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At indeed we believe a resume is a great way to see an overview of a candidate but you're not hiring a resume. You're hiring person. That's why indeed offers tools that help bridge the the gap between the candidate and the resume skill tests which let you actually see a candidate's abilities action to make sure they're a good job. See beyond the resume with indeed experience indeed for yourself today and get a free sponsor job of grade on your first posting at indeed dot com slash promo terms and conditions apply yeah. You're watching the e._s._p._n. Fantasy football marathon and good morning. It's time to get up with antonio. Brown loses his appeal but how much more trauma before he stopped being appealing to demanding head coach plus. The clock is ticking the cowboys. We will explain why they absolutely have to get two of these players signed as quickly as possible and the n._c. Double a. caves on the rich paul rule cool. What are the lessons learned. Jalen will be here. Don't miss what he's ready to say all that and more. It's time for us to get up with you right now. Live from new york jam jam packed and ready to go jalen maters say this with no nobody i know loves cbs fantasy football more than jalen rose and he is ready to go. We are thrilled to be part of the fantasy football marathon this morning and look at this we have crossed the one one million drafted teams mark and that is going to continue to climb as the fantasy football marathon continues and we will have lots of fantasy conversation for you coming. You got this morning in fact at least indirectly. It starts in oakland. We start with the n._f._l. Ruling against antonio brown's grievance over wearing his old helmet a decision isn't that brown is quote very unlikely to appeal according to our adam schefter despite losing the grievance braun appears set to return to raiders training camp. Here's here's what he posted. After the ruling quote while i disagree with the arbitrator's decision i'm working on getting back to full health and looking forward to rejoining my teammates on the field the old i'm excited about this season appreciate all the concerns about my feet and then a bunch of hashtags including always a fight which seems extraordinarily appropriate considering littering antonio brown. There always seems to be something. Let's turn to josefina anderson i on this. What is the situation where that tony brown getting back on the field for the raiders well well first of all. I talked to a league source from the n._f._l. Park avenue who said quite frankly. We felt like this whole process was unnecessary but we've seen it all from a._b. Nothing surprises us so he either needs to pick a newer newer model of the one that he likes or get one off the approved list. I talked to a team sources said quite frankly. This also was very dramatic and we do admit that it is disturbing. That even even got to this point but we do feel like antonio. Brown is the happiest when he is on the field and lastly. I talked to a former n._f._l. Doctor who said the good news is when it comes to speak because that is ashforth concern is that the skin on the feet does heal quickly. He does not expect. It's a bleed into the regular season but he just needs for that skin to thicken up all right so dan look. There were some people we all know them. For whom it is always something right. I mean there's just always drama and so however this thing resolves itself and i think all of us think this part of it. The helmet part of it will resolve itself. It's just a matter of time before the next thing. The question is how does this new coach jon gruden handle that i've if i'm jon gruden in in really teammates. I'm concerned in three reasons why to me would be one. This is different than a holdout financially right like we understand that in the n._f._l. And pro sports when you hold out out for your money it doesn't really get talked about you have to do and take care of yourself too. I feel like as a player from jon gruden. Something else is coming as well. We've got disconnect with the team. We've got the foot stuff. We've got the helmet. We've got him going. Ghost did not staying in contact with the team as a player going well what what else there's only a matter of time before for something else is gonna come third thing is screen and you can only make a first impression once you get two shots at it and as a team that is yes i understand a._b. And the greatness greatness that he is but i don't really know if i'm on the raiders this is my first real interaction with him as a teammate and he can't get a second opportunity to make that first impression. All i know always drama you played in the n._f._l. For number year guys around the league talk yeah and so you may only get one chance to make a first impression guys may have come into this with an open attitude and understand it but they probably had an understanding of what a._b. was guys. I'm sure there is some connections where people talk to some of the guys in pittsburgh and saw how it ended ended there and then see you begin to see this again and you think okay well. We're we're here. He brought down here to oakland versus the fee now it's the helmet now it's going to be looking and to find a newer version of the same model which is out there which is gonna be fun and money from it. You know that somebody it's going to be entertaining but those guys know and like you said there's always going to be something. Teo chad johnson like these guys great receivers that have big egos. This follows them for the entirety of their career. Look dan. I mean to your the point. You made a moment ago money. Everyone gets everyone in dallas where we're going to get zeke in a second understand