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This is another episode of standup comedy. Your host and emcee celebrating forty plus years on the fringe of show business stories interviews and comedy sets from the famous and not so famous. Here's your host and emcee scott at words. Hey and welcome to this week's show man. Oh man. I'm so excited. We have a terrific interview and comedy set coming up from not only one of the funniest comics the eighties and nineties a guy that participated in our tv shows laps in the park special concerts. He's done it all with lamps and limited and we're happy to have him here and i gotta tell you he's more than a comic. He's a friend ladies and gentlemen. Let's welcome bob worley. You got a lot of people. This is jammed for you bob. They're so happy to have you here. We've been waiting several months to try to get together and get this interview. Dan and we're so excited to get you on the phone. How are you buddy packing kidney stones. That fact you'll do anything for a little light. Entertainment passing kidney stones played comedy. I gotta say it takes awhile to get that prop out Yeah ladies and gentleman hold on. Don't don't that well that's true so For the listening audience going back to well. We're going to go through some of the history but Bob has been one of the regular acts. You've heard on the podcast over the last several months. He's a very funny comic and good friend He lives down in pasadena. California south pasadena. Let's be correct. Yes in the los angeles area for those who outside of california we have been friends and shares of the comedy history for a long time Let's kind of give them a little background. How did you get into comedy. I mean i know you're really funny guy but it must have started in school or something. I figured out right away. I couldn't do anything else. I really cannot hold a regular job so comedy. Measure last choice eilat pregnant. god said. Look no matter what you do around here. We're not gonna fire you. And i didn't know what they were talking about. I'm not trying to get fired so you have a great personality in a good sense of humor. Did that. Come up early with your family. I think so for me. It was a A way to survive. And i kind of grew up in a rough neighborhood so i if you walk cracking. Everybody survived because nobody wants to beat up like the recharge kid will. Where where did you grow up. I grew up in oakland california which is about thirty miles east of here and in kind of a rough neighborhood at the time to route neighborhood. I grow guy's name angel in tutte tutte of heard of him. So so your sense of humor developed itself early. When did you actually hit the stage for the first time harley under seventy group i would say imprompt group but it was really kick. It came up with these little of and then we went out to la like the comedy store and ostos comedy cave and did that kind of stuff. You know we bombed everywhere back. Well that's how you get started but you didn't do it as a solo act. You did it as part of a group. I don't think about you. Yeah yeah the guys kinda you know after a while. They say we're not gonna do this anymore. So much of a hassle. So i said well i'm going to keep doing it but i wanted to skip by myself so i think even robert go with it goes. Hey did you. Were you not an escape route because you're talking to people that aren't there back what let's let's. Let's give a little basis. Was there a name to the skit group. We are called an sort of an act sort of all that that kind of has a comedic tone to it in hind will give you the initial stage experience. Oh so that must have helped you when you started going solo. Yeah two different. It's a different scale. So i had to learn that over time and you know i i i like i said i bombed everywhere but you know really stupid so i could see doing kind of like food so i'm going to go on. Well i think. I think you had a lot of success. I know that you were as i alluded to in the intro. Not only were you a regular act. starting off in the eighties working for me and laugh unlimited but You quickly became a headliner. And then Were right through the heyday of the club. So you got involved in the concert in the parks. Tv shows so. I mean in my mind. You are very successful comic. But let's let the audience know. When did you first get to laughs and limited. And how did that happen you remember. Oh yeah yeah. I actually remember that because i think it was eighty two. Maybe and the only reason we we went there. We used to go to san francisco tonight Because we could do the open mic nights there and just hit a bunch of them. Just take time on stage and on the way back. A friend had to showcase that. Your plays toll berman right. Yeah yeah so. I was with him and another guy and Peter golfie and And we were stopping by and decrease stock. Was there so we had worked together before and he goes. Oh hey up. I know bob. Why don't you give them some stage times. I'll give up ten minutes of my tho great scott for audience. Great scott was one of our regular headlining magicians. He's been mentioned a couple times he hasn't been on the show because it's tough to Show magic on a podcast but great scott was definitely a regular in all of my clubs over a couple of decades very talented magician. But i did. I don't have the memory you have. I didn't know that he gave up time. So that you can get on stage pretty impressive and pretty nice of you to let you. You weren't there. I think that's why it happened. That what happened. Bob with daddy and i remember was the. I didn't know yet. 