Mindful Moment: By the Lake


You are listening to mindful performances with theresa rose. This podcast is part of the c. Suite radio network turning the volume up on business for more information or to listen to more episodes visit theresa rose dot com hi there and welcome to my full performances with theresa rose. This is a bonus episode code of a mindful moment that i just experienced while walking around one of my favorite lakes here in minneapolis my hometown <hes> i had an interesting experience <hes> i walk this lake regularly and have done so for years and years so i know every last twist every turn and i have a way of doing it. I as we tend to do fall into patterns. I walk on the right nightside and i walk clockwise so that means that i'm closest to the lake and you know people know that's sort of the general way of doing it. We walk like we drive. We walk on the right hand side of the pedestrian path well. This was a beautiful day <hes> a little bit hot but it was still gorgeous and i was walking. I had my ear buds in and i'm listening to my my music and as i was turning a corner a woman who was jogging <hes> a almost plowed into me. She was jogging on the left hand side of the the path which is not usual and we had that weird moment that happens you know when you know that you're gonna you're gonna they run into someone. So you sort of a weird dance together. You don't know if you should move right or left and they don't know if they should move right or left and you just keep going back and forth well. It was getting pretty close to where she was going to run into me and i just decided in that very moment. I was just going to stop plant my feet. Look her in the eyes and allow her to go around me and crisis averted so we he did not run into each other but here's what i was thinking of. After that happened first of all i could have easily you know held my ground because i was quote on the right side of the path. She was not jogging word. People normally jog you know she had no dogs there. There was no reason why she needed to be on my side listened to me. My side of the path and i decided that it really wasn't helpful for me to stay in that position of i'm gonna fight for what's right and i just stopped and grounded instead. I'm going to let this person who made an unconscious. <hes> not very mindful choice to to do this to you know to go against what the sort of normal <hes> socially accepted rules are <hes> and i just let her pass and i thought you know that's sometimes the best approach approach for us outside of those circumstances as well in our lives. Everyday lives at work at home is when someone makes a choice that is less than mindful that is unconscious that is disrespectful that that is rude we can sometimes lose our energy and get plowed over by them <hes> when when we engage with them when we attempt to go back and forth with them and do that dance with them of i'm right you're wrong kind of thing and sometimes the best approach when dealing with someone who is not paying attention. They're not paying attention to their surroundings. They're not paying attention to the other people around them. <hes> is to just stop and ground your energy and and be present and let them pass because it's worth the effort of just letting them go do <unk> their thing without you getting pulled into it so this was a mindful moment for me to really be aware of where i am unconscious and i i am not paying attention to those around me and to really just be a little bit more <hes> mindful of that and and realized that we are all in this together and that we are in one big community regardless of what the news says and what our facebook feed say we are of one being being so we all get to work together and play together and make sure that we can dance together in the best possible way so hopefully this will give you a little little bit of <hes> encouragement and inspiration for you to make the decision if whenever you're in a situation where you are faced with someone who's going to plow oh you over with their unconscious choices. Maybe just take a moment instead of doing the back and forth to just breathe. Stay still and let them pass us. Thanks very much. I appreciate it. I am theresa rose. I hope if you enjoy this president this podcast that you will subscribe that you'll give it a review and that may beal even share it with someone and you can check me out at theresa rose dot com to learn a little bit more about my professional speaking my content crystallization coaching and all the other things that i offer as a mindful performance specialist. Thank you so very much. I appreciate it. I am theresa rose and like me. I hope that you make it an amazing day by if you liked what you've just heard then go ahead and like subscribe and share visit theresa rose dot com to listen to more episodes of mindful performances with theresa rose on the cease we'd radio network okay.

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