EP 84: Kardashian Bonus Show #26: A Caitlyn Jenner Deep Dive


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Probably one of our most requested and i honestly can't believe we haven't done yet. We're doing a caitlyn jenner. Deep dive right cause for applause. It's a it's the big deal i mean. I can't believe we haven't done it. There's so much to her life and her story and we figured out so much from researching it and i. I'm kind of excited to share it with you. Guys concerned that it's so much information and i think we're going to be okay. Okay <hes> like always we're going to go through this chronologically and you know discussing key points along the way i want to just make a note is as you know. Previously i had last time. Previously we were discussing caitlyn. If if it was an event that happened pre transition we would say bruce because we thought that was correct and we received receive feedback like super respectful feedback from followers saying i totally get that you guys are trying to be politically correct but it's actually always best referred the person as their preferred name so throughout all this. We'll be referring to kaitlin as caitlyn only of course when discussing like birth name or anything else like that okay how you doing. I'm ready. I love you see take out a wedding this weekend so i didn't really get to talk much okay here. We go so kayla. Marie jenner was born as william bruce jenner on october twentieth nineteen forty nine in mount kisco new york for anybody following zodiacs that makes her scorpio which as you know so as chris so interesting match there her parents esther and bruce her father bruce was an arborist jallud. You'd like to tell everyone with that means because maybe other tree surgeon we're in the car was like the owner barista's and i was like yeah they cut down trees and she's like oh you google that too and i was like no remember arbor day. I still don't know like i'm not even gonna do is zero covad. That's that's burst senior so we saw a lot about caitlin mom on the show because we saw kind of you know her relationship with chris and her acceptance of caitlyn as a woman but we didn't see obviously anything about about her father. It's actually interesting because i was watching <hes> the lord district a marathon yesterday and there is the episode episode where <hes> caitlyn says to chris that her mother's coming into town and she really wants chris to hang out with our and they've always had like a knock good relationship and chris says to kaitlin. You know it's crazy that you're asking me to do this and actively. It's such a big deal that i don't have a relationship with your mother and chris esther sir. I think you mentioned your mom like twelve times. The entire time we've been married. She was like issues like you're acting like you have this amazing relationship with your mom that i'm not part of and she's like it's just not the case which i thought was crazy. Do you think there was ever any discussion her jealousy there about how close m._j. Was to the whole family. I don't know if it was that because i think that's i think that's really typical family's for one grandparents to be closer like observed that i think what it was is that maybe caitlyn created a rift between her and her mom because you know prior to transition addition. She just had all these feelings and i i imagine as a child having to lie to a parent like your whole life. It creates a bit uncomfortable. Maybe a navy caitlyn's. Mom never even even really knew why that that separation was there but that's what i was kind of thinking that like the caitlyn you know put a separation to protect yourself and protect her mother. It's totally possible. I'm curious about that. <hes> so caitlin was diagnosed with dyslexia young child and the reason that this is applicable is because you know she never really felt confident at school academically so when she discovered that she was really talented with sports it kind of gave her this confidence that she was lacking and obviously it's you know like her. Career is insane in the sports world but i think that i'm not saying the dyslexia. Lexi was the start of it. Obviously she was granted with lettuce but i definitely think that it was a huge. Maybe driving confidence. It's like if you don't excel in one place to then find something where you're you're good at and you excel you you latch onto that one thing of you know for sure so she graduated high school in nineteen sixty and she earned a football scholarship and attended grade. <hes> agreed lend college in iowa graceland. I may have made that as a typo it as i was reading and i was like it's for sure because as i was reading it lasts those things paul simon so it's it's for sure i'm always thinking about paul simon. I meet somebody you can call me out me. I know what that you would like a medium spree on twitter yeah yeah anyway so she attended graceland college in iowa but she had to stop playing football due to an injury so this kind of the start of it when she was at graceland one of the track coaches i encouraged her to switch to the decathlon and she graduated from graceland college in nineteen seventy three with a degree in physical education so that was let's take you now to the start of her olympic career. Yes are you ready. I'm of course. I'm ready so in nineteen in seventy two it was the u._s. Olympic trials in eugene oregon and caitlyn placed fifth in the men's decathlon so because of this it allowed her to qualify for the olympics which was completely unexpected on it was a it was a huge. You don't want expected her to two plays there that she was like an unknown. She was completely unknown. Person participating abating in this and especially on the first day believe of the trials she like didn't do well and then the next day she was able to get what she needed to place yeah so that same year she went on to finish tenth place in the decathlon at the munich summer olympics that same year december nineteen seventy two was when she married her first wife and it was her college sweetheart christie crossover so christie interestingly enough similar to chris worked as a flight attendant and all other all women. We've been in the seventies worked as flight. Attendants and caitlyn was training for the olympics. She was training often eight hours a day and she would sell insurance on the side it. It's i'm sorry as as i was reading. This is just a whole other life. You know what it is. I mean it's so crazy because i have spoken my parents about it so many times where it's like we know kayla and in terms of the kardashians and they're like you don't get it like kaelin was her own entity back in the day. Caitlin was this american hero like we knew caitlyn kaelin and the kardashians were were part of that ought not the other way around for us. It's so true <hes> not to get too much into all the titles 'cause. I don't think it's that interesting to hear but it is important to you know <hes> understand so she competed in thirteen to catholics between nineteen seventy three nineteen seventy six thirteen to caffeine's in three years. That's a lot so in nineteen seventy five is when she won the panamerican in games and because of this she was chosen for the nineteen seventy-six u._s. Olympic team take us to nineteen seventy-six julie in nineteen seventy six the olympics were in montreal paul. Canada and kaylynn achieved her five personal bests at the olympic games instead of new personal best time and won the gold medal for the world record with a world record score four of eight thousand six hundred eighteen points. I have not a clue what that means but it's a big deal according to wikipedia and the research they did so after this event was when she took the american flag from a spectator and she carried it during the victory lap which was that started the trend the tradition that is now common among winning athletes like literally taking that one lab with the american flag is what started this being thing caitlyn who knew you trendsetter you when when people talk about like caitlyn's peak fame and her being an american hero this is the olympics that they're referring to the nineteen seventy six one okay there listen there were so many awards in her life and i want to pay not them without getting too into it but after you know this this massive achievement in eighteen seventy six she received the james e sullivan award as the top amateur athlete in the the u._s. and was also named the associated press male athlete of the year. I mean tell me if you think this is a bold statement. I would say