Episode 116: Pacquiao vs Broner BREAKDOWN (BONUS AUDIO ONLY EPISODE)


You know, what if I told you this Saturday at nine eastern, six Pacific live on pay per view, Showtime paper view, there was a gentleman named Manny Pacquiao who's one of the greatest boxers of all time and has a nation behind him that he carries on his shoulders into every fight. What if I told you he was fighting Saturday night on paper, you then what if I told you there's this Todd a four time champ Adrian, the problem Br owner, that's right? He's fighting him. He's fighting him. And you should be cronk about it. I'm talking about two welterweight superstars return to the ring this Saturday. Eight time champion, Manny pacman pack, yell per pack. You Paco Philippines, back you. I don't know. I like to say that the Adrian the problem Brunner. It's literally to the biggest stars in boxing. They are both at a fork in the road. They both need to win this fight. It's gonna be explosive probably not going to the judges. You're going to get a great fight. It's this Saturday January nineteenth nine eastern, six Pacific live on paper view, get you. Some enjoy traded for some years, then tried in the face. We'll go with a baby Fu-kang over the place. But I with Keith. Started doing. Survive on this makeup race against. What's up got a little bonus episode for that ask this week? I I want to do this because Saturday is one of the biggest fights and time in the boxing world got Manny pack, elvers Adrian Brunner. You guys know me. I break it down the way I break it down. And I'll see have some inside information come from Showtime being a Showtime show and all that. However, I wanted to bring in an expert a gentleman who all he does is eat, sleep and breathe boxing. He's the head boxing guy insider at Fox Sports. He's a senior writer for ring magazine there so balls deep in the boxing. So I brought in the expert himself Mike carpenter, and he's a he's a fascinating, dude. He he literally he loves the sport. He goes all the open workouts? He writes about it. I'll see he's the head writer for ring MAG. Zien? These also does a show with that. Abner Mars and Shawn porter. Yes with Sean porter the the two great. So he he does a show with them. And this guy just he knows boxing, man. So I wanted to do something special for the fights this Saturday, it's on pay per view January nineteenth. I will be watching the back in the green room 'cause they'll be shooting my first Showtime comedy special in San Diego. And there are few tickets left and that sets Spreckelsen San Diego this Saturday, but I will be in the green room. We'll have this fight on the UC fights on regardless you guys should check. This fight out. If you can't make our show in San Diego. It's many pack pacman, it's Manny pacman pack, yell the legend, the absolute legend and got Adrian Bronner. I get into it with Mike just how both these guys leaned this fight. Both. These guys are kind of at a time. In their career where this fight is a maker break fight for both from for agent Browner for different reasons. He needs validation. He needs to beat a superstar. He has all the potential in the world. And he's never got over that hump. Here's his opportunity kind of later. And then also, you got many pack out who's forty years old. And he's back with Freddie Roach. And they think this is a perfect fight. And they you know, they think he can get a broken out there with out of there with a knockout. So we'll see man either way. It's it's a fun fight. I think I was kind of on the same level of excitement when they first announced this or God, really. All right. The make that much sense. But as it's coming up in a it's it's you know, it's kind of fight time. I'm I'm really excited about this one. I think all accessed it for me to. Yeah. I'll eat there. And hopefully is dig this kind of short insider's perspective into the big fight this Saturday January nineteenth. Many pack elvers Adrian Brunner enjoy my boy, Mike compensator. What's up guys are here in Santa Monica, California, the below the belt headquarters, and I needed some help breaking down Manny Pacquiao agent Bronner this Saturday January nineteenth. So I called the expert on the man right here. Mike carpenter. What's going on brother, boxing, extraordinaire, maybe heard of them? What's going on brother beer? How's it going? I'm good, man. I'm good. I I gotta be honest. When I first heard Manny, pack you out Adrian Brodie were fighting. I even told my Showtime guys went not that crazy about the match up now as he gets closer. I've been watching the all access I've been keeping up with this. I'm I got be honest. I'm pretty excited. There's a lot more than just two guys fighting Saturday night. I'm always excited with Manny pack. Yes, fighting he's forty years old now. So I'm trying to treasure him while he's still here on the greatest fighters of all time Adrian Brunner's, the kind of guy that can really I think bringing aggression. Manny Pacquiao, I think he really wants to knock Brunner out. And he looks really aggressive in training camp. It's kind of a crossroads for both guys. Many Packers forty how many more does he have? And then Adrian Brodie he's been this guy. Who's had all the talent in the world. He wins some to get to the big fight. They lose the big fight wins through road loses. A big fight. He's never got