guys who want their money. We're talking about a guy who accidentally froze. His feet won't play because he doesn't like the omen. I've never heard of anything like this and you as a player. I'm going you took two weeks away. Two weeks plus away from our football team and getting ready to go accomplish a goal because of the fee for now the the helmet. It's just a really selfish act and that's the issue that i would have is if i'm going. Maybe you took two plus weeks away away from reps that we can't get back on the derek yeah. That's what i'm saying. I need you. I need h._b._o. Tonight at ten ten o'clock and i think the interesting question is when is he going to return in two. I did ask some people from the team. Why wasn't he with the team. During this because you don't need your helmet it'd be a part of meetings and nobody could really answer that question except to speculate relate whether anyone from upstairs wanted him away just because of the hard knocks camera while he resolves. It is always something. The next drama with antonio brown is guaranteed to be right around the corner speaking drama. The cowboys training camp continues to roll along without ezekiel elliott. He continues his hold out in kabo yesterday. Backup running back alfred morris zeke's potential replacements was asked if there has been a lot of talk about elliott told that during came us so <hes>. It's one of the things like that's not. That's not problem we we have gained prepare for. We have camp to do we. We have our own issues or worries. Whatever you wanna say we we have daily tasks innocence so that's between you know his his his representation and ownership. You know that's that's not our problem. You know that's not like our focus so we don't really talk about it. All honestly there is what you were talking about dan. That's a player saying look. That's him. That's his money that much more normal variety of training camp drama. Where are we right now with the cowboys because they don't just have zeke to worry about they have obviously dactyl worry about annemari cooper and actually spoke to a source connected to ezekiel elliott to get his his reaction to that report that was floating out there that decade is now asking for forty million in the text back was really damn i don't think so but what it did was generated interesting discussion as to what is really inappropriate price for each the big three right from that when you consider the fact that russell wilson leads the market at thirty five ben rothlisberger underneath that at thirty four aaron at thirty three point five but i think the threshold really is carson wet right because people are talking about does dak deserve to be paid paid more than carson wentz. Who's new money. Average is at thirty two. Do you think that especially win. Carson wentz had durability issues. This is why deck and his team can go dictate to the cowboys and we stumbled upon will unbiased tweet from will cain hers taken whatnot and this is why like playoff starts. What's the point. He's got three cars and one zero. His record is thirty two and sixteen carson. Wentz is thirty two or twenty three and seventeen division. Entitles decades to carson has one q._b._r. Deck ninety-six carson ninety two games missed deck has zero carson wentz his eight listen. I ama self-proclaimed band boy of carson wentz as a player but that's dak can dictate to the cowboys. Why would i take less than carson wentz because does the test of i watch tape and i watched this guy and this guy looks carson. Wentz looks like a better player than deck prescott to me into a lot of other probably probably the upside right but the results say another thing in some ways and so that's why it's a really interesting conversation other level to this and obviously there were enormous. Fantasy implications is that we're gonna get to throughout the morning particularly involving ezekiel elliott but there's another level to this. They've got three guys. Two of them are in camp but they cannot go through the entire season. Not getting those deals feels done bobby. You were telling me this morning and i agree. I think zeke that deal will get done because he's withholding services but they're going into the season now. He really wanted to just play this thing out and figured etc. Both guys are under contract for twenty nine thousand nine that is true but teams don't have too high profile guys going the off season because they have two players in one franchise tag. They wanna get dax deal done so they can tag amaury to buy them extra time to be able to negotiate or potentially twice. I want to say this again and you've heard me say this on the show n._f._l. Teams don't get themselves in trouble playing great players great player money you get yourself in trouble by paying a good player great player. Money deck has been a good player. Be careful playing paying in great player money. They have very few options when it comes to that so those are the two holdouts that most people around the sport are talking about. There's another that might actually be just as important and even uglier and sam ponder picks it up from there. The redskins ends are one of a handful of teams with full blown quarterback competition in camp. Colt mccoy has been million j. gruden's offense but injured of course dwayne haskins showed flashes ashes this preseason opener despite a pair of interceptions so let's talk about this situation in washington josie because everybody's talking about melvin gordon and ezekiel israel elliott but there is a big important holdout in washington right now trent williams. What are you hearing on this and has the potential to be the nastiest hold out because he continues to be away a matter of fact. I was actually spoke to trent williams last week