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Seeing some you haven't seen nothing yet your baby give it to Matt bought Stephen Jackson Past Life Culture. I just want to get into conversation. We gotshall's what's going on over the air radio DOT com all major podcast platforms fun crazy weekend footfall. Wasn't that fun for me. Start out with an ASS kicking of the Minnesota Vikings by the San Francisco Forty niners then after that boy was there drama there was drama and the fact that the Tennessee titans dismantle the ravens. There was drama between the Texans and the chief says is the chiefs are down twenty four nothing and then outscore the Texans fifty one seven. Of course there was drama up in Lambo as the packers almost blew a big lead. So here we are and we've got some really really good teams in one big surprise team vying for change that go down to Miami and play in the Super Super Bowl. Good morning boomer. Our you know what I'm doing great Gio and I'm glad to say that we're just thirty six hours removed from your vikings loosens as opposed to twenty four hours ars or even maybe twelve hours. I just think that you know what they read into. What is the best defense in football? And the best defensive football turned out to be a healthy defense and all those first round picks on the defensive line basically showed themselves. I mean it was it was as you put it and I. I'm not trying trying to rub anything in here. I'm just saying that what what will be a great super bowl. Kansas City versus San Francisco. You'll have the wonder kind quarterback who's just basically amazing against his great defensive line that puts pressure on every quarterback when they're playing at the height of their game. I don't I don't see how the packers can go in there and win. I really don't but that's the team that beat the packers about what six weeks ago killed them right and it's it could happen all over again. The packers if it isn't for one on drop pass I believe on the last seahawks series by the kid turner who was out because he had concussions and came back for this game if he catches that ball. I I think Russell Wilson's just GonNa take a right down to the ends and they're going to win the game. What did you make of the Jimmy? Graham I down non-first it's home. It's home cooking. You know Israel home home cooking. It's too close man. I just I just think that it was going to be to whatever they call it on the field. They add to keep it. That's that's the plum surprise game the first down on the field. The old that spot to me was a little bit crazy but I mean you just hate to see the outcome of the game. I think probably a Green Bay would have won four and they would end the game anyway so the That was a great game. Russell Wilson is amazing. You know he's just amazing and he was driving a packers wreckers defence crazy in the second half that was an unbelievable performance and if Turner holds onto the ball to start that second. Are that last series I I. I think that they're going to just continue to take all the way to the end zone most likely win the football game. But that's you know when you have a tight game like that that's what happens. You know a play here there. Changes changes game. Thanks how here there changes game and I do think when you look at the way. These teams have played. I think right now you are the four best teams even though Tennessee. People probably don't think that way but The way they had played since then inserted Ryan Tannehill in the starting lineup. I would tell they have been one of the best teams and then have a running back. Have three straight games over one hundred eighty yards on the ground never to do it in Baltimore with fourteen in two team. That hasn't lost in months and months. I in this was the most impressive run defense up a new one. Yeah right absolutely I do think though I mean this performance formats against Baltimore's one of the most impressive single performances I have seen from a team is at Baltimore. Team was was like unbeatable. Four months month's Chino. He injuries for them was mark. Ingram was not one hundred percent. Yeah and the other one is Mark Andrews. Their tight end. He wasn't one hundred percent. Couldn't elevate to get the ball that was You know inaccurately accurately thrown by Lamar Jackson turns into an interception. They have to four th and one they can't convert then he has to other turnovers. GotTa fumble another interception and those those so the the keys to winning on the road all the things that happened to Baltimore at home in that game tell you all you need to know about how a team can win on the road against the better team name and that is you. Don't make any mistakes. You control the ball and then when the other team gets a little amped up and gets a little bit frustrated It's GONNA lead to mistakes by them them. I mean the the way. The Kansas City game started yesterday. It was reminiscent how the Baltimore game started the the the the higher team the home team the team that was coming off the bye ah dropping balls muffing punts and doing all sorts of twenty four. Nothing's a different story and and and basically a quarter. I mean. I've never seen a game start that poorly for for anybody. I mean even that two thousand giants Vikings NFC championship game. That was thirty five. I in this. This was twenty four. Nothing in a blink of an eye and I I just don't know how it can turn that quickly and my shocked that the chiefs with the weapons and Patrick Mahomes came back. No because I was sitting there looking the live line to see what the the chiefs were at that point because I knew they were that good but I thought it would take them the entirety of the game to come back and win they. They ran away when you asked me the play that every every no no. It's not it's not that play. It's a kickoff return by McColl Hartman after they go up twenty four hundred. Okay all right to me. That's the play that started the momentum and that's the play that bill. Brian now is responding to go. He's on the sideline he's there he's been around a long time. He knows who has defenses and he knows he's not planning is Josh Allen. He's playing Patrick Mahomes and he knows the Patrick Mahomes has got got a bunch of unbelievable players on the field with including Travis. Kelsey bed. He's not going to be able to cover even when they're trying to double team him. So I know all all the criticisms out there for Bill Brian and you know Shawn Watson deserves a better coach. You know I hear somebody stupid things. It's not even like he is trying to do everything you possibly can to now gain momentum back on his side and a fake punt if one of read can break Sorenson tackle. He's running for twenty yards the sideline and now that continues to fuel the momentum. That has already taken over that stadium because McCall Hartman did and what and and because of what Patrick homes did after that get his team in the end zone. Yeah how you doing everything you can to stem the tide of momentum and that would have been in a play. That would have done that. But if it doesn't work it's GONNA kill you and it's going to even add a further momentum to the home team which ultimately it did but none of us expected. Did Bill Brian in the Texans to go in there and win. Nobody if if they're up twenty four nothing cloud I but you know it's twenty four points fifty fifty one to seven from that from the start of the second quarter on. It was fifty one to seven and Patrick Mahomes became the Patrick Mahomes that we saw last year. He just basically took a completely different level. And you talk about playing quarterback and you talk about not being frenetic not being crazy not being being like out of the game. He's on the sideline imploring his players to calm down. We got this. Don't worry about it. The way the handles the pocket when to run one not Garon always looking downfield making plays little dart. Throws the Travis Kelsey for touchdowns I mean he was a May that was one of the best performances I ever. Oh of course I mean it's the fourth or fifth best comeback or largest comeback in. NFL History Fifty one to seventy things that don't happen in playoff game game five touchdown receptions over three hundred Texans Fan. I mean aren't you just absolutely livid playing but you're you're twenty four. Nothing I get it I can tell you they tell me if you're gonNA tell me you're up twenty four up and it's in the middle of the third quarter later the third quarter you remember when the giants play the San Francisco and they had a bad snap and all that kind of spotted. Four points quarters. Two bladed got outscored. Fifty one to seven. That's pathetic needed to be spotted. That's needed be spotted fifty two points. But I'm sorry you can't. You can't just chalk that up to like oh well it's just patrick mullins. You're off twenty four nothing like any the NFL teams in divisional playoff rounds at our spotted twenty four points so yes you wouldn't get his kick the rest of the game like this. I'd much rather have lost. I tweeted his last night. I still stand by. I'd much rather have lost the way that the Vikings did where they just got pounded from beginning and I felt like they had no chance to win. Then be up twenty four to nothing. Choke it away Kazan. If there's two different things that I would say here one would be if it were at home and you lost that way. I would say that that. That would be heartbreaking and it would probably require firings. The other thing I would say is if if it were in the second half eight and a fourth quarter or something like that and you lost with a twenty twenty four nothing lead. That would be something but you know it's interesting. So yesterday I'm watching the game with Jason Lockenfora and Pat Kirwan are insiders. And I'm sitting in the in the The hour meeting room before him. We're just watching the games and we're having lunch and it's twenty four to nothing and and these guys look how we're going to use them. We're going to Houston and I'm like man guys. It's Patrick Mahomes. The first quarter is not even over yet. I mean we. Everybody's just gotTA relax. All the all the chiefs need is one play. Just get the game going. The everybody could relax it was crazy. McColl Hartman was was the impetus to what was the avalanche of emotion that took over Arrowhead Arrowhead Stadium. And I'm telling you I been on the sideline when things like this happen man especially when you're on the road and your team that you know you're not the better team your lower C- to team for a reason and when you look at the Shawn Watson numbers they're pretty they're pretty damn good but again he's running all over the place I I tried to make crazy. Plays as opposed to just just kinda calm everybody down and relaxing and and trying to play way the way that you know the game started and then all of a sudden it morphed into the the Shawn Watson run around the the whole field show when it didn't have to be that you so I I was not surprised and I know what Bill Brian was doing. So I people out there could see it the way they want to. They're not going to change my mind. Because he was standing on the sideline sideline he felt it and he felt like this was the right thing new. As matter of fact they asked Andy Reid about that play after the game. He goes one on something of our bill. O'Brien would done the same thing I would. I would say the same thing. Everybody knows exactly what they're yeah. Well I mean. I don't know I felt at that point. He gave them everything thing they needed to complete the comeback with the fake punt. I mean I. I don't know I didn't like it at the time. This was not a second. Guess the fact. That didn't get it. It was sort of like. I can't believe they're going to do this. It felt like a panic thing for me it did. It felt like panic thing. You know. Listen you got your opinion. I got mine. You'RE NOT GONNA change. My mind doesn't mean that you have to be right about. I'm just I'M NOT GONNA try to change your mind. I'm just telling on your wife did it. He tried to stem the tide of momentum and he was with with with a play that basically is a one on one tackle. The chief made the tackle. And the you you know I read. I think was the guy who had the ball for for the Texans who couldn't break attack and couldn't make a play. I just know if I were a fan of that team up twenty for nothing I would just be today I would. I couldn't talk to me like honestly because you're believing at that point you're believing that the game is won at that point. I mean but obviously you know the text now with the fluky is twenty four nothing lead. Nfl I would say that if you were in Green Bay San Dan Francisco or Seattle in that same situation. The same thing could happen to you just given the quarterbacks given who the quarterbacks are given the where you were playing playing and given you know a same situation and it's those teams. I think I think the same thing could have happened. You know the texts are team. They're not a great team and their defense. This is not that great. As a matter of fact we said yesterday in the pre game show that their defense is awful covering backs out of the backfield and tight ends Kelsey. This is GonNa have a huge game today. He will have a huge game. I don't somebody better cover him and they even tried to double him like three different times and he's still got the ball to him. I was incredible. I mean and this is a guy who was dealing with an injury going in. You know what was going to happen. that he gets reinjured a little bit during the game and he was still just Spectacular and right. Now I mean. It's it's really hard for me to pick against the chiefs. I said this before. And I'm such a moron. I should have been able to figure but before week seventeen I was all over the chiefs. Plus seven fifty to win the super bowl bed because people thought that the Patriots. WE'RE GONNA lose up the Miami right to Miami up in Foxborough and they were not can have the by and I said boy. That's a lot. Plus seven fifty for the chiefs is a lot with the way that they're playing I never ended up baton it and now look at them. They're probably they're all. They are the favorites at least East in the in the AFC to get there. I gotTa take a look at what the new Super Bowl. It's kind of like lining up for Andy Reid. I mean a lot of things lined up for Andy Reid. Here are out Ravens. ETA spectacular year out there getting Tennessee Titans team but be careful what you wish for because this titans team right now I think all the doubters. I've been silenced. After what they did the Baltimore a little bit different of a story. I mean Patrick. Mahomes is a different animal and this is what I was saying on Friday. It's almost like people kind of forgot about him. He was flying under the radar or a little bit. Wasn't he Lamar Jackson one game. He had one game over three hundred yards in the last six games of the regular season however the chiefs went six. And oh in those games so the team got better around him and he didn't have to do everything but yesterday posting twenty four nothing and having to come back from that almost almost like it made it more interesting for him. He's I'm telling you and I and I've been saying it. I'm Tom. He is just so good in so poise. And even Phil set yesterday and our show he goes man. I know we've ever seen a guy could throw the ball like this. Now I will say Russell Wilson throw the ball and so can Aaron Rodgers. Those I can throw the ball at Aaron Rodgers made some great throws when the game is on the line. I'm telling you Ted Turner Kid doesn't drop the ball for Seattle. I'm swear to God. I think they're going to go in. And when he he drops it on the other side of the fifty back or side of the fifty after Russell. Wilson is doing Russell. Wilson's stuff. Well you know what I was surprising to me was. He wasn't it was like they weren't allowing him to do Russell Wilson stuff in the first half with yacht committed. They were to the ground game. And he wasn't freelancing and doing his stuff as much in the first half and it seemed like they made that adjustment and unleashed them a little bit in the second. What if they had done that the entire game you know? It's almost seem like they were too conservative early on the game. But Hell it's over now and I think at the The Green Bay packers are going to have a have a real real tough one up in San Francisco. I think I almost feel like Russell. Wilson would have had a better chance to beat you. You know San Francisco simply because they're in the same division. They know that and Russell Wilson almost beat him the last time they played. I know this this. This San Francisco Defensive Lineman they they are they are. They're the real deal they are. Yeah they are all over you guys in one hundred and forty seven yards of total offense. It's pathetic I mean you couldn't run the ball at all. I and the the thing that surprised me. The most I think in the game was that the Vikings defense could not stop the ground game of the forty niners niners at all at any point in the game. I mean it was six yards seven yards eight yards eleven yards. They were getting blown off the ball every single single snap and in the first half thinking all right. Let's change this around. You'll let Jimmy G. Beach you because you'll put