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The basketball stuff, I'm interested in is Leonard giving shade would appear to James harden in his new new balance commercial for his new sneaker, the claw spelled with a K. Leonard is here to tell you that he's not out there chasing fouls. Why let it doesn't say interesting things, but quiet, Leonard will let the marketing people say interesting things for him new balance isn't really in the NBA game. I would not choose cohort. Leonard is my spokesman for anything. Or anything because you need the spokesman to speak, and he doesn't give you a lot of that. But if you're going to build them theology he's got some of the biggest hands in the NBA. Nobody wants to be guarded by him because of what he can do on the perimeter with those hands, and they're calling his sneaker, the claw the claw with a K. It's the only time I've seen LeBron James actually scared. Many of you might think he was scared when he couldn't post up JJ Berea and at the end of that game when he passed the ball a lot of times a thousand times in the last five minutes the other time I've seen him scared during the finals at the height of his powers when he was at the free throw line turned over his shoulder and saw the Leonard was checking back into the game and started cursing to himself. That's about the highest compliment. You can give it not. Yeah. That's that's probably the highest compliment disco is say anything during this commercial while they just put out a press release yesterday announcing formerly the long rumored endorsement deal with new balance and Kawai was quoted in the statement. His quote game speaks for itself. And that's the way you gotta go with him. If you're creating a marketing strategy around him now, speaking of marketing, the other conversation, I wanted to talk to you guys about is Darren Revell Darren reveal is saying that the alliance a f-. The new football league wasn't willing to. Offer Colin Kaepernick, the kind of money that his demands suggested. The reports were twenty million dollars. Darren reveal is saying it was more than that than Colin Kaepernick was asking for. And I will ask you guys. I think he'd be worth a lot in terms of advertising for your league. If somebody were to sign him he should be asking for a lot there. If you're going to ask me to compromise the principles that mean collusion case against the NFL, and the idea that I've clearly been literally blackballed what's that worth is what I wanted to ask you guys like never mind. I don't want to have the capture Nick conversation. But I do want to ask you what is it worth? When you got your big ratings almost three million people I night because you're just tied to wrestling. It's how the XFL started and slowly over the course of that game Saturday night, the ratings disappeared and slowly for the XFL maybe quickly for the XFL the ratings disappeared. They started five times as hot as the af. So I'm asking you guys this question. What do you pay? Capper Nick if you are starting a league just so that you could get that same buzz that Nike wanted that same. Oh, we're edgy. But it's not really edgy. Everyone's tired of this conversation, largely, you know, this isn't actually edgy. But here we're going to get a burst of publicity. What's it worth? Man. Is it worth north of twenty million dollars? It is for capital, right? Capita joined to do that. If he's going to to make a big show of going. I wanna play football some well somewhere, but the NFL doesn't give me real freedom. If he wants to make show, and then turn that into his platform. The af where he's the signature player in the league that doesn't have stars of any kind. Right, Trent Richardson's, the biggest name the coaches. I guess have some coaches of the biggest stars. Yeah. Christian hackenberg. I guess, you know, a guy who was close to winning a Super Bowl close to getting to another Super Bowl. I think many people feel he's still play the NFL. He'd be like a top fifteen quarterback in in the NFL, man. Yeah. That's that's worth a lot. I'd certainly him. Asking for north of twenty million dollars is not ridiculous. Well, I want to ask this question. If you are Oliver luck being paid twenty million dollars for the XFL. It's not I don't think it is. It's absolutely ridiculous making what he made in the NFL. I know, but this is a league with a sort of league. But this is a league that is desperate to get a superstar to get a star hasn't played in a say. So the league it's exclusion hackenberg super absurd for him. Like, they don't have that kind of money. You don't know that this is also league we're all the players base salaries two hundred and fifty thousand dollars come on. And it's not guaranteed. Colin kaepernick. Look, look, you don't this is not taking a side on the capture, Nick. Thing be careful about that. We don't want to do capper, Nick talk. We do not want to capture Nick talk. Everybody was doing it for a long time. Everybody got crazy, and we all ran in different directions onto or not doing Nic talk. That's not what we're doing. We're not doing race talk. That's not what we're doing. We would not do