August 17, 2020


Stay tuned for a message from the American investment council after the show. Good Monday morning I'm Jake Sherman and welcome to your political playbook audio briefing and I'm Anna Palmer ABC has nabbed the first interview with Joe Biden and Kamla Harris David Muir is interviewing the duo and will air next Sunday from eight to nine PM. It's notable. Sixty minutes isn't getting the interview. The, House Democratic leadership is bringing the Chamber back into session. Saturday for a rare vote. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a letter sent Sunday evening that the house will try to pass eight US reform bill right now, leadership seems focused on bill pen, by New York Representative Carolyn Maloney, the chair of the oversight committee. Legislation prohibits US PS from making changes to service and reverts operations to where they were January first, and as of now, there will be USPS hearing August twenty fourth weekend sessions or rare. They're even more rare in the summer sandwiched between the two party conventions. How stems have an eleven thirty am caucus call to discuss this all the trump administration has privately said there's nothing to see here on the warnings from us they may not be able to deliver ballots, his standard fare plus the organization is losing money. So it has to adjust service when necessary but the president saying the opposite and leaking this all to mail in voting the. Boston Globe is reporting in Massachusetts Attorney General's discussing a possible lawsuit with other states to prevent USPS cutbacks. The politics here go beyond male and balance everyone gets mail. So lots of people are impacted when USPS cuts back on service rural districts especially meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board has this headline, the postal service services, good election advice. This isn't sabotage. It's an attempt to avoid state election failure and q the I. Emoji. John Casick said to CNN's Wolf Blitzer last night at six, forty, three PM. You're going to have a prominent congressman come out and declare support for Joe Biden. Let him do it I think he's going to tomorrow. And here's what is driving today the convention edition, The Democratic Convention, kicks off tonight at nine. PM Speakers Include Michelle Obama Senator Bernie Sanders Senator Catherine has mastel New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn Representative Bennie Thompson Representative Glenn More John Casick Senators Doug Jones and Amy Klobuchar. Joe Biden attend eight virtual fundraiser that will be pooled. The Post has all the details on the unconventional convention. Now, organizers are juggling hundreds of live feeds to recreate the feel of a party celebration. President trump will be on Fox and friends in the eight a M, our the Wall Street Journal is up with a piece about Joe Biden having a nine point lead against trump fifty to forty one in its latest polls Stephen Shepherd. Notes number of new polls show Biden's advantage remains significant though there are signs the race has tightened slightly from earlier this summer the New York Times is reporting a lot of trump's biggest donors in the two thousand sixteen campaign have not could've checked his re-election. Effort. Only six of the top thirty eight donors trump related super PACs in two, thousand, sixteen and twenty eighteen contributed to the president's reelection. But axios reports that Sheldon Adelson adviser and the Abboud recently told a group of donors. The ADELSON's are one, hundred, ten percent behind the president and that's going to become apparent shortly, Sethi Murray is in Boston for us and has more on how senator mark is throwing shade at the Kennedy Family in the Senate primary brawl. The vote is about two weeks away. Years, was untapped trump's Monday. The president will leave the White House at ten fifteen am and route to Minneapolis. You will arrive at MSP twelve twenty central time trump will travel to man-kit a Minnesota. Give a speech on jobs and the economy to PM. He will then leave for Oshkosh Wisconsin trump will deliver another speech jobs in the economy at four thirty. Afterward, who return to Washington trump will arrive at the White House at nine fifteen. Subscribed to playbook at politico dot com slash. Playbook. Private equity backed businesses are helping to provide a safe and more accessible educational experience for students, parents and teachers. This fall were providing free access to online learning platforms making digital textbooks, virtual classroom software available to students and teachers, and working with individuals school superintendents to develop health evaluation testing, and reopening plans back to school will look different this year but we're in this together learn more at investment council dot org slash back to school.

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