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Accredited and financial aid is available for those who qualify including the GI. Bill classes. Start soon so make New Year new career your resolution and take the free career evaluation today at my computer career dot Edu. We're back with superbowl winning quarterback Kurt Washington senior. VP of player development. Doug Williams. Thank you for being here senior. NFL writer for the undefeated. Jason Read. They said I'll start with you. But I want both of you to weigh in on this question and I teased at prior to the break. So Dak Prescott made two million last season he was fourth this season and QB are very high and we you see guys like Carson Wentz getting taken care of right away when he dealt with a lot of injuries or somebody like a Jimmy Garoppolo who's just considered a basic game manager. What does that say to you about the state of the black quarterback in the NFL? Well clearly Dak Prescott has proven what he is over these four seasons and we talk about the fact that the cowboys had the collapse didn't make the playoffs. We can go into that but when you look at what. This guy's numbers are when you look at what they have done in terms of postseason in terms of success. They've had hat. I think it's clearly disrespectful that he has not been taken care of and we can talk all we want to talk about. Well what does he bought. What representatives looking for? But they're they're they're probably attack him and when you have someone who's accomplished what he has it simply not a good look and I think that people around the cowboys do need to be concerned about what's going to happen if they do tag them in this link but let me ask you something about that because my football analysis is different like I just think Garoppolo didn't get a huge huge guarantee. I'm sure is going to turn down what they offer Garoppolo. I'm not sure Adak has shown more than seventy seventy two million guaranteed one hundred thirty seven. But it's not going to bring it's not going to set the market. Get something I think. Dominic Foxworth either Roeder said about James. Winston caught my attention a couple of weeks ago that we're at the point now where art as a black man he can feel okay not having to root for Jameis Winston to be able to call it. What it is you know? It's all right. So that's what Dak Prescott it makes me feel like I feel like we're at the point now where he doesn't need to be defended. Give him a bad contracts or anything like that. So what's your feeling about that where you know. I'm I'm a little reluctant because that worked for them the NFL. So I'm not going to get in there and I'm mostly the date on that. I mean I got my own take on it but it's I don't think I should should cause you work for the WASA rescues. We don't need you found. Keep your molly let me let me. Let me put it in Dan. Jason feel free to comment office. I want us to be very very careful. I like Jerry Jones. I like him a lot and I like Steven Jones. And there's an awful awful lot of black players. They have paid of course so let's be very very clear about it when we bring up race. What does Dak Prescott situation in? The Dallas Cup was to be fair edited Jones's in that regard and you have a plethora of black plays who used to play for Jerry Jones who swear by this main in terms of what he's done for them Yup having said that he if Jerry Jones watching. Here's what I would say to Jerry Jones that he asked to be careful because it's undeniable there. There isn't a soul alive. That believes if Tony Romo was still playing and had done exactly what Dak Prescott was doing that we wouldn't. It'd have this trouble getting Tony. Romo a long term accommodate. And that's what Jerry if it wasn't for the relationship if he was dog it and is pragmatic and straight line as he would Tony Role Moult as he was with that Prescott from personal perspective. It would be different Africa and Mali. which has I think is a bad look? Just what Stephen said about the Tony. Romo thing there is no question in my mind. I can't prove this okay. There's no can prove the sitting here but there's no question in my mind that have Tony. Romo was what we were talking about at that age with his accomplishments the career arc to that point. There's no question he would have been signed in. Writing cannot take this in a different direction. Question another question when we talk about the black quarterback particularly the state that is right now because one could argue the top. MVP Kennedy's World Black quarterbacks Yellow Jacket Patrick Mahomes. You had to Shawn Watson at one point an obviously Russell Wilson in Seattle. So that's a tremendous accomplishment. A matter of fact there were owners with the whole Jay Z.. Colin cabinet thing that went on their own his use that as an excuse to say. We don't need Kala capital because look at this black quarterback now but you know would it has me thinking about you know what we as thinking about. We talk about that. I'll be making a mistake by focusing on that win. Clearly we've elevated ourselves beyond beyond that subject and not use it as an excuse to get into the paucity of black general managers in the National Football League Push Yours. Yeah I'M A. I'm a stickler for that. I you know when you look at Chris. Grill Diane Miami. I mean he the only guy that stands out all news retired tired. I think it's high Cleveland. Just hide very. I think it's unfortunate because what I've learned by being executive role at at the team with the players the players respect a guy who has done it been around and somebody that looked like them that is in that position and I don't think mouth mouth pain. I don't think all the owners really look at it that way. And it's unfortunate that they don't give a lot more african-american opportunity to be in that same. Do you think they don't look at it that way. What is your belief? My thing being real we all aw creatures of our own society and we usually hang around the people that we grew up with and who we. We don't mind going to dinner with. Don't mind inviting to my house. I don't mind going on vacation with and basically you know you wanna be in a situation. Where when you away somewhere you sitting around on the Vita on the golf course is somebody who think like you in a way and maybe putting the same culture I think? That's that's basically what the I think. It would put very well that that basically sums it up. I noticed something that you've talked about. You all talk about a lot here and we're at a point in this league right now. It's just simply not not good enough. What's going on with diversity in terms of the front offices in terms on the field and it's really not a Roger Goodell problem? I truly believe this. I believe it's a problem with the people above Roger