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213. Bunnies from Across the Fandomverse


Okay. You tell me what you rolling. Hey, everybody. It's James Arnold Taylor. The voice of four point stone. It's yes. Hard L lack of any action. I in high of the transference is Richard Horgan's. You may know me as invaders in. And you're listening to the Vandam podcast delisting, the phantom podcast because you know, what's good? And you're listening to the fandom podcast. This is the podcast show. Looking for. Welcome to the podcast episode two hundred and thirteen this is the show that brings together geeks and nerds Macron's the fan diverse to discuss your favorite, TV, movies, comics and books this week. We are celebrating Easter by talking about bunnies from across the fan of verse. But first joining me, we have it must be bunnies. Oh, wait. No. It's just Nick English like legitimately bunnies. Are terrifying. The most terrifying thing, that's the most bloodthirsty richer you that a scene now. You've just crossed the phantoms there. Now, you've just crossed the fan of all right? And she is looking for somebody to love. She's Taylor Iverson taking applications currently, please send them to the Email quantity. You're seeing the sing the song. No, sorry, only like to sing. When it's a Knicks singing together. Fun me some money too. All right. And I'm definitely not that kind of bunny. I'm Brandon issue. It's very loaded Brandon. They're loaded sentence. I know. Bunny? I don't know what you mean. I'm the nice kind of bunny. I'm not the I'm not the bully bunny. Right. That kind of that's obviously talking about your name is bully bunny. Bunny? All right. Well this week. We are picking our favorite bunnies draft style. And it's good. It's good to be doing a draft where we can just kind of let loose and pick some fun fun bunnies. From across the fan numbers because it's been a couple of weeks since we've talked so fun bunnies. Some funnies. Oh, but I'm. All right. So we're not talking about rabbits. Don't you have the soundboard yet? I do. I don't have the cable I have cable, but it doesn't it was shorting out the other day when I was doing my other podcast. So seems like an excuse, wait. Wait other podcasts. Are you cheating? Are you cheating on this? I am. Right. This is a very open relationship here. List? Honestly, I invited you to join join us, Nick. I did we need to did you actually start it. Yeah. Sweet. Why does Nick no more about this than me? I feel really left out. Now, do you want to do a Star Trek based time travel RPG podcast? I'm just just just checking like if you right in not at all, not even a little see you don't even wanna guest. Ouch. Ouch. Now. You turn that around and hurt me with it. I see how it is. Okay. All right. Let's turn our draft. Let's start our draft. True, fandom style. We are going to be starting with Nick. And then Taylor is gonna start. And then I will share with everybody. What the correct choice actually was for the first round so her faked, so Nick, let's do this open fandom style avai. So we're just saying what our favorite bunnies are from phantom. Sure. You know, how I it's a draft episode. We we don't really have rules. We have generally sometimes you establish vague rules, and sometimes you establish strict rules. I'm just making sure that I am not. So this is big this is a vague rule in that is has to be about bunnies. And it's a strict rule in that they have to be four legged mammals. Well, what's no, not necessarily the first one? They have to be actual Ravitz or bunnies. Not. Humans dressed up as Ravitz or. Nope. No. It has to be cut all this out. What if there is just a bunny just has to be it has to be an innuendo is what I'm saying? Are you are one innuendo draw some relation to bunnies? That's it. That's all you gotta do. We're awesome relationship with bunnies. Knowing you Endo's, there's the specific for you. All right. So my first bunny is actually a rabbit who has the most attractive girlfriend in all hand him. So I will start with Roger rabbit, you need you like the heads. You do like the heads. He is the difference between a rabbit and a bunny. Well, you see you when a when a daddy rabbit, and then mommy bunny love each other very much, right? Okay. Got it. I don't want to be a part of this more. I'm about to graduate with a master's degree. It's fine that I don't know the difference between rabbit also. So he's a he's a rabbit and not a bunny because so we're calling them bunnies. Because it's the Easter bunny, but Nick, Nick, chose chose to call him a rabbit because his name is Roger rabbit. It's it's Roger cementing Wasser weather now Roger rat Roger rabbit as a character is kind of annoying, but his tandem, and it's great movie who framed Roger rabbit is a great movie that movie freaked me out as a kid oh free. You should be freaked out because you are wimp really freaked me. 'cause the guy who when his got sick when his is ball's. Yeah, I still do. But the when is is like pop out. Oh, that's what. Yeah. That's kind of give me nightmares as a child because I was a child might have been a little older. I was a child. I was twenty two years old. When did Roger Abbott come out ninety three seems like ninety three and my brain look it up Dr Google? According to Dr ghoul who framed Roger rabbit came out in nineteen eighty eight eighty eight so I was seven so. Yeah. That would have terrified the second YouTube video on the list says things about who framed Roger rabbit, you only notice as an adult. Let me tell you. I noticed some of those things as a kid too. I mean, just I'm sure the whole, you know, it's a movie that I didn't know it was really bad. When I was a kid that I watched all the time. Greece to that show is all about sexual innuendos. But I thought it was cool that he had a motorcycle. So I watched it all the Greece one is