the entire put ten in the box. I don't Oh care do something to change it and they never did and that was just that slow death. You know that slow just bleeding until the finish line. Yeah interesting thing. Dancing about the forty niners herb. As I recall Shanahan Chann- great offense coordinator played with the offense coordinator for the Falcons when they're the twenty three lead in the Super Bowl. They had Julio Jones throwing the ball down the field. All this other stuff you know who is called Shanahan's Dad Mike. And how did Mike Shanahan win his super bowls with Denver on running the football. You damn straight so it is it is about it's about Out being physical. It's about running the football and ultimately football became back to what football was and it has shown itself to be this way in pretty much all these playoff games. You you gotTa Control that line of scrimmage man and if you've got a great defensive line you could do that and even the vikings to their credit in the previous game against the saints. Their offense has been defensive. Lines won the game right quarterback in the running backs have to make their place but they can't do anything unless those offensive and defensive of lines win the Games. And that's why a healthy defensive line by San Francisco Man. They're going to be a bitch the deal. Yeah No of course I mean I did. I picked him to go to the super bowl before the playoffs started. Additonal honor respect for him. I knew it would be tough. I thought the Vikings to play a little bit better of a game a little bit closer because they'd be able to run the ball if what I saw from last week but they couldn't they couldn't couldn't stop. Stop the run and it was just the air getting sucked at it. Just it's slowly with that. Here's another six yard. You know but doc beat by the better team. I think I think the worst fan base the team that had it the worse. If you ask me how to be the ravens the Ravens had the worst weekend I mean come on you. I know you got the coach of the year. They mishandled their timeouts at the end of the first half. They're are there only eight points behind when the first half is over. I know but my God if you WanNa talk individual loss from the weekend without the history three of the organization then yes I would agree with you but to me when I look at teams like the Vikings and the Texans the vikings been around a lot lower than Houston. Texans the Houston. Texans really never gotten over that Hump. They've been there. They've been in the playoffs. They win divisions but they have zero success in the playoffs with the Minnesota. Vikings seem to be always there there. You know knocking on the door. And they can't do it so we want to talk about fan bases always GonNa go to the fan base that has not seen a championship whereas had tough losses in the playoffs. Worse as far as you know what type of weekend. But because it wasn't that long ago the Ravens had had won a super bowl and they've got a couple in their history but as far as individuals that building to go in there with the band and the credits college atmosphere fourteen and two team that has lost in months and to kick their asks in the way that the titans day. You're right in an individual weekend is nothing worse than that when you're expected to win. Go to the Super Bowl super bowl favourite. And you can't get one win and how about this. How `Bout Running Ninety two offensive plays putting a five hundred and thirty yards and only scoring twelve points now. Conversely the KENCY chiefs ran fifty seven plays. Yeah and they put up fifty one points and the and three of those fifty seven plays where kneel down at the end of the game so essentially they scored fifty one on points and fifty four plays hats that. That's that's what you call offense. Oh you play offense and fifty one thirty one for all the NFL nerds out there. There was never never a game in. NFL history before yesterday that ended fifty one thirty one. It's the one of the unique scores. It's the one thousand and fifty four unique score in. NFL History Day in this. I think it was in the second half now. You can do the game wagering all that stuff live line the over under one up ninety ninety one points. Yeah I'm not surprised I think the chiefs at one point. They were down twenty four nothing. It was like plus three twenty or something something on the money line really. Yeah you to people like you know I know it was a fake punt and everybody thinks that was the play of the game but I do like the fact that bill. O'Brien got the ball back late in the first half and was throwing the ball down the field because he had to make as much of an impact offensively offensively as he could to try to score as many points as he couldn't at least they had a field goal attempt at the end of the first APP. J. Feeley said nobody's ever made a post fifty fifty yard field goal at in Arrowhead Stadium. Yeah which is great absolutely not so but at least I mean to me like he was he was just complain all out. There was no doubt in his mind that he had to go in there and he had a score as we look now fifty two points to a win and that's how he was coaching the game and I know I know for a fact when they were up twenty one to nothing ahead the fourth and one he wanted to go for it and he was talked out of it by his coaching staff. They said 'cause this game's changed situations change and when when you're managing the in game same situation twenty four. Nothing looks pretty good. What let's just take the field goal here that somebody I? I'm telling you told him that. And he did not want to do that. And I could say well toy eight nothing twenty four. And then they didn't matter. They kicked up field goal. The next thing you know McColl hardman's taking the ball back. The other way might have an I an matter of about thirty seconds. Kansas City's in the end zone places going crazy and now Houston gets the ball back. And now he's got he knows he's gotTa oddest. Keep his offense on the field and that's ultimately why he won four with the fake punt if it works your genius if it doesn't work you're the biggest guests buffoon in coaching law. To me I get it. There was no there was no way to stop that sue NAMI yesterday. There just wasn't just but I believe that he helped it but I see I. I know you believe he fueled. I believe he tried to stop it by trying to stop it. Yes it helped it helped. Yes there's no question about that but I understand why he did what he did. I boom or Geo just getting started on this Monday morning after the divisional playoff round in the NFL on on the fan and CBS sports network. We're coming right back right after boomer tells you something about song it's the morning show with boomer Esiason in Gregg Giannotti boomer boomer right to it. We'll start with the wacky game. And that was the first one chiefs and Texans because boy you're in Houston you're feeling really good about it yourself. Early on goal puts down. Here's the snap to shot to throw over the middle got him and fouls up three. We did as nothing. Yeah that was in the first quarter twenty one nothing it would go to twenty four nothing as Houston took the lead kick that field goal on fourth and one. Then you had the big cake return by Casey and things started role in the other way you had the botched fake punt next thing you know. Kansas City was taken the lead home to sprints out to the left side. He's he's holding it he's GonNa try to hold it lake economy its own city. Chiefs takes the lead and Chelsea the cats sprint run pass option again Kelsey gargling in the sweet nectar the end zone. That's going Sweden our the end zone. How is he not over the line? Your entire body has to be over the line and I don't think the ball now it's got your entire body and I. I don't think they could truly tell whether or not he was all the way of livestream. He's that's why they let the call in the field stand while the first one was Marc Vandermeer windermere on Texans radio. The second call was Mitch. Hold on Chiefs Radio Casey outscores Houston fifty one to seven after being down twenty four. Nothing in the first quarter really remarkable for a fifty one thirty one win here was Patrick. Mahomes threw for three twenty one. Five scores is never thought we were done. We knew that we were still still just kind in a beating ourselves and that we needed to go out there exit at a higher level as a team and we knew it was great. Challenge that team that we're playing head coach Andy. Reid had to go around and tell his team team some things down. Twenty four nothing. What was the message? Pump the breaks here for a second and Focus Refocus go. I mean that's it's that simple really was was because they came back and they won tire matthew echoing his coaches thoughts different challenges throughout about the year. Maybe but I don't think being twenty something. This was such an education crazy impulse twitter too because everybody had Andy Reid as a buffoon. Yes twenty four hundred. This is the worst vein Andy Reid. It's unbelievable I mean it's like I didn't think that it would happen so quickly but I thought there was a real chance the chiefs could come back just to. It'd be like a last second field goal right them but come back quickly was just says media once again is wrong. Yeah yeah no I know it was just all look yellow. Brian Watt nominee. NFL wanted with the titans. And Texans. I mean everybody had. This is a game over. We're at twenty four north and on twitter. It's ridiculous and the thing is is that You know Andy Reid is probably and we're talking about this I think he's the most respected person in the NFL that is actively in the NFL. Right now. Out of all the coaches out of all the players out of all the front office people and owners ars. I would probably say that Andy Reid is number one when it comes to terms of likability respect and people that if you want to root for somebody on buddy he's the guy you want to root for right now because he just hasn't won the Super Bowl it's the only thing that's not on. His resume is not winning a super bowl. Yeah I cannot give you another name and to think about that for a second. Yeah I am thinking about it now. I can't give you another one. Yeah the people that's going to be the story line if they make it to the Super Bowl. It's going to be all that Andy. Reid is going to be a big one. Be a big green bay in Kansas City and makes the Super Bowl then sort of tangos rematch of super bowl. One this one hundred th anniversary year of the NFL that would be pretty call. That'd be pretty cool. Storyline and I think the group that were the case. Somehow Aaron Rodgers could beat San Francisco. That would be one crazy super bowl. I think here's bill. O'Brien asked about the fake punt. Afterwards these Games always You know gains momentum momentum swings We add momentum at that point just felt like You know we're we're going to try to make a play there and it just didn't work gutsy man especially on the point of the field that they were on their one. Yeah inside there MHM It'll try you try it and if it works you are a genius so Casey. We'll host Tennessee on Sunday as for the NFC game the nightcap was the packers akers and the seahawks Seattle scores to get to twenty one ten and then Green Bay came right back. Forty Rogers under center packers moving in their dark green jerseys and Goal Panther Mariah door left. There's the snappy back because the past governmental it's a leaping catch twenty two fifteen cuts little feel tank then touchdown. He's done it again Kevin Harlan Soul. Now he's obviously doing the radio uh-huh call of this game and when you sink up the radio call to the videotape. It is like everything is spot on that he is describing twisting thing gold yellow all right whatever. Let's say yellow I would say oh yellow. Yes description tremendous Mandalay perfect. Of course guys. We're the best in the business while we play often miss him twenty. Go back if you want. I don't think he can you can. Of course he can but I wanNA kill myself to them the night booth right. No you can't job now. Yeah but I mean what. YEA MARV did dying on anybody. I always said as I missed Kevin. I spent like nine years with them. Yeah well that's all I said WHO's the partner is TV parts. Trent Green Rich Gannon. Can you can buy maybe job. Just do the Super Bowl's riches uh-huh okay. Yeah right great job this year I'll do the super bowl saliva. All I said was I missed Kevin. Harlan I didn't say I WANNA go back. The thing that you begin shit auto you just Kinda hinted it but I get it. I mean you know good job you had all my dinner off right in general yeah so anyway twenty. Eight twenty three was the final as they fend off. Seattle title late. Here was Aaron. Rodgers makes the work so worth it. These are the moments that you work for and you think about the off season the chance to put the game away and that's exactly what they did well sort of A little closer than you would have liked. Here's Pete Carroll tough but the future for this franchise is bright. This is the start of this team. I think this is It feels like like two thousand twelve. So maybe they get on a run some. You haven't seen nothing yet. Awesome Awesome Matt. Bronze Stephen Jackson talking about life coacher. I just want to get into good compensation Brian Duane way of curry over the talk. Radio DOT COM and all major podcast platforms sees Thomas Brian Campbell to experienced amemiya pros albeit coronas wall. It is Monday off. nickelback right handed combat Franken town like a sweet science. Educate you donkeys. No holds barred them and absolutely crazy hardcore show morning morning comment black the videos to the channel. Here's Marshawn Lynch. She was back for a few games as we know it. A couple of rushing touchdowns is great a perspective on life on the other side of retirement and his goo. You get over there and you could do you want to know what's on your to do. He does have advice for younger players. Take your your body's. Don't take your Chinky. You don't take care of your for mental last night long all right so all right. What are we doing here now and take care of your mental? 's take care of your body take care of your chicken can you hear me. It's like I don't know. He said kids they say bread at all. Yeah I think he said he said I'm getting to it. He said Let's see this brand is money when you start taking care of Y'all mantles bodies and your chicken now. He said bread in one of them. He said bread yes so chicken mental chicken bread chicken money money and your body. No bread has got the braids. The money is chicken. Your family what is it. I think chicken might be your guy health. I WanNa take care of yourself. You're googling slang. Yeah so we'll find out I mean he's marshawn `ISMs I don't know what I don't know if he's Sam pathetic here we do really I mean I I really wiped out. I put this on me really because I'm the youngest of the group I really should didn't know this. And this is pathetic that we know everything else. We know the metals maybe here has chickens. You never know maybe chicken farmer. He's like you on assessments. The Boars says a slang term for cash money. Yeah there you go money. So then. He says money twice bredon chicken. Well thanks for example sample I gotTa stop at the ATM. I gotta get some chicken craft. Okay much chicken. You're laying on our student. I thought did he say bread. He did in one of them said Brad. Yes so is bread now. Something else is bread. Now of we changed right it goes back to the seventy S. y'All take care of your brain right. There they carry bread unless you brain. I'll tell you right now. Why y'all in it take care of your brain so burst? I'll tell you right now. Why y'all take care of Y'all we done go ahead and take care of yourself? YEA Money Brain. No take care of your mental the bread things that I think we have to break down and get to the bottom of this and then he walked away. This edition of white guys figuring out what the UAE just the the way. What do you think? I don't know the chicken money in his. I don't know and apparently other people understood you know we just didn't I've never I heard it's chicken referred to it. I would bread Benjamin scratch scratch Benjamin all sorts of words chickens nickel. It's I've heard that only from boomer one dollar bills. I've never heard that no really no shackles. I've heard all all these things I have The chicken I have not heard lost all this is Jerry. Thought he was talking about his junk. Yeah why did did you guys are just well. There's a certain that the chickens apart of men's will make some sense Jerry because that makes so much less sense than chicken chicken meat and cash to take care junk. Why do we call a peanut peanuts? Jerry Terry that question never never google at once. Took crazy talking about what you said. There's certain phrases where chicken is referred to as what phrases that I've not going to say I mean one of the words part of the phrase would be choke right. I got you. It took you that long to figure that part out yet did Jerry. I don't know my brain was someplace else I didn't. I was just that the Dole chicken is your junk taken is the money. I'm all over the place. Green Bay plays at San Francisco Sunday. Titans ups at the Ravens wins as we know forty niners over the Vikings. Those were the