that. No, no, man. We wouldn't do it. But we're not doing it tire topic. Nope. I'm not even saying the name a quarterback wants to make twenty million dollars when the rest of the league is making two hundred and fifty thousand absolutely absurd. You get that quarterback you win. Whatever their championship game is right. Oh, no. That it's Gary. Did you watch Garrett? Gilbert, did you watch the Orlando Apollo's? No, I have a tough tough team to beat Mike. How many people would tune in just to see because they have more violent hits on the quarterback? Colin Kaepernick getting lit up rooting rooting for. You know, you'll you'll draw the fans who are rooting against Bella check against Brady against Nick Sabin Floyd Mayweather. You're the people who root against them. Route to see Colin Kaepernick destroyed by one of those giant head. I mean, it's testament of like what social media is. Because you'd think that the quarterbacks are getting hit more, and there's just like one person in the corner saying they can actually only send five guy. I know. But that one guy lost his helmet. And if Tom Brady were hit like that the national guard would have flown in to change the rule the contractor three year contracts for two hundred fifty thousand dollars, so he'd make essentially three hundred times whatever players making in his locker room. So what is the number though, I understand taking sides on this. I understand only the money. We're not talking about the mud lock right issue. And you making three hundred times whatever what else is making winning him making twenty million dollars would be the most locker room divisive thing in his career. So God's ears. Nice to have a helping hand especially when it's act season. And that hand is attached away licensed tax professional, but turbo tax live. You can talk to real CPA's in e as on-demand who can reveal your return with you before you file and make sure you're getting your maximum refund. That's very very important. They can even check your work line by line. So you could be confident it's done, right. Who knew confidence and peace of mind could be synonymous with taxes. Turbo. Tax live which CPA's in e as on demand. He details at turbo tax dot com. Donlevatar? Sassy through God's sexy. When you're saying this is not live with our show with his two guys on ESPN radio. So we have to move away from capper, Nick talk. Obviously in the last segment where we were talking about twenty million dollars a f-. I mean, honestly, it's a tire topic. Did you see they reach out to vote to? Nice. I was going to say, it's a tired topic. Did you see David Stern said he would have just suspended capper Nic? David Stern, evidently said and he would have solved the problem. Now. Do I have this right, right? Because this is from real GM. And you know, I get tricked by the internet all the time. But I think that this was real well it did it originate from real GM because they're a bit of an aggregate site. But there one that you can trust usually sometimes, but I can't trust anybody anymore. I'm skittish anybody reports anything I'm looking around is this fake, Mike is this the onion would a AT. Bo capper Nick championship game for all the marbles be the highest rated game in the history of football. Put it on the poll. Guillermo would the AFC championship game capper Nick versus Tibo being the highest rating in the history of sport for all the marbles. Thank you. That's very important contribution again during the break. This is what's to God's was saying keeping with his policy of saying the most interesting things during the break when the mics are off. Much like I suggested that the Marlins in order to fix all their financial woes should simply put catcher John buck on the street in uniform and allow fans to pay one dollar to throw a Cup of water in his face. Stu gods is suggesting the af should sign Colin Kaepernick, and then allow him to stand outside the stadium and people get to come by for a dollar and slap him with a fencing glove little promotion. All right. So the stern cabinet comments say it originated from Bloomberg David Stern says that capper Nick would have a job in the NBA, which is a barb at the NFL. But he also goes on to say that it wouldn't have been an issue in the NBA because they would have suspended cabernet when he began kneeling and then cabinet would realize what was on the line and still be working for the NBA. It's kinda weird. He's taken all the Scots strong, David survive. I'm here for David Stern. Just because Adam silver is a very different kind of Commissioner. He is not David Stern. He may have learned. He may have learned at the knee of David Stern. But he is not he learned some things David Stearns got more dictator in him than Adam silver. Does by a lot. David Stern has more ego in him than Adam silver by a lot. David Stern likes power a good deal more. Then Adam silver, David Stern likes to remind you of his power a good deal more than Adam silver. And he ran the league very well that way, but they did that move it. Mission that coaches, the teams do all the time with coaches, we need a new culture around here. David Stern was hugely great for