all about sex. No. But Greece two is like four times like maybe ten times worse like legitimately all of the songs are about sex. Like, let's do it for our country, the red white and blue he's got her in a bunker. And he's convinced her that the world's going on like going to blow up and so he's like, let's have sex salary on consensual to me. Yeah. Okay. There's a song in it just called reproduction. Like that's the title of the song. We gotta really watch Greece two. Yeah. I don't think we do. Maybe we should do live here. Here's well. That was just done recently by max fun. They it was one of their bonus episodes for their or their maximum drive. Here's here's the thing. Maybe we can watch the Tim Burton Greece. Prequel that's coming out in the near future heard about that. Yeah. Yeah. Because it's it's going to be about when Travolta and. What's what's his mazes? Rom com. Right. It's a musical wrong. It's a musical rom com. Just like, isn't it romantic? Yes. Probably probably more like pitch perfect. There was a new rom com. Release. Why don't we talk about pitch perfect? Oh, why didn't? That's I don't know if that's wrong com. Oh, there's lots of comedy in there. And. Yeah. But it's not specifically about the relationship. She has that's a site. Yeah. That's a side. Although I do love their relationship. We'll see I going to say a new rump come came out on Netflix. And I'm excited to watch it. But I haven't been able to because I've been so stressed. That's why you watch rom coms tonight. It's called like the perfect date or something. But oh, my wife was watching that. I think do you know, she liked it. I don't because she watches rom coms and soap operas while I'm recording podcasts. So I have no idea because then we go to bed because we're old. Yeah. Where where are we at? I don't even remember we were talking about Roger whatever talk about Greece. Because no like legitimately. They're having a prequel, and it's gonna be when Danny Zuko and sandy like that summer that they both remember differently. That's what the movies is that really what it's about. Yeah. Oh, wow. It's about let's just it's about when you know, I five minutes remembrance, all the sexy part. And then she's like some Merloz gentlemen. Add me. Me. Sorry. Sorry. What happened so fast? It sure it's going to be all about that summer. Love it. Says like did she put up a fight? That's doesn't sound consensual. You know, things are problematic in seventy eight. I did. Oh, wait. No. That was when it was made. I did just do a episode with the protagonist podcasts on miss Congeniality. And really it was just me discovering that that movie is all about workplace sexual harassment. But if their peers sexual harassment. You're supposed to say. Yes, it's cringely. It's listened. I'm just plugging my other podcasts. So so you're doing it to see how it is Vic out my episode coming out sometime in the next week or so, I guess. Well, they usually have them for a little while. So I don't know they they could be coming out in like three months because. Maybe they're saving it to release on the on the perfect date. They are which is likes September something. Nope. The twenty. I it's actually April twenty fifth. Oh, you get if they're not if they're not you're welcome. Because that's that's what they will do now. Now, I'm second guessing myself if that's really the date I thought it was in September two hot. It's tied to coal doing. Sure twenty-six. Let's goop. Well, Taylor have you ever seen who framed Roger rabbit bringing us back? The bunnies. Have not I've seen clips and stuff. It's because we're old have you ever been to Toontown in Disneyland. Yes. Did you go on the Roger rabbit, right? Yeah. That one's fun as a good bride. All right. All right. Should come over. Yes. To win win. All right. So you should Sheu should watch that show with us one day, you really need to know, you do go. It's not really that. Good at all. Do you? For coming. Yeah. You legitimately do not like Rodriguez. I really don't. I really don't. It was just came out of the wrong time to be effective for me. It was two adults for my kid brain to kid brain for my adult brain now. So sorry sorry. I remember seeing it in the drive in. That's where I saw in the driver. We saw a lot of movies in the see two and you could load up your car full of kids and bring your own popcorn ion perplexing. It's pointless. You can just hide in the back. I've never done that. But I'm to Dr getting the trunk. Well, my mom has like an SUV. So we would get lots of blankets until his and hide under. So you would sneak into the SUV with your mother. No, I think we borrow them at my me and my cousin mom's car. Okay. I see out is. Okay. Let let let's try this. Again, was what's your pig for your for your favorite bunny from across the fan diverse? Okay. I would like to start with BUSTER Baxter from one of my favorite television shows are there. Very nice see Arthur was passed my time too. Because like I was old when when Arthur league I saw him on PBS guys are really ever watch him. I know I'm a great best friend. Arthur he also really loves food and he's obsessed with aliens. So either one he's the big guy. Right. No. That's being key. Go is being here of it. No big is not a rabbit. Yeah. He's he's like gr- Brown. I guess there are Brown rabbits. Yes. Guess there can that be the title of this episode. I guess I guess there are Brown rabbits. I don't know what being key is. He's just like a giant bulldog. According to Wicky. Oh, okay. I'll really. That's right. Well, well as long as we're talking about this. I'm going to give my my pick for the my my first round bunny, and this was not going to be my first round, buddy. But now, I kind of have to do this bunny, and I'm going to give them a little bit of an introduction in the rain-drenched streets of dark city where the sun never rises