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From deep inside audio device choice in soon flies the only way to be a student. You come selfies with the term. And where are you so far five Shows out there? Don't just take our wipe it down without open water fanatic about it from the home. The homeless place where self-isolation is not a mandate. It's a lifestyle. I'm Harry Shearer. Welcome you to this highly private yet public edition of the show and now ladies and Gentlemen News of the warm yes. Climate Change continues even through this. Think of it. Oh listen to you you know. It's been underestimated all these years. No not the talent of the Kardashians methane emissions by humans according to Nature Magazine magazine about nature. It's the name methane emissions to the atmosphere of have increased by approximately one hundred fifty percent over the past three centuries. It's been difficult for researchers to determine exactly where these emissions originate heat trapping gases like methane can be omitted naturally as well as from human activity. We eating more being. What University of Rochester researchers Benjamin meal and their collaborators along with vassily drink measured methane levels in ancient air samples. Those must be good and found that scientists have been vastly underestimating. The amount of methane humans are emitting into the atmosphere via fossil fuels in a paper published in nature the researchers indicate that reducing fossil-fuel use is a key target in curbing climate change. So let's bail out as well. Companies won't wait. Methane is the second largest anthropogenic contribute to global warming that is originating from human activity after carbon dioxide but compared to combine dioxide. Methane has relatively short shelf-life. You know this you've heard this here before. Now you're hearing it again. If we stopped emitting all carbon dioxide today high carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere was still persists for longtime says one of the researchers method is important because we made changes to our current methane emissions. It's going to reflect more quickly. He says scientists are able to accurately quantify the total amount of methane emitted to the atmosphere each year. But it's difficult to break down this total into its individual components which portions originate from fossil sources. Which are biological. I know you've asked yourself that over and over again. How much methane is released naturally? How much is released by human activity? Well these researchers turned to the past way drilling and collecting ice cores from Greenland. I know it sounds like a summertime. Treat but it's not the ice core samples. Act like time capsules that contain air bubbles small quantities of ancient air trapped inside by measuring the carbon fourteen isotopes from more than two hundred year old air. Researchers found that almost all the methane admitted to the atmosphere was biological in nature until about eighteen. Seventy that's when the fossil component began to rise rapidly to climb the timing. You won't be surprised to learn coincides with a sharp increase in the use of fossil fuels. The levels of natural released naturally released fossil methane or about ten times lower than previous research reported given the total fossil emissions measured in the atmosphere today. These researchers deduce That the manmade fossil component is higher than expected twenty to forty percent higher so anthropogenic methane emissions make up a larger proportion of total reducing emissions human activities like fossil fuel extraction and use love a greater impact on curbing. Goma warming than scientists previously thought. You bad scientists you. Tropical forests are taking up less carbon dioxide from the air reducing their ability to act as carbon sinks and bringing closer the prospect of accelerating climate breakdown. That was almost breaking down myself. There no more. Thanks a car. The Amazon could turn instead into a source of carbon in the atmosphere instead of an absorb of a gas as soon as the next decade owing to the damage caused by loggers longest and farming interests and the impacts of the climate crisis. New Research has found according to the Guardian if that happens. Climate breakdown is likely to become much more severe in its impacts. The world will have to cut down much faster on carbon producing activities to counteract the loss of the Sankt. Hey was happened to the sink. We've come found. The one of the most worrying impacts of climate change is already begun says a professor of the School of Geography at Leeds University a senior author of the Research. This is decades ahead of even the most pessimistic climate models. You know I understand why the models are pessimistic. They don't eat enough for the last three decades. The amount of carbon absorbed by the world's intact tropical forests has fallen according to the study from nearly one hundred scientific institutions. I don't believe it if it's not if it's less than two hundred scientific. They're now taking up a third less carbon than they did. In the nineteen ninety s owing to the impact of higher temperatures droughts and deforestation the downward trend is likely to continue as force come under