Goodell and until they change. We're not GONNA see above meeting the owners yes. The undefeated was originally going to be titled Twice as hard which I yeah. I think it's a great name because of the Depression. You twice as hard. If you're black to get anything you have to be twice as good this. I think it applies here. I think the idea that you have such few executives and and coaches that are black is because they have to be twice as good because they don't get put in the old boys network. Because when you bring up Ozzie newsome awesome. You have to bring up one of the best to ever did it in order that he could retire of his own volition. When it's time it's like why did he take Lamar Jackson Right? Why was he also? He also African America so many pass but like Jerry. Reese made a mistake when he played when he played a quarterback who just wasn't very good so the giants would finally start a black that quarterback. Right but Ozzie. newsome actually to the guy that reminds me of the Chris Rock Line. We're not the neighborhood he lives in. He lives next to a dentist white and he said give for a black man. Had to live in my neighborhood. If you were a dentist he would've had to invent teeth right like you have to. You have to do something extraordinary to get to the same place and I think that describes. Let's let's be honest. Why you see so few African American coaches in the APPS but well let me say this though when we look at the League as a whole think about all the recycles though? I mean guys get recycled but very few black guys get recycled. That doesn't happen. I mean whether they win lose Lou they get a chance to go somewhere else to get that same opportunity. Do you believe when you talk about guys respecting backdate. People who have been there have done it etc is it possible that there's a level of validity to an owner's I believe that because you've cultivated. This relationship were plays. We don't know of. We could trust you to bring the heavy hammer down because your personal relate. Even though they're guilty of it every day they might use it as an excuse to Hindi you from Sir positions because they take those relationships cultivated. My interfere with your business acumen. Is that possible. I don't know about other people. Personally I've been in position and a Lotta guys on his football team. I talked to all the time and when I talked to him I saw real. Tom And I talked about the opportunity that they have. And don't squander it and if the opportunity they wouldn't get if they do I think that's the most important thing I think most guys if you put him in that position especially Bernarda guys looking at these young black guys. I don't tell them what's best for him and not look at it from the standpoint of You know this what you ought to do what they don't tell them what they should do. In order to stay with their franchise. Yeah that's what I do. Three or four guys on his team that I talked to all the time you know. There's been some situations that they can go wrong again. And trying gotta keep giving it a positive fee to hate me. Don't do that. Let's keep this thing going. Thank you get more guys like myself in this league that would happen all right we will leave it on that note. Thank you so much for being here. And both of you obviously being pioneers and and the major voice in this discussion still giants fan go fish and also in honour black history month. We're giving away five copies of the book. Please look at the fierce. I forty four. It's a biography that presents forty four of America's greatest movers and shakers. From Frederick Douglass. And Harriet Tubman Serena Williams Barack Obama written by ESPN's the and the undefeated teams. Doing well done by the way very well done a coffee. How do you judge someone not by what they say by what they do? We're a nation of doers. What's my Bloomberg about doing things? A middle class kid worked his way through college and Entrepreneur Bloomberg built a global news and information business from scratch mayor of a diverse progressive city. Mike Bloomberg rebuilt after nine eleven. Creating nearly five hundred thousand dozen jobs improving health care and public schools. Now he's running for president. And Mike's the change we need from chaos to steady leadership from law is to someone who believes in facts data from divisive this to someone who builds teams nurtures good ideas and hold himself accountable for results. Might Bluebird knows how to lead to build to deliver to do. He'll win and unite this country. Mike we'll get things done. I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president. And I approve this message because we need to deliver on the promise of the American dream paid for by Mike Bloomberg. Twenty twenty. An interesting creature inhabits. It's the flat arid plains of many automobile dashboard. The bobblehead it most agreeable and will not along to anything despite having no brain function but when the bobblehead here's how Geico not only saves people money but also gives them access to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the phone. You're not even more vigorously. Because he knows you should switch because yes switching to gyco is a no brainer bladder easy you can get whiplash on everybody. Welcome back to I take Aikman you live from the Heineken river at pierce seventeen. Matt Barnes is in the building. Good to see you. In a match up of young stars Jaanus Lettuce Bucks to a win over Rookie Phenom uh-huh Zion Williamson and the Pelicans Zion delivered respectable twenty point effort but struggled from the field with a five for nineteen effort. Max what seen so far. Do you think the Pelicans can win. Title Having Zion as their number one you know like when he came out the whole question was a guy that height of that is he like Charles Barkley as you like Blake Griffin. Can you win an NBA title with a non Rim defending at least in terms of his height non back to the basket. Ask Power forward type as your best player really hasn't been done before the power forward to wonder. Tim Duncan who could play the four five Dirk Nowitzki who had one freaky year surrounded by shoes. And he's a freakish seven foot shooter but otherwise guys like Barkley and obviously I'm not putting Blake in the same category as Barkley but they can't be the best player on a championship team doesn't seem there's just the wrong body type can't be a two way wing really can't be appoint whatever could Zion do it. I think so far from what I've seen. The answer is yes. I would not say. He's disqualified from being the best player on a championship team. He's a willing passer. He has a high basketball. IQ He can can shoot it. He's calm he's not a pure shooter but he's shown the ability to knock down shots. He's calm and he takes it to the rack or he's