only one person stands between crime and humanity. Who is he he is dark bunny? Superhero who stars on an animated television series within the animated television series of Arthur dark bunny is kind of like the Batman analog in the Arthur universe. So my gosh. Yeah. Deep cut. Yeah. I have to look up dark bunny. Now, he looks like Batman. Yeah. He he's pretty much Betty's got. But he's got a Cape. That's like, Dr strain. Or spawn kinda kinda makes me think. Wait. So Bambang Cape. Apparently nNcholas too old for Arthur. But you weren't no. I have a little sister. I have a little sister too. But she's like your age. This is a deep cut. I'm impressed. Right. Right. So he's a parody of Batman. He's got. He's got a rogues gallery that has people like Batman villains. I can't remember who any of them were right now. But here's here's the best part. He's got a true identity. That's due. Deuce dwayne. So he's due to Wayne. Yes, dark bunnies. True identity do twin. Although that's really just a mask. He wears. That's a little too on the note. Okay. All right. My my my bad. So he he appeared in in four episodes of Arthur, and they were later episodes to be one hundred percent, honest. But you know, what a cartoon within a cartoon. You gotta go with that. It's not the snowball episode. I don't wanna hear about it. It's the baby show. That's it's. Arthur doesn't want to watch little sister's baby show he wants to watch dark bunny because that's a big kid show. Oh, wait, no, never mind. He he appeared in a lot more episodes. I just didn't scroll enough. Wow. As always remember to school. Always scroll. So all right. So there's there's there's my there's my dark bunny pick perfect. Yeah. That brings us MAC nNcholas. Should I do one that neither of you will ever know? Well, that's or should. I just do that show. Just do that as like a special, especially if you if you wanna if you want to be able to legitimately be no discussion about this. Maybe there would. Is it the Easter bunny? No. But that's a good one from guardians. No, I'm talking about the Easter bunny from the Santa Claus movies, specifically Santa Claus two and Santa Claus three the escape clause. Save them for your picks and save them for your. I just I'm going to do. I'm going to just do. Bugs Bunny spongy, mainly bucks, buddy. I've never heard of him. Right. I don't know who that was. That was explained is. He like an insect is going. Radioactive rabbit. Yes. Yes. Bugs Bunny is going to appear in a new movie coming out that is produced by LeBron came on live jams to no Space Jam to base jam to interesting. Have you ever? Have you ever heard of space jazz hurt its taste jam one? Brian James by. Bron James legitimately just went to the Lakers to play for them only. So that he could start his acting career because the team is terrible. There's like legitimately. No other reason for him to go there other than he just want. Hey, kids up. We'll get it gets them in LA like LA. Yeah. And now he's in L A and all this stuff. But like their team was so bad. Maybe LeBron can change that he can turn it around. Well, he thought so, but then he got hurt for the first time in his career because he didn't hold. Sure, he got hurt not hurt hurt that he can was started his acting career had an injured groin injured groin still can start his acting career legitimately. It's a ruse. So also in Space Jam there was another bunny that also so Bugs Bunny had an attractive girlfriend in this one too. And her name was Lola bunny. Her name was low. She was a showgirl. Oh, she was a basketball player. She was and she's she's pink. All the best basketball players are pink. Yeah. I mean, LeBron James is see you want to hear something funny about space. Jim, of course, guy who the guy who is a terrible movie the guy who made the movie. He was interviewed. His name was Chuck Jones. And he was asked about Space Jam one time in all of the things anyone can find. And he basically said that he thought Michael Jordan's presence in the movie was completely unnecessary. And he's like, why would they make that a full ninety minute long movie when it was obvious that Bugs Bunny could have single handedly outsmarted, the aliens and saved the world in seven minutes flat. If that sounds impossible. Remember, the the he didn't entire opera episode in six minutes. So now, and I can sing it killed web. And. I'm hunting web. Bump them up on poem death on the fan of podcasting and six minutes. Everything is a musical Cal stop there. Thank you. All right to that was Nick's. Right. So now, it's Taylor's return tie for human bunnies. Is what I like. No. No. No. No. No. No. None of that. None of that. We talked about that. Yeah. And I told you know to just has to be bunny adjacent. She next. I told, you know, Brent, okay. As I'm allowed to do per the contract. I signed. My tie is for Elwood's from legally blonde when she dresses up as a playboy bunny and shows up a party that is not a costume party. It also tied with Anya from Buffy the vampire slayer when she shows up after Zander tilted to dress up as something scary in a bunny costume. Isn't there? A friend's thing that has money to. There's something friends. I might be thinking. Friends. I can't remember Santa or the Easter bunny, and they'd like Ross tried to get a to dress up for his kid, but he they are out of it. So we have to just up as an Armadillo. But I don't know if that was for Easter if he's like the Easter Armadillo a Halloween party. I think. So now, let's check check us. We don't have time. All right. I am going to share my. My. I wanna share my favorite character from watership down. Which is an amazing book you need to end you need to you need to listen to that there's one on net. Flix? Yeah. I would I would have watched the movie. Yeah. I would say listen to the book because the names are virtually unpronounceable for most