the NBA. Of course. God did they evolve correctly in a way that Tagliabue's Goodell doesn't quite feel the same way? The transition to silver was probably the exact right time right to transition out of David Stern into Adam silver start did have some help. He was great. He had some help did namely, no and silver was great health to David Stern silver helped keep David Stern. Progressive silver earn that job with all the things that he was doing in the shadows quietly as the assistant general manager and one of the things that he does. And this one was interesting last night, Stu gods. We've been talking about the Anthony Davis situation. And if you get past the who mess this up here is an interesting business problem. The NBA has right now. What do you do with the following? Anthony Davis played the worst game of his career. The other night that team is a huge mass because nobody wants to actually be playing anymore, and there are almost zero incense incentives for Anthony Davis to be on the court. But when you start doing the pros and cons the pros are all for sitting him. But here's the problem that you have nationally televised games business partnerships with ESPN with TNT paying millions of dollars and you've got New Orleans and prime time. This is where the NBA came down on the Spurs for sitting guys like Gino Blee, you've got business partnerships where the money transactions are avert. We pay you for nationally televised games. Those sponsors deserve national ratings the NBA steps in and a fan base that has been betrayed at every turn New Orleans has every reason to hate the NBA every reason and now New Orleans. The only incentive to play Anthony Davis. The only one is we have paying customers sponsors and fans in New Orleans who demand to see what they're getting for their twenty million dollars. And I think Davis left in the middle of the game last night with an injury. But there was a game that Anthony Davis played the worst of his career where people thought to themselves is he actually even trying he was one for nine. And the question was being asked is that dude in a professional uniform making twenty five million dollars is he even trying crazy? But Ye think fans want to see a guy he's already admitted to not wanting to be there. Long term, you think fans still want that guy. They're paying their money. I want to see him as great at basketball, you'd think they'd rather watch their other leading scorers. I mean, I don't know. I'm just wondering I'm wondering if I'm a fan and paying whatever I paid because the pelicans can't control what happened. They had no idea if Davis was going to say things that he said, right? There's pressure from the NBA. I'm the pelicans. I'd just say, hey, we didn't ask them to say that we want to Davis to be here long. Thank you, Stu gods. You tell the NBA while they're telling you, hey hundred thousand dollar fines if you don't play him like that's fine that you'd say that to the NBA what I'm saying. Is that is absurd? It is. Like, you have a guy who was come out and said, I don't wanna play here anymore, and they shouldn't feel obligated or you're not listening to me. They've got partnerships with our company that forced them in nationally televised games to threaten the pelicans that they have the play Anthony Davis because of these contracts with companies like ours. It's it's an unusually hard line stance for for silver to take. And the reason he thinks it is because he's protecting his television money and relationships he has to and I understand it. I'm just saying what I'm saying, you, I get everything you're saying, I think it's flatly absurd that the pelicans have to acquiesce to something like you think it's flatly absurd. That people would be motivated by money in sports. You you you're saying that view. Chicken. That is funny. Adding. I feel like he just got sort of entrenched in a position and got confused. I wanna see Davis by basketball if he doesn't wanna play for my teeth. I do I think after last night, they only have like one more nationally televised games. So it's not even that many games are gonna miss it's happening. Because of the nationally televised games is what I'm telling you. Like, I you know, how much I like to strip back for you guys. The business of sports and show you when stuff happens just over money like those those division one teams, Alabama who trample slaughter these smaller bodies in games over money. Like, I do enjoy pointing that out to you. And what's happening with Anthony Davis right now, there's no reason for him to play except monies to God's there's no other reason we're gonna play him during the nationally televised game. So he's got one more game left as a pelican you see if he misses that game you go ahead and keep an eye on whether or not he misses that one. Mony Mony Mony Mony. I mean, besides not upsetting the NBA. Why would the pelicans wanna play him? You. Don't want him getting hurt. That would be a great compromise. Listen, I'm only playing nationally televised games moving forward. And in the NBA. Doesn't get mad and the pelicans. Okay. New Orleans fans get bleeped again. Like, they always do