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ACS (Part 2): Adam, Gina, and Bryan


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Then I'll each you for shows this weekend on Friday to on Saturday live comedy sets from Adam and Adam and then find out just how unprepared Adam Corolla is Bray off Friday night and Saturday night. Get your tickets now at Adam Corolla dot com. Break. All those crazy Trump. Gene, crack trouble. Gene. The news with Gina grad this half of the show brought to you by third love dot com slash Ataman. Lifelock dot com. Enter adam. Yeah. Jean-ann Brian went know what brought in pub- cheese. I went to trader Joe's on Sunday got a bunch of junk for mother's day. And I've just looking for Vinnie approved kind of stuff in one of the things I bought something called pub cheese, and it's cheddar with horseradish, and it's whipped. And I gotta tell you. Yeah. Never heard of puppies of my life. To get a little Spooner toothpick or something. It's everyone demolished it. I tried to hide it from my family 'cause I tasted it or they showed up like this is good should put it in like that toilet tank break on it or something feel like someone would have found it anyway. But I the reason I brought it in is is everyone is trying to stay with the if everyone is trying to stay with the kind of Vinnie diet and just the enough cheese and meat, meat and cheese and cheese. And being you want something that feels like a little processed. You know, what I'm saying like something it'll be like like something a little bad. This stuff is that and it's just cheddar, and like milk culture like horseradish, and it's it's good like, what's in it, Brian? So you are cultured pasteurized milk and cream cheddar cheese to horseradish skim milk salt now down to sugar gums this upper stabilisers. Yeah, it's sensually should be Vinnie approved. It's it's. Pretty good. If you want if you want some cheese on cheese crime, we get mixed sing you get like cheese, Chris as the parmesan, Chris. And you put a little this on it. And it's good horseradish is good like, some some roast Turkey intellect, some ideas. Because when I see that I just think of pretzel rods. So this is a great alternative. Again. The cheese is great the meat is great. Everything's great. But every once in a while, you won't wanna sing that feels like it's on a no fly list, and it's a little process. It's a little Wimpy. And whatever that is. That's it. I know exactly. We're talking about who haven't. I know this is the new stars unit. But I'm actually doing the Keno diet fully end on the Kito now, no sugar at all. So I'm down for the pub cheese tried out. I will all right here. We go. Links founder a Wiki leaks founder Julian Assange, just received some good news and some bad news. The good news that Sweden may be able to block his extradition to the US where the government wants them. Pam Anderson wants to blow bad news. It's two thousand and nineteen wants to stand trial for the leaking of sensitive documents. The bad news is the country has reopened the rape case against him. And prosecutors want him extradited to Sweden instead of the US the alleged sexual assault occurred in two thousand nine but the case was dropped two years ago because it's Andre's hiding out at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and he maintained his innocence. Asandra thrown out of the Ecuadorian embassy last month and later sentenced to fifty weeks in jail for skipping bail connected to the Swedish rape charge. It's now unclear where he's going to be extradited. I what is since we've completely redefined rape and sexual assault to mean everything. Now, I now have no idea what people are being charged with like if you would. Got hold of me at any other period in my life when he's being charged with rape. You're like, oh my God. Now, I have no idea. What he what the charges? I don't know. Who what the accusation is story? I I it could be it can be your your common law wife now like, I don't I don't know rape and stranger park jogging night either rag. Now, I don't know what it means anymore. What did he do or what are the official particular? I maybe I'm being naive. But I still feel like, you know, sexual assault net is wide open. Who knows rape is rape. So is right or rape gone wrong. Bryant of getting charged. That's never every kind of over the head of Reese still have a rape culture on college campuses. We moved them out to the parking lot. Ask our city speech after all when you belong to rape. And rape belong on world belongs to rape. Then you're free to rape. To rape you want to do your job, Mr Mayor, but you're going to cut this part out of your space. This is gonna go viral on the good soup or rape delicious. I'll say that. And when you become part of ripe, and then right becomes Barda you, and then you become if somebody says, they're not good enough to be rape you hold their hand. And you pull them into a rape room. Tom hope the girl the pass that note to the band that commence speech. Yeah. It's a study. All right. Max paddle try to figure it out. But I don't. See it's it's there is an I don't know also if it's like sexual assault. If people just say rape are they mean rape. Or there's a big difference now in the eyes of the law like as rape and sexual assault the same crime, Sweden and