and asked him. When are you coming back and he continued to be kind of vague and arbitrary about a particular when there was a report from n._b._c. saying he was not coming back period. I brought this to a redskins official at the preseason game last week in cleveland asked him about it. They said what trump needs to remember is that at the time we did his extension attention in two thousand fifteen he was the highest payed left tackle in terms of guaranteed in the market has since shifted since then with guys like russell kun trent brown nate solder and he has two years left on his contract contract and lastly. I did talk to adrian peterson about this just yesterday said. How is this impacting you the fact that he's still gone. He said look from day one. You notice that this is having a tremendous impact. Impact you go from not having to worry about the blindside to having a chip on that side added tied it on that side that changes everything and lastly. That's having a big impact on dwayne hassans because i think he's having to think way. Hey too much in all of our quarterbacks feel this way yeah dan. How important is that rookie q._b. Come in you're trying to learn the ropes. Get out there. You're starting left tackle. Not there and you're trying to when a job how big is a huge deal is probably one of the top three deals for rookie quarterback because like when you're a quarterback and you've got a really good tackle. It's like going into a fight knowing you can't loose ooh yeah. You can put an x. on the left side of your line. You're blind side things that you can't see and feel good. I don't have to worry about that so there's there's a confidence as a player are there. There's a piece of going by can even move that way a little bit of the pressure off my right or something like that because i had so much trust in trent williams now. Let me say this. I watched the tape and i reached out dwayne. After the first game he actually came away really encouraged with his performance and so did the team and understand why those mistakes happen. The interceptions and the kid is so smart he understands how to correct those mistakes and i honestly believe he thinks and so do i that he can be their day one opening starter order if he corrects those things over these next ten fifteen days yeah. They've got a good problem right now in redskins and redskins territory. They've got three quarterbacks. That seemed like pretty good options. It's all right. It's time to get up and go oklahoma head coach. Lincoln riley is still not ready to name a starting quarterback for the upcoming season but he continues to be impressed by alabama transferred jalen hurts. Here's riley on monday. Jill's been great you know he's a he's a god that appreciates. It's how we do things here. I think he's you know come in like somebody. That hasn't done anything in their career. Somebody that's here to be the best. He can this year for us and let's earning the spot. That's earned the respect of his team-mates understands. He's got work to do that. Unlike are just like any other player in our program and i think our blurs respected go about him all right so that's his take on him bobby. There's no way jalen. Hurts doesn't start right now. We saw this last year. Lincoln riley said the same thing about colin murray. All column ultimately ended up doing was going out and winning your heisman trophy and then getting drafted first overall. This is what college coaches have to say at this point. So you know what the status quo. He'll be fine. He'll be the starter all right just making cherif onto baseball flavor. Tour has launched three more home runs against the orioles over the course of the yankees doubleheader sweep giving him thirteen homers against baltimore this season those thirteen homers tied torres for second most against team in one season in m._l._b. History only lou gehrig has more meanwhile more late inning roic for carlos santana one day after launching go ahead tenth inning grand slam santana crushed a walk off homer in the bottom of the night lifting cleveland to a six five win over the redskins red sox the indians indians are an aol best forty four and eighteen since june. First cleveland is now a half game ahead of the twins first place in the a._l. Central tha basketball the n._b._a. Released the entire to any nineteen twenty twenty schedule on monday with marquee matchup at staples center tiling opening night lebron a._d. And the lakers will take on paul george and the new-look clippers on tuesday october twenty second following busy n._b._a. Off season several big names names will be making returns against former teams next season that includes november twenty seven th when kyrie irving is back in boston and anthony. Davis visits new orleans on e._s._p._n. All right. Let's send it over to greenie now to talk some n._b._a. Jalen absolutely because jalen rose's made his triumphant return. It was a delightful to have you back. I know you have some superlatives either. Some of these games some of these big games that were announced yesterday and the n._b._a. Schedule released which games are most likely to give fans the most bang for or their bucks so they're going to be a lot of people rightfully so trying to do what they can. It be in the staple center when you have the star power of the lakers and the clippers. That's gonna cost you a lot of money. Okay okay but if you're a fan of the oklahoma city thunder and you live in that region just think of all of the emotional returns that they're going to have this career russell westbrook and james harden. Come back to play. They get a chance to watch k. D. okay sit on the sideline with the net. How how 'bout victor oladipo he was once a member of their t. How 'bout serge ibaka holding the