of them. So it also helps them my favorite character is the only one really okay Hazel is pronounced while. But he's not my favorite character. Hey, those a cool character. But he's kind of a Mary sue he kind of has all the powers. So except he has not all the powers because it's a good book. Anyway, my favorite character is a character named bigwig big-league wig. Yes. Yes. He is. Like, the big soldier around said that these were unpronounceable I said he signed his wing. And hazel. And that's part of why he's my favorite is. Because I could actually say his name, but no bigwig was the big bunny that was like a soldier bunny. I can't remember there was an actual term for him captain or guard or I can't remember it's been awhile since I've read that book, but with he left with the rebel bunnies. And he was like they're only muscle, and he was just a dumb brute, and he evolved throughout the story in that part of his evolution was what I really liked Hugh loyal down to a t he said something to the effect of my what did he what did they call their lead gravitates? My chief rabbit has told me to stay in defend this run. And until he says, otherwise, I shall stay here. 'cause bigwig is really cool. And then yeah takes down. We'll go back to the big inning with a name like big wing of you. Gotta be pretty cool. Yeah. I mean, right. This is what I am. This is what I will say I will not be MU. He told me to go back to it up gaining. So how'd you feel about that Star Wars trailer? That was really cool. I like I'm excited. I did watch it watch. It lean Lena told me that she was not going to watch it. And so I was like well now I'm going to watch it. I thought it surprisingly didn't really show anything. Well, that's why I started watching Star Wars trailers because it just made me happy that Billy Dee was flying. And he was like those like Landa and it made me happy. And then I heard a laugh at the end, and I got chills, and I was happy. No one has ever truly gone. Does that trailer is that I saw someone edited to where at the very end they edited Seth Rogan's laugh. It's very funny. I made me laugh. He just sent you need to send that to. Twitter. All right. So. I'm sorry. I got lost. I it was my pick. So now, it's Nick. Makes pick. That should be another website. Knicks pick. Turn me be broke here. No, I'm not going to do that. Okay. So. My next rabbit is one. That's also very dear to my heart. Because. I absolutely love chocolate milk. So I'm gonna go with the nest quick almost chose this one. The next quick bunny has brought me joy really a bunny. Bunny? Are there are Brown? Bunnies. The mess. Quick bunny has proved that there he's only around bunny from drinking all that chocolate milk. I know it's the cows Brown. Right. That's what I learned in school. I thought they were foolish. So that's how my eyes get Brad. Amy, then maybe net s quick bunny is too full of shit. Yeah. Maybe we'll have to cut him open to find out. Although it does make me a little sad because Cobra loves chocolate milk too. But he likes Hershey syrup more. So we have to buy Ness quick for me and Hershey syrup for him. So here's the million dollar question. Do you buy the chocolate Ness quick or do you like the strawberry quick or the powder chocolate chocolate powder is where it's at? I have tried an okay chocolate powder. And. I I can go either way with the strawberry milk banana melt just throw it in the garbage. What about root beer Mountlake? Our Samuel Rubare milk is good Rubare milk is good. But they don't have that Ness quick. Hey, make you know what the nest quick bunnies. Name is. No. We is that true. They probably they tell why aren't we always bringing it back? Jeez. I don't know what you're talking about. Wait. Do you guys? Remember when nest quick made that cereal? I know. Yeah. It's used to have it all the time. Admission. I in fact, it was like one of the only good cereals better than cocoa, puffs mess. Quick cereal. So I wonder if you can buy that on Amazon find out. So if it makes you feel any better in nineteen ninety nine his name was changed to just Ness quick bunny. Before in ninety nine. Yes. Nineteen ninety nine. Wow. Because he was part. It's it's because it's because it used to be Nestle quik was the stuff now. And then it just turned into an S quick. But yeah. Nestle's? I remember. All right. All right Taylor. I remember when I was really little I had one of my friends come over. She was kind of nuts. Her name was Jill Dutt's name. She was shoot. She. She had all sisters, and they all had J names. Jackie Johnny Joni Jenny Jill I don't I have cousins that all have Jay nails. Jeremiah James Jill though, Josh Joanna Jayco. She can handle you got just talk over each other. Now, that's what we do. That's that's what the show is turned into. Week Jesse Jona, Jeremiah, Gina Jesus, Johnny Jose. So she came over to my house one time. I don't know why vividly remember the so much she came over. And she was like I'd like some chocolate milk. And I was like, well, we have that. And I was like well how much chocolate do you on it? And she's like I want black. And so she legitimately put so much chocolate in it that it was as dark as it possibly could be. And I was and she was this is so good. And I was like a can't be good because you're doing your she likes doing it wrong. Yeah. All right, guys. You can find the Nestle quik cereal on Amazon it they're the one that's available on prime is for eleven ninety nine. But and that was imported from Europe. There's also one that's not available on prime can be imported from Canada that one's fifteen dollars and forty cents let but that's Canadian money. So it's really like two dollars six cents. Here. I'm not sure if I'm I'm not sure about my conversion rates, but from what I've been told, you know, and also the ones who Canada has two dollars shipping where the one