at this time. She was the most popular athlete in the u._s. Yes think about like see it's hard because i don't kn i wasn't there. Obviously neither of us were so. I don't know the fact that had in my mind. It's like picture libra right very similar yeah <hes> she also made more money from winning a single event than any other athlete had before her and because of this this and this massive like athleticism she was the most highly sought after for advertisements and deals all this kind of stuff so she appeared in movies television. She was a sportscaster an a._b._c. t._v. And she co author two books decathlon challenge bruce jenner story and bruce jenner family fitness then the a year after she became a spokesperson for weenies brand breakfast cereal. When we post the visual outline to patriots. We're going to post the picture of this box this iconic if you in the seventies so so iconic also how the fuck did weeds become wheaties. Have you had weeds. Never they're disgusting. No offense wheaties because you're doing great and clearly museum so you guys are discussing isn't going to do anything but they're disgusting yeah. It's like if i'm an athlete. Put me on the fucking front of lucky charms immediately. I was gonna say honey nut cheerios or we're life cereal life cereals my favorite cereal. I know actually do this thing. When we're hi. We're like okay. We're going to prep for the newlywed game like in case we're ever ask these questions so like i know all these random facts. That's better that will never have to answer the god forbid in case i ever have to like what's my favorite song. I don't know what is it. Hey mama oh gosh although bill raising your head in the corner. Why don't you go share notes factory next week interesting about this was that <hes> not fast too much but when kayla came out as a trans woman in two thousand thousand fifteen general mills obviously makes wheaties released a statement saying and i quote bruce jenner continues to be as respected member of team wheaties but after you know the statement obviously was not taken well men with good intention but the pronouns and the names were wrong so mike jimenez whose general mills brand meteorologist manager clarified by the same it and he said bruce jenner has been respected member of team leaders and caitlyn jenner will continue to be just an interesting little fact that that's how a lot of the <unk> outline is going to go where it's like. We talk and a lot of it. The transition is going to play in as we talk about it. It's not going to be so much time lined with the transition because it's just easier to do it that way. Yeah you guys. Let's say you'll say so. At this time back. In nineteen seventy seven caitlyn and christie were considered like the all american couple they were you know this was she was a flight attendant and caitlyn was the most famous athlete in the world and they just had they had it all great. They had it. All september of the next year was when they had their first child. Bert jenner and bert is actually named after caitlyn's younger brother who was killed in a car accident after the olympics. I did not know that did you. I did it. I i knew that ah i had known that <hes> caitlyn had a brother who died. I didn't know that like the the relationship between olympics and burton or sunset. I never talk about her brother dying. I'm sure but not that. I can remote army show on giving i feel like i don't remember it. I it not that i can remember off something. I if anybody remembers that. Let me know i'm curious i. I don't remember it but anyway so the next year nineteen eighty was when their daughter was born in this was the same year that they were divorced from what we gathered like. They're high profile status kind of became an issue for them yet. It was it was kind of the reason that they just couldn't make it work anymore. It was too much but the other thing is is that when they got divorced it was it was even more high profile of marriage and i think that something i've noticed especially with athletes needs is that america has this real fascination with athletes who stay with their partner like throughout high school and they're and they're like high school or college hearts like thing about steph curry ron o'brien o'brien. It's like oh my god like you made it with them. They were struggling as an athlete in trying to make we want you guys to stay together forever so i think that people often time have this real fascination with. 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That's a one one week free of ritual ritual dot com slash celebs so just an interesting thing is that inch thousand fifteen after caitlyn transitioned christie revealed that a year into their marriage so this was in the seventies that kaitlyn told her that she was struggling with her gender identity and christie did not tell anyone she fully kept it a secret until oh after caitlyn herself came out about it and she said that even though she knew about caitlin struggle with gender identity it's in effect their marriage in any way and it's not the reason they divorced which is interesting because when we go to they're hardly stupid linda different different story yes interesting okay. Why did you hear us. No one moves quicker in their marriage is caitlin jenner. I already january nineteen eighty-one. She's remarried. How just got divorced kid in one thousand nine. Hundred eighty look chris though yeah no. I know we'll get there too to <hes> so in january nineteen eighty-one caitlyn married her second wife linda thompson. Linda was a former actress at a beauty queen songwriter. She actually wrote co wrote the song in a bodyguard. I have nothing for whitney houston <hes> and was the ex girlfriend of length of elvis presley which we spoke about because robert kardashian dated did precipitously a lot of connection i mean as we always say thanks to keep track of so much to keep track of like you should be taking notes yeah i. This is the first i'm the people aren't because they definitely should be <hes>. The first time that lindsay salk loan was actually when she was with elvis at nineteen seventy six olympic games and then they met three years later and married two years after that so in june nineteen eighty-one was when brandon was born and in august nineteen eighty-three brody jenner was born as we discovered on the kris jenner deep dive. I wrote he's real name is sam brody jenner who the fuck and there's just so much here. Also you know we'll get into this but linda thompson you know if you've heard her name it's because because she was also david foster's ex wife david foster married to formerly married to you on deed hadid like there's so much connection here. Do you think that on it's fascinating a little bit but do you think that on caitlyn and chris's first date they were like christmas like yeah so mckay and all my kids names are ks and caitlyn was like i'm a be an all. All of my kids names. Are that's funny. I never even thought about until you just said it. That's so funny. It's like it was like such a brady bunch moment yeah so in a letter that at <hes> linda thompson row after caitlyn announcer transition she said i did not notice that when brandon was three and a half years old that caitlyn approached her with the very somber look in his face in her words and told her quote his woman so in caitlyn's interview it's i._n. Sawyer which i'm sure most wash kaelin said that gender was a big part of her break up with linda and in this letter that linda wrote which was super kind of raw and i think like very authentic straight from the she said and i quote bruce and i separated after going therapy for about six months just to exhaust any hope of keeping our family together being married to a woman was not what i had envisioned for my life. She also wrote quote. I was so heartbroken that i would get get into my car car day and night and aimlessly drive up and down pacific coast highway crying. I'm more in the death of my marriage my man and my dream of join a lifetime a family togetherness but i was also empathetic to you and mourn for the pain that bruce had experienced every day of his life so deep. It's crazy so deep so you know their kids. Brandon and brody have been super open. I feel like speaking caitlyn being you know not only her transition but also about the way they felt the caitlyn was not really that present in their life when they were growing up right which as we talked about last week was a big source of tension between them and chris yes. It's like why the fuck is my dad. You know yeah like data the year to your