Have You Ever Been Pleasured in Atlantic City? - EP 267


About that. Testing testing. Okay. So loud. Can you talk? Do you want to hear what I have to say? To lower the my love loves needs to win. I lower that. It lowers my voice, but you guys are real loud. What that's why I'm having you just it's okay? Just go. So. Just go. So lau. Can you talk? Sure, check check. Check fag. Z's beyond. Yeah. Hi. It's me. Hi, thanks. Oh, so it's not that you called it. A stye stupid studio Stu stupid studio. Is a serious stupid Stu studio. Stupid stupid. Oh, no. No. I'm I'm good you happy. Now. I'm all set wise. It's not all recorded K funny. Oh, it is. It is okay. Okay. That was an ordeal. Carey ready here we go. What an ordeal. This has been today. Do nothing would work is mercury in retrograde or something has to be. No, I blame it on the now. -mergency the national broadcasting. Nothing would work. There's a button push pushing a button is this that this that facts is complaining about a chair. That's not true. That's not. Well, it kind of complained anyone else. What didn't? Because because we don't in fact, it's been in the studio before and I brought in a we have a nice patio set like dining table outside. So I brought one he has all I asked the chair has arms. So before he showed up over the that chair. There has arms so I'm going to bring in and he goes, well, this isn't even an inside chair say go fun. So you used it for the day. And so I went I thought well in tally find something because very tried to find something nice at one store, then they wouldn't sell it to me. So I gotta get him something he can't be restricting it needs arm. So I need something. Just like casual like in the meantime, but I don't wanna spend too much money on something. That's not right. So I found these nice like director's chairs, right? And it's but they're low and they've got arms, and you can lean back and before this enough, and he sits in he goes he's chairs of. Foreign world. I said, well what what do you? What do you want me to do? No ross. I didn't say all I ask for is a chair with arm. Yes. That's what you said. No. I wanted member. I because I said a chair with arms, and maybe like one of those deep, and then you you change the subject I'm trying to explain it. Then you change the stuff on beach. I like the chair in the living room the ones that chairs in the living room. Yeah. I know. I've been watching on the door back at look I came in here today said you're don't complain. He goes to tell me to complain because sometimes I feel like a chronic complainer. And I don't like that. Well, neither ungrateful. We don't like it. You know? No, no. Let's do. What can we? Because then we started making fun of the complaining that I felt the tension came into the room. And I thought it was funny to can we do Llamas breathe in Britain. We couldn't get the thing to work now. It's all working. Everything's good. Can we just going to breathe go? No one two three in the end. And then hundred three already. Oh. I'll have feels better they say breathing with another human being is the most calming thing that you can do really second to in. Yeah. That's right. Hey, everybody. Welcome. This is the per I'm going to need J rod to do the intro. I think it's the commute because Mark's not here before we get into it. And boy, do I have something special for you all real quick. Can you swing that? Mike Mike to to Jay, right? So Jay rocky and just give us the announced we need in love, please. All right here. We go. Live from the Pristina, darling. Stew studio in Los Angeles, California it straight talk with raw ours Matthews. He's the gay best friend. You wish you had. And no you need. This is tough love. Honey. Now here is Ross MAC. In the voting. Sweet to me. Mambo? Well. Okay. I just turned. If I did a little Henry pick premiums got into a heart. That was very nice. We forget to say homo of all the things to forget. Did you say he didn't stay home almost you have enough homo in this? Right. You know, who cares? The name of the change every day. Reach around here. Really uncomfortable chair. The hiney. Look remover is C J is here. Nickel. Jay rod up. Way do in Salima or sleeping and Tristesse here to half of that road to her and just a second. But first I have to tell you all just drove in from Palm Springs. Oh my God. It was like Armageddon impulse. The rain has been so crazy here. I was going to come home yesterday. And like they had to close every road. You could not get in or out of Palm Springs because there's like these dry riverbeds right there. Just dry like always looking to go. Why that day dare found out? Why they were they were flooding over that on the news. It was crazy. I literally try for like an hour. I tried to get on the freeway yesterday and get back with girls. And I was like fuck it. So I just went back in home turned around. I turn right turn the car around. Like fallen in my friends in Idyllwild while couldn't even get to their house like ho- road just fell in. It was insane. So you know, what I didn't said I turn around. And guess what? What do you do when you can't leave Palm Springs? What did I do anyone? I do do press conference. Ross matthew. Small frail Irishwoman in the guest. Do you? Go get a drink. Look happy hour. I did that later later. So. Right when I can go. Yes. A small casino. No. But I did not late. You guys really do know me. Yes. Yes. Talk man must Lima back. Did you get a missile? No. I went to the walk in clinic. What why let me explain do you see anything about my face? Do you looking at my face? You know, what I don't notice anything about my face. No about four or five days ago. I like was getting ready. And like, you know, you like are there? I'm done I'm done, and like just read my I was like, ow. Ooh, didn't think anything, by know. What is at the end of the day. I like Catholic feeling a little bit. And then I looked in the mirror is my island, really swollen. Unless I forget about it. And then I