Part 2: Tony Black, Steve Haskin


Braces with Steve. Big Horse racing handicapping interview. This is Steve. We're back our two at the raises and I promised Earlier earlier this week that we would get a an opportunity to get our last minute Christmas shopping suggestions in and and they did it on Sunday on television with Seth Mero and As the morning progresses Going to slip some come in and mention them all to you and of course Some visits during the the year and in fact in fairly recent most notably the Louisville story project. Better lucky than good CanNot virtually all of these cannot be recommended. More highly better lucky than good is so special and unique in this genre of equine literature as it were the stories from the back stretch of Churchill and young old riders and staff staff and horsemen and grooms and four men and the hot walkers every single. Walk a life on the back stretch. I is represented in this essentially an oral history not to be missed. Better lucky than good. Jennifer Kelly's book Sir Barton and the making of the triple crown. If you haven't gotten it yet should veep somewhat hard to believe because it's been been beating the drums. While while she was still doing research we were out in front of Sir. Barton has been really well received. And of course Jennifer unearthed information nations. Really had not made the press Previously and things about the early the early triple crown concept on Septa and the way it started a gain traction But it all started. In retrospect of course Sir Barton did commander Ross. They they didn't know they were winning the triple crown at the time But the Serb Barton and the making triple crown by Jennifer Kelly obviously obviously I'll also in this. I'm GONNA do these. You know. Every hour justify Lenny showman and the Lenny's Lenny's Lenny's official the end of his tenure at blood horse coming on really really thirty. I basically at the end of the year. But the Lenny's essential biography of of justify and Lenny. He was plugged into the justify story. Right from the start literally came into it after the maiden win because we were together actually out. It's Anthony when Baffert said to him. Do you want to come to the barn and the Derby winner whom he assumed was McKinsey. Kinsey was led to justify stall and from there Lennie Lennie was right on top of the story and and is relationship which got there as well as enters into it really It just a just just terrific. So there's the first three written suggestions and I'm also. I also occurred to me on Sunday with seth to direct everybody. Hey Buddy to greg. Montgomery's website the artist right because You want an easy quick present that so you know that doesn't take a tremendous amount of effort and you know is going to be very well received Well Greg Montgomery's art in most notably. You know the travers posters. That's what he's most famous for but there's other there's there's a few other pieces That you could consider but if there's a travers you've been to that you think I hadn't thought about previously to the year before the year after typically Montgomery's Montgomery's piece. The next year will reflect something about the previous travers in a lot of times. It's it's it'll be the finish I mean there's the the wonderful street sense let's grasshopper which is the two thousand and eight poster You know then there's some then some years it's something more Saratoga you know image But going all the way back to the beginning When when Montgomery when they first started to to have Greg Commission for this for this art It's wonderful. We've got I don't know I've got half a dozen And and I've taken to having them autographed by connections Nick Zito signed the bird stone. One which is one of my favorites the purple sky. And I had KARL NASCAR and in Wilkes sign the one I just mentioned street sense. And so that's an added. That's an added value to Gua drivers posters. Just Greg Montgomery do a greg. Montgomery search because he. He's kind of shop he's on like a shop. Affi- his website is sort of chiappa fi thing so that that's the easiest way and a lot of the gift shops at Saratoga. Oga have the correct Montgomery Art. So there's our first round and I'll give you a bunch more books and ideas for last minute. You can order them now today and you'll have them by Monday Tuesday and if you haven't finished your shopping needs emergency gifts. Tony Black standing by and Tony. The gift that keeps on giving I'm giving because can you And a segment that we did one day and I was talking about Jack. Van Berg Jack Greenberg got in touch with you and got my number and I gave him my address his book from Grit The glory and saw. That's because they use Steve because he heard me talking about Him Jack Guard me talking about him on the Radio One day and then he got in touch with you and he told me that's how he got the number to call me and I was so honored because you know Jack had a very positive impact on my business and he did send me the book and he signed it from the glory. The better luck even feeling good. What a title for A book that has anything to do with race track and and Racetrack experience One day when I was at the hall of Fame Amen Inductive for my Giulio standing right in front of a Bob Baffert you know what an interesting guy I mean. Not just 'cause he wins and he has great horses and done a great job with them but you listen to his interviews and you know he he puts it out there explaining can put it out there you know. He's benefited a lot from experience with quarter quarter horses. He's benefited when Learning how to Get worse is ready for racing and get them ready for some race prior to the one one that you're really aiming for you know you have them come over there and condition when it's the real deal one that you really want them to put it out there For you know in the prep race you get them ready and you don't want to absolutely you want him to win but not absolutely put everything out there so when they come over for the. Let's say the prep rep to the Derby and then the Derby you want him to be one hundred percent cranked and ready to perform optimally in the Derby. Something like that but I was. I was Looking at him and I'm thinking you know when there's so much strategy that people say Trainers having and a lot of what they do with their voices is strategy. So you know it's plans but in many occasion all the strategy goes by the wayside and better Lucky you then good explains a lot of that. I haven't read the book but the title explains a lot of that. You know There's a lot of things. Does that play into this business. That are unforeseen and not strategic planning and and it's luck. It's lucky it happened happen to work out You know and if you look back and say Oh yeah land that you know some of it is implanted isn't strategy it's locked but it's a great business and that's why we run these races because that's why sometimes pay the seventy dollars seventy dollars and some thank wait. You know you have to run the race to see who's the winner and sometimes the winner is the best for many gauge. And sometimes it's got the best correct so a lot of luck plays in business and it is a great business. Isn't it time you think you have it all figured out and then something happens to teach new give you AH yeah. That's for sure and speaking of of something happens. You got to address this Tony I got. I got two or three a fun conversation for you you you you saw this this. This whip exchange at gold fields else Khuttan and amador Kuptana had dropped his stick on the