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Top Ten Fantasy Football QBs


is top ten fantasy football quarterbacks edition of the sports gaming podcast is presented by my bookie dot agee my book easy official online sportsbook at the sports gaming podcast use that promo code s g p fifty and get a fifty percent deposit as a bonus play win get paid rosser brought you by amazon logging over the sports game back as dot com and click the amazon banner bookmark that link and using every time you shop score sweet savings and support the podcast whoa oh welcome everyone to the sport canley pack sean second agreeing with my partner and picks were i real money kramer happy fourth of july kramer merica yeah yeah we should we talk about america sure i'm a fan saw something very i know you don't support the troops ryan but i do worth the trip this will get get us nothing but negative review sean i a you know spending fourth of july as any good american would wake up watch the hotdog eating contest and go to a baseball game ryan hopefully you played my lock which i guess that can i put out a blog post breaking down these ads for any a hotdog eating contest and they live and was under seventy three and a half caveat of free plus one ten year fourth of july anyway and i'll have to i you know i took some pictures but at the dodgers game sean oh yeah a what is more american than baseball and the fourth of july but more importantly what is more american than a grown man bringing his glove to the game in snagging a fly ball away from a kid oh i saw that oh but black the black dude and a tank top yup sitting in the lower section where in the first row of the low so we could see straight down that lower area and he might have even been a ball player through you know like they they finished the toss around ending beginning ends throws it into the crowd and there's probably like four kids any area in this dude comes you know he's gotta be like six foot two just reaches over nice catch but it was clearly an adult baseball glove yeah what do we don't i get it you're there were kids the kids bring the glove right you don't as an adult is it fair game to bring a glove to a baseball game i i also went to a dodgers game on july third what's her a good pal justin decker san diego the chargers in decker he made a great point he said doctors the kind of guy that would have brought a glove did he bring oh no he he was anti glove and he made a good point he goes 'cause if you're catching a foul ball with their bare hand there's a chance you get on sports center if you're catching with the glove that's never gonna make sports center unless you're doing some sort of move where you're keeping it from a young child and then they're gonna put it on shame me so i didn't even think about that that's a very good point i just think you know sean i'm sure maybe i've never discussed this on the podcast book years ago were sitting in me in right field area area lower level andreotti the're is the rightfielder the dodgers at the time and he he sends one he catches the third of an inning sends it in the crowd what do i do lean back full extension left handed bare hand grab ooh what if i had the glove and my telling that story right now no problem but also it's just a it's just a weird thing to bring to a game to me it said this is this is the perfect time to play the the shine box drop because oklahoma gets you fucking shine locks this mother fucker went home and told his friends about this and it wasn't like he called a liner he caught like a little flip from a player but maybe thirty yards i anyway very american of him to bring his glove to a game that's but i was getting to sean will see i think it's antiamerican mit bear you know raw dog there nothing for foul balls that's right that's america right it is america and of course he officials board of america the national football league this fantasy football preview podcast presented by my bookie dot aj my bookie dot ag either doing their own super contest that's right each week all you do is a six five games against the spread in first place here in teen hundred thousand dollars maybe more hunter dollar entry fee that's the one hundred dollars that's who say cool thing with my bookie is a they're super contests no juice juice every dollar entered is eight dollar ended the prize pool and you know will be entering for sure if you want all you gotta do sign up over my bookie dot edu slash super contest you that promo code f g p fifty three fifty percent deposit bonus play win get paid over at my bookie hey did you hear some raw it'll be tackle this story i think i know why you were choked up during that reed i'm sorry did did we just say that my bookie will not be allowing oj simpson to participate in their superconductor wait what what no juice oh no juice decree secondary what i did there when i like it right over your head right over my head no juice but at yeah that's pretty awesome hunter dollar entry and a man the dog days of summer that's why were just doing these super early fantasy football getting do it already thinking about fantasy football ryan's already china get me aneurysm cbs folly of which i have an opportunity here because i i in also in honor of america i decided to kick off a couple i like doing two at a time time 'cause then you kind of have you're in the same region of the draft into drafting kind of see what's going on both draft and anyway so i got to going on right now and i wish jonah as a draft i was just showing one of the draft and it is very much patting myself on the shoulder and i'm about to go on the clock in the six round but picked up you're boy philip lindsay in the fifth round oh i love the hair with james connor along with aj green d andre hopkins and stuff on digs but i am actually on the clock in my other leagues and this this is a purely experimental approach where i went david johnson todd gurley leonard for net philip lindsay for running backs for next i'm sitting on the clock here with my fifth pick in the dream scenario occurred robert woods is sitting there waiting for me wow i look i we we touched on a little bit i think in the receivers podcast but robert woods interesting prospect this year old regular he's definitely gonna get you points every week so when you're when you're going forward and other positions i could go a little bit more best ball in