MLS Returns; Liverpool Loses Big to Watford; Real Madrid Beats Barcelona in El Clasico


What's up everybody? Welcome to planet. Football's podcast my good friend of my colleague. My partner in crime grant will is a way vacation but guess what I have brought in the big guns. I am so happy to bring one of my favorite people in the world. Mr Kevin Egan Cav. How are you my friend? I'm great I'm supposed to be on the show. It's you laugh and talk about the beautiful game thank you. That's according to view. I'm thrilled to be here with you. Though for the next hour or so for those don't know Kevin Is a busy man. He obviously aside from covering Atlanta United. He's also now going to be working with. Cnn world. Sports. Is that right yeah? I'm looking forward to that. I just Signed UP WITH CNN. So I'm going to be filling in his host every now and then but most mostly you know soccer correspondent covering everything from Champions League to weaken gains around the world as well so a lot of fun in there so far I look forward to developing the soccer on tencent as getting on air as much as possible for all sorts of regions around the world. It's crazy how far CNN world. Sport goes after you do show. You Interactions People from Africa from Asia. That are all tuning in whether it be in a hotel. Rooms are at home so it's nice that my parents get to watch back in Ireland to. Yeah that's great. I'm so happy for you and also you know that means that you know your lovely wife. We'll have to do all the hard work now that you've moved house you know. Louis I'm currently. You should see myself right now in talking to you just moved into a new house in Atlanta. Just got the WIFI setup before the show here and My little toddlers is running around the house here trying to find trouble. Every single rail were thrilled trump. Having it'll be more face well we are happy. Obser- happy and I'm so happy to have you. Let's get things going straight away. Listen so normally. We would obviously begin with Europe. The Premier League even Glassy Golf course which was such a big thing but because it was week one we have to begin with major league soccer and amyloid. There's been so many storylines from this weekend so just to do a little list of what we're going to go through with. Mls Week one. We're GONNA talk about some of the highlights of the weekend. Some of the low lights and a few expectations of what's to come as the season moves on we will move onto the Premier League Lou Liverpool. Losing to Wofford is. Obviously the biggest talking point will follow that up with classical. And we'll finish by the way as you all may or may not know. Kevin Myself Are Faithful Villa fans so we have to talk about the League Cup final with Nancy and Aston Villa but moving on to begin. Let's go with families have let's talk about fewer assaults obviously the biggest talking point From your end came sadly Later on Sunday with Joseph Martinez The Venezuelan number nine united suffering a torn ACL during. It's a two one win over Nashville. Really really disappointing news. What do you make of it? It's heart-wrenching for Atlanta defines UNFOR- Joseph Martinez. I A lot of players get injured release. But there's not many guys that I've ever met in broadcasting and covering the game live for the game and this is the important point Josette Martinez. You know little story. Last year we were in the middle of the season on Joseph had started to rediscover his form. And I'm walking outside the training complex and then going back to my car Joseph pulls alongside me and I said How you feel in Joseph and he looks at me and he smiles and he just said I just want to score goals man. I don't care about anything else. I need joke then. He kind of drove off on. I thought about that an awful lot because it's so true he's got that similar drive. It's so hard to find in footballers you know Renaldo. Has that same individual winning mentality. Joseph. A team player. Don't get me wrong. But those individual accolades mean a lot to him like they do for someone like Renaldo too and for Joseph T to miss. Time is devastating. He always thought that the preseason on skews me was far too long to get me back out there. I just want to play. And that's the thing about him. A lot of guys can can be okay with this. If the families they'll use the time to to rate read some books I and I don't know Joseph overly well what I do know of him. Is that missing time in the field and having to watch play and not be part of it is devastating for him before lunch. United. They've gotTA move on. They picked up all three points in Nashville ethics scenes. There for anyone that missed sixty thousand people in music city was a joy to see and Atlanta United. I felt deserved winners with goals from Barco and Emerson hyman now. They must go. Replace the irreplaceable. No one's done Joseph. Martinez has done over the course of three years. Eighty two goals in three seasons healing. Play on that's just simply remarkable. So I think it's really difficult and on already rumors of garlic daniels storage potentially who terminated his contract Trabzonspor in Turkey today? So it's GonNa be fascinating to see what Carlos Bocanegra can do absolutely. That was the biggest thing that we were talking about really about. You know something that. I tweeted pretty much once. The news came out which is listened like obviously this is just a tragedy for Atlanta United Joseph Martinez and Venezuela to us as as it gets ready to Do World Cup qualifiers. But this is a big thing