Montreal Mafia Part 2


You are listening to gangland wire hosted by former Kansas City. Police Intelligence Unit detective. Jerry Jenkins Welcome. All you are chapters out there in the gangland wire studio went on skype with our good friend. Co host mob historian from up north. North part of the United States Up around the Chicago. Where you Cam Robinson? Welcome Cam Gary how you doing good. It's good to have you here. We've got we're GONNA do the second part of that Montreal crime family and watch bad blood. That first season was so much right on target. Hey really stuck to a really closely. I was impressed. Brad did did the history on it. You guys add recommend if you haven't seen this on net flex get go. Look at bad. Blood is a really good series camera. Need to make some thank yous. I Got FRANCIS FROM CLEVELAND. He's been listening to our podcast. I last six months. He said Great. Show watch no Marvin Mo name. Hey that's good. I was just yesterday. I got that I keep watching Bimbo and then have to do a Cleveland episode form coming. Well I did one on Angelo Leonardo. Yeah time ago. Yeah that's right. There's a lot more to Cleveland and just Angelo. Leonardo ended up the witness protection program. But that was interesting. That is The mob oath that he recounted a any in front of speaking of Mo for track Goodman He gave me a nice little donation shot and a beer more than just a cup of coffee. Thanks for the incredible work. He said brother against brother is one of the better mob documentaries and he said I've watched a lot so that was quite a compliment. I keep getting those those compliments on that movie cameron in. I don't know I. It is good. I liked it the fact that it's telling such an interesting story but from somebody who was right in the middle of it Gary. That's that's what really got me is not only. Is this something that you're studying and reading up on but you are right there in the line of fire and you're recounted basically firsthand that that's what really that's what's really appealing to me is. This is a documentary told by somebody who was actually on the front lines thank you. I've never seen one. Did it exactly quite like no and another thing we did? It was just an accident. I thought this is. We've filmed several of the guys right out there on the exact streets where we did that thing. Some of those streets looking over their shoulders of those streets are Kinda dicey out there right now to from a different standpoint. How does a youtube tour of Kansas City mob sites what time bye-bye cellphone the motorcycle not get off due to turn the camera around and talk about? This is what you're seeing in the background and there's a couple of dudes at Cape up behind me and finally I just had to quit. Turn rather watch them get onto motorcycle drive off? They had an idea anyhow. Moving right along Zak Swanson Zak Swanson said. Your podcast is great He was Ben mcadoo got another one from an old friend of ours. I hadn't heard from him for a while. I was hoping he was still out there. Myhrl Watson from Blue Springs area. He's he's made a few nice donations over the years. Been a longtime listener -An and he He made another nice donation. They said the only thing he wanted was a copy of the DVD brothers against brothers. So I got that packaged up out there. I need to read. It ended down to the post office before I leave town here next week. Ben Goodrich made a nice little donation He said that He loves the PODCAST AT IT makes his work day. Go by. He's you're not gotten that several times people's makes her work by users. Some kind of a job that you don't really have to listen to anything or or focused particularly on anything and or like. If you're a policeman I know I had a paddy wagon driver. Get hold of me once. They said Yeah. I said I started on your podcast. And he said I volunteered to drive the patty wagon on the midnight shift last night because I wanted to be in the episodes that good. So you're driving. The Fatty Y. You don't really have to do anything you can hear. Radio never called and then you go pick somebody up. Take them down down and go back out and drive around till somebody else calls So you got those kinds of jobs although I did have a A heavy equipment operator. That wanted it. Wanted to know if I can make it louder because his heavy equipment cut it routed out listen to them and yeah there's loud is they need to be. I what he needs better. You're more than likely from headphones about twenty years ago. Casey Wall guys become a friend of mine. I knew him from before the second time I've Thanked him. I think he made another nice donation. He's got to help them. A make some connections and we could do a Bob World Summit next summer and connection with the local cigar store of talk to a few other people about it and ran the idea by and everybody thinks it's a great idea to the cigar stores do programs to draw customers. That do promos one around here do all kinds of little little things cigars and guitars and they have all kinds of guys come and meet and speak. Yeah it's it's a hell