look at another type of receiver here but why not grabbed the point so i was thinking about this i think lawler just spending july talking about football football in july official mount over sports gambling podcast i think we should do either way a either a full mock draft podcast episode or you know no one ball no one's gonna look at you mock draft john are you kidding were definitely doing in right well we will have a guest on animal each have our teams and then just have the the you know will announce it live will be computer pick these other kind of give us suggestions her 'cause i know this is this is not a unique idea shockingly okay the fed anki ryan fantasy prose do this all the time and they just used they used the the mock draft engine so me you and the gas will get in with their own team's weaken spread out the picks and then we can talk about just like you but i do think i do think the way they do it is the pick like do it as were picking i think that's the more and versus doing a recap yeah we talked aurora decisions and we can take people into our minds because they'll have to make the same decisions and their draft a little slow today i did kind of go a little hard last night for fourth of july you and me both men had a a buddy cornell how they a at a pool party and he's got this great view entire city las angeles while see them all these basically twenty different firework displays going off on the same time and i happened to stumble upon some mushroom chocolate that someone gay oh and i was like oh i have a little very out of character you shown well normally i save it for if i'm camping or something like that but i was like i'll have a little but i also i can't do too much because i had this have this fantasy football viz going end i think a you know i went out a little a journey ryan and i started while i was a in joined the mushroom ride i was thinking about my top ten so you're trying to figure out how son fell gets into the top two quarterbacks getting the no no way said fields getting in because they'll give him in implies that carson wentz is gonna get injured i think that i don't believe will happen as much as you're gonna try and cursing ryan but maybe he does maybe he played thirteen games blows at ac l and they want another fucking super bowl i'm fine with that i'm a team guy right i'm a team first fantasy owner of the team first fan okay not fucking around number ten quarterback ryan my wrist okay this guy this guy my best john wrong cox now again to preface this list i took some positions you could just go like ryan's a but buddies over fantasy products dot com or whoever and just you're you're generic top ten rota world another rota world even though the square central i'm making a couple of positions there's a couple of guys on my top ten that i'm sure art on a square joe q public top ten i'm i'm taking some shots okay my number there's some shocking there but there's two or three guys here that either gonna be higher or not on some top ten lists this first guy he's probably in your top ten ryan okay coming in at number ten for the houston texans the shawn watson wow why so low again they i'm taking a position i'm really i normally don't like to predict injuries because it the national football league in anything truly can happen you could have tom brady bloated hcl game one fingers cry baby fucking man really anything could happen but for me what's scary is that lung injury had that lung injury that would not allow a fly on the team plane he had and take a bus his lungs so jacked up an it's his style of play it's not that he's always running outside the pocket and getting hit its that he holds onto the ball way too long and the houston texans offensive line has really struggled at times to protect him dozer the reasons why i only have at ten oh i love his upside and he's a guy maybe take a shot at best bully because i think he's a huge upside i think he will have those three touchdown for touchdown games but i think if you're looking for a season long qb number ten feels right for the shawn watson and honestly the this format is the strangest to do i think for the quarterbacks because there's for me you could almost look at it like you have a tier of top guys and then you have a couple of stragglers and then there's everyone else yeah i mean when we were talking up i'm not taking a quarterback in the first round i'm not totally order back in probably the top three rounds right i i would say this if you're not targeting one of those top guys deeper me i think the sean watching the shawn watson is a fringe top guy but objectively you know if you're if you're not taking look rogers and mahomes was like why are you region why are you going after a guy because you know who shit a guy like jimmy garoppolo you can get i dunno he's probably in the twenties rang in her back end of rivers this is probably between fifteen and twenty ben rothlisberger is outside of my top ten there's no shame in streaming quarterbacks there's no shame at all it's my point so fruit prefer a top ten format what i did here's i just wanna make sure i dropped in a guy who i i while while he may not deserve to be top ten i think the difference between eight and twenty is not very much a lot of people were very high and kirk cousins and other guy there but james winstons the guy i'm gonna put him in the reasons why is strictly bruce arians and that verdict that want throw the ball down let's era keep calling him jamison james winston as a little bit of both chirpin but again you have to remember this isn't about onfield leadership production winning this is about putting up numbers yeah and we've touched on the weapons we touched on the question mark in the room syrians and we know what we were there is area seems to be kind of handing over the play calling the byron left which which is pretty interesting because he always seemed like a guy who light coin his own plays so he must like what he's seen on the left which to a kind of hand over that stuff to a james winston james winston and byron left which bruce arians a guy who lives by the motto a no no risk no biscuit an i don't know how to say this in the best possible fashion but bruce arians seems like a guy who maybe come talk to james winston like a guy who could get his attention dirk cutter kind of a square guy maybe a guy can't speak the same language bruce