'cause behind the bar that night and then about a few days later i got a phone call from you and the first thing you said not even hello would blow. Everybody appeared because they seem to love. That was my intro to you. Acquired professional wasn't i. I said no not everybody four well so you came up. You did a unscheduled showcase. Thanks to Great scott the magician. And then bob and mac and everybody enjoyed your little guests at so much. They overloaded me with information so much so that i called you in accused of sexual treat wearing braces at the time. Well the guys were all. They were all walking funny for a while. But i'm bob. How'd you anything for work. Well i think it worked out well for laughs now. Your first paid gigi. Must've been an opening act. No i came in at the feature gone pace myself. And dave stockton. Wow good shot and worked with that guy. Yeah yeah the the ventriloquist figure that Moved on its own was very what jerk rate with a shop. What an apple. The chuck was always a little rough when it came to relationships. But i think a lot of intro figures have that problem that's Pretty impressive to come in as a feature acta first time so the Word on your set must've been excellent. You must have been for somebody. Somebody dropped out you. Hey call this show. So that started. Our relationship is comedy club comic but we quickly became friends. Because i know that you not only work guy every year after that for many many years but you were soon part of the laughs family where you were asked getting involved in bowling night. Some of the other fun things around the best thing about the onto your club is that that you feel like you're going up to see friends wasn't how i gotta go up there and do you know a week of hell somewhere. It all good to see some friends you know and i knew it's going to be a fun week and you know you've pretty much. Let me do almost anything you know we. We even brought The famous elvis ghost in fine. And that's that's what made a fun to work as just like guide to comedy and half. I liked your club and it's like a bunch of friends running the club doing right and just to shows up right and you guys had fun with it. That makes yeah and and it's been mentioned a couple times and earlier. Podcast that i think part of our success was that it was other comics. Like dave and bob sag at the kind of helpless lay out the groundwork for how to treat comics. And if you treat the entertainers with respect and civility fan. Well i just meant that i. I'm happy and appreciative. That you felt comfortable and thought you were going to work with friends as opposed to just another road gig well. I didn't think that. I mean. I knew that i felt that your staff everybody super nice and you know again. They're like your friends. You're always happy to them. They seem happy to see you. And now you end up working Several weeks every year for a number of years. But you've played clubs all over the west coast didn't you. Yeah pretty much. All of the country all from coast to coast you. Were doing roadwork. Yeah you know the the courtemanche with me. I never asked about money. They would just go. You wanna work there. I said sure and bernie up. What are we going to pay you though. I don't know geez we should tell everybody. Bernie's your lovely wife who is a dear dear friend in and you are very lucky to marry but it is funny that she was a quick to point out that. It's nice to know what you're getting paid or you know. You don't want to run to deal with quibbling over money paying what you know that kind of brings back to comedy as an art form versus a business for it is a business and the money is important but there's a certain segment of the entertainers that it was the art form. That was actually more important than the business. Some it's the other way around and obviously you just really enjoyed getting on stage and getting in front of audiences. Now you did really well at laughs where you pretty well received all over the country on certain night. You did really well on sundays under dark night. I was her. Now you know there's a. I worked amp rawlinson Curve line with jack gallagher. A at three guy. Great guy really super funny and The first night. I was going up before i noticed o. r. material covering same subject matters. I mean are actually different. So i thought well i'll just go back and do some of the old stuff. I won't step on his toes and the next night. I ate it so bad that people were like. Oh my god what happened to be on drugs. But it's one of those nights that the more you bomb the more people start the night like you were saigon. It's like oh yeah you know like that one. Here's you're not gonna like. Yeah it's sometimes it's a competition between the Entertainer in the audience. You know hopefully you can turn them around. I've seen a few acts that so bad. They got good. You know what. I mean if you and your and a little As is a comic onstage. Not a straight manala gist. You have a lot of facial expressions on your very animated in your comedy even though it's based on real life. It is almost cartoonish or exaggerating. I used to love the the bid about the pigeons and The bid about your brother. You know Freely the first night. I couldn't do anything wrong. you know. It's like walking water. It's going to be great and then the next night like oh this is going to be held and that is kind of the the way. Entertainment is a whole. I mean i. It's much harder for a standup comic alone on stage than it might be for a band or a singer. If you're you know you're always going to have a good night in a bad night. And what makes a professional entertainer is the one that plugs forward in does time pretty much no matter what Iraq recently told a story that bill maher was halfway through is set in literally got