woke up the next morning, and it was twice the size. And so I was like how every time. I blink. And then the third day I woke up, and my I I look like Popeye. I was like when I close. Okay. Yeah. Just spinach. I was just like complete rightly so I start doing warm compress. And I told my moment, I don't know what's going on. I don't and she goes Honey, you have insurance go in. And I was one of these. I was like I'm not going in like what it's just nothing. So when they win the couldn't get into Palm Springs this the universe. Telling me to go to the walk in clinic. And I went in and let me tell you something to walk in clinic was the most delightful. Everyone was nice. So there was so this is what I'm sorry. This is the walk in clinic that you can go in if you don't have insurance to right? You have insurance. Yeah. You have insurance to go because clinics are like for everyone. Anyone can go. Right. I don't know. Because I have insurance. I actually don't know the answer. But I went in and I had a infected sty. I don't know like a class something many of those. Yeah. Heart. Hurts so bad scare. Oh, well, what happened was is that they gave me I have here. Yeah. I have to do these drops. Yeah. I drops. But I can't put eyedrops it. Oh, sh why not never been able to have never used. I don't wear contacts. So I've been the past like when I have dry eyes, you know in Palm Springs because Dr tried to put it in and just follow. Okay. I'm gonna do this. Again. I have to one drop four times a day for ten days. It's been two days now. And I think I've gotten a half a drop in are you gonna die. Are you going to and do the like the drip? I don't know. I can show you a special tactic. And then I'm all by myself. I don't like I got. So I might ask one of you to put my. I get it though. I'm like that too. But the warm congress has really worked though for that yet turned out it did feels great. It would like to sell a warm compress. I would buy or the Ross Mathews warm compress. Let's put it in the microwave unless unique Boyer good him saying, I have put a few things in the migrate recently. I have to admit what food I didn't even have one I have one. And I I reheated some I was in a mad. Hurry. I reheated some rice and the other day in the microwave. And as I was doing I was like do I institute story the yes. But I was in such a hurry when I ate them, and I left, and I got sick instantly. Numbs kidding? I didn't because it's fine because microwaves are amazing other awful to the devil box. You're nuts. Will waves by Wong? By one. If I wanted to do. Yeah. You're plastic microwave imagine what it's doing to your food. And the no I can't do your plastic Milton the oven dummy. All right. Let's move on. I think at one point in the show. I might ask you to put my is my eye drops in. Okay. Tricia, will you remind me before the end of the show pleased to put my I wrote on top of that rose finish my question. So I haven't seen you since Valentine's Day. What did you do? Did you for Valentine's Day was a lovely? Did. You miss me. Yes, we share a love seat. So I thought you were my VR and love see right now. But nobody would you do you? Yes. We had a very Roman. We were very busy working, but we had a kind of romantic Dave's probably TMI, but we took a bath. I have about to gather all my stars born. It sounds awful. What to take about with your lover that sounds awful serious? Love zer- so bright in their small and like you're looking at your partner's body like folded over nobo-. Be like, I look okay, laying down that you want to see mis folded. That makes sense. Want to see anybody sitting at like that you're but you get bubble bath. And you put the bubbles all over you. I have a really big tub that's really made for two people. So did you sat across each other. We take a bubble bath we talked. He rubbed my feet. And then he took me shopping. Did you have tub love? No love. Now, I like that maybe hot tub love I've had a lot of tub. Love you've had you made love in many many times in my career. Yes. God is C J Tom go really don't want. Nobody's germs. Rub. It up. No sex would set just gotta let it all. Go shower. Love. I have done shower love sour love. Yeah. But the thing about shower locate the thinking about the tub- love, so what you called in. Who gets to sit up against the faucet. That's the heart in the middle. It is. So we each that's come over Malta bath never been invited house. Axes place. I've seen Tristesse plays not inside. But I've seen the outside of it. I've seen inside of a siege. As place, he chased Heenan. I'd me I've never been invited. You twice in you canceled twice on I never canceled because you no, I never accepted the invitation. Canceling you've never seen the canceled. I just said no both times. That'll hold up in court. I when I was here with my friend dawn, we were in Puerto Vallarta a lava, Don gray, hit straight talker too. He is a listener. And he has a house in Palm Springs. And so he's like, well, I'm in Palm Springs where you well. Let's go. And so I had heard about this restaurant impose I'm not going to say the name of it. But I heard it's good. And so I was like really it's good. Okay. I don't it's like not an thing. But don't. Don't you think it wasn't good? It's in like a strip mall thing ANSI. I mean, I will you give me tater tots with Nacho cheese on top. I'll go nuts. I don't need to hear that. This place is on. Okay. This is great. Do you know the place I'm talking about? Oh, God you do. Nobody. Don't want to say too, much CJ. I'm pointing to you. Okay. What's rate is on? I can't say what kind of food is it. Jeez. Okay. Mexican food. No chimneys. God. I'm just gonna say I'm not gonna say, it's talion got it. Okay. Were they fill them. So give up one of my favorite places. Oh, aged bless God bottle is amazing. It was Doug's amazing. It is. For people there all the time. It is dot dog. We tasted death something about maybe that night was off. Listen to. Do you know how hard it is for me? But