Saturday games. The giants hiring Patrick Graham as their new defensive coordinator comes over from Miami was with the giants won't point as well Brown Dr Kevin's defence key. As their new head coach and Pat Shurmur has resurfaced as the offensive coordinator in Denver. We'll get to do this later tonight. New Orleans College Football Championship game. LSU Facing Clemson Knicks. beat the heat. One twenty four one. twenty-one Julius randle twenty six points eight rebounds eleven one of his twenty six in the fourth same week his grandmother died he was on. MSG afterward Oh my grandmother spirit Durham out there and give them some motivation and came away with the wind. Good Games for RJ Barrett and Kevin Knox combined for forty points and shouted that West. baritone missed a free throw. The very end of the game had one out of two when he was so mad at himself that it actually made me happy. Be to see how pissed off because he'd been great at the line which is one of those knocks that he had coming into the league. So he's sort of taking that up but But Yeah I mean this team's terrible another miserable year There's no hope but last night was nice. First Time all season Miami as lost back to back games. They lost Friday ed against the nets. Who beat the Hawks on Sunday? One eight eighty in Cairo. Somebody's podcast Roberts. Kyrie Irving was back. He was ten of eleven eleven. A team high twenty one also of note. The nuggets beat the clippers won fourteen at two one. Oh four Utah over Washington as they've won nine straight. Now Purdue beat number Braid Michigan State seventy one to forty to go figure In Minnesota in basketball. It's it is hard to win. These games got hammered at Iowa Woah. Yeah badly they. They only scored forty nine million by about twenty five or something. Yeah somebody said you you see all these teams or any of these teams any good. They're all really good and the issue is with these road games under the crowds are crazy. Illinois Saturday was was an eleven. AM game out there. I caught I caught some news packed. It was crazy that frenetic pace actually know they've changed. It's a much more half court game. They've got a seven foot kid named Coburn who who looks like he was cut out of a mountain. He's like seven feet to sixty really good player and they got the kid to assume who they say my beer lottery pick so good people. These teams are all good. And that's that's what happened so Devils fire their GM ray Shiro than the lightning three one. It looks like Martin. Brodeur is going to assist TOM FITZGERALD WITH GM duties New Jersey snapping snapping tempest ten game winning streak Rangers Islanders this Games at the garden rakes. The paper says at the islanders at the garden correct. I gotTA check that but I believe it's at the garden rangers islanders tonight and and Todd Frazier is back a one year deal with the Texas Rangers. All right thank you Jerry at. The islanders are at the ranger son. Why the the paper would have that wrong each morning show with boomer Esiason and Greg Saudi boomer and Geo I did get cheered up a little bit when I saw Bill Cower get get essentially inducted not really inducted? What's the Captain Coward? told he was going to the hall of fame. The induction will come at a another time live on the NFL today. And then Jimmy Johnson. The same thing happened yesterday for him but Man That was that was incredible. And I tell you that. What's his name David Baker? Yes that David Baker can't surprise anybody without them thinking he's going into the hall of fame right so like if he shows up at a party and there's NFL guys. They're all my God like I'm GonNa go to the Hall Act. act like just been thinking about his life and how he needs to like announce. Listen I'm going to go to your house but you're not going into hall of fame. I'm just letting you know. But he shows up and takes coach cower by I surprise and it was funny because he was messed up nance having right now all right then never mind that. He's not get back we're pinchers and then one of his daughters was there and the his salary series awesome. It was. So here's how this whole thing played out just so everybody knows Drew our producer. Had US flip around part of what we do for our show and it's the vision part of the show. Were Phil and Bill Cower. Stand in front of the screen and they a show you different things at the opposing team's on offense and drew comes to us that day and he says hey guys look we're just gonNA flip this around Sean and David our bosses over there WANNA WANNA see a different look for the play offs. And we're like Uku I would I even thinking about it right so drew tells James Brown and Phil Simms. What's happening because they have to know because Phil is doing this segment with him in James's over there during the interview they don't tell me and nate and they don't tell anybody else and you know it's hide? Hide David Baker. Yeah yes exactly. But somehow they hit them wearing red and all this other stuff so as is Natan. I get done talking about what we're talking about innate throws it over to the other side of the studio to bill and Phil Incomes David Baker. And I'm like Dan. They're gonNa Tone L. Right now and I was like man I started tearing up. Of course I've been working with coach for so long and I know what coach is all about and nobody stands for for. He is like one of the greatest people I know in this business and to see it happen in real time and watch his reaction watches beautiful daughter and wife just share that with him was nothing short of just amazing. Yeah absolutely all best moments on the the NFL today for all the years that I've been there to watch him go through that and find out because it's a big deal for him. It was a really big deal for. Yeah he knew that the voting was happening. Yeah and this is hurt. This is a different committee for people that Care About Blue Ribbon Commission right the different committee one hundred anniversary of the NFL so it's not the same people that vote on it like the class. That was nominated this year. The re- The other committee the I don't WanNa the real committee but the selection selection committee the normal select committee. This is different on that. Got Built Cower and and Jimmy Johnson so they had planned to do both of those. I'm guessing David David Baker's idea Iran read after the fact this was his idea and I was wondering whether or not we all will warning reading whether or not they were going to do it for Jimmy on the Fox pregame show but Fox's smart what they did is they waited for half time knowing that they would have a bigger audience. Yeah yeah and I don't know if it had something to do. Maybe with David's flight David Baker's flights out and I'M GONNA go la La but whatever whatever they decided to do it they did it at halftime and and the the plight priceless reactions of both coaches and then watch troy. Troy at the game at Lambeau Fox did an unbelievable job covering hovering that and all that so for those of us who played the game and know what everybody puts into the game to watch somebody like bill coward and Jimmy Johnson get their just due to get you know well deserved honor and to be a part of it just for that moment just gives you tangles excited. What time did fill no like minutes? It's before I think he knew I can't speak. They knew maybe a couple of hours before. Okay I sit on. That man is yeah we got through. There's no way could told the whole crew like two days before it would never would've stayed because just like so exciting telling people you just and unfortunately you like. I always say this for the guys that get elected to the hall of fame. It is an amazing honor and I swear every guy in the hall of fame deserves to be in the hall of fame but but it always reminds me of guys that are just totally forgotten about that shit all. Hello Hello. May I speak with boomer. Please I'm boomer Zion. Hi I'm calling to tell you that. Not One lousy writer voted for you for the hall of fame. Not One have a great day. Go screw yeah. Yeah so that was also a very heartfelt moment. Yeah was that we had here on the air. Yeah thanks But the but the but I always think of guys like Joe Klecko and Tom Floor. Is Jim Plunkett and Kenny Anderson. Yeah those guys that I'm talking about. Yeah now any of those on the list is floors on the he was on this list on this list list but unfortunately you know I. I don't know what the criteria is but I do know that Jimmy and bill both deserve to be in you know. And that's the thing all the guys go in deserve to be in but then when you think about all the guys that get passed over like Harry Carson got passed over for all those years and he finally told us. Then what am I gonNA Screw it I don't care I know what I did is a football part. And he was right and other guys can say the same thing that's Kaur said to come to. Realizations Duncan happen and moment of the day was the moment of the day. It's a small package. It's not a big package. It's a small pack. It was another moment that happened yesterday on tops. Did you see this. Bill cowers on top so it was on. I wasn't wasn't like why are you watching tops. That's easily to me. I love football. That's why yeah exactly. You probably saw it on. Twitter is probably what he saw. It doesn't matter where auto race sought crying out. What's wrong with you people so watch it? So Adam Shine is reading an instagram post. From one of bill cowers hours other daughters. Who is the Tokyo? Tokyo's her husband plays professional basketball Japan. Yeah so so. He's listening to this and he's getting choked up over that but that was you no but like Adam shine dad you are. The great erased anything in the world. Really Okay talk about sports but encountered no. That's basically if you missed it. That's what it was you dad and then tim very strange like Adam shine role play. It was very very odd odd but it works. That is that we see. Here's the thing that people don't understand. It sounds ridiculous and why you do. It makes it really funny funny. But we've all worked with Adam for years and years and years and years so what Adam is reading it to bill. It's not like how. Oh you make it sound. Did you see I saw this. uh-huh very heartfelt message from Tokyo. Don't dagger the greatest. I love you so very much so deserving irving. I wish I was there to give you a hug. Gary a kid leaves them tears on your shoulder very funny. That is very funny but it's not how it goes over internally I could tell all right boomer fan and CBS sports network. What do you got for the people there boomer? Yeah I love Adam. First off we place on the morning show with boomer more exciting sit in Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo so at David Baker says decision to surprise these guys in bill cower and Jimmy Johnson Johnson has hall of famers on the pre game show but he has now changed his entire life because what he had done failed to understand is like this week down in Miami the the Super Bowl Week. That's coming up in a in a few weeks like if he's out to a restaurant and there's another one of these guys it's on the list. That's they're all they're going to be thinking during their meal is GonNa come over over and he's against them all like once used to be a knock on the hotel door like being your hotel knock on the door. That group is still going to have that happen okay. But there's other auto group that gets voted the week of the the pro football hall of fame. I mean the the Super Bowl we. They'll still get the knock on the door. This other group the Centennial Group this intention. I don't know how that's going to be announced on. I think the NFL network morning show this week. Oh this week yeah this week. I think I think nate was telling me they're. They're doing that this week. All right good because because that's why they told these two guys and then there's going to be thirteen other guys that are going to be now. I believe either Tuesday or Wednesday changed the game for David Baker. No Man you know that that is got to be a great gig though like you're delivering happiness in that way I said to him. I said man when you show up. Everybody's happy at he did the big red suit for cowered in a big blue all addresses. Tonight's that guys like six foot nine three hundred fifty pound now enormous human being and now he really is all right. Let's get a couple of calls enhanced enhance go to Tony in Queens is going on and Tony. Hey how you doing Tony. What's happening brother? Listen I was watching the topsoil so that thank thank you and you and Filled with doing a segment. And why right before the segment shoved them shelf some around. Yeah yeah read now. No no no. You didn't know it's almost knocked them over. That's that's not the way I saw Tony Tony. I don't want to hear that Tony. I slap him around every time I get a chance to just. Oh yeah it definitely listen Tony I'm with you on this. I saw it the same way fill is so you are watching. Tops was watching tops. Did you did doc told you before I was watching tops but Phil if you see him in person these days like he you know he hides it with the soup but he's got some got some arms now. I hi. It's up there yesterday. It was hilarious. I mean whole areas. We're there all day. You know watching games and everything else and you know we got our game getting ready to go and we'll watch the the basketball and all that because the double duty at cvs so it's been a long day. Sure we get out of their last night and he and I are talking about how we how. We're going Kansas City this week and you guys going out there are going out there. Yeah and walk past the elevators and he says I'll give you a call the bar. I'll let you know about the flight. I said fine. And he gets on the elevator with a healthy going because we all have dressing rooms on on the other side of the elevator. And it's where we all get dressed before the show and our all. Our Wardrobe is laid out for us and everything. That's nice and yeah so I knew ooh that he had gotten dressed and he did not change his clothes so he left. The studio went on the elevator out the street to get in his car. Yeah and I'm calling him from the from the dressing room because I got coward. Burleson are in there and they're like where's Phyllis left forgot that he left his clothes here on day may come back. Of course he did because I'm calling him and he won't answer the phone because he knows why I'm calling. Because he realized that he forgot that he had telling you man memories gone. If I forgot Josh Allens name really. Yeah like you know the quarterback from Buffalo. What happens happens all the time right man? What the Hell's going on? Yeah I mean it's the end of the year it's a long year. I remember you after the Super Bowl last year. I mean it's just like a release. Yeah just release. I'll tell you it's you know. Yesterday was our last at. CBS for the year. And you know comes fast. Once you get past Thanksgiving the whole thing flies right and then you gotta go out to Kansas City. You Guys GonNa be outside. It's GonNa be fun. Yeah it's probably going to be in the thirties year. He looked ahead major worried about. Yeah no definitely had makes you got got gloves scarf. It's an hour longer two hours. Oh two hours outside yes. I'm sorry but you'd want the job I know I know but the thing is I want the jobs. We're inside. What but see the early game too? So of means full two hours where the lead up essentially to both games. Yeah Alright Greater Sunday at thirty three not that Abed Bureau. It's not like you know snowing and sleep and wave a nice to be outside yesterday. Yeah I know sixty five degrees ridiculous. Dave in Edison is in New Jersey. What's going on Dave? How you doing guys? Hey Dave what's happening pay boomer. You mentioned earlier that Andy Reid is one of the most respected coaches. Yeah Yup violent they Take a shower earthy enemy. I can't answer that. Eric was a former teammate of mine and I've basically have said how great he is and you know what a great personality and how he does connect with the players. You know hiring a coach there has to be a connection that is made between the coach the general manager and the owner and some guys make better impressions. You know when they do the interviews. I remember Kevin Stansky was up for this Cleveland. Job Like a number of times times and didn't get it and finally got it. You know this week or yesterday. You Know Eric Eric Vietnamese been for a couple of jobs last two years. He hasn't gotten one. I I would imagine that next year. He'll get one. It's just a matter of timing and the other thing too. Is that these these coaches now. That are all being hired. have their there pick of the litter when it comes to assistant coaches and you know belong you wait for one of these guys. That's going deeper into the harder. It is for them. The bill staff and everybody knows that. That's why I almost feel like there needs to be a moratorium as to when these guys get hired. Because it's all it's unfair so the redskins higher you know Ron. Rivera era immediately as the season is over. I think they hired him the day after Black Friday. That's going to be impossible to control. Well well there's going to be so many like backdoor dealings and conversations. I mean it's going to be impossible so there's really no way that they