of a good place to get together and just talk about all kinds of things that but they love to have you so I stopped by the one. That's close to me here today. It's kind of the two bigger cigar stores in town. This is kind of the higher higher income bracket store in his ears. Pretty close to me here so I went down and talk to that guy and the boss wouldn't end so I ran it by his manager. I could tell he was kind of interested but a little bit he just didn't know he couldn't envision it. I think I can somebody to tell them the vision and the other ones out in the suburbs outlaw cigar store and if I don't hear back from this guy at the time I get back from Texas I'm going to Go hit up the outlaw cigar store and see what they got if they WANNA do something I think. It's a natural Kind of combination. Absolutely probably have other people in need to thank you out there but just wire-tappers just I think y'all every time I love my my download you're going up a little bit every month and I. I really appreciate all of your name. Y'All by name but that would take too long. That would take two or three podcast or more. This is GonNa be the second part of two part series on Canadian organized crime. We're GONNA talk a little more about why veto zoo in jail down in the United States. And how he got involved in a hit on three mile cappos in From one of the family member. Which family was it all of a sudden? It's slipped a banana. Three Banana cappos. That's right you know you. You sent me some research on this job in on. That's quite a story there. That Bananas War Joe Benigno Banana Banana War. Yeah we got a banana split in the banana war. That's a good one. So we we gotta get onto that. He had his own connections with the Canadians up there and he was he was big into narcotic so. That's a really interesting story. But as a little review But we talked about before I guess and you know the Canadian mob is been kind of down on the down. Low All during the thirties and forties. I did find that jove. Lachey AD mentioned a couple of names in his testimony and they're quite a few immigrant families Tie Ins Assay and immigrant families up there. Who did some criminal activity? But I you know not really fine much about the kind of organization up there that we had down the United States. You know camera. I have to wonder if it was. Because they didn't have prohibition up there. Yeah I I think that's probably right. Steve Magadino up in buffalo had a little bit over into Hamilton Ontario. But like you said I. Mean prohibition was the major driver of that was what would created the created. Everything et created organized crime. In this country was prohibition and another thing I found was there's about as many and drank gadot families over there as there is the Sicilian mob labor labor ends up. There must much many more must have come from Labra. You know you never know why groups of people come to a certain place but use this because some pivotal person or some influence came and then start writing back home and and they started getting other people to come Others an area down here by St Louis. It was settled by tons of Germans and read a little history about it and a lot of buying wine. Vineyards down there and wine reason and they said this came over and he's he started writing people back in Germany and said this this area around the Mississippi River on both sides of it and just south and west of St Louis Little. Bit looks really like Germany and so people start flogging in that area all the town's down there and have German names and and just tons of German heritage in in that particular area so for some reason. Some collaboration must have started writing back then. Hey Toronto's a good place to come yeah that's interesting I hadn't Hadn't looked up what it what it brought that sorta claiborne desperate to up to Canada so much. But that is some look into. Because it's like you said it is a big concentration of them up there. Joe lachey named a couple people up there in candidate Paul volpe and Johnny POPs but Pagliuca Volpe was murdered in Nineteen ninety-three and his organization disappeared. there's another rival. Collaboration crime family had him murdered and today today in Toronto. It's there's a smaller Grand Gedeh out gangs operating So there's still some of them are coming over from. Collaborators is what I learned just they just had some bust up there within the last few months at thirty million dollars of of of of items they they got several Ferraris Lamborghini and a bunch of property and that and that was that was that was. That was collaboration too. Yeah yeah absolutely. Th- These these. I mean. These guys weren't even trying to cover it up when you got you got three Ferraris and lamborghinis driveway. I mean people are going to start looking really. Yeah I remember those days like that big hair and acid wash jeans start thinking then the best thief. I ever knew would get stuff like that when he was out of town but when he was in Kansas City he wore overalls and had about a ten year old car now four door sedan. These