not to eat pizza. Yeah. I just pizza was so bad that I didn't want him me. It's so good. What do you? What do you get? Okay. So we do the carport at the Carbonneau. I don't know what that is. It's some Italian dish. That's mazing. We get the same is loves the pizza there. Like, it's so much there that the bread cheesy bread. Did they bring cheesy crack busy that? They just serve dog food that night. It was not good. But I would go back with you. We'll come back to you. It's I I love Italian. I mean, I can't I never not even bad Italian is great other food better than any other foods. I hear you. I couldn't believe how bad it. So you try the drink. They promote them. Sorry. No. What's a dream? I mean, I'm not saying so people don't know what we're talking about. Because I can't believe we're talking about the same place where they're known for the largest. Yes, no dog foods. I'm surprised because you. Are not hoping we'll really wolf how do you miss up pizza? All I got with vegetables. It was all rod veggies on top was like soup. Under the pizza pizza was like a soup underneath. I don't understand. How never looked so much that I couldn't eat the twice in like four months. I need to go. Please please do dog food was food. That's shock from you. But the whole point is I felt thin the day off any deal relining that was a silver lining. Been mad. Don, ordered cheat like mozzarella sticks which I never even like that's too bad for you. But I thought it's Valentine's Day, I'm not making love with anybody. We're gonna like you don't wanna full making. And I thought oh, we then I'm going to have a bite him onto realistic. And I had. Either it tastes like, it would just it was the I haven't had disappointing dinner that long so CJ I will go back with you. Because you have to order everything. Because I had heard from multiple people. That was really good. Can. It's a really good. It's been there forever. Yeah. Wow. Math Valentine's dinner, I will take pause next time. And I mean dog pause because it was dog food. Yes. What tricia? Yes. It is it somebody called it slippy pizza, slipping slippy does that describe it slippy slippy that I think that was your sorority. Remember? Last week in CJ, you were gone. You hadn't family merged. Everyone was wondering, but everything. Okay with you. You're good good. We love you. We missed you last week Nikki Boyer you were invited. But everyone else was here's Jay rod vaccine myself. And that's everyone else story of no Nikki had to go home. So that's why she couldn't be there. We didn't pumps rings. Yeah. I have to come home. I I missed you we mistress you, but was there when she saw it. When j rod was flirting with a straight listener. Oh, he was beautiful. And she okay that we set her name last week Caitlyn. And I love her they, and I just assumed that they had straight talk lovemaking like Tableau tub blood, but to St. talkers, so, but they didn't apparently they all went out as a group we're going to get in that second. And then J rod called her and left a voicemail and let me dictate to him. And I did put the dick in dictate dictated to him everything that he should say to her. And then so J rod give us an update. Have you heard from Caitlyn the straight talker? Yeah. We've been texting back and forth. Nothing too crazy though. I mean, she's on the other side of the country, but we have greed that you know, she comes this way. We'll meet up, and if I go that way, we'll meet up if she comes this way, which way she going come out. So we'll hang did you get back together? Did you get together with her at all did she know nothing like that? Did you hear from her that you did what she upset that you talked about her on the on the show? She didn't seem to mind at all. I think she liked it, actually. So do you think that there's a possibility that you're going to see her? Yeah. I think it's possible. Have you expressed that you love her? Or anything? We're not that. We're not at that level yet. You know, one step at a time Ross I had the try sauce in front of her. She s with me any sexting. Yeah. No, nothing. Like that. No pictures, nothing. No. Like, hey. I think you're great. Like, I'm interested in you kind of stuff. I mean. Yeah. We we said things like that. Like what really is getting this kind of? Fono? What what go I'll power for. 'cause I don't wanna like. She's you know, who she was right. The redhead. She. She. Conversations. Great. They'd be cute together. Right. Yeah. When she was walking up the stairs. She to other straight. Tucker's grabbed me in there like this is Caitlin. You need to meet her. And I hugged her and loved on her like, I need to say CJ concede. You give me. Like so excited. This is the way we're spags e and then as the day went on I kind of noticed that like the two of you. Jay rod and Caitlyn is like, oh, this could be this could be an EMMY techs. Gimme tax. Yeah. Scrolling up. Oh, those Barbara waiting. What was the outcome of the poll of rod? So we pose. There is also talk about was that Jay Raja's Bolger. Not in this photo that we post John. Hello Ross pod. Eighty percent Bolger. No, bulge eighty percent, bulge, people think that was all bulge. Real quickly. I didn't give me one little tidbit from texting giving Han little. I'm Sarah's free conversation basis. He'll you talk at all that bullshit. But what the fuck y'all talk about equations fuck out here, bro. You know, what Jay said? What do you do? Scrolling? That's a lot of big one. What's what's that say? What is the blue and say, I I asked her because I saw on our Instagram page. She's been in Atlantic City. And when I go back home a thing that my friends like to do we like to go to Lennox city a lot. So I asked her how often she goes to Atlantic City back. You know, maybe we can meet in Atlantic City or something you gotta get harder. You gotta be like ever been ever been pleasure in Atlanta. Seven to eight. I agree that. Yeah. Exactly. Right by Ryan, the only one with a pussy, well kind of in