going to be on on the free throw line all the time by the way he can defend the rim. Just not in a traditional way. I believe what I've seen. So far is one of the better Kinda on the spectrum of what he could have been as bro. It's on the side where you're like boy. That's about as good as we could have hoped for out the gate interesting that you say that I'm not going to disagree with you. Max what I'm going to say is I'm not sure I'm just going to confess openly. Tell you that I'm not sure. Here's the reason. Why for some reason for some reason? He's reminding me Of Barclay in terms of the Era Barkley was in in other words round mound rebound power play around the basket can do some things open court etcetera. But there's always somebody else awaiting that superior and when I saw him last night it gets Janas I was thinking those trees trees and Milwaukee. They'll stand your drum out those trees in La withstanding your way that 'cause everybody go be Houston going. Small taught up late small book. You get your points you get your rebound shooting fifty percent from the free throw line. Cihan shoe you in forty four percent fifty point range. That's the set of you know why. Because he's only attempted nine three pointers on the season. He hit four all of them was in in his first game. The last six games he has not made it three point shot. I'm looking at him and I'm saying he's going to be a star. He's got star written all all over him he's got no choking ain't scared he's a man plan amongst boys in terms of this physicality he's got the skill set Powell moves to the basket could put the ball on the floor. I need him to be a little bit more ambidextrous. I need in the show. A little bit of a perimeter game. I need him to shoot better for the free throw line and oh by the way I on the Griffin and Gentry to make sure and I'm not saying they're not doing it. I'm just speaking you know. Just just just ingest. You got to put the right pieces around them and you got a coach in a fashion. If you're jittery that plays to his strength as sort of veers away from his week this great. I'm so what do you believe that if those things you're done he could win a champion his problem the best player on the death. What I'm saying that's what I don't know? See that's where I'm going. I'm saying you I know he's GonNa be Great. Please don't get me wrong. Barkley was great eight. The question I'm asking. Can they win with you. Being number one option. I'm thinking you got to be a one. Hey one I'm just thinking I don't know but that's where I'm leaning similar. You know what I mean. I think we're seventy seven games into a nineteen eighteen year. Old Guy Injury coming off an injury. I think we all agree. If he'd been playing the full season. Probably be an all star. I just WANNA see him. Continues to grow What I will say though is if you take a look at where? Yana started when he came in. And whereas I on strike zone is light years ahead of where you honest says this is an MVP only four four years into his career. So I would say that. He's definitely on the right pace. The kid loves to work. He plays hard for everything you guys mentioned but I also agree with Steven aid. The key is putting the right pieces around him. Can he be a Jordan. Pippen type that kind of counterpart Batman Robin type to win a title. I think I don't know I know what you mean. The thing I unlovable Zion is he can get twenty points without Inter Inter Inter just out in transition. Whatever cleaning up around the boards? He doesn't need to be shocked. You'll throw the ball wall into or or design your offense around drunk. He could still be the best player on the team overall. Even if you have a guy who design if more please let me come both. y'All with this another name that I can bring up. Just because of the situation he presently is Iran is an Anthony Davis. Hear me out. Obviously Anthony Davis six ten. Six eleven dislike John. This is tall in all. Forget all of that for a second you can throw the ball and Anthony Davis now. He could be your number one option now but we all know to win. The Championship. Championship has got Lebron got to Lebron. I'm saying for eighty two game regular season science. Go ahead and do your thing but come playoff the off time. Even though he's a man in that low post even though he's a man in open court because of his game itself I need somebody preferably on on the perimeter. That's just as a significant action to beat. Act Number one option when you talk. It's too early one thousand nine hundred but I'm just talking stoller play because of the way he plays. I don't know if you WanNa Championship with that obsolete. So here's number one. Here's my question for you. Do you. Pair him ideally with a big or a win a win win. I think we're moving away from biggs. In general I think it's probably one of the last if you don't want to call them a dinosaur with big bill the ball to on the block. AB obviously but the freak is I mean like a guy who's close to seven feet who defend the Rim Kinda Guy. I don't know like I said he covers a lot of space out there. You know what I mean so like. I said it's going to take some time and being a player in this league and understanding that seven games and obviously but it takes a good the three or four years to understand how to play the NBA game of basketball. He's out there all raw talent energy and effort getting twenty seven thousand nine hundred seven and nine so so you give them another two three years to get stronger more agile find his body weight and has to remember you. You really answering your question. And because think just because he wasn't when you think about how many times and I've disagreed with Max on this. But his point is valid. He has been a fixed fixated fixated on embiid and Simmons. Don't work together with right and I don't necessarily agree with that. I think you've gotta work together the better off with his own. But what. I'm saying that you you think and I got to look at the coaching before I look at whether they worked together. All I'm saying to you is this but you feel this way about Simmons because because of what embiid takes away from them so my point to you is when you just ask them at that question when you're talking about a perimeter player when you're that in today's game you go that route as opposed to a rim protector in a library. Also you can get a guy like the Lopez you can get a competent big and you don't have to make that like where you put all your reasons. You surround them with quality quality parameter placate. What I think is interesting about the Pelicans is because they had to move they gotTa Hall of Young Players All around Zion's agent? We all know this is the truth matter what anyone wants to say. The the Pelicans are on the clock they got five outside chance six seasons