these guys in Chicago looked like they thank Joe off the street. He just got off their union job. Yeah they did. I noticed that in contrast to the Mafia the collaboration Grand Gedeh gangs. They don't have that one godfather. They have like a commission that settles disputes and coordinates activities. And everything they're not they're they're they're less of a pyramid kind of organizations like it's like family groups. There's not not like families in the sense of a mob family I actually an actual group of of relations and they have a network that works in between themselves. But but it's it really is just so you take out. One is not the kind of thing where we're a huge Rica would work because you take out one group. Well that's get that taken out and then you just have others backfield from another family. So it's not it is like you said it's not as hierarchy as the Mafia that was part of the dispute between Sicilian Mafia and the Drank Gada in Montreal. That veto judo ran into a guy named Vincenzo. Control drowning out. He had his chief. Enforcers Paolo be only viola right and so resume does murdered viola. And some of his brothers sometime the seventies and eighties and seemed to emerge as the top dogs in in Montreal so while the Toronto probably remained under control of the collaboration this assay the Mafia took over Montreal and had all the power there. Yeah the the bananas had really tight ties that control any organization up in Montreal and it looks like you know in the mid late sixties when the bananas are having their war and then carmine. Galante was locked up in six to and through the seventy S. It looks like trone. Maybe lost some of his sort of his source of power. They were still important a lot of heroin. But and that's about the time where like you said. Rizzuto got tired of of taking taking too much take mortars from a single centralized boss. Nick Rizzuto is leading this. Cillian faction of this this wrong yet. The group could trainees east and they rose up and there was this gang were they went on in the late. Seventy S in the eighties and they They they wiped out the organization. Basically killed killed his the main cap. Oh this viola who took over after control any sort of step down and they killed Francesco. Paolo Viola both the two brothers who are in charge and another a third brother Rocco Viola. He was sitting at dinner and he was taken out by a sniper through his window. So that's that's three brothers. Who were killed for supporting Qatrani and seventy four when VIC attroney went to prison? So and that's SORTA started breaking things up there and they just never were able to get a foothold wants. The resudues really took took took hold and kind of one last thing about in a little bit over what we talked about before. But it will get caught back up here but Vito Rizzuto. He was a guy was good. He kept low-profile. He didn't drive lamborghinis and he may had Lincoln but nothing really crazy that real noticeable a lot of a lot of businessmen have Lincoln's Lincoln. Every go we'd have started looking at you drive out your driveway tomorrow and you see somebody start up behind you kind of trae along behind you. Don't think anything about it lack of that giant and the Lincoln. We'd better go see who he is. Tap ON THE WINDOW JEFF. What he must be. Somebody must be big. I remember Sunday's young guys around here that what back like they're in the Mafia and they have a big four door towncar Lincoln and they'd have silk shirts and gold around their neck and and thinking rigs and all that they live at home with their mother seems we common theme with these guys. I and when they did get caught on something to deal you know. It certainly wasn't skimming money from LAS VEGAS CASINOS. And and controlling the teamsters union those real guys oldsmobiles and pontiacs and were normal clothes and and did really have pinky rings and big goal jewel. Things are go things around their neck and that kind of stuff I said Carlo. Gambino the only extravagance he allowed himself was his personalized license. Plates IN C- Gambino. Yeah other than that. He was allowed the one license plate. So you know this Bad blood really tracked close as we said in the second one. It veered away significantly but but in way in in one way. You know the zoo tos. Created this narcotics organization they also brought in all these non Sicilians as part of that narcotics organization and Beato was able to to keep peace and as you said last time that he told when they sent him to jail down the United States told him and said you know what's going to happen. You get a rue the day that you sent me away. Because he was the one that everybody rolling and making money and when they'd have some kind of disputes they they respected him enough to To set it. Let him settle the dispute on. They'd set up these connections down in South America by. Then I'll tell you these guys you know they had the heroine was was oh school and they got that from Turkey through Sicily. And and you know France France and that the French connection Marseilles