increasing threat from climate change and exploitation the typical tropical forest. According to this research may become carbon source by the twenty sixties at this year's UN climate talks to be all in Glasgow in November. If if you can get the Glasgow November. Many countries are expected to come forward with plans to reach net zero emissions by Mid Century. But some rich company Countries and many companies plan to reduce their emissions by offsetting often by preserving replanning or growing new forest. This research shows that relying on tropical forests is unlikely to be enough to offset large scale emissions. But you know maybe nature is providing the answer in the form of this virus cause emissions are going down while we're all sitting at home maybe. The virus is the answer no. The movement of sea. Ice Between Arctic countries is expected to significantly increase the century. Who Knew? I didn't know that I see. I was moving between our two countries. This raises the risk of more widely transporting pollutants like micro-plastics and oil according to new research from Colorado University Boulder the study in American Geophysical Union Earth's future predicts that by mid century the average time it takes to travel from one region to another will decrease by more than half the amount of sea ice exchanged between Arctic countries like US Norway Canada and Russia more than tripled speaking of ice during the exceptionally warm Arctic summer of two thousand Nineteen Greenland Lost. Six hundred billion tons of ice enough to raise global sea levels by two-point two millimeters in two months the Jews are wailed on the opposite pole and Arctic agenda to lose mass in the emergency embodiment and the Antarctic peninsula but saw some relief in the form of increased snowfall in Queen Maud land in eastern part of the continent so the Poles give and take these new findings and others by glaciologist at UC Irvine and NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab of the subject of paper published in Geophysical Research Letters. When you this past summer had been particularly warm in greenland melting every corner the ice sheet but the numbers are enormous says the lead author of UC Irvine Isabella Conan in Antarctica. The mass loss in the West proceeds unabated which is very bad news for sea level rise. She said but we also observe a mass gain in the Atlantic sector of East Antarctica. Which helps mitigate the enormous increase in mass loss? We've seen over the last two decades in other parts of the continent you. Who's not doing well? With all the Monarch Butterfly the yearly count of Monarchs overwintering in Mexico released this week shows a decrease of fifty three percent in last year's count. Well below the threshold at which government scientists predict the migration of the butterflies? Could collapse. Tom Could collapse good. Scientists estimate that six hectares. I don't think Americans know enough about hectares. Do It's about fifteen acres actually is the extinction threshold for the migratory butterflies survival in North America. The latest count by World Wildlife Fund. Mexico found overwintering monarchs occupying just two point three hectares or seven acres. It's about half of what it should be to for them to survive. You see in hectares. I don't know if the butterflies use hector's scientists were expecting the county down slightly. This level of decrease is heartbreaking said a senior scientists at the center for Biological Diversity. Monarchs UNITE US. The more protections are clearly needed for these migratory wonders and their habitat said the scientist few years ago. Six to be. Exact conservationists led by the center for Biological Diversity in the Center for food safety petition the US Fish and Wildlife Service to protect better fly under the endangered species act. The decision will be issued in December of this year. Yes stuff move slow. This latest population decreases attributable the poor weather conditions during the spring and fall migrations. Monarchs have lost an estimated one hundred sixty five million acres of breeding habitat in the US. Do to herbicide-spraying and development develop the her. You know what I mean. Monarch caterpillars only eat milk. Would only milk would that's Dylan Thomas. Classic from but the plant has been devastated by increased herbicides sprang in conjunction with corn and soybean crops that have been genetically engineered to tolerate direct herbicide-spraying in addition to hold fend glyphosate. Roundup's monarchs by our other herbicides and by Neo nicotinoid insecticides that are toxic young caterpillars and decrease the health of adult butterflies. So it's not just the bees and an ironic bit of news at this point in time. The heartland institute is undergoing its second leadership change in less than a year. The group which rejects climate science according to Science magazine. Why bet they don't even subscribe? The group is ousting. It's president Frank Lizzie. After being buffeted by financial turbulence led a significant layoffs corn to two sources close to Hartland. He's being kicked out. One source said Huffpost reported earlier this year. The former staffers blameless for blowing through the group's budget these assertions came as the