turn. And he's He's cruising by Silvio Silvio amador who is fading from contention and obviously says to. Can you give me give me your stick and amador does ah obviously doesn't think about it and handsome the stick and then the strange thing is who taught finishes finishes third finishes with interest but I didn't see couture Utah actually using the stick and so I don't know if he was if he was needing a chain of either wanted to tap him for a change or what he was doing but it's not like he you know was whacking them to get up in the final strides but obviously obviously. They shouldn't have done this and they get thirty days each. What did explain the people you guys are talking about and and I mean would you ever ask what you ever think ask a guy? Give me your whip. I wouldn't take desk but I had been in Added track where a similar incident occurred in early Seventies. And it was Nathan. Plotkin a buck doc. Boy and RJ Martin and RJ. Martin was just getting back on because John Mero the senior getting back on had been ruled off for several several years. Or I don't know if you know something to do with his writing and not writing them anyway. Just get back on. I don't know if you're familiar with. Rj Martin it. I want to leave riders in the country. I think the Guy Tony The guy the guy. I'm curious about though is they plotkin. I think I went to his Bar Mitzvah. Yeah well and we. I herewith appended ago. I don't think it was because I remember. I went down there after the garden state meeting. It was It was a laurel and I guess Nathan had dropped his stick and our jake offered him the use of his handed. It Over I don't know I don't I know they got Suspensions and fines similar to the one that was just handed out and stewards really frowned upon going. No place you know the done. The kid was the draft. You know it's a horrible feeling when you do your stick as a rider. I I didn't do it on several occasions but that was occasions where you came to lane or you're doing something you're switching sticks or you were doing something on your horse changing culture sure and that thing that thing leaves you. It's like your your heart drops out of your your mouth the L. You. It's it's a horrible feeling even if it's not a horse that is You know really responding terrifically to the use of the crop. But it's just a horrible feeling line right off the bat if you get be it's GonNa even if you think it caused you a lot of you know if it didn't cause yours it's much performance to drop it but you know that you're GonNa get accused of but it is a terrible feeling but You know what in l. something like this occurs. I it it it. You can't do it you know. It's just not something that happens every day and you can't do it. You can't have another judge but it does displace some sense of camaraderie lottery. You know that we're out there competing and we're trying to take each other's wins away from them and trying to you. Know in a highly spirited bearded manner Keep the other jockey and horse from beating your horse but when there comes a point at times where we have had the opportunity to help each other. We do try to help each other. And it's not so much to win. I've seen riders. Make an attempt to to help another writer because the rain was busted. You know and you know there was a hazardous dangerous situation drop. The stick is a dangerous situation but it does this place of Camaraderie. But it doesn't set well when it comes to the visibility of doing something like that to the public and of course there the official. Yeah can't do it. I can't say this and I'm going no place as you know what you can actually say you were going no place after you cross the wire and galloping out and you come back and you can tell the person if you want to be. The doctor knocked give the An owner or trainer some insight and how they're performing event. I came down the stretch. This was was empty. I couldn't get into you know Go on and do any more than what he was doing. But you can't come down the stretch you know come standing up on them and say well it's over. He's he's not doing anything he's done but it and it doesn't sell well to the public when they see you're giving up before the wire you have asked to ride to the wives to pass the wire. I always hate to see riders start to raise up five jumps wire and half the time. It doesn't not more than ninety nine percents. That doesn't make different but it doesn't sell well to the public you're out there. They're betting their money. And you're supposed to give optimum optimum one hundred percent hundred ten percent of whatever performance when you and get your most out of your horse you know but it's almost almost carbon go when these things do occur. They don't occur regularly. You know somebody handed the stick. But I'll never forget this Nathan Plotkin and the art art the Bug boy. Oy and the old rider coming back after Several years suspension Martin and that occurring and. I'm begging Jay was just being friendly. Do another job. So here's a young kid. I'm helping you know. I feel bad for him. I know that feeling robina stick. It's it's an empty feeling goes on take mine. I'm done. And that's the way they came back to the Jacksonville and you know when they came back to the Jackson nobody even I said anything That they thought there was a severe infraction until the stewards called down. They said you handed you know they. They looked at it. Viewed it several times on the rerun and and then they add movies the next day and I can remember standard at the movies. Listen and You know they they both were reprimanded and suspensions and fines. It's the only thing that is Only option that is left with the officials. They have to do that it is. It isn't a race fix scandal or scheme that was ongoing it was just a gesture of Camaraderie and he goes son on done. And that's what it was that day and I'm sure that's what it was recently. Now you can say would you watch the replay. The what they you know you see jockeys gotten very competitive You know and they come down stretch. I've also seen at parks. They were a couple apple rider. I couldn't think of the names right off the bat. They came down the stretch. And they're they're using their sticks but it isn't on the horse. Join each other it out. You know this is supposed to be used to help you an horse advance not to be used to strike another shot during the running. Now I'll tell you one day. There was a jock coming from waterpark. AH WE'RE RIGHT AT PIMLICO was really messy day. I'm coming down the stretch and I'm striking my horse. And he's right is worse. I I think he's been hurt. And I've been a second one. I came back to the jocks Ruben. I'm trying to think this boy's name was a big guy too and and I get a more space in the bucket of Diet and I get a tap on the shoulder I turn around and I get sucked when thinking. What's that that? I can't think jocks name. I mean he likes to knock me out big I choose gig reducing jock and I know his navy comfortably. It's not gonNA come to me right now and we know what the hell happened. Alex grabbed him. They grabbed me and the little skull when it was over. He's when you you come down to me not your horse and believe me you know what when you're coming down the stretch. There's a possibility it strikes somebody but it can be just strictly by accident. And he didn't know who I was and I wasn't that kind of a rider and I didn't know him and he was riding coming from Waterford. You know mountaineer whatever. What's what's at the time and I've been in the scuffles the most the time