to win a championship. No major free agents go sign down there because in the history of the NBA. Nothing like that has ever had us. That's right that's okay that is do they have enough in terms of talent. Even if it's not these exact guys guys who could become trade pieces for do they have enough to grow grow with Zion and win a chip in the next six seasons. I think they have a lot of pieces. They're going to need to add a lot of the utilize pieces. I Love David Griffin. Though what he's come in and don't already have a good good a young solid core so I think everyone's so much we got to get it done now. We gotta get sports. They're gonNA take some time but they need pieces equipment. The only the only mistake David Griffin often is made was to quote about Lebron outside of that he's been flawless as an executive for the PELICANS. And I'm glad that Alvin Gentry. He has reminded people he could call Brandon to be the second best player. And that's yes. Yes yes he wasn't happy in La last year. He's his hand. Wouldn't be the same player still in the ball in his hand. leasable Matt thanks guys. Love talking with you score. You don't need to be shooting score. You don't think he's take his podcast. On Showtime Stephen Jackson special all were fireworks always our next guests maybe the best pound for pound fighter in the UFC twenty five wins in his career to time in current light heavyweight champion we welcome John Bones Jones back to I take John. Thank you for being in with us. Hey guys thank you so much always privileged and honored to be with you guys. Thank you thank you So you thought nearly seven months you phase dominic rise than the UFC two forty seven main event. Saturday that's on. ESPN plus you've said this fight is going to be scary. John Tell me why. What was that last scary scary? You know the whatever you fight undefeated fighter You know scary. Things can happen out there. I think it's going to be really scary for him though I am. I am so prepared for this. I'm so locked in ready to go and yeah it's GonNa be a great night. I'm I'm really hoping to finish his predict that I'm GonNa Finish despite before the championship rounds. John when I look at your career because it's still people say he's the Best I've ever seen and you're certainly on a short list in. May I think. Think of boxers like Mike Tyson. Who for a minute? There people were like he might be the best. Whoever did it when all is said and done and even as his career hit road bumps and everything he so young? You always felt like there tomorrow and Really Mike was the best. And then one day it ended and he'd had a great career but he's not considered the best of all time right when I look look at you commissioner retail. This dude is supposed to be the best to ever did it. He's still young enough to get all that done but he's gotta stay on. You gotta stay on the straight path. How do you respond to that given your age where you're perceived and what you still have to accomplish a That's a good question Max You know I really do feel like Being the best ever is always going to be an opinion. I felt like I was retired today. I could go down as one of the best martial arts fighters in sports history The way I respond to that though is is just by Just continuing to be on the path that I'm on and that's just dominating five to fight and trying to break as many records as I can't you know people ask me all the time. On this your fifteenth eighteenth will title now. What else do you really have to prove What I'm trying to prove is is is set records? That are just going to be so far away from my my competition. That by the time I retire there won't be an argument of who the best is by the way that one loss is a d q in a fight that you were winning by far. That was not a competitive fight and you got queued for what downward strikes the elbow. I think it was but at any rate really. You're looking at an orthopedic fighter. I'm interested John Knowing on how you feel about. I'm interested in knowing how you feel about where you are now. And what is it that you feel you have to prove. I know you just alluded to it. But I'm only asking that question in this regard particularly with the economy. Greg is of the world the mega meadows of the world and others. Not only did they. You don't Connor. McGregor won his last fight but but not only are they winners their box office and people look at you and it's like okay key is clearly one of the greatest ever I want to know. Do you feel any kind of pressure to be box office to win in spectacular fashion because of the direction the UFC seems to be going in for you. Just of the mindset. Walk out there with a w no matter what. Yeah you know I Look at it could be even connor. See how internationally known they they are and it inspires me for sure to try to work on my branding a little bit more outside of fighting but at the end of the day For me it's not about making the most money me. It's not about being the most famous about being the guy that people are going to talk about fifty one hundred years from now that that's that's really what gets me out of the bed in the morning and and At the end of the day no disrespect to connor. Because I love what he's doing for our sport I don't think he's going to be in conversation when people are sitting around at a barbershop shop talking about the the great martial artists in the in the world and so I'm very aware that and so I think. I think you know the the box office. Does Kim can come eventually. I'm only thirty two. But for the most part Those records those records are very hard to get. And that's what really gets me one in the morning as as a fight fan. I love hearing you say that. But you mentioned connor if someone asked me John Up Straight up. WHO's the best the pound for pound mark mixed martial arts? Do you ever seen at this moment. And I know it's still early. I'd say near Margaret Medoff based on what I've seen so far I think he's and Anderson Silva you Anderson Silva Ner Maga Metal Malia bring up. Gsp I think eventually he got to that level though the Matt Hughes fight early was a little. But but what do you think of Habib Right. Now you know I I think an amazing mazing fighter. I think he's done a great great job representing the UFC's a great ambassador for our sport But if you were to ask some experts about about myself and could be you know. I think most people would be able to tell just. Our resumes are completely different deeper. I've thought so. So many world champions under my belt defeat it could be a lot of his. Victories are against a lot of people that are relatively unknown. And where I've I've been fighting legends since I was a young man. There's no question. Ah Your resume is deeper. I don't mean who's WHO's accomplished more I'm talking about just the eyeball