she hoped to that game. Big w last night, though. Geico presents unhelpful home improvement. How To's a slippery bathroom floor can result in expensive hospital bills? So today, I'll show you how to cook. In a serious. Fall by filling your bathroom with thousands of plastic balls. Just nail a piece of plywood across the doorway and dump in two thousand multicolored plastic balls, you could try to protect yourself with a bathroom full of plastic balls or you could get liability coverage through the Geico insurance agency. Visit Geico dot com and see how a forcible renter's insurance can be done Libertad. No, listen pet me still God's don't do y'all wanna poet. Let's face it live at our show with his two guys on ESPN radio an egg on Twitter, named Darby Watson writes in drop the capture Nick talk. He's a has been an a won't be again. It's not even worth the two hundred and fifty guaranteed K of the af you'll don't get dick show. You're so right Darby. We need to stop talking about the tyre tyre topics in sports. You caught us. You're correct on everything you said, we need to talk and we're behind today 'cause I take his way ahead of us on this. They've been doing it for thirteen minutes. They've got Isaiah Thomas. The story of the day is who's better LeBron or MJ now Scottie Pippen commented on this the other day, and he's had a lot of conflicting viewpoints over the years. But I know Mike Ryan, what do you who you calling? We need to mobilize the forces that I didn't realize that this is a LeBron who. Who's better MJ day? I'm sorry for starting with kapernick. You're so right about this might try to sneak in some Tibo, that's the first take formula. But I think they are way ahead of us here. Mike they've been talking for fifteen minutes about who's better MJ or LeBron. Right. But in case you want to go to Scottie Pippen's take on the matter via J E ski to got it from four the win. There is a timeline on how much Scottie Pippen. It's changed his opinion on this topic. Would you like to know I just want to hear sound of Scottie Pippen contradicting himself because at this point Scottie Pippen is no long. In fact, put this on the poll game at lebatardshow, what is Scottie Pippen, top fifty basketball player of all time or guy who will give you contradicting opinions over the last ten years, Michael Jordan on here's his most recent take on on the matter. And then I'll give you the time on a how he's flip lot in terms of statistics the Broncos right there. And when you look across the board, not just going, check, his assists. Check, his rebounds. He's probably hit a Jordan. That's right. Doc. Okay. Now, another sound what I look at LeBron. He's not what Michael was as a player. He's not even what Kobe Bryant was. Those people applauding. Those two opinions can't really co exist. Yes, they get. Well, they have for a while because may of twenty seventeen Scottie Pippen said LeBron hasn't even surpass Koby in December of twenty seventeen Scottie Pippen said LeBron's probably head of Michael Jordan. So this could mean that he has Koby number one overall who knows week later. Lebron need six rings to surpass Michael Jordan, a week later m j over LeBrun definitively may of twenty teen it's unfair to compare LeBron and Michael Jordan is unfair is unfair. Yes. And February twenty nineteen abroad was not what m j was as or Koby. All right. So now, you have all the information. We pride ourselves on giving you all of the data. And my question to you is this given that we've given you this much data. What the hell the Scottie Pippen thing here. Please put it on the poll at lebatardshow at. Just that. Yes. Or no, what the hell does Scottie Pippen think about this? I think where he said this stuff is a very big deal. I think we need to look into this. I think he'll say the thing that makes him popular in the city that he's speaking it. I'm serious about this. I think he's inch icago than tell you the Jordan's better. But if he's anywhere that lebrons applying he might go. Thank he. He's more. He's more from the stugatz school of fraud casting where just says whatever he wants that moment and takes no inventory whatsoever of what he said before consistency is not a real passion on this particular subject. I understand. But I take inventory of speaking to I do occasionally, you know, like, so if I was at Chicago public speaking, and that would be funny, public speaking. I would absolutely say Jordan is the best. But if I was L A, I'd probably say Coby so Bob Ryan is going to join us here because we're behind and he's a basketball thority, and we need to catch up on who's who's better. Lebron or MJ? And so he'll join us in a second. But I need to update a couple of things here. First of all gear. Mom, and this speaks to what an idiot. You are. Yeah. Just I take sitting here talking about the topic of the day. What are you wearing me out with this big foot and alien excursion thing you got a hold of consent. Go you said there's an update here. And you're missing the big story of the day because you're concentrating on the nonsense. So where are we with this? All right. So here's what's happening with Jose Tako. So we