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NPR News: 04-21-2020 1AM ET


Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens. Democratic and Republican governors are insisting that the White House do more to eight state efforts to test Kovic nineteen some governor say shortages swabs protective gear and other supplies are impeding efforts to access how many people are infected. President Trump says some state leaders are simply misinformed. States need to assess their complete inventory of available capacity. Some states have far more capacity than they actually understand and it is a complex subject but Some of the governor's didn't understand it. the governor is an example. Pritzker from Illinois did not understand his capacity Maryland. Republican governor Larry Hogan says his State has obtained half a million Kobe. Nineteen testing kits from South Korea. Hogan says estate was doing all it could to increase its testing capacity but had to compete with other forty nine states for resources. Federal officials say they plan to start tracking and publicizing information on how infections and deaths at nursing homes are occurring nationwide. The White House and Congress are still trying to reach an agreement on a fifth government. Rescue package to help. Small businesses continue paying workers during the Kovic Nineteen Pandemic House Speaker. Nancy Pelosi says she's optimistic that all sides can work out the final details. The Pentagon is extending its ban on most military travel until the end of June. Npr's PUIG my reports the two development sound somewhat at odds and that reflects the challenges the military faces in dealing with the corona virus. Defense Secretary marquess birth said most all military personnel will stay put at current locations until June thirtieth. This extends travel prohibition already in place through may eleventh and suggests the military does not foresee a quick into the pandemic. Meanwhile the army says new recruits can again start shipping out for basic training. The army called a two week. Pause after a cluster of cove nineteen cases cropped up at Fort Jackson South Carolina. The army will now perform daily health assessments to guard against another outbreak. Greg Mary. Npr News Washington okay. American oil benchmark West Texas Intermediate fell by more than seventy percent Monday k. Ut's most shell reports that Texas. Regulators are considering mandatory production cuts. The idea has divided industry. Most BIG OIL COMPANIES OPPOSE IT smaller independent oil producers view production limits as a lifeline. Kirk Edwards is the head of ladder. Go Petroleum the bigger guys. Plenty of market finding papa access and plenty wisest door. They're all independence. Do not if there's not some wait till Al Fairness then you personally responsible for the demise of the Texas independent producer this year state regulators will again take up the plan on Tuesday production caps in Texas would need to be done in coordination with other states and countries to have a chance of boosting oil prices. Mozambique Shell and Austin this is. Npr news the US Supreme Court struck down state laws in Louisiana and Oregon that allow defendants to be convicted of serious crimes by a less than unanimous jury as NPR's Nina Totenberg reports the six to three decision overturns a nineteen seventy-two ruling that had upheld non unanimous verdicts writing for the majority justice. Neal gorsuch noted that both Louisiana and Oregon have conceded that race was the motivating factor in both states. When the non unanimous jury measures were enacted and said Gorsuch. No member of the current court thinks the one thousand nine hundred ninety two decision upholding. Those provisions was correct. The disagreement in this case was over when the court should adhere to its precedents and when it should not it's a fraught issue mainly because the current conservative majority appears to disagree with many long established precedents on everything from abortion voting rights to religion and federal regulatory power Nina Totenberg. Npr News Washington. These are premium court has rejected a request. By a group of Montana homeowners who were seeking additional cleanup of arsenic. That's leftover from years copper. Smelting the justices. Say The property owners must receive. Epa approval before proceeding with efforts to decontaminate their own properties near the Shuddered Anaconda. Smelter they property belongs to be owned. Atlantic Richfield company which says it's already spent four hundred seventy million dollars to clean up the superfund site. I'm Shay Stevens. Npr News in Washington.

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