for the League as well because Joseph Martinez pretty much represents mls in many ways at least the mls of now the South American Hungry striker who not just motivated. Team Buddy motivates in the entire city. I mean the two thousand eighteen. Mvp You mentioned the goals and the hunger and the drive that he has just pushing everybody on so we wish him all the best. But like you said. The job has to be taken now by Carlo Boca United. Who are they going to get? You mentioned Daniel Storage. I think that actually in many ways is a no brainer. But I'm also hearing into Miami is probably also going with it but there's a lot a lot of work to do for Atlanta But to me goals talent skill aside which obviously he hasn't brings bags of two means about just the personality that that's going to be missing pitch you you hit the nail on the head there. He's a winner. He inspires people on the field. He looks frustrated. Even if you're winning for five nail. He looked frustrated if he'll bark at his teammates. If the passes aren't rice so he was harping on the Brooklyn into service right to to Joseph and he's just such a big miss terms as personality on Saturday against Cincinnati. It's ugly broadcasting a game with Fox sports so our home opener Atlanta. I think they'll go without him. John Played at Phoenix rising last year. Sorts seventeen goals and played with San Jose and Columbus and mls before that he's someone who's very serviceable honestly. He really is. He's underrated I think. And he can lead the line. He can beat a focal point of front and a different way. To Joseph the most underrated Aspe- Joseph's Game I think is this whole to play to bring into it and and something out of John's quite good so I could see him doing well against Cincinnati but after I got to find a replacement and who knows they could go completely not only ambitious and out of left field. I even thought of a guy like leukemia. But you couldn't get around the I mean if you could grab someone like that until June July and states around Madrid. We're going to get this guy score and again for you like. Oh yeah now. I'm with you. I think that you need to just really open to specter just to finalize the point. This is a lot more to talk about an Malays. But you know somebody like you know Leonardo Campana who just moved to wolves. He's playing for the under twenty. Three's you know he he could be offered. Maybe like a six month term seven-month term with you know with longer option. You never know I just think that at night. It has just like it. Thought outside of the box with me. Allow me on and so forth. The same thing needs to happen right now because the key thing is the identity you have to maintain identity on the last point on Joseph. Do that when they signed him. He had scored seven goals. Six Games for Torino. He was a winger with Torino and they identified him as a strike are in a similar way to rate as a striker as opposed to a wing and they've totally transformed his career and likewise he's turned on the city of Atlanta and sporting landscape in Atlanta. So go to think outside the box as you say ambitious with this and I'm bring someone in who can keep the base alive and well because right now. They're devastated but he's lost. I don't WanNa keep going on about it but I wonder if the bowers I xe. A connection might have something to do with it in the future. We will see but let's talk about the other big headlines Obviously L. AFC beating a resilient albeit imperfect. Inter Miami the rookie. Now in the League in front of the Bank of California Stadium Fans Carlos Valla with a ridiculous. Go Again for me care. He is the best player in the League right now on L. Afc my favorite to win the whole thing. We can talk a lot about that later but L. Afc is looking good and the thing about C. Right now obviously. It's just week one but they are wiser. I think now and players like Brian Rodriguez. Who's now more comfortable in the League? You know seems more comfortable obviously Rossi but they look like they have a mission to make an yes. It's just week one but I think we're gonNA see some good things for me. The season agree yet. I'm watching the closing stages of that game. I'm watching Pizarro win a free kick in the ninety four th minute I'm thinking. Nfc Two points here in Miami. Were really rootless. Perot had another chance. And he's diving in for across You know he couldn't quite steer toward go. They didn't show that ruthlessness and obviously Lewis Relatives in Gull to. They didn't have that cutting edge that we've seen before we Quan as you say they get through the barrier already of CAF Champions League next age too so it's been a really positive stock for him. After Bob Reilly that is I know so Carl Like to score that go almost lose. I don't know if that was the best of the weekend. It may be the best individual solo effort but the one that says wow to me if we can if we just on your son. Jose earthquakes to down at home against Toronto. Toronto looking really really good. All of a sudden San Jose. Get back into the game They get it. Go back through Andre Real and then in the ninety fifth minute Oswaldo in centre-back by yet cover does what Tony Cross did in the world. Those with David Beckham did for Milan. I on scores. Nobody expected but it was the most audacious attempt at that stage of the game. And it's up there. We saw some Brennan glasses event. Now that's a very very good call was a good day for For a lot of Mexican stars obviously chetty Darren score they galaxy drew with Houston