LG Creates Battery Powered Mask #1471


This is Geek News Central. My name is todd. Cochran coming to from FEMA region five of the New Media Production Studio designed by Automated Dot Com in Coldwater Michigan. LG. Introduces a face purifier. Movie leakers get rounded up. Tick Tock is in massive turmoil. An instant cart. Apparently they're greed has caught up to them. I want to welcome you episode one, thousand, four, hundred, seventy, one of the new central podcasts for Thursday. August twenty seven this show is sponsored in part by go daddy dot com and listeners just like you great deals from go daddy can be found a central dot com forward slash go daddy you can support this show today at Kikkan essential dot com forward slash insider. Give a warm welcome to all the new list the show. Thanks for being here. Thanks for checking out for the very first time. 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So I hope you're doing well but if you're watching the show, make sure you say hello do that either on Youtube right here on my facebook page scrape appreciate it when you check in. So what's going on well, didn't immediate show yesterday which I haven't published yet. They need to get it out. So maybe I'll do that tonight while this one is processing. But more importantly, we have a new set of conspiracies. That was come up by our conspiracy. Coordinator. And This is from Mr. Fixer he is our corden he is our conspiracy guru. and. He's got to forest tonight. So did you know? Apparently it was not tanning that sank, but it's sister ship, the Olympic supposedly the Olympic had been damaged collision and there was evidence to that the. Owners had switched the two ships and then sunk the titanic Ak the already damaged. Olympic for insurance money. That's the ultimate conspiracy of a lifetime. Number, two Paul McCartney, did you know their conspicuous it conspiracy is a he actually died in nineteen, sixty six, and now a look alike stands in his place I. Think I've even heard this one to Mr supposedly the other Beatles were in on the whole thing and help hire someone who looked and sounded and acted just like him but they soon began feeling guilty for lying and start hiding clues about his death in their music. So if this is a case, he's like one of the richest look-alikes in the history of mankind. So those are your two conspiracy theories for the week. Do you have any? Do you have a conspiracy theory? Geek News at G. It's a place to send your conspiracies that we can cover in the show. Definitely want to to hear from you. So you can, of course, join our chat room where we have a dedicated. Group of listeners that are contributing to the conspiracies there and there's also One, it's Eric Conspiracy. Group. Talking about the Russian chocolate conspiracy, you'll have to send me an email to be part of the slack group do get access to that. So anyway, that's where we're at with conspiracies for this show. Hey, depreciate Ivan some of you have been sending me DVD's. Your old collection DVD's is greatly appreciated. Today, was kind of a weird day I as you guys know I stayed on Monday. I had just a massive. Massive workload this week with lots of meetings Lots of discussion with vendors just went on and on, and my last meeting finished about four fifty. And here in the office I have a couch. Wachter on my desk, lay down on that couch and I mean, instantly I think passed out the only thing that woke me up was kirk head finished the show prep about six. Oh, three you're something this evening and I heard the Ding from slack and that was probably the thing is saved me or I might still be asleep in the couch in there. So yeah it I'm looking forward to Friday even though I've got a full schedule tomorrow but yes looking forward to the weekend. So hope y'all doing well the well, let's go and get into the content. got a good stack of stuff for you tonight again if you're watching on facebook thanks for being here. Definitely appreciate Your Participation Watch the show. So LG. Has and I, think this was in work for a while. made an Air PERF appear fire for your face in it. It'll blow clean filtered air for up to eight hours at a time. So you WANNA put this big monstrosity on your head I'm sure it's GonNa. Hurt your. Yeah. Headache overtime. So It's got one, hundred, Eighty, eight, hundred, twenty, million battery. That's heavy in itself. And what type of protection does it give you? does it say? Someone's done one for with an air conditioner but I don't think they claim that this is a Rona. Protector. It says the pure care where air purifier has a pair of three speed fans in a pair of Hesse. Style filter similar to what spine an LG household air purifiers simply breath as normal and an inside. And an inside a respiratory sensor will detect how fast he should breathe. DHEC how fast you breathe as well as of I to justify and speed. So So is this what we're all GONNA up wearing before. It's all over raw gonNA be walking around with battery charged air mask on her face. So again, no no reason to even understand what the protection level on this is. I'm not even going to try you know I've got I've talked about it in here of yet to air filters in my studio that are at the Micron level that it should. Be doing something there's no claims on the website but I've had to air purifiers here mostly to keep the dust down it's been pretty effective to I've only ever had I've had to Dustin Studio one time so far, and it was because I failed to change out the air conditioning filter in things got a little bit overwhelmed in here. But other than that I, don't know where you want to wear an air purifier on your face. I'm not so sure that I want to. So. Piracy of media has