test. The what what do you mean by that test nor Mogomedov in a sport where it seemed early on that the one whose base is the ground game usually has an advantage versus. The Guy who's best known for striking is the best example. I can think of the guy who's ground game is ridiculous and then can also stand up right. Yeah Yeah His standup game is really is really not much the right home about. I really don't WanNA insult and I fell martial artist at the. I don't want to insult these is guys you know. I'm happy for everyone like some guys are more popular. Some some guys make more money. It's always going to be kind of an opinion thing but by the time I leave the sport you I don't think there's going to be much of an argument that you live up as John. John Assuming you live up to what you say. You're going to do this weekend and I have no reason to doubt you. There has been a lot of noise about you fighting the heavyweight level. I want to know how much credence should we give to that and more importantly why. Why do you want to do that if indeed that is what you WanNa do though some big boys up at the heavyweight division? Why do you WanNa do that? There are are some really big guys at the heavyweight division. You know. I'm very aware that you know fighting heavyweight a lot more dangerous you get hit a lot harder. I think concussions are a lot more common and You know I really liked to protect my brain as best as I can and my but I also yeah absolutely voted by also know that in order order to be to put a lot of this pom Pon or who's the greatest conversation risk arrest. I'm GonNa have to maybe obtain a second bill in a different way class. I think that Oh really set me apart from a lot of the guys. So the moves inevitable I'm only getting better as a professional. I think I might have place. I got the team around me now. That could get me to that way. Class SAFE and healthy way and I'm excited for when it does happen I see that the book good things I've been it gets my my brothers my whole life. Who are both bigger than me? Both super bowl champions and And I feel like I'm ready for that land so it'll happen sooner or later right now. I've just felt like so much. The things are happening in the light heavyweight division and they say if it's not broken don't fix it so I'm just GonNa take one day saying this Saturday night the better. It's always been that way. Those light heavyweight divisions are usually deep and then sometimes they move up and grabbed the heavyweight or vice versa but those light heavy seemed to be where where it's at John Before we let you go ahead I was gonna say I honestly feel like the light heavyweight division Even though we're not as big and we don't hit hard I feel like I feel like it is the supreme most prestigious division to To be able to conquer light-heavyweight anyway. You're you're looking at your your a lot of skill back to you know like a lot of you know we're we're guys who way normally twenty guys who can jump we could spend and we can we again. We do a lot of really amazing things heavyweights if you notice a lot of them. Just stand in Bang. They'll they'll boxers were heavyweight fighters man we are truly the most versatile while while being strong and fast and leg. It's the most dangerous way class in my opinion is big enough to knock you out but still at more athletic enough and agile enough to do some really extraordinary things. It's just it's a tough way class so in a way me moving up to heavyweight could be easier for me because I'm just used to a much faster pace fighting. John had more. I want to get to with you but we gotta let you go. You'll have to come back after you win. Do Your Business Hope Activity. How many fights John at least three five year? That's my word fair enough. We'll talk. Show guys all right. 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I also an eight eight record in still no new deal for the cowboys. quarterback did tell the Dallas Morning News that he would have thought a new deal would have been done before the season. The teams can sign into a long term deal simply franchise tag in the interview inferred that he wouldn't be working out in Dallas if the team places a tag on hand Dan. I repeat not working out in Dallas if who gets taxed. Even I'll start with you. Who's got the upper hand in the negotiations Prescott? Because I don't think you walk out every day and found a quarterback to that you can rely on that's trustworthy that's a model citizen. That's a leader that throws for nearly five thousand yards all of those things being considered but I also also think he has leverage on his side. Because you know it's incredibly disrespectful and again I'm a fan of Jerry Jones. I'm not joking around here with my cowboy eight Arizmendi. I'm dead serious Maria. I'm a fan of Jerry. Is Stephen Jones. But they should be ashamed of themselves for what they're doing with not sincerely mean that you look at Dak Prescott and what. And what. What you require of a quarterback you don't just require him to throw the football Uruquay so many other elements in increments to the equation? Because you need leadership you need a model model citizen. You need reliability dependability. You need all of these things and what I said Dominique before you showed up on the show today just a few segments go was this here is where the ultimate indictment comes against Jerry Jones. I don't WanNa hear anybody bringing up blackness from the perspective of what Dax a black quarterback no. That's not what this is. There are plenty of black people. Jerry Jones has paid. There are plenty of black people who have vowed for Jerry Jones in terms of what he's willing to do to take care of them on and off the field but this is the indictable thing about Jerry Jones that we cannot escape from. If this were Tony Romo would he have to go. Oh through this if this was forty and twenty four as a starter Romo is going to be more on TV. Do if this do you know what. But guess what that's not funny because Dak Prescott only pay two million this year. You understand so so Tony Romo. We know you're GONNA get at least ten the point that I'm trying to make. Is that if if Tony Romo had a forty forty twenty four record Dak Prescott has already won as many playoff games his four year career to Tony Romo did his entire career. Okay you know. They've been at a play. They the only this is his first season at eight and he's had a losing wreck. You not a losing record but not a winning record for him to have to go through this. especially when Ezekiel Ezekiel Elliott gets in trouble off. The field still holds out in Capo. You give him ninety million fifty million guaranteed as a running back to not not take care of Dak.. Prescott is damn near criminal. It really is domestic that you're sending by all the things