Quick Tip: How to Double Your Next Launch (with Facebook and IG Ads)


In today's quick tip episode, we're going to talking about facebook and Instagram ads and how to be using them to double your next launch. But here's a hint. I'm not going to be sharing some secret tactic or strategy. But what I am going to be sharing with you is something that holds most people back from seeing success with there s stay tuned. Welcome to the art of online business podcast. My name is Rik Mall Ready, and I'm an online business coach facebook and Instagram ads expert lifestyle entrepreneur, and I'm a total coffee snob as well. Each week you're gonNA. Learn actionable strategies, mindsets, and tips that take guesswork out of growing and scaling profitable online business so that you can truly become an entrepreneur with impact. This podcast is your secret weapon for fast tracking the growth of your online business. Let's do this. All right. What's up my friends welcome back to the PODCAST Rick Morty here. So excited about today's episode. Quick tip episode quick Friday my friend here on the show this is where you gonNA learn a tip or a strategy that can help you optimize your online business so that you can have a bigger impact. You can increase your revenue and as a result, get more freedom, get more freedom in your business, get more freedom in your life. And today one talk to you about how to double your next launch. And specifically, how double your next launch using facebook and INSTAGRAM MATS And as I mentioned the very top of the episode here this is not GonNa be some secret tactic or strategy or what have you I see this time and time and time and time and time again. Right people that double their launch. Comes from the confidence in spending money on their facebook and instagram mats their lack of confidence holds them back. Because they're not sure what they're doing. So many people are scared to spend money on ads. which keeps them from. Taking action. And putting themselves out there and I say put themselves out there meaning getting your ads out there. So I'm going to break down how to create. This. Confidence in running ats and this is going to be helpful for you whether you're not running ads yet or you've been running ads in, you really haven't been seen the success that you want to that. You really WANNA be seeing. From. The right and the first step in this is really learning how to properly run ads in the starts with knowing. Who you want to attract into your business rate? WHO's your? Target Audience, you hear the term ICA on that stuff and I've talked about it here in the podcast before you know your ideal customer stars Great. But most people think of the is like, Oh, it's Jane Thirty, seven year old in. Whatever town and she's got two kids and all this other stuff and that's all well and good and that's very helpful. Yes when it comes to. Targeting for your ads, but you've got to take a step further and I sound like a broken record on this but. It's so so important you gotta understand their pain points, their challenges, what's their current identity, and what is the future identity that they're trying to get to? You gotta understand all of those things. What types of brands of the interest? What are their activities? What are their hobbies all that stuff right because when we understand the pain points and challenges and the identity, all staff that's going to help you with your copy or your videos, your messaging your video is this GonNa help you with your messaging and then the other stuff is going to help you as I talk about. Having a holistic view of your target audience is GonNa help you in the actual targeting of your at. So within ads manager. Right. So once you understand what those pain points and challenges and their identities are, how are you going to solve those problems with the offer that you're making and then offer could be a lead magnet could be. A. Webinar could be a challenge right and it could be your course could be your coaching or whatever. It is. All things I've talked to ton about here on the podcast so. Glossing over that because I've talked about it and I will continue to talk about it because it's so important but you have to have the foundational marketing knowledge basically. Of Your audience and how you serve them who they are, what their pain points are at Cetera. To be able to message to them and be able to make an offer to them. So, once you know that, then eat understate how to set up your ads for success inside of. Ads Manager. Right in I mean I talk about it all the time here in the podcasts as well. I have people who listened to the podcast here who implement what I teach from an ADS perspective and go see results. I have other people who take might. Take a course. And see results other people. Like you learn somewhere else I don't care where you learn, but you have to understand how to properly set up your ads for success inside of ads manager. Right and so you can listen to podcasts all you want. But my real true goal of that is to give you information but then you gotta go implement it yet to go test it, and that is really the key. But don't go getting an ads manager. If you've not yet done that first step of understanding the thing I just talked about about your target audience and the having a clear destination of okay I'm going to attract them and here's how I'm going to move them into becoming a customer right going to build that relationship with them going to get them into my world if you will through a lead magnet or eleven or challenger what have you. I'm going to build that relationship with them and then I'm GonNa make them an offer of my course or membership or whatever it is. Okay. You GotTa have those things mapped out first and then that's when you get into ads miniature and start setting up your ads to drive people into that journey that we've just mapped out there. We just talked about once we. Have followed those two things we have to set a budget, right? And you're setting a budget really before you go in as mander obviously. But set a budget that you comfortable spending and get started testing, and if you're starting out if you've never run ads before pick a budget that you're comfortable with and just go in on it. Right if you're just starting out never run ads before I mean you gotta be looking at least five hundred dollars a month. Okay and that's very it's very broad but you've gotta give yourself minimum. I'd say fifteen to twenty dollars a day. If we're looking at conversions if you ben running ads for awhile hopefully, you're learning your numbers you're learning what your sort of benchmark Kospi leaders and figuring out what your earnings per lead is from your