championship trophy on their season tickets. I'm not sure you're making the point you think you're making nothing but a fan my entire life okay. There's nothing more depressing than sitting in the stands and watching all the guys who used to love who are now crushing it on other teams. Come back and beat your. You're team is going to be more bang for your buck because when you go to a thunder game you're going to be emotionally invested almost on a nightly basis they should pay. Hey you to come to the net. You have another set of games here titled chris cringle deliver. He delivers on christmas day. Oh my goodness the star power is going to be magnified acne anytime you have those lakers and clippers co why lebron can either one of those guys the first person in the history of the n._b._a. To win it finals m._v._p. Three teen anthony davis paul george how is going to come into his own. This season the christmas they gained deliver. How in the east the box the sixers hoping to see if they can now be the next teams to win the eastern conference office. Jaanus in bead been simmons. Tobias harris is gonna be star build on christmas day. The schedule was what you good expected to be and there's a ton of incredibly exciting stuff to see the thing that jumped out to me and maybe not a surprise but boy is it glaring. They've never had a star come. In the magnitude of zion williamson right he comes in and the pelicans are everywhere. They have made them. One of the marquee. Teams in that kid is the reason why i want to very quickly. Get to take from you on this the n._c. Double a. yesterday backed off off the rich paul rule after a considerable amount of backlash and a poignant op ed rich paul himself wrote in a statement the n._c. Double a. said quote n._c._w. Member schools schools developed a new agent certification process to accomplish a goal and reflect our higher education mission however we've been made aware of several current agents who've appropriately represented former former student athletes in their professional quest and whom the n._b._a. Players association has granted waivers of its bachelor's degree. We carmen essentially they've dropped the four year degree degree piece that had been aimed at many people believed had been aimed at rich paul. I've been waiting to get your take on this for a while. What is your perspective on how this all. This is really loaded in as a student athlete i had to show myself if somebody that took pride in his academics that there's a difference between being educated and being smart. You're just because you have a degree. That doesn't necessarily mean that you're more intelligent someone else however the dynamic has been for so very long the people with degrees were advising without them but now the game has changed with the players being more influential being more in power power and frankly being more informed and when you have now in the n._b._a. Because this is the n._c._a._a. Really reacted to the n._b._a. Not the other way around and it's not necessarily about rich paul even though we're calling it the rich paul rule the unfortunate thing. The rule was designed to prevent the a nit knicks rich paul and now is the disturbing part is in your mind. Is there any question that the backlash and particularly the power of lebron james and rich paul are the reason season they change the only reason in social media and i got news for that good old boy network. You're not putting that toothpaste back in the two now. Look at the n._f._l. Bobby wagner just represented represented himself to get a record deal to buy his harris in his dad record deal in philadelphia. We talked so much about leonardy uncle dennis this off season so therefore boorda players have now understood that they have more empowerment but also this more diversity in the room. Everybody just needs to get used to change in a variety of different ways. We have much more to do you this morning and we're part of the fantasy football marathon here on get up this morning. We will have a lot of that plus. This is drew brees. Declining the future hall of famer struggled at the the end of last year. Is that the quarterback we will see in two thousand nineteen our guys away and as the marathon continues who are this year sleepers and who were the potential busts don't miss matthew ashbury with his list next get up on e._s._p._n. Create your league during our fantasy football marathon and you and everyone in your league are eligible to win a tripped e._s._p._n. Here in bristol connecticut you can check out the campus and washing taping fantasy focus podcast swells the fantasy show yours truly matthew berry. We have a huge half hour coming away here on get up much more fantasy football marathon orthon conversation including matthew berry live in five minutes is drew brees on the decline the answer to that question and some over unders fantasy related including one on patrick mahomes that may surprise you but first a little sneaking hembo time the question is simple. The answer may not be who was the old time leading score in fantasy football history. Thank thank you know find out next on e._s._p._n. At indeed we believe a resume is a great way to see an overview of a candidate but you're not hiring a resume. You're hiring a person. That's why indeed offers tools that help bridge the gap between the candidate the resume like skilled test which led you actually see candidate's abilities and action to make sure they're good fit for the job see beyond the resume with indeed experience in ready for yourself today and get a free sponsor job of grade on your first posting at indeed dot com slash promo terms and conditions apply in the midst of the fantasy football marathon here on e._s._p._n. Bobby and dan who's the all time leading