arians seems like a guy who could talk to a player like jamus wants absolutely in and back to your point of winter winter we selecting these guys i again then if you're if you're not targeting some someone you feel is elite elite i don't see why why why why risk it when when i could just wait and grab mitch trubisky philip rivers again trubisky's the guy i don't love trubisky but the guy runs for sixty yards a game he had he had a couple of he had a couple of monster fantasy again it falls is ranked twenty eight by the fantasy prose he's ranked thirtieth by broadway i just think that this is a strange moron cox nick foles quarterback is one of those positions where you just have to have an opinion or you should just wait and an end to me yeah so so again this this format is interesting but james winston will be my number ten guy show where you going number number nine sandiego sip the chargers watch philip rivers to me i and again what's fun about these lessons i'm taking position i mean i in stock you you're talking and he's best ball example out of stock shares ex wires z boy christian paying the says it's all about investing i'm investing in this chargers team i'm investing in this chargers offense in particular i i'm really really high on this hunter henry connection i'm really high on philip rivers giving some red zone touchdowns i think because of melvin gordon's injury history i think they may i i don't know if they're gonna pound the ball in the in the red zone as much i i think i think hunter henry has a nice little jumping touchdowns end i what i like about philip rivers is thirty two and twelve last year but he did nice yards per attempt at eight and a half yup i think he's still got a couple of solid productive years left in i really liked their defense i love what they're doing defensive line i could see some turnovers you know when you get those melvin ingram joey bosa n tillery on that defensive line that skinny some saks that's gonna give you some turnovers that is gonna get you some some good fucking field position making the chargers job that much easier quick sidebar are boy adjusting decker i'm although i will say this i i have left all of the two thousand four quarterback class off my list i'm little higher on it then yeah i i like rivers and i i will be happy the end up with the rivers but the for the purpose of this argument i just i feel like it'd be reckless the put him up there just because i'm reckless i like how you reckless i just think there's there's younger guys you could put on this list and and i got a couple old salty dogs in my top ten decker to the chargers game he worries sandiego fleet t shirts saw the tweet the chargers at andrew lock it around some guy yelled at and goes go rams yeah of course there's no one else wearing any sort of chargers memorabilia and were sitting in the club level seats nice seats great experience get the weather service the whole nine you shown balling out a little bit and i were talking about u s c you cla really making fun of u s c and the guy there's a guy in front of us this old do turnaround he goes you know you see is a private college and you cla the public college anywhere like yeah yeah that's why were making fun of usa apparently he is usa alumni got real bad 'cause decker immediately followed it up with you as hey and alumni news you're a boy oj simpson and just got on twitter that's gotta be pretty awesome autographs alumni jackie fucking robinson the guy got real upset and left early he left early the game five four walk off in the tenth with bellenger two home run game yeah and i'd say twenty percent of the crowd was laughed he went yard a on the fourth as well they showed the replay and it was just do that just fucking balls out real quick to the point of people leaving early so the dodgers do a fireworks thing on july fourth end every friday early july fourth it's this big celebration for america people fucking left early like you're paying extra motor air you go it's a sellout crowd it took forever to get in the building because the dodgers i just dodger stadium is not the best a set up for forgetting a lot of people in the building quickly get another reason why you got a lot of columbia i agree such easy and i will say though sean sitting front row in the lotions pretty fun it was pretty fun to be right up on that action a but people were leaving early like fuck you you my number nine give it to me well you wanna talk about positions i'm gonna take a position here and i'm gonna put cuyler murray at number nine fantasy points here oh i keep going back and forth on cuyler murray i i love his yards but i'm kind of scared of the touchdowns but you're right these rookie quarterback's sometimes sometimes they'll just go crazy running the ball here's the cabbie i it is july fifth it is very early in the process i'm probably still not going to again i think quarterbacks probably eight through twenty don't have much difference to me so that that's gonna you know when i when i approached my drafting sean it's all about that cheering i don't wanna take the first guy that's here but i'm really bought into the idea that no matter how good or bad this team will be they're gonna run a lot more place and they have an cuyler murray is going to run the ball we've seen josh allen mitch trubisky in a button blake bortles other relatively worthless quarterbacks be relevant because they can run the ball and if cuyler murray is going to flirt with michael vick's one thousand yard rushing season he will absolutely be fantasy relevant because that is a lot of points that is a hunter points on the ground right there yeah so if you spread that over sixteen sixteen game season that's a six point edge n n arizona's defense is just gonna be so bad defense more plays 'cause they're gonna run a faster offense and a quarterback that's gonna probably scramble little bit that buddy i guess the counter argument there's a lot of three and outs i think there's it's a possibility in eighty three and outs whenever really running the ball and make mitchell trubisky relevant someone who absolutely does not have an arm i think you have to consider cuyler murray so i threw in the nine spot i i hear my number eight iceman himself mattie ryan and i i'm torn on him sean yeah again this is just i feel like i just had to put him in because a just the dome games alone first eleven