you're saying. It's not the message that you want to be sending to your players or for your fans about the type of organization that you are okay. I'll say this there are two separate issues here. There's the basic fairness issue on the one hand. And that's what I would do if I with with the cowboys on the other now if it were Romo. That's a great thought experiment. I think we all know by the way. It's like a time to kill with Sam Jackson members. Daniel Jackson Matt right math mcconaughey. He's taking you through this horrible crime and you're like this isn't going to work. And then he says now imagine. The victim was white right. So if you imagine deck was white maybe a a year mcconaughey McGregor day. He'll wind up playing McGregor in bio anyway. Anyway the point is that I understand. How race plays this role? That is not always. We're not always fully able to tell how large role but you can see that it may be present basic fairness look what Jared Goff Look Carson Wentz Scott. My point is. I wouldn't give in golf that contract I wouldn't give that contract contract and it's killing both teams right now and I'll tell you something else. If you look at DAX numbers I agree. He has these leadership qualities in this thing. But that's all kind of like extra credit and I'm guessing it's going to develop into greatness right. Kurt already has kirk cousins. I disagree with that but okay Kirk cousins. They never wanted to give given the guaranteed money. It's not about the the parameters it's the guaranteed money Jimmy. GW was much less accomplished at the time. It's also like we have this feeling doing about him with a guarantee wasn't resetting the market to I understand why the cowboys if I were the cowboys I would want to franchise back as much as possible while while. He's on his way to becoming a great player. If he ever gets there in my view dominant you can feel differently either. So I mean 'cause Kirk cousins with putting up big numbers too but I never thought he was a great player. Doc I think will be a great player but I think some of the point is just because basic fairness says you should do. It doesn't mean you should do it. I wouldn't have done it. In the other cases I agree. Basic fairness is not a reason to give them the money and I understand the logic behind what you're saying but first of all he's much better than kirk cousins criticism of Kirk. Cousins is when the chips sir down. It's a big time moment. Dak Prescott has proven that he can lead game winning drives moments in the playoffs against good defense including Seattle he outscored they scored with three times in the fourth quarter against Green Bay packers when he was a rookie. If it wasn't for Aaron Rodgers Amazing Silent Pass he would have out dude Aaron Rodgers in that moment he led a game driving the playoffs last year against Seattle. Like he's shown so calling him. Kirk cousins is not fair because the criticism against Kirk cousins is that kirk cousins. It doesn't show up when you really need them. That has always shown up when you really need them and I think that he has proven himself to be an elite quarterback you can look at the statute of season. You can put aside. You can watch. It's the games the the record overall record I think is not a fair critique of him specifically but he absolutely deserved the money and now this is your argument falls apart Max. I'm with you if you can pay a great quarterback or even a good quarterback less than he's less than he can demand that's fine. You should do that. But that's not the system we live in. There's such scarcity it's basic supply. supply-and-demand are such scarcity for the quarterbacks that you have to overpay them and I'd be on board for you I'll be on board with you if they had somebody else to put in there so the question is do overpay Repay Dak Prescott which I agree that. Probably going to get overpaid overpaid all the quarterbacks except for Patrick Mahomes frankly are getting whatever he wants everyone else. I agree is overpaid. You can't justify but the fact is they have value then we have awake different Harvard business. Harvard supplier for an issues here. You can be a captive of that system if you run a team at or you could say this you put them on a bell curve and you say here's Mahomes on the far right end of the curve and a few other players that are worth the money but if you pay everyone who comes up because you're hoping they'll be like that you are not able to Rob Peter due to pay Paul because there's a hard cap. quarterbacks are overpaid to begin with. Okay Dak in. My view is not the reset. The market quarterback just like whence wasn't goth wasn't Selena was gone with. I agree with that. That's fine. But what if he says he is. And then you have no choice. So you go from there to franchise which puts more leverage in his require you to pay even more money. The cap goes to scan puts more leverage. I hear you but I still think y'all veering away from my major point or my major. The point is is that we wouldn't be having this discussion if it were Tony. Romo See. That's Weird Jerry. Jones can't escape in other words. Reality I'm saying to you that if you took the same credentials and attach them to Tony Romo just like you know who else is proof. Even though he was a coach. Is Jason Garrett. If you had a coach with the same could choose as Jason Garrett. You would've gotten rid of him years earlier. Bill didn't take take that Apple. The problem that Jerry Jones has right now with that example. This is an argument. You and I have a long. A variety audio-visual is. You're talking about what is I'm talking about. What should be talking about the reality of the behavior? I'm talking about the idealistic to which you are thriving. So I'm saying this as if he gave Romo the contract is seeking and we came out on the show and said should he have given Rome all the contract I would say but here's what you're missing. A negotiation is a negotiation. It is incredibly unfair to sit up there and say Dak wants to set the market. And that's why this deal is done Matt. If Carson Wentz got thirty four million guaranteed per year for example I but then they're all worth or just macos Russell Wilson was making thirty five that if Carson Wentz was making thirty four million right. Let's say for example Jerry. Jones sat up and said you ain't getting that but but I'll give you thirty three and if we found out Dak Prescott was turning down there. We're having a discussion. We're sitting here. Not even aware of the fact of what the facts are. It could very well be that. While you got a jared Goff getting one hundred and ten million and cost wins getting two hundred and seven million guaranteed day my I said. Oh we'll give you ninety s a problem I don't think it's the per annum issue the reason franchising