from Europe apparently doesn't have any which doesn't make a lot of sense. Somebody somebody shipping that into into warehouse who they're trying to get you from Canada. Honestly looks like it's in a bag that looks like dog food. You said it wrong. It's not a bag. It's a bag a bag that looks like it's from dog food, the Canadian dollar is seventy five cents US. So your conversion rate was way over in just a local all right Taylor. What is your next pick? My next pick. I'm going to go with rabbit from Winnie. The pooh. Because. Yeah. Because you're a social worker for therapist kind of Andrei. So I can feel that he's always annoyed. Who's your favorite character in Winnie? The Pooh is it rabbit. Yeah. Like, I don't know. E R. Definitely. Yeah. Yeah. My new K. I guess I had an e someone's favorite. Thanks for noticing characters are like mental illness. Yeah, they are. So let's let's diagnosed rabbit here. What what what mental illnesses rabbit? He's a know it all is that in the DSM, that's a mental illness. It is guess it's called brand new xio syndrome. Oh, that makes sense that makes chicken HD. Let me to piglet scared. So like phobias of everything Winnie. The Pooh is just. Dance. Like, he's just an using. All rabbit kanga is overprotective is overprotective of LCD anything. He this article that lists all of them end apparently ru display symptoms from the autism spectrum. Should be on Prozac. Here's what this article. That's fair. How I guess Al is the smart one and rabbit is OCD that makes sense. What about the little the little gopher what's his name digger gopher? I will prove dyslexic can also break. Super smart is what this article says, how did they get this Alexia out of Al? Let me read it like, I'm fine with it. But. Have you ever noticed that signs in the world of Winnie? The Pooh are usually misspelled with letters reverse or inverted. All the writing well among the animals and the hundred acre would only owl has knowledge to read and write. So he's the one making those charming signs. We know intelligent and educated proving dyslexia from which he suffers has nothing whatsoever to do with the person's or als intelligence. Intr- somebody too hard. That was awesome. Also, Christopher Robin embody signs of schizophrenia. Let's say that. Well, I'm going to send a link brand. Do please do. But that I'll put that in the show notes. I just watched Christopher, Robin. I haven't seen. It was a good. I know what's on Alex now. So we were up at the cabin last week. And my all my sisters like Nick, you have to watch this show at about halfway through like the point where the movie, then I had to go and put the kids to bed, and so I couldn't I couldn't finish it side finish the movie. So I don't know if it's not a kid show. It is definitely not a kid show. This is a movie that was made for the adults who watched Winnie the Pooh as kids because it was very. There are some nostalgic things in there and very much the themes of hey, grownup, quit being a grownup. Well, right up. My alley. Oh because you've already stopped being grown up. But kids wouldn't like it or they just won't like it as much they just won't like it as much my ten year old at the time. He liked it. And you know, what even my six year is out through it. But this is not for kids for adults. They've done a very adult Winnie. The Pooh story all kinda funny. All the characters are swearing and they're doing drugs. They finally been Medicated for their mental. Happy time murders. So now, all right. All right. Is it my turn my turn? I'm gonna go with peppy hare from the star. Fox franchise do a barrel. Roll. Barrel real seriously. Well, sorry star. Fox was brutal. I like what was the what was the toads name in that Skippy? Yep. He was my favorites. Super create Hepi peppy. He was the one peppy hare was the one who he served on the star force or whatever it was called with star. Fox's dad and feel timer veteran. Yeah. Yeah. So that's why he was trained in FOX on how to do crazy things that was super Nintendo. And I didn't get that one. So little little. Head of the time. I give that he got the original any s. Anyway, peppy hare from peppy hare from the star FOX video game. Just because I like star FOX I'm like, oh, they're all animals and then peppy hairs the trainer. So. Yeah. Do a barrel. Roll peppy hare. What a name, right. All right, Nick. How's my turn? Again, that is how it's been going. You just haven't stopped talking. I can get how you were confused as the. It's not your terror that it wasn't. All right. So I am going to do the one. I thought about doing before. Let's hear it just because. Okay. So there was this small cartoon that nobody knew about in the eighties. It's called Bob square pants. That was not in the eighties. Dammit. Thanks. And so I'm going to do swift heart rabbit from Fairbanks. I have this list. Upset. This was urged Trump card. This was mine. Also, I'm offended by the use of Trump or. I believe that out. I cannot believe I put this is my last while I'm out I don't have anymore because they took mine. Do you want me to do you want me to do another one? Then now because I think it's funnier that you picked this one because I thought this was going to be really obscure no one else would pick it either. How did you? None of us had ever watched care bears. Nick. That's really what I wanted to know who. It was just an eighty show. It stood the test of time. There's like five billion Mike my kids watch care bears like fairly recent adaptation of care bears or they had on YouTube for them. It's like the N. I tried to. I was like, you know, swift heart rabbit was what I said to Dallas into KOTA when I was talking about it and Dakota's like, I don't I? Yeah. I think I remember that. And I was like Jeevan remember care bears. And she was like, yeah. You know sleepy dopey. No. Those are the seven dwarfs and she's