heartland institute hired a nineteen year old German woman to publicly reject climate science. That was an attempt to establish her as an asset as an anti Greta. Thunberg figure and to raise money. The heartland spokesman did not respond to comment. James Taylor director of Harlan's Center for climate and environmental policies. Supposedly a candidate. He has been passed over twice. Before briefly left. Hartland open a small pro fracking. Think-tank then later returned Hartland last June. The then president former Congressman Tim. Heels camp abruptly parted ways with the group. He was a three term Republican congressman from Kansas. Go figure and a former chairman of the House Tea Party caucus lessee former member of the Wisconsin State Senate and assembly in an ally of former governor Scott Walker oversell a tumultuous period for Heartland Institute. The chicago-based group recently laid off about half of its employees. He's he. It has received millions of dollars in funding from the energy industry over the years. A lot of from coke. We are coke. No we aren't anymore. Many of those contributions have dried up as major players in the oil and gas industry. Like Exxon Mobil backed away from denying climate change other funders such as Murray Energy have gone bankrupt. Murray what happened to you? You look bankrupt. Apparently there's no money anymore in climate change denial news of the warm copyrighted feature this broadcast and now ladies and gentlemen views of the Olympic Movement produced by Jim. Resolve the third this week. We address the question. Kind of movement be moved by some forecasts. According to Asia Times Tokyo may end up spending some twenty six billion dollars on the Olympics and Paralympics endorphins. Roughly seven billion. It was originally estimated the end that would cost the International Olympic Committee has ruled out staging the Tokyo Olympics. Behind closed doors because insiders say that would be anathema to the philosophy of a movement that seeks to bring people across the globe together in celebration sport. Cornelia Guard in Tokyo. Organizing Committee continued to maintain Tokyo Organizing Committee and the printed in maintaining public and private. The Games we'll go ahead and July and IOC executive board meeting takes place this coming Tuesday. It's understood a postponement is not on the agenda. The Olympic boxing qualifying tournament in London's become latest event to be cancelled because of growing concerns relating to the welfare of athletes as well as volunteers. Some sports including horse racing and snooker are continuing behind closed. Doors such an approach has already been rejected by the IOC they have the IOC accepted. It will need to relax qualification standards. So athletes who are on the borderline can be selected even if they're unable to compete in the coming months because of the pandemic nearly sixty percent of athletes have qualified but with qualifying events for climbing. Boxing fencing judo having been cancelled or postponed. Many athletes are being left in the lurch. Minute you hold the Olympics in the Lurch Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Obey says he wants the Olympics represent a world victory over corona virus. His fellow citizens are less optimistic. Sixty nine percent saying they didn't think Tokyo would be able to host the Games as and now this weekend. Us Olympic leaders are facing a growing rebellion inside their ranks about holding the Games a board member of the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee countered leadership by criticizing the track and field. Chief added to the call for postponement because the mushrooming crisis. Us Track and field CEO. Max Siegel tenant sent a two page note to his counterpart at the Olympic Committee. Sarah her sean. Asking the federation to advocate for delay. That came only a few hours after. Us swimming's CEO sent a similar letter and the sport that accounted for. Sixty five of America's one hundred twenty one medals in the last Summer Games on record urging SEGEL's words the. Us Olympic Committee has a leader within the Olympic movement to use the voice and speak up for the athletes in a blog. Post on Friday. Steve Meister a board member of the Olympic Committee in the US leveled much more criticism toward the IOC. It has not shown the leadership we Olympia desire out of those. Who are in charge wrote while he was careful to emphasize those were his thoughts. Not of the. Us Olympic Committee the Federation's Norway and Brazil also went public with requests to postpone. How do you move the Olympics? It's a movement and more than ever. We all need why every day talk from nowhere to run at. I'm Harry Shearer and this show sharing with you at this moment because neither of us has anything better to do right piece from the Washington Post over the weekend. Us intelligence agencies were issuing ominous classified warnings in January and February about the global danger posed by the corona virus at the same time the president trump and lawmakers played down the threat and failed to take action that might have slowed the spread of the pathogen. That's according to. Us officials familiar with spy agency reporting. Take that as you will. The intelligence reports didn't predict