booed off stage in he gave up in just walked off stage. And so i i did the right thing and fired his ass but the most comics when they're having a bad set turn it around it was a great analogy. Johnny carson would be doing his monologue in every night they would have different jokes that were submitted or or written by his writers forum but if things started going bad he made that was funny. Yeah yeah but then again he wasn't gonna be up for forty five minutes okay johnny carson and go lets sort of commercial will be back. That's true that's china. He had a couple outs. That you wouldn't have had. But i gotta say bob although i did find that when i go to commercial well i will say that for for your history and stand up comedy if you're pinpointing one night one bad show with jack. Aller danny half bad. I mean i always like to say. I would consider at me okay. Well we've found you more than okay and luckily we got a lot of it on tape and we've had a chance to share it with the podcast audience and we'll have another set from you at the end of this interview. But what were that. I mentioned the pigeons and and your brother was were there and you used to have a great bit about your wife when she was pregnant and having your first kid and a mix of done that but you kind of took it to the absurdity level and far. No no actually. I always thought that was one of your Funniest bits but what. What was the type of comedy or the bits that you do or remember that you really enjoyed or riffing 's ripping apart but i like the like you said the baby stuff and a bunch of i soaring a little bit too far like you described earlier being cartoons and that was thing i think if the audience kind of bought into what i was doing it was going to be a fun night. But if they weren't dead that is that they you know is only true for some people you know were there. Were there were a couple of comics at took it even farther amazing. Jonathan was an example of a very cartoony type of act but he would have nights where the audience just wasn't willing to go with them on the ride right and not. That happened to me very few times. That most of the time. I seem very harmless. And you know they kind of okay. Everybody thought well you're right. You know you're a columnist. So that i kind of go down and start getting a little gonna weird stuff and they would buy into it most of the time. I think they realized i was just kidding around. Hopefully they weren't there. I love one facing albuquerque. And i can't believe that you have kids. She she thought you're you're being serious money with you. Need help but she was. Obviously she enjoyed the show so well what out by. Yeah well one of the things. Think that i miss about owning the club and stand up comedy was unlike other entertainment venues when you go to a comedy club. You know it's funny. It's gotta be funny and you may not appreciate every bit or every comic but you're there to have a good time you've invested evening. You paid your twenty bucks. You wanna have a good time and so you couldn't have a better platform to work from. And so then just up to the comic to bring a man through relatable material or whatever and take them on the journey. But i think that Interesting and you were very very good at it now. You work for me for many years. What are some of the Stories are situations That happened at laughs. That stand out to you g. I worked at all three or cloud of each different from the other so obviously the back must be out the alley. One fire right. I think like you said earlier tonight. That i i was with jimmy burns and john yet and we got to go back out. Let us screw around. And we went back into the the rat. Pack tour oh. Yeah i remember that that was funny. Yeah yeah that'd be 'cause i think he martin got sick. Billion for the ailing dean. Martin would relate elvis presley doing that. So i wouldn't find him but we just could do that and just have fun with it and you know and all the night cooked coupe and his staff was always fun. I mean like. I said it was a lot of fun working. Everybody was super nice. And you always have to show up right. There's always somebody that would build the show it would build. You know like some guys. I work at one club and goes boy man. It's coming up before yet. He's got are really. Make your work. Like i said why. Why do you want me to work. Don't we wanted to be a good show. We wanted to build and family. I never understood. That's like putting somebody. That's really filthy in front of a clean act. You're right you're making it extra difficult. And that's the point is you're not just making it difficult for the entertainer but you're gonna ruin the flow even for the audience and that's fine but can we bring in a local guy. Go up in between her. Because i i knew like a sacrifice of. It's like a pallet cleanser. Because i knew this guy was kinda filthy and dirty. That i i won't be able to fall. You know 'cause now the audience is going to be thinking way another good example. That and this guy was actually a brilliant comic. I had to follow robert schimmel month. Schimmel you worked for me a lot. He was fantastic and again. Nice guy and just one of the best comics out there. But i did my letterman showcase. After him and i thought that he would do You know an act that he could do on tv but nope not schimmel even went for and remember got up walked the hey did you see my thing. I unfortunately yet. Well we should point out to the podcast listeners. That bob is not one of mar squeaky clean comics. But you always worked relatively clean and there weren't a lot of f. bombs or anything unnecessary staff were that you might get from certain entertainers I always set the