Dynamo. That was another grey gull from Powell on But also Olympic Leila scored as well for Sporting Kansas City winning three one Acela and for Columbus crew scored the only goal against him why. Cfc after losing a man early on Shinar got a red card So you know it was a it was definitely a really exciting Weekend of action. Is there anything else you think? I have a few more things but do you think there's anything else that that stood out to you From opening week one Minnesota going away to Portland. I'm picking up three points. We saw this team Mitch off lot under Adrian. Heat last year and a lot of different teams would have been tempted to let a coach. Go after Really poor start to the franchise history yet. Minnesota have been flying under the radar probably because they came in at the same time as the united they stole a lot of the headlines but to see them come through like they go way to Portland. I'm perform the way they did. And and have an identity to show a ruthless counterattacking streak in someone you know. Look insanely on the flank. Who's WHO's playing. He looked like he was playing some of the best ball of his career. Or maybe three or four years ago. When he was with Columbus I thought him alongside a real problem with excellent. Kevin Malino pulling the strings win with a goal to huge for me. They probably started out as a side that got the best result to go away to a place like Portland. Raucous atmosphere pickle ball three point six massive for myself. I think that's a really good point. The final thing. I'll talk about his tear. Ornery Montreal. Yeah we saw what they've done in the CONCACAF Champions League and you know they come away with a solid win against Bruce Arena's New England revolution to listen again obviously the theme and the sentiment. It's going to be that it's just week one. Obviously there's a lot more Soccer to be played but you know they look good and the thing about is that it wasn't long ago you know when you know. He took his first dent with Monaco. And I think he's learned a lot of lessons since then They look really pragmatic really adaptable. Desisting changes and according to who they're playing which actually says a lot about how dare unreas- learning and with no necessary stars when Montreal They're looking like a good team again. It's very early but the signs are telling me that tyranny is finding a good You know antidote for the past seasons with Montreal and Vice Versa Revitalizing his career his early coaching career. What do you think? There's a lot of incomplete rosters in major league soccer right now. Certainly Montreal is one of those looking squad and the team that took on New England. I thought to myself if he's not good enough terrier unreas- GonNa grow frustrated at the lack of quality in the squad. But you're right to point that out that he changes within the game and also if you can get a tune out of macaroni. You're doing really really well. This doesn't score goals. He's a great link-up guy but traditionally historically you look at the years involved in major league soccer rudy medical. Go score and yet he finishes that chance absolutely brilliant. There's another crocker ago. Barely touched on is a a rudy love and the goalkeeper in the eightieth minute at Olympic Stadium. Brilliant crowd in Montreal. I it's one thing got. I don't know if people listening really understand that the culture and the fan base within Montreal. There's a huge amount of pressure on this team to succeed as a big mountains of pressure on you always superior to and when this team performs well. Everyone in Montreal is all in when this team is poor and when there's a lack of I'm vicious about the side people in Montreal grow frustrated and they will walk away from the team so it's an emotional fan base but it's an incredibly educated find base when it comes to the game you know. Never forget being there and seeing Patrice Bernier. Take a ball down this chest and spray it past. Everybody in the stadium starts. A poodle was on their feet. Applauding Patrice Bernier. There's there's just this this low for the game in Montreal. That's very evident. And that's why from what I'm hearing from. Forty Open Montreal On resettling brilliantly. So far he's been excellent with the media he's been very forthcoming with information on on how he approaches says his team on On speaking to guys in the media that he trust and an alleviates one of these guys that knows the game inside out and he earned the respective on re say I. I'm excited because I thought this would be a disaster. And it may very well be fine because honorees such an ego and Joyce a poodle has such a big ego and when those eagles collide that may not be pretty but for now at least. That's wonderful from Montreal. Yeah absolutely well said on Montreal. Byways one of my favorite cities in the world is just full of great people. So we'll see what happens there. Listen normally We do questions at the very end but our good friend are good. Good good I know you know are very well. Good friend Kay Mari who also co hosted the show with me earlier centers a question and it's Emma's related so we might as well just added right here. She wanted to know your picks Kerr for molasses season beginning with You know who you think is going to be let. Let's talk about standout starts. Who who you think is going to really pay you know. We need to pay more attention to pay more attention to. That's a that's a good way of putting it because we could. We could sit here. We could stay about