been going on since really the beginning. And I know back in the day there was a software there was media people would share hard drives do all kinds of crazy things to to share median into pirate stuff. But I guess these gents. Or part of a global piracy ring called Spark Group. And the United States is charged three men with copyright infringement. Two of these men have been arrested in lawyers and eighteen other countries helped shut down servers. Used by the group, it's estimated that the sparks group caused film production studios, tens of millions of dollars and according to DOJ since two thousand eleven and three interested in other members of the spark group probably tame cooperated DVD's and Blu Ray disc from wholesale distributors. Allegedly, they then cracked a disc in decimated film TV content via the Internet prior to the. Release dates which allowed other people to burn really the. The movies and then repackage them and sell them as original. I would assume I don't think much of this is actually being done. As a way to spread torrents and stuff seems like a lot work and seems like people would be looking to make. Money off this. But This crackdown comes less than one year after two men pled guilty operating a pirating streaming service. where they were ordered to pay sixty, two, million dollars, the privacy suit. So I don't remember what happened with that one but anyway. they're still going after pirates out there and with services like play on. and. If you haven't looked at play on plans pretty slick, it's really really good for you. Know I got great Internet speed here in the studio. So I can pick some that Blake series that I wanNA watch and I can run through play on and then I get basically the media in a format that I can put on my. Can put on the What do you call it on my media server at home and I can watch the movies just as if I was watching them live on Netflix and probably a lot better quality because of the the capture quality here, Thi- speed Internet in the studio. So. Very cool. But anyway keep. Firing Away Ladies and gentlemen your. If. You WanNa keep submit DVD's to the show or to me I'd be definitely appreciated. It's it's good for entertainment. Okay. So I'm getting messages from my mom. You saying here. Must Roll the carts in. Sorry. Okay. So next thing up in the stack a Kevin Mayor. Who is the CEO of Tiktok quit? Less than six months in the jam he he's out. And He basically left because of the political dynamics. It's basically A situation where he was probably going to be out anyway, someone bought the company Tiktok says we appreciate the political dynamics of last few months significantly change what the scope of Kevin's role would be going Ford and fully respect his decision TIKTOK spokesperson said in a statement. To the verge we thank him for his time at the company and wish him well, and he announced his email as departure vian email. And but of course, amount of pressure that's been going on and there's a lot of people in play to buy tick Tock. Oracle is reportedly near twenty billion dollar deal. That is is is being largely supported and So Oh, isn't that interesting? I'm reading a website called the rap dot com and when I rolled up a little bit it big this big pop up here. How how do I get rid of that? I don't want to subscribe. and. It's very annoying. So okay well, I guess I can't read any more about his article. I. You know I hate it when come these do that an here's I I just I just cleared it Walmart is also joining the fray with Microsoft to bid on. Tick Tock. So can to old companies run a young one. So lots of activity here. Really Weird that Tick. Tock would consider our Walmart would consider this. So Oh. I guess together. So. We believe a potential relation with Tok in partnership with Microsoft could add this key functionality provide Walmart with important way I reach and serve Omni Channel customers as well or third party marketplace in advertising business. In other words, you're GONNA get advertise Walmart products on Tiktok. So Okay. Well, WE'LL SEE What's going on here? Now Tick Tock is supposedly. Cells US Canada Australia New Zealand operations in one full swoop. So we'll see where this leads and what happened the clock is ticking. INSTA- card has been sued by DC T. Attorney General over deceptive service fees in a lawsuit filed Thursday. Washington DC's attorney general alleges that they'll grocery delivery service try tricked customers with service fees, disguises, tips for workers. So they put a service fee. On Your Bill. As. You're checking out and then allowed you to increase the percentage eleven twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, eighteen, twenty, percent. And it made. It looked like it was a tip. To your delivery person but it wasn't you you. You were given the opportunity to give Ted talk more money. How Pretty Pretty Gutsy. And so it trick customers with service fees, disguises, tips for workers. So they're going after that cash someone else had this happen to him too. So, they're gonNA, go after that money. It's from back in two thousand, six September. Two, thousand, sixteen through April of two, thousand eighteen and they had gotten called out and change the policies after they'd gotten caught on this but they never refunding the money that they collect it. Do, you have a car. Has. It. Ever had a recall. Well my Ford. Has An APP and they tell me if there's a recall I've already had one issued on my by Ford Edge but the N. H. T. s. a. has an APP now. They will automatically alert you. It's pretty strange. There hasn't been an after that already, but now there is so the National Highway Safety Administration up to set game design of its SAFERCAR