Jimmy Bell Interview - December 19th 2020


He's so good and so talented that he is a perfect three for three and a grade one winner as the two year old and today he looks to get back on track and proved he is still the real deal in the tenacious stakes at the fairgrounds. And that would be welcome news to jimmy bell. Who is the president of godolphin's. Us operations he is with me now here on the equine form jimmy. Good morning my friend always great to catch up. good morning. You enjoyed here that race call. It feels like we're we're back in action. You're back in action in a big way today. You know i went through earlier in the show. And i just kind of recap that very quickly there but this has been such an up and down career for max 'field and i can imagine this has to be one of the more frustrating scenarios that you've ever been involved with well frustrating. Yes but on the other hand It there's a sense of confidence because not too often nor around horse. it obviously shows that talented maximums. Had you know yourself breaking your first time out going right from there into a great one race And obviously another time out coming back and off the off the bench and in the runner race like that met win. So i mean he's in three races shown so much that Even though it's been a long time between races know which you always hope for. I don't think one thing. We don't question his talent and For that reason we're really optimistic and excited the same back in action and and more importantly as you earlier alluded The patients that everybody has shown this especially brendan and bringing him back and Hopefully we're we're looking for you know very productive for your season with a full body of work did can maybe show The talents of this this time and time again. So very very you know. We're very excited to be back in here. We are ready ready ready to run in the afternoon. You know jimmy. I come at this from the outside looking in. But you are obviously intimately involved with every move. That takes place with max field and i talked about earlier in the program. I talked about that training. Job that brenda did getting him. Back to the races after being scrapped from the breeders cup in two thousand nineteen the breeders cup juvenile. Getting him back for the matt win but not just back to the races getting him back and ready to fire his best shot after all that time. Off and overcoming that that initial injury. How good of a training job was that by brennan. Well i think i think he I think you hit on the head. I think his his whole card is tremendous patience. I think he reads his horses very well. He's the consummate horseman himself. So you know he. He's been both on their backs. And on the ground. And i think he's got an extra sense of of Communicating with horses. That he himself know get on him and he's got that feeling nose and He he really lets the horse sort of talk to him and tell him win and wear and We're on the phone just the other day and he said you know we're going to have to run. He's figured it out he's ready We know they're still probably few cobwebs a little bit rust on wheel but that was the case. Obviously in the win as well and You know it just takes. Probably a very very counted individual to be able to Not only physically be ready to run but mentally be ready to run and that's something we probably don't talk about all the time. It's the mental aspect as well and One of the one of mexico's greatest at tributes is mental toughness and just how he is so professional and how he goes about his daily routine. And i think it makes a little easier for brennan to read him because he's very genuine. He tells you right where he is and You know you you you've got to be able to be picking up on all those signs and and brennan does a phenomenal job at that. Take me through the past seven months. Since that win in the matt win at churchill jimmy what of these past seven months been like from ashville. Well again you know the good news is that neither neither one of the neither one of the timeouts were really you know truly significant. We just we did the right thing by the horse gave him ample time to completely He'll come back get back into his own rhythm. And i think that You know this this game is built on hope and and you know that if you just get the opportunity to get him back you'll take care of the rest of certainly that's are feeling and listen. Today's no easy. It's never an easy spot coming back You know you're in there with with a tough for us from Steve esme you gotta hours respect that. Then there's always the hard knocking older horses ourselves. Got a tougher locally owned So this is a great spot to come back in. But it's not easy spot but there's also no easy spots when you're out of conditions so you can't just exactly dip your toe in the shallow when you gotta jump in and see where you're at and you know we. This is the beginning this. Is you know this is. This is just what it is. This is hopefully beginning of an important Year racing for him. You were kind enough. Jimmy by the way talking with jimmy bell the president of godolphin's. Us operations you were kind enough to join me on this show. The morning of the matt win on may twenty third and one thing that you spoke about was his pedigree and he is a son of street. Sense out of a bernardini maher now. I know that that's a pedigree this near and dear to darley godolphin's heart but that pedigree bernardini has come an outstanding broodmare sire. What he's accomplished at his age is you know really puts him at the top of the chart of a broodmare hours. You know a long time to come. And i mean it's just amazing. You speak casually reading steak entries or the pp's on horse a much as another daughter bernardini. That's another daughter bernardini and You know what. What he's accomplished is is really a phenomenal. And you know how great it is to have a horse. It's going to pass them on. We always talk about sour sons of sizes hours in the mail on but To be able to carry on and make no mistake. His impact is brute mercer. We'll be significant for really really generations to come in and foundation for a lot of operations. Have those young bernardini mayors jimmy. The news came out this past week by the way. Good luck with max 'field later today. I'll shift gears on us here. The news came out earlier this week. That you were elected once again as president of the thoroughbred after care alliance and