when the virus might land on you assures or recommend particular steps that public health officials should take. That of course was suggested by a separate operation a tabletop exercise at Johns Hopkins last October. That rehearsed what federal and state officials might need to do in case of a pandemic medical instruments right. The intelligence reports did track the spread of the virus in China and later in other countries and warned. The Chinese officials appeared to be minimizing the severity of the outbreak. That right taken together. The reports and warnings painted early picture. That who could have known about a picture of a virus that showed the characteristics of a globe encircling pandemic despite that constant flow of reporting trump continued publicly and privately to play down the threat the virus pose to Americans lawmakers to did not grapple with the virus in earnest until this month has officials scrambled to keep citizens in their homes and hospitals braced for a surge in patients. Hey surges a good? We've learned that intelligence agency have been warning on this since January said A. Us official had access to the Intel reporting was sent to members of Congress and their staffs as well as to officials in the administration and of course spoke on condition of anonymity. Let's get the disease or something. Worse Corona virus cases rose as president trump said. They were under control at least seven times the last two months. He said the number of corona virus cases in the US were falling or contained even as they rose. Well you know up and down there kind of simple you really can confide. Donald trump may not have been expecting this but a lot of other people in the government were. They just couldn't get him to do anything about this official said the system was blinking. Red Unquote reminiscent some. Might think of a briefing given to President Bush on August Sixth of two thousand one about Al Qaeda preparing attacks on the United States. Red Lights blinking hair on fire. The President spokesperson responded to this article. By saying it's more disgusting despicable and disgraceful for cowardly unnamed sources to attempt to rewrite history. It's a clear threat to this great country unquote the warnings from US Intel agencies increased in volume. How do you do it? Volume toward the end of January and our into early February said officials familiar with the reports by then a majority of Intel reporting included in daily briefing papers and digests from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the CIA was about Kovic Nineteen said officials who have read the reports you know. The surgeon warnings coincided with a move by Senator Richard Burr head of the Senate Intelligence Committee to sell dozens of stocks issued. A statement defending hisself. But he's going to be investigated by the Senate Ethics Committee which is preparing to have some teeth installed for the occasion at the State Department. Personnel had been nervously tracking early reports about the virus. One official noted was discussed in a meeting in the third week of January around the time. The cable traffic showed you as diplomats in Wuhan were being brought home on chartered planes. A sign that the public health risk was significant. A colleague at the White House mentioned how concerned he was about the transmissibility of the virus in January. Those obviously a lot of chatter the official said inside the White House. Trump's advisors struggle to get him to take the virus seriously according to multiple officials with knowledge of meetings among those advisors and with the president the health and Human Services Secretary couldn't get through to trump to speak with him about the virus until January eighteenth according to senior administration officials when he reached trump by phone the president interjected ask about vaping and when flavored vaping products would be back on the market according to senior administration official vaping. Ladies and Gentlemen on January Twenty Seventh White House aides huddled within Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney trying to get senior officials to pay more attention to the virus. According to people briefed on the meeting the White House Domestic Policy Council Joe Grogan argue that the administration needed to take the virus seriously or it could cost the president his reelection and the dealing with the virus was likely to dominate life. In the United States for many months Mulvaney then began convening more regular meetings in early briefings however officials said President. Trump was dismissive because he didn't believe the virus it spread widely through the US by early February Grogan and others worried. There weren't enough tests to determine the rate of infection other officials including the president's Deputy National Security Adviser Matt Pottenger began calling for a more forceful response but trump resisted and continue to assure Americans. Core Corona virus would never run rampant as in other countries. I think it's GonNa work out fine. He said on February nineteenth. I think when we get into April in the warmer weather that has a very negative impact on that and that type of virus. The Corona virus is very much control in the US. He