waiting. So he was visiting Sweden. And he was a according to police documents ardent set up a meeting with a girl named Chelsea Manning Chelsea Manning famous. Yeah, Snowden, I'm sorry. It was leaked by the arm Rina's real leak by army private, Whistler Chelsea Manning. He was out that one, and there's a girl he was stroking her leg removed her clothes broker, necklace and the process she tried to close back on, but he took them off again and try to have unprotected sex with her right? He asked him use a condom. He agreed. But she said he had quote done something and quote to the condom. So that it. Before he Jackie lated, really, full hulk. Wow. That he had sex with Arden. That's an but did not tear the condom. According to the guardian. How do you prep? Do you do that to like the hulk like, oh must must not fit? These magazine. Snags small down again my hog angry. I wanted Anna Arden what's that her name is Anna Arden does he know her? Anyway, you can look you can look more into it. I it's interesting thing he took her clothes off. She put him back on. He took them off. Again. How does that work? What's going on? You mean has that work? I mean like. It seems weird that a guy let's say he was raping our he took her clothes off. Then she put her clothes back on. Then he took them off. Again. What does that how does that work? Where why at what point do you not put your clothes on? Do you not leave or not call the Concer? Like, what's how does all this work? I wanna have sex. He's said, no. And then she said, okay. Where condom like or you're going to rape me where condom I just wanna know. What what actually what the version of this was anyway, that was actually a really famous case God how long ago remember when that was all over the news of this woman was about to be raped by a home intruder. And there was no way around it. And she begged him to put on a condom. And then the whole the whole crux of the trial was was she raped if she consented to say, you know, put on a condom that was sweater on a twinkie defense. See that to me that if I'm in the jurors booth are box batters jers box. I completely total sense to me like your rapist raping this person. Now, the person when to get it for Niro disease, or whatever you're going to do it. Do it put a condom on? He gets whatever he gets broken someone's house. Totally great. This is maybe different. I'm curious when it is. And then how did Chelsea how it was wall? He was doing stuff with Chelsea name, but he stayed at Arden's apartment when he was in Sweden. So she so he took refuge there. And supposedly there's another woman that's that he tried to penetrate her while she was sleeping that's act now name hasn't been released. But we call her miss w. All right. Well, couple of deaths that are sad. But maybe think Brian because I would imagine a lot of people didn't know that they had still been with us up until recently except for me except for Brian Peggy Lipton. Best known for the mod squad and twin peaks, she's died from cancer. She was seventy to her daughters. Actress Rashida Jones and designer Qadadha Jones said in a statement that she made her journey peacefully with their daughters and nieces by her side Lipton who won a best actress Golden Globe in nineteen seventy one for the mod squad. I think we have picture that was also a model singer ex wife of producer Quincy Jones, Quincy Jones was kind of the Black John Derek, which is he had a type and so two John Derek bowed Eric's. Again in the mount Rushmore of douche bags come John. Derek would be that. He was like photographer guy lived in Malibu always had long hair and the beard Bogdanovich level. Yeah. Yeah. With trade, but buck, Donna, they had some artistic ability. Indeed, John Derek had no artistic ability. He makes shitty movies and with trade on the sexuality of Darren like you wanna you wanna do we want Derek to get naked and you're moving. Let me direct. I'll get my wife to get naked right on that horse. If I can direct he was able but he would just go from piping boat. Derek when he met when she met, John, Derek. It's like fourteen or fifteen it was perfect Sonny Bono. Less talented creatively. Sonny Bono or John. Derek the world. We have to ask Mr Al fucking world. They'll never know. Fuck wild hats. Okay. Yeah. Whether it's ice cube. Sorry vanilla ice. Like vanilla ice. It's fine, but we have vanilla ice cream. My my rap name of man as that's hot z, man. All that stuff. But. You know? Vanilla is looking like vanilla ice and then turning into Fred Durst later on or Sonny Bono Sonny Bono was a comic book beatnik character from the sixties like he was. Literally out of central casting, a late sixties hippie beaten, and then later on became the Republican mayor of Palm Springs and was a central casting Republican mayor. That that guy is just whatever whatever shall be into this. No, he's not into this people are into it. So he's going to be a fucking Solis chameleon or see this. Which is it it answers. I'm everything what do you want? Yeah. I think there's a skill in that and being able to be the what the world thinks of as the hippie singer. And then be what the world thinks as the other public. John Derek offers to the world like a skill in in shifting. I guess so but the skill is how do I remove money from people who think I'm into something