and then yeah but early in game they realize cocaine was the coming thing and they went down to Venezuelan. Set up those connections down there so with the Cali cartel down I mean just to diversify I diversify their portfolio is just such an incredible thing about about Vita Rosado the way he just really split his interest in partnered up with everybody and it. Wasn't you see Canada now? Like you were saying. It's so violent now but under veto it just didn't see it as much on the news. It's always it's always something now about Canada and that's one thing. The the series bad blood focused on was how he used the street gangs to help. Run the product out and the hells angels to move it around and and kind of keeping in in you know you had with those guys. You got You gotta sit on them and you but you gotTa have their respect. Otherwise they're gonNA run all over here and and he was able to do that he had he had the big duck. He had connections overseas to get the heroin in. I mean hells angels. They don't have any connections in Sicily or Turkey or France and they make any heroin in the United States and especially in Canada they do not grow opium poppies and Canada. At least not that I ever heard of. Maybe they do but And that's the best the hells angels could do. So if they want to be part of this thing and make some money they had to do it and veto also had control of the doctor in Montreal. Seems like he just on the Saint Lawrence River. Yeah he must have had the unions wired and as well as there's a lot of corruption more corruption I ever thought up in Canada among government officials. I always think is like is squeaky clean place. But but he having the differences there more polite about it okay. Hey they just politely take a little envelope every week. They always say thank you. Hey and hey you got about fifteen hundred hours ago you did it. Thanks a lot and the Montreal family. It appears to me kind of my reading of it. I don't know if there's You'd have to say I'm the expert on this. There are a lot like Kansas City is to Chicago to the Bonanno family and Ken in New York City. Because the banana family again is the big duck and then Sicilian mafia world. Bonanno family would've been the big duck. They had like six hundred soldiers at one time. It was a huge big organization back in the sixties. Got So big that the other the other Leaders heads of the other family wanted to break it up and And so he was kind of like their little brother He. He was a standalone family but he was connected to them and where you're connected family like that then it's like Cassidy is Chicago. You're always going to deal with them. You're always going to take that into consideration. If you make a little something extra you may slip a little piece of that action to the mob. Boss up there like next values to joy UKA. He had his own stream of skim read and he he's ran up to. He sent one of his guys up Chicago periodically with like ten fifteen grand and just to give it. I Hooper Oprah never told anybody else about that probably not. I wouldn't let when I compare them. Yeah really I would compare them To that now Paul Castellano he. He had a little side deal with some cessations and narcotics business and he was taking that money and when telling me about it and it Kinda caught. That was one of the reasons he had him. It I think was as he was not sharing that and and and one reason that he could like get away with it because it came sharing that narcotics money when the under surface he was telling. Everybody don't do narcotics. Don't deal narcotics and But let the Sicilians deal in narcotics Cherry Hill. Gambino's I think Can Be Cherry Hill. They were right John they were they were. They were like third cousins to Carlo. Gambino John and I can't remember the other guy's name but They'll Cherry Hill was what they call themselves. And and actually. I'm I do a podcast on this I did all the research just to show the guy the Gambino family. What it where it is today it. It's all hooked up with this assay in and kind of the progeny of these Gambino's and this guy that got killed he he was Frankie Kelly Frank Kelly. Yeah he he was he connected to this essay and section of the Gambino family. And they've kind of taken. It looks like they've kind of taken it over. It's it's still up in the air right now but we'll see how it shakes out now since resute. Oh was bringing in narcotics and the big market is down in New York City in the banana. Family was was doing all the drugs at the time they had to do. Had to work with carmine. Gallo the cigar. He was kind of a one time. Davis is self appointed boss of the banana family and and the heroine gang band of New York. Wouldn't you say you've read about Paul Anka? Linda he was like he was deported from Canada. Nineteen fifty six. He was he was spent so much time up there and he was. The Canadian mounties deported deported. Galanti and he ran. He ran everything. Remotely Nineteen Fifty. Seven was when they had the big Sicilian heroin conference with Glenn. Tean banana went to Sicily Disorder. Firm