APP. The, date NHTSA announced Thursday as automatic alerts in invented automaker recalls vehicle. So you gotTa do is enter the car that you own and it will send you. An alert to yours smartphone when when there is documents to view about the recall so that you won't have to rely on your car manufacturer. It'll come straight from that NHTSA AS A. Rita says do not use a cheap fiberglass air filter with your air conditioner. Oh, I'll have to look and what I see I. The my sister Buys them by the box. I have to see what she gets I'm not sure. Windows ten insider preview build comes to the laundry list of fixes, includes victims for printers, headphone problems, and bug in outlook in edge. So if you are. Looking to test us out there seventy two fixes in the upgrade update range from tweaks to the start menu and task bar to fixes for bugs in outlook edge inactive ex. there's memory leaks, headphone problems that they fixed by metric issues as well. So it's a winter's windows ten insider preview build nineteen, zero, four, two, decimal, four, eight, seven. So Hey. By the way I WANNA make a mention if any of you are using Graham early with chrome. In a certain version if you visit Geek news central all of a sudden, the audio players will start playing automatically. There's a bug in grammar early that bypasses the the rule not to preloader play the auto. The audio automatically. So again, if you've got grammar early installed it in certain versions of chrome, it will cause the player and beaten in central to play I. Apologize if that's happened you it's not on purpose actually, I don't want that to ever happen because it skews my download numbers. But, we've contacted Graham to they'll get a fix. Now. This is interesting article. Virtual power plants are coming to California apartment buildings. And there's a lot of apartment buildings all over the world and the majority of them do not have solar panels on the roof. But what they've done is in a apartment complex in California yes there's four hundred some units. So I don't know how many different buildings there are but they put solar panels on all of the apartment complex is. Buildings and it's in Fresno. So, rent for one of these. Is about a thousand eleven hundred dollars is pretty normal rent actually on the low side for for California. And According to the website, they describe complex as a luxury retreat staus setting. And again, the cost falls in line. So what they have done here is pretty doggone brilliant as a developer goes. So they've put solar panels on the building they've put batteries as well. So what they're doing here is they're doing a a little bit of shocking and jiving so during peak. During peak power consumption time when when the rates are the highest, then they go on battery or on solar and wanted as long as they can in the early evening. Goff. Battery and then at some point if the batteries are expended, they go on regulars city power whatever it is. But in the end, the The people in the apartments pay about ten percent less. For. Electrity as if they were hooked up to the To the normal. Electric Grid and paid PG. So. Instead, the apartment complex owner pays PG and e. and the renter pays. The the complex and pays about ten percent less. But I can almost guarantee you. They're making some money on the margins over time in the difference that they pay p Jeannie and what they get from their renter. So it's a profit center now. For apartments and it's touted as you know, it's all green and people like that, and it's smart for the real estate Marketer investor to do this. So again, it's called a virtual power plant, but you've got gotTa have enough of a complex to do it, and they feel this is going to be popping up all over California because it just makes sense. From from a revenue standpoint and the same time, it lowers the impact on the grid and the people that had done the investment in solar have essentially they're making money off it over time of keeping replay solar panels over time. So consoled panels are good for about twenty years. they do lose efficiency each year, but still if you can get ten percent off your logistic cost, that's just another bonus for living in that apartment complex. Tesla with an autopilot on hit a police vehicle. The driver admits he was watching a movie. The to the IT basically was a double. Car Stop where they had to police officers had vehicle pulled over the Tesla hit the the vehicle the outermost vehicle which pushed into the other police officers vehicle, which then impacted the two officers through them to the ground. But no one the officers luckily, we're not hurt. So. The driver's charged with a violation of the state's move over law and having a television in the car. So he was emitting to watching a movie while the car was auto driving. So once again, you just can't count completely on these vehicles to to drive themselves and to keep yourself safe. a lot of chemicals. Lot Of police officer vehicles get hit on the side of the road regardless but this is just one more that could have ended very very badly for her the people outside their vehicles or even the even if they had been in their vehicles. So Tasse got a little more work to do their. facebook is blocking searches for the name of the kenosha shooter. This is interesting. So. The names been all over that the news and everything but this kyle right in house. The gunman who has been alleged response for killing of two protesters in Kenosha Wisconsin Tuesday night. So. Rolling Stones was looking for this and notice that they couldn't find any information a search for the name a search for the name returns no results while a more general search returns memories with the shooter's