that I'm not into? I don't think he's smoked pot or did drugs or against the Vietnam war back then and I don't know what he was doing on the right with Palm Springs later on in life. But either way he'll be missed. John. Derek will not be missed and Quincy Jones had a nice long line of smoking. Hot young blonde said he would constantly. Trade up for the next one. And she was just that. And. This kind of thing, I didn't even know receipt. A Jones was half black and my whole life. I thought she was darker skinned olive-skinned actress lady, I didn't know who know necessarily someone with an Italian last name of the office a real here in was that. That looks kind of talent but anyone Peggy Lipton. So one more of these that you thought, oh, well, she was still alive. Good for her doors day, the big band singer who became one of the top movie stars in nineteen fifties. Sixties? She died at the age of ninety seven Saudi native made ballads sentimental journey. Bewitched bothered and bewildered, of course, case arose raw famous she starting pillow talk. She this is kind of interesting. She started a lot of musicals a letter Manta comedies pillow talk. But apparently, she turned down the role that went to and Bancroft in the graduate because she was deeply deeply Christian scientist in that just didn't jive with her with her views. She was a longtime animal rights advocate whose personal foundation raise millions for that. 'cause and she died at ninety seven. Wanna Peggy Lipton door stay there? Both aesthetically beautiful. What if they didn't make it past the five or six meaning one with their career lifting? We'd not now because Quincy Jones went to wanna banger through and she wouldn't be a model, and she wouldn't be on the mod squad in nineteen sixty nine at twenty one when you didn't really have to act look put on a leather coat and run hold your badge out. You know? I don't think we would know her. Was a sailor state and do all that. But I don't know that we there'd be all the opportunity she via storied hoofer in the chorus and only experts would know her name. Thank you, Dan, gave people exact experts so lady Gaga loves her fans, but she has very little patience or tolerance for anybody else. That's the message Gaga delivered to a weirdly uninterested audience at a tech conference in Orlando last week Britain's Daily mail reports that Gaga was annoyed that the attorneys were sort of milling around earner said and chatting with each other not really paying attention. So she stopped between songs to talk about it. Here's all we make a rule this corporate king. This is. Lady Gaga in a corporate gig like this. I don't think she's showing up for anything under two hundred and fifty grand. That's that's the low. The low end is to fifty two high end is one million bucks. One two or whatever. Like, I do know something about what some of these people get paid or offered or whatever. And they're the very bottom of the base is to two hundred and fifty grand for the nice work. I'm saying you favor in that case when you're let's just say she's getting five hundred grand for this. And again, that's a bargain in this particular setting where you get five hundred grand, and it's a pure corporate gig, a one night money grab just suck it up and do the fucking set. We don't need a coach up any of the drunken intend ease. Right. Just fucking push forward on this one in a way. And you might not hear this way. It seemed maybe a little tongue in cheek. But you're right. She she could just push. Through while. Maybe maybe it was done and cheeky all all all listen. There's a. Insist on me so. I was hired. This show. Tickets to see OSHA. One. Some of you may. Live chal music. Speech at Bray. Eighty. Now, let's get back into post cheek. He's fine. There's a great max, Pat. There's a great Madonna one when she was like Rio de Janeiro, the smoking. Yeah. I love that one. She's like doing a rehearsal, and it's raining and she's yelling at who. Smoking outdoor soccer stadium. She's awesome. Okay. That's fine. I got like lady Gaga. It is a little weird that she does like that met gala stuff and strips down or underpants like gets in the prone position on the stairs and takes pictures, and then gets into another outfit. Like, that's that's lady Gaga. I know. I I don't know. Like, you're talented. You're really talented, and you're really good artists. And I don't know how old you are now. But certain point you don't have to get your underpants and do that through that like just go play could do that. All right. Well, fine, but Donna hold on a second. 