EP49 Breaking Team Rules, Dating in the Front Office, and More


The. Are Welcome back to the morning brushback. This is episode forty, nine I'm Dan. Blew it. I'm joined here by coast bobby. Aka. Did you ever nickname Now Co host of the year as many him co host of the year unvaccinated co host of the year. I, am I supposed to the elements I will be live or maybe die, but I'll dial my own terms by Williams. I will roll around in dirt and be safe from all things. Well, speaking that did you watch I don't know how much Joe Rogan podcast watcher your I wouldn't say I'm like a big fan my neck of my shirt looks weird the new sheriff it looks kind of like Bacon he not great. He has like I. I enjoy Joe Rogan's podcast because he I think is a very curious. Person I think he's a good interviewer stuff. But he had one with Joel South do you know Joel Saltiness? Don't see that one I. Do I do check like weekly to see who he had on? An should watch that one with Joel Salatin he's not a name the you would otherwise probably know because for me Kinda scan his youtube videos a C., which against someone that I recognized everyone probably does that. But he Joel Salatin was featured in a book. Called in defensive. Food. No Mayo's the omnivores dilemma or maybe both, but they were written by Michael Palin. This may be ten as back in College I. Read it but Anyway, it was Alec. The. Dilemma was about where food comes from like where it actually comes from. So like you eat a steak, but like the book basically discussed how much of your steak made of corn and where that corn comes from because just though I'm. In the Midwest where you live. Literally everything's made out of corn and they it's funny because they can actually track this through your body like they can tell the different types of carbon. And so the human body today is made up of like forty percent carbon from corn like we know it's from core because your cereal is made of carbon from corn like corn is ground up in a Maltodextrin. Corn. Syrup. Is everything like your cows eat so much corn with the steak is essentially corn like literally everything is is is the molecules from corn anyway. But this this Guy Joel Salatin he owns his farm in Virginia which actually is close to where I can get his food. it's called poly face farm and he talks in the book about how his like cows and pigs live like actual pigs like his chickens live like actual chickens like they eat grubs out the grass eat grass they run around. Like, they act all these animals actually live the way they're supposed to. And so On Joe Rogan's podcast and talks about food. And how food should be basically twice as expensive as it is now but if it was. At the health benefits of animals being raised this way and eating vegetables and eating all these natural foods would essentially flip the way healthcare and food costs are he said back in late nineteen seventy. I think it was people spend. Maybe, nine percent of their budget. On health care and eighteen percent on food today, it's the exact opposite, which is really strange. And just kind of coincidental that we spent eighteen percent of our budget on healthcare nine percent on food. And he said well, maybe if we're eating healthier food And being more active that would flip again and allow these health. These health issues we know are not as well controlled by medicine, which is often like you said, regulated by these money hungry companies that want you to take medicine. And would rather you be medicated? Money, rather than have healthy food and spend. But people are used to their prices and they don't WanNa. Spend you know eighteen dollars a pound on. Steak or ten dollars around chicken they don't want to spend that. But then if maybe if you did your healthcare and your long term health is a lot better where you don't have to spend that money on being sick so. Talk Us. Yeah, we talked about this last podcast to Ganic eating organic and I said rob a I would lose my local whole foods. It's just organic food is so expensive and it rightfully. So right it's fight takes twice as much time to if you're a farmer to again, that's the charge twice as much I mean I get it but it also it's shines a light on the fact like people can go to the dollar store essentially do their grocery shopping. But if you look at the Maga- some of those boxes, none of that sounds like food it all sounds like chemical like you know you drink a Arizona ice tea and it's essentially like is it? Like I T or Chemicals that. Like yeah whatever got there. Are these missiles gold peak aspirin, Leeann. Yeah. This this this was half on Sweden at half a diet diet. See that image with but bruti phosphoric acid that's it. So two ingredients that's not as bad. Now that's but it's I on I heard somebody I saw somebody do like A. Wasn't I experimented. It's like a example where they threw something on the ground and watch the ants like the answer would go and eat it in and go anywhere near it. He's like animals don't WANNA eat. He's like that's a good indicator that it's probably not good for you to eat. That's that's basically how we figured out like how mushrooms how you could eat mushrooms like native Americans you Kinda watch animals what do they eat if it's safe for them and it's was they felt safe for that humans. Bad Guy I would say it's not like. The has poor test would eat maple syrup, and if you only eat maple syrup, you're gonNA get Diabetes No. No not that it's not that whether or not they eat it is whether it's edible essentially like they're not gonna eat. Throw. ASPARTAME on the ground there. They don't go after that because it's like A. Swirling, they don't recognize as something that's edible food. But I bet that would be a gummy bear may have asked made with like a low sugar gummy bear but thirty. Is dependent depends on the way it's presented like, how can aunt aspartame? They describe the granules but. A A visual. He had like a visual like a control experiment of Ants. Award that same answer, the GMO, Moen's you never know we don't know. So in today's show, we have a bunch of topics to cover number one, Mike Levinger and Zach Police Act getting in trouble for breaking quarantine on the Indians. About that we're talking about this in the same vein front office dating between players in the front office. Interesting Topic I. Don't know anything about that. People don't know we're not GONNA get any gory details but. the Golden. Age, what was the golden age of being an athlete and social media and video ties into that also while about Ryan Christians in the as bench coach and how he got in trouble recently, Will Jab about some of that. Marcus