for me. I'm going to state the obvious. They're still killing going through it again because I think like Alexey will score by committee. I think Republican as we saw at the weekend is going to be much more of a threat. I kinda tie teach Rico and they're gonNA scoring groups. Teacher retail will still score. I believe twenty plus goals in the league this year. Call us about potential to go to another level all together and he scored. What was it Turkey? Four-gold in the regular season last year passages win. Gold is amazing. Yeah I think he'll win the golden comfortably without Joe smacky displaying the season now so in terms of standard stars. How about how one or two new guys to keep an eye on. I always think that's a good way of looking at it and one that caught my eye over the weekend. Gotti kindle Luis Gatty Kimba. He's got an absolutely brilliant goal for Sporting Kansas City. Who a horrible season last. Spic they go on career. Where they went three one got Kenda is at born in Ethiopia. He comes across the sporting city from Jerusalem. And he's a kind of a an intricate quick ball player who's who catches the eye and he scored a. Wurley bows pulled back to you. Know Rights take a shot on his left foot from that angle and he scored and I just think he's still on. That could catch the eye here as a shrimp Brennan pickup. Peter Vermes the other. One is Lucas Zeller an you mentioned him already with Columbus crew. And I'm going to go my pick for MS cope this year. I'M GONNA go with Columbus because I just think the way the way they've strengthened their team. With the coach they have now in with more experience for Caleb Porter incomes. He's really going to work with Caleb Porter because he demands so much respect demands. The Best I've heard he can be a tricky go to deal with but they go and they beat nyc AFC the favorites for the Eastern Conference. You would say in their first game. I think the way they do. It was impressive. But also because that'll orion pulling the strings he's your Igwe in replacement which is very difficult obviously but Donnington. Ibm midfielders Atlanta's. Best player argued the last year. And he's now back in Ohio where he wants to be and there are strong team from top to bottom. I firmly believe this is absolutely compete. I finished second authority in Eastern Conference. I won't say get further. They've got the experience to to win it all. I think you know what it's not a crazy thing to say because look at what happened. Last year's I'm Alaska. Nobody really predicted that was going to be the final and Columbus you said has all the tools now Lucas Salah. I am going to be my my my player to watch. I mean we've talked about him before and I completely agree. Listen this is somebody that came from Diga as an overload at teeegagers and really he was just a victim of an overload of talent. And now he's GonNa come to crew and he's going to deliver this kid can play. He's so fearless and You know you saw a little bit of it This weekend Kayla Puerta. We've interviewed him before and he's just he's a no nonsense guy who oh he wants to do is is just win but win in a way. That's kind of sort of not not a bully. But he wants to physical review and really just get in your face and and when you have that stadium behind you on those fans you know anything can happen absolutely. I'm with my question on them. Really quick is Josh Artists. Because you've got moctar patron so you've got lots of options in behind the whole center fielder league for years and years and years for me has been our tour alongside will trap. I felt that the Brazilian Mai troppo better player. And now you get on tour you've got Mensa still at the back. I think you've got the best fullbacks in the League in Awful Valenzuela on room is a goalkeeper now in the second season so I think they're complete if artists failed to score. Now you're relying a little bit more on phenomenal addy. You brought over from Cincinnati who Kayla PORTA again. Got A big tune out of hand. Got Him playing well when he had Portland so he. He's an interesting character as a whole Mandalay so if you can get something out of him might take is Columbus surprise many people this year they have a proper squad. Not just to start at eleven. But that's right absolutely all right moving on let's leave the continent and move to the Premier League Obviously there was so much action that the premier league in many ways Took a little time. Obviously the League Cup You know made some postponements as a matches but there was a big one. What I what furred fighting for. It's life in the Premier League Wofford defeated Liverpool three. Nothing and to be honest with you when you look at the tape. It wasn't even close what it was all over Liverpool Yorgen club talked about such an amateurish performance from his side Obviously you know. I think that any sane person will tell you that this is still going to Liverpool trophy that primarily trophy but it was a pretty underwhelming to say the least performance. But listen I the other thing that I tweeted was we cannot take away what Nigel Pearson did specifically this this weekend. I mean they were closing every single gap when they made Liverpool play. Narrow liberal hates play now. Trent Alexander Arnold and under Robertson couldn't really get gangrene or cross as much as they wanted. Muhammad Celeste struggled with space. The Same Assadi Amani for me. No was struggling. And what would just all over you and they just hit you on the counter and now they find themselves out of