that's an organization that i know from day one has been near and dear to your heart Talk about the importance of after karen. This sports i. I don't know sometimes. I think that might get overlooked a little bit when we start talking about all the racing so tell me about the importance of aftercare. Well you know it. That's exactly you hit it right on the head you know initially for i think we started in two thousand and twelve Initially it was about just awareness. Awareness awareness making people aware of the after racing. And what goes on or just stop that day and so initially that the just trying to make people aware and then we moved into educating people and now under you know understanding more after you become aware more the educational process and today you know some eight years into it. It's it's now talking about in terms of the obligation. You know this is. This is not this is this is part of owning a horse. This part of Having the blacksmith combat. I mean these these are all taking care of. The horse is an obligation as well so this whole thing has been awareness education obligation. And it's it's not an easy thing. You keep drilling on. But i think it's become a part of sort of a plank in the platform of our industry that i think the industry everyone involved in industry collectively understands and recognizes. How you know. This is a major component of owning a horse in in. What the industry's doing and have made tremendous you a tremendous move forward in that regard. I mean if you look at the day we now have i think. Eighty one accredited organizations over a hundred and seventy facilities We've we've generated over twenty million dollars and probably assisted. I think that eleven thousand thoroughbreds so yes. Very very significant and You know. I think that one of the great things about the third right after caroline's is is that It's it's sort of gotten the good housekeeping seal when you're raising that kind of money people really want to know where it's going what is doing. And i've jokingly said many times that i'm not sure how well we do when they come to inspect and accredit your operation to be able to become a credit by the ta. I mean there's a education component. There's go through facilities people literally go to these places and look at them. Talk to them about their adoption policies You know they have to be an operations three or four years before you can even apply to this thing so we've got the confidence of everybody knowing that this money is going where it needs to be which is always a question mark when you're when you're making these kind of contributions but you know the ta has come a tremendous long way but gee whiz we got you know this is. This is a big big problem in. It's something that we can't just sorta take lightly but it's you gotta you gotta keep gotta keep out for everybody's perspective. What are some of the things moving forward jimmy that you would like to see accomplished by the t. a. And on the after care front. In general well i think funding you know funding has to be and we've got we've got to continue to find. Waste be sustainable. I mean we get we get some great spikes and some great Ha moments were gosh. That was great. Somebody stepped up or somebody this but you know this is an industry obligation. Initially when we set this thing up. We tried to make as many small touch points as possible. You know at the sales at the racetrack here. There and yonder just a little bit but It it's difficult. It takes a lot of You know a lot of bookkeeping a lot of communication coordination. And you know one thing that i'm excited about is a look at the board of directors and the people that are involved from you know from officials in racing offense to sales companies to people in the jockey club to everybody's got some areas of expertise and skill sets that have made this you know very very Significant operation in the dance. Your question. you know we've just got we've got to find that magic way to get this thing sustainably-funded it's it's it's It's very hard going back. Every time and trying to reinvent the wheel we can. Just get some overall by into where people understand. It's one for all all for one That's rush sustainability. Comes from and it's all about know. Continue to to fund this. It's you can tell with one hundred seventy facilities and i think this year. We we handed awarded or granted over three million dollars. That's a lot to do every year in. You know it doesn't stop you've got every year so it's not like it's one time off and we got that done. Continue and now get to work alongside my man. Jeff bloom to absolutely and you know again. that's glad you brought that up. I mean john phillips with the past president everybody's had a real skill set that it's been at the helm of thing and brought a unique perspective of what they can do. Well you know. Get jack wolf. Initially you know did a fantastic job. It was not easy to get off the ground. And then i came in for a brief stint and followed up with john phillips back again as i said you you can step aside. You can step away and now jeff is gonna going to take over next year after after my my year and you know again. There's a guy that's very committed. He understands that he's been on the ground East compassionate about it and and he's got spheres of influence that others of us don't and You know again. Everybody brings a little something to the table and and very excited jeff onside and he's been a big supporter of all the way through. Well you can go to thoroughbred after care dot org if you wanna learn more about the thoroughbred after care alliance again. Jimmy bell with the president of godolphin's us operations and the thoroughbred after caroline's jimmy. You would be hard pressed to find somebody. That's better ambassador for our sport than you. My friend and i've known you long time in greatly. Appreciate all your efforts and everything you do for the sport and greatly appreciate you taking the time this morning. Happy holidays my friend same to you and what a great job you do kind of getting a good message out this other and listen. It's it's It's an honor to be a part of this and whatever little things we can do hopefully make a little difference but Just pleased and privileged to be a part of it. Yeah thanks for the time jimmy. Merry christmas fame you enjoy. thanks again. appreciate me anaheim.

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