you know you did something wrong? That time didn't even know I did anything wrong. But you know what it's it's a very highly competitive physically physical support. Sometimes things happen that you did not plan on have happening. I didn't play on this guy. He took it personal in any showed me how personally crack man the side of the head almost knocked me out inch did you ever. We do see certainly seen incidents where guys grab a stick out of somebody's hand and when they have the chance to kind of yeah. I've seen that a couple of times You know you're going to see that would get overly competitive and maybe they still even have thirsty. But let's say they're coming down the stretch you're hitting left handed. He's hitting right handed. You're on the outside and You know you might even not I'd seen and I had it done to me and I've done it. We are sticks met and I you know. Knocked his stick out of his hand or stick out my hand the next time he brings it up you wanNA grabbed his stick because he just lost yours. You know when you're in close quarters like that You can lose a stick slickly by you're coming up to hit your horse and he's coming down to hit hit. What are you sometimes when the sticks and in tangle one of you or both losing maybe both your walters but good gents one of you're gonNA lose it when he was coming down the others coming up you know it's It happens things happened out there But the hand and the other stick to another job. I haven't done that but I have seen it a few times. Yeah I guess. Most of the time it's just a show some camaraderie. Look I'm going no place. He goes on from an aide to the student. Tony the the the other stick we discussed last week. Extensively about the rule. Changes being being considered and You Know Uh California settling on six a total of six Six taps and they gotta be underhanded. You can't raise above your shoulder. Is that enough. Do you think that that the that's going to be an adequate compromise And that it'll look better header to the casual public. Yeah look bad or is it going to serve the total purpose of what you have a stick in your hand for. You're not going to limit you. You know when you can't caucus stick it's hard to show to a horse when it's uncovered you know you can flip it forward but it's not the same as if you wave it and showing it to him and sometimes showing horses stick you know. Let them see it with your with it being caught We'll help you. Guide them even notice stickers and the steering device can assist you in Steering Orange Bowl or try to get in or get out The untapped and the you. Yeah you know I. I don't go really for that. I do say well if you WANNA limit the use How many times you can strike? Come and wait for a response before you can strike again. I can go for that when when I was in Indiana Grand Racetrack and casino. I was up in Stewart. Stand and I would We were there for jockeys jeans With Barry Harry Perl and few of us for benefit. This must have been two years ago. I guess The steelers were up there China and I'm watching him after the race and all the during and after the race on its official racers official. Yeah time and they're doing it before the race. The official two they were monitoring the use of the stick by each ride or any chores on each choice. And I 'cause I asked him I said what are you guys looking at. Now this is well monitoring monitoring the still use to see how many times they strike. I may times they strike before they go back to prompt in and then strike the horse again and they were very diligent in looking for you know proper use of the step and I thought you know what that's good I think at the time they just implemented the rule It might have been three times and then wait for before you can hit them again and I know what Oh you know what. That's that's good that's adequate but when things happen in California your Is doing things more or less underdo. Interesting under pressure believe me. That's the impression I get you know but it just my own personal opinion If you think stick us is going to relax. Lack of sticks is going to assist in some way to alleviate breakdown. You're lost in space. Got Nothing I'm very little to do with breakdown you know Jockeys Education and knowledge of how And and and Use of the state and maybe at times need to pool awards up. That's GonNa you know pulling up and getting they're I'm not traveling or something that's happened during the running of the race that it's giving them some discomfort for up. That's what you'd that'll help eliminate breakdown lasix then ain't gonNA help bill. And then they play Geico you know. It's not gonNA help eliminate breakdown. But if you have people up there monitoring like I said before monitoring the junkies and he uses you. Don't need special Ashley Wills. Now you can pull them up. That's the Stewart job. But if you do have special rules you know. Of course you WanNa make sure that they jockeys adhere to those special world and you know sometimes it's going to be Because of habit and because of rioting over the years on a particular style that you have you're going to have to really adjusted and you know what better adjusted I don't agree with not cocking a stick and I do agree. That could be a certain amount round of strikes or times you can use the stick you know so many times. You know you're gonNA hit three times. Wait for response before you can hit again something like that. I agree with that but not copying stick at that's BS. You Know Blind Bowl with me. There's two things I'm going to do if I can't use the bit and my strength to keep them straight. I'm going away his stick down to try to get them to come in. Let's say if he's trying to Paul and I'm GonNa tap him on his nose when the soft fleshy she part of the nose to see if I can change his mind and he's not going to go through the outside that I've had him go through the outside the inside bench and that was with the property. You know With the use of the stick it happens okay. Their house in pounds root for strength. And I'm one hundred ten pounds you know you've got got steel bit. You Got Rubber bits or you got all different kinds of equipment but you know what you can't change the equipment in the middle of the running of the race that something has to be properly the Put on or you know I've had situations where you you don't check things out you get out on the racetrack. You leave the gate and yeah you know and A nose was too close behind a bit and it takes away from the pressure. You put them but now that's not the groups or the trainers thought. That knife fought on the guy to join the worst. You'd make your. The equipment is in order and properly installed next courses head in his mouth but things happen you know. Oh you don't jerk every detail. Sometimes even though you're jockeying on your back on on their back and you should but I think they're overplaying this Stick Dick Use or misuse. And I think what you just need to do is have people monitoring the race that no you know the way it should be used and should be conversation between Stewart's jockeys every one of them down they don't you can strike them. Yeah I can go for that but that talk in the state so only finally I appreciate that finally D- I don't know if you heard if you were available on Monday or caught up with it later but I was really pleased I never had a visit with Reko Diq. Selva and Sunday was his last day in the irons and and really a fun visit at the celebrate is his fine career after he came to North America and here he is at forty four and he's doing wing it