisco kirkland. I picture that as like i've seen so many forty niners jerseys. They're just all blacked out right. That's what i imagine and now they will get some and buzz when they take the field on players weekend and everyone's like what the fuck is going on. This is real so good good on you. Baseball staying relevant also shout out to max scherzer. You know how they're letting and you put your name. You want on the back of your jersey. He's going brown eye nice yeah. That's got to be solid fucked up blue yeah but brown yeah that is good <hes> <hes> right yeah. No i get it in the dugout. Yeah there you go <hes>. We have a even a blind pig finds an acorn new new segment. The redskins are doing something correct. Somehow somehow someway well. No 'cause makes dan snyder month. They're going to figure out a way way to screw it up pretty quickly but yeah they're offering live in game betting on their first preseason game but it's not like betting in the traditional sense where you can put up fifty bucks and then get fifty bucks back to whatever instantly it's like whoever picks the most plays correctly during this quarter will get a thousand dollars okay but this is so perfectly dan insider is it not that like the world's finally collided where the on the move right now is to embrace gambling and it also will make dan snyder even richer than he he is so he can finally have one correct move but he's so dumb that he's going to screw it up. I he probably actually believes that because his team is named the redskins. It's he's allowed to operate a casino definitely definitely i think he believes that like in the quarter federal law yes. He'll be fine in the absolately all right. Let's wrap up with guys on ghouls air and you want to come in here and let us know what we found so we have the guys and girls from supernatural investigation investigation crew in the shadows. They've been searching for ghosts entire time. You guys found something so. Is it going off right now talking yeah so some of it is kind of triggering right now. I'm on both corners of the bed and also the center of the bed. We've also got a little bit activity going there and you say triggering what does that mean. Are these snowflakes where they protesting protesting the presence <hes> no so it's actually a equipment that we have so one of is is on electric scope. It's done by perr. Knowledge is basically a measure static energy and picks up on high levels of it so unless you're physically touching this thing we're moving your hand right above it <hes> <hes> it shouldn't be picking up anything. It shouldn't be lighting up the questions you're asking. You were silently asking questions yes so i was asking questions like if there is anybody here if there's anybody see that wants to communicate if anybody is going to be staying in this room later and it popped up. Yes that's when you asked. Is anybody going to be saying this room later with a like definitely it was like a very solid green guy's voice or a girl's voice. I didn't hear the voice but good luck. Let us know damn now. I mean we're we're joking but like we're actually serious yeah so we probably have the same ghost now in your so a little backstory. You guys have been doing this row long long. I've been doing it probably for a couple of years now erin. How long have you been doing it for me to aaron's doing for twenty now. What is like the wildest ghosts that you've found. Oh god because i believe there's been some really really crazy ones. There's been all the legal abortion doctor ghost. Oh so okay ghost was it was an abortion doctor. He was like a regular medical practitioner by day but by night he was giving all his mistress. That's so now we're talking about like fetus ghosts. I know we didn't pick up these could it was his head does a lot of it's very in the backyard of the house. What's his office. Oh my god so can i can. I hold one of these instruments so this is the instrument that i ask questions greener read all its slight ingredient because you ask. Is this the instrument that is there a ghost in here. We got a hold it okay. They shouldn't be all that long. It's okay so you're here dude. Your hair can wait. It's right. It's right here. Look at it. I'm going like this off. Hey ghost he's literally sitting baba pointed right above. Nobody's sit no bu-but move away. He's sitting right next to me sitting right here. The ghost is right here the question what's your name is lebron james. The goat no is michael jordan. The goat kobe michael jordan john michael jordan. He thought kobe's should have been higher on that list is not not five nine. Yes solid rudy. Shout out to the right. They can feel like feel everything they feel my energy okay. I got five nine energy. Even if i don't find this instrument tells us where the gosar then you also have this explain this to the people who are listening. Some people are watching but mostly tables a three sixty. It's a lot like this right here <hes> but oh actually go with movement around so we were in a jail in indiana one time and we put it between two cells so we asked the spirit you go from one or the other and it literally lit- half horseshoe around where it looks