make sense. What you you can do? Three times is kind of owner. It's really sure sure but twice for sure is that before you hand over the guarantee which is the killer to the team and what the player really wants. Make sure that the trajectory where you believe he's going to be great Israel. I think director Israel. He's gotten better every year. He is on Russell. Wilson subtract. Numbers string quarterback. That's better than what I don't understand. You know homes can't be on all thirty two teams I started. Yeah absolutely right let me. It doesn't mean every night. It's so easy for you to be in this nice air conditioned studio and making this and make my money back Jack. So that comes in and he says he wants whatever number you think he doesn't deserve you. Say No we franchise them you do it again franchise then what you're GonNa do. He says he wants the same amount of money. You're going to turn the keys is over to cooper rush. No no contract. Price goes up every year the weight the price goes up every year. But now you can you can amortize. The bone is over over the course. Please don't misunderstand me. I don't want him to get as much money as possible. Not You're trying to drive by absolute dollars who cares. I'm talking about the dollars relative to the CAP. The CAP goes up. You're not hurting the team by giving them more. He gets more leverage so he can expect more money as he gains more leverage if you franchise and he's Lanao Franchises. Higher Protocol audience doesn't understand all fused them. Let's let's get back to this. Let me ask you this question Max Kellerman do you think that Dak Prescott should jeopardize his health by going out there next year on a franchise tag like he did. He didn't go down to our friends outside this year. But to me analysis the franchise tag is GonNa be top played at his position but albeit for just just one year with no security are you are proponent of him doing that. If it's thirty million he's GonNa make what twenty seven thirty million dollars the twenty seven thirty minutes. Yeah no I would absolutely suggests that and I'm sure you're GONNA get yawn asking because he's threatening not to show your. He's threatening mark this show up until we won skipping offseason workout on the challenge. The challenge there is they have a new coach though. They're keeping offensive coordinator. You need the players are going to follow the quarterback in order to establish a culture. You need to quarterback back in. They're saying yeah we're GONNA pull this guy we're going to do. We need to do but he understands offense. Because they're keeping Kellen Moore so I don't think they'll skip the whole season. I wouldn't suggest that at all you go get that thirty million index Prescott. The Guy who rarely gets her I would say this to Y'all he has to feel bad for him because he has to take the franchise because he's never ever been paid. See the guy out and say to hell with is the God has been paid but you still trying to the fact that he's never been paid. It's why he's the president of Westerly Makes Jerry Jones semi look even worse for everyone is. Why would the cowboys do it? This way 'cause they paid a ton of pills and the answer is they don't believe he's elite there. Maybe he can be Italy quarterback but they don't think they paid a bunch of guys that have been in the league but they believe they were already said so. How does that fail? I believe in you after all the drama that franchises we're we're talking about the model of stability and he has been for them for four years they don't WanNA wrong. Even during the whole nailing stood up and said the things that did they want him to say so you need to support because he supported you as we approach the NBA trade deadline. The rockets have acquired timber. Wolves forward Robert Covington by training. Center Cling Capella appellative. The hawks as part of a four team twelve player deal according to our Adrienne Woods on Friday night. The rockets played an entire game without a player. Wait listen to this without a player listed taller than six foot six that's the first time an NBA team has done this since nineteen sixty three. That's an unbelievable note right there Stephen even at what does this trade main for Houston basketball. It means that Mike Dantonio specifically possibly. I'm not sure but possibly possibly Daryl Morey. Ah both on the clock they gotta get done. I'm going to say this again. I've spoken to Mr Fatigue and a while the own the rock raucous. He obviously has been on this show. Obviously I've spoken to him on many many occasions. This man is not playing. I don't no how serious how much more serious I can be about that. He's not playing. There is a standard that he believes faira unfair needs to be amen. And he's watching all of this. He purchased a team a few years ago. He spent the first couple of years watching and observing and learning according to him. Those words is words. He believes he has arrived to the point where he can at least judge what his personnel is doing. So let's analyze Max was was second. What's transpiring the other night Houston Rockets win a game. They go small. They don't play a player over six feet. Six that's the first time that's happened in the NBA. Since one thousand nine hundred sixty three with the New York Knicks. O'keefe they win this game but let me tell you what appeals from it. I saw the quotes from Dan. Tony you have to keep up with us right because people were speculating. You're sacrificing rebounding. You're sacrificing deepens not on a perimeter because Robert Covington was a good plan for the sixers before getting traded to the Minnesota and he's a damn good perimeter defender and he suffers your perimeter defense and obviously with a lot of teams teams in the League. You don't predicated success or perimeter play to improve your perimeter defense. There's nothing wrong with that. The flip side to it. Is that the rim protection section. You know rebounding down low and stuff like that. It's being sacrificed dantonio unapologetic about that. Why is that relevant? Because yet ed again here we all would houston. Try something major props to Daryl Morey for doing something. He doesn't stand still. He doesn't stand pat he's constantly constantly going for it all those things and he should be applauded for it. I'll just say you work if one owner that he ain't applauded your aspirin he's applauding result good. And at some point time they're going to have to produce good for teeth for having that standard. I will remind people though what was the. What were the Houston Rockets? Before Daryl Morey like there are two ways you could wind up on a second round treadmill. You could be a forty eight win team a fifty one team that winds up on a second round treadmill treadmill. Because you're just GONNA keep