kids and they're not even like the and truly like you understand that they're not even biological your kids half of them and he's so much more president so much more attentive than than she ever was with us so yeah so in the eighties while she was married to linda was when caitlyn began taking female hormone supplements and she had her facial hair moved permanently and then she she stopped her transition saying that she lost her nerve and she didn't want to cause a children any pain. You'll see this a lot. It was a trend where she kind of like started a little and then stopped at which makes so much stance. I can only imagine how it's a huge deal yeah. It's a huge especially when you have kids and all of these things in this next part is really interesting so in in the same letter that linda wrote she said that one day brandon and brody told her that they saw caitlyn getting out of the shower and that quote daddy has boobs so what was happening was that the breast enlargement was a side effect of the female hormone supplements that she was taking and linda's that she told the kids acalan and just stopped her olympic training and that you know her father. She's like oh. Your father's toro muscles are probably just gotten a little flabby. She says she was like i was really trying to shield brandon and brody from the truth and also trying to respect caitlyn secret because caitlyn did not want anyone to know at the time right. You know that's a situation. You don't expect yourself to be no never it's a yeah into i think we we really you know a lot of the focus that we had when when killing was first transitioning was on the kardashian jenner side of the family like just kind of kylie all of them but the other side of the family and her other kids really had their own stories and so so much more than we didn't really think about i feel like we had no idea about <hes> so they officially divorced in nineteen eighty six which you know as you said there was a a lot of reasons for it and i don't think that the transition are heard her gender identity it contributed for sure contributed like i said that it didn't end. Linda was super coming and saying that it did also you you fun facts. Do you remember brandon and brody you know they're famous in their own right but in two thousand five they have their own reality show that lasted one season called the princes of malibu the i have to be honest i never watched i did and i forgot about it until we were doing it so it was brandon and brody and they lived with linda and her husband at the time david foster holy fuck and they lived in david foster's malibu state and the whole theme of it was at like lindor kind of spoiled them and she said that they could do no wrong and david was kind of like who the fuck are these freeloader. Go get them out of my house and he was trying to straighten their lives out and they were kind of just living it up in malibu with spencer pratt. Do realize how far back we're going. It's another other thing i didn't realize was. I did not realize that linden david foster were married for so long you. How long was it like nine hundred ninety one to two thousand five. That's fourteen years. That's insane. I didn't realize is it was so long because he's had so many wives what was david's relationship like with brody and brandon aside from white. Try to straighten them out a little bit. I don't know i don't think that it was ever. I don't think i i honestly we don't know enough but i definitely it wasn't like seamless about like that and i think a lot of it came from the fact that they had different parenting styles. Linda was much more and even if you walk. I know this is a ridiculous statement to make like you can't judge someone's parenting based on instagram comments but if you look at the way linda comments on brandenburg pictures. It's still little kids sucked. It's such a momma's boy thing comparative verita what like a lar- sutphin fire emojis like larson pippen. I love when you make references like that okay so obviously sleep brody so famous in his own rate he did that. He did the hills a million other things used aging brandon and his now ex wife leah which as we mourned the loss of that relationship last week literally i think it is the most was tragic like okay not the most tragic khloe lamar obviously the most tragic but i don't know brandon media right after that for me. I mean like jenin radyr. No no i mean in terms of like. I thought you were saying you know obviously not in pop culture. Oh yeah for sure the tragic and pop culture. You don't agree with me on this. I always felt jenin brad. What are you gonna say. I never said it wasn't tragic. I felt that you didn't like them together. I never said that. I never want them to get back together. I loved them together. Obviously who do you think i don't know i shouldn't wasn't not channing. Tatum at farris and chris pratt was pretty hard hard at can you give me a few all think about it okay. That's a good episode to do most tragic breakup yeah i think we're planning on doing that for a patriotic actually yeah so so brandon brandon and leah they formed as indie pop group together and it was called brandon leah and they really like their fame or their success came from their single show stopper because it was used as the theme song for courtney and kim take miami league. Do you realize how fucking intertwined and it was like fuck. You guys were miami. Trick it also after brody was cast on the hills he and again this year in two thousand eight. He had his own reality show called bromance and i did you remember this. I forgot about i didn't i. I don't know i think i watched my memories. It's not what it used to be judged memories anymore. This show is based on the fact that guy's is competed to be part of his entourage just interesting to reboot that with somebody new like who that is ridiculous virtual. You have to be friends with somebody. Somebody harris hilton member yeah. I remember my new b._f._f. Called but it's i think it's different with bromance as you can't like force bromance. I'm trying to think who would be a good person to do that. It's kind of hard to think. That's an interesting thing. Can you send us who you think would be good. Who has a good group of guy friends scott. Yeah honestly scott is trying to keep his his his group low. Though brody's whole thing was like having people to go out with i feel like a scott just wants to stay with the kids and like keep a circle as small as possible that scott doing it at like five years ago imperfect for like jump into a pool with steve aoki occasionally. That was this lake reference for those of you. That didn't watch last night. You should watch. He's so hot. It's these little scottsdale. Scottsdale steelcase dad is is the creator of buddy hotta. No you don't know that you know that his dad is mr ready. Hannah it is the heir to the throne. He is mr benny hana's parents. Ask what the fuck did. You guys know that that's a that's a that is a fascinating fascinating piece of information about on my event. You guys know steve aoki's dinner. Julie truly was should tell. His dad is running in here. We cannot stomach stephen. Your dad really reunited. You know the fried rice beating heart that was that was the survey okay. Oh my god that onion volcano almost thirty and the catching in the house have not been not stephen seems father. I'm saying borne. Hughes was born in volcano literally the fried advice prints. He didn't have to become although i would just for their name sorry for the video of israel. We waste leaping over the podcast to make funds once they see. She's covering that because my boy was that when we went there julie was enjoying her meal but every it would be dead every five minutes. You'll be like not to psoriasis or like we had a bad way who didn't drink and she was like <music>. I'm gonna tell steve about what do we went there. Steve aoki's that i think he still does. He followed us. We can't follow us at that point and i was like you know like our count. Yeah not our birthright i am. I just balls steelers studio the botchy print. I know you met like really take. That's so funny okay. That was hilarious. I will never forget the day isabel literally jumping over here. He's the fighters. That's they told my dad okay. I was just say you said that exactly like you're so funny well. That's good last night. She just tell it's i know it's it's so so sorry guys. Keep going funny. No last last night we were watching dick and i was watching with my dad because we weren't together and steve aoki was jumping off of his