out more those details and all that heroin was basically coming in through some of it through New York but most through through through Canada there so Canada really and that was that was their major major income. There was was the narcotics. That's why they grew so so powerful. And Yeah it was through through Galante and during the seventies if you just in the popular culture is think about the movie Serpico and the French connection to French connection Bob. Other movies in seven days and those blaxploitation movies Superfly and all that. The Italians always were depicted as the ones that were controlled the heroin traffic in popular culture and in in reality too so just kind of interesting little sidelight. How art always kind of imitates life. There is nothing original after Glenn Hayes murder which you know he's the one that said Nobody would ever murder me. They're not too long for four days time. They killed him. There's a power struggle in the banana family between a couple of rival factions. Of course there will be you know with the with Nano out in Arizona and bill son is not really wanting to do anything really. Didn't have the the the you know. Do this kind of work himself. Anyhow and Phil RISD. Ellie had been sort of the acting boss until Glen. Tay Got out of prison. Rest- went to prison the same year. Glenn take out the nineteen seventy four and they just took over control. The family said No. I'm the boss period. This three man. There was a three man ruling council. Glenn to help that I'm taking it over. I was the under Boston. And I'm the boss now. He was always loyal to Bonano. So risd Ellie is in jail. He was elected the leader by the Commission and Glen said the hell with that. Okay what the Commission says. I'm on the boss. And so that had started to plant the seeds of bad blood with Glenn already apparently had really hard feelings against Carlo. Gambino and that really going back to the earlier issues with banana. But that really when he turned his back on the commission ruling about who's going to run the family that was what sort of led to the division starting once once that division opens up there. And there's really no way back. It's really tapped. Come back from that. Everybody's got their egos up senses the power and he's already kind of broken the rules by going along with what the commission said. So you know it's like all bets are off once you break the rules the other side. So that's that's when they said up this murder and that's where we're gonNA come back to our friend. Vito pseudo feel risd Ellie. The commission really favored him over this other faction. It seemed to be the number one guy was Joe. Masino it right. And the other faction with this Alfonse in Delhi Kado Philip Jack Loney and Dominic Trench era. They were capitals. Is that they. They were all. They were all against Galante in delicate. Oh and but what I thought was. That was that rusty RISD. Ellie is kind of a weak leader and he spent most of his life in jail and L. Kado thought he would be a better leader than he he they wanted to be done with. Glenn but Kado and because a few days before this death Jack O'Neill was in prison so yeah the COD group. One to take control of the family for themselves and Masino supported his boss rusty retell. Who's in prison? So these three cappos. There have been a couple of sit downs about. Are we going to settle this? I mean the bananas that too formal. Sit Down with the other families about these three rogue captains who wanna take control the family for themselves and Joe Massino who is supporting rusty rally. Who's in prison so is really escalating? The gambino Colombo's had been involved in the Genovese is were supporting Kado in the Gambino is in the Colombo supported Messina so it was really escalating towards other families involved in this internal strife. That's when you've got cappos against other capitals trying to keep peace. That's that's we're really escalated it to where we involve our friend. Vito so yeah. S. Joe Massino Of course he's the one out of the joint and steady was in so he's the one that sets everything up and and for some reason. I guess we can speculate about this. But he calls Beato Rizzuto and has Kim to come down and help with this hit because they've got permission from from a couple of other bosses in so he asked him to come down and I think he brought a couple of other Canadians with him. Then he helped set up. This hit did. He brought two or three guys and bananas. Having all the families have brought in help from out of town who wouldn't be recognized or who just just could could come in and go out really quickly and of it. They all brought in out of town help but I think that it also helped solidify those ties with with resumes again that the bananas are trying to reach back out. Because that's a huge moneymaker and if you were going to end up ahead of that but then family you WanNa have tie for the narcotics connection right right absolutely and you gotta sewn up there in Canada. So they they call another meeting. These guys are already at ease