stroman. Opting out. Shohei Ohtani, which is a little bit of old news from like a week. Ago Is injury and I think the overall scope of like Agen players seeming to not really They just seem to be get hurt when they come to the US and why that might be in lastly baseball bodies and. This was from a conversation. I had with a a person from the United Kingdom recently. And her conceptions of. Why do some baseball players look Kinda fat like with Navy better would be better if they are fit, which is not necessarily true. So let's start here with Clemenger and police sack. So. Clever got in trouble. He broke quarantine in Chicago when that was Zach Zach who is He's a rookie in Chicago native. And police got demoted was that right and that Yeah at least it got sent home sent home and Cleven Clemenger is quarantine for fourteen days proving once and for all that the better you are the more you get away with. Yeah, well, we're talking I mean police has zero point one to five years of service time. So pretty brand new. He's a tenth of a season service time. Cleven tour has three full years of service time. So you can't just send a guy with three years of service time home in the same way that you can send someone who just got called up essentially. That now definitely, you can't the the specially based on club injures history I. Don't know if he has options. Anyone that so options if you get caught up to the big leagues in get sent Back Down, that's an option to get three options before you have to stay in the big leagues or if you want to if they want to send you down that you have to clear waivers i. Grabbed you any team can grab you off waivers if nobody grabs you than you're allowed to be sent back down to the minor leagues, but that's Quick rundown I don't know how many options clemens your has any normally guys have options if they're not if they're prospect like are big time clever because once they get brought up, they never get sent back down. Yeah that only. Options. Yeah I would guess that he probably does to his first year he was like fifty innings and the next three years they're pretty relatively full seasons. His second year wasn't quite as full. Then, his last two full. So He's been up for it looks like parts of four or five seasons. So three years of service time and five is pretty pretty legitimate. So. Yeah well, how do you feel about this though? I mean is that the right move by these clubs? I mean, one of the players need to do here can we really control him I? Don't think I think they. I, think think they dropped the ball already that you talked about an affair if MLB for the players I'm only if you're GONNA travel to different cities and have no fans, why wouldn't you just do the bubble at the NBA did and make sure that you keep these guys centralized in one spot if you're going. I don't blame the police act for not wanting to be locked in the you know the the W hotel downtown is from Chicago and he's probably got family and everybody in town. Levinger is not pitching. He's probably whatever. So he's going to go out like these. You can't the rules on these guys are you can't leave the hotel you can basically only be your hotel room in the field. He can't leave you can't do anything else. That's her grown men like they're in different cities in big cities they they've got friends. I'm not saying that they should be allowed to go out but to police, it is going to be super difficult and. To not just entertain like, do it in Arizona in a bubble and have them all stay close and I know the argument against that was at Wolf One person gets infected you could essentially affect the whole league. But. At this point now, you're trying to control guys in fifteen different cities. I mean, I don't know how you do it. Yet it seems really very difficult to control for sure. However, if you're Zach Police Act, you do this. If you're in the big leagues, you just got called up do you do that? Do you go out and risk? Not exactly police that guys. What do you do? You don't have a classic. That's a dumb move for shots but that's a dumb move even if there is no Kobe. Like that's a dumb move like to get caught going out as a young guy when you're trying to make a name for yourself in the big leagues. Have a good outing or two before you go out in the town. So they can't just send you back down and probably. Scratch my name off the list of ever getting called back up by them. Yeah well, and it's not clear I mean did he do anything when he went? Are He just it just was known that he went out and I think it was just known. Yeah just known that they went out and which is I mean again like I'm knockin argue with. Like these guys are grown men, they're going to go out and do things like we both leave the house. It's like it'd be very hard to just sit in hotel room order food to the hotel I get it. Granted this is the time you live in like this is you know this is the situation near if they really wanted to control at instead of having the police guys on the road, just send him dude or spring training complex and don't leave. Yeah well, I mean yeah. I can't relate because when my rookie season in. Independent Ball right and not even the major leagues I was I. Will I laid super-low in spring training I didn't leave my family's house I got to bed at nine thirty I was eating healthy food getting very well rested because the only thing I cared about was making that team that was like I knew I had one shot and I might not get another spring training invite and I was like. I'm not doing anything I can regret and sure enough. The this is weird about my rookie season spring. Training. I. They had never seen me pitch I got a contract because I threw for a coach who highly recommended me to that coach and it was like on good faith like I will give this guy a shot like. A couple of guys were highly regarded from my manager, Bausch me and so I showed up and they never see me. So I was like low man on the totem pole had to prove when everyone else was brought their signed by that coach for a reason. All right. So then What. We didn't know was we were going to get four or five x exhibition games. Right? We had this terrible midwest spring where it rained and rained it was miserable and cold. We traveled a couple of times got their got rained out and as it turned out, we got one intersquad against our own team. That's what Inter sweated is obviously on a high school field in downs on. That was the only time we got innings in the entire spring training live innings. Got, to, all of US got three innings. I dominated I went out there and I threw fuel and dominated I bought and leave the Infield against me and