scorer and fantasy football history. I'm going to say michael vick <hes>. I'm gonna go with brett farve civil with a long duration. I'm delighted that both of you got that wrong. The correct answer is drew brees. I literally said that commercial accumulated accumulated more than forty eight hundred fantasy points in standard scoring leagues during his career and i do have a little developing news as we sit here and speak adam schefter tweeting in the last eight minutes quote antonio brown will be back at the raiders facility and napa today per source. That is the extent of the the information that i have whether or not it means. He's getting ready to practice again. We do not know joe. Seen anderson is working that story. We'll have more as we continue. There are a lot of ramifications so that not the least of which of course are fantasy ramifications for that here is the one the only the man matthew berry who's with us and quickly. I did want to ask you about that with all of this. Insanity candidly italy with antonio brown. How does that impact brown and maybe even his quarterback from fantasy standpoint. Well certainly doesn't help derek carr who is being drafted. Low hasn't isn't been a great fantasy option so it's not somebody i'm considering an e._s._p._n. Standard league. He's kind of a deep league to quarterback lead guy in terms of antonio brown like it doesn't help there was already a bunch of risk and question marks around antonio brown moving from big band to derek carr that downgrade moving from one of the top offenses the n._f._l. In pittsburgh to <hes> to oakland antonio brown forty percent of his fantasy points the last two years came from deep passes derek carr last year was the least of all among all qualified quarterbacks had the lowest air the yards per target now. He didn't have antonio brown or tyrone williams. They've upgraded the offense in this off season but still it's a downgrade and he's not gonna have the connection with car that he had with ben so all those questions questions before the feet issue before the helmet issue now when he's on the field. He's an immensely talented player. He's gonna get a ton of targets but <hes> there's risk there with antonio. Brown met there never was before so a guy that for the past six years was the number one wide receiver fantasy is now more in the eight nine ten range in terms of wide receivers still very hey good still a top draft pick but there's risk there where there wasn't before. I very interesting. Let's go through some of the other decisions. People are making. Here's part of fantasy football marathon. Gimme your fantasy sleepers for this year matthew go to these guys that i think will improve upon where they're being drafted and jameis winston since twenty seventeen winston is thrown for at least three hundred yards in half this starts nine starts last year winston averaged four point six completions over eleven completions per game both would have led the n._f._l. Bruce arians fantasy friendly offense and not be able to run the ball. They're not gonna play good defense. Winston should have a monster year fantasy friendly offense for bruce. How about alexander madison boise state product backing up down and cook. No alvin cook has had a bunch of injury issues and so of course this is a team the vikings that want to run the ball adding gary kubiak to that <hes> to that coaching tree <hes> <hes> having a chemist fancies their offense when he took over last year vikings six inrush percent not point on love madison as sleeper. How about dede westbrook okay. At least i five targets twelve sixteen games last year. The last two seasons nick foles the jaguars quarterback has completed over seventy percent of his passes to the slot with a three to one touchdown interception ratio uh of course d._d. Plays a slot for the jags. I think jacksonville throw more than people realize love dede westbrook. He's a top thirty wide receiver for me and as long as we're talking oakland talked about a._b. And derek carr but no one's talking about darren waller six five to fifty six four four forty is converted wide receiver played wide receiver georgia tacky. Jackie wasn't the reverend system bronco ver- greg olsen their offense quaker jon gruden antonio brown all raving about what this guy's doing camp of course jared cook has moved onto onto new orleans and we thought about we saw how many targets that tight end position got in greg olson offense last year during waller's undrafted right now. He's basically free and drafts greenie. Love me some dan waller so that's one side of the coin. How about the other gave me some fantasy busts that people want to stay away from these are players that are still obviously going to have value but players that i think will not earn. They're avid draft position. Tom brady going top ten fantasy quarterback. I haven't much lower than that. Remember over the course of his career. His fantasy points per game down over eighteen percent without gronk in the lineup. Obviously gronk not playing this year under twenty two fantasy points in ten out of sixteen games last year. He was just quarterback eighteen points per game basis. Remember the bike <hes> the patriots the inrush percentage last season. I think brady much better n._f._l. Quarterback than fantasy asset this year. Sorry greenie hate to do it to you but lady on bell makes me nervous. This year's a fantasy asset. He's played all sixteen games only once in his career and i think the opportunities likely drop an atom gazes offense which should play at a slower pace than he played in pittsburgh remember. This is a guy who has missed eighteen games in his n._f._l. Career prior to sitting out all of last year. I think that offense line will struggle in new york jarvis landry somebody