so that he can really be attentive of two young children and he's got a second career already started which is dealing with the athletes pro athletes and helping them maintain confidence and mental Strength Fascinating Guy and I a a lot of ways a little. I think a little under rated given what he accomplished and what fifteen seventeen years in North America was Read some articles that You know Talking and telling what he's doing what he's going to plan on doing and I really give them a lot of credit line. You know you decide your your family and your career. You know you're putting your family. Of course I all the time then you always should And then but you also need to have a livelihood or something that can create generate income. Because you WANNA do right by families. Sometimes it takes a little financial wellbeing to do right. And and you know what when it comes to mentoring athletes. Believe me being jockey. Even I know people don't look at us like we're You know generally speaking all the horses. Doing you're just up there. That's because they don't understand what a jockey's The physical part of what a job he does on his back is or tablet written that type of situation you know competitive race horses and races. No I've known people get a chance to do that. But a highly physical athletic events for horse and Jockey and jockeys at some of the athletes out there. And if you're doing ruin things right you're GonNa make sure that your In one hundred percent you know peak condition now when it comes to mentoring someone what it better as. We have mentoring a kid or young young athlete. You know when it comes to one thing that I learned You know through high school wrestling being in wrestling and then being one of the things that I really have to deal with and and it might take years or they don't even know that they have to to deal with it. If it's not pointed out anxiety is one of your one or any athletes biggest At times problem problem competitor drawback anxiety variety is something that you let it get the best view. It just takes away from your overall a physical ability to perform mental anxiety. Waste your physical frank. Raise your place your physical ability and until jockeys You know they learn that some of you learn being before you have OTA Horse. I learned it at the end of my wrestling career. And then being a jockey in a few years you know what a lot easier to do this if you're up there and you remember to do two things relax and breeze 'cause being jockey you don't use rilot when you're in your either your career starting out you don't get right one a day you know when you're riding by six races seven eight rates. I've had a day I can remember. I wrote sixteen races night and day. You know Keystone D'Amato you better better know. How do you yourself officially and effectively? You better learn and know how to control anxiety and waste of energy you better At each time that you're writing and performing an optimal level you remember one thing breeze you know fuel fuel that that you're you're breathing rate or like the like the old forty nine flat sex. It had a cigarette. Iro carburetor. Got Reiter wasn't a just said it would backfire and sputter wouldn't go no place so I have to learn how to do that now. But Jockey's learned out that as a jockey. He can certainly teach young a young athletes how to do that and make them perform. I don't care if it's baseball football basketball. Whatever sport wrestling teach them at a young age? You know and and they'll be better athletes mature into better athletes. We wish Rico the best In retirement and does an ex career and Tony wish you and Kylie and the kids and the family extended your mom and everybody I hope it's it's a wonderful Christmas. It's been a another great year Extend everybody our best wishes and the let the let the listeners Said said give them your best wishes along with first off. You know we're all you do and thank you. I WanNa thank you and I also WanNa wish you and your family that that's the policy. It's a great time of year brings families together. I also want to weigh the happy holidays. Could through who at great lists are great lesson of this program. You know it's It's a great program. I want to see people enjoy horse. I racing I WANNA see him. Enjoy of course a holiday and your family and the Bambi all year round. I WanNa see you enjoy it When it comes the horse racing want to see a enjoy the competition between riders and horses? Out there I want this list to pick a lot of winners. And if you've betting on them wow you're catching a lot of tickets but even if you just enjoying the view of a highly competitive athletic event horse racing Come to the tracks. See See what it's all about. Allow get up close and personal with the horses and jockeys scrape business. But Steve Thank you so much for all you do for the sport and positive that you put out there for people to enjoy about this squad you take care. It's always a pleasure and happy holidays to everyone. Why don't we love you and is going to make it a great twenty twenty and Tony's GONNA probably add his win total in a new decade. It'll be your resistible to have winners and yet another decade. I knew it. I know it was more winter. Fifty two thousand twelve. That would be nice round number and a couple of years. We're only a year to have from seventy. I'm sixty sixty nine seventy and I'd like to have one winner in the year. Twenty twenty one. I'll be seventy years old. Oh how about that. You're not putting it past you. Might you take care at the holiday. Great thank you to toby. Not at all the greatest Odi black everybody wanted to just that institution I mean it is. It is Thursday on at the races and the Thursday lineup has been unchanged. For fifteen years. Tony Black Steve Askin and rich. And we'll get the Steve Next Steve asking the rich and the follow and before we wrap up today good to talk to Doug Danner. We haven't talked to in forever. Unfortunately I my certainly a pleasure to be able to reach out to Doug. I think I think the last time we talked is probably free thinking when he had nice. EXPRE- thinking that and boy that's ten plus years ago and Doug Danner has got a mayor that he owns that is making her one hundred eighth start tonight at Turf Way Prom theme and I saw I mentioned the Oh wellings wellings yesterday. Well Hunter will welling. She noticed that and tweeted. And it immediately caught my eye and knowing that we haven't even spoken to dog in too long I reached out and Doug will join us right Near the end of the show and talk about the mayor that he claimed aimed for I think eight thousand and she is spent the next six years. I mean when you've got a horse in the barn for six years straight I it it special and she keeps winning and keeps that has. It's been remarkably competitive. She's going after win number twenty tonight She's a noble causeway G. You look at her record you look at her. PP's which print out out of three pages. We're GonNa Talk Doug Tuition Block tonight with Prom theme as well. Let's take a break. Haskins joins US next with his year. 