Good Morning I'm Madison Sawyer. It's Thursday September tenth and hear your headlines from CBS eleven news a wave of changes hitting law enforcement agencies across north Texas with Dallas Police Chief Rene Halls and announcement Tuesday that she plans to step down at the end of the year. The area's three largest cities Dallas Fort Worth and Arlington are now all looking for new police chiefs at least five other cities. PLANO FRISCO grand prairie rallied and rockwall have hired new chiefs within the last year. Dallas community groups including the AC L. U. of Texas and our city, Our future will host a virtual press conference. Today to discuss policing reform in Dallas, attendees must preregister for the Webinar the event gets underway at ten this morning and no one hit all six numbers to rake in yesterday's thirty. Nine Million Dollar Lotto. Texas jackpots now Saturday it'll be an estimated forty and a half million dollars and you'll still want to check yesterday's tickets. If you bought one twenty-one people got five of the six numbers right and that's worth two, thousand, four, hundred, fifty, two dollars the winning numbers were five eleven twenty, one, thirty, five, forty, and forty eight. Now here's meteorologist annelies parks with a quick check of your weather. Good Thursday north Texas big weather change. As we see, fall air settling into the area. We're still dealing with a couple of scattered showers around, but we will generally be seeing a drier trend late today the focus on those temperatures, the coolest air and four months for DFW through the day. Look for a below average temperature's heavy clouds highs top out near seventy, and we will see a very gradual warming trend as we head towards the weekend. And that's latest from CBS eleven the ones for Texas.

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