#904 - WEEKLY RECAP: Whats the Easiest Idea to Try Right Now?


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We have just finished week number twenty five of season three programs called will money Crisanto this week featured French toast bites Cayenne pepper throat lozenges and natural hair care empire. It is now multimillion dollar peration as always lots of fun stuff in the mix. Lots of stuff that you have probably never thought of before. I'm pretty sure at least one or two of the stories this week are things that you never imagined. Somebody could go out and actually very successful with a lot of money with in some cases, even with their job and go all in with whether that's you're not in all cases, expanding their auctions, bringing more security bringing something into their life that they can be proud of that is ultimately, what it's all about something that you can enjoy, and look forward to be proud of even as it makes meaningful and positive difference in your life. And of course, for a lot of people who are in debt are otherwise need to make extra money. Well, that feels really good to okay. I have no prob. Saying that is a primary benefit of a side hustle, making extra money now over here. I just finished three long days in Canada, three to four depending on how you count. It's lots of media, lots of great events and experiences with listeners and readers. I'm now relocating back to Portland, Oregon for the next ten days to prepare and hosts and facilitate the ninth annual world. Domination summit really excited about everyone coming to town. We got people coming from all over the world per usual. There's also a lot to be done because I've been gone past few weeks. I've been doing book tour and focus on other stuff. So for anyone out there, who's listening who's involved are just kind of wondering about how it works. I really do. Want to say a big thank you to the WS action team. They have been going strong, having lots of meetings making lots of progress, while I've been doing all this other stuff. So I really couldn't do it without them. And of course, our eighty plus volunteer ambassadors. Who are joining us this week as well. So that's a little bit about what I'm up to wanna talk today in this recap. I want to answer a question. Really specifically. What's the easiest idea, too? Try right now. Questions becoming a couple of different ways on book tour, if I wanna start a side hustle tomorrow. What do I do? Well, guess what? I have a clear, indirect answer for that, first, though, just a quick reminder about how choose stories for the show. Some people have been asking about this on tourists. Well, simple answer is that we need your referrals recommendations, probably about let's say twenty to thirty percent of the stories are coming from our listeners who have started side hustles off in the time since they've been listening to the program. Probably another twenty thirty percent are referrals, a people that, you know, who are doing a side hustle, like the kind that we feature on the program. Maybe it's a friend of yours. Maybe it's just something that you have spotted, or spied somewhere. We would like to know about. So it was pretty simple. If you'd like to nominate yourself, just go to school dot com slash about. He scroll down. There's a link to the survey form and on that survey form, you can give us a bunch of information. The more information, the better, it makes it more likely that will be able to choose your story. So that's for yourself. And if you've got a recommendation of somebody else. You could just write to my colleague, Whitney, who manages all of our editorial process Whitney at side-hustle school dot com. W H, IT, y and let her know who we should talk. We wanna feature as many broad Representative different kinds of stories as possible in our continued quest to bring you the best possible information. The best possible actionable information I should say. All right. So that's that. Now, let's talk about this question. What is the easiest side hustle to start right away? All right. So first of all, a more important question might be what are your goals? Like, what are you doing this for why do you want to have a new source of income, and your answer to that question might determine a next step that is different than the answer to what the easiest idea to start right now? It's just a little bit of preface or disclaimer. But as I said, the clear and direct answer that, I promise you easiest thing to do right now is to resell something so to buy, and resell something or even cells in the home, and I'll talk about both of those options here. So there are all kinds of plot. Forms in which you can sell something, you know, could be EBay could be Oetzi Craigslist, gum, Trie posh, Mark, Amazon. And of course many more if you're in a different part of the country or the world, there might be some other network that I didn't mention if you're selling something that is specialized like something to do with knitting per se that could be revelry, like lots of different topics, and skills interests, and hobbies and such have their own network, lots of different platforms. You just need to choose one wind out if it's something very general than shoes EBay, or if you wanna sell it locally, choose Craigslist, or whatever the equivalent is in your city. And when we talk about easy. I really do mean easy. Okay. I'm not talking about setting up a proper business with all that entails talking about trying to criticize the stable income on talking about a two step process. Okay. Step number one is to sell something you already own which, again is really simple. Like look around your house your apartment, your dorm room wherever you live, pick up something. You