games of a season are in a dome hit a nice jump in yards per attempt from the previous season a up one point two yards per attempt to me the biggest reason why i would hop back on the matt ryan fantasy train i mean i'm kind of off on him overall is a player but no steve syracuse ian has to be where he is gone annual conference of core and dirt cutter are boys are kind of end dirk cutter he has coordinator not head coach it's written all over he seemed like a decently smart guy but even in hard knocks you could tell this is not a head coach i'm actually kind of bullish on the i'm getting more and more bullish on the falcons for that reason i think they're often get back to being like they're they're often even inspite in spite of circulation has been pretty good yeah so if you've got a guy in there that's not that's not gonna be out at the bars a chilling on the download their guy ever disease that was so awesome when he got fired from you see any sued you medical condition i see you a few i got a disease are male a male right now i'm playing through the pain because it's ideal for the listeners ryan oh it's funny i write a well my eight also matt ryan i i i wish turned on him but i felt it would be reckless to leave him out just because of the potential of because he is playing in a dome he is gonna have what nine don't games i think is the number a that that's hard to ignore it's hard to ignore the chant the chance where that often to be explosive with ridley and who leo jones avante freeman still there are a lot of reasons like matt ryan hard to put him outside my top ten that that being said i'm not i'm not like banging down the draft or take matt ryan but he probably if i if i'm being honest like he's probably sitting there he's probably in the range of guys so i i might grab especially enough a pc format where a lot of quarterbacks drafted because he gets he gets you high for like to me he's very on sexy pretty high floor guy i don't know if the ceilings tremendously high though so atp around six pick kate cool i'm not say that that that's probably when i think about it but why not wait till around again were talking about more traditional draft here where you're not drafting two quarterbacks in the draft like that were you know a couple asshole friends here's will take a backup quarterback to take up linear five spots but really you're talking about there's twelve quarterbacks in this is back to my point if you don't get one of those top three or four whoever you thinker that top tier why bother just stream stream matchups matt ryan's on that fringe for me because of the dome factor though i think community year it's it's not the worst thing they have a quarterback that's gonna be playing inside number seven for me danger russ us on wilson i just kinda see a little a little movement from the seahawks team offensively nice jumped in yards per attempt to one of my favorite qb statues up point from the previous season thirty five and seven careerhigh passing touchdowns end a recipe will it just seems so best nickname ever by the rest of you will he's just kind of in put the team on his back mode again i think i kind of like some of the chemistry developed some of those other receivers tight ends i they don't have a clear cut guy that's gonna eat up goal line carey's which is something i factor in these these quarterbacks it seems like you're trying to get a the tight ends involved a little bit more in the red zone so sean i'm losing some more i'm gonna blow your mind not in my top ten i mean square play but he's still you wanna know why sure rushing yards he's still he's still puts up decent rushing yards three hundred fifty last year that's the difference three fifty five which is actually a career high four i just think the the ways getting banged up he's getting older a debate they now have a you know they continue to have a stable of running backs sean who's there who's their offensive coordinator be careful schottenheimer what is you wanna do run the ball from the yeah but this is the modern shot i love russell wilson again real football i won't russell wilson on my team wins games i don't know if i'm stretching the draft and because i'm guessing he is going i'm guessing his atp is ahead of matt ryan's were you in the six round there and i just don't know if i could take in there yeah i i got i got wilson had a ride but again you know splitting hairs here but that's a fun of the podcast kramer hoosier seven who's my seven seven i'm sticking sticking in that dome i'm sticking in the nfc south i'm taking drew brees okay seven again that's not that law it's not that low again i to me it's there's like a tier one and then maybe you could flirt with cheer to being the matt ryan the drew brees where i liked the fact that they're gonna be in a high octane offense i like like the fact that they're gonna play inside and i liked the fact they've done it before so i also just like the way that i mean drew brees is going to give you a ceiling he's also going to give you a floor so that that's when i flip the coin to determine who do i like more drew brees and matt ryan that's how drew brees ended up had a matt ryan number six for me is drew brees okay drew brees in a weird way it almost felt like a down year last year for drew brees meanwhile the guy had thirty two touchdowns only five interceptions four thousand yards passing i think it interesting that normally i don't take a ton of credence with this stat especially because the way the league's going overall but i think it's fantasy relevant especially drew brees a highest a completion percentage all time for drew brees seventy four point four percent that's a guy who's just gonna keep drives alive end with the emergence of kamar a i think it's an easy way to completions for him it's an easy way to get first downs more passing yards an it's just an easy way for him to rack up some fantasy points yeah so i think reemergence of kamar which i think could have even bigger you're in a weird way a yeah i i think he's a safe he's a guy i would actually kind of love that have because i think it depending on your league i think you could get him pretty late a guy like drew brees because people have drew brees before and kind of like i just don't think he's a sexy as he was in previous years is a pick and i think people might look past him yeah at least the public kramer