can. I don't think they can but it's it's an uneven process that is. The browns waited the longest and they interviewed like the most candidates but remember like the vikings basically when when they went to the NFC NFC championship game with the giants. Were going to hire Pat Shurmur. Like everybody's sort of knew that was going to happen and then they lose. AFC Championship game. And then he's named the coach like two days later right right so people already knew so somebody WanNa be enemy. They could hire them and said. Listen when you're done you're our guy voices. Josh mcdaniels is staying at New England now. Yeah I don't no no I I'll tell you why because because wanted to change too many things he deepa desk is a analytics guru out there in Cleveland. Nothing wrong with analytics everything. Analysts is fine fine but every game has its own. Variable as you're playing the game and things happen yeah I'm sure the analytics guy for bill. O'Brien fourth the one. You need to go for it in this game and if you can get a you know an extra offensive series in some way shape or form. You need to try to do that. And I'm sure that's what he was doing but yeah I just think that the defense defense ski is a guy that is a university of Pennsylvania Grad he's been in the NFL for fourteen years as an assistant coach. Up there in Minnesota is coached every offensive position with the exception of offensive lines are well rounded well respected coach plus. He's thirty seven years old. Yeah they watch the game on Saturday and Jimmy has lem was like. That's it's the ineptitude. I'm looking for right there so Dustin Fox who is a guy who talked about before because he works with Adam the bull Cleveland. He's a guy played. Ohio state DOES RADIO OUT IN CLEVELAND. I know him. He tweeted this out which is mind blowing to me. You're ready for this. Yes ready for this defense key presented a detailed vision of how he will approach the head coaching job. He made it clear. He was willing to yield to certain. Deep pedestrians standards such as an analytics person with a headset and set an access to the coaching staff on game days in addition to certain has lem likes such as ours long Monday after after owner. Coach meetings yeah well. That's not surprising. It's not surprising the Bengals do that. I know a number of other older ownership groups do that. I know that they do that. DOWN IN DALLAS. Jerry Jerry I understand so it's not. It's not uncommon long owner coach. Monday after the coaches got to explain to the owner on. What's going on? Why is this happening? All this other stuff and Kevin Stefanski doesn't have the leverage to say. No this of course. I want it done Josh. mcdaniels does and they were not going to bring Josh in that building because he was not going to get along with deep DASGUPTA. And what would have happened is like three months into that whole relationship something else would have blown up there so I think the has looked at this as a way to bring somebody in. That's going to work with the people that are there now and it just and the other thing to tell you bill belichick has got a guy who is an analytic striven guy who's up and booth and has a direct connection Shen with Bill Belichick as games going on politics also bill bell check. But it's been going on for years and years and years and years and years. I even know that Franken Franken in Indianapolis has a couple analytic guys that he spends a lot of time with during the week. I don't mind that as much as it's one of the reasons why he goes on to. Ah On fourth and short a lot that WANNA know mind as much as the hours long owner coach meet. I mean that seems like a total waste of time it really does and to have the owner honored the hovering around wondering what that level of competence showing over these years. He's a mess although the situation when that owners paying you five million dollars a year. Guess what you're we're GONNA YOU'RE GONNA sit down and explain to him. Exactly what the Hell's going on if I were an owner. That's what I would stop it. No you would not ours. Longs the Monday after the explanations. What's going to happen every week? Oh Yeah Oh yeah why because I want to know that my team is going in the right direction. I if I think you're inept at the reason for me to fire you but doesn't matter. They're the owners. Whatever the owners y understand that the history of this Jimmy has limited? You didn't know idea what he's doing family is sitting. Down with Mike Zimmer and asking him questions about certain things what's going on with the team Chertoff told us that he wanted to have our our long Monday after meeting. Go Scroll very exactly all right. You go my heart in Florida Harvey what's happening. Hey I just WanNa recommend Mike Gravel. For coach of the year He went up the foxborough and smoke them and then he went down to Baltimore and smoke them after Both teams were rated way above them. He he's building a team. That reminds me of Joe Gibbs and the hogs and Mike then John Riggins of UH yesteryear you know. He also made the decision of the year. As far as I'm concerned he sat down the number two overall draft. Pick Marcus Mariota. The most important position on his team and put in a A. You know kind of a bounceback type A year guy in Ryan Tannehill. Now Ryan hasn't done a lot in the playoffs. He hasn't flown very many passes. But leading up to the playoffs. It changed the whole dynamic of the team. Yeah and by the way. It's a regular season award to those two victories that he had the playoffs aren't going to factor into that. I would say but the decision to go to Ryan Tannehill did factor into it for me. I have a vote. I don't WanNa tell you who I voted for. But there were at my is there. were four really terrific. The coaches that had great seasons this year that each one of them could have been or could be. NFL coach of the year and variable was was one of them. John Harbaugh is one of them. Hi Shannon Paul Shanahan is one of them. And Sean Payton. Okay Sean. Payton one five games with Teddy Bridgewater. There's backup quarterback sure absolutely. Yeah I mean listen if this was a post the postseason games factored in. I would be the time all all. Those awards are voted on before the playoffs start. Yeah so it's all All over now all right each morning show with boomer Esiason in Gregg Jannati boomer and Geo Aaron Stewart was opining about it saying that there was nothing like she'd ever seen in her life. What was going on up there air and we've got a live feed right now boomer's computer and I'm just waiting? I mean look at the entire city bike. Thing is underwater. Yeah man is bad. It's just spend the. I wonder I thought I did. Thank you seem to be overly impressed. no it's it sucks. I'm not impressed when you get bad. News you just roll with it. That's the thing that I do like that part about. You really bad news for us. I mean it's it's interesting in the fact fact that these pictures. It doesn't look like news for the city we're a part of the city. So every stride boomer I noticed about you Jerry I just think you have this. Predisposition position about negative is going to happen I get it true. Yeah things happen because they happen especially the negative things I love. The whole everything happened for a reason. Yeah because it happened. Yeah I'm with you on that. Who says that we do? Have a lot of people do every atom Sims. They're like the the people's everything happens for a reason like 'cause the water main broke. He's the reason why this is happening. Some sort of cosby. The reservoir in Westchester came down here. And it's now on the westbound. It does look terrible GONNA lose a lot of rats in this lot of drown rats out there folks I wanna WanNa know. How was this the Blasios? Everything says fault a all right Jerry. What's going on over there? Two Games yesterday is we now. We'll have the opponents in the of the teams in the NFC championship Sunday. It's all set up chiefs. beat the Texans fifty one thirty one and if you weren't paying attention Houston led this this game. Twenty four nothing in the first quarter and then Kansas City came roaring back Williams gets the touchdown extolled. Kansas City continues to or that's forty. Consecutive points scored scorned by the Kansas City. Cheats who now lead forty two twenty Diculeng. That sounds Kevin Kugler Westwood one on the Fan Forty consecutive where they outscore Houston fifty fifty one to seven after falling behind by twenty four points. Patrick Mahomes threw for three twenty one five touchdowns played you the Damian Williams touchdown run their eight a couple. All those heroes mahomes down a bunch. Yeah was not exactly how they drew it up. Didn't want to be in that in that spot. But the biggest thing that I think I was preaching to the team. Let's go do something special Let's go do special everybody's already counting us out. And they did figure it out and they didn't do something special. Will you guys talked about the social trolls on for number of people that I mean even Vegas had him at plus three thirty to come back and win the game which is a pretty high number so I mean I think a lot down twenty four. Nothing is the last one one quarter you know as far as bad as the ravens played in the first half against the Tennessee. Titans they were down. Eight point seven touchdown. Yeah I agree I mean it's nothing so you got to take these things with a grain of salt. I'm thinking okay. Twenty four nothing just next series. Get a touchdown. Mega twenty four seven turn the momentum little that I know that McColl Hardman was going to have that great run. I'm back and that was the impetus that started the whole thing for the chiefs and he finally got somebody to make a play. Well the biggest thing was the Texans stop scoring. I mean that was it you. They had one touchdown after that out of this score they blocked the punt. You had a muff punt. What are you hoping for a muff right? And they got him off from plus. There's it was that bill cower. Ui That's me. Yeah really right. No I don't remember that. I do not remember that other bill cowher when he was sitting in one day. Don't why would he yell muff like that. Why would he say anything? uh-huh you talk about everything right. Here was bill. O'Brien why the field goal on fourth and one twenty-one nothing thing rather than go forks look they were going to they call time out and then kick for three. I was thinking about challenging the spot because I felt like I had I out so by the time Got To the it was a fourth down. I just decided to kick the field goal. I also saw don't have we didn't have a play for that. I personally think that he wanted to go forward and was talked out of it by coaching. Well they kicked with Iran's come on get the field goal we got the field goal here you know and you start listening to all these other voices in your ears years and you say we'll go kick the field goal and that was a very conservative thing to do and probably the right thing to do. Given the circumstances at that point in the human and it might have been the right thing to do. If they don't allow fifty eight yard kick return right to that here was Shawn Watson. Was this the most disappointing loss of your career. And no I I mean. Of course it's the last one so it is but I mean it goes along and you know it happens in every career and you know we just keep pushing forward and learn from NASA rough on twenty four nothing and then to blow itself. Kansas City Tennessee on Sunday the NFC game and on Sunday was the packers and the seahawks and green bay striking quickly in the secondary for the seahawks Green Bay third-down Shelvin from Seattle's twenty game opening drive Rogers in the gun. Four receivers to the left money back now repositions. That's Aaron Jones. Rogers gets the shotgun snap. Drops back sets of speed arching spiral on their site caught zone textile took on touchstone. Kevin Harland Westwood one seven. Nothing they would be up. Twenty eight ten. They would hold on for a twenty eight twenty three winners Green Bay advance. Aaron Rodgers two forty-three couple of touchdowns. His second was a forty yarder to Davante Adams proving proving to be the difference there. Here's Rogers. Sure he heard the whispers that others may have liked Seattle. Win this game. Our fans felt supremely confident. Often it in US Which I know that a lot of the media didn't as well but to be able to walk off field again victorious? There's there's no feeling I like it as they beat Russell Wilson who says there was never any quitting US lower down twenty three one three at half. You know just control the guys. We're GONNA win this game. You know enforcing didn't. Because one of his wide receivers Turner drops a football. That would have changed. Would yeah but that ball's listen drop. I think they're going to have you guys seen the spread yet for the championship. Game Not won't take a Guess Yeah Spread the AFC Game Tennessee. Add Kansas Kansas City. I will see Kansas City minus six. Okay what do you think boomer more or less and I'll say more I'm GonNa go eight and a half Kansas City seven and a half seven minute. Half Packers San Francisco. You WanNa do first is going to go. I don't mean digging digby digging deep an Francisco favored by six and a half four and a half seven really seven boom shock alaka. He's he's got beyond Schlab twice. Wouldn't call it. Yeah that's what you call it. If that was slapped twice pyle drive time we played in a full week's worth we're going to have to do like College Basketball Games. After just look forward. You never looked backward four. That's well can. I look backward for minutes earlier than the rear view Mirror Bank. You well I gotTa look backward for a minute because the Titans did beat the Ravens Twenty eight twelve and the niners beat the Vikings Twenty seven ten on Saturday. That's how we got to these Games will go to the The Tennessee locker room as Mike Table gave the game ball. The Derrick Henry ran for one hundred ninety five yards in. NFL history that would be the entire NFL. For as long as it's been around only player player ever to rush for one hundred and eighty yards as you can imagine a fired-up locker room. Henry spoke to the team. He was all fired up and he spoke to the media. Not Addis fired up. I'm happy we won that so I mean stats and all that stuff is good but we got to win and we advancing. That's the most important thing. Hey guys guys like him or the most intimidating humans on the planet they do these spectacular things they run people over and then when they're done with it they're just like yeah. Whatever right like those are the type of guys What's his name Earl? Thomas trying to tackle him and getting pushed around and he's just after the Games we won the. I'll never forget we gon. I met him at the heisman trophy. Dinner when he wanted is moving. Look at this what are you doing here at. CVS little GNAT. The Thomas said he was going to attack him winifred tackling. Okay sure but anyway. So we met Gun I met Derrick Henry The heisman dinner and I have to tell you that kid head was about as nice a kid as you could ever imagine. Now he's growing into this man. That's just an APP steamrolling. Everybody people but did you see. Did you see the introduction that his teammate Tasha sharp gay while he was trolling Mark Ingram is right. Exactly yeah truce big truths. Yeah while you're allowed to do that when you stomp on them like that so go ahead have your fun you know when you win. You're allowed to do that so nice to see a full back in the game isn't it. Yeah I guess remember that position. Yeah I know that's been taken out of the game. Giants Higher Patrick. Graham is their new defensive coordinator. The browns higher Kevin's defence key as their head coach. The broncos Higher Pat Shurmur Pat Shurmur. Ah New Authentic Office coordinator Pat Shurmur. He gets to work with drew. Lock and Vic Fangio should be pretty good coaching staff Arthur Smith is the offense coordinator eight or of the Titans who has his dad. Mr Smith Mr Smith is the Washington Mr Smith. Do for a living to congressman. What's Congressmens knows the answers? I can't I can't tell you. Could you tell me before you can tell us. Why don't you tell us you're the guy who dug this one up? He's as the head due to Fred. Ah Fedex Cool Fred Smith Fred Smith Five Billion Dollar Fred Smith about that. He could buy the titans because Titan said that ownership ownership issue down there all these Song Camping coaching on the team. Not that I do. They call that the conflict of interest making the the owner. Something like that. Yeah but I mean is is there more nondescript offensive coordinator in the NFL. I'm hard pressed to think of one man. E called jump has with Derrick Henry. That was awesome that that was that was great. That'd be like why are you working. That's what I would ask. Arthur Smith lots went four billion dollars. Just chill some people have worked. F- nine watch Netflix. Netflix and chill out. Yeah sex by the way NETFLIX. Oh I didn't know that Marcia coming it's not like actually chilling. It means having sex. Oh I see okay. I always think of that. Speaking of that Olympic Village in Tokyo will feature cardboard cardboard beds and lots of condon's. Yeah yeah manufacturer of the beds said they can withstand four hundred pounds. So I