haven't used in a while. If you have close, you haven't worn in a year, that's always a good option like your closet periodically. And if you've got something of it worn in a year, do you really need it? If you have old Electric's or computer equipments also that you haven't used a few months, even perhaps might be time for that. Go books kitchen items really anything that has value. Don't make it too complicated. Take a photo of that thing. Right. If you sentences about it, and it listed on one of those platforms, they are usually really intuitive to figure out how to do it. Even if you have never made a profile before on that platform or site, the process to register make your profile list, your item all that should take you less than an hour maximum. And then within a few days. As or a week, or so you're gonna see result come from that action. And if you haven't done this before it can be really fun. I can kind of light you up and get you into something else. So thinking of something else, you know, step two is basically by something else, and resell it, ultimately, this is going to be more sustainable because you can't just keep selling your own stuff, unless you wanna end up like one of those minimalists, who has a coffee table that they use a bed because they don't want to own anything, so assuming that's not you where do you find what to sell this all important step to couple options for that as well? Probably a lot of options. Actually. I'll just give you a couple of them. First of all, you can look locally. So you can look at flea markets yard sales anywhere that something is for sale, essentially, you can go out on a Saturday or Sunday or go to wherever used items are for sale. You can also go much broader and look on the same platforms that you're going to sell on and study the auction listings that close or just notice what is posted notice. What gets a lot of bids notice, what is selling for relatively high price in some cases, you'll be able to buy and resell on the same platform a lot. People out there, actually even making a living, or at least making a good, second income buying and selling on EBay, and I have a little tip for you. By the way, if you're gonna do that get a second profile. So it's not super obvious that you're using the same account to buy a bunch of stuff and then resell it for higher price. Nothing wrong with that, of course, is perfectly legal and ethical, you just might wanna have some separation between the account, that's doing, most selling versus the account doing the buying, if you know what you want to specialize, it look for wholesale items, or bulk, lots of stuff you can take it up. Another level and go to Alibaba or all the express. Just look at those websites linked him up in the show notes, and there, you can find wholesale items direct from factories and just to be clear. If you're buying something, there, you wanna make sure you're going to be fairly certain. There's a market for what you're buying. Otherwise, you could end up with one hundred camera cases or baby blankets or whatever it is. You stumble upon. But it certainly can be an option if you into reselling and you like the whole process of it. So those are a couple of quick steps to really get into something right away. There are certainly other approaches and. I said your decisions should be driven by your overall goals. But if you are looking for the quickest, and easiest, and most accessible thing to try really, anyone can do this, try reselling, if nothing else I can tell you from experience. It's an important skill to learn. You can probably end up applying in other ways, once you move on from it. Okay. I've got a really good audio update for you from previously featured side hustler. He's got some really interesting observations, and a big change that he made which is allowed him to be much more successful. I'll let him tell you about it in his words. But I, I want to say thank you to our sponsor, appreciate them helping us keep the lights on. So here's a message on their behalf. And then you'll hear from Andrew sottile school is brought to you by policy genius easy way to shop for insurance online. Now, once you apply the policy genius team will handle all the paperwork and red tape. No sales pressure, no hidden fees, just financial protection and peace of mind. If you're looking for life insurance or not just life insurance, but you also got home insurance auto insurance. Disability insurance, probably some other insurances focusing on life insurance for this campaign, they've got all kinds of stuff, and if you need that, but you've been busy doing literally anything else, which, I understand, you know, who wants to deal with this the hope when they make it easy. Checkout policy genius. It's easy to compare all the top insurers and find the best. For you policy genius dot com. Nobody wants to shop for life insurance. That's why they made it easy. This is Andrew bliss originally from Cincinnati now, stationed abroad, in China and Taiwan. My side hustle is the adventure smell box, and it was featured on Assode to seventy six over the past couple of months. We've launched a new website and completely redesigned our packages our website. It seems rather horrible for some reason, I thought having pretty artwork and volumes of text was much more important than actually making sales are new site has reduced our wordage by over half, and we have simplified our ordering procedure now customer can come to our site within five minutes got all about and complete a purchase. If I can offer any advice that people starting their own side hustle. It's to keep the possibility open that you have something completely wrong. Ask for feedback and really listen to and make sure you