hoosiers six well this is where i think maybe i fall off the rails a little bit damp and you're you're one hundred percent going to disagree with me i think but it's cam newton yeah a again you're gonna see who i think i think cam i think i think i make here's my stance on this list can maybe it's gonna be healthy this year based on what based on the fact that he's a year removed from all the bullshit he was dealing with it he's asked you gotta shoulder that's back together i don't know i i don't know that he's going to produce in again here here's an i'm gonna shed some more light on this kind of loose tier two way for me and that's all the quarterback so far in the nfc south sprinkle in cuyler murray so i think winston ryan breeze and neuner on that same bucket for me i'll throw in cuyler i i just don't know if any of these guys are guys i'm willing to reach for again my quarterback strategy is gonna take one of my top three guys or wait so cam noon i just think it's reckless and not his upside is so high with the rushing yards i think there's this for the same reason that dumb dumbs like trubisky irrelevant dak prescott irrelevant lamar jackson is relevant is all about the rushing yards sprinkle in the fact that he's gonna get a whole bunch of juice from all those catches the big that mr mccaffrey you're gonna do but he he's coming a career low rushing yards to thirteen it it seems is hurt last year dude like that's the thing he was injured all year i think you got a little got i i think i say i think too much but cam newton number six i'm not i'm not sold in that shoulder yet i'm just not my number five it's crazy i know you're gonna disagree right but i am i'm i'm buying stock in the pittsburgh often so wow gimme ben rothlisberger at number five probably pretty shocking i think rothlisburger he just seems demille he's got that one last year i like ju ju to be number one rated fantasy receiver an i like a rothlisburger to have a big season throwing the ball i don't i still haven't landed on how i think they're gonna be is a team 'cause i have a lot of questions on the defensive side of the ball but it's coming off hey a thirty four touchdowns season right there in a five thousand yards i dave just kind of and that's a big jump from the previous season this team is seemingly just built around big ben he's still getting the starts he's still he's banged up and he's still plays throat and still put up good numbers i don't think they're gonna miss a in tonio brown production wise i think they're gonna be able to find people that make up his production okay in pittsburgh just seems the oh is figure out they always have receivers that kind of come out of nowhere and i think that's kind of 'em blanket on the coach's name i think that's tomlin's best skill is being able to put together these highly productive all fences regardless hot out i i'm i i definitely think i'm gonna end up with the big ben on a number of teams just because where he's actually giving dr can clarify i wouldn't i wouldn't actually draft tim fifth quarterback overall because i i think it'd be way too high drafted but in my mind he could be a top five fantasy qb pretty easily yeah and that's i mean good transition in my top five guy because while while i did debate eight put in your boy carson wentz in here he didn't make my top oh my god were pretty different on his position i i think you know i i think you'll have he'll be fine when he's playing i think there's they're concerned about injury and i think there's a concern about the fact that when he was having that quote unquote mvp campaign he was he was hitting on a pretty high touchdown rate baker mayfield's my guy baker mayfield did not make my top to see i should've i think i probably should have put him lower because i don't think this like again i'm not i'm probably not gonna reach him in the fifth round or whatever his eighty if you look up his atp while we were talking here sean i don't think i'll be looking at grab him but there's certainly an opportunity here here's here's why i think there's an opportunity for the browns to be eighty explosive team i just don't know how long eighty p is seventy so we were talking ended a fifth round yeah so i probably haven't ranked fairly accurate according atp then a but again this is win so if you're looking at my personal rankings it goes once you get to baker mayfield i think the difference between baker mayfield and someone like philip rivers who's like fourteen on my list is almost nothing so what is that telling me i'm probably not gonna end up with too much baker mayfield but i do think just based on the ceiling sean i think his his ceiling could be huge right there there's a chance that odell is the best receiver in the league and they have a in freddie kitchen is the second coming of sean mcvay and they have is extremely explosive often a would be aggressive defense they're getting the ball out and scoring opportunities baker mayfield is the guy who shockingly have like forty touchdowns that's what i'll say a but yeah it's weird i guess some splitting hairs because i i had odell my top five receivers i did not identify rated if you remember yeah but i don't have bigger mayfield in my top ten quarterbacks i guess i'm maybe i'm being too contrarians just the cleveland hype machine is just a little bit scary the public bandwagon just hopping on board up everyone this is this is a desire year it's a little scary it just strikes me as the kind of team or baker mayfield could have three touchdowns and three interceptions every you know what i mean like they're gonna be making the ron brown he is one of those guys that's worth it for basketball league because he could have some seriously huge game i'm gonna keep reiterating the same thing but don't like don't get crazy yeah don't get crazy with the quarterback there are so many quarterbacks that will be productive again kirk cousins not my favorite a lot of people were pretty high on him and he's ranked somewhere in the twenties so tom brady to hoosier number four shown my number four aaron aaron rodgers okay john what i'm i'm giving you the merits why you're pointing carson wentz ahead of aaron rodgers so of course oh gosh aaron rodgers he it's it's gonna be a few mode season i feel yeah at there's still a lot to shake out with this whole floor thing i think well the names on the floor yeah i