this room Tricia here, but I mean. Okay. So anyways, whatever the fuck. I mean. Dixon dixie. I, you know, this guy to everyone. I think it's hot if you said ever been pleasure in Atlantic City. Tricia is that hot? Yes, or no. Oh, she says. Yes, hershiser's. Yeah. That's for sure. My follow up when one thing to Tehran without getting too gross. But you did say something on the program last week that got a lot of play in the Facebook group. What I say when you said I said when you were going to hook up, but this girl, and I said, we won't eat Barbie strangers pussy, and you just said out loud. You said I love pussy. I do. It turns me on. I really like going down on a girl. I'm not gonna lie. Say that not please. Can I chemical down as you in lenox? Please don't say pleasure, right. But that's okay. I like, I think that's great for the female listeners. They like that. Yeah. That's sexy. All right. You know what I mean? Just don't say can I pleasure. You like seventy. So you wanna poke? I'm excited. Move on because something else I found fascinating that I couldn't follow up with when j rod lettuce in at the time, but I can now. So j went to when he was in Palm Springs with Caitlin. They're bunch of streetwalkers. They all went to the casino member. We talked about this last week and they won. But Jay rod told me something, and I needed to follow up on this every time the dealer, something what happens. Now, you basically whenever the dealer broker got over twenty one and the whole table one. We would celebrate. And then Sal who was one of straight. Talkers would say Hello Ross pot in the whole table. Butch rake know who started that trend who who came up with that idea. I was it was Trish. It was twisted was me, or it was Tricia g it was drunk Tricia. So let's let's swing down over there. Tricia G is here. My assistant. On top of that rose. So Tricia had a lot of fun in Palm Springs. I didn't see much. Yeah. Did you get a little drunk? He's trying to swing his Mike over he looked like a boom operator. Probably shouldn't have driven home Monday. You slept. You came on Monday morning. Yeah. I drove Monday morning, and I probably sh- I think I was still drunk. Okay. So no don't say that because you're gonna you shouldn't drive. Nobody drive drunk. Nobody Dr driving. So you had a little too much fun. Okay. You gotta get right. That I thought he was controlling it. Thank you are you complaining about the heat. Taking his coat off. And he goes like this here. Mark. Okay. Okay. All right. This is flaxseeds last episodes everybody. Make sure you're nice to. Okay. I'm turning the heat down on my phone. So Tricia Tricia with you got got a little you'll got a little sloppy drunk. I wasn't sloppy job. Okay. Great. So and then what you decided to start yelling Butch Ricky in the because remember it being me that started. But I do remember us almost getting kicked out a couple of weeks. So so you're yelling see now. I've always applauded I, you know, sees you when you're going to food court, I tell people to record themselves screaming public leases listen to straight talk with Ross. You know, I think we got to spread the word. Someone just emailed me. A listener said they tried to they had to cancel their porn subscription, and they're emailing with a customer service agent and every time the customer service agent asthma question, he would respond by saying you need to listen to straight talk with Ross. So this is what I'm saying. So I appreciate every chance to promote the program. But so every time a dealer would break every time something you would yell Butch Ricky. Yeah, that's amazing. What like eight of us. What was the response in the casino? A lot of weird stairs. Uh-huh. Laughing at first. And then I think we started knowing anytime do we record this. There is recording on the straight talk. When when we won the slot machines. Okay. I'm pretty sure we did it there. All right. Well, I would like to have that recording. What I would like to encourage people to do is if you're going to make and let's just use the word fool of yourself. You sell. It was supporting the program. Make sure you record it because I would love to play it on the air. Did you invite me here to to yell at me on the day before my birthday? Oh my God. I raise your hand if you just found out her birthday's tomorrow. Well, I know she's coming to the. Thank you for inviting me with the show today. You're still welcome. I'm not yelling at you. I just wanted the story. Yeah. That's a good one. And I walked away that we can with eight hundred my wall. Eight hundred dollars. I just wanted to know the story about it. I told you I want to know what happened to casino. That's what I wanted to. Actually, I won a three hundred off of or I want to hundred off of the Mariah Carey slot machine. Of course before. And then we went back I won three hundred off of it that night when we were all together. And then you know, I was just rolling in the dough. So I threw a twenty in the game of thrones slot machine for j rod and he won six shared, Jon snow making it ring. Riveting story, given anything. Yeah. I was like listen, I would have given anything to have heard the tables screaming Butch Ricky because that makes no sense to outside. None at all of it. Well, speaking making no sense outside people do have a new game coming up. We're gonna play. I think it's gonna work. I'm not a hundred. But I don't think it's going to work. We're going to open that sliding glass door get fancy some air. Yes. Thank you. Intrigue out to get you a new chair of sauna in here. People your car trait. We'll be right back. You all know, I love to brag about finish way. When it comes to furniture. Honey, I know what I like. And I know what looks good or at least what I think looks good. That's why I shop with joy bird. They turn my ideas into reality with hundreds of styles and options, each joy peace is made by hand with care and precision using high quality, hardwood and responsibly sourced materials to fit your exact specifications. A three hundred sixty five day home trial. 