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But lifelock Norton security can see throughout you on your own go to lifelock dot com or call one eight hundred lifelock can use promo code Adam for ten percent off your first year, that's firm out of it. Lifelock dot com. One eight hundred flock for ten percent off to I guess, very windy day out rainy, windy, outdoor sound check that Madonna's doing in Chile and the. The umbrellas become an outy, and and sort of prolapse that self. But anyway, here's Madonna. Doing a sound check. Cigarettes. For people just got a mine shaft. And now this. She's you don't care about me. And I don't care about you. It's an outdoor venue. It seems to be raining and even a little windy. I don't. Anyway, she's selectric everybody on smoking. That's a crank. He'll diva the up not lady Gaga. Well a Cup. So there's been a lot of announcements as far as shows that are returning and cancelled some bad news for one some amazing news that I don't I don't remember the last time we saw this for another FOX announced Monday that the upcoming six season of empire will be its last. The network says we're turning the final season into television of vent. One of the great benefits of announcing a final season is the fans have the finale desire empire was just recently picked up for six season. But exact said jussie smollet will likely not be back following the scandal involving his alleged attack and Chicago, FOX entertainment. Ceo, Charlie Collier's says there are no plans to bring his character back but adds quote the writer's room for next season haven't even gathered yet. But that will be the final season. Meanwhile, great news for people who like to cry. This is us sticking around for a while. They didn't get picked up for another season. They got picked up for another three seasons. Yeah. So confident. NBC is the continued popularity of that show that it's going signing for three more seasons right off the bat, very rare to see that. But NBC knows it's a big winner. Now since its debut in the fall of twenty sixteen this is us has received two Screen Actors Guild awards three awards as well as sterling K Brown whose plays one of the brothers on the show. He's got an EMMY a Golden Globe a sag award for his performances. Randall Pearson betting on this is us is the show. So the show just feels super woke to me always assumed that that's why it's getting the accolades, but has to be good as well watched the first season and a half because it's not really my thing. But I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. And I enjoyed it. It's it's good. It's very it's it's of like a soap opera, it has those, you know, those long drawn out arcs, and they're very emotional. And it's not it's not something I can get on board with forever, but the characters nicely developed and people love it. So I can't figure out. How impair works like the jussie smollet thing, isn't that? Just get you more press tons and tons and tons, and it's not it's negative. But then you get rid of jussie small smollet. Then what like why most expensive show I guess, so they're using they're using him as an excuse. I kinda feel like they are right. I mean, like if they're just ratings are good and you're moving along. Then you keep going also shows there some algorithm now where? I believe the used to be something in it to stay around as long as you could stay around. Now, they're like, you do three seasons, and you and you turn and burn go. You get X amount of episodes. And then you could syndicate or whatever, and you go to the next thing. Anything used always be six seasons in a movie and then Greg Fitzsimmons told us now for net flicks the binge worthy perfect amount three seasons. Yeah. Like, you take the shows like these stand up shows I like like, I'm dying up here or crashing. It's like we do three seasons. We move on. Like, I do you have to move on gas. I feel like you what hung out. But now it's like right onto the next thing. Also, this is some research, Chris maybe not much, but like the Justice things go on for awhile jussie smollet thing was empire on at the time. And did that have an impressionable impact on the ratings? If not then maybe, you know, the like, well, it's not gonna help us. You know, this whole thing is off or not it was on. I don't know if it was there weren't hide. I mean, physically going. All right. Let's do one more. All right. Well on Friday Britney Spears told a judge she's affectively joined the free Brittany movement that her fans have for she asked but did not receive more freedom with her decade-long conservative ship judge. Brenda penny ordered an evaluation of britney's mental state that's called seven thirty evaluation. It's most commonly used for divorce cases to assess a child's while being while they're in the care of one of the parents, the independent expert assessment is scheduled to be completed by September Brittany won't gain that freedom that she wants this conservative anytime soon. She god. What does she? I don't thirty six. That's my guess curious. So she spearheading the Brexit move rancid Brits it. Yeah. There is it thirty seven thirty seven and sheet, by the way when she was institutionalized. That was by her father against her will, listen, I've talked to Dr drew this, and it sort of ties into the crazy homeless population and stuff that that fathers conservative ship super important like she should have it. She's not she's going to hurt herself that dad cares. Then the dad does want what's best for her. According to Dr drew, and that the fact that he has that is a good thing. She needs. But now, apparently he's very very ill. So freaking out in the mom wants to take over. And it's kind of a mess. So we'll say it could go no other way. Like, right. You see are on the cover of Rolling Stone and two thousand and you go. She's going to be here. And then she's going to be here. And could it go any other way? I don't think anyone's Apor surprise never it. Just it just doesn't other ever answer. Jesse small empire thing or the empire ending