think of a better sense once training camp happens as the where they're really gonna a kind of come the whole power struggle if floor concedes i love aaron rodgers even more if he's really been the hardest about it and trying to install this qb dummy system that's below what aaron rodgers brings the table that's a red flag and maybe i slide rogers down the twentyfive touchdown to interception ratio pretty good that's that doesn't nick foles numbers a you know when he had that crazy run when he went twenty seven to chip kelly wow wow aaron rodgers in demonte adams it just seems like a really good combo 'em i'm gonna give you some more again this him in some of these veteran qb maybe i'm ignoring of the young guys too much to my own detriment by that yeah gimme aaron rodgers yeah i see one actually yeah i do too and i think this is where the edge of my tier one starts and that is the shawn watson and that's because of that ceiling it's because of the fact that team just wants to sling the rock they have d andre hopkins they have will fuller wow he's gonna run the rock he played through above whatever broken lung or whatever puncher law in an while i was in high on him last year when we people were saying he's the number one quarterback over aaron rodgers i certainly think he deserves and again this is where my quote tier one starts if i'm going to reach on a quarterback it's gonna be one of these guys i shot pull up the atp but the shawn watson to me that ceiling is is the ceiling is he could be the number one quarterback and i think we haven't discussed the guy on my list at least who i think could be the number one quarterback yet even in a perfect scenario it starts with the shawn watson he's got it all and atp's fifty one i feel oh so you're but again they may maybe people are kind of sort of injury potential so that's that's front end of be the fifth round yeah right that feels about where i i would be looking to take additional if i filled out by i've gotten a couple of starting running backs couple stood wide receivers and i wanna make sure i got one of my top four quarterbacks i may i may snag watson here so watson's my number four guy number three sean numbers carson wentz is here right now oh my god number three is fantasy football not real football on right agreed agreed an you know listen you you could know listen i i'm trying to pull up a andrew luck's game log from two thousand eight oh because andrew luck is my number three quarterback what's not to like about andrew luck andrew luck a thirty nine touchdown fifteen interceptions at frank reich system an there in a dome her in a dome for number of games most importantly they sorted out horrible andrew luck was really bad end the team looked really rough there what one in five start so he put up this thirty nine touchdowns fifteen interceptions and that's with a rough start i mean what's that about this colts team they seem to be building the team the right way getting good offensive lineman a to build around lock he's had plenty of time i t y hilton maybe not as injured he would kind of little banged up but they seem to be spreading the ball around in a dome all fence with frank reich who really seems the bring some innovative playcalling that's really helped the colts offense i what's that about andrew luck right here i like him as well i like him a little bit more than you sean oh wow i here's you wanna hear your hot take queue it up here's a hot take music although he is in my top tier number three guy patrick mahomes what how many of his points were just him slinging the balls hard as he can and tyreek hill what is it mean for tyreek hill the miss time what is it mean to this team and what does it mean now the patrick mahomes has a target on his head yup a lot coming off an mvp season there's a lot of reasons to like patrick mahomes but i i again when is he going he's getting drafted earlier early people i mean speaking of the juice he made a case where he drafted in patrick mahomes number one overall why and i've heard i've heard people 'cause he's a maniac but i've heard people make that case that patrick mahomes is a quarterback worth drafted number one overall no well maybe that's what i've done it myself here i'm looking at what do we looking at eighty p thirty five ish so the third round i i i think i've done this so i don't end up with patrick mahomes anywhere maybe i'm mad i didn't buy the stock last year i jeff how often do we see and maybe i'm arguing against against my own baker mayfield comments but how often do we see guys blow at the fuck up and then maybe take a slight setback maybe the touchdown rate drops a little bit like aaron rodgers very very kind will get the aaron rodgers in a second but that's i mean that's essentially i think his touchdown rate will positively regressed i think you could definitely see mahomes comeback look he's in a great situation andy reid offense the quarterback friendly and he's in my tier one again for a reason i think this is one of he's one of the four guys you wanna absolutely tried to grab or wait so patrick mahomes is gonna be my third guy that would that's the heartache of this show show well wait i think i might have a hotter take but yeah number two for me patrick mahomes on he had made here last year fifty touchdowns five thousand yards highly impressed how do you you not regress well how do you put it he's gotta go back end i i'm still high and the chiefs but i i could see it just seems like everything one right for them you know last year and now they're gonna they're gonna have some issues it i still like damian williams in in fantasy no i don't know if i like patrick mahomes is much well again emory is still pretty i if he regresses a bit down and that's forty one forty touchdowns in the instead of fifty touchdowns now says he end up being number well maybe maybe he still does maybe he doesn't i'm gonna dock and because i think i like my top two guys better and my number two guy sean is not carson wentz it's aaron rodgers what aaron rodgers again his touchdown rate will absolutely regressed up he's going he has legit targets that are being suspended by aaron rodgers is aaron rodgers he had a slight down last year i will happily take aaron rodgers any nephew mode supreme aaron rodgers f you mode i mean do you think he wanted the getting barest chugging beer like that i'm not even talking