tweeted five days later. Stock Marcus starting to look very good to me unquote earlier that month. A senior official at the Department of Health and Human Services Robert Cadillac Assistant Secretary for preparedness and Response delivered a starkly different message to the Senate. Intel Committee joined by officials from the CIA. They told me members of the virus posed a serious threat no specific recommendations. He said to get ahead of the virus and blended defects. Americans would need to take effect. Sorry actions could disrupt their daily lives. Said the official quote. It was very alarming unquote trump's insistence on the contrary to rest in his relationship with China's president jean-jacques pain trump believed president. Gee was providing him with reliable information about how the virus was sprinting in China despite the Intel reports that Chinese officials were not being candid. Some of trump's advisor told him Beijing was not providing accurate numbers rather than press China to be more forthcoming trump publicly praised China's response China's been working very hard to contain the virus. He tweeted January. Twenty four th. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out. Well Unquote. Some of trump's advisors encouraged him to be tougher on China over its decision not to allow teams from the Centers for Disease Control into the country. President said in one February meeting. If he's struck a tougher tone with China. The Chinese will be less willing to give Americans information about how they were tackling. The outbreak as the disease spread beyond China. You aspire agencies track outbreaks in Iran South Korea Taiwan Italy and elsewhere in Europe volume of reporting spiked is the first cases of infection confirmed in the United States trump continue to insist the risk to Americans with small quote. I think the virus is going to be. It's going to be fine. He said February tenth quote. We have a very small number of people in the country right now. With said four days later it's like around twelve. Many of them are getting better. Summer fully recovered already. So we're in very good shape unquote. President eventually changed his tone after being shown statistical models about the spread of the virus from other countries and hearing directly from the White House core corona risk task. Force coordinator Debra burks as well as from chief executive last week rattled by a plunge in the stock market said people familiar with trump's conversations. And of course now this week. He's been having press conference well since he can't have rallies he's been having press conferences. You'll get on TV one way or the other press conferences with other officials most recently Ben Carson but almost every day Anthony Fauci. Us senior official with experience in the world of epidemics as well as vice president. Mike Pence the forementioned Deborah burkes and other officials and the president has been caught saying things that turned out not to be true like Google's website which was going to be up the ability of Americans to get tested if they need to. I'd I'm advised that the president is holding one of those conferences right now. Let's go to the network so we'll see incredible match my feeling that the FAO Chino Tony as other scientific feelings. But we'll see next question that you nasty. Excuse me. You're very nasty and your paper is your one of us. Go AHEAD MR president. You May in fact thing nasty question do I know but it really is. I think a lot of people may be wondering about this interesting because when you mentioned a lot of people I know a lot of people and that very impressed with what we and I mean all these extremely talented people up here are complicating especially the ones who are not but go ahead. You you've said many times sir in this at this podium that nobody could have seen something like this coming yet. There was a report on your desk when you came into office warning about a possible pandemic simulation that John Hopkins last October of a serious pandemic. So okay right again. Very nasty question. He didn't even finish asking but just the first part was so nasty. If you I'll tell you what I had in case you haven't been paying attention to the last couple of years which knowing your reporting is so very very possible and maybe you forgot who knows. We'll see but I had democrats and their friends right here in this room pushing one hoax after another. Somehow I'm supposed to see these reports and something at Johns Hopkins and I mean. I'm sure they're doing terrific work. Very incredible people down. But I'm supposed to stop keeping very close watch of the coverage of the hoaxes. Then I get criticized from the other side right while Sarah Scott exactly. Trish quiet quiet. Excuse me excuse me when you did. Did you even get the test? I don't think so. Let's get him out. Before HE INFECTS. Aristo is very dangerous and I want to be fair so. Let me finish answering his question. We don't WanNa fake charge about this too right. So people do reports tests and simulations all over the place and they're great people maybe the best maybe not but the people you see up here doing an incredible job even while they're standing up here you'd think that doing nothing for an hour an hour and