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Saying this theme Song Bob Hill about forty areas. How's his speed day to crack? You'll take lied about that. Who knew who knew there was another it was a whole nother stanza lyrics the how about that Diana a crawl if I'm not mistaken and You could catch your Steve Haskins. Isn't that that you could see Haskins sort of in Vegas that I wasn't Vegas catskills. Here you go that was Nick Apollo Forte. I taught him that with the with the Mike from hand to hand back. Ah The jingle he was on the hit parade for ten minutes Repertoire Jingle Bells and think Oh my God yeah you know who contributes mutes. This conversation is the Dave Joseph Joseph and John Pirata if you put the two together you'll hear the entire script ripped of Broadway. Danny rose really unbelievable is hysterical. Every time I every time I see today you know I don't see you playing gin joints. I see you in colleges and universities folding balloons my favorites everything when he was windy with the The agent you know upper forty second street. They're trying to sell those act. Yes exactly my my one handed in by one arm one. I'm juggler exiling the blind designer phone player. What's her name that plays the the glasses My Hand to God not a lesson the next year Carnegie Hall. I mean the whole team in the in the stage stage Deli. Monica on Ika. What's his name was inside? He was in. He was in Seinfeld. He played the old crotchety. Actually the guy from Florida. Oh what was his name. Well they're all comics jazz. Yeah it was one one comic. I can't remember he was he was big at the time. When with young regular on Seinfeld is not Jackie Gayle The one that was in the one that was also in a dime it was in Ten men ten men he he had he had a brief part in in I take the mine goes to Jack. lemmon movie Jack Lemmon movie where everything goes wrong in New York City which well there's a couple actually. Well the the the serious or the comedy comedy. Oh excellent killing to oh well the and and I Jackie Gayle is one of the comics right and more Gandhi Gandhi. Well the the guy I'm thinking of. But he had a brief part he played the guy who tried to chase. Jack Lemmon out of the church. When he went into pray at the end of the movie it was really big at the time to? He's big back in nineteen right now. We're GONNA this is is going to be tough. We're going to have to well. We're going to have to go to the towners I've had towners. Yes yes yes. Yes and he was big at the time they gave a before coach. Jack Lemmon you gotta get out of the Church. If they were filming a commercial or something and I I. Haven't you know that that's a movie to go back and see you know when you first said when everything goes wrong I did you ever see Save the tiger. Oh yeah well that that that that was that was like his first dramatic role. I mean after all the comedy did was walked Matthau and odd couple and movies and all of a sudden he does save the Tiger hiker which was a downright depressed very very upsetting very upsetting film And and the heart just heartbreaking. Nobody nobody nobody had ever seen that side of the Czech Levin before the thing is you know getting back to Broadway. Danny rose wondering great scenes. I mean I mean it was a great thing but it was such a sad scene in a way Not only with not only with the with the character. Ah Danny Rose and all of his action everything but the whole the whole thing about about loneliness when they're treating living in Swanson's TV dinners as if the best Thanksgiving it's the best. It's almost it could as the real thing. Lloyd Loyd. Who's telling him in the car? She says he's talking about old boyfriend he says Got Shot in the blind right. uh-huh yes loo- wasn't positive was a shell station. Yes the greatest the absolute greatest movies that people don't really talk about much absolutely brilliant movies wanted Daniels and the other is the front. The front is one of my absolute favorite films of all time. Not which is our favorite. Woody where we you know that last line where you could see. He has no way out. He has absolutely no way out. So he's GonNa he's GonNa go out with a bang and he goes and any see any and he gets up tells everybody you know. Go to have fun to yourselves Alves. Yeah I mean I mean it's just it's so it was like a it came as such a surprise but I mean the the movie was so it was so inspired by by everybody who who started the movie and made the movie everything we're all blackballed Blacklist blacklisted the correct. Virtually Martin Ritt Martin Ritt who directed a zero mastel. Yeah Yeah that suicide scene was God unbelievable. Well they out the scene the scene the scene when you know when he's up in the catskills is the minimum amount of money and just yeah. I mean I've done some very very disturbing scenes. Yeah it was like it was by the way after after Annie Hall which you know this you know any holes coming after. Take the money and run and bananas and all these sleeper. And all these crazy movies I And then he goes on and then he wants doing interiors and you say what the Hell is this. I saw that movie I did. I saw one time and it is depressing. Waste well it Ah Comics comic moment. So the the front the front he only he only acted in I it it was not made I mean he he. He didn't write her direct right. I know he just acted But but I was was just had the one of the great HYPOCHONDRIAC saints where you know he's always imagining something and he's complaining to his secretary. Yeah well you know I I got a scare you know. I had this the spot and she goes on your shirt. All right I got I got. I have to pull us both up. Because we're we're as usual who are off nothing racing anyway. Well well. That's not true but the weekend coming up never answer me about my offer still stands by the way I and and you know what I got the email and then I forgot what what are what are what was the final. The final offer this Dallas Win Sunday which they will assured Judge Dinner Danny or maybe knows. Ao or invited okay. All right strange reason eagles win but if I win if I win the Bat which I'm sure I will. I'm giving you a big out. I'm giving you a double or nothing of where. If if you lose the bet I will then give you a double or nothing bets that the cowboys win the Super Bowl. The seven thirty two one right now and have been twelve playoff teams. They're ranked number nine in in the is in the is the ninth best arts. It's so it's up to you if you want if you want. If if the cowboys don't win the Super Bowl and then we're even if they do then it's dinner At Danny and no I'll I'll yeah Alex summer and I'll take that I'll extend I'll I'll extend myself awesome. Give me out chances. Are you know most people are gonNA say there's no way to cowboys. You'RE GONNA win the win the Super Bowl. But I'm giving you that out that says 'cause I this. I think they might shock people this year. So I'm getting I'm willing. I'm willing I'm willing to do that. It'll give you give me a chance to get out of your. Your initial loss. Legal should not win. They have no team left. And the cowboys are I mean. It was just so far superior it just keep talking Steve. You're GONNA talk yourself you're GonNa talk yourself right into a buzzsaw. Just keep keep keep go on keep talking keep talking keep talking Jerry Jones. Go ahead all right shoulder so I I. I was very pleased that the birds are in position to at least have a shot and They they could've sold out last-minute it wins against the giants and the Redskins and I say one thing by the way it's amazing by the way football he's number one draft picks and he's first round draft picks and all the stars coming from the practice squads coming from you know. This was a Boston. Scott and ward. I mean we're have these guys come from Greg Ward like Antonio Brown. There's a lot to be said and the same is true. Same's true to some degree with it. Could have this conversation about jocks. You know ah the separation between top level. Talent and production is pretty narrow. Ah Guys that are hungry and I mean