guess threesomes TMZ might be out. Four hundred pounds The last Olympics athletes gymnasts different. But you know if you've got a guy throwing the hammer. Throwers what were the last Olympics. Athletes were given. You had to guess. Sixteen Day stay. How many condoms were each athlete? Given AL thirty two Eddie one hundred. I'll go fish hundred figured sixteen days. Why not you just never know? What would you say any fifty fifty? I'll say sixteen days I'll around forty forty to fifty thirty eighty six and then the one previous was forty four. Okay all really yes. There are a little more funky predicting less sex. This Olympic supply around the cardboard bed thing is just recyclable. And they're going to use them to make other things when they're done but supposedly stronger than would bids I don't by that for a second. Say yes well. I still have a mattress on them. It's just that the base of the bed is made out of the car right man. That whole Sochi deal with the like the media members were basically staying in hotels with no toilet and everything it was like dead bodies in the showers and they showed up rushing. Woody right I you know. I would think that the Japanese would have this thing on lockdown. Believe me I'm sure it'll be ready to run for new innovative beds. Yes of course and toilets and that a flush four times to get it all out of there so that tonight New Orleans College Football Championship game you've got LSU facing Clemson. The Knicks beat the heat. One twenty four one. twenty-one Julius randle Twenty Six j Barrett Twenty three the Knicks Napa five game losing streak move to eleven and twenty nine the nets went back to back. Games beat hollow. Oh Yeah eighty-six Kyrie Irving was back on the floor. Ten for eleven team. I- twenty-one carriers liver had thirteen also. The jazz beat the wizards that's nine straight. Wins for them Eh. Purdue beat number eight Michigan state by a lot seventy one forty two minnesota over number of Nineteen Michigan seventy five sixty seven UCONN lost number. Twenty three Wichita state eighty eighty nine thousand six devils beat the lightning three one. A couple of good wins. That said they did fire their. GM Ray Shero before the game assistant. Tom Fitzgerald takes over on an interim basis with Martin Brodeur serving as an advisor to hockey operations Rangers Islanders at the garden tonight and Todd Frazier a one year deal with the Texas Rangers very good. Thank you Jerry coming up next going to tell you which one of our colleagues received six hundred sixty dollars from a stranger being winter yesterday That is a true story. It's the morning show with boomer Esiason in Gregg Giannotti boomer in judge. Just WanNa take a moment here and I want to send out my condolences to the O'Brien family of Rockville Centre on Friday. We lost a guiding light. Eight in Bernie O'Brien this a long time. Executive Director of Nats Nassau County elect Athletic he was also a sixty. A prisoner or at Saint Agnes Church. You'll be a funeral mass there today for this lovely man and I know him because he was the father of my best friend. Tim O'Brien who died in nine. Eleven attacks on the World Trade Center. The o'briens also lost their son in law. Steve on that day he also died and Bernie. O'Brien was ever optimistic. Always had a smile on. His face was a caretaker for the longest time to saint. Agnes churches out there in in Rockville Centre. And I you learn a lot about somebody wants something. So tragic happens in their life like the loss of a son and son in law and he has twenty five grandchildren. He leaves behind his sons. Bob Pat Sean and Kevin Daughters Kathy and Terry his beautiful wife Maryland and and today. We'll be as his final resting day. And I just thought about this over the weekend. When Lisa O'Brien guttered Guk O'Brian? Or O'Brien gucker. I guess you told me that Bernie had passed away and I just thought about all the things that he has gone through in his life and how he carried his life and how he did so much for so many and today the final day to say goodbye to Bernie and it just it just. It's a reminder of how to live one's life you know. He just did so so much for so many so condolences to Maryland to his kids his grandkids and into the community of Rockville Centre. Because they truly lost a great man on Friday very well said boomer and Geo on the fan and CBS sports. Now before the Break Guy Gave you a tease about something that happened that I saw on social media yesterday. That caught my attention so so. Apparently there's this motivational speaker that I didn't know much about Jerry. RECCO is a follower of and also has befriended Levian Bell this sky. So this is where I started to hear about him is name is Gary V and Gary v is someone who's got a ton of twitter followers you got a big following and he's out there era doing motivational speeches and writing books and all sorts of stuff. So yesterday I see a tweet from this guy and I'm thinking why am I seeing Gary v up in in my Feed here's two million dollars because I'm not one of his two million dollars a month. Why are we seeing this? I'm like okay because someone I follow is tweeting at him. And that's Brian Monzo. TURNS OUT AL'S FAVORITE PHRASE TURNS OUT. Brian Monzo responded to a tweet that said send me your Venema name and your favorite number Mongo nation. There are no other nations. So the Venema we know L.. What is for you you back and forth with cash digitally? It's a great APP. It's genius so when he says Ben Nimmo name you're thinking okay I mean it's gotta be money he's going to be sending the people and your favorite number sixteen. It's going to be the not gonNA be about so Monzo the the sharp man that he is. He responded as Gary says. Brian Monzo and six sixty is my favorite number for Wfan six sixty next exciting. You Know Gary v Response Back to them to some other guy. I guess who's like inbetween person that goes. Send this man six hundred sixty dollars not six dollars and sixty sixty cents. Send them six hundred sixty dollars and mom's got a free six hundred sixty bucks just by tweeting at this Gary. How about then cash cash Give me good for Monzo. I do think though that when I see this stuff. I know that it's like charities kind window but like I feel a little pretentious to me when guys do this like a bunch of money this is me handing you money. I'll get this the greatest like every year. There's there's is a guy around here that needs the money it's Monza because he's got he's GonNa have seven. Got A football team. He's gotTa get seven. I'm not blaming Monzo at all I'm not I'm not knocking among all not blaming Monzo. He was smart. He got sixty deserves. It would this guy. Gary Banner Chuck is that WHO it is. Yes vannatter Chuck Chuck or. I don't know what it that's what the hell it is. Gary V's Gary v because people do this back and forth as a nice gift. It's good yeah but I'm happy for Monzo I just the whole like doc. Look I'm helping you out and you need the help and I don't and here you go like the the publicizes with that because I like. There's nothing wrong wrong with eight. I'm just saying that I don't like when people do it in the public for people do nice things for other people like Bernie. O'Brien yeah it. Doesn't you the out unless you were touched by him because he would never tell you about it. Yeah stuff stuff like that. So if you're raising awareness for something and obviously doing it in a public forms one thing when you just handing out cash to people like it we should. I should have sent him my favorite number. Now I mean you could take money from him. Why not because I want to give it away? One they get really. Would you take it absolutely you know you get her now. You're sure you would take it. I don't know if I would. I would take it and maybe give it to. Someone got a pretty extensive resume. He's obviously made good on a lot of things so why not share some of the cash Japan if you want to the G. If you took it and give it to someone else you do it anonymously. Yeah I would I would I would. I would actually want more credit than the V. Guy I'd called news twelve. You realize someone gave me cash. I gave it away. Yeah there you go I mean look. He's an investor serial entrepreneur five time in New York ORC Times bestselling author. Co Banner. Axes these massive massively successful. I just I don't know it. Just there's something there's something about that there's something about like the whole like. Hey I'm up here and I'm just throwing cash down at you peasants but it's like I'm not saying he's not he was bagging is for two dollars an hour at the age of fourteen. You gotTa love that. That's what you call work ethic. No it's fine I get it but that doesn't that's not my point. I'm I'm not knocking. His his success. I just feel like he's out in central park and he's throwing feed the pigeons. That's what I don't like it would drive a couple like jobs. Aswan your kid. Yeah of course worked in a toy warehouse and I told you this when the head flunky as a bunch of crap to places and I worked back there and ice core worked in a food truck in College of course had a bunch of. Everybody does don't you. You'd like thanks. Oh Yeah of course I did. I don't know why you turn into something else. I'm not knocking success story. That's great good for him. Successfully had a bunch of jobs. I'm not knocking that at all nor am I knocking Monzo. Forget the money my soul point here that I'm trying to drive home. Is I think. There's something pretentious inches about people who just like publicly throw cash down to their followers. That's all that's the thing I was taking that okay not. I'm not saying the work worked hard to get his money. Like send us man my money because he needs it more than me like. That's what I'm saying. That's the reason for that. I just I don't what is it. What is I'm happy to Monzo? Got His money. I can be happy that he got his money on like goes onto draft kings or something pays his heating bill. Hope so I mean seriously no I told you twenty times. I'm happy before Monzo. I just this little weird like I don't know like didn't big cabin barstool kind of joke tweet back at them like yours by my favorite numbers. Four four thousand dollars or something and then he was about to send them the money but he didn't he didn't end up taking it right. I don't think he took it. Yeah because he didn't ever send him his name which I think is probably a good move. You're someone who's like that high profile on social media taken three grand from this guy's a little strange values did you. Do you follow him. Did you think about sending him. I don't follow him. I saw it because it was all over my timeline. As well I started following him Montjuich because Gina loves the scary and. I don't know he wasn't giving me anything on. Twitter mean cash was like nothing nothing there. I didn't see anything looking for something twitter this weekend. I couldn't believe it a Sunday mornings without coming back or was that just a reprieve. Whatever you call it no genius? Just put it out there. As like you know syndicated now old reruns exactly the morning show with boomer Esiason in Gregg organize boomer and Geo seemed to me when the white made the trip that they were kind of expecting like. Hey we're going to be here for an announcement I'm GONNA put on my orange orange time. My poop Brown sport jacket and we're going to have like a browns celebration and then back on the plane to Massachusetts and that was that yeah and it really comes down to the fact that I think that Josh mcdaniels wanted more control than Jimmy was going to give him in pedescale was going to give him you know. And now they're back to a very analytical driven organization. I always say that you go to Cleveland. You become an idiot every you always say yeah. It's one of my things every smart. NFL Guy that's ever gone to. Cleveland has become an idiot. But here's the thing pulled the Podesta now Kevin's defence key and there's GM who they're going to hire the Andrew Berry. Seems like that's the favorite all are ideally guy so this puts it to the test. The the Ivy League guys become idiots when they go to Cleveland. It was funny because you saw that video of Freddie Kitchens messing around with Baker Mayfield. You see this was went. Kitchens was still the running back. Coach and offensive coordinator was messing with Baker Mayfield's beard news. Hey in a game and then he walks away. Baker Mayfield goes guys in idiots but this is the I hate bobby man. I actually an interesting higher because you know Kevin has been in the League for fourteen to fifteen years and like I said earlier. He coached every position on the offense except offensive line. He's a university of Pennsylvania graduate. He was an all Ivy League player. Defensive back now he's on the offensive side out of the ball. He should be able to connect with Baker Mayfield. The interesting thing will be does Odell Beckham Junior. Stay there now. You know now what happens. Odell L. Becca Junior going through yet another coaching change. You know that's probably going to go over. Well yeah well nothing goes over well with him. That's the thing that goes back in June China I heard CLEVELAND sportstalk Guy for remembered his name. I give him credit but I don't remember his name In the negative take on this. Is You know. Kevin's defence. Key is is like a nineteen game eighteen game offense coordinator and pulled the Podesta. Is Baseball Guy Right like that's the negative. Take on that you could add josh mcdaniels. You could add edge. You COULDA had that here the pick of the litter and now basically you got a guy in charge one more. Al West titles thing else. The shoulder happened if I told you. Paul Beth Deepa Desta wrote an email. Jimmy has them saying look. Get get Kevin's defence. Do not take you Jackson. And then he wanted him again when they hired for the kitchen so you would think that that makes a lot of sense knowing what we now know after watching you Jackson and Freddie defense key ready to be a head coach back when they hired Hugh Jackson is Gioja dreaded head coach right now well the other thing too you have to remember also when these coaching searches does happen and there there are underway. And they're going on. There are people that are in positions that are trying to protect their own interests. So like for example. I Kevin Abrams. And you know Dave gettleman for the giants are going to protect their own interests and their own jobs in their own future by hiring a guy that they think that they can manipulate and work with but the owners were higher in these making these other yup blown up. You know that. Come on. You're going to sit here. And tell me that Joe Jr they. They had assigned Joe Joe's to keep them away from Mississippi State. Does that where the giants have fallen to now. I know I think he went in there. I mean maybe WanNa okay how quick. It happened. Sure that they didn't WanNa Josh. They were blown away by as much as he said. I believe as much as Josh mcdaniels would have loved to have the giant job job. He is not coming here if Abrahams and cattlemen are here. That's what we talked about initially about guys wanting to go work for certain people not that I have nothing against Abrahams or gettleman but I can understand how somebody in another position would wanna come in and change. Things would have an issue with the guys that are making the decisions that they're making Joe Judge. Look he's thirty. Eight years old much likes to fancy would have been the coach of Mississippi State as Alma Mater. If he doesn't come here here take the giant job. So now he's here. He's got the giant job we all think of it as one of the premier jobs in the NFL. I would tell you that. I don't think anybody it looks at it that way anymore. I think everybody looks at this. Is some sort of dysfunctional mess that they've rushed to judgment here but I can only hope that what he said. Dad and how he said it and how he connected with the fans you know transfers to the players. What do you know about Kevin Abrams? I don't know much about him as a guy in a personality and stuff like dad under the radar guys that's embedded within the franchise that you know I'm sure depending on who you you talk to some and probably some don't like that's probably the same thing that goes on throughout the NFL. I think I would think that you know a guy like Matt role probably would not have taken the the giant job. Because you know. Maybe he didn't get along with Kevin Abrams when he was here. Is that something that you know or is that something that you're guessing could could've been the case but we'll never know we'll never know because when you get offered a seven year sixty million dollar deal. You're not giving anybody a chance to match that. So Kevin Abrams is. Is that involved that you're telling me. There was a chance that he would have turned off the assistant offensive line coach for a year. It's IT'S A. It's a point of contention when when you're when teams are going out there and interviewing people as to whether or not the personalities can can coexist the way that the coach wants them to go exist. Some guys like Joe Judge and Kevin Stansky would jump at the chance of being coming head coach anywhere in the NFL. Sure so so they take the jobs therefore the guys who are now making decisions are little bit safer in their situations and everybody seems to be very happy until they start losing again and you know what I mean I do. That's why initially and and when they get them and came out before they started their coaching search he was asked ask the question. What about this thing? That people don't want to come to work here because you're here. Well that's true that's true. People don't know me Ian Blah Blah Blah. But I'm a hail all this time that there's a GM that's their head. Coach wants to come in and have his type guy. That's why actually thought and I don't know if the fans go workout or not I like I. Everybody raves about him. A sure offensively. They had some good moments in the regular season. And if you look at the stats. It's definitely impressive. They had a miserable miserable day in San Francisco. I can't define him by that But I don't know if it's GonNa work out or not but it's part of the reason why the browns handle it the way they did. I thought it was Kinda smart like we're not gonNA hire a GM before we hire coach. We want to be able to kind of make this thing be collaborative as they say between well. These Ivy League guys are all over professional sports. Now they're everywhere and you know good for them I mean and and the good thing about Kevin is that you know he was a player. That's that's the thing that I do appreciate. He was a player and he was a loyal assistant assist. Nobody really even knew who he was. Until Pat Shurmur left Minnesota to come take the head coach of the giants. Nobody even really like you knew who he was. 