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The Starlight lounge presents an evening with the progressive box. Let's go tickling the ivories. He just saved. By bundling home and auto progressive gonna finally by a ring for that gal of yours Hugo send dolences. This next one St.. There's. In my all, thank you. Because of casualty insurance company and affiliates. Discounts on available in all states or situations. The Brexit Nino be certain, but one thing is clear. You business could face serious challenges. Enterprise. Orlands wide range of supports will help you plan innovate compete on diversify speak to your enterprise Arlen development adviser or visit prepare for Brexit Dodi an initiative of the government of Ireland. Radium years. I'm Rita Foley. President Trump will try some arm twisting today on Capitol Hill after that Oval Office address last night during which he said, the nation needs of five billion dollar wall at the Mexico border in his national address, President Trump claimed there's a crisis on the border with Mexico, a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul. Critics call the security risks overblown and Trump is at least partly to blame for the humanitarian situation. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, and the Democrats respond says the president has used the wall to divide the nation throughout this debate. And throughout his presidency. President Trump has appealed to fear not facts Schumer says the president should reopen the government including agreeing to extend funding for homeland security to allow time for compromise Tim McGuire, Washington, so did the president or the Democrats change any minds last night university. Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato says no we're so deeply divided that is the fundamental problem at the core of all of this. And we have a very very divisive president the most divisive in my lifetime. And I started with Truman we're hearing the deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein who appointed lead rush investigator. Robber Muller is expected to leave his position soon. We're told Rosenstein will leave after President Trump's choice for the attorney general's job. William bar is confirmed. Prosecutors with Robert Muller's office are accusing former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort of sharing information during the presidential campaign with a business associate accused of having ties to Russian intelligence and prosecutors say Paul Manafort lied to them about it. This is according to a court filing was accidents revealed by defense attorneys. This is a P radio news. President Trump is upset the tight relationship between the US and Europe. And now Europe is firing back a key. You lawmakers group has fired off a letter to Washington in a letter to be sent to members of congress the delegation. Few us relations criticize what it cools. The increasing me home-field approach from the White House and decries the dimension of the EU ambassador to the US in the notch. Sleaze ceremonial diplomatic list of precedents to the bottom of the list in the letter obtained by the Associated Press the delegation pleads that both sides, not undermine each other. As it says doing so it play into the hands of rival global powers chance. Atlantic relationships have subtly worsened since Trump became president two years ago. I'm Karen Shamas. Iran's supreme leader is calling US officials quote, first class idiots, the US and Iran have an already tense relationship as the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei makes his comments. I'm Rita Foley. AP radio news. Firefighter Raphael Pori yet for firehouse subs. Introducing the new spicy Cajun chicken sub Cajun seasons grilled chicken, breast zesty, cherry peppers and housemate Cajun male just five fifty five for immediate. Remember a portion of every sub you buy helps provide life safety equipment for personal sponsors firehouse subs. Enjoy more subs. Save more lives. Limited time only. Plus tax participating locations by ourselves. With donate. A minimum of one million dollars in two thousand nineteen to the firehouse subs public safety foundation. Right. Donating point one one percent of every purchase. The iphone ten are is here at T mobile. And there's a whole lot to love like taking those perfect new year new portrait mode selfish. You're going to share. It's the best way to stay connected to everyone you'll heart most in two thousand nine to so get ready to fall in love with by phone ten are on team. Oh, the most loved and wireless. Call one eight hundred t mobile to learn more. Visit a store today.

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