about the down year last year the mike mccarthy i'm talking about this chug chug gate will call it shug gay is coming out hot an aaron rodgers gonna be my number two guy sean happily i'll take a more of a what's his atp very question he's probably like super low atp right now he'll be he'll be fine i mean i think he's by most people's a rankings probably in that fifty five okay fifth round say that this is where i'm getting to write like do i want mahomes in the third or rogers in the fifth yeah yeah i 'cause it's not you're not it's not apples apples i get it mahomes will put up a shit load of points but it's all about the value of a replacement shown in during those two rounds you them far those two rounds now you can add to the to the more scarce positions receiver and running back so aaron rodgers might number two brian before i reveal my number one fantasy football quarterback and what do we get a shutout the amazon official partner of the fourteen when podcasts all you gotta do is go sports gambling podcast dot com you'll amazon logo there you click on that amazon logo okay this is easy no you do is just do bookmark there anytime you're buying stuff on amazon used that link you're buying stuff on amazon in supporting beat sports gambling patia crv a ton of six stuff on there i mean if you're looking for any daschle i have a surprising amount of a sports merge like kind of random interesting stuff a new jersey's t shirts autographed memorabilia billion books and be like those funke pop dolls ryan burrow those are fun carson wentz mini fat head graphic seven inches perfect size a little escalate this ooh some a dog jerseys they got it all all you gotta do sports feeling packets dot com click that amazon banner it some sweet saving and support the podcast today you know what i bet you can't find shown what can't find anyone on amazon selling you carson wentz is the number one fantasy quarterback that's why you come to the sports gambling podcast where you're hot takes somebody called me a homer for this right but at number one the double number one number eleven number one in your hearts carson bucking what was that like about this new look off at the sean jackson deep threat only outside the speed open it up for dallas got her hand in fucking zach ertz are boy warren sharp said right and he said one thing nfl team should be doing more running twelve personnel eagles are gonna be doing it all day and twice it's on sunday look for a number of red zone touchdown to go the tight end zach ertz ham dallas goddard al sean jeffrey great red zone target they don't have the garrett blunt stealing vulture in those a red zone passing touchdowns yeah maybe jordan our look at some read so much but it's gonna be all cw the jesus ginger carson wentz he's gonna have thirty five plus touchdowns i predict in this guy you wanna talk about you mode all so many haters nobody people's cars and right if he can't do it he's banged up they paid him that much without winning a playoff game oh my god why would they do that the guy can't finish the season he's about the vintage should be that'd be number one fantasy football quarterback right now save the rest of my prediction for carson wentz but it's gonna be a good season paroled old cw for the sake of the brand i bet tony during that whole brand 'cause i want a job some nice clean audio but you're out of your mind dude i think carson wentz could return the mvp form take the eagles on a twelve and four campaign and he not even sniff not even sniff the top five fantasy football quarterback so you're insane k but that's what people here tune in here you're fucking insane hot take right by the hot take take it's a it's a take that needs to go on a short but sean what am i gonna do put him put him seven this is why he's level carson wentz production case heard dakota prescott here at number seven because actually his who fucking wants to hear that bullshit bullied singer of train maybe i dunno also huge fan of dakota press you probably have because you're number one quarterback ryan no i do not my number one cannot have carson wentz in your top ten that's that's a crazy retake i would argue because he's gonna miss some games with a back injury flaring up it's not a flare up injury sure it is now let's get back injury sean don stop a bad guy kneeled stop arguing it okay let's sack is fixed let's see everyone else who got hurt last year it's a concern this year except for carson wentz is that reconfirming that take yes a the depends on the injury you brought up a lot of anyway i congratulate you on me fortitude to put carson wentz is you're number one quarterback this'll be great for the reddit and all these other roles on the internet my number one quarterback sean hot take you've already called him out andrew luck oh wow okay when is andrew luck had this kind of supporting cast this kind of offense of line an end he's in a dome maybe there's some regression 'cause some of those iran games are kind of a little bonkers but i don't know man i i'm super high in luck to obviously i'm a andrew luck stan if you will is the kids say but this often in a dome home with this offensive line that filings giving him the the kind of time he needs what's not to like yeah and again i think when i'm putting my first year together i'm basically saying which which quarterbacks can throw for like which quarterback skin flirt with five thousand yards which quarterback skin surpass forty touchdowns and i think it's that list of luck rogers mahomes and watson so i absolutely think look look could do what patrick mahomes did last year that would be the hot take he could throw for five thousand and fifty touchdowns now it's a stretch but again my top to my top tier quarterbacks but doled out on his own will be nine one don't they want some hot take some kind of outside the box thinking you could look meaning a private school quarterback number one on my list that's a hot take caveman andrew luck you're you're bff not mine i like andrew luck good did throws iraq got finally got his arm fixed who some off the board sleepers crime and that we haven't hit on well again i think coming back to my list yeah and this is more of a strategy conversation but after those top four i'm probably this is why the format it's weird i'm strangely probably not going to be looking at any of the rest of the guys my top ten because i could