roof into the pool and he was saying that it's the <hes> his pool is sixteen feet. Deep deep is four nevada and me angelie always like no one meal yeah yeah so she sent me and it was like no one and then it's like scott disick that this is insane because he always says that and then i was like no one like steve aoki full and then julie's like no one steve aoki like did you know this is the sixteen davis pool nevada and then it was like steve diamond. We glitter with us. Hey you got the divas nevada sixteen. Can you believe it to my dad. He's sixteen. Can you believe julie. He said he was going to say okay. Sorry we gotta get back to business. I'm sorry caitlyn so little pretend for a minute there. I was like whoa even talking. Keep up before i fully forgot. I just got so excited. Okay enter kris jenner so abdellah kris jenner answer thank you i knew she would restore calm and everything so acid discussing the kris jenner deep dive caitlyn chris got married on april twenty first nineteen ninety-one after five months of dating so remember kristen robert officially divorced in nineteen ninety you want it was months between the two and it was a november nineteen. Ninety-five that chris gave birth to kendall so four years after they got married was when she gave birth akano which in kardashian time land. That's a long time especially in kaylin. I can't believe i still can't believe they waited so long to have kids especially because you know chris at a little older at this this point you would have thought that she would have been like okay. We have kids. We gotta do this quickly. I know and i can't even say like oh. Maybe she learned from the first because you love being mother wasn't like i wonder what those those <hes> four four years before <hes> like what the older ones with kalem was like before caitlyn had her own kids with chris. We'll see that's interesting to see to to know about what caitlyn and on chris's relationship was like with caitlyn's kids. Previously you know what i mean before. They had kids of their own. So the thing is <hes> chris spoke oke about really being excited to step mom and she was like she was saying to brody in the episode on the vacation episode and she was like you can't imagine how excited i was because does your your mom and dad were divorced for years so i thought it was just going to be the seamless transition the i was going to step in and and be this amazing step mom to you kids and like we would have this amazing relationship. Shinshu was like it just wasn't the case so the thing that i think she the reason she expects that was because i imagine that when kaelin stepped in caitlyn became that for her kids and and she was so shocked when it wasn't returned the other way around no good point make sense as we discussed last week you know chris kind of manage caitlyn's career and she turned things around for her so she was the one that helped her to book motivational speaking appearances and they did infomercials together where they sold exercise equipment. We don't have the number here but we talked about last week. Was millions wonder forty million dollars and exercise equipment or something was like crazy. It is and julie just said you know caitlin was very much involved in in the kardashians lives and she walked both chloe and kim down the aisle their wedding and kim in both of her weddings yeah yeah crazy well if you remember when kim got married was before transition and but the caitlyn had long hair at the time and kim was so embarrassed by caitlyn's long hair and was like who's going to walk down the aisle if it if caitlyn looks like this. I know you know i was watching. I think there's a couple of cisco i was watching old episode and it was the one where kendall kylian caitlyn were at the <hes> at the golf the golf course and they were flipping off the paparazzi and candle making so much fun of caitlyn for the hair was like please. Can you cut it like i'm going to cut it in your sleep and at the time no one thought that was there was anything to that and watching it now i i you literally had tears in my eyes because no one realized it was just like why why caitlyn's harris along and then all of a sudden now it's literally her armor like it was the one joyce she has now. She like her and her chris separated. She was living in malibu. She got to be alone and it's like okay. I get to grow my hair. I remember her talking about it being so that it was like it was like samson it was her it was her. It was her strength noting the end no completely <hes> so in october two thousand. We're going to go back. We're going to talk a lot about their trends about caitlyn's transition but i just wanna give you the timeline for chris so in october two thousand thirteen when they announced that they were separating it kind of was like they were still in a relationship living separately at he had i think they were trying to make it work while they're living separately and you know the the thing was with killanin chris's that their issue is always like the amount of space that like the whole house was chris's and and then caitlyn got her one space in the garage for helicopters and was like when kaelin moved out to malibu killer. Now has her own space maybe b._b. She and chris can make it work because there's finally like kaitlyn feels like she asks her place. The obviously they just cut it yeah so in december two thousand fourteen was when they officially divorced and do you guys remember in in february. Two two thousand fifteen was when caitlin was involved in a fetal <hes> multiple vehicle collision on the pacific coast highway in malibu and this was this was crazy easy. The so the person's name was kim ho she was killed when <hes> caitlyn's s._u._v. like ran into her car and you know there's different accounts of what happened and no one release can say for sure <hes> but the prosecutors declined to file criminal charges but three civil lawsuits were brought by how stepchildren and drivers of other cars involved in the collision. There was this woman jessica stein draft. She was a hollywood agent. She was hit by kim's car and she settles her case. In two thousand fifteen and then the woman stepchildren settled their case. Ah january two thousand sixteen. We didn't get any financial details but goddamn curious. I feel i remember when we did that. Episode patriotic flake forgotten celebrity scandals or like celebrity the scandals that we don't really talk about anymore. This is a big one. It was a huge deal and i feel like we never talk about it and our yeah. It's so true okay. This is the same year the april two thousand fifteen is when caitlyn comes out as transgender in the twenty twenty special with diane sawyer that easy you know to tell believe what you felt about this because for me i remember hearing rumbles of it and it was kind of like how i felt when the trysted endurance stuff first came out. I was like that is such bullshit like please tell me something i can believe so so yeah you know i've such distinct memories as it's coming back to me and as i was writing this that i remember being at like the supermarket with my dad and obviously they have all the magazines in the front and it was it was probably if this is april two thousand fifteen that she officially came out i would say it was probably late two thousand fourteen a. and that's when the things started it was like it was like caitlyn's hair as long as she's transitioning and it was it was everyone was like this is such bullshit and i remember my dad look at the article but you think think there's any truth to that and i was like no. I think it's ridiculous like why can't calendars grow her hair long without it being such a big deal. I think this is so crazy you know she's lived x. amount of years as a man. There's no there's there's no way like it was just the craziest thing to be at the time and looking back on it. It's like oh my god. This all makes so much sense now but at the time how are we supposed to know it was like doc. I remember it was i remember it was like star magazine like you'd never believe star magazine star magazine regina jenin jenin broader pregnant or fourth child now. It's like they're always wrong and i was like and i remember we're being like tata's. Obviously naturally star magazine reported. We don't listen to anything. Star says two hundred. I'm dying hearing you say that because i was standing with my dad at the checkout shop right and it was a national sean choir. My dad said you think there's any truth to that. I was like oh please. The nasty like the national guard fleet is. I'm so glad that you have me here to ask so that. You're not going around telling people that this is true. You know what i mean like. I didn't believe it so and not because i was against it at all. Obviously it's just like it was hard to fathom what did not knowing at the time and it's so funny because all right it's like it was so dependent on what magazine words reporting it and i have such distinct memories being little like five or six and my mom being like listen. These are the magazines right you wilson the people in you. Listen to us and you listen to talk but you don't listen to any of the other ones if they're on those then it's not true. Dr like fiction ain't nothing. It's fiction ours fully fiction yeah. Are you spending hours on the internet trying to find the best workout plans for you. Well getting fit and staying healthy has never been easier than with open fit so open takes off the complexity out of losing weight and getting fit. 