down on his well very talented player but in the four for seasons that oto beckham has played twelve or more games none of his wide receiver tight teammates have averaged even sixty receiving yards a game. I just don't think he's going to get the volume william. He's never been a big touchdown. Guy relies on volume fantasy <hes> fantasy value and with beckham in joke and everyone else there. I don't think he's going to get it. We move you want jimmy. Graham here like i don't get it. He's on the field with aaron. Rodgers good things can happen but this is a guy who last year was tight in twenty on a points per game basis just three three games in two thousand eighteen with more than fifty five receiving yards the last of which came in week six against the forty niners his fourteen point five percent red zone target share was as lowest rate since he was rookie. There's injury concerns there as well. They've got a lot of receiving options reports out of green bay. They want to run more under matt leflore. Jimmy grams a bigger name than fantasy. She asked these days unfortunately really interesting and then finally give me one breakout star for this year. People should have an eye on it. Just a guy that i think will emerge into a true true fantasy superstar and that's baker mayfield quarterback sixteen on a points in terms of total points last year baker mayfield once pretty kitchens took over last ask seasons right. He was a top ten fantasy quarterback. He actually led the n._f._l. And deep completions per game and now he adds oto beckham junior in your i mean people forget last year getting second team. Reps tyrod taylor was the guy getting all the first team reps so now they throw them in the middle of the season now a full season a full off season knowing he is the guy freddie kitchens designing the offense around him lots of talent around him talked about it with landry and and giokoo nick chubs gonna have a big gear as well setting up play action. I don't think you can underestimate the impact. Beckham's gonna have baker mayfield's a top five fantasy quarterback this year coming for the big show great to see see you again matthew berry. Thank you enjoy all the shenanigans. Is this fantasy football marathon continues. We'll see you soon and it's going well as you can see we are well over a million drafted teams and and keep those coming. We'll keep you updated all morning long. There is nothing you want to do more than play fantasy football with us this year at e._s._p._n. Sam all right greenie. Let's get back to drew brees threw. The first twelve weeks of the two thousand eighteen season brees was on his way to winning his first m._v._p. Total q._b._r. of eighty seven point one highest in the the n._f._l. Even ahead of patrick mahomes but he struggled a little bit down the stretch throwing three touchdowns and three interceptions over his final four games breeze also through it was many touchdowns as interceptions over the span as for the play offs brees was not his usual self especially against the rams. He averaged six point two yards per her attempt against los angeles is used in a playoff game in his career all right this all leads us to our required reading for today from bill barnwell well who writes on e._s._p._n. Dot com has the inevitable drew brees decline already begun. Here's more from barnwell given how breezes played it at a high level for the vast majority of his career. My best guess is that he'll continue to maintain a pro bowl caliber caliber level of play minus some moderate penalty penalty for aging after what breeze showed before and after thanksgiving last season though the error bars for any projection are far larger than they would be for most veteran and quarterbacks everything from an m._v._p. Award to a benching where the campaign is possible for him this season all right dan. I'm gonna need you to break this down for me because i think i'm just throwing this out there. I think that this is the burden of greatness right always trying to find something something wrong with them. Are you buying this right now. This season not at all the reality is this the great henry ford one said the greatest thing in life is to keep a young mind in drew brees so as a young mind so the first play this clip is going to be during that green stretch where bill barn reference these playing at a great level so atlanta's playing cover hover three here these three guys deep thirds. One of the ways to attack covered three. Is you get a guy going down the scene but as a quarterback you need to understand problem number one is this safety. He's got that third. He can easily get to that scene. You better do something with that. Safety drew brees those two great things with his mind signed radio to help this one. He is staring not at that safety but all the way out here to move far away from that seem as possible but keeping keeping with this theme of young mind also understands. I can move people with things other than my is. He's literally using his feet to sell or move. That's safety and watch what it does. That safety is supposed to be in the deep. Third is now sprinting this way. Drew brees is like professor x from x men this. This guy supposed to be deep third but he's moving objects with his mind. Now another thing to understand is this there is no such defense for the perfect throat that that is a perfect throw well. Let's go to clip to this is from the last game of the year where the decline was supposedly seen understand stand. The rams are unmanned amend defend sam. I want to do something here. I'm going to circle the five options that drew brees can throat to let me ask you a question. Are any of them open. I mean open to who exactly know what would you do with the football right here. There's nowhere