reached out to that number Morgan a couple days ago didn't hear back yesterday Morgan got back in contact with us and told us this is the deal for Jose, Canseco, Jose Canseco will choose five lucky people and even compared it to Willie Wonka balloon of and this is how it works. You have to pay five thousand dollars to be one of these five people, and then they'll put you on an RV with Jose, this leaves out of Las Vegas, and they're gonna drive. This are. V to what was described as a big foot habitat where you will see very likely a Bigfoot and you'll get a tour of aliens. Now, we said hold on a second because we kinda the camera for this payoff to work out. So how can we arrange following the RV with a camera crew? And they said because of the fact that it's a very secret location, and it's a big foot habitat that nobody knows about their kind of uncomfortable with a camera following the RV. However, however, they're opening up blind bidding to let TV crew follow this once in a lifetime experience. We gotta get in on this. We gotta get it on this. We gotta blow the budget right here. We've gotta get you on that RV. No matter the cause they also made it very clear for some reason to say that Jose can say a really doesn't want anyone to bring weapons now you need to give them half of the money upfront in cash and the day of you have to give them the rest of the money in cash, which. Which is not shady at all. We do that. We'll give him all the money in a front in cash, we need to we need to be winning this. What happens if you don't see Bigfoot or an alien any money battles and stop at that stupid. Just shut up shut up. That's not one of the possibility of is. He doesn't up as Bigfoot. That's absolutely happening. That's really why I'm super interested in this. Because I want to see what it is. That's passed off as a big foot habitat and Bigfoot the desert of Nevada always known as a hotbed for Bigfoot activity is included in case that was a concern of anyone romaine the desert porch some executives around, and we need to be at the top of the bidding on this also Mike where are we this nightclub owner grunt men gave approval on the the restaurant reservations down. When are we playing that? We are playing that in the eleven o'clock hour dano. All right. So that's coming up soon. Here. We got the okay stugatz threatened. Grunt men. The live owner said CEO be a seal be was noon yesterday, his COBOL five AM every night. So did give us the clearance. Donlevatar? They'll never wanna championship. Not good enough. Does that the clutch? Stugatz. Why do you keep doing that? This is the third show. With this to God's own ESPN radio clearly were behind on this story. I take his way out in front on it. Okay. They started their show thirteen straight minutes of who's better LeBron James or Michael Jordan. So we've called in our maximum effort. Our maximum expert. This is the guy knows more about basketball than anyone around here. And we will get to the important topic of the day with him. But I we've gotta do because it just takes precedent around here. It's hard to explain, but we just have to do. Explain your tweets with Bob Ryan, Mike Ryan claims. He's the best guest in show history by Ryan's been doing across decades. He was carrying Tony Kornheiser for years as a guest and now he's carrying us as a guest. Let's start with explain your tweets, but we've got to some point here. Get quickly to the the discussion. We're already behind on that. I take is dominated this morning. You have some sledding dean. We. He is the best follow on Twitter at globe. Bob, bryan. From fifty five to sixty nine Bill. Russell played for sixty championships. USF Olympic Celtics. He won fourteen. It was hurt and fifty eight sixty seven was his only legit laws greatest documented winner ever. This is true. I think this is the most self explanatory tweet imaginable. I don't think enough young understand the scope of what he did into tiny. Did it the issue isn't whether or not he could come in and dominate today. The issue for everyone is what you do in the time and place that you were placed and in the time and place. He was placed he was by far the most dominant player most dominant winter. And and in the history of American sports. No one is even come close to matching resume. I would say though, I would argue that given the difficulties of the sport that Tom Brady is getting into that conversation, given how everything is chain. He's getting he's getting closer to that conversation doesn't have to win eleven to be the same I fair, and I will listen to that argument. And I leave me I love making the case that the showing up for nine Super Bowls as a just an unimaginable thing in this day and age the fact that they've done it at eastern it with all these different teams thing they share in common, Dan, as in the fact that they both performed in Boston. Or in Boston area is that they Russell over a period of thirteen years. Had no teammates left. Not even a coach nothing left from when he started. He was to sole connecting thread and Brady, of course, only got no teammates remotely around the time. He's coach he's played. But he does