the relegation. Metal SA three nothing against Liverpool. What did you make of that? It was hard to fathom on watching the game at home and I listened to watch the analysis. Must Martino with a record low on NBC? And I thought they were spot on. It's so unbelievably rare to see a performance like this from the pool and it was talked about it was. You're up on the sideline he. He didn't look himself in the post game interview the way he was leaning against the wall. I thought that was an interesting observation from caller Martino and spot on as well. It's just a different demeanor from your cloth then on the field. When you have allison making fundamental mistakes versus Van Dyke looked off Asian lover and shocking those those performances you can ask if Saleh has a world if money is electric. It just didn't happen. I and you're right to point the tactics but I think Liverpool at of all the teams. I've ever seem to primarily. This Liverpool team has a way of getting different tactics. And if some plain out was you know what we're GonNa Keep Robertson and we're GONNA keep out extended Ronald as white as possible and they have the ability to play each other. If need be but we're going to find a way around this team for them to lose to watch for it it. It is a master show comparison. But it's also just a huge. It's a major failure on behalf of Liverpool has to has to be said it is to vicarage road. It'd be only played one shot on target in the entire game. That's a failure on behalf of the repeal and and if we just WANNA focus on not just about ninety minutes that's what we can say about us now let's focus on the rest of the season because Liverpool already of twenty. Six Lanes are some are having fun with Liverpool of at the invincible season. Guess what in three or four. When Arsenal won the league they finished. Twenty six wins. Liverpool are GonNa go far beyond that. They're gonNA have a much much better season than our data. No three or four but they need to regroup now. They've got an ethical clash against Chelsea at Bournemouth game in the primarily before Athletico Madrid com to. Anfield not is a huge huge game. Now I decided that will have their tails off that you know how to defend. It's it's a crucial time this season for Liverpool just to regroup and realized. We're a special group here. We don't get too down about one loss yet now. Well said on here the next few matches you mentioned Chelsea and the FA Cup which is on Tuesday then never pull host Bournemouth Athleti calms to Anfield March eleventh and then you have the mercy site Darby And then followed by Crystal Palace and Man City. So you know. There's still a lot of time by you. Correctly pointed out that this was just a an unidentifiable liberal plan against Wofford on the other side. Now you know you look at this relegation battle and I know I have to touch. Just we have to villa fans right now and to be honest with you. This is something that I've been telling a lot of people the whole time for a long time. It's not a battle amongst like four teams or even five teams calf. This is a ridiculous relegation battle right now and it says a lot about. I don't know the quality of the very bottom or the you know exceptionalism of the very top. I don't know what it is. But when you look at the bottom. So Eighteenth is born with with twenty seven points villa with twenty five with a game in hand and Norwich City with twenty one who also go to vital win but then after that offered is out of the bottom three West time in sixteenth they also have twenty seven points but listen Brighton and Newcastle. Newcastle hasn't scored a goal since January eighteenth. I believe and bright and hasn't won a game since December twenty eighth and they're still in it because of Newcastle has thirty two points brightness. Twenty eight so. This is a battle about who is going. Still plenty of points to begin. Yes there's only eleven matches left but that's still a lot of points specifically when it comes to this margin it's only a two point I'm sorry thirty two. There's only like five point differential between Newcastle and eighteen. And a lot can still happen. So Louise get off the fence. Here take away your heart on your pride and Aston Villa and give me a prediction. Who GETS relegated? I assume you're going to go with Norwich. Forty one or two teams down. I'm sorry to say fans. I think there's commendable what you guys are doing Especially with that win but I just think it's too much of a mountain to climb I think the way that I see it born with will also stay in the bottom three. And if I have to really take my heart out I am just be a neutral pundit I have to say L. is the third one I is nothing to do with the heart. I just think that Specifically key injuries throughout the seasons In John Mcginn etc have been been an issue but also just the tallest the toughness of schedule in which included a League Cup. Final might just be so much I mean still have to play at Leicester still has to play. Liverpool still has to play Chelsea at home another not doing great. They're still a top five team. You know arsenal away at West. I'm so there's a lot of tough games so I'm trying to say stay of domestic and say with my heart that will stay alive but I don't know I just think it seems to difficult. What about you? I think that will survive actually Lord Lord I do because I think there's something very special about villa right now Dean Smith and it may not seem that way. I've watched as many games possibly kind this year. I'm at times. I