'cause Viking Ben I'll tell you I joe judge the Vikings you know when when he finally got elevated. Everybody's like who's he well. I'll tell you when everybody knew was was when John De Filipo got can't that's when everybody was because at that point he was elevated. They're so good. Why wasn't elevated before that I did they have to go out and get You know a deep Lippo Taylor in the city. What's going on Taylor Good Morning? Hey what's up guys big fan thanks I V for. Yeah Yeah Yeah. He's a diehard jets and goes every game takeover tailgate the works but talk about being self self made entrepreneur his longtime goal there so public about owning the jet than if you ever watch videos that he does podcast in his office all decked out in Jed huge fan I think a lot of people would love for him to take over. Does he have enough money to buy the jets. I know he's very very he's got a lot of money but it's a different type of world. NFL owner money. He's got a lot of money not that money. But that's all part of it. He doesn't think he's arrived just yet and he's going forward and listen. Who knows it will have to do to get it but at school for for a lot of people out there trying to make your own way to follow a guy like that? Yeah I mean listen you you can make a case that he was better at giving out money then. Mike Maccagnan was yesterday on twitter. So just tell. Hey this is the kind of guy though self may guy out there making the most of themselves. Yeah by the by the jets. Yeah does it say how much he's worth Nancy so far away from that goal of being an NFL owner. Yeah I don't WanNa make it seem. I love the fact that he's a self made guy that's awesome. I mean listen doesn't mean anything that he's Belorussian to you. It was born Belarus. Now why does it mean so because trump who knows. Maybe they're colluding together. That's they're gonNA make me go to the break sooner than I want to. Let's see here that Network on this guy here one hundred sixty annoying. According to Wikipedia. Anything got a wine library up to sixty million dollars. I like that Hundred Sixty millions going to get them something right. Got A long way to go to bed. I'm a football team now. Well that's but that's different. I don't even think again I'm an XFL team which is getting ready to start. y'All excited no. I've told you I can't stand. Are you gonNa Watch it. Watch it at no point in watching spring flip me and Mirage would discussing the The new football yeah. We both decided to be quietly into it because last time you guys got crushed. Yeah for being cars ars soulread fans and then it just went away. That was a big thing you know that I know is Casey thing I mean this is I know the XFL not going to be fhu gazing thing. I just I don't know it's not it's if it's great and it catches my attention. I will watch but I need it just I got a tough time believing guardian reinvent. No I'm not. I'm not a football fan. I've talked about this before. Eddie's cock the football fan he can give you all sorts of Kochta football stats from all these other leagues that have gone on. He was sitting there watching the half and and dissecting who was GonNa win a championship downsizing the bleacher report Abkhaz. There was some games or just right. Right he's gotta sickness into Ebersol Dream collapsed right so he can't build it on toothpicks six. And by the way I was going to get you a McLaughlin nece Guardians Jersey. Where that are you kidding me? Would I wear that out in the woods and I get you mccloughan Jersey Guardian Jersey Guardians in sorta back at the Guardian. XFL The kid from you. Know isn't mccloughan is happiness. I know a guy who works over there Sammy I think our friend. Sammy does some stuff stuff work for them. Oh does he wanted to McLoughlin issue so they can make a football into a Thanksgiving Turkey gift that they gave us they can make a McLaughlin naked. Dig and make them. They may not understand the McLaughlin his reasoning behind it. But you got to explain that to them right so you want cleverness or mcglone. I want McLaughlin who the lesson is a an spelled like the guy has the twitter account mccloughan US oak. Yeah M. C. C. L. U. T. The H. E. R. and E. S. S.. That that's never ever been said on radio before that combination gene of letters had never been put together in the history of the English language until Mike Senate right cutting edge as mclondon is the other guy McLaughlin is yeah. I would absolutely wear that author for their opening game on the on the TV here. Oh yeah okay okay. Well I got a promise that I would wear it multiple times and we would talk about it okay. Yeah and By the way while you're ordering that can you get me that bronze jacket that stuck in China. The Carl banks promised me about a year ago. Because I might be going out wilder fury the rematch. And I'd like to have that Jerry. said he could have it made for me and and some site that he was on Jerry all sorts of stuff like Jerry is a guy who would buy it stove of craigslist. You know like he's that would buy a stove of craigslist. It was he's just he's looking looking for deals stover they selling on Craig's stoves craigslist. You like wow. You're actually going in an appliance store and buy new stove right here. We go up now up yours. That's not true. First of all the I am. I'm not one that looks for deals. I would prefer to pay top dollar to get it right number one you know. It's one of the top tee-shirt companies on the Internet. That that you can make shirts jackets. I'll get a four year but it's one of these one of the top ones. Where's it made a big deal? Do the stuff South Carolina. You sure about that the idea but it's not in conversation I mean that's it we're talking about I think you have to do. Is You have to get a forty forty niners jacket without the forty niners logo on it and then just do whatever you want on the back of it right. Isn't that what it is. It isn't that more gold and bronze. You know what I'm saying. Forty nine gold color. Yes that's correct. It's a little bit different. It's a little different I don't know of anybody would notice but I see what you're saying. I see it as the forty niners honors gold. That's what I see it as okay all right fine with the red and white on if I go out there again which is good chance I go out to this wilder fury rematch. And I get good seats again. I want to see this more is going to be on that flight than these other ones. I was at a wilder Brazil and Wilder Ortiz. To got to fight February twenty-second bringing. I can get a giant made for you customink. Probably yeah all right all right. Show me because I'm terrible stuff like this. Give me like a price. And a tiny on the whole sure and we'll we'll get this done because call been coordinating too many bathrooms and he hasn't been available to me because he is our bath record. That is very disappointing. With the call thing yeah and then he even said you're going to get the jacket just to prove that I did order it now and it was a China problem. There's there's China problem. China problem China versus trump. How's that jacket? But I thought that we got this whole China thing worked out now. Yeah well I've maybe. We could have sailed to. China made the jacket somewhere there in sailed back by now. Yes I know so. It's not a China the problem for him. It is athletic jacket. Jackie one bomber jacket. That's the whole point bronze bomber. It's like the old starter jackets Bronze Jacket and it's a bomber jacket bronze bomber and I gotTa have the custom boomer and Geo. WFAN on the back. I was looking at Mitchell and ness they do not have one. Ah those old jackets. But you probably can't cost the make stuff on there either. I think it'd be called them. They could probably get on. They probably have it right in their shop. It would imagine Ron's jacket. I got military jackets but that's not bronze. Now it's not anything close Lebron's I guess if it has to be gold gold old then we'll just it's close enough right on and be like Oh we put it in the wash once I kiss one here. Yeah is it this. It's this one here. Yeah I know but it's that that would be awesome jacket and you and you take the SF off the front the forty niners. Don't come back and then you you do whatever you want in in that font. I don't want the forty niners fought. I just watched my team get killed by. I can do without their font murdy callers. I will then do whatever they want. Yeah he's got his own deal. He's got that jacket the white jacket with the with the the purpose though. Yeah you're right. It's bronze bronze Lebron's bomber jacket. Carl said he can custom make this like a year and a half. I know it's a problem so that's what I need. I need a custom made the plane in president trump. That's the root of all this all right each the morning show with boomer Assias in Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo who is your car is still out there. Have you checked. I didn't park in the no park nine today. I parked there on Friday. God I had had it but today I was like I saw food truck rally over there one block up on her left in between fruits and meats and buffalo balls and when you come out later those those those food trucks are going to be on both your bumpers nystoe. They're Nice. They're really nice about it because they're happy that I'm leaving. So because then they more room. Okay just squeeze in another guy. You know Korean Barbecue Guy needs to get in there so They update get Outta the truck and they get out and make me a whole traffic for me and stop. So they're great have have. We figured out why they did what they're doing downstairs as anybody know now explanation just shut down. I went on I went on the dot website. And I just rose looking for construction spots. Yeah I mean it was like dotted everywhere. There's construction spots everywhere but it doesn't tell you exactly clue what's going on here in front of Hudson or on Hudson. I should was pretty obvious that nobody was paying attention to the no standing parking that they put up so Friday at eleven. Am they were out there. No Park but the point is i. You know we get here you know I got here this morning at around five fifteen or five ten. I mean there's nothing going on. There's not a p one piece of Equipment Whitman. There's not one guy with a reflective vest. There's nothing I mean are they are the emptying something out like from midnight to five. AM so they don't block traffic or twenty four hours for the construction going on next door. That's next door now. This is a new thing that just popped up about two weeks ago and there's no explanation anywhere as to why they're doing this right and then nobody cares the inconveniences. Just but somebody's gotta be cool. Hun The sign like. I'd like to know the person we saw him. You saw so the they look like they were the instruction construction Heidi had. So here's the construction guy put that Saudi facial signs though was it. Dot that put the sign upward this construction guy that decided to put the sign. We didn't interview. We should have but this is the point like are they just putting these signs up just are they allowed to put the signs up. Oh Oh I see what you're saying. Well we let them down. It's good question get net. Should we be listening to these people that we have to listen Eh people like who are they just like working with a construction company holding this up to make it easier for them or is sanctioned by the Department of Transportation Haitian and and it's okay for them to put the sign officials signed a new brand new signs. They didn't from somewhere right. We're spanking new. And then there's a little fine imprint orange underneath that tells you the street's closed no park law no parceling driving on it. Not only I in terms of parking is this has. It's something I like. I asked the guy downstairs in I said. Is this have something to do with this building. Because it's in front of this building. Put them entry and get there from those guys. You US here right now. They're they're pretty much awake Charlton. I believe they're putting into new buildings so that means they're putting up new putting a new building. He's at the shutdown part of Hudson. I guess and then on King Your. They're putting up to new buildings at least once the greatest description of any human I've ever. They're pretty much awake downstairs. You know but the thing on King I see that too but they have the barriers that go out into the road so I understand that. Perhaps down here Henry coming in. I don't know because barracks disaster to sell right. Yeah it's gone. That thing is gone city. Winery we're supposed to have an event there last week popped up was like invent cancelled. Yeah some sort of enter billboard has gone we get down so that's word Disney's going what Disney. Yeah Yeah what does that mean. They're building a new building their Africa a new theme park. Aw there are only bringing ten thousand people speaking of Disney so the Disney on ice guys want this show to get over with so turns turns out. I'm doing this now. You bastard turns out in the first couple of minutes of the show. Aladdin falls off a structure forty feet. You're kidding boom Z.. Okay nobody knows. And I'm trying to find out what they had to delay the show like fifteen minutes and then of course a lot Aladdin's under study Abe- Yeah right drag Aladdin off the ice. So what they do. I guess they took. I don't know they just went on with the rest of the show. Nobody did they. Bring in counselors for the children. I wound but then you know so my friend sitting there. He does not care about the well. Being of a Latte each got the latest thing twenty minutes now in front of meet this guy put a game and poor lanced laid out on the ice. That's I mean the dude fell forty feed it you might you might be okay. Might not be okay. We don't know so we probably shouldn't joke is the is. The a Ladan costume was a big heavy costume more. Yeah I don't know I don't I don't know that he didn't his head or something. I know there is no news on this. They are keeping this hush hush fine nothing. It's it's a tough one. What do you google out of? Curiosity this It's not funny. I Gold Aladdin Disney on ice falls. Yeah nothing I don't see any Nassau. County Latin AC nothing Coliseum County. That's definitely not been cooled. Have a release on it. I don't know maybe just maybe was just okay. It was a part of the show now wasn't put his because they had to shut down the shell for several minutes. Yeah if anybody's out there that was At that show knows anything about what happened. That happens like that to one of those actors on the ice. Yeah could it'd be any could be anyone not just him falling right and let's say like you know how in hockey game guys get hit. Guy Gets hit with a high stick and his mouth was bleeding over the ice come out and they scraped scraped off. They do the same thing for that they would have to. I would think safety concerns. You know fresh ice fresh ice for the rest of the show. You can't have blood spat on the ice. No gotTa Take Care. I don't know if he was bleeding. I don't know I just was told. He fell off his structure and they had the pause the shell get them off. So I don't know speaking of Disney Barbara ran the Disney Marathon bitty yesterday. Yeah about that and he's going to Tokyo for for a marathon next run taken this running seriously. Why don't you al.? He's been running five miles when a Jew running running five miles only run two miles. I just started Eh week ago. Really do you WANNA run in my run debris there now. When is that? It's an April thirteen miles right now. It's only a a five trying to get up to five. So why don't you do that. Why don't you run run in the For Team boomer. One is this happy