little did I know that was the only outing I got and it was the same for everyone else and a bunch of guys the night before that squad went out and got hammered drunk and they didn't pitch very well, and they're in their making excuses in the dugout afterwards all throw better. Next time that was it is their only chance cut. So smell you you know like go home. That's how life is sometimes and you don't know you're know you're talking independent ball I. Mean this guy is at the basically the pinnacle of his promotion like you you just can't. Feel, bad. Like you guys you guys who want that job they'll sit in warranty for a shot in the big leagues you Betcha you Betcha Yeah and in any in any other year, this would be a thing like he would have been fine to go these guys go out every night they go get dinner they meet up with friends like they meet up with the other team or say they're friends with guys and this is just bad I mean. No. No you know the situation know your surroundings. It's just. Sorry. Zach. Like feel bad. You feel bad for the kid but you know, yeah, because it's not even it's not even like he was and I don't know what he was doing. I, don't care. I'M NOT GONNA like research further, but he might went out. Yeah. With parents are just like some friends you're like, this is so exciting. You're a big leaguer in your back in your own hometown like that's amazing. It's so exciting. But still. Cut a know what the consequences are and he got them so. Yeah. So let's talk about this same thing. I was warned the same exact thing is with front office dating. So you're married now when you're playing, you're not married. My coach. Told me who one of my coaches still a good friend and mentor he's like Dan Listen. You'll probably encounter at some point in your travels like a really cute front office girl who may be like you need and you guys get along with if you happen to have a relationship with her or you just whatever. If. If she gets her feelings her. They're going to get rid of you. They'RE GONNA value their front office employees much more than some replaceable ballplayer, and that'll be the end of you. He said. So here's my advice to you Dan. Do not under any circumstances mess with the front office women don't don't like just be cordial be polite but consider them romantically limits to you entirely how do you feel about that as good or bad advice? Great advice scrape advice for independent ball specially affiliated baseball's Basel Different. Those employees of the team are necessarily employees of the team that you play for their employees of the Minor League team that it. There's a separation of like jury ounce stay there year owned by graves not that little minor league right now not F-. Lynchburg. Hill cats on. Good. Advice though do not do not coop where he eat essentially. Yes thanksgiving always the about. There you go. Yeah. It's very good advice. The coach is obviously speaking from some kind of experience either he had a player or has himself to. I. Don't know he's definitely. SMART. Guy. He was being from experience in that he saw at least a couple teammates get either into serious issues or get released because of it ram he did said, he said he dated a local reporter which whatever. But even that is it even he said even then. Say Your meter a news reporter who covers the team and is very closely tied and well regarded with the team. They'll still be like Oscar that like that that guy's not playing well and he broke your heart get Outta here. You know it's just like you said, it's just office romance for athletes is it's it can impact your career for sure oddly enough my season there is a really pretty girl in the front office that I thought was really cute. She's really nice and I was like. nope. nope. NOPE nope. Donda. So any advice it's gray advises advice for I mean I got to imagine if I had if I had a corporate job I worked for. A state farm and I had an office and there was a good looking girl in the office like another agent that would be a conflict of interests and that would cause some issues with the boss if you're involved with a coworker in, it wasn't prior to working there. Well, and I think you also need to be really careful about the relationship and and like you and I talked about off air. Now, if you're like an office where you feel like there's really legitimate chemistry and like really like a legitimate disks, very serious relationship may be a long-term maybe of future wife or husband whatever. That's a little different and I think in the sports world may be still considered the same way either way you probably stay out of it, but it's like man this person I feel it could be my spouse one day. That's I. think a little bit different than rather dislike I'm to you know casually date someone or like I just WanNa sleep with this person. Where definitely stay away but this is like man, we really connected. This could be a serious long-term thing. Then you know the obviously office romances happen and like people get married for people that were 'cause you're in closed quarters. So it's not to say you can never work but us after an understanding where your hearts out I think to if it's because we we both of guys who like married someone in the front office like that does happen once in a while. But that's I. think wholly different than dislike sleeping around the front office is that's certainly a not a good thing to do I would I would stand by the rule of thumb don't pre Yes for sure. Just say better safe than sorry especially when you're talking about a career like the forget sportsworld if you're a NIGGA mutation, if you're climbing the corporate ladder neared got a well paying job in all of a sudden just decide like A. The, the assistant in the office next door looks like she might be fun. Okay. Well, how far how funny I don't do that not that fun long McDonald's CEO is in big trouble about that. Have you heard about that story? He had some inappropriate relationships with employees as the CEO McDonald's and got ousted, and then he apparently hid evidence of more. So he could keep a really large severance package and now McDonald's is suing him for fraud for uncovering that up. So more stories and why that's a terrible idea. Yeah. If you you're the CEO of, McDonald's like you've got to be making a couple shackles asserted out data minds outside the office. It's I'm sure you have enough at your disposal that you don't need a date, the secretary from. Zero McDonald's in. Salem Virginia. I don't know how in the restaurants in the corporate. In the corporate office. So let's let's shift the show media in the Golden Age. So what do you