the Greg Ward story is so inspiring that you can't say enough huge star at University University of Houston and and he's had a great many opportunities and he's come very close to making a a roster and you know Ah here it is. And it makes the most of the opportunity. He's got the physical gifts in the arena. Here's a great quarterback at us a tremendous quarterback and just say you know I'm always guys by the way they are in the seventh round draft choices around you. Know the unsigned practice squad yet only starts. I mean they come from anywhere. I mean that's why the draft is like so crazy. You know you. Taking a shot gotten a lot of exciting. You never hear of again. Well did you guys come up from from come from nowhere. Well did you listen yesterday. Did you hear the conversation with good good for him so all right well dave good friend who you know who's been binding years. He and he talked about mental toughness and about mental attitude. And what have you know. What a mammoth part of of success or failure? And you know if we've got enough examples of of of professional athletes that clearly have the talent and wash out and you got the flip side. which is guys that that may be a cut beneath in terms terms of physical gifts but they make up for it With with mental toughness. And you talk about draft went went to the draft the whole thing with with being drafted in being noticed it. It's some of. It is just happenstance Mike. Piazza Y- Mike. Piazza drafted as a favor to lasorda. And and look look at that career. I mean breaking Boston's got. What is he like? Five six Walid rallied. There's a there's a long history guys like him. And and you know whether it's whether it's a Darren sproles type or Yeah exactly actly. Those guys those guys work because they that was the one. That was the one smart thing that that Booger McFarland said. on on this is the one thing that made sense i. I had not really watched too many Monday night. Games this year I now. I understand why everybody nightly every Monday night sends out a volley of tweets. It's about crazy silly things that he says but he did say one thing. I thought Monday night was really quite accurate. About how guys like of Austin and Scott they they get obscured and the defense sometimes just loses track of. Oh sure Houston running back. They call the bowling ball. Can't can't remember his name but he was like he was really stocky but it was like five six. But you know we stock doc and nobody could find him Garcia Lineman until opening nickname game with the bowling bowl. Speaking of Dave good friend by the way I actually hired him wants to do a handicapped feature for the when. I was editing. The Breeders Cup Souvenir Magazine magazine. How long ago? This was I'M GONNA say like around two thousand. I was in one to somewhere in their early two thousands so it's quite a while ago but I mean I I I want I want to do a handicapping column about handicapping the Breeders Cup and Yeah Yeah and so. I hired him to brought to write it. Nice speaking of writing. Let let let me let me shift gears. And I've already given one round of of of the last minute at the races gift guides. These are for desperate people call for desperate measures and that means Jumping on Amazon and elsewhere Steve I've already mentioned in this first round. That Book from the Louisville Story Program. Better lucky than good. I mentioned Gen Kelly's books are Barton Lenny of course with justify and Greg Montgomery with his artwork. What books the you want me to include clued for people to be aware that they could get the last minute anything I would? I would include the Peter Leaves Book unspectacular spectacular bid and Of course like the one you mentioned if you haven't read them you know your history buff if you have to read Jennifer Kelly's books So Barton And of course if you know if you're more into modern racing Eleni did a great job would justify both of which I wrote the forward. So coincidentally coincidentally coincidentally And I have black and have it back. Cover blurb on the League's book on specs speed. So you had a busy. You had a busy year on other in front. Oh my more books than anybody but I know that you you really enjoyed The Caroline Rosner piece on stymie out of the clouds. Oh that's my thing that's one of the great Yeah I mean that's that was one of the great books and you know I'm on facebook. Linda Carroll a lot to I mean but they both did an incredible job with that book. Anybody who hasn't read that book. That's one of the best racing books you'll ever read and and I'm not just talking about if you're into racing history. I'm talking about it for the history. 'cause everybody's in that book and you know in in a very closely related way You know from some Damon Runyon to Al Capone into J. Edgar Hoover I all the people that were associated associated. Somehow with is he be as you'd be one of the great characters of all time Who is was like the quintessential Damon Runyon Character And how how close church was the Damon Runyon and what a sick was play. He was yeah I you know I mean he. He put his own name aim in in the American English vernacular you know when you talk about all their run. You Nets characters and you know some of the great Some of the great movies that have Data based on a Damon Runyon wanted a great joy. And go if you want to rent one horse racing movies that was based on it A Damon Runyon Story which is absolutely hysterical. Moving was Avenue Castillo in. It Ain't Hay story about the kidnapping horse named tea biscuit but there was some. There is some very tender moments in their Jerusalem Abacus stellar routines data data at a row. Just classic that it just absolutely hysterical but and then there's actually a a glimpse you can actually see the front of the Grand Union hotel in in the In the movie. But it's a fun fun movie and inspect your based on And you know on the Damon Runyon story as so a lot of amazing stories but Damon Runyon is a major part of out of the clouds. As you'd be it was just a tough hard nosed New York Street kids it was. It was a brawler. Yeah I remember him. You know in the later days it was an old guy. You know her her takers and is cheaper. They owned all the horse is owned all the horses together. You know under the door people but I never knew that he was such a roughneck beaten up. All these beat up all these mobsters All these tough guys and get into all street brawls to team up with with Hirsch Jacobs who is who who was who raised pigeons up on the rooftops in Brooklyn and you and use the whole theory of raising and racing pigeons to to Rachel insists that he at the beginning he knew nothing about but I mean and closer to end the story. J. Edgar Hoover Hoover and how closely was How J. Edgar Hoover and her check? It was so successful that they haven't done it together and her Jacob and Can't go with total cake. Just want you to know by the way that for like six months Most most most of your grooms Sir exercise riders. We had we infiltrated to your barn to investigate you and you came up completely clean. You know so I mean we know it's a gay guy who actually planted grooms and forming the I mean exercise riders and You know stable help to spot to the report back to him. But I mean fasting stuff like I said Al Capone is in. There are others. I'm forgetting about but it just so well told And the whole first part of books mostly about Jacob's Bieber and and all the characters in the second part of the book that's when stymied comes into it and if you don't notice story Stymie Johnny it's a