to go except for the last one. You just showed me where where he can put it. I'm imagining no defense for the perfect. Throw that is not a great throw. That is a perfect throw in with jared cook and tight and this year. That's a catch. I will ask everybody at home. If this is what declining looks like would you sign up for that jeff would he could still make perfect throats yeah and look. I spent half the year on countdown last year talking about all the records that drew brees as was breaking so it seems like i think he's going to be okay this year but greenie bells right. I mean you never know okay. It's always possible. It's also practically uncharted territory tori that we're in. It's his age forty season. Only brett farve and tom brady have played the position at this age so i guess the question is what do you expect from drew brees and and what have you seen. I still expect drew brees to be a really good quarterback. In for all the reasons dance set his accuracy his anticipation that tiling those are things that make him elite he's able to still push the ball down the field because he gets the ball so quick. The area that he struggled is the perimeter of the field ten to twenty yards his ability to drive the ball really into those tight windows in the problem is he has just a little more often than you used to see him here. They're good throws and that's pretty accurate but it allows the defender to close up ever so slightly lately when dance pointed out. He's putting the ball down the field. He can drop it in the bucket and that's better tom. Brady is his other contemporary with this. Tom brady has been fantastic nick. He's still able to push the ball down the field his q._b._r. And that ten to fifteen twenty window still really really high one of the things they do in new england and i'm sure they do a little bit new orleans. It's tom brady really doesn't throw on wednesdays anymore. He limits himself on fridays thursdays third down. That's when he really needs to practice and that's why he's still really maintain eighteen high level breeze will but he's lost a little bit of a loss to the deep perimeter throws system. This is a super bowl caliber team and a super bowl caliber quarterback. This is an enormous question austin going into the season. We'll take a break coming up on get up after throwing for fifty touchdowns last year. Watkin patrick mahomes do for an encore plus. How often will our our very actually run the ball. How many starts rely gag quarterback predictions and and having a safe place to play and learn can foster a positive relationship with sports. It's all in which you can imagine you can take the smallest based in the world and imagine it being staple center going up in philadelphia didn't have much room so i had to make my basement work to mean that was like the great western forum and as parents is our the job they tried to spark that imagination within our children visit project play dot u._s. to give sports back to kids back on get. I four sneaky big news jeb safety jamal. Adams says he's dead serious about switching to corner in light of a hamstring injury tremaine johnson bobby is the concern for the jets on the defense prevent should be maybe a little bit of one thing jamal adams. He played over two hundred snaps last season at quarterback. He's a very talented player and if you look at the landscape of that division in the a._f._c. I've seen he's there are no ma'am wide receivers that you really have to worry about. This is big because i think the jets they're going to be a better team. Where people believe draining much to your happiness. I agree he's the second can best player on the third. If lebanon bell is back to his normal self. He's an integral part of what they do when he's a great safety lever in the middle of the field. Meanwhile let me get to another sneaky. The big story here miami named former e._s._p._n. Three hundred crew jaren williams. They're starting quarterback not ohio state transfer tate martell dan. What's your reaction dot b._c. Yeah massive deal for a couple of reasons one many as their new head coach mary's himself journ williams to this is the highest rated saini at the quarterback position. Miami's gotten the fifteen years it also shows a little bit of an issue with the transfer portal that tate martell ohio state kind of thought he was going to be a shoe in for the job last year this year bet on himself and was wrong but i credit many diaz for making the right decision for the miami hurricanes. We'll talk more college football. As we continue of course today's the e._s._p._n. Fantasy football marathon merrythought sam fantasy football. Everyone has a strategy secret to their success and sodas our own field yates. He has the nine things you need to know before. You draft your team this season with the nine rules. You should follow the drafting your fantasy football team number one. Are you speaking generally. The most valuable commodity fantasy football is a stand up morning morning back that you can plug into your lineup and expect a top level results each week some call them set it and forget it players. I call them saquon barkley rule number two way way down your quarterbacks shawn watson was one of the game's elite finish the options in two thousand eighteen scoring twenty point seven three points per game a robust total good enough for fifth best amongst signal callers. The twentieth best quarterback was shameless winston. At seventeen point eight points per game less than three point per week difference there are lots of good quarterbacks for fantasy patients young grasshopper rule number three load up on receivers and running backs early while you may tell me that that i sound redundant at this point counter point of extreme emphasis there is