because Chris text me that ratings actually went down during the all the all the jussie stuff. Ratings dropped on empire consistently regardless of smaller. That's his last episode of empire Titus series low. So, yeah, if you're the network, and you're looking at that, you're like does this should have been our biggest boom, in fact, lightning rod. This is. Megan Kelly syndrome, this black version of bagan Kelly Jags it we paid her jillion dollars to come over to our network and get the ratings up. It's been a year it hasn't. She talked about black face on Halloween pardon coincidence. And seems like a good time to cut her if she stewing gangbusters writing, we'll look the other way we'll slap around the hand will suspend her for three days during memorial weekend when nobody cares, and then she'll be back, but a ratings are bad. So this seems like a nice opportunity to cut her loose. And I feel like that's probably what FOX is doing. All right. They're black saving. Brinson black man exit is your new Watergate gate. We'll take it dare you. All right. Let's bring it home. You got it Gina grad. And that's the news. That was the news with Gina grad simply safe last, but not least let's get some simply safe. Protect your home from and do it today, the free shipping. Get it up and running under an hour. Simply safe dot com slash Adam. Good sports coming up next, not Taco Bell. Material. My stand up special you can check that out at chassis, and I tunes Amazon and all that doing stand up in Denver coming up, June fourteen fit. God I love that city, and I can freak out on some mushrooms, dude. Also, our crews three night cruise October fourth through the seventh perserve that's spotted Adam Karol dot com. Pearl for all the live shows. Yes, drew Drew's gonna be on cruise Druce crews. He's he's dreading faceting guys. Be sure to cost him come up to aggressively. All crew. And asking sexual questions. Yeah. And in fact, you need to be lit only people at by the drink fine permitted to do this, and it has to be after two pm. Right. So good sports coming up next checkout. Charlie Kirk show on podcast one until next time. Sam crow for Gina grand ball, Brian sake. Mahala? I thought this was popping. Damage jacket, Adam Corolla coming up with today's episode of good sports right up to this. -nology truth. Brought to you by Geico. Truth. You think you can solve any problem by turning computer offense on Heyman is something other laptop now just need to turn it off and on probably. It smoking. Yeah. That's needs to recruit truth so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. In Nelson, fire happens all the time. It's all good. Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more Corolla drinks presents fans in the same Saturday June. First sea-legs on the beach that goal featuring lead Sepulveda. The nation's top settling tribute band in the sand day of live music blended mangrove contents and rant IP in logger, Winfrey's, JBL and rode microphones and try to walk them only the Turnley holds the moral sham. VN should belts vans in the. Locks. The spoken kills. Lovers poets. Saturday June first. VIP van is available and the baller. Welcome. For more information to Rolla drinks and visit Adam Karol dot com. Broadcast one sports network prisons. Good sports. I sports fans. Welcome to brand new episodes of good sports, Dave damage Asharq here with a reminder. Make sure you check out the latest episode Daves of thunder wherever you find your favorite podcast. And then you can listen Daves of thunder. In the meantime, Adam Corollas over there ace what's happened in with you just enjoying my life. Good. Well, that's a good thing to be doing. You know, what's going to I suspect at least maybe not as much as it means to me. You know, what before I jump into what I what I have right in front of me here. Something that I suspect. We'll please you. It's some good new names in the sports world that makes me swim. But something else that makes me swoon in two thousand nineteen the honeydew Donny had honeydew as I had by the way, these these task in America. Course. Children. I just did a thing with about Joe name. It have you ever seen that NFL films clip where he shooting pool, and he talks about being married like seems and by the way, this guy who's from my neck of the woods beaver beaver county, Pennsylvania. Same Modano Shak. I know that that tickles Adam Karol, and I know and that modem Shaka's is from a place called beaver county. But modem Sheck also in on the joke wants sent Adam Corolla and company beaver beaver county shirts. Anyhow, he wants shooting pool seems un-american to me that as a bachelor I wouldn't go out for a drink with the lady now, and again, then he shoots the pull shot, and you can hear it goes. And he does get that shot. He's he's the coolest of all time. When you look at him. He's like limping and has a big nose and talks like I do basically like what is this is the sex symbol of all time. Yeah, he's the best. He's the best. And also. Yeah. Going out and having a drink with the ladies, it means basically bringing them back juicing them up at Nalen them. And you man. Seattle mall. I know, and it was great that he was in a movie called like CCC and company or some. Oh here. He is. This is a this. Wow. You found the Clinton? Sometimes they talk