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When you text comments to thirty thirty thirty you'll get full access to open fit all the workouts nutrition information totally free again just text comments comments to thirty thirty thirty standard messaging data rates may apply so tell us julia about the twenty twenty special answer so i remember watching the so clearly clearly it was it was really so crazy so kahlon announced that you know she was transitioning special <hes> and that she had dealt with gender dis morpheus since her youth and that for all intensive that's the purpose she was a woman she was identifying a woman and the two thousand twenty inches of you had twenty point seven million views and it was the highest ever rated newsmagazine telecast among adults like like eighteen to forty nine and twenty five to fifty four is the stat or something <hes> but it was crazy i mean that was the start of it and then after in may two thousand fifteen a month after the diane sawyer was was when <hes> keeping up the crash did their special and it was called all about bruce and it was two parts and that was all you know the recounted stories of the kids his dealing with you know their emotions about the whole transition but also recounting their memories that it's like kim sang but just so oh i mean and remember. They were also upset because they're like you're finally coming out. You're finally living your truth but you're still hiding things from us. That was the huge you know the rift between the kardashians and kaylynn really occurred because of two reasons one kitten disrespecting chris after the fact which will get into the other being that kaitlyn there were everything. She said she was holding back. Information and it's it's kind of like the kids were here. Were supporting you. Just tell us everything and i imagine that as kaelin having to live her life you've lying about so many aspects. It's not so easy to just be so forthcoming and tell your truth now. It's near. It's something you're just not used to a not comfortable with totally an. I wonder because this was in two thousand fifteen. I wonder under now if you ask the kardashians and kendall and kylie what how they felt they handle this what they would say. I'm not saying that they did but if they still hold true that that caitlyn should have been more more forthcoming or if they're like we were lacking empathy. I'm not saying they weren't. I'm just curious yeah. I think that the other thing is i think the reason that they probably wouldn't say that is because a lot of the stuff that they were mad. At caitlyn caitlyn about was like oh you have this interview. Oh you're doing the vanity fair cover. Oh you're doing this. We're gonna find out eventually. Why aren't you telling us before other. People are telling. I know totally there. Were i wanna read read the four quotes from the difference ling's about you know caitlyn's transition and and whether or not they knew stuff so the first was from kim and she says quote i just just came home and i walked in the garage to go to my bedroom and bruce was dressed up like a woman. I ran to courtney's. I was hysterically crying. We have no idea what this is. What this means so. I kept the secret for maybe twelve years kendall says i just remember being little and not really knowing what was going on and we would find things like makeup are lipstick and we thought he was having an affair at one point and we didn't know what to do. We didn't want her family to be broken up so we wouldn't tell anybody. Khloe says i found out that when he did his appearances that he would get dressed dressed and walked the lobby of his hotel because he felt so good that he could do that. No one knew it was him and i remember i would just be so scared like what if someone catches him and chloe also said according kevin. I never said a word not even to my mom because we never wanted to make my mother feel uncomfortable. I remember when when this happened and when they were talking about this i my jaw was on the floor because my you know in my mind they were all just as shocked as the rest of us yeah. I thought that they had no idea idea. Maybe that was so naive of me. You know i still hold true that crested at now. I stole true to that. I really think she didn't know particular. Chris say that she like knew you would that. She would sometimes dress in no kristen now. Nothing the kids know the kids had caught her had caught caitlyn. This is from what i remember. Remember the kids at caught ceylan a couple of times kim was claimed like late night once it was like only once that that can car her like dressing late night and then they they never spoke about it again and i think she told <hes> kim and chloe and they never set at according clothing they never said a word when chloe tells that she found out about <hes> the caitlyn dressing like when they were hotels and shoes dressing the lobbyists woman during her appearances. I think chloe is telling the story having found out after the fact like she was like i think think i remember her saying this and it was like i remember thinking you know what if somebody had seen then so. I think that it wasn't a ridiculous amount of time that they had caught a few it was once or twice and in retrospect retrospect. It really stood out but i think they all were really afraid to tell. Crescent didn't want to upset her so they kept it a secret from chris and i think that you know the last person that caitlin was going to get caught. Alpine was chris because the thing about chris. That's the last person you'd want to get to go and with an aside from chris who she is also her wife right. You know so oh yes. Oh yeah i really i mean. I think there were selling kaitlan. It said like there's no way kristen it no but i really think chris didn't know and also potentially like i'm just shooting. The dark sure you know that was one of the causes of caitlyn's <hes> break up with linda and potentially she could have seen that now is like if chris knows for sure. That'll be the end of our relationship. I dunno it. Just yeah who who who knows so one month later june two thousand fifteen was when caitlyn introduce yourself to the world on the cover of vanity fair it was written by busby singer and any liebowitz woods photographed it which was a very iconic honor kind of it was their first cover to feature an openly transgender woman and it was captioned. Call me caitlyn again. Caitlyn is is with the c. which was incredibly attentional the month after that in july was when caitlyn received the arthur ashe courage ward at the espy's. Oh my god do you remember the driver. Oh my god when they went to that speed. I'll never forget oh my god. That was a huge plot line on the show. You know something. The russians must've really struggled with was having to having to show the world that they were supportive and put still angry at the the same time. It's a really hard line to walk and they were supportive. It was just there was owned their own personal things that they were struggling with and i think a lot of people a lot of people did get that and a lot of if people didn't know for sure because i think that people because the two were happening at the same time because their anger was happening at the same time the caitlyn transitioning. I think people specifically people that already didn't like like them. Were so quick to say like oh. They're just pissed because she's living her truth and like fuck them for not being able to understand it whereas like that was not the case. They were pissed about a lot of other things that just so happen to be happening