name included. After he was identified in charge on Wednesday facebook removed his profile blocked users from creating new product profiles under the name of concern, the copycat profiles could be used to spread disinformation. But blocking searches for the name as a more drastic measure particular time when interested in the details of the tax peak, the platform does not appear to blocking any content from being posted shared, but it's apparent limiting its accessibility through search. facebook confirmed it was blocking searches but downplayed the significance of the measure. It's not actually knew we block STU-, we block searches for a ton of stuff for his child exploitation content. So Anyway we will See where this develops but This is interesting that they're blocking information. T. Mobile's latest rebel phone offer spy g speeds for two hundred dollars. It's the most affordable five G. smartphone the United States according to t mobile. So the R. E. V. L. Five. G.. Is. Cost three ninety nine but it's it can be snapped up for two hundred if he agreed to switch or add a line that's the. That's the catch me there. So it's really three ninety nine. Amazon Halo is a subscription fitness, wearable and platform. Amazon. Hill uses machine learning to judge body fat and monitor your tone I'm quite fat. So I don't know what the word for that is tone. I am not tone I'm plump. So Amazon is Oh, longer content allowing mainstream wearable technology companies dominate the fitness space so they have introduced. A subscription fitness product, you know a subscription fitness product is just you pay money for telling you that you're not doing anything you can't go anywhere. You can't go to any gym. You can't. You know some states still you can't legally walk around. So Anyway It's called the Halo Band and you look at it and Is just that it's just a ban there's no information you have to look at your phone beginning information off it. So I guess it's just tracking what you're doing. That's very, very curious. So Anyone gets one of these WanNa hear what you did with it or how it works in give us an update, but it looks like it gives you. The tracks your sleep. What you've done. I not seeing everything on the screen here but anyway. I've not where my watch for two days forgot to put it on two days in a row. FACEBOOK is suing a man who sold fake instagram likes finally and they're starting to clean up the company also sued a UK developer. Permits using user? Data. So facebook is once again taking issue of fake instagram likes to cow to court companies doing a man who sold fake instagram likes and comments as part of fake engagement service. The service called. Khat and a K R ut k a used network of bots and automation software. Did you bit distribute face likes comments, views, and followers and whereas these folks out above it probably overseas somewhere. And they also went after another company called Moby and a developer her that use malicious offer to collect facebook data from users. So anyway there there's these things are diamond dozen they could do they could sue someone every day not shut down. Hewlett Packard has beat quarter three estimates where the big increase in book sales not surprising at all with the COVID nineteen pandemic driving up demand for notebooks HP says it's shipments grew by thirty for thirty, two percent year over year. That's huge. HP's non gap diluted net earnings per share came to forty nine cents a revenue fourteen point three billion. Down two point, one percent from the prior year period ounce for expecting earnings of forty three cents on revenue. Thirteen. Point three, one, billion. So quarter three sales were very very strong and again. notebook unit shipments, Rep Levin percent, and up thirty, two percent on desktop units so No toting ship rep eleven percent with notebook units up to thirty two percent and desktop units down thirty percents. Okay. That makes sense. So, not many people in the corporate world buying computers but lots of People that had kids in school at home buying notebooks. Are there's a five G. coverage map every US city with at and T. reason and T. mobile that has five G.. There is now a map available and Verizon's released set maps and so his other providers this link. Oh, be up in the show notes to check you out. So if you want to see where your provider has five G.. And again, some of it is six, hundred megahertz five GM millimeter. We've wave five gene, some of its two point five Gigahertz by G. Yes. I'm confuses you are so link up show notes on that. Google photos is taking a page from snap seed with coming editor changes. The new Ui emphasizes text over icons. So The new design replaces a curly icon you I with one that makes greater use of Tex. So I'm not I've never used snap seed, but they say that looks like they took a lot of the. allow the features it looks like from snap seat and incorporated into Google photos. I prefer tax sometimes they don't those little symbols mean as well. Google maps has been updated. The saved tab makes it easier to find and remember interesting places you have to. You'll have to update the latest version Google maps able to see the changes so you can you can all your recently say places will now show up at the top the save tab for easy access. You can even have your nearby safe places sorted by distance and arrange in Carousel. So who was trying to make it easier for you to get around those places that you commonly go to. But if if there's places you've saved, don't you really know where they're at already So, on this show, we've got a whole bunch of top list. and. I guess is just the time for these types of list come out I don't know why. But they talk