about. Around, ladies and stuff. It's seeing them with American may for bachelor Atma drink with lady now then and while that's become a need were me trying to get. Shots. I mean, what's cool than that guy? As ben. Since nineteen sixty eight or whenever that was shot as been anybody cooler in the NFL beyond Sanders. Maybe like is kind of maybe get that. Title. But I mean that's about as cool as it gets the southwest. Beaver falls honky, please I wanna say this. I like when people go. People go. They turn banging every stewardess on every flight. Like, literally, your expectation is I think I could have sex in the bathroom of this plane with that strange woman from Pan Am I like how that gets converted in? I'm just trying to get by. Un-american is. That's an awesome pushback though. Like like, you get yourself under control like I'm just trying to get by with all my sex, nailing, Gina Lollobrigida on a piece of furniture, like a countertop. It's not getting by. By having beans and rice. Actress ity staying on some gas for your Chevy that's getting by. I don't know about conniving around with the ladies not with a drink conniving around. That's describing Kinama what's wrong with an American. I just wanna get sucked off by rock kell. Welsh. I'm just looking to get by that makes me unpatriotic. I just wanna wear full length. Mink coats on the sideline giant's game. I'm a jets game. I'm just trying to get by brother. It's hard to relate to like he has a new book out name. And apparently, he describes it. He knew his drinking had gotten too bad when I'm not sure exactly when he realizes this. But he sort of noted all I have an imaginary friend when I drink named slick. Well, what about that move? Inari? Slick he weirdo. Was it anoxia commercial or shaving cream commercial where he had like shaving and had a hot chick behind him? That was like feeling up his face. And he's like I'm just trying to get by with my multi-million dollar indoors a hot model behind drunk, and my and he's the best talking about babe. Br I mean, he's not he doesn't he gets the double whammy he goes to pits. He's from Pittsburgh area. Alix steel town, and then he goes to Tuscaloosa, and then goes to New York, and he has had that all time act. I'm just trying to get that shot. Anyway. Taking it shot in twenty nineteen at the greatest honor. Any object can get on the on the big blue marble fruit of the year, the shaky award the granddaddy of them all. And I'm not saying either one's gonna get it. But I just want you to know ace Karekare oranges and honeydew I you and I've talked about the fruit Cup, and while you go out of your way to embarrass yourself, and your friend Jimmy Kimmel does the same with about why the apples always behind as I've told you. It's a lead. Guitar. It's not gonna it's not meant to mix with also ran fruits. However, when you get to your melons, I always considered the honeydew to be the weak sister week. Twin sister the cantaloupe the fraternal and how this honeydew this honeydew. Yeah. Chip on its shoulders rising up like the Detroit Tigers of nineteen Eighty-four. I'll tell you that chip this podcast. You're has on his shoulder. I love me some goddamn cherries to bigger. The firmer the better. And I tell mine any Olga every single time. She goes stores, I get cherries. And she says they never have them. They're they're they have them right now. She like literally yesterday brought home a couple of sacks cherries. Also, you guys should know. And maybe Gary can look this up somehow, but in a world where Vinnie towards tells you, I know you love pineapple, but that's just a big pile of sugar. So he had REM you know, what I it's weird the things that you hold onto your brain. You told me literally fifteen years ago, don't add don't drink JAMA, juice. I talked to somebody told me I may as well. Just drink a milkshake don't go don't do job, no reason to drink chooses the Jews of fruit juices are not good for you. They're just sugar. That's true. So just eating pineapple cut from it's better for you. And eat a. Version of it. It's it's got some fibers whatever and sugar. The rally is all the tropical fruits all the mango all the pineapple look depart where like you would enjoy a mango banana pineapple shake if you would enjoy it. There's tons of. Of course, broccoli and spare Speridon and shake wouldn't taste any good. And because there is no sugar in it. So Vinnie would tell you better to drink that than a blizzard. But don't drink a glass of orange juice and think you're doing yourself a favor which kind of ruins it because all the stuff you love, the papayas and the mangoes bananas all this stuff. That's just a bunch of sugar. It's a ton of sugar to your to your liver. Cherries for some reason are kind of okay, and I have to have a low glycemic index. And I don't know why. Because they taste really good to me. But like they're weird things on there. Like, you can have macadamia nuts, but you shouldn't have peanuts. Love peanuts. Macadamia all just eat macadamia nuts. I don't feel that way with a pair versus a mango. I like a mango a lot all the tropical stuff even better much. No one makes a pair shake for reason that make a banana mango true, they really don't do anything with pair flavor. Anyway. No. So with that in mind, I love the cherries. And I thought we lived