classic star fifteen hundred dollars claim He was he was. He was strictly a claiming trainer and he was legally lead the country but each 'cause he wants him often but it was mostly claims and then it comes up with Would Stymie and he became the first train it to become you know not only two but probably the most influential runner most influence. The breed is in history. Two lines of You know of of choices you know from you know go through with Meiringen searching priceless gem and you know the whole line And all of great marriage that he's read over the years so I you know I I can say I don't even remember the tail end of of I jacobs you know before he died but Great great stuff I mean really was how does it allows you know he and his his son his son took over in the hurt. Jacobs died early in the year and and and his son John who nobody even knew anything about he basically took over that year and became one of the few trainers Very few trains even to this day. Who wants to triple crown races? With two different horses he win the preakness would personality. And the Belmont was. Hi Sean but it was. You know you contribute at the heritage. But John Jacobs was listed trainer for for both of those horses that was back in nineteen seventy And Brooke Nominal Phenomenal Book. It was really one of my favorite mentioned passing. You mentioned in passing two. That's that's out of the clouds. Caroline Rosner spectacular bid. You mentioned the the kidnapping theme with with tea biscuits. Well we should include Ludmila Toby's book taking sure are making sure I was just gonNA I. That was my that was the next one. I was going to mention which just won a big award. equis Brooke Awards WH- won for best Best towards book. Oh Nice and you know. It's funny because I know it's funny. You mentioned awards. The the Tony Ryan Award was that does anybody that hasn't come out yet. Okay basically would be probably Jennifer Kelly belly vs well. There's there's also the finalists. There's I think six in there including one one of the other books that I want to mention. I'm pretty sure that I know out of the clouds in there because I brought it up the other day with with set. That was year right. No I don't think so. I think that's an that's in this year's semifinal that's one of the semifinalists Tawny Only Ryan book or I thought it was or was that from last year book came out like two years ago was okay. I'll I'LL CHECK I. I'll let me let me see here if you if you if you know mill. Toby also wrote a By a biography on Kenya narrow a few years ago. So if you WANNA run if you want to read about one of the great stories in the history of voice racing one of the most amazing stories get his book Kenya Narrow. I wrote the forward to that book too two. That's a sideline you've got he baked he basically he based the book on a lot of my articles. I wrote so many articles told the story of Kenyan era when nobody ever told story at the research so he had read all my right column. Roll my stories on Kenya narrow so we went and and and did a book on but listen I remember bill probably goes way back back. Sylvia Sixty in the blood horse. Maybe maybe early seventies but I remember when Bill Toby wrote for the blood was way way package you know so. Oh He's been around for a long time absolutely One of the it for awhile and it came back and started writing books. Well He. He's got the image story about the whole dancers immature scandal. We and we've had him on for all these. Yeah the we've had him on each time uh with each of his anything. That's come out and we had a great conversation about the answers. Imagine and had Peter Fuller on as well but well he also Milt also Does the the equine law Books he's got a he's got he's got that as a kind of A. That's obviously dry material but Yeah in mill. Toby is he's he's a resource. I want to mention the Gilligan Book Around Kentucky with the Bug Patrick Patrick. You'll again and you know when when Jack came to the country and he was taking them around as a bug boy and he had copious notes and he put it into a book book around Kentucky with the Bug and that was a a Ryan Book. Award finalists yeah and and really fun. I'm only read excerpts. I haven't read the book But a lot of fun and I got no Jack. I got to know Jack Down in New Orleans this year and when he had his first first grade at stake win we had him on the show But the book Mighty entertaining Irish father and son That sounds great traveling. You know that I would. I would love. I decided to write a book but I would love to have a A tales from the triple crown to some you know Get that public because entails triple crown. The last chapter was was Barbro. So I mean that you know a lot of great stories you know behind all you know my you know personalized and Just behind the stories behind the scene stories of you know the triple Crown Going you know going all the way back to Jim French but you know the book book down by year and just a little behind the scenes back stories and stuff like that stood that most people don't know about you know to all my so am I writings but I've had a lot of stuff since but you know the blood was doesn't doesn't publish anymore. You carry now. I mean that's dead publishing everybody's book well and and now Quite the quite to the relief of a lot of people the the change in in the State House in Frankfurt we'll we'll assure the the ongoing viability The Psycho Oh who basically opened up prison doors and and just let out Willy Nilly Anybody it seems he. He was well on his way to try to shut her The University of Kentucky Press So that at least has been. Yeah but I'm Scott Brooks. I mean they're grow Lenny's actually got some ideas that that they're interested in so many now that he's going to be a semi aged I. It sounds like he's GonNa be working more semi retired and I know right Yeah but he's still he's still booked up books in mind and So Oh he's got an in now with the U. K. press I think they're interested in Yeah so I mean they're very open into publishing To publishing racing books they do a lot of stories. One of my favorite story. You you know the story of I guess. A lot of people know a lot of people. Don't know the whole story behind Muka Macho man and Kathy Rick Fo I. I mean that's convenient for all time favorite stories. Well actually won a I didn't submit somebody Eric Mitchell submitted for me by the run. It one the wondering those words or something but one of the reasons couple of awards for Best Breeders Cup Story. But I mean it's it's it's just an amazing story I just told it. Yeah The parallel the parallel stories between Muccio Macho Man. There basically being born dead that they thought and Cassie ridro basically being getting in giving up I mean she was practically dead herself And both of them you know metaphorically rose from the dead. You know and combine to wonder winning the breeze classic and Under story behind both of them so I that that would make a great book and itself to and the whole story about how Dean Reeves came to get that horse. Yeah they they were interested interested in another horse. Saddam Hussein guided tour. Somebody forgot got a guided tour. No it was a decent a decent. It was a decent Horse from that crop as it happens right and yeah and he was divorced that they were going to buy and any film. I finished second to and that was exactly but I mean Oh oh yes somebody somebody backstories and stuff and I had spoken to so many people to Kim Kim and Kathy's of kids spoke talk to them after the Breeders Cup you know what what she went through. I mean