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Hey, so I was listening to Howard Stern and I love Howard Stern and it gave me an idea for a game. So he does like sort of prank calls is like, you know, how the local news we'll do like a big big morning birthday to you know, huge jazz. And they try to get them to say names that are obviously filthy, and like these dumb announcers fall for it every time and not always makes me giggle. And I thought to myself I wonder if if we could if I could get Mark to say some names. So what I did is. I. Because you know, Mark is just like no God he's gonna hate me for this. He doesn't know. He did it. He's going to be so mad. I sent him a clothe him talking about the things. They said, hey, listen, I'm going to send you a list of. Names. I want to give thanks to certain street. Talkers max, I'm having a bunch of people. Do it. Arleen, cookie Bill, and edit it together. So I'm gonna send you a bunch of names you just record. Now. These names I went through and then they're pretty obvious. And so I want you to know I wanna play a game with you. Will Mark say it? Oh god. Okay. Time to play the game cold. Mark say it. All right. And you're allowed to sign will Mark say. I don't have any new sound effects this for just using old. We've heard that song a million times. Here we go. So this is will link my Selena's licking my hands. Okay. So this is the I go listening. The first one was genitals. Should it tolls? Gentlemen. Ah told CNN a name take T U L S toll. We'll Mark say. Yes. What do you think? Go around the room. I think yes. I don't think he'll get it. Let's say this toll free talk with Ross Mathews would liked if thank the following listeners Jinnah tolls. Okay. He did say it. The first one. What about the next one? The next one is dean. Dean goal berry. Dingle berry dean, bilberry will say it. Yes. Or no with Keats. That somebody's you've got gotta look and go, wait. That's not a name dean, right? Rain goal berry. Yeah. He's going to say he's not even gonna figure that out. What do you think? Yes, or no, yes. Okay. Let's hear dean go berry. What about CJ? What are we the Eric shun? Eric. Erection. Yes. We'll he. They'll say it just like a wreck scene. Eric shun? It. All right. What about Mona lot? Loan a lot audit. He's gonna say it. He'll sit. He's he. Okay. Mo- lot Nikkei. There's just not a clicking in for him this one. I was he would look it and go that's a take one. Hold on. This one is Mike. Rowe Pena's, micro Pena's, Mike. Rowe Pena's, Mike, repeat he might be catching on the penis. Okay. That's right. And if this is there's a lot of these names in a row, you'd think he'd be like, yeah. It was real flatly. We'll be actually think he'll say micro and then start laughing. What are you doing? Okay. Let's see Mike Rupp Inez. What? He's. Wrong. But still didn't get it. That's okay. That proves that. He has no clue. My. Mike Rupp Inez? Mike groping is supposed to be what about Neil and lick. In his last name is E N L I C K Neil in lick. Yeah. Will he say I mean, he's gonna be figuring this out? Right. You'd think meal in lick. I think you'll say it. I think yeah. Let's see Neil in lick a K Senate. No, he's he's created. The wrong one. Isn't catching on because he's giving his own way of saying the names, which I think is hilarious this one. I don't think this one's that Lucy bowels. He said here's C bells. This one Clint Torres. We'll Mark good. Get clinked Torres has J rod. He's the expert. All right. Clint tories. No. He said it was like little spent like. Here's very similar to the other way. But I lean EULEX Eileen Hewlett Eileen. You'll lick I think he'll say, yeah. That's these are lean you lick. Eileen hewlett. I leave you lick. Could get a little okay. What about Wayne Kerr? Winker Wai-ming curd cake. Great curves. Kerr sell it already Wayne care. Oh my God. Like, he's French wing. Wait care. Like care. Okay. Wayne care, Wayne care. Right. There's no way he's gonna say. Mike ox, little Mike. Cox little. Mike office little seven, but Mike Oxley he won't get that. I mean, he'll say it. He's not catching on yet. Nope. Get ready. Mike ox little? He didn't catch on any of them giddy. Mike little and you spell these to fool him. But there's one I thought I put last 'cause I go maybe he'll do the rest. But there's no way he's saying drew p Balzac. There's no drew drew p Balzac v a l Z A K has again at this after we wouldn't you read Balzac as right, drew. He Mike ox little. Drew, the Balzac prediction was gonna do say it or not say it will Mark say it. Yes. Let's see. Drew p Balzac. With such like. Not drew Bosak. Yeah. Mike ox little? Drew p Balzac. So when you ask you, you just say, can you read off these names, mar you'll hear I said like there was there a reason why or I said, can you get these to me ace up? So I have time to edit then with cookies and Bellas etcetera. Thanks, I told him I wanted to thank some street. Talkers is having everybody else coordinate games. Yeah. And he just like didn't question it. The line the trick. Was you wanna know? How really tricked him? Yeah. I put in normal names too. And I ended it those out. That's I like Chris out water Heather Jones genitals. Ashley Williams dean goal. Berry to be caller, Paul Johnson. Eric shun Haley Davis. Mike routine is the coal Garcia. Mona lot. Juicy and he said every single one with flair, and he's he doesn't know still that he did. I think really kill me hall him. I guess really funny. Do you want to hear all of them in a row is that? Getting to end, Mark. Just really listen. I'm just gonna play talk with Ross Mathews would like to thank the following listening. Genitals. There's dean goal berry. Eric shun? No, no lot means it Mike Rupp Inez. Yep. He's proud Neil inlet. Lucie. Bells. Clint torres. Orlean you lick Wayne care. Those two more news again, Mike ox little. Drew p Balzac. Yeah. Good. Really good. We