in a world where everything was this year round. Like, oh, you go. I thought we want. Yeah. Cherries are not in a world where there's apples and avocados and bananas pineapples and the produce section all year round not so much with the cherries while I'm just happy to report that. What has played the fruit operation? My most beloved one of my most beloved categories has really stepped its game up, and I don't have to tell you or anyone listening right now. But I send out a challenge not just the white peach for resting on its laurels. I it was a it was a shot across the bow all fruits you better shape up because you think damage is going to put up with this. He ain't and I feel like twenty nine hundred has responded look at what the honeydew and the Karekare we're not even the Memorial Day. I think it's going to be an awful sweet summaries. I'm missed the nectarine. I just feel like I don't know why I loved like nectarines better Joe Nemeth and shaving cream commercials, sir. Here we go. So excited I'm gonna get creamed. Fair faucet. Regular guy trying to get by with a supermodel. Creamy soothing Medicated, not Sema. Great. His expression perpetually says I'm gonna do sex in the next four minutes or less, can I can I put this one out there? I'll tease it for the next show. Joanie handsome devil. Got a big beak on. He's got a gigantic knows. And like I said he limps around. Then he sounds like me. What's sexy about any of that? I'm saying is there a gal who's the hottest cow the big schnatter's because we don't use the same template. Fair faucet had a miniature shot schmos, and you got a big beak on. Yeah. You don't get to you. Don't get like big nose. But Barbara entered by San is considered attractive, but you'll never in her prime. Never will get to be a classic beauty because he's got a snow is honored weird. I look at her like I do. Rubenesque women. You know, you see those paid that was like what I see Barbra Streisand in here. Her her list of lovers like she had Badie and everybody taking many lovers. In their her bed sheets. I'll was it in the seventies. I was she was the gold standard all tell you about James role in next show stamps dot com. Save time money if your small business skip the hassle the post office buying print official US postage for any letter or package, use your computer, use your printer and with stamps dot com. You get five cents off every first class stamp and up to forty percent off or priority mail. We use it here. We have the scale. It's a great look and scale it'll go up to eighty pounds. I feel like if something weighs more than eighty pounds. You need to write it to where it's going. I feel like it is now a beast of burden at this point. So it goes up eighty no wonder over seven hundred thousand small businesses, you stamps dot com. And right now, I got special offer for our listeners four week free trial. Plus postage in the digital scale to stamp that com- cook on the Micron top of the homepage type inanimate stamps dot com. Enter adam. All right. Oh, wow. Lot of celebrating of one Broadway. Joe name if this week. I'm good sports, perhaps we'll continue to do. So who knows we'll talk to you tomorrow until then for Adam Corolla, Dave damage. Good sports. Girlish show on Twitter girlish race on Twitter that parole of always lessons comments at eight six three four one seven four four the ace man in brea with Adam Ray, Adam Corolla is unprepared to shows Friday to show Saturday. Your tickets now, Adam dot com and join us at the ten Hebrews book club the pact by Robert Patrick Louis. This time at ten in downtown, Los Angeles tickets and involved all belie, bog gasman Bree of books movies and more to Adam Corolla dot com. And stay tuned for eighteen news. Geico presents yet another voicemail from your roommate? About the kitchen turns out when there's a grease fire. You're not supposed to throw water on it wouldn't own right anyways. The fire department is here. And it's totally cool. Give me a call back when you get a chance. The Geico insurance agency could help keep your personal property protected. Like if danger is your roommates middle name. Visit Geico dot com to see how easy it is to switch and save on renter's insurance, Trump and Democrats. I'm Ed Donahue with AP news minute. President Trump thinks congressional investigations need to stop looking anymore. This is all it's done done because of the end of the Russia investigation. The White House has been resistant to cooperate with Democrats investigations in congress on Fox News. The president was asked if former White House counsel, Don Mcgann will testify I've had him testifying already for thirty hours. So if the answer really, so I don't think I can let him and then tell everybody else you can't Torney general William bars that not testifying yesterday before the House Judiciary committee testified Wednesday before the. Senate Judiciary committee, and how speaker Nancy Pelosi says bar was not truthful attorney general the United States of America is not telling the truth to the congress of the United States, that's a crime. And the Justice department responded saying the allegations by Pelosi a reckless and faults House Democrats are poised to hold bar in contempt of court Ken congress. I'm Ed Donahue.

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