no such thing as too many good backs or receivers on your roster with a certain set of exceptions rule number four. If you're taking the tight end early and better be part of the royal tree specifically zakar to the eagles travis kelsey up the chain will kill of the forty nine beyond them think value in patients when it comes to the tight end spot. We'll number five draft your kickers and defenses last. Let me be clear draft. Your defense is a defense rarely tips. The scales that other spots on your roster turkish the difference between the second best in the tenth best defense in two thousand eighteen was a mere one point five points per game as for checkers. Keep it simple draft one the place for a good offense number six clay the lottery late in your draft once you've moved past the players in your roster that are solid starters keke backups at a central spots start chasing upside whether it's a rookie fully believe that expand later in the season or player who has flashed in small doses but it doesn't yet have a full season resume boasts use your later round picks wise rule number seven be selective drafting handcuffs. That's the term used to describe a player. Who's a backup central starter that would carry value leeann. The event it said starter suffered injury got that might say a few draft todd gurley life exciting rookie darrell henderson to rule number eight for details man. This may sound silly but always make sure you know the scoring rules of the leak if you played at p._r. Quarterback league one hundred yards bonuses you naming. Make sure you know you've signed up. Keep an eye on fight. Don't get too bogged down by them because remember the team. New draft is not going to be the team you feel by midseason rule number nine no the room as best you can when and you're playing a lead the continues year-over-year just pick up on the tendencies of your opponent's friends be on the lookout for trends is any edge can gain maps most host of all have fun to get in the game go to e._s._p._n. Dot com slash f._m. L. or download the e._s._p._n. Fantasy app now fantasy conversation here are fantasy football analysts might clay gave us a benchmark numbers predictions for different star players in two thousand nineteen nineteen all of them quarterbacks in this case. I'm gonna give you the predictions and you tell me do think we will see more or less and it starts patrick mahomes more or less than thirty seven seven total touchdowns chris thanksgiving or are. We going full season. I am saying moore. Did anybody see the first pass this kid through preseason last week. The tribes kelsey elsie <hes> everybody is back on this offense for the most part skill position wise the ad mccoll hardman and i just don't see this kid not getting fifty fifty ish touchdowns again this year. He's prime for another big year. He threw fifty alone last year. This is total touchdowns. Obviously have to be concerned. I guess about injury but that seems like a very low number number. Let's try this dak prescott more or less than twenty five passing touchdown. I'm going to say less wide. Dax only gone twenty two twenty two and twenty three <unk> touchdowns in his first three years respectively. Also this is a staff that is coaching for their jobs. What do you do when you're back against the wall. You go with what you're comfortable with you. Go with what you know. You're going to get results from and that's this run game. So when push comes to shove i think they're going to rely more on zeke deck deck level goodyear but down in those zones going to rely on zeke because they know they need to win games running the football next. Let's go to the number one overall pick and this is an interesting one to me tyler murray more or less than one hundred and ten and rushing attempts total so that averages out to about eight per game more or less. I'm going more. My initial reaction was less but when you look back at last year two hundred and forty carries i in fourteen games in oklahoma and then like cam newton in r._g. Three in the mark jackson has rookies. They all had over hundred carries themselves to why go again over one hundred and ten is that offensive is could be great so i think there's going to be some scramble opportunity. Maybe not a design run and to do anticipate some n._f._l. Defense is confusing him at some times to force him to get outside and maybe have some run. That's a lot of hits for a guy with his frame. You're gonna get ahead one more ally manning more or less than thirteen starts. I'm going to go less but my reasoning is not going to be ally manning his poor play. I do believe he's he's going to have a solid year and he's showed that a little bit at the back end of last year my concern for eli not getting their defense going to be really bad and i believe that this team's going to struggle and so they're going to be forced at some point to get daniel jones on the field but i don't think it's going to be 'cause allies playing terrible football or some things to keep in mind as you feel your fantasy roster and more coming up. When might we see antonio. Brown back on the field should a raider fan be feeling about the possibility of more the drama. There's developing news this morning. We're on it next. Get up on e._s._p._n. He'll gates here. Have you heard of the e._s._p._n. Fantasy app your portal to the best fantasy football experience on the planet with the e._s._p._n. Fantasy abbott and you are controlled from customizing your leagues to inviting friends to running draft. It's all in there in a simple simple easy to use during the season music app drunk players trades and track your progress and real time virtually anywhere in it becomes reality donald e._s._p._n. Fantasy.

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