come back. Money twelve year old. Maybe when we come back balls deep Nikki trending the black. It's tough to j rod and much more back on the wing. For years. They said it could lead to madness they really get it to dark rooms and back alleys they shamed. Those who grew it. They did a stop and frisk on anyone who thought they might have it. But now this February a completely different kind of history will be made because of it, and you have the chance to see it. In fact, millions will watch as eighty years of unjust digman is left in the past a product that drove good people to the black market will be revealed is one that's creating a new global market a plant that was once viewed with fear. We'll be seen as a source of calm and wilderness. This February wooden spire the symbol of counterculture will at long last be seen just s culture doors and mines will be opened all over the country. A new normal is coming to your city to your neighborhood to the inside of your living room. 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Get started now at stitch fix dot com slash street tongue and get an extra twenty five percent off when you keep all items in your box that stitch fix dot com slash straight talk to get start. Today. Good a stitch, fix dot com slash straight talk. Doc, john. Say baby. I love you. Shea call him baby. While the sudden J. Day nolan. This. Maybe. Kinda shea and call them me baby. The same. Welcome back to the program young up and coming band jesse's. That'd be awesome. Keep your eyes out. Great. Welcome back to the program as we are joined during the break before we get to Nick be training, the blackness effects these ball deep and as getting tossed j rod gets he's on the phone. It's the one and only. I'm great. I want to thank you for recording those names earlier that that was nice of you to do that. You're welcome. Did you? Get a chance to see any of those names. Yeah. Yeah. There are a couple of made me chuckle. Did you did? You know, what the did you did you realize I was playing a joke on, you know? Do you want to go look at some of those names again? Neil and look. Yeah. You look at the other ones. Tours. What about Mike ox little? Say it best. Mike Cox little. What about? Really? Honestly, I thought well 'cause you said they were for people that have given. You know, people put maims like. I thought you were just not. Real as people put him in. Now, Winker wing care. I live in Ashley Williams. That's a real one large. I mixed in real ones too. As you smart. No. Well, the one that made me laugh, and you could even hear the recording the first one it was drew keep doll boss at. So you did know that one. If you listen to it I chuckled on that. But I was like, okay. So I figured people just like Mona lot. Now, I'm really. If you can find t- if you can find another one in there, but see? Kinna tolls. No that's pretty letting with. No, no, no read that. What one? Did you just say again, Ashley, William genitals agenda? I love mortgage. Like, no, I got it. I do. Janna tolls. That's not look deem. That's. Do you think the dean is one? Team. Let me see where's deemed dingo berry Dingle bear. I didn't catch that one. What about Paul Johnson? D- gannet call Johnson, you get it. No, no. What about Heather Jones? Get it. Good. That was good. That would get maybe see laugh the normally. You got us you figured this out. Kip. That's norway. Jetta tolls. That's horrible. Thank you, Mark. It's all God bless you for doing that. Okay. Bye. Bye. Are you done with me? Yeah. Do you have anything for me? No, no. I I was no I was just gonna say the door is still selling cookies if people wanna call okay bye. That was his genital not moving on cut. Love him. Balls deep with bags? Girl. I need to know give it to me good. Giving me true. Give it to be hard. Give it to be dot com. All steep with bags. Oh my God. My balls are a little weak today. Like, I don't have. I don't have my ball. I have a little bit of balls. Witkin the knee. Z j it's good to have you back. I was worried that you are gone. But it was funny. That people are like you ghosted the puck. That made me laugh. And of course, I thought of lands, and you were so adorable at the bubbly branch, I can make CJ's call disappear. She such species. Do you know, what is so cute about you at the bubbly brunch? You were working to I loved when you were running around catching the money because the look on your, vases does okay. Explain it. He was adorable at the bubbly Bronx fun Ross stretch. Okay. So I saw on your Twitter about how you listed some people that wanted you wanted to interview. And I was really surprised that you put Donald Trump on their totally love to interview Donald would be do you can you think of what would be your first question bringing for Russia? But he would just go collusion or pin? Why didn't why if you're not guilty? Do you act like you're guilty? Though that would go good because here's the deal. I I I don't know if he's guilty. We don't know if he's guilty. I don't know what. But why does he acting like he is if I had a child, and they were like like did you take a cookie, and they're like, no it only like cookies, I know you like cookies are only cookies why are you saying you don't like cookie? Like, did you take when it's like he's just acting like he's guilty. So I would just I'd ask him. Why are you? Why? If there's nothing there, then why are you acting like there's something there? Yeah. So you want people to come in here to interview on straight talk or pop Todd. I just mean in general, I was I was watching to just thinking who else I list on there? Like, there's people like, Danny devito. I would love to. He was on my list. But I like that all the nominees for that are coming out for the president. I would love to I would love to interview. Well, you have to talk to them. You know, I've got interviewed Nancy Pelosi about need interview. Michelle obama. I've I've interviewed Nancy Pelosi. Yes, I have did you like her? I