just get guys outside the top ten around the same time or even wait longer you you throughout ben rothlisberger i like ben rothlisberger in my top ten i think he has potential philip rivers disgusting right he seems they're always put up numbers and he's always disrespected in twelve team league you could probably get him at the end of your draft because listen there's not gonna be a chargers fan and you're drafted don't worry about that he he's going outside the top twelve if i'm desperate sean if i'm desk jimmy g is an interesting one yeah no shanahan could make a productive he didn't andrea last year a you kind of called out some reasons why stafford might be a question mark this year yeah i'm staying away from him even all the way down to like you know could be worse and starting ryan fitzpatrick the first couple of weeks i again well that's interesting to i does fitzpatrick starter today they just give it to rosen right away i think they still let fitzpatrick start and then i mean one more talking nfl week one dfs yeah i i think the move with the dolphins is they'll start start fitzpatrick because you gotta you gotta save the guy who's gonna give you some hope till later right here bench the young guy it's the it's the mover fitzpatrick has been benched many times yeah okay but he's on him and then the mind it well end and i think what all three florida teams start it out to in our three you know with these new rules about the conditioning these florida teams in the heat have a headstart so if you look at the miami dolphins week week one home september eighth it's gonna be hot it against the baltimore ravens at home and again you got fits magic he's gonna be a quarterback india fast you could probably get per five thousand he's gonna be like the bottom of the barrel tom brady's he's atp is undrafted in a standard twelve that kind of insane mitch trubisky another running quarterback josh allen who we touched on john brown in the receivers one josh allen could take a step forward again runs the ball make some intriguing lamar jackson accident high floor streaming option sean but i'm gonna you know you wanna talk about week one dfs you wanna have some fucking onions you know you start joe flacco at home on the cardinals yeah wait no yet i denied lines have gotten the cardinals right oh i'm sorry that's pre season there on the road versus the raiders i here's here's what i would say about joe flacco using stardom in that first week if you wanna have some money but as far as guys i'm looking dry i i think it's again i think it's you're either taking one of these top four guys you're just gonna wait grab wherever you like a lot of people like jared goff again regular season i'm not one to wanna grab golf at this point i think i think they often will be productive i don't know if i wanna grab one of those guys and i've done this and leagues where it's like a twelve team league last year the last person in the draft a quarterback you could do worse and jared goff if you're the guy drafting a quarterback in a twelve team in i think quarterbacks a weird spot where in a twelve team league i promise i'll probably be the if i don't get andrew luck or rogers i'll probably be the guy taking the last quarterback yeah it's probably gonna be someone like big ben cuyler murray to like have cuyler murray's the last quarterback drafted why not you can pretty quickly if it's if it's a dumpster fire you just cut bait and start streaming yeah end end dwayne haskins is a guy that probably just goes undrafted but i who knows with that situation well again is as far as you're getting a guy that's gonna start every game doughy e s and you're not getting the rushing yards i'm in lamar jackson will see other one i feel like we've kinda hit on but 'em i think case keenum gonna start for the redskins to in the beginning now now it's a did the owner drafted up they're gonna start in week one against the eagles on the road which is a crazy thing to do i mean i i mean i hope you start case keenum i i i mean well i dunno obviously i like her chances either way but that we we have spent a lot of my week one picks right here here would be my take you you like case keenum duty at eagles home against the cowboys home against the bears and you bring haskins in as the revenge spot against the hometown team new york giants on the road week for okay right before we go just a reminder make sure you check tickets out on you to you to dot com slash sports gaming podcast i saw the you a you recently subscribe to the channel ryan i did check that out right also doing a ton of a guy called me i myself have been posted a ton of fun videos counting down the hunter days the football both college and pro just had a sweet phil simms video on their just a ton of like old school nfl and college clips instagram sports podcast end as always make sure you rate review and subscribe on i tunes we got a new review ryan this is a a pretty fun one it's comes from a guy called ginger failed to oh five he reviewed us on the fourth of july unmissable the title of the review a proud englishman living in boston riding on the fourth of july anglo has given america so much over the years well first off the country but we didn't really give it to us it's fucking ticket from you punks given out over the mass film internet language working progress beatles oasis charlie chaplin princess diana manners parentheses working progress soccer or using right name at least cricket houston texans since meet i go on i don't know what the texans i'll look into that but finally after listen to this podcast we're even love the show subject insights and most of all the football talk most excitingly i've listened to months to wait to figure it that does mr green really know anything about college football any response will reference two hundred thousand dollars and draftkings no doubt that you're guilty as charged ginger philly did win two hundred thousand dollars on an manda i know enough about college football do win some money and that's all that matters side i know for a fact he has the phil steele preview guide so i left my job to pursue college football research so you're welcome listeners and make sure make sure you tune in for this what's going back us i'm sean stacking the migraine any is ryan congratulations show kramer let it right

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