launches. Right the revenue that you generate from a launch divided by the number of leads that were in the launch that's going to give your earnings per lead if you have an earnings per lead of whatever forty, five dollars. And you're paying eight dollars per lead to get them into the launch. That's a Nice Delta between those two numbers, the the Delta, the better that you're doing there. And that starts to snowball and that's really where the confidence starts to come from. And I hear this from a lot of my students is that they do a launch. Right and they do okay. But they're learning each time because they understand. Now the ADS are a process and they're very likely not going to be pretty out of the gates. Your ads are likely not be pretty at I. If you're in the early stages of ads, I mean, heck if you're in the latter stages of ads, there's still probably not going to be very pretty. It's about learning about testing. Right, but the idea is to continue learning what works what doesn't and then make changes accordingly or don't change double down on what's working and then keep moving forward. Right, you have to remember that building Your Business and generating leads and sales. Through ads is much like running a marathon. Before and your goal is to run a marathon. I am not a runner myself right and you're like, yeah, WanNa run a marathon and you don't run normally and so you got to you don't go today and run twenty six miles Now you build up to it maybe you start walking and then after I don't know I don't know what the Maryland, marathon, training. Protocol. But you start walking and then maybe work up the jogging and then he start running a little faster and longer and so on and the more you do it the more confident that you get in yourself and Your abilities to be able to do that and with your ad campaigns it's the exact same thing you start off slow and you learn and you have a plan and you keep moving forward and if something doesn't work, you don't give up you keep moving forward, right. But all this begins with simply starting and having the right mindset that it's about testing. Right I've been working with mentioned I see this I see this a lot with with my students. And then working with a student right now for about a year. Now in when she came to me, she had John, she done about six, hundred, forty, nine, six, hundred, fifty dollars in revenue for the whole month when she first started. So not even seven hundred dollars in revenue. She's now on track to do multiple six figures a year later and this started with gaining confidence in spending money on ats following the exact steps that I've given you here today another student, of Mine Karen, her best launch that she'd ever done was about fifty thousand dollars. Well, she just wrapped up her first six-figure launch and she credits this amazing accomplishment to her trust in the ads process. Confidence in spending money on ads. Okay. So I wanNA recap the steps that I want to encourage you to be taking if you are feeling the fear. When it comes to ads because I'm telling you the more confident that you get in running your ads in being able to create a predictable stream of leads coming into your business or into a launch. That's where you start creating very quick traction and momentum in your business number one recognize the fear that you're feeling around the ads. And then move through that fear to take action. D-. Okay. To be afraid of it. We all get freaked out or spending money. We don't know what the results going to be, but the more you do it the more data that you collect, it becomes a whole lot easier and then especially answering that question of how much should I spend on my ads you know everyone wants to know. Is that data. Right. So that's step number one number to learn how to properly run at. I've got a taunted episodes on the show here that break everything down for you. I'm also by the way going to have step-by-step Royals and coaching. Aid Is everything that you need to be successful with your facebook and instruments as part of my all new foundations program which I'm releasing in October. So so excited about that. So number to learn how to properly run your ads from the foundational stuff. Again, audience how you saw the problem you're messaging your offer that sort of thing how are you going to present that offer? And the number three set that budget that you're comfortable with and just get started testing. If you already run ads before again for a launch, for example, you've got some baselines and learnings use that data to make improvements for your next launch. And then four finally no the ads are process. They're very likely not going to be super pretty out of the gates, but you've got to keep moving forward and more confident you get. and. If you're running ads for your launches and so forth, they will get bigger the more confident that you get with your -At's again I've seen this time and time and time again, not only in my own business early on but I see it with my students all the time. Okay. So follow this formula that talked about four steps here. And this is how you're going to double your launches when you're spending on ads and gaining more confidence from those ads as you move along. Okay. Hey. Did you hear about my brand new optimized CEO free facebook community? That's right I finally done it something I've been thinking about doing for some time. Now I've created a free facebook recruiting for you. It's called the optimized CEO Community. This is all mine chorus creators for membership creators all my coaches who want to optimize their business to six or seven figures. As the saying goes you're the average of the five people that you surround yourself with right and I. Hear Time and time again from people how lonely it is sitting behind your laptop running an online business totally get that. Well, I'm so excited to introduce the free optimize CEO facebook group community where all my course creators just like you are working, optimize and get unstuck in their business on their way to six or seven figures. So if you're stuck in the early stages of your on business and You cannot seem to find consistent growth and you're confused as to why you're stuck. If you're unsure about the next steps that you should be taking the optimized CEO Community is for you. So excited about this I will see you inside the group, Rick Mogi Dot Com forward slash group Okay Rick Mall Ready Dot Com Ford's slash group awesome brand new facebook community I'll see you in there. Thank you so much tune in today super appreciate you as always I'll see you right back here for the next episode. Art of online business podcast.

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