around and then they look into that. It's in central park. You gotTA come into New York on a weekend. Yes you'd love that. That's the one thing about boomer. He's involved with so many things right. It's all great but if you tell him you've got a new hobby he's got something let's go you know starting to build his paw. Aw You want to build the biggest on the world. We've got what you gotta do. You gotTa hang upside down from the Chrysler building every year. It's called the danger puzzle building the next week. And if you say yes to be nice. You're in yeah you're just trying to get to the commercial break you're in you've already got an email from reached out already stitching you a you can. We don't run debris in Long Beach branch long. Bien that'd be anyone in Jersey. Maybe we could do one around the manor one hero the motto on Marathon. You start the race. That's old boomer. I gotTa Peleton See. No He's got to be doing forty miles Sitting side New York City. We're doing it again right. No not this year we have accomplished. Yes Oh man. That was the one that was a one time actually know now that you have a conflict. I was really looking to be careful. He'll sign you. Come on. That was after all kidding aside. Yes when I was done with that was one of the more rewarding experiences I thank you that was awesome. It was it when we were sitting. There you cheat it completely. What you like you achieve -actly? Yeah Yeah we were on the Staten Island ferry going back. I mean you're totally gassed and we just sat down. I had this sense of achievement. Like Jerry says that I that I hadn't had a long time because I don't do much physically a good move for three weeks before that was some accomplishments. I remember that was great. All Right Jerry didn't do was update. He does have a sponsor yes brought to you by the Ray Catena Auto Group schedule an appointment today. To Rate Katina's service in our first class service at affordable prices Nicks one nets one devils. One they fired their GM packers won and of course we know the chiefs with the big comeback. Back all right. Thank You A. Jerry boomer national championship game tonight like I like. LSU Sure Joe L. Shoe devils by the way beat the capitals and Ebbe. Lightning fired their coach. GM they got Dimming playing goalie right okay. And they're winning game and they brought back Cory Schneider. Yes so there you go more ten or it could be the new general manager there because he's helping now he's helping out ready to move into the top role now. I know why they cancelled their appearance since last week. All this going down to coming in while was I guess it will everything nothing was going on and we didn't know it until now he got the guess interest. Well you know. I think what happens here. The reason you fire your general manager is because the trade deadline headline is coming the already traded Taylor Hall and you WanNa have guys in there that you trust making the decisions and if they tried it I mean I know tell us asset. I know one of the biggest assets they have other trays a CA- make but you want to make sure that the guy that's in there doing into somebody that you trust and I think the owners fell out or I should say. The general manager fell out of favor with the owners because they didn't trust produce doing too tough one and he's out on a Sunday night Each morning show with boomer Esiason in Gregg Jannati boomer and Geo it's an upsetting time though for fans of this radio station Mongo nation. Why is that well? We were all kind of hoping. We'd see a Mike Francesa Oscar nomination for uncut gems. We thought that there was a chance. Best supporting actor that he you would get a look. Maybe Adam sandlers bringing them down. I I don't know man whatever it is you know how he gave his review that Mike was Terrific in the movie. I know Chris Mad dog. Russo said he was phenomenal. I was there was a lot of momentum building for this Oscar nominee. I can feel it. Yeah you could feel it out there was palpable. I guess just once in a a big enough role you know what I mean like. It wasn't maybe there is a minimum amount of scenes that he has to be. Did you like the movie I did. I did you think. The movie was Oscar Worthy the was Oscar worthy but it didn't get an Oscar Nomination Academy said no shot him out. I thought Sandler. We'll get Oscar nominee. Maybe maybe Adam brought them down. I don't know you never. They could now. Mike definitely stole that scene or scenes. There's no doubt about and that's probably what happened here. Like this guy was in a movie before and he's the better actor that Sandler isn't a spot. Maybe that's that's what it was. Maybe Mike was so good that it hurts sandler with the nomination. Now one nomination for uncut who are the nominations the best picture nomination nominations the nation's our Ford versus Ferrari the Irishman Joe. Joe Rabbit Joker little women marriage average story one thousand nine hundred seventeen once upon a time in Hollywood and parasite now. I've seen four of these already. And there's there's other was that I will watch but a little women something. I will not watch any chance. Parasite is like science fiction. No actually it's a Korean film and it's it's it's subtitles. I did watch that and it's phenomenal. It's a great movie and I. It's one of those things that SAG awards they send us. The that's the way I I watch it. It's awesome movie but little women's one of those that I got to watch a little women. Now no shot. I think you know the the fact that you're a part of the SAG and everything else you got to watch it. was that like the same as the book we were in high school. I don't go thanks. You WanNa stick toothpicks in your eyes. I mean I'm telling you if I was if I was captured and kidnapped there were like a weekend. Lets you out today if you watch little women. We're going to keep you here. I'd have to think about strange. You you told me you I did not see Ford versus Ferrari car guy you gotta have cars and movies and that's all this is about us about your misconstruing. My state I we'll see see that movies. Yeah but not. I don't need movies about cars. I'm just saying if your time period is pre car. got a tough time getting into. I see that's the thing it doesn't have to be about cars. Well this one is about cars and secrete moving. Yeah no I will watch that one. I'm going to watch all of them but little women. I got to skip that Leonardo as carol shelving lean he was terrific. Oh yeah terrific. Yes and he was great. Once upon a time in Hollywood I wondered. Did he get a nomination for best actor. I wonder nations are are are you got one. He's in for both. I don't know he's nominated for one. I don't know which one it is but he did. He's definitely nominee for something he had had to get that for Carroll Shelby two because because Brad Pitt when the Golden Globe for the best supporting actor yes because he cut his microphone during the the whole that's why he got trying to make it sound official. Yeah I know but then you started talking normally you were you went out of announcer voice in the regular boomer. Okay let's go to KC in Bradley Beach. It's going on Casey. Hey Good morning guys how you don't happening all right. I'm watching the playoffs less and it just seems to me like the coaching shing in the past and the old days even when you played it's just it was so much better it seems like to me. It seems like now there's just one tier of coaching. That's phenomenal. And then he got a a big drop off to next to you. I mean just an example. I don't know if you guys talked about this or not. But I'm watching the Seattle game and they got the ball in the forty three yard line with eleven seconds can slept in the first half with one time out. Why not just throw like a seven yard pass call timeout kickoff? Fifty two fifty three yard field goal wife White. Throw the ball to the end zone own when you really have much less of a chance. Well I did. They would know going into the game. You know after pregame warmups you know how they feel about their kickers or kicker you now able to make a you know. Plus Fifty Yard field goal in those conditions had happened in Kansas City. Yesterday where Bill. Brian did do that. Yeah and Fairburn Airbourne just basically push the ball to the right and J. Feeley came on him saying look then nobody ever kicks. Fill this far this lady. I felt bad for Jake. Trying go to break and then trying to squeeze him in there and he's like Russian all his thoughts I'll tell you. What if there were ever a game? The special teams had an impact on a game significantly. It was that game yesterday between the Texans and the chiefs. Yeah no you gotta blocked punt a muff punt. And then you're hoping for I'm off a long return. Turn on kickoff enough. Then you had the crazy kickoff return by the Texans ended up as a as a fumbled towards so the chiefs. I was crazy the the way. Leonardo DiCaprio nominated for once upon a time in Hollywood. Not really not. Yeah Yeah not the other one James in Staten Island. What's up James? What's up guys? How Doc Goodman we got force? I'm a diehard forty niners fan. Avi The last person you want to speak to that. It's fine unless you're team was better and you you know if you listen. Listen to this show. I don't have a lot of high expectations for the Vikings. I don't talk trash in their favor. So it's really hard to get back in my face. You know it kind of reverse reverse psychology thing. I think yeah but also I was telling my wife I listen to you guys. Every day it would have ruined my whole week to have to watch you where. That's I got a question for you. Yeah I'm watching the game Jimmy Garoppolo. He makes some passes where I scratch my head. I'm like what what is he looking at the kind of feel like when you watch him play I kind of feel like when he threw the interception they all of a sudden decided to stop throwing. Yeah well they didn't need to you know it's also you know you protect your quarterback a little bit. There are times where he looks really good and there are times where you just like the previous caller said do you like don't don't throw out there. And by the way it was Matt Damon who played Carol. Show Not Leonardo. That's that's why that's Leonardo Matt. Damon nominated And how I'm going to go back to. What if what if he doesn't you're going to be very fit very upset? Yeah he did not. Oh I guess it wasn't as good as you thought. I thought it was great. So Antonio Banderas for pain and glory. I don't know what that is. Leonardo DiCaprio Adam driver in the marriage story Joaquin Phoenix for joker and Jonathan. Pryce for the two popes so Matt Damon did not was so good. You thought he was Capri Let's go to Mike in Connecticut. What's going on Mike? How you doing good? What's up I was just wondering if you guys noticed the rest kind of trying to slow down that Tennessee Game Tennessee was controlling the collapse so much I I was. I feel like they were scared. They were going to get their sponsor money in review commercial about five minutes for that Tennessee touchdown the rats are standing over the ball a lot more than they normally do. What do you do? So you're reason. Why do you think they were trying to slow it down? Because they weren't going to get their commercials in well. It's not commercials. I don't know I just I just feel like they thought the the game was going to be too short and they were. There's plenty of times where no wraps work taking too long to do what normally I don't think so. Michael said the commercials are always. He's going to get played. There isn't a situation now. We're getting those commercials in their highly paid for You know the other thing I will say about Mike rebel who actually is doing unbelievable. His team reflects flex him. Yeah sure especially when they win you feel like they reflect their coach. So what they're doing on offense is is really ridiculous. And what what they're doing with Derrick Henry but what he also is doing and what he will have to do again. This week against Kansas City. Is that when the game clock is running a lot of the times. They are snapping the ball under five seconds on the down clock. They're trying to shorten a game much like he did at the end of the fourth quarter north north of five minutes penalties and keeping the clock running to get a minute and forty six seconds off the clock so they short and a game. That's the better best way. He believes he has a chance chance to play defense against an opposing team quarterback Tom Brady or Lamar Jackson. Or in this case. It's GonNa be Patrick Mahomes this week. Yeah so you've got to see a lot of that. So that's a tactic that he'll employ trying to slow the Kansas City chiefs fan. I think it's an awesome match up because if you're going to beat Kansas City you can't go toe to toe and try to outscore them. We've I've seen that happen and fail. If you're going to beat them you got to control the game. You got to run the football. The fact that the titans do that really well is going to be a a tough tough challenge for them. The matchup I think is great. I think that game will be a lot closer them at the. NFC game is going to be all due respect. Aaron Rodgers but I just don't think the packers are are the forty niners back think back to last year's AFC championship game between New England and Kansas City. But the one thing. You don't want to have happen when you are. The opposing team in Arrowhead is what happened to the Texans. Yesterday they get that thing ramped up they get that thing cranking all of a sudden impossible to stop because Patrick mahomes this. This is playing out of his mind and I will tell you what why. But why did New England win that game. They ran the ball control. The game ran the ball. But Somebody Michelle and it was. It was just domination Shen and who didn't touch it in overtime. Oh Patrick Mahomes yeah. That's right he never got on the field and overtime because they went down and scored a touchdown. You know. That's the way you gotta look at this and I think the Indianapolis Annapolis Colts this year. Showed everybody how you have to win the game on offense and that is run the ball short game be methodical. Don't turn it over and then you got a chance to win if you can control the game with your running game next year's a CBS. Super Bowl down in Tampa this year. Who's got it we got Fox has fox has this year? I'll tell you right right now. Fox desperately desperately wants the chiefs to win this. Yeah they don't they. Don't want to Tennessee to make it. I mean the storylines lines that first of all to have one of if not the most exciting player in the game you know top three arguably and if he's not the number one is right there in Patrick mahomes and the storyline Andy Reid. Lead is just incredible as now the titans. I don't WanNa diminish what the Times are doing football fans love to see what they're doing they're picking off teams like now New England. Everybody loved that. But as far as storylines go that Cinderella thing only place so far and you kind of need Andy. Reid Patrick the homes against either one of those teams. See Oh yes. NFC team in air is the packers and the chiefs. Then it's you know one the chiefs and here we are in the hundred anniversary season for the NFL. That'd be a Helluva that'd be a hell of a story down needs to see the packers back there. I know I don't need to see that I. I'd rather see the team. That beat the Vikings get there and I look lost the Super Bowl champion. That's okay it's the morning show with boomer Esiason and Greg a the boomer in not one not one award nomination movie. No but I've read about it and I've read that. It was critically acclaimed the net. Adam sandlers. Great the movie. If you would see navy would've told me that it was a great movie. I'd be but I told you I told you that. Ford births. Far is a great movie. Leonardo di caprio played carroll. Shelby was actually Matt Damon. So that's how much I know. I can't remember. I see so much stuff that sometimes I can't remember. Do Watch a lot of stuff. That's why you're a fool you're a fool. But but in this case supposedly they say that this is Adam sandlers best movie ever and his best is best performance ever. Okay okay but I do believe there's a bias against I'm sure him and probably why would they be on him. 