a half each day but nothing comes further than the truth. Believe me if you think or other people think that all of these folks didn't know about those tests. Those warnings I would just say that's very insulting to these two so talented. They could be back in their offices. They're up here dining. I hope I can see behind but I'll I'll watch the replay so when the Chinese went public and we all know that took too long even though they're friends of mine. I'm sure president cheese. Great Man I'm sure he doesn't mind me calling it. The Chinese viruses biggest things on his plate like why they didn't go public with his sooner. I mean that's when I learned about it but he's learned a lot. I've learned a lot. I can tell you this if something like this happens again during my administration like God forbid another pandemic or this time Irish type of deal now. We know all of us up here and the rest. We know what to do and won't take a phone call from me or stream of texts from whoever my acting chief of staff happens to be to get it all up and running again quicker than anyone has ever seen even including this time so. I don't know if that was a Chinese report or a Chinese simulation it was. Maybe it wasn't but the important thing is that we'll see what happens. Thank you yes. You hear the unfair one. Thank you Mr President. You the other unfair one behind you. Thank you Mr President Sir. Do you think it's right to be constantly criticizing at ask criticizing us that these pressures while there's a national emergency going on? That's a nice question. I've never heard that one before. And when you say constant criticism. I have to say I know what you're talking about even though I may not because nobody gets more constant criticism than me and a lot of it from the very same people who've been kicked out of the issue. Mr President in our checks gives me. She gives me many people. Ask Me why I put up with it and I say I don't know all I do good things and then when whether it's the this hoax Adad hoax or like in this case a total nine hoax which we couldn't own soon even sooner. Thanks to the Chinese I get the same people just trying to get partisan advantage out of trying to trying to head down your favorite president not yours. I know but maybe soon even you I have to go negotiate a new deal about my hotels. I mean my kids run them but in a way still mind the hotels and also in a very real sense. My kids so mike is going to take over after a brief pause. Thank you thank you everybody I see okay and now. The apologies of the week is so sorry. Ucla officials. Hey that's my alma mater. They roll back the decision this week. About cancelling traditional graduation ceremonies after students expressed anger and circulated petitions. Online University said Wednesday. They would replace. In-person commencement with virtual ceremonies in an effort to curb the spread the virus there attractively decision. Thursday saying they would work with students to restart the conversation according to a press release from UCLA UCLA Chancellor Gene Block. We should have known the IMPACT. That decision would make especially during this time. We should've listened. I blocked wrote for this. He added I apologize. An email sent up by a landlord telling tenants who work in the restaurant industry to find alternate ways to pay rent if they're out of work due to the Corps Rona virus or face. Aggressive removal love on twitter. The landlord has apologized. Scorning Newsweek at twitter user Newsweek. A twitter user posted the screen shot from her friends. Instagram story writing the Indianapolis based landlords the emailed attendance it targeted tenants. That may work in the service. Industry who've been struggling as restaurants closed or force only takeout services during the virus quote most of our tenant pools not the restaurant industry. If you are now is the time to use your savings to pay your rent. I the message says Tap Rainy Day Fund. Because it's raining if you're out of savings need to tap your 401k unquote. Email then goes on to list alternative methods of gathering the funds. If you don't have retirement funds you need to borrow money from your parents and relatives of you. Don't have parents or relatives. You need to sell your car. You should pay your rent before you pay your car payment. Your utilities are cellphone even food. It's better to go to a food bank and to be homeless unquote. The last in the screen shot says the landlord's actions for the good of all tenants and they will remove nonpaying tenants can't let a few non paying tenants bring down. The whole ship emailed Newsweek. The landlord sent out a message of remorse quote. I realize I'm into significant mistaken. Offended my tenants in the community. The message I sent was completely insensitive on my part so I sent an apology to my tenants within a few hours and apologize for my ignorance insensitivity and callousness. I also tendered my resignation to my partners from day to day operations. I'm disappointed in myself and I let down people. I care about it pains me to offend those in the restaurant industry because I was a server for many years to pay my way through school and those years were some of the best of my life. I wish health com for our towns and for all