like oh. Swift heart is one of nine care bear cousins who received a redesigned for their two thousand three relaunched toy line. Her appearance remains largely the same. But with larger floppy ears and a modified belly badge. That moves the wings to the top of the heart rather than to the bottom because that's so. Yeah. So when I was growing up, I've talked I've talked about how like all of my siblings were always a character. So like, we all have our Disney character, we all we all had our care bear to. Well is your man. Mine was lucky. Oh my gosh. Not was mine. I had to mine was a tie between fund shine bear. And good luck. Bear. And my sisters was bedtime bear. We had a movie that had care bears fighting the Jabber walkie. And I watched that it was like the care bears movie. I think or something. Cairns movie is surprisingly dark faith was obsessed. My faith is my sister was obsessed with cameras in choose a kid and she had like her whole room was decorated in care bears, and she'd like a K bedsheets, and oh like all this care bear stuff everywhere in her room. And we watch movies all the time. So I just looked out there with Wickham pedia page, and it has been relaunched like every five years. But. Nobody would ever have known about. Well, let know. Well, let us know. Oh. Was like one thousand nine hundred eighty two because it came out in eighty two originally like when I was one years old the movie came out in eighty five when I was one years old. Thank you very much. Yeah. And so I just thought that that's like was the end of it. I I didn't stay up on my care buyers lower. I wasn't alive. So somehow, I still figured it out. It was relaunched in ninety one in two thousand two and two thousand seven and in two thousand twelve I would say though that the care bear cousin are lesser known than care bears. So true make an rave heartline. Oh, he was my favourite. He was always my favorite. Pretty well. He who voices Braveheart lion. Because I remember he had a great movement law googling going on at his episode. I'm just going to say he was voiced by Dan Hennessey, Harry dean Stanton and currently is being voiced by Braiden FOX twenty fifteen to current holy cow. So wanting fifteen are these characters names, I should recognize have they voiced a famous people. I don't know. Maybe I don't know these people. Oh, y'all sounded like. His Dan Hennessy's. Notable work is care bears. The care bears family care bears movie cameras movie to a new generation the care bears adventure in wonderland care. Bears nutcracker, suite, oh, that's the one I had to adventures in wonderland clip of Braveheart cocking just. Here's the voice. So. Yeah. That's braveheart. He's he's cool. He's he he he's my guy. So make was the cameras movie that you had the one where it was like about this boy. Yeah. Like see eagle, and the gut the book the book and was like taking over wasn't that pretty dark for a kids movie. I remember being scared of the cavers, but you know, what eighties cartoons were just like they were all guard. They're like, hey, everybody's dead. Get over it. You you have to learn how to cope with things. That's why our generation is stronger than every other generation. Bird. Do you guys? Remember, the movie the black Coldren? Yeah. Super darkened terrifying. Hurt John hurt as the horn king. John hurt was awesome. In that weird pig that had a weird name like I I had a video game. Like that's how I knew that more than anything else is. There was a black culture and video game. What was the pigs? I'm just going to keep asking is that gonna be on Disney's volt. Yes. It would be because they said they are going to have all of the animated movie. I am. But I think that they like Disney tied to discuss or whatever it is trying to destroy that movie because it was so horrible. No, it just didn't do well in the theaters but on this cream black hole. What about black hole? Are they gonna have black hole on there? That's another one. That was the first picture of it. There's no movie about black hole. It's we just got the first picture. Geez. No. That black hole movie. I had a book. I. Has a little like R two D to win. That was the pigs named guys hen wins the picnic hen win. Oh, yeah. Hen win all of these characters have crazy names in this movie. There's Princess a lawn. We then the guy's name is Terron. And then yeah, I know what Taryn. I do too. Then there's Flutur flute or flam. I watch that movie again. But the horn king is terrifying. As awesome. All right. We'll do an episode next week on the black Colino. Do you want to know why that movie was more terrifying? Though. Okay. So Don blue says, yes. And he went on. Dont blues used to work for Disney. And then after that, he got fired from Disney, and then he went on to create the secret of nimh because he thought that kids move. All that scared me, really bad as well Nicodemus, and he made like, and then and Annastasia and tight me e hard type other. It was a terrible movie. But I loved it. That's one of Lena's favorites too. But yeah, he did a lot of movies after that. Because Don blues we're going to name our planet. Bob. I don't believe you, Don blue. Well, there's another movie in there before that traumatize rocket doodle was that one rock a doodle was a dumb booth movie. Dunblane was another one age master. Did he do page master awesome? That was a live action office jobs back MacAulay Culkin. You might have. I don't know. Anyway. Don, blue. Yeah. He left Disney. He he that we wanna be. Talk about a lot on the rest of development. He runs he runs the other banana stand that they just don't go to. That's funny. All right on that note. Where are we? Well, you don't have any more rabbits apparently. So I'll go next. I'm going to go with the kid is going to be my last serious one. The Nick you, and I we can we can bounce any other rabbits, we've got