The O'Reilly Update, August 18, 2020


O'Reilly here, Tuesday August Eighteenth Two thousand and twenty you are listening to the O'Reilly update. Here's what's happening across our nation. Governor, CUOMO blames new. York's growing crime wave on president trump majority of Americans. Now, avoid watching the nightly news new study shows media coverage of trump one, hundred, fifty times more negative then for Biden. Cove it outbreaks shutdown some colleges, the temperature in Death Valley California. It's record. Also ahead, religion and Kamala Harris. But. I New York Governor Andrew Cuomo publicly blaming his state surging crime. On president trump. At least seven people were murdered and fifty one shot in New York City over the weekend said Cuomo quote it's the trump economy trump not providing covid relief. I think trump has some liability for the increase in crime. which, of course, is partisan nonsense governor Cuomo being soft on criminals is part of the reason for the violent crime search. New Survey from one poll says fifty seven percent of you as adults no longer watch the nightly TV news saying the programs too stressful American site the presidential election, covert anti-police protests and race relations as the biggest turn offs for in ten report losing. Sleep. Due to the sensational and biased TV news coverage. A study from the conservative Media Research Council says the networks reporting on President Trump is one hundred fifty times more negative compared to Joe Biden. The evening newscasts from ABC CBS and NBC, aired six hundred, thirty four stories attacking Mr Trump in June and July. Compared to just four criticizing. Biden. Heavily Cova cluster sending students online at some colleges. The University of North Carolina was switched to virtual learning just a week into the semester after a ten percent jump in Cova cases there Oklahoma state few other schools in Georgia also made ditch in person instruction. The thermometer in Death Valley California reaching a hundred and thirty degrees the hottest temperature on planet earth and more than a century national weather. Service confirming all that heat. The all time record was also in death valley way back in nineteen, thirteen, hundred and thirty four degrees. In a moment comma Harris and religion right back with it it is no surprise that current events might be contributing to more stress endless sleep. Eb Cool Drift can. Help. The cool drifts sleep system provides a cooling calming sensation to the forehead design a counteract the way the mind and the body reacts distress and it's one hundred percent natural. Cool. Draft has been clinically validated and users report improves sleep quality by ninety percent. It's lightweight and portable design allows for incredible versatility made to fit your lifestyle calming racing mind, anytime you need. Just. Rally listeners. You can save twenty five dollars off your order by going to try EBB DOT com one word. Dot Com slash bill and using Promo Code Checkout that's twenty five bucks off your order and you can use it risk free for sixty nights. That's try ebb T. R. Y. E. B. dot com slash bill use the Promo Code Bill. To save twenty five dollars. Time now for the Riley Update Message of the day secularism within the democratic. Party. Joe Biden is a Roman Catholic bought believes in on fettered abortion or at least he doesn't oppose it. That's a must for Democrats, these days abortion is not to be limited or even challenged. The truth is that the Democratic Party is mostly secular religion does not play a role. At the convention you're not GonNa hear. Much talk about people of fate. So. Let's look at the vice presidential nominee, Kala? Harris in this regard. She grew up in a Black Baptist church and a Hindu temple as their parents were from Christian, Jamaica and. Hindu India. She was sworn into office on a Bible self identifies as a baptist, the religion of her father. Her husband is Jewish. But Senator Harris is not your ordinary Baptist as she goes against the Religions Orthodoxy. For example. Kamla Harris is pro-abortion rated one hundred percent by Nero on her abortion record. Baptists oppose abortion. Senator Harris is pro gay marriage baptists believe in traditional marriage. The quote from their website is this. We affirm God's plan for marriage and sexual intimacy, one man and one woman for life. As Attorney General of California Comma Harris worked against hobby lobby's attempt to be exempted from obamacare's birth control mandate. She argued a trump judicial nominees be blocked because he belonged to the Knights of Columbus Organization. Senator Harrison quote. Since nineteen ninety-three you have been a member of the Knights of Columbus. It all male society comprised primarily of Catholic men. Were you aware that the Knights of Columbus? Posed a woman's right to choose when you join the organization. Of course everyone knows the Catholic Knights of Columbus. Up. Holes Catholic teaching about abortion. Sir Harris wanted the man to admit he was anti woman or something. The point of this commentary is not to promote any religious belief. That's a personal decision. But to point out that secularism has become a central force. In the Democratic Party. Jimmy, Carter J of K. Harry Truman and many other Democrats were outspoken about God and country. That is not the case for today's Democratic Party. Does it matter. Not, really. Democrats are going for secular voters not for religious people and it'll be fascinating to see. What American Catholic voters due? In November. I'm Bill O'Reilly and I approve that message by actually writing it for more news analysis please visit Bill O'Reilly Dot Com and please join our stand up for your country campaign. It's nonpolitical it's about America. 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Now, the rally update brings you something you might not know. Seven hundred, ninety, three years ago today legendary emperor, and one of history's greatest villains died in eastern Asia and in two decades of fear and conquest across two continents. I'm talking about Jenga's calm. Until. His death in twelve twenty seven. Con Rule the largest land empire in human history, the warrior consolidated dozens of tribes across Mongolia extending his rule as far west as modern day Croatia and the Adriatic Sea. Cons early life was as brutal as his rain at nine years. Old competing warlords poisoned his father and forces mother into exile she raised seven children on the Mongolian plains in total isolation. During his teenage years, Jenkins, con allegedly murdered his half brother in a dispute over food. He was abducted forced into slavery in his early twenties before he escaped soon after that, Khan began forming an army and forging alliances with local Manga leaders by age thirty he ruled most of Mongolia within fifteen years he would expand almost everywhere. Researchers estimate the CON- conquest with kill as many as forty, million human beings throughout Asia and Eastern Europe. His war against modern, day Iran would decimate seventy five percent of that country's entire Persian population. The number of human beings on the planet actually dropped by ten percent during Jenga's Khan's reign. He died in twelve, twenty seven after falling from his horse. His final orders were that his burial place kept secret. According to folklore his funeral procession murdered anyone it came into contact with. In order to Her cons last words to this day? No one knows where James Caan is very. And here's something else. You might not. 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