it's an amazing stupid moves. You couldn't breathe good move. Yes she she was basically given up for an and moved macho man I mean to be born dead and it was saying prayers over everybody was sobbing and he gave growth out in the field for new. Just laying there and then Carol Rio Brett the Horse Yep we are. Are we showing her dogs. At the time she came rushing back and they were crying as well and and he just not now not only do they get up. He jumped up. I started running across the field. Everybody was crying and sobbing. And you know that that that he was dead he was born dead and he's running across rushed the field. I'm always a great story and you know for him and Cassie report to find each other Because you know originally ten was the was the was the trainer Job Gulfstream and he recommended Kathy to take over the US training but by the way the horse what it is a good story that the big. What's keeping you get the work by the way the Horse the horse that they were going to buy who I I said I was a nice horse in his own right? Gourmet dinner gourmet started with a K.. Dinner Yeah they wanted to they wander breaking against each other later. Oh yeah and he. He won a million dollars Himself Gourmet Dinner. Well you know it was like an absolute giant people. Forget you almost wanted to bring this up. I tell you my Komo one of my favorite things ever in racing that I think I got most gratitude from an earning Munich was with me at the time and he shook his head I had come up with a statistic about Macho man and was going into the Breeders Cup and I wrote and I made sure that you know Gary Stevens knew about it. Is that Macho Macho man was fourteen when he did not have the lead at the eighth pole right. I remember this. I remember this and he was eight eight when he did deleted the eightfold. And I wrote and I wrote I said Gary Stevens is is reading. This is just make sure you get to leave the eighth pole. So they have to move. Camacho may WANNA classic and Gary. Gary gave the post race Interview when whenever he was finished he looked at me and he smiled and he says he says thank you. He says when we come into the quarter pole I actually thought of you and I said I've got to get the lead. I gotta get that lead at the expo and Did any anyone of winning but raised the calories do for thinking of me coming to the quarter pole and I respect the from that from that statistic which was an amazing statistic Sousse and of course the year before he could run could not get too forlorn it but he wouldn't let us get by him right. I believe at the eight fold Steve were passed. The we're we're at the sixteenth Paul and and I gotTa Chang and Doug Danner so some some final thoughts about twenty nineteen and your wishes for the audience for Twenty eight twenty. Well obviously you know talk about an up and down year. I'm you know. I think we're racing face. That's hard times and in a long time I'm Having overcome all the things that it did and I just hope for racing sake in in the future that the lesson learned from all this is basically how to defend yourself to the outside world to get to market yourself better and just let everybody know. people that aren't that familiar with racing. What the sport is all about and And love that people have horses and for the Sport Board and just to try and quiet. You know some of these Activist groups and especially Feta and some of these others. But you know it's the fans that standing up for it you know on facebook and forming all these organizations and and and standing outside the racetrack saying we love racing. But it's the sport itself self that has to do it So That's how I was obviously one aspect of the sport and you get to meet. The main aspect of the sport was crazy. The three year old triple crown season we had in the year of maximum security. I think that's what people are gonNA remember most about this year is the wild and wacky world of Of maximum security probably one of the most unusual campaigns Any horse has gone through. So we'll see what happens with the with the eclipse awards But you know we got some great news that enabled. We'll be back again next year. Hopefully that you know. We'll see her again at the Breeders Cup. I mean that's GonNa be that's GonNa be fantastic and MIDNIGHT BE SU So you know lots of quote too. I think we've got a great great Derby trail to look forward to I. I mean it's going to be a Chore Come Up With Twelve Horses People can easily come up with twenty five to two rank but it's now down to twelve To me very promising here for the Derby. It's all the top horses. All well bred they just they just looked like class you horses riches and I think it's going to be going to be a great Great Derby trail. So we'll be starting usual times. Probably mid January worry so everybody you know hop on board sippy override this year. Well Steve as always thanks so much for a great year. Best wishes you you too. Thank you everybody now. They were ready to. I don't know what I guess we're starting. We'll be at entering the seventeenth year. I don't know what it is sixteenth. Seventeenth Year walloping outright. Hard to believe but Hope it's a great Season season. And you're gonNA spend some time we spend with the kids and baby. We got coming New Year's Day New Year's Eve day I should say that coming coming Tuesday and that was saying the through the end of the week and so obviously the The trees got a ton of presence around it. So we're looking forward to that. We got a brand new minora in the window to so Nice excellent well happy and healthy and thank you and we will talk. What in two weeks simply? Latino you take care Steve asking everybody and thanks Steve also for Contributing to the last minute book ideas and the Gift Guide. I'll send out. I sent out the first set of links. I'll send out the next set and we'll come back with rich INC and rich hangs year end thoughts and as I mentioned dog. Dander to talk about his amazing mayor. that is ten years old and makes her hundred and ninth start tonight at Turf Way Prom theme looking for her twentieth win. Unbelievable just a mate I mean could you imagine come into the shed every day for six years six years and there there there she is. We'll find out we'll find out what kind of what kind of mayor she liked to be around I. I don't think you know you have one around for six years. I guess is that. She's the barn favorite and something special In this in this era nineteen wins. Twenty four seconds. Twelve thirds thirds pretty cool for two hundred thousand. Yeah she's been running in the same company Same Company essentially her her whole career. I mean she just just a horse but that just shows you how special they they become back after this though rich and joins US next apparatuses with Steve on Sirius. XM radio quest a million dollars is underway but there are still some great prizes is is to be one for those looking at home at the tracker on the go express bed. Is your way to play. The races express provides legal insecure online and mobile betting on more than three hundred of the world's top tracks all the events. And when you sign up for an express account account today with Promo Code Vic that's B. Y. K.. You'll receive a one hundred twenty five dollars bonus once you've signed up you can take your wagering experience to the next exc level with XP Rewards Express Bets industry-leading Loyalty program earn points for every bet. You can cash them in everything for wagering credits to exclusive race track experiences experiences. 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