simultaneously right yeah <hes> so a month after that july was when caitlyn jenner transition was the subject of i._m. Kate it was initially initially an eight part tv documentary series and premiered on e to an audience of two point seven million viewers. That's a lot yeah that is that's good and and caitlyn obviously was an executive producer of the show and it was kind of just focused on you know her transition how it affects her at least her family and her friends and it you know personally. I know that it didn't do that well. It was like it had so many seasons but i thought it was fascinating. Yeah it was it was fast. I mean i think this was really killing. Transition was like the entire world kind of learning about this at once. I think kaitlyn on the show something that you really set out to do was to educate an and explain that listen i i did live my most of my life as a man and i was athletic and i was into cars and into and i'm still into those things but i also identifies. This is a woman and i think that concept at the time was really hard for people to understanding halen really really opened up our eyes as pupil to like how confusing gender can be and how <hes> yeah it was. It was really the show itself wasn't great. Which is why i didn't do. The content matter was so important for sure. Also you know one of the i think she talked about a lot was like finding this new role being a role model for the transgender community not just to educate other people but also within the community community like kind of what her role was which we'll get into a little bit you know that was met with a lot of kind of she wasn't welcomed with open arms to the transgender community because of her political beliefs because you know she was a conservative republican that's not not typical and there was <hes> it was it was it was not so pleasant for a while other and the other thing is <hes>. Do you remember this that she was named glamour woman of the year and in an interview she had said like it was it was definitely joking and it was definitely you know a joking tone that she entered this but some of the one of the questions was what do you think the hardest part of being a woman is and her response was like figuring figuring out what to wear deciding what to wear obviously joking but a lot of people were really upset. I remember rose mcgowan came out and was like was like <hes> it's so tone deaf for you to say that because you have lived most of your life and benefited from the perks of white male permanent white male privilege and now you are identifying as a one which is great. Hey in everyone's support you but you have to understand that like you know. Being a woman is the hardest part of it is not figuring out what to wear. It's all of these other things that you are. You haven't experienced agreeance yet so i knew it was just it was a lot of conversation back and forth between between the transgender community and and women and a lot of people at this time oh my god and like this'll it'd be difficult for anybody and then on top of it you have the literally the entire world is it's not like you just have kardashian phantom. Which kind of is the entire will but you you have like her entire entire people that even people like dad's in their sixties by giving crashing. They still cared about caitlin jenner. I mean this was the biggest deal was like the the biggest deal it was so in december of that year she was named by barbara walters the most fascinating person of two thousand fifteen personally. I think she was incredibly deserving of that title because i i was fucking fascinated yeah weren't you oh my god yeah and the next year was when she became the first openly transgender person to be featured on the cover sports illustrated and the cover and the whole story marked the fortieth anniversary of her winning the nineteen seventy six summer olympics. Oh my god ah every time i read over this. Maybe seven times just doing it but i i know it's a lot of information. It is a real roller coaster. We just went on it is so the next year in january. Two thousand seventeen was when she underwent a lot of cosmetic surgery and she completed her sex reassignment surgery which plead correct iraq me if i'm wrong when she was when it was the diane sawyer interview i believe diane asked her right and she wasn't. She hadn't got under way and she wasn't positive positive. She was going to do yeah that must be. You know an interesting decision to look. I wonder too against big decision for sure yeah <hes> so the next year in april two thousand in seventeen was only two years ago she published her memoir called the secrets of my life and this was kind of when the shit hit the fan if it didn't already and it was really not well received by chris for the kids they said that in their view the book was filled with lies about chris and totally painted her malicious mean light that they did not feel she was deserving of yeah so one of the i remember one of the big things and i've i've spoken about this before because i i really think this is such a huge point is that kaitlyn said you know in the book that chris controlled all of their finances and that <hes> they there was money that caitlyn wasn't given in the <unk> chris controlling it and chris and courtney came out and they're like in the beginning of our marriage that was not the case there was not a lot of money there and for says i had to borrow money from cornea at one point because we didn't and it's interesting because one of the episodes i was actually the other day <hes> during the scott mathon was chris was explaining to courtney <hes> that in the beginning of her marriage with caitlin that caitlin had like all of these speedboats at all of these toys and they had to sell oldham's shoes like she was like we know at college tuition to think about we had two kids on the way we had all of these things in sometimes you have to be the adult and make financial decisions and make the smart ones and she's like she's like it was so interesting so long before this book came out and it's just yeah i think that caitlin was so used to having her own life and having her own thing and then when she had kids with chris. It was like okay okay now. We're gonna make smart financial decisions and i think that caitlyn just view ads chris controlling her money when when he regards it was chris you know setting up a future for whole family. Yeah and i also think that chris was different than caitlyn's other wives like she was yeah she was. I don't want to say much more controlling. I haven't met them but she was much more of like a she wore. The boss kind of the thing is and it's it's you know in retrospect engine to think about because when chris was saying that after her divorce with robber after she it had the affair in and robert had kinda left her with with nothing at the time until the alimony payments were set up whatever she was like. I didn't choose like robert took care of everything when we we were married when we were married. I didn't pay check. I didn't know how much money i didn't know how to do anything like after i got divorced i was like i'm never going to let myself in that position again so i think that really came into play when her and caylin got mary oh for sure <hes> now in terms of their relationship as we talk about listen their civil she was invited to the christmas party and caitlyn chris was not didn't cause a huge seen about that as we saw like last season there. It's never gonna be the same but i think that they're they've come a long way at least in the public size from the vanity fair days days yeah. I think that they they knew they had to also chris's. No is no stranger to you know having to work past a pass relationship for it to be amicable for the kids. Yeah i mean keeping your mind. It's not just like it's like chris had her four kids and caitlyn how to close relationship also have kids together so yeah no so now kaelin is sixty nine an and romantically she has most recently been linked with sophia hutchins who is twenty three sophia's also a transgender woman and in two thousand sixteen sofia who at the time identified scott revealed through the pepperdine school newspaper because she went that it was caitlyn who inspired her to transition so she graduated pepperdine literally last year two thousand eighteen and they were introduced to each other through a mutual friend it was like their hairstyles makeup artist and so we hear they've been inseparable ever since and they live together in their home in malibu just recently last week like rumors came out