indelicate. Oh and these two friends and no guns a formal sit downs allowed to not go armed in the the. I guess the trick was on them. I wonder I I'd like to set in on some of that planet. Wouldn't you heard the different discussions? You know everybody had to float ideas and and come back because it has to go perfectly. You can't mess this up if you're going to do this. Big of action is gotta go down perfectly. You can't leave anybody live and you can't get caught and it's just it's huge so I can't even imagine the planning that went into this one but they did get them isolated inside of the tavern believed that they of course and So they did. Divide the Labor. Messina was responsible for for getting rid of the bodies and I can't remember what what Sunny Sunny Napolitano was was putting together the crew. Who would actually shoot them. Messina would get rid of the bodies like you say it was. There was a lot of planning. They did have. It separated. Kind of like what happened with the splotches here in Chicago. It's my understanding. The reservoir for Envio Zippo was probably one of the trigger man. Although he swore he wasn't but he was inside the jewelry and he steps out with a gun and act. Like it's a robbery and and say you know stick your hands up and and then course of bullets start flying now. He claims he didn't fire other people fired. I don't really buy that but But you know that's that's how it went down and as you said that I didn't really realize it was Masino. He had some other guys. Come in Dispose of the bodies and I guess they buried him in a mob graveyard. Did that ever come to light. You know I can't find it was it was a place called the whole. I think it was a it was a nun. Oh Yeah it was a division in New York and unincorporated small section New York and Yeah. They dumped all three bodies nineteen days later. They found a sonny red and delicate. Does body okay. I thought his his his cardiac watch. And then so I guess Joe Massino faced a lot of heat because they found the body right away and they said you know he did a bad job now in Chicago that got kill. Roddick killed this Jakonen and trench era. We're we're both. They were thrown along side but their bodies were not found for another one hundred twenty five or thirty years so I guess they space them all out in the same field but they didn't look to thoroughly but they found this sunny read indelicate. Kado about within ninety days of his being shot. Well it worked out well for man Joe Masino because he went on to be the boss. But that's a that didn't work out so well for other people. They made kind of a poor choice. Said that when they made. Joe Massino the boss over the next several years didn't they? You know what's interesting about? This too is at Donnie BRASCO Joe. Pistone was in the middle of all this working for a Sunny Napolitano who is on the side that killed the three guys and so he was in the middle of it. He was able to testify again about much of this. But masino never went down for that. Donnie BRASCO stuff because apparently from what I've read Masino was he didn't trust on Hebranko. He said he might be bad from the beginning so he always avoided him which I thought was in. Sonny Black NAPPA Tano. Didn't he get killed? Really as a result of being stupid enough to allow this Donnie. Brasco JOE pistone dude. In as far as he got in yes and that was sonny. Red Delco and Sonny Black Napolitano both both sunny Scott taken out. Actually they were ever going to bring jobs. Donors Sunny Donnie. Brasco IN TO HIT SOMEBODY. And that's when they had the surfacing. What's what's interesting is is a guy named Frankie. Lino drove these three cappos to this hit and when they walked in the door nobody was watching the back door. So Frankie Lena's following him the door these these hit cruise all spring on them. Start KILLING HIM FRANKIE. Lino the driver. He panics and he runs out the back and so they go after a. May Miss Him. He GETS AWAY HIS COUSIN. Guy Eddie Lee knows in the Gambino and they track him down this Frank Lino and they say look. Here's the deal you'll be spared. You've just got to come in. And and you gotta understand that this is out is and so he he he got a pass. Bruno Lindela Kado son of Sonny red got a pass for the time being and then later on this Frank Lino. Who was the driver? He was the one he was. He was the man they used to kill. Sonny black okay. Because he would. He would be familiar with him and he could. He could get close enough to him. The driver of these three hit-men later on killed Sonny Black Napolitano. It's it's funny. How these east tangled webs of relationships we also intimate about how they shake hands and kill each other. I know it's crazy. This as it gets really complicated. Just those shorthand here Wire-tappers out there you know. Just go back to Joe Bonanno as his sizeable successful crime family. They're involved in narcotics. Come down the Middle East through Montreal. And Vito and his Mafia family and his connections up there were in on that and they were helped. Bring a heroin carmine the Cigar