like it walked out one cell right into the other cell so that's crazy easy. Thing is a little bit might be a little harder to here is kinda knowing in a way okay so a reverses radiofrequency so like a._m. F._m. like like stations really fast scans at really fast rate and you're not supposed to really understand anything so if you pick up any words on it that could be someone trying to communicate with you especially. Actually it's like a curse word because of f._c._c. regulations all right. Oh so this is finding ghosts. You can cuss on this podcast. Fuck fuck doc. This is crazy here. I'm mike it up late at night and so what what what should we be looking forward to go. Show up whipping out. Well it depends. This location is known for a lot of like static static play. That's a ghost talking. That's goes talking. I believe this shit so much. It really did okay all right heard some earth in ohio trying to talk at least got chicken inc. This is crazy. We make sure you get this. This side of it which it's bubba can get that it. I mean there's a ghost talk. It added it. I mean these are answers alison. There's someone trying to talk to us first. This is wild so normally on stuff like this is kind of hard to hear what the naked ear right off the bat yeah so on this you'll record. We'll play back a lot of times when you play back and lets the audio. You can normally hear pretty close so you've been able to do that where you've been able to here. Go back where you'll hear you like oh. I think it said mike acre something we turn off now. Okay that that i mean nothing was talking. I heard several nothing was talking so so you play that back and you can hear like people actually speaking yeah so right off. The bat like you said it's really really hard to decipher comes so quickly so fast so we'll take it home. We'll slow it down. We'll listen with it's a really great headphones and we'll try and decipher it. A little bit clear on location is we'll take a device like this or spirit box. We'll we'll put them on headphones and blindfold people people and we'll send them in a chair and so now they can't hear you can't see the last questions and then the person with the headphones listening white noise and the radio and the minute they hear in voice voice or anything they spit out whatever it set and a lot of times. We'll answer the questions. We're asking talking through nato no we're. We're asking the body yeah now can you can you tell the difference between like a happy benevolent ghost and like an angry ghosts. How can you tell that what do we have the voice i mean you'll you'll get some real voices. Sometimes i in the box goes off. We're like okay. We're getting subway from minnesota ghost in your expert opinion. Would you say it sounds like it's franklin and what two or three women's voices of at least one meal nice hardy hank you. It's twins hank your dream. I'm and i'm just gonna. I'm gonna i'm gonna leave and i'm just gonna pretend like this never happened. Okay so you do know you have to come and listen to this back probably and you believe that there are ghosts here. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Hundred percent goes so like when you go somewhere. Great this compared to your other places. You've gone like this is a pretty active place or medium. It is is with some of the reports especially from people that are self claims skeptics. I'd say yeah. This is a very active place. There's a lot of history any recommendation of what you can do like if if hank in the spirit tonight or something unusual happens while he's trying to sleep is her way he can tell the spirit like i'm okay. I don't fear you. Please don't hurt me. Kerm always be firm. Can kinda like hank has trouble with that sometime. Be firm with them and say kit heck out of my room or i mean you could say they're supposed to respect you so so it doesn't always happen that way where you're gonna get holy water at lake midnight but you can shot on the i'm a minister. I'm a minister. I will oh bless. Oh wow okay. Hey tell you what i'm going to bless. I don't want you bussing this coffee. I don't want it. I now concentrate this coffee water. So so what last do we have any questions for the people all right so last couple of questions from people supp- p._m._t. Boys could u._s. Goes hunting fellow if he's ever been attacked by slash possessed possessed by slash interact with a ghost or their most chilling interaction with the paranormal being. Can we have like another slash in that. Yes our listeners <hes> <hes> so i don't think ever been necessarily like attacked by anything gotten some very negative energy thrown on me. That's very you think i'm gonna tax. I don't know if i'd call it. An attack sounds like what say what that we're at hill's bar dam in chattanooga tennessee and this this is an old like damn right on the tennessee reverend energies crazy there she there's tunnels that you have to get into to get into this dam. It's really weird but she was one of the tunnels during the headphone experiment and the blindfold you like some dark. Stop coming through. We have to pay all right switch page. Supernatural investigation crew s._i._c. in the shadows next question