think how lucky of Aston Villa been not to take something away from this and I know it sounds because people are gonNA listen. Say Your bias but to have your manager on top of your captain as lifelong villa funds to the they're in this together this is a unified group like this. This group is not going anywhere and when it comes down to the final stretch the final tanks and seeing. If you're not together you'll be found out. I think this group into that and I think this guy for me. I'M GONNA Pick Norwich. I'M GONNA pick and I think Brighton like you rightly say Brighton on Twenty eight points. They look pretty right now. If you were to look at the standings there in fifteenth place but the only one point above relegation zone and as you say they haven't won since when since this is December twenty eight. Yeah so so so. They're trending in the wrong direction if they can't figure it out and bright and get right on on the Norwich and I hope that's the case for some I I I admire. What things Mrs Do? You know what I changed. My mind was staying up. Come on come on. I mean listen. Brian has wolves play Leicester City Man United Away Norwich which is still going to be a fight. Liberal still has to play the man city so I don't know it's it's just going to be very very difficult but one thing is for certain for anybody that's having this conversation and argument about the relegation battle. Which is you know for all these teams. It's not a battle between four teams or even five. There are seven and this in this in this race right now. They're trying to stay life all right so moving away from that. Let's talk about the League Cup. Final at Wembley on Sunday matches the city to Aston Villa. One Man City was leading for the majority of the first half to nothing goes from Sacramento and Rory and at two nothing Kev. I was like this is GonNa be five now Just I thought that Dean Smith's tactics of sitting too deep special in the first half was was a little worrying. Some I understood. I understand that when you play a team like Man City and especially at Wembley because it's such a wide pitch as somebody correctly stated to me on twitter. It's very difficult to press for ninety minutes but my issue was that for the first forty five. We weren't even doing any kind of selecting pressing we would just sitting just completely absorbing the pressure and I didn't like that and then in the fortieth minute Johnstone's falls down like he's Ice Skating and Anwar Al Ghazi picks up the Bull crosses the bullying for and Bhawani Mata Sama goal to make it to one and at half time. I'm thinking we can do this. What you think I was thinking. Get me to a TV. So I can watch property. That's right I know is of course from twelve twelve thirty so the game started at eleven thirty eastern time. Us So it was different back and forth. But I looked at the score. I caught the The RODRICO rotary puts it away. And you're thinking it's curtains good nice now. They respond someone against the run of play with some OSCO questions. Because they're it's so rare to find someone who heads the ball in such a clean and sweet lay who else stands out to you in world football or even previous the heads the ball cleanly a Samat does. He's just got this unbelievable connection and he's a brilliant header of the ball and he's tall like the way he connected without bald. There was no chance for Bravo. Yeah absolutely now. I don't share as one that I think to me. Like as a young s on watching that everytime evolves in the just cheer two bodies way onto and then he's he's ability to use his neck muscles. I onto to to perfect Arca header into the top corner was just simply sensational. I'm Samantha. There's something special about this guy. Isn't there absolutely. I mean he's the first Tanzanian to play in the Premier League. He has his whole country behind him. It's just a joy to have another African player in the League and with villa. Obviously we have marvelous. Mukamba's well from Zimbabwe but. Yeah he's just talent I remember. He scored a goal against Liverpool in the Champions League but it was cold outside but there was such a power to that editor. That like Allison did not see it coming and rightly as you said he such a Thailand but the thing I like about him is because you know he plays by himself a lot of the time you know we overload them. It failed and he works so hard and he did that again. City and the League Cup final and then the second half happened and Honestly Villa. Rydell city a lot of the time I mean. It took a very good safe and the post for cloud without to stop bjorn angles header from a corner and it ended two one obviously disappointed. But the thing that I liked lot was Dean Smith gathered the entire staff and team together in a huddle at the very end. And you could tell you knew what the message was. Used as passion uses fire for the remainder of the season. This is exactly what expect week in and week out because you really played your hearts out and they did eleven games Reston Villa. I Reckon Avila can pickle even in those eleven games you pick up four wins your to go because that would get you then to thirty seven points on. You'd figure that'd be a few draws in there as well You may see a team get relegated like West handed in the previous year with forty plus points. You may see that this year But you're absolutely right. I think I think this sort of a ruin. He can galvanize a team. And and you'd like to think it will do the charge and hopefully we can go again for Manchester City. Though