like <hes> sophie and caitlyn trying for baby surrogacy and they both posted on their stories like this is total bullshit do not believe it which we didn't obviously like chocolate star magazine seriously national enquirer where you but that is our most recent update of caitlin and her life romantically professionally anything you wanna add. I felt like i was on a roller coaster. I mean it was as i love doing this. I think she has such an interesting life and such an interesting story. I'm happy to like tell it because i think a lot of people don't know the ins and outs of it and they know what the no they know what they want to know where they what they've read up until this point but yeah it was really. She's got a crazy life. Everything aside just the whole olympics thing is related of itself but the marriage i would do six shit for a sit down with caitlin linda chrissy and chris. Oh my god oh my god and then the kids making county elite killing doesn't even need to be there. I would just had three wives that down and and you know compare stories and sophia and sophia. Oh my god that'd be wild anyway guys. I think that that is offer now so tomorrow we have our regular episode which were about to record. I'm so excited. There's so much that i wanna talk league that kardashian sections also right after this last week we recorded a interview with gunnar peterson who has you know is the kardashians trainer and he is the trainer on revenge body so in light of you know promoting around body we did a brief little interview have you with him via phone and he's a really nice guy so stick around if you're interested for that and don't forget to subscribe and no rate review and all those things we really really appreciate it. Okay so have you guys heard about this company. That's making stylish shoes for women and girls out of recycled plastic water bottles and they're insanely comfortable and machine washable so we're talking about rossi's they have quickly grown to a most loved. Gotta have them brand. It's no surprise over a thousand nearly perfect reviews their stylish sustainable comfortable washable really on one pair of shoes. 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These are the shoes even waiting for head to roth these dot dot com slash celebs today okay so we have celebrity trainer gunnar peterson on the line. Hello you guys are good. How are you always remind. I love it so i'm sure anybody who knows anything about the celebrity. World is very familiar with gunnar and he also so is <hes> one of the trainers on ease revenge body but just sundays at ten pm. How has that experience been fantastic. Honestly they have such a when. You know you're not gonna get any any trash dog out and be so let me start with. It's fantastic. I'm working with <hes>. They always can be good people. You know sometimes it doesn't it does those pan out but <hes> that might be more the people that we are assigned than necessarily the format of the show at structure very well. It's all help as i think the title got a bad name or a bad reputation at the beginning you know people's inside about revenge and actually not what it's about. It's about taking control of your life and finding a way to make things right with your pass or whatever whatever you feel got you or or pushed you over the brink. <hes> and you know it's great canoes. It's great production team. Rogue alice elect frankel larisa just you're working with pros and cross the border and i'm not gonna say khloe. Parbat has not given right. Yes yes as clearly as you know. Obviously we've never met her but from everything we know. She just seems like a truly incredible person. I is that your experience working with her as well. I'm also known <hes> khloe since she was fourteen so <hes> she's about israel rain and she's hands on and all this and their shoes and you can text away so just <hes> it makes the whole experience positive yeah. How did you start. How did you meet the kardashians like how did that. A start your relationship with their family years ago. <hes> kris jenner started sharing with me be had armijo friends and and chris reached out to him i knew <hes> than bruce now k then and chris and it was just <hes> it was a good fit fund easy people outgoing athletic adventurous you know as a rule you try not to crossover and and you have to make sure that trainers you understand that the people you're working with or not necessarily friends. You're hired for a reason but sometimes you crossover just happens because it's it's smooth. It's a natural transition and you wind up with some some lifelong relationships relationship. I have three people who have trained actually once pass away but who became godparents to my kids so my over sometimes right but few and far between totally no. I mean you train everyone. I feel like from the kardashians to kate beck and sell bruce willis hugh jackman. It's it's kind of unbelievable. How do you think this this happened. Like what is what. What do you think it is about your training. That makes you the best of the best. I've said this before and it's something that i was tired joke. I have great parking l._a. In l._a. That's just a huge plus and <hes>. I've been around for a long time. You know i've been doing this before. There were gyms on every corner before everybody was a trainer. So <hes> you sort of get a name and you play it straight with everybody. Treat everybody with respect and i try to provide <hes> a very high end service in a high end facility and there are people who go the other route and it's more down and dirty and it's more aggressive but oh i think i want my training to match the other aspects of of certain demographics lifestyle so if you think hotel chains right <hes> ego best western you go hide hilton four seasons <hes> ritz carlton. They're all very successful hotel chains but they're very different in terms of of what they provide what you can expect and what you as a customer walk in there knowing is gonna be your experience and try to put it on a on a certain level well because because of my zip code because people <hes> who've targeted me who i've also targeted and it's just i dunno. It's worked out. I i've been very lucky. I try to stay atop everything in the field you know from oh man watching everything that's on social media as much as i can <hes> reading articles reading books attending seminars ars and <hes> and going outside my mind groove i went to a tactical training thing and north carolina this weekend you just if you could pick up two or three choose two or three sayings two or three combinations i talked to these navy seal guys and they do a workout on a pool where it's a twenty five meter run in the pool and then casual swim back and you do eight hundred meters total so abba tried i haven't tried yet but i thought what an interesting way to combine two disciplines and yet still be joined friendly and they're all things that can apply to to training or to give people things to do with vacation and just think fresh totally that makes complete sense. Would you say that training your celebrity clients. <hes> is any different than training their revenge body clients. Would you say your you know your styles kind of consistent across the board or do you do things a little bit differently. Only in those two situations are i think my styles across the board the same just because of <hes> physiology bio-mechanics the way the body works and goals being the same <hes>. Let me see if someone's looking to to put on size of purchase and they're looking for bulk. I may not be the right a guy because the way i trained we can also skew the program to tailor it individually which we do for everyone but but for that goal but other than that it comes down to people wanna be lean people want to see the separation between the people born of being able to move <hes> and perform in life in sports and so how you train in an athlete is how you train a movie stars how you train uh civilian and as long as they're willing to put the work in i mean it's not going to be easy but it's going to be fun. That's for sure and we're going to get it done or we're gonna we get to the end goal. The hardest part about working with the the celebrity or the people in the public eye is the scheduling they are being. You know you hear people say well. If i had all day go to a trainer i mean they're doing a movie for three months not doing anything that's what's the biggest misconception that i see. They are pulled in nine hundred directions by nine hundred different people. It's it's what they do it. In a day is