off of off of the group, but this one serious this one is Peter rabbit, and I'm going to go with both incarnations of Peter rabbit here. The classic Beatrix Potter Peter rabbit and the newer James corden voiced Peter rabbit, because they're both of was that the Peter rabbit movie that came out last year. It wasn't last year. It was way before last year was it. I think it was like two years ago. Sworn that. It was on your FM L. I'm gonna go with hop from the movie hop there you go. Now, two months ago. What? What other bunny we should've? Okay. Well, maybe it's going to be one on one of our things here. Right. It was last year. I apologize for being. So so rude and dismissive absent minded. No, no. I don't apologize for being absent minded because that would be a apologizing for my entire existence. So also, I don't think it's terrible that you don't have the release date of Peter rabbit memorized. I'm not gonna fall you on that. Yeah. Jeez. Jeez. But no, so the Peter rabbit take on it is really good and Dhamma Gleason who plays the scary bad guy in the Star Wars movies, not smoke, not ran but the the regular human. What's his name, general Huq's gotta call for general, hugs. Not anyway, any general Huq's. Yeah. He's you think he's scary in Star Wars. You should watch men. Peter rabbit. There's some pretty fine character acting going on there. I I I mean, it's so it's so bad that it's good. But it's so good that bad at the same time. It's weird that movie did surprisingly. Well, yeah. Yeah. So they're still marketing out there for it. Jeez. All right. All right now, are we just listing random bunnies because we got the energizer bunny. List? The the bunny. What's the bunnies named from a Altro wonderland tricks? The white rabbit the white rabbit rabbit got thumper. We got all right. And you said you had no more bunnies. I thought you know, I thought of all those, but I didn't want to talk about any of them. What about officer, Judy hops? Yes. That was the one that. I was like, oh, we should. We should have talked about. Oh, we might talk about from from zoom tool. I flash fifty yard dash. She uh sounds good movie. I still trying to convince Cobra to watch that he hasn't. He hasn't grasped onto it yet. But it is a little bit more. It was it was kind of scary for my for for my oldest son little autre in for. So we'll offer that goes feral. But we got the scary part the the hair from from the tortoise and the hare. We. What about Skippy rabbit and mother rabbit from Robin Hood? Also thought of that. But then I was like, I don't know if I can say a lot about that. See I liked Bucky O'Hare from the United animal federation. Yeah. That one was pretty good. My sister would be mad. If I didn't talk about the velveteen rabbit favorite book when she was little we got Maxon ruby from Maxon ruby. Aren't there rabbits, aren't there rabbits in sonic, the hedgehog? I don't know. I think there's a couple of rabbits in there. I'm not a sonic guy. That guy I'm a sonnet girl. I'm a sonic girl in sonic word poke. You did talk about Pok Mon low punny has. There's a Pokemon that's like a bunny. Low punny as his name. Oh, well, there's you saw you JIMBO which is a samurai rabbit of loosely based on Mia Moto Musashi who is like the swordsman of all swordsman. So yeah, I mean. Yeah. You can't you can't beat a samurai bunny with his with years tied up like top not. Although don't do that to your buddy. Because I'm pretty sure that would qualify as Anna. Okay. I've got one more thing to talk about bunnies. Because we're talking about bunnies. I think I've talked about this on the podcast before when I was little my dad made up a character that he used to talk to us about like he made up a character. And he would tell us stories about this character. And when he would tell us stories about this character, he was usually just talking about our lives and just coming up with the story and putting us in it. And then like if people were having problems or like, two sisters fighting or something like that he'd have the characters fight in the story and make up so that they could like secret life of pets. There's a bunny in that. Yeah. Dakota gave that suggestion. So this this little bunny his bunny this bunnies. Name was Willie the rabbit, and he was a two foot tall bunny that had six foot long ears. And so he had to like roll them up and put them in these like clothes pins. So that he could walk around and his name was Willie rabbit, and we it's still an amazing awesome cool thing in our family and my dad will still tell whether the rabbit stories to us on Christmas and stuff like that. And occasionally Cobra wants to hear Willie the rabbit story. But he had a whole cast of friends. His best friend's name was Jimmy the mole. And there was like the fish, Jimmy, the mole like a snitch. He sounds like a prison. That would be awesome. But he was kind of a little timid guy like Willie was a little bit more. Like, let's go do all the stuff and he's like, I'm just along for the ride. Later, 'cause I'm gonna D rabbit was the girl Cindy rabbit was a little girl that that really liked. I don't ever remember Willie the rabbit having parents. He was a Mansa. Former Jones was like the farmer across the street like that they would go out and stuff, but like they he had a character for all of the siblings. Two. And I was Nick the Nightingale. So like my. So when Lena came along, they said, okay. Well, Lena is going to be a cardinal because she's got red hair and Nick the Nightingale and and Lena the cardinal where like. Friends with benefits. Did did he explain it? In a children's story. Please tell me explain. Brandon euro tart lion. Nobody looks at the show notes ever. Nobody. I five is just God. Rabbit? No. Brave heart lion dumb. Claim to know about care bears. No, I was looking at a picture of Braveheart lion. When I was