think it was the golden age of being an athlete Robert in how would you define define golden age here's what was say right now, the Golden Age of being an athlete was the was that probably. From the time. Michael. Jordan was a rookie to like ninety eight like it was basically George Michael Jordan was the golden age of sports and I'll tell you why. Social, media was was just non existent. You could be celebrity a very popular celebrity without being on blast in the news, but you're still at you but there's enough media to be well known. Also, let me let me let me extend like nineteen, eighty, four to two, thousand and four that twenty year span because I like to lump Derek jeters light early life into that because that guy is just the epitome of what professional athletes should be professionally both professionally and socially keeping their off off-field image just squeaky-clean. wiki. Clean Light never in the news and part of that. That would never say remarkable remarkable. But we're talking Golden Age radler there's no twitter. Like no one's out there with their camera phone snapping you if you to a picture of Derek Jeter, you had to have the big camera a near on your chest like ready to take one. You couldn't just snap with your phone like Oh. There's there tutoring the back of the club at four in the morning on Tuesday. No, he did it like I've heard stories of I was at the Orioles night. Here's CAL ripken junior stories from these older guys like. They're great stories and you never hear about it because there's no way to like that information only gets related to like a newspaper reporter and maybe he puts it on the back page and nobody reads it's not. This this is like the disbanding. Of speaking of the last dance, could you imagine Dennis Rodman? Now in today's media. He he wouldn't have job he wouldn't have. He wouldn't be a basketball player allied cause. So many issues with with team and they'd be like, this is too much. Thing. How many issues he caused with his team with the Bulls in the nineties and there's no no social media the fact they let him, they let him take a two day vacation or whatever in the middle of that one season. Is Sanity, but it's also testament. So if you haven't watched the last dance you should go we'll watch on Netflix. It's ten ten episode documentary on Michael Jordan and the Bulls from their their golden age. Yeah, he Dennis Rodman was a loose cannon. He had just like issues, but I mean to the Bulls credit. They kind of took care of like look if this is what Dennis Rodman needs right now to be here mentally with us. then. Let's just let him do it like what what is forty eight hours to the Bulls in that point and I think honestly that was like a pretty. Again it's just like trying to understand what their team may each people each person that team needed as a person to be okay and the fact they let him do that look look go to vegas good that come back and play basketball and he did. I think that's I think that's kind of remarkable. It's is. Phil Jackson Yeah That for niche that's the Golden Age let's say like nineteen, eighty, four to two, thousand and four. That's the that is. Just wind up before that because out you said that there's enough cameras to make you famous but not enough to ruin you right. So like Mickey Mantle and he lost a lot, he lost like Amac like who is a Muhoza most famous athlete from like the Mid Nineteen fifties sixties is Mohammed Ali probably world famous and there's Now. There's there's how many athletes have fame of Muhammad, Ali like are known around the world. Hundred athletes like that? He was he was maybe a little transcendent and of course, Michael Michael Jordan was. And is still to this day more transcendent than maybe any athlete ever was Michael Jordan was like a phenomenon in Japan in literally every where I am sure Lebron James's. WHO Had I've a lot of respect for is still like known all over the world but Michael. Jordan. was like. Next. Still. Incredible that he's still famous how he is famous like magic. Johnson is famous high was famous back in Dade right now he's still known, but he's like Michael Jordan is like People stop and take pictures like people recognize him. I don't know how many people would recognize mealy, Magic Johnson. Walking down the street I'm sure. Yeah. But not anywhere near none and Michael Jordan Jordan. His brand was the other thing that I think made him global I mean where there was no shoe brand like that at the time i. mean it was Michael. Jordan was the best athlete in the world, and then also is Jordan sneakers were the coolest product in the world. Everything. Jordan was just like the biggest thing on planet earth. With a scary amount of famed after deal with and they and they talked about that a little bit in the last dance, not not as much as they probably could touch them. But that was probably a really hard situation for him. Being as as normal as possible like lizard imagine that imagine that instagram followers Michael Jordan would have. Now if he was, he'd Harry's he he'd have the most in the world like, yeah. It'd be stupid stupid number. So what's your? where? Where are you fall? What's your goal of sports? I think I tend to agree with you. I think it was probably a little more on the tail end may be the two thousands because I'd say right before social media took off because it just like checking what you said and getting it. More notoriety higher salaries, more places to just read your image probably than. Them now, the nineties or I think that lasts that last like six to eight years of the window I gave like the ninety eight Oh four because the money just boomed at that point like Michael Jordan was making thirty million a year. Nineteen eighty-four like the highest paid guy was getting like a million bucks gas I mean when you hit the tail end of that of that window, your general general, generational, wealthy, and fame beyond all maybe. Generation wealth is a hard thing to define because you can blow through a ten million dollar salary. If you spent I mean you can spend that amount of money. Generational wealth is like you have a machine that's churning it out like you have significant investments like a real estate mogul I feel like has more generational wealth than a pro athlete does because I can make eighty, million dollars, two, hundred million dollars and live a lavish lifestyle and spend it, and that money isn't really growing generation generation only it's not growing year to year whereas. When you hear about people who are really financially wealthy. They have investments that are pouring two million dollars another bank account. Every