you certainly saw some of their vulnerabilities late on in that game. Villa put on the press just looked to try and get that equaliser which was You know didn't look likely. Let's be honest when Rodriguez scored in the first half villa would even be in contention so it's GonNa be interesting to see how Manchester City build on this. I look ahead to the Champions League. Because they've got their work. Cut Out honestly remedied. Didn't perform well against city in the Champions League but you're going to see a different length of stay around for me. That are not better away from home. Sunday are at home so for people really Madrid already after two loss to burn avail. I say book locked. You're about to see a great game if the well let's finish with that classical We as you rightly said You know this is a row. Madrid can definitely wake up when it wants to but you know. They want to. Nothing against Barcelona Goals from vanishes junior and Mariana Diaz Spanish Dominican mighty as. It was great to see him. Score jared. Pk was in interviewing in the mix unto reporters right after the game and he basically said listen. This was the worse Madrid. I've ever played in the first half but then he added and said listen. It's it's about both teams to. We both have problems and that was my point. Obviously al classical is such a great spectacle. One of the biggest sporting events let alone soccer sporting events you know watched by millions around the world but this season has been really disappointing The December reverse fixture was zero zero and it was awful Just really not not a good game and yesterday. I really saw another imperfect disjointed scratchy as Jonathan Wilson. Calls it for us in sports illustrated. Kinda game where you know there was more about. The physicality is more like a boxing fight than anything to do more with talent and aesthetics. Now listen there's there's talent there obviously finished. Junior is incredible nineteen years old. It was definitely the best performance he is given full. Lanka's and you know that Eagle better. Their fatty there is talent. But I'm wondering calf and I would love your opinion that you know there is something that's maybe dying. Recently when it comes to classic on I don't know if it's because of the over reliance on an aging Lionel Messi Cristiano Ronaldo's exit of course and just the fact that both academies in recent years have not really you know developed. The Bush gets the in yesterday's the Chevys the Massey's right and the same thing can be said for for the other side. We've got great Holland and realm. Did obviously look at Vasquez and east But I'm wondering if the magic of a classic especially this year which is kind of a mayor of what's been going on an illegal to be honest is is is slowing down a little bit. I think it's very important to recognize golden harassed when they come around on classical has always been special but I go back to the last time before yesterday that Ram Madrid Barcelona in a classical. It was there on the sideline. It was my first classic. Oh it was April two thousand sixteen and Zinzi dime had recently taken over. I happen to be the seat. Closest is in India. That how crazy is that? I believe my look that I was I was. I was ruing kicking myself but it didn't speak Spanish because I was sitting next to my producer. Markham earned at the time. I was working with being sports and Donahue so animated online at times he was so composed but that classical for example. Listen listen to some of the names Sony going back four years ago not even for years ago. You had a schedule again. A little bit younger than they are today. MESSI Neymar on Suarez Front for for around Madrid. You had a fire in Cristiano Renaldo alongside Bam. Bend my so it was the MSN versus the BBC. Out Its peak. That's not there anymore. I A messy. It certainly is older mice. It'd be thirty three in June Cristiano. Kill to see them there at attendance yesterday. Watching Times have moved on a little bit. Barcelona have recruited in an awful way. The identity of the club has has has dwindled a little bit and disintegrated and a lot of that has to do with parts of Mayo you. You're not bringing through the talent that you we won't stay. And sometimes you just have to recognize that golden generation those players may not become through but they also maybe there that you know. You've gotTA give chances to which I'm glad Barcelona doing but to bring in to to to say for example spend the the loose and when when when they sold Neymar spend the money. The way they did. I thought was really poor. They rushed into decisions and they didn't get it rice and they did the same thing in years. Gone by as well and I just. I just feel Barcelona. I've been ruining a very poor way. Round Madrid have in many ways gone to the Barcelona way of bringing through players. But they're still splashing on guys. That just feel unnecessary. And they've certainly gone for the younger seven American player an awful lot more of lace and Rodrigue. Aw Venetia being that a feature heavily this year on. What's the name of the player. They signed recently ren artists. Yeah right yeah Reynard. Yeah another player for a lot of money. The identity of both teams influx. I think it's important to point that the quality is just not as good as it was. Maybe four or five years ago in saying that. I certainly wouldn't rule that either side for Champions League this. Oh absolutely which says a lot about Just the the flocks of of of the Champions League right. I mean you