ask people who will be honest and direct with you the phrase that changed the direction of my business Andrew. It's pretty, but it's about the worst commercial side of ever seen. I mean, do you even want to make money? I'm truly honestly forever grateful to that person. In addition to this change something really great came from my side hustle. Our educational packages now. Proudly contain a top secret instruction manual teaching kids how to write the computer code to create some really awesome projects are new partner, code speak labs. Reached out to me after hearing, the episode thinking, we could create a more dynamic overall package together. This is a lot more confidently approach schools and home schoolers as we really do take off about all the educational buzzword boxes now. So after a difficult couple of years, they've interest box has wind, and it sails again now has a smarter captain sailing. Well, you heard it from Andrew, a pretty sight that doesn't convert. Well is a trap for your business, very wise decision in reducing the copy on his site by half and optimizing checkout process. I mean, here's the thing, you should do by the way, if you sell any kind of product go through your own shopping, process, try to do it as independently and objectively as possible, and ask yourself how easy is it or how difficult is it? Let's say if it is at all difficult, if you are at all annoyed or frustrated by the process, or think it's got to be a simpler way to do this, just imagine what your potential customer things. All right. So it's really, really pays to be just brutally honest with yourself or get somebody else to do it. Get somebody else to go through the process and kind of observe how they feel and, and how intuitive is it and what to be improved upon it cetera also when it comes to conversion here's just a practical tip. Google optimize can help you make all of these decisions if you're trying to figure out how much text should I have? And is this, the right photo? Or is this other one right photo? Google optimize, we'll basically do this kind of split testing for you. So there's a tool for that linked it up in the show. Notes. But however, you do it maintain clarity as one of your most important values when it comes to designing your website. So thank you, Andrew for that on us update. And I'm so glad as well. That's great stuff. Has come from your episode everybody, you can follow along with Andrew, check out what he's doing at the adventurous, mailbox dot com back going, take a look at his updated, newly reconfigured website. Coming up on the program. Lots of episodes, so many episodes. In fact, we might even have one episode day. You never know. I mean, daily podcast, you know, seven days a week. So guessing the odds are actually pretty good. But I'm excited to tell you tomorrow about the eco-friendly candles, that produce a smoldering profit that profit is on fire depositing, something like fifteen thousand dollars a month in the Bank account of the couple who makes these candles tell you all about that. Also got another cool story software engineer cells, sixty four thousand copies of an of green Gables e books, if you ever read and of green Gables, or if you like any of the classics, many of those works are in the public domain, meaning that anyone can create a version of them off them for sale. So number of people have done this in different ways with Amazon, and I will tell you one big success guy who's done particularly well with it. And of course, much more on the way here we are at the end of the week. It's just want to say a big, thank you to folks who work on this show as well as to you, the listener, this is a community. It's a global community of people who are all interested in doing something for themselves. Sometimes by making the world, a better place the same time, which I think is good. I don't think these are mutually exclusive goals. So if you're out there listening are the reason we make this show if you make the commitment to make this part of your routine I to commit to supporting you fully in your quest to create that new source of income, perhaps, you've got an idea. You've been thinking about you haven't turned it into reality. Let's make it a reality. Come on. Let's do it was to scatter. And of course, it's not just me a whole bunch of other folks working on the program, including producer, Chuck Reed. Content miniature Whitney correct community is on jed Chang. Cat herder Tina heart our network partners from canes thirteen and the official Shoukat Libby Guilbeault all of teams out of school are also part of the project, which is curated by bestselling author Gretchen ribbon. Check out her show, happier with Gretchen ribbon as well as happier in Hollywood and new program, Melissa urban do the thing. All of these shows are free and listener supported. If you're enjoying sinus school, I would be so grateful, if you'd give us a quick rating and review apple podcasts, just take a second, and it helps other people discover the show also, if you got the new book, one hundred cells a review on Amazon, which is rock. My wrote, it'd be so thankful. If you enjoy the go into that I'm very appreciative of those who take the time to do that. But most importantly, I want you to take the time to take care of yourself. That's what it's all about. Consider this a little investment in yourself, every day, ten minutes or so short daily investment, hopefully learn something every day or at least several days a week. That's my goal we put our episodes up at six AM eastern every day. So come back do. Tell your friends, make sure you're subscribed. My name is Chris Calvo is school. From the onward project.

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