month in doing anything for because there's the stock market is paying them all these dividends, their investments grow the ten, twenty percent year over year they have all of this real estate money pouring in from tenants they own apartment buildings, they all that stuff that's the money. That's like, yeah, go by go buy a new Ferrari who cares we just made a Ferrari last week because of you know rent money and all this other stuff that's that's to me more generational wealth whereas if you're stupid with your money, you made a hundred million dollars when you're twenty five or thirty, you can blow through that money in bad investments and stupid spending and all that pretty fast. So if you'RE SMART You're smart. You can absolutely turn into generational wealth for sure by some by some good investments that if you have a twenty million dollar head start on everyone else to invest wisely. Yeah I mean you're you're Goldie interest off that money alone should be enough sustain you at least novel buddy that Golden Age I mean Michael Jordan just what? What a lucky a lucky. Jerk that guy is But Ryan. Christianson, the Oakland as bench coach was recently caught doing like the Hitler salute to his players they're coming into the in the dugout yeah. and of course, canceled culture. Want him fired Should he be fired? Should he not? Know. Now he should know he shouldn't be fired you. You should be allow like allowed mistakes that don't mean I granted. This is a stupid mistake and I have the quote up here. He said obviously, I wasn't doing that intentionally says the reporter Susan Schlosser I just blacked out mine wasn't there space doubt. I'm sure looks terrible. I did it but it was not intentional I don't know what I don't know what more to say. So I'm not sure it sounds remorseful not that personally I not not the. Gene Yeah. You know he then he goes on to say. That was me and saying Oh. Yeah. That's what I did. Isn't it Kristie instead of the chronicle attorney said a see what you mean ono that's lifestyle Hitler I'm cringing inside fissuring myself like that anyone should know better. It's like standing there with my middle finger up. In this article goes on to say, no, it's not like the Middle Finger Hitler was much worse than Middle Finger link we understand Hitler. was worsening giving someone the middle finger he is just saying that you don't give the middle finger to anyone in public because you know it's wrong. The same reason you don't do the Heil Hitler because you know it's wrong but I, I, you know he should not be cancellations lose his job in his in the rest of his life for a mistake like this. Why not? I don't Why not I think I think you said it earlier we were talking very people should be allowed to apologize. Within a certain timeframe like he apologized right after he didn't. He didn't let it do he didn't Kinda back it in backtrack like he didn't say, no, that's not a big deal. Then once you got crushed crushed backtrack it. He said look I blacked out was a mistake should never done it. Okay should he lose his job in his livelihood? I don't think. So I mean the it never ends. There's a there's not a person this person writing about it that says, he should lose his job. This person has something in their past that would cause them to lose the courage out they have I think. There's very few of us that have not done something. That's. Maybe. Not as bad exists but but. Just a related we've done something bad that we've been allowed to apologize for has ruined the rest of our futures. I don't know. I fall on the side of probably. Like an an apology should be okay. because. Granted it's a bad sign especially for someone of Jewish descent like that's a really. Insensitive thing to do but I think also context does matter when we're doing. This was also in a book that I read recently. Like doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if he really didn't if he really didn't mean it like that. Like. We don't know its intent like we don't know. Possibly minor aide. Doesn't matter that you really didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings and you're just being stupid and like it I think it I think it does I think it does matter to an extent. When that's the case like people should be look I just I'm I'm human I screwed up this time. I don't think everything needs to be fireable and and part of it is everyone who's not in the media who's not in the spotlight they don't have that. You know we like a normal person who's an account can do something stupid at some point in time and not lose their job over it, and that's what's hard about being on TV being a celebrity being an athlete these days that. Anything you say is wrong can get you fired which I realize that with more power high high salaries, there's more responsibility. But at the same time I think. Now, this was a guy who we knew had passed of like anti-semitism. If not I don't know that. That's the case. If you knew that there's like a pass here that this is maybe like a reflection of what is really his values are that I think that is a little more context that. Could be considered but. Sometimes like being silly with your teammates, you just like do stuff and you not really thinking through it and you just like I. Don't know it's not out of the realm of possibilities. To someone who? Isn't Jewish to dislike do a symbol that like they're not really thinking about what used to mean you know X. amount of years got. I think context matters and again it's certainly on insensitive and I'm sure. Yeah it's it's just it's hard to know where to draw the line in today's Society of what what should you fired and and what doesn't I don't know it's it's not clear, but it's it's worth talking about it's probably fireable if he shows up at like a Jewish temple and does it right like if you will but intense right intense like he's on the baseball field like there's There's no back story that you just see somebody like this like they could just be going in for high five in someone ghosts, right? Like obviously that's not what happened have video but. Context matters like you said, if he shows up at a Jewish. Temple OR SHOWS UP AT A. We'll like that. Yeah. So Marcus stroman has opted out for the season. Pretty big deal for the mets they one of their best starters. This seems convenient that it was right after he got his service dime. That needed to be a free agent at the end of the year. Is that true? That is true. That's that's everything's that's being reported. Is He? Out trying to pull it up but he definitely. Has hit his service time to be a free agent Gotcha. So this year, he exceeded six years of service