talk about the history of classical. I'll never forget two thousand five when Rao Madrid fans were pretty much forced to stand up and give a standing ovation to Ronaldinho after his performance when he scored two goals amulets score in the first one. I mean that was a game. Wade had David Beckham Raul Sedan. Rubino Ronaldo An and on the other side you have Renault Dino at Toei Young Messy Shabby Rafa Marquez Deco. I mean think about that. Think about those kinds of games and like you said now because of the business and behind the scenes. What's going on with both clubs to be honest? You Know Ron. Marie decided to you. Know two years ago to kind of rethink the GALACTICA contract and really. Just focus more on spanish-based players. And like you said I mean. As of recently last summer I thought it was such a mistake to bring Greece man. I'm sorry I think that that money could have been better spent on you know focusing on other places but you know I think that a lot of it also has to do with the fact that you know Kris Jenner analysis exit and we have to be realistic and face. The fact that the genius of Lionel Messi is not gonna be there forever and we need to on say already mourning his law. I know it's really sad and you know what I said every weekend. I know that like we say it. All the time to say don't take for granted but I feel like we need to say like five times a day. This is a person that's going to change that. Change the game and will change it again when he eventually leaves and we need to really realize that. So yeah I already bought. I might people think I'm a Barcelona find on twitter because I Barcelona our appointment viewing for me because of Lionel Messi and that's the power of the individual brand the blockbuster. Brian Lima messy. But it's just he's just pure genius if you're a football fan. How do you not watch star? I'm just marvel at the past able to see a three sixty vision and when he does go away and when he does leave Barcelona right. Now you would think are setting themselves up to be a little bit of shambles. The way they've been recruiting I. The identity of the club has as I mentioned I. I'm intrigued to see how it all plays out but I hope I would love to see lien on messy one day come to a major league. Soccer says I'd love to see him. Just move somewhere else. Give it a go and reports that he did buy a penthouse sweet in Miami. The reports the DISA- two months ago. The least I could see that penthouse old apartment in Miami. He would have to take Tiago. Matteo to kick a ball at my local park where I go every more kickball in Miami. I mean you having a laugh and I left Miami. I might just move back to the I was just going to say a messy comes to Miami. I'm moving to Miami. I don't I'm by the way my hair would destroy that park. It takes an hour. He's such a Dennis. The menace but listen. It's not unrealistic. I remember talking to Sarah here which gets last year. And he's like to him like. Mls is really intriguing. So they're talking about it. This is a conversation a lot with all these players. It's not completely unrealistic to ever suggest that Lionel Messi my come to molest I do think though that he might go to his beloved Argentina before that But you never never know well can listen. We're about to wrap up here but I would love to hear your thoughts on. Just you know what you're thinking for the remaining of the year we the European championships obviously in the summer. Another Copa America World Cup qualifiers Beginning this month actually. Is there anything that you looking forward to As we as we look ahead to twenty twenty yeah I mean certainly on the international front I think look look from Arlen if they could somehow make it to the euros. I think it's it's a distant hope at this point. They've got to win two games in qualifying to get there on the team. Right now is that this is a fairly poor standard. Let's be honest so we'll see what happens. I'd like to see the. Us really clicked into gear on their BERHALTER. And hopefully we see Gio arena to the team. They sick. And you you start to see somebody over guys click and bring hope to everybody that the US can actually start performing other much better level and start winning games on the club scene. The Champions League fascinates me more than ever before. Because I I I honestly don't know who's GonNa win it this year and my favorite as of right now. Because you know we're always we've always got that reecey bias and not in the moment feeling inspired. Munich. What has he flick has done. There has been next level phenomenon the fact that they misled or don't see over the weekend he plays as Eric fee and eighteen year olds. I I start he scores. They went five mil five or six. I think it was five now. Continue with the brace. What he's managed to do. Performance at the Chelsea has just been remarkable so good for him Davies and and everyone apart merrick and the Champions League I. I can't wait to see how it plays out so excited but I'm so excited to have this game that we have to talk about for a living wage. We're very lookie. I don't think that for granted for one second Yeah just been a lot of fun talking to you today. Well I think we're and they're just like we're so lucky to enjoy this beautiful gamers Kevin Egan. You can catch him. Comet CALLING GAMES WITH FOX. Sports South for united and also. Cnn world. Sports have thanks so much my friend. Thanks for having me but thanks everybody. I will see you next week.

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