have the same coach at the only difference. There is the dog lovers Super Bowl it. Does it need controversy? Yes. We had a thing with this week at Westminster in which a dog that won. A breed skipper. Jay was not crop. It was ineligible for the final nest in show competition because of a conflict of interest of judge that was done business, or, you know, connected with one of the owner of the the skipper Jay now. This is something that should have been avoided. And then they had a worse controversy. Oh, I think in the end, and when the of winning the judge selected the FOX terrier, and a judge it turns out this guy who not only knew the owner of the. It's a small world. I understand that. But he's known to be a FOX terrier guy was a FOX terrier connection. So a my question at the end of this was is there will small and insular that such conflicts are unavoidable. They couldn't find enough people that would be free of any perceived conflict of interest in their Super Bowl. And this is a big deal. This is the oldest second oldest sporting competition in America second only guest to the America's Cup. I taking this is worthy of Ted wells investigation. Bob. Well, you know, it's. I he's probably got a lot on his plate. But you know, and in the end if I said, if they don't wanna find anybody, I'll volunteer I'll judge next year. No pub on the movie best in show, an all-time movie. Oh my God. Let me they came up. And of course, in the conversation into fall out of the Westminster and some people in Twitter, say just go have a laugh and watch best of show to which I say to everybody. Yes. If you haven't seen best in show is one of the funniest. Putting on the podium. Lebatardshow is best in show. One of the best of the funniest movies in comedy because I agree with it. I want to hear more about Bob being judge most people would pick either golden retriever or a land. That's why we need an open non conflicted mind as best in show. Judge like me. Yeah, that's true. Because they are the dogs have choice. I think for most people that more people have a or either have or are glove a. What what's spit it out? When I grow up in fifties. It was a cocker spaniel. Now, it's golden retriever or labs. They are the dogs of choice who can deny that. Somewhere along the way palm ING became, according to a announcers, a dribbling violation you may call it carrying, but it's Pommie, and you know, this happened because I was watching a game of our gut called performing against the Lakers. And and then now they're calling it discontinued dribble. Well, I grew up it was palming. And and and I said what they should really call us, I've resulting because I I was the one who who completely put coming as legitimate thing that nobody even flushes anymore. And you know, I it's very very rare to see it. But that's just an old fourth thing. I do you know, I mean once in a while about showing people that were language has changed. But the the crime remains the same. Bob Ryan on Twitter as who's better. Pistol. Peter James harden, Bob, you tweeted peed had sixty eight and g without a three. True. It's an interesting. I don't know why somebody decided to make that compound. You know that was the question. But you know, it's the flavor of the moment. But harden as great as he is. And I respect what he's doing. And I respect his talent will never be the folk hero that pistol was not possible. Using the Super Bowl prediction around the horn. I will never apologize for not making a big the only pig worth. Anything is one back by your wallet? Really? What difference? Does it make? Thirty years. I used to hate it. When when the paper would make you do predictions preseason or where the Super Bowl, whatever I hate predictions worthless. The only predictions that are worth anything or those when you back up with your wallet. When you put your money down. That's a that's that matters. Otherwise, I don't care what you think. And I don't care what play the game. That's it's not the idea the idea. Do you have any objections? Anything you love to wrestle with Bob. Ryan disrespectfully. Do you have anything left? We've only got thirty seconds left in the segment here. Here's something. I'd put my money behind Bob. They should allow much in the dog show. Well, we can have that discussion. Yes dog should that would be wouldn't it does that the mutt week? Yes. Absolutely. I it's you know, it's a bit to think about good good. Good call. Billy message and data rates may apply to become okay? For men to be Lazier softer fatter. We need to bring the men of this country back to greatness, and it's easier than ever with ageless male max a patent pending formula with an ingredient that helps boost your total testosterone promoting greater increases in muscle size and twice the reduction of body fat percentage that exercise alone. Plus an amazing sixty four percent increase in nitric oxide, which can be handy in the gym and in the bedroom. Take your manhood to the max by trying your first thirty day Buttle free just pay shipping and handling not ten days. Not fifteen days put a full thirty days supply free. 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