banging your head against the wall. Your system isn't good enough and really because you don't have Lebron James or Kawhi Leonard. Someone quite on that level then glues James Harden in the playoffs offs or you can try something new. You'll be on the same second round treadmill. Maybe but maybe with fifty eight wins and maybe at least you have A. You're you're giving yourself a chance. He's right Daryl. Morey was with took over a team without a Lebron James or somebody that someone might Anthony Davis while someone like that and he built this up he identify James Harden. That dude can be much more than people realize stuff like that when you go small ball. It's not about has nothing to do with it. Because basketball ascot ball select out for the percentage of seven footers in the world in the NBA is high of six. footers is low. It's advantage to be told but to lay way the kind of Basketball Daryl Morey wants you to play or Mike Dantonio in this case. It's easier to find that among shorter player so he's not saying heights not important he's saying I'm GONNA put a heavier emphasis on what we need these guys to do even if we have to sacrifice him he's just dealing with reality and that's what more is done. The whole time time he's dealt with the reality of situation and taken enrolled the dice on trying to make the most of it and he's doing the same thing where I disagree with you and I think thank you for being very very unfair because of the position that we're in Max Kelemen we ain't competion. We win if we were competing Petey it would be a problem. You know. We'll see what did what did we. I mean that what we want to do now. I'm seeing in some places number one time we go what I'm saying to you. Is this the point that I'm trying to make that at some point in time it's not raw for fatigue to look at competitors. We're GONNA be in the playoffs. We get to the second round. You trying to tell me what the money that I spent that. I don't have of a right at some point at Tom. Want more on the software time. When you're knocking on a door knocking on a door knocking on a door step so I didn't the role after making paint? I don't believe I don't believe that. Come playoff time you win where you can't stop people now now again. They're better defended their better. Defensively on a perimeter that might get it done but you're sacrificing the interior and your sacrifice and we got. I don't know Oh but I'm telling you this. Stay here with me. If Mike did Tony gets himself bounced out in second round of the playoffs. This'll the new coach of Houston. But then probably right and good for for Tito for having that standard but I want. I don't worry I wonder if the more I want all right this. Let's keep in mind. And I'm like look at David Tepper. And what he's done right of the panthers making change came in to basically successful franchise okay and he said Nope not good enough okay. Having a winning record was it's not good enough. We need to do better. And I think we're at a dead end. We need to change something good for him but same thing with fatigue that I said about tower. Now let's pay very close attention if he does get rid of d'antoni Maury let's just say for a second. Let's pay very close attention to to what comes next the next five years the next several show because there's really fifty five plus year and making playoffs. But what I'm saying to you is if you smell in number one they like you coming from the basement you been. You've been top four for like five years at some point Tom. You've got to kick the door in and I don't think I don't want Dantonio fight. I liked Antoni okay. And I think he's brilliant offensively. But here's the question. That thing about it is James Harden and loves this man what he has done for James Harden career is undeniable but is that GonNa win you the chaff. You know what I'll say. Is that GonNa win you the channel. Jail what I'll say to that. If he loves Dan Tony so much. James does need to sink shots when it matters most okay and then this won't be an issue. Aw Aw or the coach can buffer his defense to such a degree that they got you can buffer deepened to such a degree that even when the cat is missing. Shots you people you shut them down. You GotTa Stop Somebody. They considering the pace they considering how many threes they take it how efficient and winces insist their defense radar last point. PJ Tucker be careful about him out every night. Toughest assignment give. The brother breaks the shoot from the corner sneaking aware and people out speaking of threes. We also Lebron put on a clinic. Last night we saw the six threes. He crushed in the fourth quarter. Max Are you afraid he is going to run out of gas. This season Steven mentioned it. He'd take his foot off the pedal on defense. That's good but he spent the first forty games. Would you tasty day more or less really playing pedal to the metal on defense averaging about thirty five minutes a game carrying the whole offense at his age. I'm afraid of two things. One not enough gas in the thank once. The playoffs start especially competing against the guy who's load managing and Kawhi if that's the match up and to acute injury the raising the risk of injury at his age given the number of minutes. I don't blame you for feeling that way. But if there's one thing I'm going to trust Lebron James with is his own health and no one his own body. He has earned that from all of us to do too smart. He's committed his workout regimen. Everybody talks about. This dude is a physical physical specimen. The likes of which we may have never seen and the reality is that based on the way he's playing. I'm going to trust that. He knows what he's doing. All I ask COUPLA. Ah broad is this that same. Do that shows up against the Spurs. Could you show up against playing like that. Do me a favor pretty pleased which is take. Please give me the same so you can. He's going against your boy. Jimmy Butler Miami Heat. That's going to be a good Jimmy. What collectedness let me tell you what Jimmy Butler is an MVP candidate? The sixers are worse with the Miami Heat are better with him. No and fifteen Jimmy Butler what he has infused in my rally ever exposed to Anti Ellsberg and he's about Jimmy Butler is a league. MVP VP candidate. What he is doing for sure and I love hero Robinson I don think shooting under ten percent from three since since since like a certain parts season I don't care I agree with you? He has an MVP effect on his team. He's a candidate for 'em Pandey Absolute Mel Question. Miami coming out of the East going on itself. Each now claims your eyes on the heat. One more piece though. I much Villes into the podcast gets first weekdays ten A._M. Eastern on E._S._p._N.. Have a fabulous day. We'll see tomorrow.

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