sure. Sure. Fine. Brave star. Is there a bunny and brave star? There should be I probably shoot it. Because an old west kind of thing. So talking horse robot? All right. Well, I think I think we're we're at a good point wrap up our thing. Nobody talked about the tricks rabbit and how tricks are for kids. That one. So shut down though, what about the bunny and Foster's home for friends? There's a rabbit in that like the professor whatever can't remember his name. It was funny. We we mentioned it. But we never actually said the Easter bunny from rise of the guardians or Santa Claus for that matter. The Easter bunny in general, pretty sure there's five hundred movies or TV shows about about the one movie. That's not going to be on. Disney's vault. From song of the south Brera rabbit. I was gonna talk about that. But okay. All right. There is a great. There's a great ride as Duda. Yeah. I was just talking about that tonight actually is my favorite ride at Disneyland. Have you ever heard of song of the south? It sounds familiar. All right. Just keep enjoying splash mountain and never look into song of south perfect and you'll be fine. All right. So let's wrap this thing up. Let's talk about where we're going because we're going places here on the fan to podcast April the twentieth, which is this week. This is fantastic Salt Lake comic convention. I've got a panel on Friday. It's on Friday at five. I said that we're I've got a panel on Friday at five pm called minorities in comics representation on and off the page. So if you wanna come see me talk about. Minorities and representation, I'll pretty much a lot of the same discussion. I'm assuming as we're going to have is that we had in the last week's episode we'll have here, although with some differences because the different cast character, and I'm not running the conversation. So Friday at five then Saturday at one o'clock, we're going to be teaching kids. How to podcast so kid con, it's called mom. I wanna be a podcast, and I've basically come up with some fun games to embarrass Nick and Taylor, and they're gonna that's impossible and they're gonna play with. I know Nick has no Nick has. No shame. So I'm constantly embarrassed by children. Good good. All right. Well, April twenty-seventh, we are going to be at Wasatch Comecon the valley fair mall, Saturday at eleven we'll be doing a live show there. We're gonna have some panels and stuff like that. So stay tuned to our Facebook's feed for that. May fourth may the fourth be with you. We will be at paradigm fandom expo. It's a school's event, and we are excited about it. Because they're running this phantom expo as if it was like, a true comic on his awesome. And is such a group is going to be there roof feet table Osco roof. Yo voice Zuko voice of Jake long from the American dragon. I loved that show back in the day. He is in one of my favorite movies called take the lead where gangsters learn to ballroom dance. And has a been era Senate. All right. Did not know he was in that show. It's great with recommend. We watch it again. Okay. So we're yeah. We're going to be there hanging out with Dante Bosco. I'm sure. Paradigm phantom expo will be on the vendor floor recording. So if you want to be part of the show, that's the one to come to because we'll be recording live with people will also be doing a live show there. So be sure to say live from the numbers from the fan numbers. This is Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday, Sunday Night Live. You could be on the podcast don't scare them away. Don't we maybe we should take that out because I don't wanna scare people away from it. I mean, you know. Yeah. We were not letting you dumb people on our podcast, stayaway dot quite what I meant. I always in this. Okay. So if you want to be in the know about when and where and who and what and why maybe the why, but the and then some of the fun news stories I've been trying to be better about posting news stories and fun things on our Facebook page. Facebook dot com slash fandom podcast is a good place to get some of that. There is our Facebook group which easiest to get to just by going to phantom podcast dot com slash group. And I guess without all I have to say is until next time. We forgot to talk about the bunnies and magicians. Bunnies. What what is the one say when it's like. Dead. It's the. As something. That's. Oh, no. That's my Outtara something s. May the fandom be with you tasers. Yes. And it's specifically for women like women's self defense for protection. Perfect. And she's become like a kick us out. If we went, I don't know probably not it's probably gonna be at our house. New idea we do ally that so from the party. Have to. Anyway, I I've missed you guys have been to. Oh, my hunter of great fighting staff might I inquire to ask ham. What's up? All right. I'm going to silently finding would he quite tastes nice of them. How will you do it might hike in choir to us? I will do it with my spewing. Magic home. Cal stop there. Hold on. I've seen watching YouTube Dallas watching YouTube. Okay. She claims she was watching that flicks. She's watching Alexa, Katie she said, very snotty. I don't know what that show is. But apparently, I should geez. How? Dakota just said it's about a girl with kids. Funny. It is it is. It's about a growth cancer. Cutting out again, Dallas and you want to YouTube. Okay. Coda? Okay. No, no. I don't believe them. Could just be the your wife. I it just could be your wifi. Not able to handle multiple strange stuff her screen, so guys. Could you turn off the electron and sit in silence. Doing other. Yeah, they're doing. No there. Knowing me. Didn't even look at me when I asked her to do that. Smart girl. Smart girl, so many episode. We may we have more outtakes for this episode than we do. The episode just say.

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