audience. Fill in the blank i would right and i think that also made you one of the reasons why you were so successful in did so much work for us. I mean how. Many acts could not only succeed at the club level but then be featured on Our laughs in the park crowd which was families and then the tv shows which has to be pc clean. So yeah there was a few acts out there. like steve brunner that are just squeaky squeaky clean. But you certainly fell into the range On the cleaner side above some of those other funny acts but just go in a different direction. so you did some of the After show stuff you remember going bowling with everybody yeah. I think that was for a long time. That was a regular thing. I think when you stop doing it. I was disappointed when i go bowling the night anymore. We have some great video of you bowling with dave. Yeah you guys went out together with us one night and got video of you and David kuei out bowling with the staff members. Yeah i sort of had t shirts made up talking together and then just and then went out and joined the league done. It could've done it because nobody needs There you go well we. We had a lot of fun and we were able like. I said our business relationship turned into quite a friendship. I know your wife and family very well. I've known your kids since they were born in chance to go to a lotta dinners and other functions so i do appreciate that aspect of our relationship. So thank you for that. Your walk came across pictures of you. Playing with my kids are look like they're attacking you but i'm sure play. Well i love Getting down at kid level and being one of the kids is still a problem. Carport that point. Well you have everything. I want out to have you on this. Little thing I you probably don't remember when my dad passed away You've got sent me some money. 'cause you knew that i would be cancelling gigs diploma through. And i know i. I don't know if i ever thanks for that. But i want to thank you for that. Now while you know eight or nine people are listening so they can hear that you know you have a heart of gold and i really meant locking because nobody else really reach out. Maybe one other club reached out. But but that always walking. And i really appreciate it. That you're very well But you know that's what friends do when you're going through a difficult time in fact we were just talking. My father just passed away a few weeks ago. When you're one of the first people to reach out and that's what friendships all about so It was an honor. And i'm very welcome. I was happy to help during a difficult time. So yeah i think a lot of people find Find it surprising. I have a heart. Yeah i'll tell you one thing. I do remember one too i. I don't know if you recall. But i got really sick when i was up the house that they were carpet on the walls and you came over and i couldn't get out of bed. I was so sick for you. Freak out just do the emergency room. And i'm all talk then. Yeah it was really bad so The documents well. I don't know what's going on. You know we'd better keep him overnight and you just looked at him go. he's gotta shoulder tonight. Can you just give them something this so much for having a heart in the right place because you're worried about the people that were saying come see the show must go on go on. So so they they. They listen to me in in let you go aren't they. He said well we'll let him go along. You know. i go see the doctor right when i get home after. It was like a sunday night. Show redneck berman hospital. What a heartfelt moment for being with the club owner. Yeah yeah the show go on. That's a great story. And sadly i don't remember that satan just probably up against the wall and put the microphone tape to my desk starts off and we'll get you probably still killed by. You mean the fun. I'm glad we did exactly. The show must go on a great story. Thanks although you made pay it back later. We're going to have to work for me. Well you know there was other instances. Remember john fox he was not only Quite the road comic but quite a gambler. And i can't tell you how many times we had to Pay him early or advance. Money on gigs. Even victorious for that. Everybody when they got there. I have always advance so he can make yes. I remember working with at the birdcage. Crabbing somebody so much kirk. Hey that guy throwing up in the bathroom fill. That was john fox for you. he was. He's been discussed a few times and we've played his sets a few times he was. I would say the epitome of a road comic from the eighties drinking drugs Women you name it But he was also a very funny. Act that Do i only think i go too far. And that was that we work in houston together and it was his birthday and he wanted to do. And you wanna do some blow with me. I don't really do that. Oh hey wanna split at coa. Well at least they gave you an option. There's a story of gold. I told it once before. When i introduced one of his sets but one of my memories of john fox was he actually chased me around the green room with a spoon of coke and challenging me to do it with him. I never did. I'm not a drug guy but it's a very fierce memory of a guy that was a good comic and a good friend and it's been mentioned but sadly we lost him too many years ago but It may be good reason. He certainly did his share of physical body abuse. But we we've transgressed. Let's bring it back to comedy here. Well let's let's put a smile on that face and what were some of the acts that you got to work with. That really had an impression on you and it laughs or any other location I'm sure you've got a chance to work with some of your heroes. Yeah again maybe not. No i mean i. I like so many different people for different