of our community in these tough times. Yeah Com. That's what he's peddling true story. I was in recording studio. Wants a song that had the word. Pant load in the lyrics sort of as a placeholder for the real lyric is going to be. And I checked with the Soros Dot COM to get a less unsavory filling in for pat load and the response Theusaradio DOT COM had was. Did you mean landlord Youtuber Nikki? Demar apologized after being slammed and accused of being racist over a corona virus. Tick dog video. The twenty four year old had filmed herself getting her nails done while wearing a mask with the tune. It's corona time playing in the background. Social media users called the influence her well. She's an influence her a racist due to the fact that the lady doing her nails appeared to be Asian Demar insisted in her latest clip. I would have done that video regardless of who is doing my nails. I see everyone equally so I truly didn't see the problem until someone texted me unquote. One person told her. She looked privileged that he's in poor lady work while she was out getting her nails done others insists she couldn't have gone out in public in the first place. Dhamar pointed out this was filmed a week ago. Then I was informed. She's not the backlash was going on. Then I was informed about xenophobia. I don't know if I'm pronouncing that right. Sorry if I'm not. I understand how it looked that way and I'm not making this video to be like I did nothing wrong. Insisting she's a grown woman unquote. She's an influence her. Dhamar finish the clip by saying I can't be so thoughtless impulsive in dumb when doing something for humor. I'll apologize for my mistake but I'm not racist and I know who I am and it is what it is before getting emotional and turning off the camera. The original video has been deleted that is grown ass gay plus size model. Michael Macauley is addressing racist social media posts of his the resurfaced on twitter just as he was being profiled an Abercrombie and Fitch his new ad campaign about inclusiveness. That's rotten timing queer. T- where'd you got dot Com ran an interview with MacAulay last weekend? During which he touted the importance of diverse representation shortly after the interview was published a number of racists social media posts written by began recirculating on social media in one of the posts he blasted members of black lives matter calling them a group of extremists and other he bemoaned the activist group for blocking the streets and making him late for a meeting in another. He took aim at Jada. Pinkett Smith for her stance on Oscar. So #oscarssowhite then complained grammy's don't enough nominate enough white artists then he took to twitter unquote. No sorry quote quote first unquote later. I want to address the comments that were recently brought to light from several years ago. They were not intended to be hurtful. I realized how insensitive they are and I'm sorry for the harm. They caused thank you. He showed the post on instagram but deactivated the comments that allure. Craig fugate former head of FEMA. President Obama. Apologize for storming off the set an uttering a profanity during a segment on. Msnbc few can't utter a profanity ON MSNBC. Where in a tweet posted shortly after his appearance fugate apologize to Anchor Katie tour and the MSNBC audience at the point? I'm not helping time to step back. He wrote never was good at the talking heads in any way. This is too critical of time to let emotions get in the way my apologies to you and your audience unquote fugate had gotten into a disagreement with fellow panelist. Andy Slavic also a former Obama administration health officials. Fugate had argued virus needs to be dealt with immediately on the state and local level Slavic head called for more federal involvement slab. It had said we need a great partnership between the Federal State Governments. Fugate pulled out his earpiece and stormed off the set. Saying I don't have time to listen to be s people. Slavic also apologized. So it's a tie. China has exonerated a doctor who is officially reprimanded for warning about the corona virus outbreak and later died of the disease. You heard about him. This is a startling admission of error by the ruling Communist Party which like Our current government generally boats no challenges to its authority. The party's top. Disciplinary Body said the police force in Wuhan had revoked. It's admonishment of Dr Lee. When that had included a threat of arrest it also says a solemn apology had been issued to lease family and the two police officers identified only by their surnames had been issued disciplinary punishments for the original handling of the matter Communist Party officials police specifically in December reprimanded eight doctors including Lee for warning friends on social media about the Emerging Threat Toronto Raptors Chris. Vouchers apologized through social media channels for disregarding the self isolation edict from the team and the NBA after taking a test for the virus voucher was spotted shopping at a downtown Toronto Shop Lobe laws after he'd been tested for the virus following the teams return from western Western road trip. Few days ago I broke our team mandated self quarantine. He said. I want to apologize to