about the best camera phone for twenty twenty search with the apple iphone eleven pro the Google Pixel for the iphone eleven. Pro What's the difference? There's t that's the same thing. Apple iphone eleven pro number one. Oh. Best. Okay. They they raided by video and photos. Best Phone camera for professional Sony, experience. Best. Phone. Camera for under seven hundred dollars apple phone eleven. So a anyway a list of features if you're looking for specific features. Apple Google in. More, companies say they are not. Again. You'll say they are not responsible for child labor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Not. Only was apple and Google it was apple Google Microsoft Dell and Tesla. Are. All. Accused of child labor. These companies say they don't own the mines and use a third party suppliers. So connection can't be confirmed for stuff that they get out of the mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Lot of precious metals come out of the DRC. So they say we cannot be responsible for this where they're not where we are not running the minds we don't like it. But there's nothing we can do about it. and. Some of this is probably true because there's probably limitations on they work and get some precious metals. We don't do much of that here in the United States for sure. The Best Portable Power Stations of twenty twenty, and there's a these are pretty cool. These these power stations. The The best overall is the jackassery explore one, thousand I just open this up on Amazon and see what this bad boy can do. So it's it's not cheap nine, hundred, ninety, nine dollars it's a power station explore. It's thousand two watt solar It comes with a solar panel to. outlet solar mobile lithium battery. Outdoor. RV, in. Emergency camping. So thousand watts possible. That's that's that's a beast, the bis the best mid range is Klein. Tool kt be five. Would you ever thought we were carrying around this much power if I want to spend a thousand bucks? I'm a frank. If I'M GONNA spend thousand a thousand dollars for portable power pack. I'm just going to buy a generator. Yeah, they're noisy, but you can buy little Honda ones that are pretty quiet. Why spend that much money I would just by little portable generator I think. But no one wants to guess generator noise. When you're out camping, I, would suppose but the best budget one is rock POWs three hundred watt unit. Obviously not that much power availability out of that. Amazon's first fresh grocery store opens with. High. Tech. Dash shopping carts this is by imitation only where's this going to be? It's going to be in Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. The store will sell food like pizzas, sandwiches that appeared on site as well as range of items from national local brands is intended to cheaper alternative to Amazon's. Stores Oh cheaper by how much five percent And Packed with. Tack. In that it will not use just walk out cashless technology. But the fresh store in. La. Is the first location where shoppers will be able to use. Amazon Dash. Carts which you log into using Amazon apple quipped with cameras and sensors to if I which items you drop in the cards compatible shopping list made using Amazon's Alexa Voice Assistant. You then automatically pay without having to wait in a line at the checkout while that sounds like. The same type of deal Amazon says there will also be echo show devices dot around the store to help ease spine their way around. So They have a thirty, five, thousand square foot fresh store doesn't sound like a place where you just dash in. that. Anyone gets into one of these. Take some pictures sure. We'll see some unopposed opening. Also something got stuck in here today there's a little bit. Uh I I need more information on. Abbas making Kobe nineteen exposure notification on IOS a feature. So say that again, apple makes covid nineteen exposure notifications and I o s feature. Alba's introducing limited support for covid nineteen exposure vacations without the loading and APP. This is phase two of the Apple Google contact tracing. Apples currently, Beta testing. It's Iowa's thirteen point seven update among developers. The main edition to the new version is expansion of the Kobe. Nineteen exposure notification API apple says will let iphone users opt in to receive exposure notifications without the need to download an APP from your local public health authority. design, but even Noviny. Half of thorns have an APP when apple and Google jointly announced the move to introduce contact tracing tools within the operating system they committed enabling a Bluetooth context system. So, this is what I was thirteen point seven ushers in. This the way this works gives iphone users control over what information is shared if it all but does make a few compromises while you can opt in to receive notifications, you don't have to. You. Of course, the writer says by think you probably should you can't actually report on your condition unless you also download and solid supported public health. Interesting. So I was thirteen point seven, you can turn it on how many of you will be leaving it off. Injured central is the list of the best android phones under two hundred dollars and twenty twenty I won't go through that list. Also. android central has a list of the best wireless ear buds for twenty twenty. The number one is a Jabra elite seventy, five T. they definitely do the an apple air pods pro is at number eight. Wow, Samsung, galaxy buds plus sennheiser momentum to wireless to. Even an off key issue n five. Wow. The Al. Air Pods number eight you wonder if that's a dig, this is android sight. So you just wonder sometimes. Yeah. All right. That's going to