which grants free agency. Okay okay okay So what do you feel about this? I have an issue with his. Here's his quote is at he. He's been talking with family members for weeks about this issue in ultimately decided to opt out. Bullshit. Pardon my French that's he knew what his service time was, and that's cool like I'm all for the player getting his like you know there's plenty of times front offices, manipulate service time to keep guys next year I get where he's coming from. But don't lie straits everybody's face in say that all its you've been thinking concerns over Kobe you've been in this bubble with these guys for over a month. Now, like your concerns for cove, it should have been right at the beginning you would have opted out you didn't. You wouldn't have waited till precisely right after he got service time. So just don't. Lie about it like tell shoot me straight like yeah I wanted my service Timah I, WanNa be a free agent. So I stayed I'm still concerned with cove. It's only a now say that don't just say you've been having this discussion for weeks and now is the appropriate time like no, it's not the appropriate time would have been right in the beginning not just sales call call spade a spade like, Hey, I want I wanNA, my service time. So I stayed for my service time like this front office do to us what's good for the goose is good for the Gander just say it stopped line. Because it says here he related profusely how much he loves the mets organization the okay. That has nothing just say wanted your service time you WANNA get aid next year say don't lie to me. And Marcus Stroman is very outspoken on a lot of things too. So he's a little polarizing in that aspect as well. Yeah, it does seem convenient, which is a little disappointing Yeah. I don't know I personally I don't. I don't have a strong stance on it, but you're right. It does seem convenient that it says the while he was on the Angeles past six years. Of Service time that he needed to be a free agent. So I don't even care really like like you said like it doesn't bother me it's not my career. It's his like is this is a this is ABC this is a mets stroman issue. This really has nothing to do with anybody else but why lie about it just The truth like Hey I'm GonNa for me like I'M GONNA get my service time be free agent. This is what front office do all the time and they try and sugar coated as well like Oh we kept the guy we kept Chris. Bryant. In the minor leagues for the first two weeks you need a few more at bats AAA like no, we didn't this guy is he the best player in your organization? You kept him down for two weeks like just say were keeping them down so we can have mixture your control. I'm. I don't know. Shoot Me Schumi Straight, Marcus Yeah. No and I don't think if that was part of his reason like us very lucky could vary unsettled by the covid situation which everyone is it'd be like I don't really want like I one opt out from the beginning but I'm gonNA, stick it out for a month and get where I need to be. You know get my service time and then after that, I don't think that's unreasonable thing like I wouldn't like. When we start talking about the business decisions that like you said like clubs make over players manipulating service time to keep them down players manipulate to get what they want I think that's completely reasonable but I think. If you like look this was out was I. I was always nervous about this I chose to give it a month to try to get to six years, and now that I have I made unfortunately, that's just not gonna come off not selfish. But then like you said, it's just business right? He's not he's hurting his teammates potentially but then again, you should prioritize your own health if that's how you feel. And it should be your own decision for your family. I could get that. So yeah I I understand where you're coming from it's it's the first incidents of that where someone like I just got to get what I need and then go so yeah, and especially this year where it's like every team feels like they'd probably got a decent chance make the playoffs like more playoff teams shorten season. You're one of the aces. We've got a strong pitching staff like even the lowly mets have shot in your the next summit team I'm like I get it like you know do do you do whatever you feel like you need to do urine individual but I'm still going to be a little pissed off like don't lie to me like. I don't know. Maybe let it be known in the locker room that Hey, I'm out after service time. But Just feels feel shady Welsh from a guy who has got a lot of opinions on a lot of things. While the other thing is a going to free up a spot for a guy to come up and get and take those innings. So Hey, that's good for someone else who wants to make themselves and be. What was my be here? Can't remember got his lawsuit. Dang I had something Yeah I mean I get that I mean the other thing is my thought. This season doesn't matter. You know what I mean as much as like. Anyone's getting screwed over by him not playing this season is. It, it doesn't mean anything winning a world series is useless and meaningless. So I feel like they've got they've got. They've got all know that well. Of course I would take I mean who isn't want to be a big leaguer but at the same time. The season doesn't mean anything. It's useless. So if you're just trying to like, Hey, let's advance my career and let's keep mice myself from my family. Safe. I don't have a problem with the you know this season doesn't mean it's a joke. So look a stroman months ago. Hey I. I don't have an issue. So let's talk about a show Yo Tani so we didn't really cover him before. He is now having problems again back to being just a hitter only essentially. Why do you feel these Japanese players struggle? So wants to stay healthy when they come over to the US it seems like it's a pattern maybe. It seemed like it is he's certainly struggled. Play with one Japanese? Guy Who's His background came from Japan thrown like ninety with a good split finger. got here. He ended up. He didn't have arm problems. He just never could get his velocity I think part of it is pretty sure Japan. They're only on their on seven rotation they have correct So they have a little bit more arrests, but also the training Japan is different. The season setup is different in Japan. where it's like the big leagues, it's not apples for apples when you when you go over, they do a lot of practice they do they're they're pre-game in everything they do over there is a lot different than what big leaguers and Americans read to or whatever wet Western Hemisphere. Is used to. To the point where if you're