reasons. i it's hard that nobody really. I mean mostly with the friends that i traveled around with peter golf. He was one of them that you know. He always made me laugh valley. Funny guy. he's he's he's out there I always like ken. Guard is always fun to work with. I love islanders magic. Just as and had a great sense the owner cans on one of the previous. I got a chance to interview him and one of the previous podcasts. And a really good friend. Ken garbage. I know you mentioned you. Work with jack gallagher gallagher week. I had a tv self in the area day. Yeah he had a morning show for a while and We were able to bring comics onto the show. Yeah yeah. I think. I bombed on the show once so that was nice. I remember happy news. Show or length frames show or just Yeah strange but it was fun. Fun but yeah jackson. Great guy. And i don't know necessarily days guys like rob wyoming's did you get a chance. Robin dropped by the club twice. But you you got a chance to work with them in a few locations. I i wouldn't say work with them but i had to Go up from a couple of times that the emperor you know because i had i had a great spot. I'm going oh thirty. Oh this is time. But must meet. And then i see rob walkout on or no. No no no. I'm going to go and you know by an hour later. I it's so funny because the regular listening audience wouldn't know that is funny as robin was he really loved the stage and so whenever he was in town like the two times dropped and it lasts. I never had him as a paid act. He was already too big but he would stop in at clubs in no club. Owner is going to say no robin williams can't go on so he would always be allowed. They should neither always still always trained everything out of the room. Yeah nobody rift like robin williams and like you said the comics would all be excited to see this hero of stand up comedy and at the same time if you had to bathroom it it just like you said. He ate an audience up and But what a great way to go right up on stage with the broom and go. I told her folk song. There's nothing see probably got a big laugh air. Yeah my my own right but still it was fun And actually. When i was doing skip groups i ran into milan because he was always coming to work with comedy star players. Yeah yeah that. That's that's interesting. So i know that you did stand up comedy for a couple of decades in the last ten or fifteen years you were doing some more writing i am. You still do some writing. Don't you yeah. I wouldn't say i don't really ripe for say people come. I go if you do this or that hooker. So you fix things. I m my head i fix it whether they use it or not know who knows well but we we all know. Well we don't all know guy. So you're a fixer. Yeah i think no. But i mean there are guys in television and movies and even for stage that fix comedy that are maybe fixes the wrong word but you your sense of humor and the way you can twist something to make something. Funnier house to abandon asset. I know for example. Peter denna fume movies. And you've helped spruce up those scripts well my like. We've talked it over now. I won't say that he's and i rewrote it. We just thought it out. I kind of thing. Yeah but they little. That's a real value. Bob site that somebody to bounce ideas off of was a young. I did but it gives you a chance to contribute to the the comedy flow. So you you you kept busy and stop but we were talking about writing and you have a great friendship and have done a lot of work with fred. Wolf right Night we start out together. I used to give a ride to communist there all the time. i'd always pick him up. He wanted me to pick up on santa monica boulevard in santa monica boulevard. Now what am i gonna go to your house. They can't get. I don't people to get the wrong idea. Like i'm taking something else. So fred the streetwalker. Hey come by and pick me up. Well i know. I'm not saying i'm not saying he would but i'm not saying he was making ends. Meet some out exactly. We'll speaking of success fred's had a lot of success. Can you share with the audience. Some of what he's worth on. Well yeah i mean. He was one of the head writer. Saturday night live for a long time. He's drunk parents is actually On netflix right. Now it's a movie directed and co wrote with peter so he's got a lot of stuff out there and i thought you did some writing work with him In the last couple of decades well we we did. We did one thing. Actually we did it and forgot it. My bed and i called them about going. Isn't that that's my toy stuff you're doing and they realize. Oh that's where i've seen it. Would that appear in spayed movie Dickie dickie something dickie. I can remember that movie about a childhood star. Who up some idea. You're talking about david spade vehicle. Yeah yeah hey. You don't sound very happy about david. I'm not as big a david spade fan as some people are but the fact that fred wolf had a chance to Work with him on. A project is probably been rewarding to fred. I know is a successful writer in in Didn't he get into some directing too. Yeah yeah like i said. Drunk parent teacher directed that the How funny each directed that movie and we'll go to next directed back to the actress played by the actors for the characters. Fred wilpon peter golfie in the movie. Oh my he's probably should've changed the name of go with what you know. Well you know. The reason i brought that up was that we want to explain to the podcast audience that you were a really solid funny headlining road comic for a couple decades and then your kids came along and your wife has a very successful career as a loss assistant. I'm not sure the right term and you step back a little bit from show business and become a