'cause I don't 'cause he's messy made. I'd like a bunch of funny movies that works. You're not going to give them a a nomination. It took Clint Eastwood a long time to get through. All those dopey movies he made in the seventies right after but that was not the Aranka tank. How about the ones with the Iran thing? The ones with the kit Left turn Clyde. Yes making noises like that punch noise. uh-huh you also the taking a punch noises later on in his career now. He's critically acclaimed director actor. Yes of course. And he just made made a Richard Jewel. which is supposed to be very very like Clint Eastwood did that really? Yes yeah he I saw a bunch of about the mule. He was great great. The Mueller was awesome. Great movie what a great movie that movie was. I really enjoyed that. I don't know I mean uncut gems I guess you know people are saying it got snowed. I haven't seen it yet so. I'm not sure I can't really comment. I don't know why they would be biased. I'm just because he made like you know Little Nicky. That's why buddy buddy. This was a serious role for him. Did he get nominated for another movies. In like Spangler or something some Zam cereal idea he was in. He did a great acting job in a punch drunk love where he played a serious okay. Did you get nominated for that. And I don't think so so you're telling me like they're like picturing him in the Tub Lily. Madison going best. No Shampoo is better and they can't. They can't get out of their minds. Yeah Penguin Magazin. Dang that's possible. That's a bunch of crap if that's the truth and they're thinking Billy Madison. Happy Gilmore of trying to think of other actors that may fall in this category. Okay Eddie Murphy. May Fall in this category. Steve Martin maybe you know guys I said do these goofy movies that'll Murray. He wasn't bill. Murray came all along later on and did a couple of critically glanced translation. I liked that move right. I guess yes yeah I guess he was up for the people. Were talking about Eddie Murphy as a chain Susini nominated for Dolemite as my name but I did not so probably Clint Eastwood's GonNa Turn Ninety this man. Yeah I know I know it's crazy amazing. Just think that there is a just a people even know that they're biased in their pious. They see Adam. Adam Sandler say we're not gonNA vote for him taking up. The Adam Sandler costs today. I like they see Adam Sandler the same way. Some of these writers see steroid users in baseball simply won't vote for him. But like making billy pretty good comparison so I do because I think the people people don't think this is more of a compiler type thing like Adam Sandler is a million movies and a lot of his movies probably didn't even get watched by a lot of these critics and all of a sudden here he comes along with this movie and it's a great movie and he doesn't get the doesn't get the respect. He deserves push stupid sandwich voting for for him. I think it's possible every time I see him in that role. I think it's John Tomorrow. I don't think it's Adam Sandler that maybe John The tour in a movie would have got nominated. Maybe next time just directed put John Toro in the thing. And then you get your Oscar. Nominations that sound you guys heard that San what was that. There's like a spring in these microphone on stands and boomer sometimes eat the justice it it it goes like who stop. Yeah well. That's a different noise. The happy doing trying to tell us something. Thank Boys Code thirty years. Look what did you think of the game tonight. That means I will say this all right. Jerry We skipped your last hour so people when he would you have this hour. postgame sound on chiefs over the Texans. This wild one fifty one thirty one down twenty four nothing come back outscore them fifty one seven the rest of the way here was Patrick. Mahomes we might have been down on a bunch but we weren't done. We knew that we were still still just kind of beating ourselves and that we needed to go out there just execute at a higher level as a team and we knew it was gonna be a great challenge that team that we were playing there. Was Andy Reid. So what did you tell your team when you were down twenty four zip pump. The breaks here for a second and focus refocus. And let's go I mean that's it's that's simple really. I mean you're in that situation. You've only got a few core to play this game so you gotta get it done. And and they got it done few quarters to play. The game is what he was saying the entire Matthew. Echoing his Co. Calm I missed two different challenges the year Jerry. Could you just played take time. No no no no Tyron Matthew. I saw this in the in the break. So there's some guy named Mike Sando who is a NFL Guy feel. Like I know that name Yeah Let's see what he does here. Mike Sando NFL. He works for the athletic verified account. Whatever so he be posted a picture of her video of Tyron Matthew pulling up not hitting deshaun Watson when he could lay them out late in the game when it was the game was already over so sandow rights strain strain seeing blitzing? DB lead up this used to be an ear. Holing good for Cuba Health and then Tyron Matthew responded. The game was over. Yeah Yeah that's my boy but I'm not fake tough. I don't have to hit you to make me feel like I'm a big beast. This is football but every act is in violent so I thought that was kind of a nice. I actually really appreciate what Tara Matthew Classic given the fact that Yes. There tyron was his teammate. Last year in Houston and he signed with Kansas City in the off season and he could have really laid him out. I mean it was a wide open shot. And he he didn't and I don't know I just think that's a cool thing to tyron especially especially given where they were on the game. Yeah he's taking care of his boys. Chicken is what he was right more on that coming up in just a moment Here's the Shawn Watson he took the loss in stride really disappointed in it. I mean like I said it's NFL football. We just didn't go away. The bottom bus away in the second half bounce their way here was A. Jj Watt wasn't just our our failure here you have to also give them an incredible amount of credit. I mean that's a great football team with a great coaching staff. Great Players Passion homes incredible player. Those guys and serve a ton of Credit Kelsey. tyree coming those guys deserve a ton of credit. Yeah Mahomes threw for three twenty one five touchdowns. Three of them went to Kelsey. You had ten catches for one hundred and thirty four awards and even had a bad drop early in this game In the first quarter I think there would have extended driver at least had a drive. Get a first down and was right in his hands right out and then did you see this because obviously Nansen Hansen Romel did the game to juice gus. The Romo stuff rumors that are out there like being reported the numbers that ESPN is going to be thrown at eight million ten million ten to fourteen fourteen in the fourteenth are we doing yes. Ten to fourteen million dollars. I guess so. I guess they're that desperate. I would imagine yeah hm wow we better be matching now over at. CBS enable more scratch. We cannot speak any of that because I I don't I know you know. ESPN just seems like it has an unlimited budget. Yeah Bourbon let go or not yet. Nothing officially really as happened there yet. Other than the producer change right. Well I mean so. Is there a chance because you were the fillon guy when Roma was doing the golf. Oh that's right third. Yes if he leaves that would be you. And that's when Nance not think so why he does want to go back to Monday night. Football is down the pike. Something sound take one thing I saw when I was reading about Romo was that he would do more of these golf things in CBS. When Lyndon do these things and Monday so then maybe we'll get a few extra chances dances but Monday night football provided they would allow you know it wouldn't matter wouldn't affect it would affect his performance? How could he get ready for? The game doesn't no matter I'll come on. He's telling me right right. There guys wanted to the grates. Let's go to Naomi and Manhattan. Aol Me What's happening. Hi How are you. Hi How are you. I'm I'm good thank you. I wanted to say that I loved it in the middle of a sports show. You're talking about the Astros because I'm an avid follower of all of it. Yup and I was noticing that when you we're talking about Adam Sandler and how you made the transition from comedy into a more dramatic role that it's similar to Robin Williams go. It's all those goofy comedies to something like the Fisher King and then also she did when he finally got weakening or something was that was. What was that one? Where is the doctor? Yeah awakening. She was the doctor. Also in in good will hunting. He played the cause something more than he one. Yeah Yeah and Mrs Doubtfire. Brilliant an exactly exactly but he didn't he's known for ad living and he didn't really add live in that once. I thought that was pretty good but then also noticed when you look at all the big four awards actor actress he also they also nominated everyone. WHO's a lot of them have have been previously nominated and won? Awards isn't there are the people that do the voting aren't they snooty. No actually I that nominee that do the nominating emanating. Anyone from people do make up to the big actors and it's a wider pool than something like the Golden Globe now Naomi. You said that you're into into this. Did you see uncut gems. And did you think that that movie was snapped. I haven't seen it yet but from what I've heard it's great and I'm really looking forward to catching it. Who is the the favourite to win best picture in nineteen seventeen? I think so. I really do because everybody seems to love that one But then what they don't usually they don't. It's been common that they don't usually give best director best picture so they could divide it up and give it to Tarantino because have you guys seen. Yeah Yeah I mean it's it's really sensation of the last. Half hour is one of my favorite half hours in a movie. There's there's a couple of times already like Brad Brad Pitt. Driving in a car for five straight minutes they could cut that down a little break get the popcorn decades. Yes there was a point I was like this is still going on. He still driving. They see every turn thanks family. Yeah maybe that's the answer to you know. The whole movie issue in this country is to make longer KNBR movies. Yeah jeeze bigger spectacles out of those movies in a long movies now back to make you feel uncomfortable so if if Tony Only Romo's gone to. ESPN you're you're saying right off the bat note that You would stay right where I have. I'm not going anywhere you could do. Both you could do that to Sunday. You could do both and you could because I mean what do you mean this radio show and that I thought he meant studio. He's happy today. GIG No I'm talking about the in the booth be saying. I'm happy where I was the filling candidate. This is what I'm saying. So you'd have to be the favourite. There wouldn't be able to sit there and watch golf tournament Friday that I've never seen before my life. You and me both triggered a bottle of Scotch going going to Chicago or not. Yeah I know it was crazy me and you're on phone. Yes rooting. Listen for it. Right in the vikings terrible and he wanted to go. I was going to take up. I know I remember. I had it all ready to run a lot. Do that game. No not because he didn't make the cut what right and he had a shot to. After the first day he had a shot in the middle of the second day to all of a sudden he pulled a Romo going. That's just not nice. They actually he didn't because in this case he was a big underdog in fairness. He really didn't have a great shot doing doing so. He's getting fourteen million again. What would what would they pay you to sit next Nancy? which would you take? Yeah I was going to say five. You know it's amazing. Tony actually work this thing out. Pretty well I I don't know if they have a You know I would imagine you have a match in the contract right the article I read was they could. They could match article. What do I know? Well I mean I think I will all say this if he stays. CBS for all of us will say goodbye then somewhere else. Yeah maybe we can and do a swap get Nansen right budgetary constraints well the SEC's going over to SPN. Got Extra cash. Not for a while crap out out for a while. It's like twenty twenty fours right right and they announced it already. Yeah Yeah I know it's not. TV stuff just blows my mind well it's basically ESPN AGAINST RE ramping up. You know the rights fees. Yeah well and then they fire all their employees. That's the way it works right mass layoffs and More rights fees packers also wind down here ten thousand people the Disney no parking ten thousand people. Yeah they'll have they'll build a garage. You know what you're probably right right. Green Bay San Francisco on Sunday afternoon. also of note. You have the giants hiring Patrick Graham as their new defensive coordinator Kevin's defence keep coach the browns the broncos hiring Pat Shurmur as their new offensive coordinator. You guys spoke On this morning about bill cower getting the hall of fame not on the air like Jimmy. Johnson did on Fox last night and he couldn't even contain himself. I can't talk you Why did I didn't hear that really took a double tap? Yeah you know some sort of like CPR Apr.. Yeah I can't talk that's right people laughing. I wasn't taking a less bread. He was fine meantime. We go from that voice to this just one with the College Football Championship game. Special plus great motorcade. I'll looking forward to that AZURE LSU IN CLEMSON tonight if they lose that game. This is like everything that they ever unwanted games in Louisiana this. Nobody thought that they had ordered. And be able to do this. At this level and number one joe borough Inau aw transfer they got away and they're going against the Guy Travel Lawrence's never lost a college game at Clemson last two years and a coach Dabo Sweeney. There's two and won a national championship games. All the experience is like in. This moment is on the side of Clemson. Now I know it is but this is one of those spots where it's like like you got to win this game if you're Lsu like this is one of those everything is lining up. I've been nervous if I were a coach. Oh I know he doesn't get nervous but I'd be nervous with that Clemson theme rolling through fair enough time to all we got Knicks. Beat the heat one twenty four one. twenty-one nets over the Hawks one eight Kyrie Irving was back for that game finally he was ten for eleven at team eye. Twenty one also of note. You've got the devils levels beating the lightning three one after they fired their GM. Ray Shero and you've got Martin. Obrador GonNA assist Tom. Fitzgerald who was the interim. GM now rangers islanders tonight at the garden. Todd Frazier a one year deal with the fact that the islanders and the Rangers play three out of their next four games against each other what it's a scheduling weird one. They will play each other three times in the next eight days. You stay away from madness spot or what do you do when three times. In eight days be texture songs. Like hey I need this or Yeah there's no there's no discussion I'm not getting involved with this. Like what if. Yeah I need your help or hanging a mirror can you come over now. I'm just I'm not. I'm not GONNA be nothing. Wow all right time now for moment of the day. You don't talk to him while you're going to be a grandfather to his ELMO Jospeh game these are big games James Regular season. Yeah well the Rangers are behind them in the playoffs in the playoff race. So we got to win these games and I expected when these games. Hey we just went to the doctor and as a new sonogram okay. Great Relax GRANDPA. Want to show you this as a new picture Ram. It's not going to be gramps it's talking to GRANDPA can still curious when The younger Martin is an NHL player. What you do when it's your grandson one thing that he's your son in law? It's another thing when your Grandad's Matt I want that I didn't talk about him when I'm talking about Matt Junior. Well that's different the islanders coming into the garden game seven in the Eastern Conference. It's fine it's not going to be playing for the penguins. The devils chance comes any offensive player. But that time it'd be running. The Rangers was it. I'll make sure that doesn't happen like I think it'd be better if he's like the worst free agent signing the Rangers being arranger. But he's horrible. That would be moment of the day brought to you buy resorts world in Queens with over sixty five hundred games this is how NYC roles Earlier this morning. Play this clip for Marshawn Lynch you start taking care of Y'all mantles your body's chicken right We were confused as to the meaning of chicken again In that sentence so I looked up other meetings and apparently it was cash for example I gotTa Stop at the ATM. I gotta get some chicken the crap okay much chicken. You're laying on. I I thought did he say bread. He did in one of them Said said. Brad yes so is now something else is bread now of we change. Go back to the seventies take care of your brain right there. They carry your bread brain Ottilia right now. Why y'all in take care of your brain so basically suburban? What does he keep keep play? Yeah I'll tell you right now all take care of your brain when you are done go ahead and take care of yourself. Yeah yeah money no but take care of your mental. That was the way that was a brilliant a lot of things that I think we have to break down and get to the bottom of. It's like and then he walked away. This edition of white guys figure out there. You go moment embarrassing harassing listening to it. I think it's worse. Painful is bred. Isn't chickens and brain this man saying here like that got what would you say if you up there trying to say what he was saying. Take your health. Yeah make sure your finances. Yeah yeah all right make sure make sure your family set up for generations. You know. That's all but I mean I just just hearing it back. I felt like we sound. So when Eddie Murphy played the White Guy is right. Yes I hear Matt segment well. That's what you're going. I am not like that. Say like that all right.

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