Galante. He becomes the boss of the Banana Family self-proclaimed but he is the boss for awhile and he has some rivals. Kill him then in the banana family. There's a split. And Joe Masino is on one side. And he sets up a hits on these. Three Has hit on his three rivals. The murder of the three cappos and it gets veto resute. Oh to come down and help and during this time. Fbi agent. Joe pistone is infiltrated. The Banana Family Sonny black the polly Tainos crew and and Joe. Joe Messina Most Joe. Masino wants is mentor. Sonny black murdered when that surfaces so And he also understand He wanted his hands. Cut Off to signify missing. The handshake does an ASS act of trust. Which is interesting. I've seen pocket slid open here in Kansas City. I I don't know if that's the only one I really remember seeing. So that's you know that's kind of it in a nutshell Joe Masino got convicted. Now what does that have to do with Vito? Rudo coming down here to jail to the penitentiary for those ten years. We got it now. We gotTA finish it off with that. That's right now. How did that Happen Cam? Joe Messina was arrested in a much later for for Rico conviction in two thousand and three I think so masino being the big wealthy rich guy that he is. He can't do the time so he is. The first boss of a mob family rolls over in two thousand three. He rolls over and becomes a federal witness for the government. And as part of that immediately Vito Rizzuto gets a call from the banana. Saying hey you might WANNA WANNA keep an eye here your buddy Jo Masino just flipped. You know he's got you on that murder of the three cappos in so vito rizzuto skins out for Cuba that's right. He spent time in Cuba and came back himself ended. They were after he stepped down here to the penitentiary for about ten years. And you know another. I think we said this before but they only got ten years for being part of this murder because Canada would not allow him to be extradited if the death penalty was that play in any case that they had on him so they reduced the actual charge against him to something less than murder so he couldn't get a burger the conviction for murder and and then have to be looking at the death penalty. Possibly so. That's that's why he did says a little time on that which I always find that interesting. I recognise still WANNA tempt fate though and he still denied taking any part he didn't pull that trigger. Like I said this bad blood. The first season is really parallels. A lot of this really close in he had a guy named Rene Deja Dean. It would be like the declan character. Who was running. His family was pretty important in family while he's incarcerated lack the way things had been going on and we talked about that before when he came out and Israelis all been killed in. The family was in disarray and Veto Suto just he pulled out all the stops and then he died shortly thereafter. So anything else. You want to add on to Montreal crime family. We've done enough yeah. I think that's good for Montreal. There's a lot going on Canada and so is a good place to revisit. This damned interesting it is. It really is so wire-tappers if you have a friend rally with a problem with drugs or alcohol make your first call to I call. Call eight one six three six one fifty nine hundred. 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And then you've got the Kansas City mob door APP so I think I've done enough commercialize. Don't you GAM I do? I do you know I'm going to be on. This is up time. This comes up this newsmax interviews going to be already over and go another thing. Going on is That's an interview about the Gotti family's I'm brushing up on the Gotti family that's GonNa be alive Interviews number will be about six or eight minutes. He told me so. If you happen to see me on it you know or you did see me. Why just a fluke on him know exactly? I guess it's going to be January. Sixteenth seven to eight. I believe so. That's I mean this. Come OUT AFTER. That's over anyhow so Disregard all that I am going to be on a the Las Vegas Review. Journal is doing a podcast series. It'd be like one season limited series on the mob in Las Vegas in the seventies so the hole in the wall gang. Tony's lladro They've got Frank Gugliotta that recorded him my friend Bill Housley and again talk about the skin. You're getting record be and and so we can look for. I'll start promoting that whenever that podcast gets out because I think they're going to do a really good job. They actually have a budget from the mob museum folks so budget to go out and do stuff with you yes. It does. Make a difference. You get a hire people to do this stuff that I guess. I kind of know what I'm doing but I get complaints for a long time about the technical aspect of it but anyhow moving right along all right Camp I appreciate you as always helping me out with this research and Co host in this program and we will see you soon. Great Time My folks music provided by our good friend. Superfan from Portland Oregon. Casey McBride Thanks Casey.

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