house dad and help raise your kids but you right. You didn't give up the industry because while doing that you were working with fred wolf and peter gawky in helping spirits up or fix. I don't know what you want to call it. Boost the comedy level in certain Scripts and writings. And i think that that has helped. Keep your creative mind going. Yeah with adam. I'm just used to plan by myself. Well okay you play with yourself a lot. Let's not go and it's a whole different story. It's pretty much worn out but anyways well dressed up during. I mean good to know that you took the podcast series. We'll tell you what bob we will be seeing each other soon. But it's been really Something i've been looking forward to because of Our history at laughs unlimited and because of our friendship. I've been looking forward to a chance to interview for the show. So thanks so much for taking time today in alpine point. No no no and as i've mentioned In several previous podcast and coming up right. Now in this podcast. I have a very funny comedy set from mr bob marley bob. Thanks so much for not only being a great entertainer for laughs all these years but for being a great friend and ladies and gentlemen one we showcase some of what. We've been talking about the very funny relatable in unbelievably nice guy. Here's some comedy from bob worley. Hey thank you guys go crowd. I think he deserves some good comedy. We have that coming up right now. Kind of a gentleman that we feel. We kind of discovered at least in northern california. Very funny guy. A good friend of ours. I think you'll enjoy from southern california. Let's have a big round of applause. Mr bob worley right here. Bob thank you so much. What do you guys want to do. on a here we go. Here's something we can talk about now. This is something that happened to me a couple of weeks ago now now this. I'm sure this has happened to at least a couple of guys here. Have you been driving along. you're just cruising along right and all of a sudden like a cat or dog or a rabbit darts out in front of your car. You just kind of go well. Jeez oh gosh no and then you feel terrible. Don't you're so right away think yourself. Maybe just kind of skimmed them. I'm sure review mir. he's okay. He's alright cramped under vendor. You know he'll be ok. He's he's all right off goal all. He ran off in the bush and he'll be fine. He's okay digging them out of the fender later. You'll be okay but it is. You're gonna go well legs don't you there you go. You're all right. And i don't think we skinned don't always fine going to get out of here. Heaven anybody here. That never happened to me. Either man the only reason. I brought all this up as a couple of weeks ago. Driving around town in hollywood i accidentally hit a pigeon and i can see you as a pretty broke up. Maybe a butcher that horrible now. Have you been driving around town. And there's like a little group of they're out in the middle of the street three something you don't know what right and it's like the closer you get the more you think to yourself. Well they'll move. You know on the end. They don't look into river mir. There's this those two wings all off to the side of the road gone meghan man and then they run out there needle. No man do that. When you're a kid remember playing on the front yard to get thirsty to the water hose in your forget the breed or just wanna really really hot summer day you let your friends drink. I is that little metal edge on the whole yard. The holiest dot com. I wait until i get old. I'm going to do that all the time. A nice cold drink. Too cold nation code did not get arrested. And when you guys were kids did you ever beg for twenty just to have. I mean you had to have this thing right and right when you get. It's like this is a piece of crap ever get those toys from whammo. Remember whammo anybody here. we get the whammo water wiggle. Okay okay now. What was the idea that thing. What was so your parents can. Have you beat without them. Being around underwater like wrapped around you throw in a backyard like a big. Give me with sticks candy out of you. Oh man slip and slide you ever get a slip and slide now. Those are great. Those ingrates unless yards madonna. Grovel forget to put the water and you go diving. On a thing. Man he let it go slide out in the streets won't some big trump. What was that. i don't know what it was. This kind of scandal be. He's fine he's all right and he ran off in bush's it'll be okay. You know we go here we go. How about an ant farm but anybody who ever get an ant farm disappointed. I mean i was not even a farm right then. Man ethics coach. I know well. That's a nice design. The see we can spell my name. Come on man. You're like god but those things aren't you like all the big glass of water and even in the high ground. Oh here we go here. We go and then. I got to get this to me is the all time piece of crap of a toy. Ever leased a my book and electric football game. Remember these things computer gonna buy rated. I remember the very first they'd spend hours of these. All men check. This plan is okay. This guy has got here run through here. He'll pass it. He'll for touchdown okay. Ready turned on. What the heck is this thing. You know what a crab sister lives. Though she'd been a bedroom power is. I don't know what was going on. We hope you enjoyed this episode of stand up comedy your host and emcee for information on the show merchandise and our sponsors or to send comments to scott visit our website at www dot stand up your host and emcee dot com look for more episodes soon and enjoy the world of stand up comedy. Visit a comedy showroom near you.

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