did like her energies, good Anderson. Enjoyable. I interviewed Nancy. She was very very fun, and then speaker Pelosi, and then I hosted at twenty fifth anniversary party was me. And Tony Bennett for her. And she sent me flowers, and she left me a voicemail God in big time. So who's your number one person you really wanna get? She wasn't on the list. But maybe Rachel Maddow. I'd want to interview her really. Yeah. I I spent I spent an hour with her every day. And so I would. I wanna talk like are you what what her real thoughts? But she pretty much gives her real thoughts on the show, doesn't she puts things into context, you can sort of sort of glean in Yala where like what she thinks, you know, but like journalists, and she wouldn't really claim to be I guess in a weird way. She is journalist but journalism is different than the whole point of journalism in like back in the day journalism supposed to be a gatekeeper of knowledge. Here's the truth. Here's the public. We are the gatekeeper between the truth and the public, and what sort of happened over time or these lot of these journalists have become editorials, the editor allies things now that that's not new like newspapers used to editorialize something come together as a staff there was no no name on the opinion was in editorial sections. Everyone knew it was not. It was not just fact, but it was a pinion. And so now, there's there's just very blurred blurred. You know, like some of these networks MSNBC included just as just as bad as Fox News like they are so biased. In the way, they deliver and think the news, and it goes from one person to another just giving their opinion on the house, which is not news. We know what I like about Rachel is she she doesn't claim. She she's guilty that a little bit. But she just tries to put it in historical context every night every single night. And I love that about her. That's interesting. She starts her shows like big day to day nineteen sixty six this happened this happened, and that's why it's relevant now. Because history has shown us that this happens before, and I love the contracts differ show. So you would do really well with the political show. Like if it was something like a Rachel maddow's show. I love that kind of stuff. Nikki stretch. I'm so excited. You're gonna be on Wendy. Oh, I'm excited when they Williams she's been out. And I think I think Ross you should be hosting that guest hosting that show. Thank you. They've been having different guesses, but Nikki, I'm so glad you're gonna be on that path. I'm going to be great. Thank you. So I thought the panel was just like you go in for ten minutes and talk, but we're hosting the show amazing. Oh, really for the whole show. Okay. For one show. I beat believes Carson Crossley myself bevy Smith and Carla. Carla put their name Carla Carlisle bevy, but Carlos she's from the car. Oh. Yes. Yes. I know Michael yo who I used to work with Michael to my go-to. Oh, my go-to. So we're we're doing we're doing to show. So we'll see jed I'll be watching. I'll be watching. Yeah. I love the rotating panel is how did you just have something really quick? You smoked you smoke pot. Right. I do edibles. But is that the same spoken? It's not it's the same. It's the same drug THC going up in. You felt did you see online that they're saying that we dries out your vagina? Oh, I ain't got no problem. I had tell blow of on. I was gonna ask you if that's true. What's your ideal? I can put my eyedrops in your pechanga. If you. You know, I I haven't noticed that. But keep the opposed you you see your wealth. I was just curious. I'll technically you're doing my so Ron balls vulgar might try. That's it guys. Wow. I don't have a lot of time to go with backseat. I wanna know more so much your balls out tobacco. One time with a heck see. Upper while Nick, thank you. So monkey backsied. Thank you NICKY. It's time for. I'm bringing you the news these doors out to this new. Mickey please. Yes. Sorry tracked. Nikki believable story today. This is from one of our straight talkers. This is Mary Laura Mary, Laura looked to first Mary. Mary laura. Okay. So I know right. Meri's? This story is in honor of all of our dog loved that. On my lap right now. Audrey next to me sexy. We love you and her sending you love about hike because I know this has been so far. I haven't had a chance to talk to you about it on the podcast. But I'm I'm assuming really tough on you. I'm just sitting really really talk. This one has been a hard one on me. But it's okay. How's he doing steers? Thank you for asking. Ross Steve is looking around. He gets up in the middle of the night and looks for him, and it breaks, my heart. But you know, he's extra clingy with me. But he's going to be okay. I think they adjust you. It's to be fine. So thank you. Yeah. So this is an honor of you. So Mary, Laura thank you for this. This is not a crazy goes story. But since the straight talkers are group of animal lovers, myself included. I thought you would appreciate this. So this is in honor of sweet powered so I have a big old rescue hound dog named Joe lean. Yes, named after that Joe lean who I am completely obsessed with she saw the energy protective, a little neurotic. And she's the sweetest dog ever. She's one hundred percent. I don't take my bone just because you can. Joe lean? Nikki just looks dead. Pam. I love it. Don't take my bone just because you came. She's one hundred percent and not the dog that I would have picked out for myself. But when I visit her visited her at the local shelter. I immediately knew I could not live without her. Anyway, Joe lean normally see sleeps almost every night at the foot of my bed, and sometimes she even sleeps in her bed on the ground. I think she thinks she needs to keep her posted night the other night. I was having a really bad dream like the kind where you have to wake yourself up from the nightmare. When I rolled over. I realized that instead of being at my feet where she always falls