the city of Toronto fans in the Raptors Organization while I have tested negative it was never my intention to endanger our community at recognize mistake and have remained self quarantine since. Let's stay safe. Toronto UNQUOTE VANESSA. Hudgens took to Instagram. This week to clarify comments she made during an instagram live clip. Day earlier that went viral many viewers that accused the actress and singer. Oh okay then of not taking the pandemic seriously enough during the latest video hudgens looking directly at the camera response to shutdown orders that some have said could last as long as July or August Yeah till July sounds like a bunch of Bs. She said about potential quarantine tour thirty eight million followers. I'm sorry but like it's a virus. I get I respect it but at the same time. I'm like even if everybody gets it like yeah. People are going to die which is terrible but like inevitable like unquote. She then seemed to backtrack a bit adding. I don't know maybe I shouldn't be doing this right now. She'd been busy on instagram. Recently posting everything from makeup and hair looks to calling her followers to donate to cause such as feeding America. Let's help each other out rather than freaking the F. Out K. K. She posted three days ago but it was the comments from the instagram live clip. That immediately caught fire with followers and other social media users quick. Call her out for not being sensitive enough to global crisis journalist and influence her Yashar Ali was among the most high profile who posted the clip and challenged her. What a horrible heartless message free to share with the younger people who look at you up to you. He said I think that's on them on. Tuesday hudgens blame people for twisting her words saying quote. I realized that some of my comments are being taken out of context. It's a crazy time. It's a crazy crazy time and I'm at home and I'm in lockdown and I hope that's what you guys are doing to in full quarantine and staying safe and sane. I don't take this situation lightly by any means stay inside. Y'All she followed with a formal apology. Reads Hey guys. I'm so sorry for the of offended anyone in everyone who has seen the clip from my instagram. Yesterday I realized my words were insensitive and not at all appropriate for the situation our country in the world right now. There's been a huge wakeup call about the significance. My words have now more than ever on sending safe wishes to everyone. Just stay safe and healthy during this crazy time unquote which only preuss that was written by her lawyers because they don't say like nearly as often as she did the apologies the week. Ladies and gentlemen a copyrighted feature this broadcast I love just a final note since we're being told the Army Corps of Engineers is going to be doing a lot of work connected with the virus thing. Yummy carbon engineer has got a plan to clean up a fifty year old oil spill in Alaska. They built did the Corp Engineers Steel pipeline to carry fuel over six hundred miles from hanes fairbanks in the nineteen fifties operating for over a decade over that time there were numerous spills including a rupture pump station Broccoli. Thirty three thousand gallons of oil released will McDonnell. The course technical head of the project. It's about eight hundred barrels of fuel programs to clean up environmental damage like that didn't exist on this bill. That changed they army dug up the soil around the League and then burn the fuel. Basically the extent of the cleanup at the time said Mangano. Now well the contaminated areas on the Bank of a river. The chilcott a food source for two towns in Alaska and spawning grounds for all five species of Pacific Salmon. The core focused in on the spill site in two thousand twelve and found gasoline diesel and benzene in the near Boyce nearby soil and groundwater surface water samples showed contamination levels warranted cleanup contaminates profound up to fourteen feet deep and soil still causing risk to human health. According to Alaska's environmental officer the core came with a range of cleanup options most vigorous sorry in most rigorous billick excavate. Seventeen thousand tons of contaminated soil treated with a process called land farming to neutralize contamination. Then the pudding clean soil. They won't excavate all with talented soil because that would mean digging up a portion of highway if the plan moves forward the. Us Army Corps of Engineers is bound and monitor soil and water at the site in perpetuity. Until everybody forgets about no until no contaminants are detected. Well let them drive the model of the United States Army Corps of Engineers and Ladies and gentlemen. That's going to conclude this week's edition of the show back back in your room next week. Same time on the radio whenever you want it on your audience divisive choice. The email address for this program chance to get cars. I talked t shirts the audio music playlist of what you hear here. All at Harry share DOT COM and on twitter at the Harish Lucia come see from century of progress. Productions originates services of WW NO NEW ORLEANS. Flagship Station of the change is easy. Radio knepper so long and don't touch your face

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