American guy are ex bigly or go to Japan, they kinda they kinda tailored to what you are used to. You don't go through all the stuff that they normally go through pre game because it's not what you're accustomed to I. Don't know if maybe the MLB needs to look into that for some especially someone like Otani, he could be racy could four header. In you know hundred, sixty, two games but I just think it's I just think it's the he's so young and trying to adapt to what he used to do in. Japan. At the big level, it's not like he went to the minor leagues got a sense of like, okay. This works for me in a everyday schedule on a five day rotation. He was put on the angels and said Okay here starting pitcher. You're also gonNA play out and you're going to be our our cleanup hitter. And Good luck because no one's ever done this before. So he's kind of learning on the fly. The arm issues I don't know if they were expected. He's hundred kind of expect a little bit maybe just because her on a fast. Yeah. It's not a fast is kind of oppressive. But I don't, I just don't know if he's learned how to adapt a with his. With his routine in. It's honestly it's very hard to be a guy who who hits only spot in the lineup like certain up like spotty in the lab. He's in lineup except for the day before he pitches at any only da after he pitches. So it's not necessarily he's really uncharted territory as far as what he's trying to do in the Big Leagues Right now for sure and let's let's look at his his stats here. So as far as pitching in, this is the thing about him pitching is he's gotten like no innings to even say like Oh you know he he got fifty innings until eighteen. Ten starts five innings start before you know blowing out his arm. So right it like the sample size I mean that's not a small amount of innings, but it's not a a large amount of innings where. I don't know it was like he was hurt from the get go and he's still super young like you said but at this point after. Being. Not Able to pitch in coming back from surgery and. You wonder if he's ever GONNA. League at some point you just lose your traction completely where like a not really a pitcher anymore you you wonder if he keeps getting chances I'm sure he'll continue chances but how many if he's even going to be as good when he comes back again? You know sumit's probably a rap for the season like you can count on him. Do They WanNA count on him. They throw him in the bullpen like it's hard to figure out what to do when you start to be injury prone because he's starting to get that injury prone label from a really young age on young time. There's good guys in the minor leagues coming up who can throw a Honda to. Any ad you know? I mean, he had a great numbers starter until eighteen fifty, one innings thirty, eight hits twenty to walk. So a whip of about one point one point two. Sixty three KS those fifty, one inning. So like good numbers, he's so you WanNa try to get that out of him but. It's hard to know. I. Mean when you start an and psychologically that's where it starts to be tough to and you had a surgery and then you come back and now your arms hurting again. Obviously I've been there I did that dance Oh my whole life essentially, but it can be for the wrong person who doesn't just like bore through it like I did. It can be really tough to come back and not hold back and not be worried constantly in and being mentally freeze and athletes really important. Obviously, he's not getting the rest it's not like he's not. Doing anything rehabbing his arm, he's hitting and he's potentially playing the outfield you know you're still using. Your body like it's still. Is still physically stressful on your body and his his his body's already taxed and potentially hurt. There's no easy. There's blueprint like he is making his own blueprint and they're trying to figure out as they go and it's I especially in this season likely. So kinda doesn't matter for if you're the angels may matters because if you have to decent starters Mike Trout, you could win a world series initial season. So it's hard I don't know what I don't know what he does, but he's a rare rare talent in the baseball world. So stop of the day. Bobby, Y can baseball players be fat so List delivered. So a friend WHO's British she was like. She's like I don't really understand baseball, and while these Yankees play, they have like be a bellies just paraphrasing and using a British accent but. I'm like. Well, she's like wouldn't wouldn't it be better if they were more fit And I was like Unfortunately. The answer is no, and I'm trying to think about who on the Yankees is fat in her eyes, but it'd be late. Luke, voight. May Be but he's not I mean. Not Fat now or like. Gary Gary Sanchez is a little skier for sure but it's hard to explain from someone who like soccer football is the big sport over in the UK and they have rugby and both of those both athletes are very fit. Rugby players are obviously more muscular than soccer players. Soccer players are all about fifty. Right and obviously the running constantly and rugby you have to be running constantly, but you also have to be carry more muscle more like a a linebacker in football course, they're not anywhere close to his biggest football linebackers. Are you know NFL players like you would not want to play rugby with the NFL team with their pads off? No no, they're not even comparable in size. Although there are some very big terrifying rubbish players for sure. On the whole, they're more probably my size like six foot two, hundred like a well-built. Rugby player but anyway, knots not six, foot two, forty running a four seven. That's terrifying like J., J. Watt would literally kill people people in Rugby Michael. Brown cal ski like you ought to build a rugby field Gronkowski hitting without pads, their loss guy you the Patriots signed rugby player from Australia and he was like an animal just a fullback like also probably had a mock up a lot probably had to bulk up a lot. He was huge. He's already huge his last by why they signed him because he was just like he had a knack like this big. Didn't even need to wear a helmet Ball Muscle. But so if you're explain to someone because I had a tough time explaining this that it's just like it doesn't matter like if you're Gary Sanchez or your first baseman like you're paid to be big, it doesn't matter if you have a little more fat on your stomach, be a little fatter button legs if you're a little bit slower that you're paid to hit the ball far and produce power and and just be so it's like okay well, if Gary Sanchez was. You know ten percent body fat instead of twenty per set. For example, I