under estimated <hes> i think by the public and wants the people make it a a priority or the priority in their lives <hes>. It's there's an easy go right when this becomes set of something that's t._v._d. On the schedule when it becomes locked in the you know in ink and and that's what they're basing everything else off of you start to pivot around that versus trying to find a way to fit down in but i think that applies to everybody just more moving parts you know if you tell me you're a stay at home mom or your <hes> <hes> stay stay at home dad or you're a single parent or you. Have you know you work. Two jobs and you have these financial. Constraints are still ways to do it if you will if you're deciding writing this is your priority you will fit it in no question totally. Do you have someone one of your one of your celebrity clients that you would say kind of exemplifies the like going hard art and is so dedicated always. They're always ready to work. Is there one person that comes to mind the most when you think about that <hes> let me think in in in in the meantime. I'll give you some some preamble. I think that because of the way i've been around and people know what i do and how long i've been here. They kind of get it <hes> i wouldn't wouldn't sam. I'm all business no nonsense because we do you know there is levity. We do how fun while we're doing it but i think that they know when they're coming to me that we're here really early for the work and the rest will the rest will <hes> kind of takes care of itself so if if they're coming coming here they're here to do the work. They're not coming here to check a box and say oh. I trained with gunnar. Oh i went to this gym no coming here to get real results or something that regimentation maybe they haven't found before this so <hes> i dunno khloe when you know when chloe chloe now it's a different situation with with her little one but when coli with me every day it was literally six days a week senate was arrive early and leave ten minutes later that kind of thing <hes> you you know the people the people were ryan seacrest trainee back in the day the guy would just go out and you wouldn't know that i mean he's just such a go getter what you see him do and achieve in in the the real world is the same way he isn't a gym. I don't know they all go like <hes> for one hundred years. The guy comes in and it's just no nonsense start to finish his goal. There's how how he wants to low. Cowie needs to perform bruce willis same thing you know there's a scene where he has to flip guy over and he wants to make sure he can download up and throw so we're training with a heavy bag. I was like a body dummy and it's scoop it. Flip it over the shoulder pivot and repeat repeat repeat and you're thinking you know you could get a stunt man to do this for you could get a body able to do for you but these guys are not where they are because because they pushed the work off on somebody else completely yeah. I have a couple of questions that are kind of random but just things that we've always been wondering so. I can imagine other people were wondering <hes> my i do you ever have any major. Run ins kind of in your facility. I feel like if everyone they must be coming around the same time. Do you have any of your favorite stories run-ins or does that happen frequently. No that's the whole thing that's a that's my part of the scheduling jigsaw puzzle right and and i also asked people. Do you have a problem with anybody in town and industry. Is there anybody i should know about anybody that goes bad dating experience about work experience <hes> you just don't liked them or you're a huge political. Differences are just. I just want to avoid that. I want there to be completely or their gym time to be completely stress free right. No that makes so much sense. I am obviously chose. I think that that's why people continue to go and are so appreciative of of the way that you operate because it is truly one of the few safe safe spaces. We don't have cameras in the gym. I mean people want a video their stuff or whatever totally fine but we don't have like <hes> you know that i in the sky camera that that a lot of businesses have i i can't i wouldn't do that to people we say of course but a ton of restaurants these days have them. <hes> you know a stores have <hes> airports have our place. It's just not like that. They are safe if you didn't you know if you if you call me here this morning and you're just rolling in for six a._m. Workout and it's baseball day no makeup whatever that's never. There's never going to be a picture of that and that's never going to get out. We're not like that yeah that makes a huge difference of course so completely. Has there ever been situation where you've just been starstruck. You're like i cannot believe this is happening or has that. Is that not no longer thing <hes> well well. I think two things i don't google people. I don't look them up so i probably don't know as much about people as i should when they walk in because i like to. I like to have the the my experience as as neutral as it can be. That's one thing <hes> i i will say. I think there i wish there should be a study. I would imagine something has to happen to your pupils. When you see somebody in person that you know before that you would only seen on a twenty forty foot screen because there must be something in terms of while they look you know fill in the blank shorter taller thinner fatter older younger hunger whatever it is because you're there is a comparison to what you thought you knew of them <hes>. I wouldn't say it's starstruck like you. Certainly you know fan girl out no talk differently and freak and get a weird high twice but you definitely <hes> you know. There's a oh yeah okay. There's done vacation right. You see that i've seen it before. It was like this but again. I don't have people who come in. I don't i don't get the jerks. I don't get that. I'm sure they're out there but i just don't get that again. People who come in they're coming going in for a purpose. They're coming in for a reason. They're serious about their jobs. They know i take my job serious. They know we're going to get the work done and we're going to have fun and <hes> and you know maybe i'm. Maybe i'm going out on a limb saying mutual respect but i think there's mutual respect. I think their husband since day one now fair to say there has to be it wouldn't yeah you wouldn't be in this position if there wasn't <hes> my last question for you which is really just everybody wants to know what i of course there's so much that goes into it refused to some of the secret to getting you know the kardashian the jaylo hello type booty. Is there one move or one one thing you could give people listening. I would say train heavier than you're training right i. I don't think most people don't think in my experience. The women workers are i've seen work or not are more cautious around heavy heavy weights for fear of getting big air quotes but you know getting big is a lifestyle i can show you guys who've been working out thirty years trying to get a little bigger and they just don't because while they're training may be on point nutrition's off the recovery's off their hydration off. They're not managing their strengths and and you know so cortisol levels are high which makes it very hard to gain in any size and they're just don't be afraid to lift heavyweights especially the women if you want that. If you wanna be fuller bigger <hes> more pronounced but you have to go heavy calories in excess of what you're burning so your body has something to work with you. Bro you have to sleep and recover adequately and you have to manage your stress levels and i. I know that sounds like a laundry list. I was looking for one thing you know. If there was just one thing everybody would have it no right of course thank thank you. I mean listen. We never actually kind of feel like i know you through the account. Thank you for being such a loyal following some of the people i don't know but i see the the <hes> comments and i laugh and i'll ask <hes> the the girl who works there once the jammous. She's on top of all that stuff until say that's that person from that and i tell oh my god you guys and watch the fun counterfoil and the same athletes wants are all fun for just fun to see all those people people cross-pollinate thank you i really this is great. I really appreciate you taking the time and remember you can catch on easer avenge body sundays at ten pm. Thank you thank you.

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