asleep. Joe lean was right up against my back and had her big old head lane on my shoulder. I genuinely think that she knew I was having a terrible dream in wanted me to know that she was there I rolled back over and I fell back asleep knowing that she literally had my back and everything is okay. She said human animal connections are magic indefinitely unnec eight believable. I have attached to picture of Julian does Email because she's so damn cute. I love you all and I love straight talk the community that you all have built and continue to nourish just by being. In yourselves is also completely unday key believable, infinite Kish pushes Mary Laura I've always wanted to Saint Bernard. So I definitely have a little I live vicariously through you and Verna debt, and here's a picture of her dog. And I'm actually going to. Julien's mary. The Laura thank you for that. Under believe. Is I love that. Because dogs do know how you feel. They do communicate or with you. They give you so much. But I also think if you see all the time because I don't know if I can take this kind of pain again doing me like getting dog like, my friend. She got a cat, and she's like she went to the rescue. And God is she looked at it. And she says, well, I guess I'm going to kill you one day because you make a contract with the NFL. But it's so worth it. It's so worth the love. I don't know Ross because this one really broke me. But think about all the good is you wouldn't have had the drid. You wouldn't have had all that time with him. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's it's tough. But it's so worth it. I promise you, it's pretty great. But my mom does say you do get to a certain age. We like I'm done purchasing. Heartbreak. Yeah. So just a couple of things. Go talk about first of all there's this new show on BT called boomerang. It is based on one of my favorite movies. Starring Murphy of all time. So boomerang is produced by away and Halle Berry. It is amazing. It is gorgeous. Anytime a show like that happens. I appreciate a show that knows how to light black people on TV them. I don't like them. How do I them like insecure? If he was insecure, we just need and the movie moonlight. If you walked away that black people need to be lit, and it is gorgeous. And it is that young, and it is fun and his perfect. So I see you lit every weekend. Little Black Panther too. Yes. Yes. Go, but what's been wearing? It is amazing. Secondly, shot up to tame our Braxton because God bless for black. Being the winner of celebrity. Oh, sorry. Spoiler alert. If y'all don't. Yes. So watching that and her to get every single vote, and I think it was like a lot of first for her too. And she was like the first ever. It was the first time ever somebody came in the house first, and then made it all the way to the end in one. I was already. Right at first. I was like, oh, I don't know. How this? It was amazing. So shout out to taymor Braxton. Finally, former NFL star Marty Bennett. I know he's the play for the patriots. I remember at the time when Philander Castellon alter third and got killed. He pinned a letter. Coke beer, black boy. So it was pretty much talking about pay when I was younger we weren't able to consume this sort of media when these things happen the same way too young kids can do it now. And so it's a little daunting and kids can kind of be traumatized for. But so he pinned this letter but fast forward he's now turning that letter into a book. And so I thought that he's turned into a book, and it's called the same name. Dear blackboard. So it's just kind of telling the story of how these kids can be all diverse big black boys having blackboard joy being -cluded. It'd be proud. It comes out in March by it. You have kids of color in your life of blue black babies get the book support and he's on his own publishing company to which is. Black business. So it's good. And it's all eleven light. And that's all I got oh book somebody prosecute at. But get him in the fuck out. See I couldn't believe that. I want. Guy in West Hollywood. They have to to gay black dudes that died in his. They're still he they show him on the news. They were following him in the garage. So he's still up there living. So they're just they're they're not. They're investigating him on guy. That's really dark and twisted. That's yup. Yup. You. Black. Jay rod come on getting saucy. What you read? All right. Just go. I turned off. So no sauce updates. I hate to tell you that. What about the hot sauce? You're going to have the red hot hot us. Buffalo wings us. I'm going to try that failed. You I was supposed to have it during the Super Bowl. And then I decided against it with pizza because that's what I was craving. It's not about what you want. I know eat need to eat to survive. So about what I want thinking about the podcast also shout out to Colin Kaepernick. I don't know if you saw the CJ to settlement with the NFL grouping. Grouping. You know, I think that it's a it's a that. I believe in personally myself, but it kind of came to anticlimactic end, and I just kind of want to give settlement. He said that he said it'll. Undisclosed so pretty much. They were like, yeah. Here's the one you bright, but they didn't pretty much apologize or anything. News. Yeah. Colin Kaepernick in next sauce. I'll definitely you know. Thank you so much. Listen, we've done it again. Everybody. Shasha underscore would Regan's underscore taxi Malone is that fancy bologna. Is C J life C J A Y L Y markets. Nikki Boyer on and it came boy on Twitter in 'em. The keyboard on Instagram. You'll also be supporter. Williams. That'll be additionally, I'm Hella Ross and the show. Hello Ross paw. Make sure Brian Ross bubbly brench dot com sold out again in Palm Springs. It's just tickets. At noon. Pumps Sundays at noon. Thanks so much you guys. All right, there you go. We've done it. Again. We'll see next time right here on straight talk. Thing.

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