have no idea. What is body is would he be better at baseball? The answer isn't clear and the answer is also probably not for some odd reason you know what I mean. Weird. Baseball because baseball is short bursts of power right power movements. So if you look like powerlifters is funny because watching a video of the guy that did the a a one ton O. N., any dead lift any like. He's not ripped like he looks Kinda like Chubby, but he's not Chevy like he's obviously the strong strong person in the world essentially. But the power move, it's like short bursts of powerful explosive movements. It's not like a basketball player were the cardio is so like. The need for cardio to be in good visible cardio condition like baseball essentially run. What hundred eighty feet at most a dead sprint and then you rest and you wait and then you do it again and you throw hard for a second and a half on a new breast. So I guess that. Baseball players I guess they had a trained differently for different activities would be in. Probably more lean cut up but for what we do in this other. Guy That are really good shape that are just ripped will ask is. Football guys. But when you see lot of bigger players, first baseman cancers, a lot of these pitchers that are just they're just big bodies and you don't see many six five guys shredded six pack like everything like these guys are they've got. A lot of beef arm. And they performed Big Moo. Described that to to European. Yeah. Woman Who's never seen face play before but well, and that's the thing most of the players on the field today in the modern game or pretty fit I mean. Any outfielder is pretty in shape bryce Harper's of very muscular dude. Fielder are always very like hyper athletic. You get a monkey bets like that Dude's in in shape obviously right shortstop second base same thing very agile positions. Third Baseman is still going to be like a big dude has to move like Air Nado is a very fit guy, right? Those are all. Really The positions shape you where it's really just catcher and first base in the modern game. But what I would say, and this was an interesting study done. So one of my like training mentors, Sky Nick to mellow. He's obviously like a lot of good trainers are like current on the research and so one good question was why offensive lineman in football so fat like why does it seem to matter that there are three, hundred, eighty or four, hundred pounds like if you're strong like and here's the example like a football linemen can probably bench four, hundred, fifty pounds right problem for sure. Well. What if I can bench four, hundred, fifty pounds? Can I be a football linemen? We the same like pushing strength I can I can I do it the same way you think the answer is Whoa yeah. Maybe if you're as strong as him, but here's the thing there is research done seeing how much of what percentage of your body weight you could press while standing? So you're in like a split stance like alignment would be one foot behind the other and your how much can you chest press with just yourself standing unsupported bench behind you know pads you`re In the middle of a field, right? And it's it's basically just about fifty percent. If you're in the straw, if you're really strong, it's up to about fifty percent of your body weight. So even if you can bench press four fifty. It's still only about up to your half of your body weight. So if I'm two hundred pounds and I can bench press four, fifty because I'm standing and I need core strength I need like I need weight into the ground. Essentially to stabilize me I'm only going to push one hundred pounds ish in that standing press whereas the linemen because they for their. Four pounds vacant push up to two hundred pounds and so body mass that was a really interesting study because it's not just about weight room strength because any we all of us again, you probably realize that even if I'm super fricken strong, I can't be of the alignment and that's the reason that when you have this big tree trunk based like an elephant. You can just push stuff around right and. So that's part of I think the analogy for baseball. Even. If a first baseman like little flabbier, there's probably a reason that he can hit the ball so darn far that if you just made him shredded and twenty five pounds less doesn't hit as far as body just probably doesn't work quite as well on producing much force Ham at least her him. Is it similar to like a like a speeding train of freight train like Viet hit by a freight train like it's just so much mass behind it that it's like a yeah like it'll blow you back or a speeding train like, yeah. There's it's moving significantly faster probably like a more athletic person, but there's not as much mass behind it. You're not getting the. Well, it's hard to know because you're trant transferring power into a bat. So like mookie Betts swings a bat one hundred miles per hour. And a big fat first baseman swings at hundred miles per hour. It's a hundred miles per hour talking to matter. But for a lot of people who were not crazy strong and hyper athletically mookie Betts, they just might need more body weight to generate that hundred miles per hour for them them. Personally you know what I mean like if I was the same size as lookie bets, he's for sure way stronger and faster than me no matter how much I work out. But maybe if I'm thirty pounds heavier than Mookie Betts. We can be on a similar size. We can be similar strength. You know what I mean like even the gap I being bigger than people who aren't hyper athletic and crazy strong allowed. So yes, I mean the size definitely helps like you see a lot of little kids like they're super athletic younger kids that I have and like I teach that just can't hit the ball fire as the as you know bigger. Chubbier kid because I just got more mass like you know he hits like he his move the battle a bit quicker because he's got more master woman I. Mean there's something to be said for having more mass. I also don't want to play offensive line for the for the bears so. I'll stick to my to my skill position. Fair enough. Well that's going to wrap it up for today's episode Bobby Czyz good in and good little recorded episode vacation episode very topical. I'm proud of us. This is this is this is this fair up so we didn't ramble at all. Next time. I'll bring get some like conspiracy news stories. We'll talk about vaccines or trump again we've been awhile everything we'll. We'll get a lot of our system someone I get back but thanks for listening. We will see you here at our regularly scheduled time. Coming up soon.

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