bring me to the end of the content today pretty short, pretty short show. Let. Me Go over here I think I've got I don't know if I had an e mail come in. And I remember I can't say who it's from. This is a good one. This is a good one. So the writer says todd. Probably, best to keep my name out of this one. Year mentioned the department injury and Apple ipod reminds me of a time when I worked for a well known Tech Company back in the nineties. Our Department produce software for the analysis of power supply networks. You put power stations, transmission lines, substations, houses onto a map, and the software would work out the current flows and voltage drops it could do fault analysis and load balancing all kinds of clever things. Back. Then we are asked to meet with some representatives. Of A U. S.. Government. Agency and demonstrate our product. They came to us and it was first names only no business cards. During the. Conversation became clear that they weren't very interested in things like power flows and current losses, but they were very interested in fault announces I e. what happens if something goes wrong asking questions like if this transformer substation was damaged, could we tell which parts of the network will lose power quote unquote? Without them saying anything explicitly by the end of the meeting, it became evident that these people want did not want to model the electrical power now. Gives me by the end of the meaning. It became evident that these people wanted to model the electrical power networks of a certain Middle Eastern country so that they knew what to. Take out with cruise missiles to maximize the power to the cities. They bought the software regards anonymous writer Yes, you take out certain substations, all kinds of our hit a couple of substations, and you know you put you put a city in the dark. Having to completely destroy their infrastructure. You know it's easier to take out a substation. It is to take out a or actually it's smarter to take out a substation takeout entire power plant. 'CAUSE powerplants take years to replace substations take weeks so I hope you guys charge them a premium for the software. And the ongoing updates. So when I think are anonymous writer for that information, that was a pretty good one that was a pretty good one. All right. We're going to bring the show to a close again a little bit shorter one today definitely just you a little bit shorter. Newsday, I appreciate they'll gets me out of here a little bit earlier today from a production standpoint buddy appreciate your all's participation the podcast. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for being part of the family here. If you're not subscribe over to the website and make sure you hit subscribe on the on the particular. podcast APP of your choice whether it be apple podcast Google podcast stitcher speaker just goes on and on and on all the different ones that are there on the website to be able to subscribe to the show, we do want to think Oliver insiders for their ongoing continuing donations the show it's it's greatly appreciated. Your contributions as an insider is you know helps make up A. A A part of the you know the but we use here from the normal operating costs. If you haven't considered becoming insider, it's maybe it's time Geek Central Dot. COM Ford such insider. We can start it to two dollars a month, and if you want to really get you know one really want to support the show kicked all the way up to two twenty five or make a one time donation. We have people doing that. On a regular basis. So definitely appreciate those folks that are supporting the show each month with a with a contribution I don't take it too. Lightly it is. It is greatly appreciated at the same time. Thank you for the ongoing support of go daddy and buying their products and services of will know here next week or so I guess what? How did for Aug, Burnett quite to the end yet so we got some time to still make some progress there, but definitely she it's hard to believe isn't it? That We. Are. Already. Almost at the end of August and September is right around the corner. It's just truly Remarkable they're keeping in Hawaii. They just locked the entire state down for two weeks starting today they basically, they're on full lockdown central workers only. And Day I don't understand. No one's going into the state. You know they're having a very minimal traffic in Y- do go in you're locked up for fourteen days. but yet they're having to go into another two week lockdown. I I'm still of this firm belief that you just you know this is going to run its course and you can't. You can do what you gotta do to protect yourself and others but it I think just to a certain point. You just can't completely a-, protect yourself one way or the other. So I duNno, it's it's discouraging. So it's probably going to be late. October before I maybe not even then before I get back to Honolulu but it is what it is. It's going to become critical here. Soon I'M GONNA have to call my doctor and say, Hey, I'm just about out of my prescriptions you're going to have to write me a local script. I can get something locally. So usually use the military FACILITIES TO PICK UP MY PRESCRIPTION SO I. to go back to Hawaii able to kill two birds with one stone it will get a script picked up and everything but I don't think that's going to happen here anytime soon. So all right. Let's go ahead and bounce out. Everyone thinks for being part of the Family Ted Rita Everyone Mike. Thanks for watching the show everyone stay safe take care of the Elderly Watch out for one another and have a great evening and take care of Cenex by.

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