hank do go sleep like why did they only come out at certain times of the day. What else could they be doing so. There's a lot of theories so we've actually seen activity during the day. Sometimes we'll have more activity the at certain locations during the day than we would at night it kind of depends on the energy of the building. I don't think they sleep. I think they do run of energy. Though so if there's not a lot of people around or not a a lot going on you're not as likely to see us frequent haunting allow your common common haunting residual energy so it's something like you do the same thing every single day you get up at eight o'clock shower. Go to work so this goes after it's it's gone. It's still doing the same exact thing so it's getting up. It's going zika shower. It's going to work so it's residual see that's when you'll get it like sometimes in hot spots at certain times in the morning or at night or something like that because they're still doing the same exact thing assume they're probably stuck. They know where they don't know. They're dead yet. They're stocking. I've wondered about that like if ghosts if when you're not around them if if they just like kind of fade away for a while and then the the energy of having other people around kind of bring some backup offer that will also see like overload so there's too many people too much. We'll see kind of less activity. It's like they shy away from it. Live in house in a ghost like comes out at eleven p._m. Every night that goes probably jerking off ah p._m. When he was alive and it could be i'm just saying like that's the thing you've got to think about now. That's a very specific time to name. Those go to excuse me at house about like cats cats they. They'll be around there one person's around but if you have a party they'll go hide and like their little corner and the city goes to okay all right next question. <hes> why do only human goes haunted living. Why do we not see animal ghost their murderers so we do see animal ghost though yeah there's a theater that we go to every year and waukegan illinois called the genesee theatre and one of their biggest haunting is a dog no way spooky nineteen hundreds theater and back in the day these have showed docks so during the old shows the laud villain on south have dogs in them to keep him chained up downstairs so they still have hooks where the dogs would be chained up down there under the stage. You'll hear barking and everything else. That's sad that's really coulda fish hypothetically like if somebody back accidentally murdered official whatever could fish have a ghost could be just hope hoping to flush it down. The toilet snow buried it and then put it in her freezer then flushed yeah. We've lost a couple of them. We're not we're not fish. Killers schwartz say we had many fish but we're not fishkill and what is the difference between go schools and spirits could so so who do you want okay so goals are typically going to be a lot more <hes> malevolent energy something a lot more negative <hes> you can also kind of put that into like the string string of something that has the characteristics of being demonic <hes> but not necessarily within that range could have been <hes> human at one point but now it's more poltergeist tasty. If that's a word that's really where now any he's <hes>. Ghosts are going to be human spirits <hes> so spirits and ghosts kind of interchangeable term. You might say but they're going to be something. That's like a residual haunting got it. Okay okay so watch out for goals. Yes okay all right late last one are there good haunting or they always bad or ultimately all about the perspective of the haunted. There's good ones yeah yeah. There's something on my vegas. Biggest interactions. I've ever had with a spear was my grandfather so i think a lot of them are lost loved ones. That might be hanging around. Guardian angels type thing. I think is what i think. A lot of the spirits are things just has a negative connotation die. You won't go where you're most happy. I mean that's why you have a a lot of energy like theaters and just happy places because that's where you're happy where you're living. Aren't you gonna be happy when you're dead there. So a lot of you'll get a lot of happy stuff <hes> everything's negative and demons and they send aaron running everywhere but i mean that's what hollywood sharks. The ghost yeah scared them. Yeah i mean they feed off the the demon aspect of things and so a lot of huntings that we see a we try to deal with are happy. They're happy where they are their content were they were they are. They're either in their home or somewhere. In there like slaves lower work till okay so to sum up <hes> check them out they dr the supernatural investigation crew s._i._c. in the shadows aaron annely. If you're in the midwest they're located northeast illinois but if you're in the mid west you gotta ghost they'll come out and there are definitely ghosts in this room right confirmed berms and thank you guys. This was awesome. Appreciate it. Yeah uh <music> yeah. It's a <music>. Stay the shot anyway breath <music> <music>.

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