over that hump. And now especially in box, you know, this better than anybody. I mean, the chances of getting a key megastar fight with Manny pactel's far and few in between. And so here, we are even though he lost Garcia. I know a lot of fighters are mad about it. They feel they should be getting them any I'll fight. This is a big money fight and a pay per view showdown. How many guys haven't even fall on pay per view yet Asian burners like any because of his accomplishments, but really because of his name and his brash attitude he connects with people because he's on TMZ all the time whether it's legal troubles or antics, whether was like the meaning somebody on the tunnels. So that's why he's getting a lot of people are like I really beat this guy. But here's the talent though to be there. Right. Because I know especially in all get your prediction. But also, the odds makers Vegas all side with Manny Pacquiao. I don't think this fight is easy as just going. Oh, many pack does the better fighter. You know? Even though he's forty he's aggressor. He's going to outclass Adrian Brodie. I don't see it that way. I think Adrian Brodie if his mind is right in he realizes the biggest fight of his life. He loses this one. It's it's game over and I think there's more pressure on agent broder to perform into show up. I think we're going to get a good fight thing. I think it's going to be a good fight to agree with. You there Brendan the problem with Brunner is he's giving him so many chances like how many times can I fall for this same narrative? I know I've fallen for it. I watch all access, and I was I guess I was surprised because you watch many pack out. We know he's this good guy. We know we know he gives money to the homeless into the less fortunate, and he has this great family around him. And he's with Freddie Roach. And we know that story he's I think he's been on more than. Amy buddy, ever besides maybe Floyd. But he we know his story, and he's already a legend. But with Adrian Brunner, I think there's something about this underdog story where he comes from nothing. He's never got over the hump. He's had Floyd Mayweather was his older brother tried showing the ropes. Now, they hate each other. I find myself rooting for him. I don't know what it is. Maybe four times the charm. He's had three big fights. And he didn't compete in any of those. He wasn't really competitive. I will say this about Brunner. He shows a lot of balls when he's hurt, but he doesn't show those same balls when he's not hurt who's apprehensive about being hit. And he doesn't open up or take chances. We saw him fight song Puerto loss pretty much the first eleven rounds. And he was like, oh, I really gotta take a chance now. Bam drops porter in the final round Sadam downs. I haven't down the powers day is very active on leashes. And if you're a Manny pack you off in you gotta hope of forty year old man, he pack. Yeah. With this aggressive style that he has his legs underneath him. They're thick legs. Those are thick Cavs. But how with his style. Especially at forty how long do you do that in and out style with the power and the angles? I don't know man at forty years old any by could be the last great performance from any pack. You could be this Saturday. Maybe we already saw it against Matisse in July. I don't know. I just know that if you're Brunner finally wants to win he's take chances and punch with many pack out. He looks to sit back there, and you're gonna if you're gonna wait for many packets be done punching. You might not be done. It's trouble. All right. So let's play devil's advocate. Let's say Manny Pacquiao wins. What would be next for him because he's the favourite? So I think a lot of people are Suming. I tell you from my sources the rumor is no matter who wins. They're fighting Floyd Mayweather, he'll come out of retirement to fight the winner of this because you get both guys. And there's a story for either guy who wins they were still the biggest star in boxing. And I know he's going to be ringside in Vegas where he lives and has a lot of keen interest in watching how they both look. So soon he comes out of retirement, I agree with you. If he doesn't pack you want to. Shot at the winner of Earl spins junior and Mikey Garcia. Yeah. I know that's could be biting off a lot. And I know PBC is really keen on that. They're they really want to see the winner of that fight. But there's aero Spencer Mickey Garcia against Manny Pacquiao. That's a mega fight put only many pack. Yeah wins because if Adrian Brodie to win he wouldn't fight Mikey Garcia again. You can't you can't really do that fight. Again. He didn't look good against Mikey. Now, he got out completely outclassed. But I guess you could do agent Brunner against Earl Spencer have that whole Bilton narrative. Everyone knows that Spence knocked out Adrienne Brunner in barring a few years ago at retreaded leaked the other day. Just nonchalant was a gay at knocked out throw in the shade. But that's been known for a while boxing service. But Freddie, really publicized that everywhere. Now, I didn't know that till Freddie, leaked it narrow spans is a bad, man. So spending many pack. Yeah. I think a lot of people will be like, ooh, that's all. I mean, you're Manny Pacquiao fan. I am bag. I just think five I get. I just think the world of Manny pack. Yeah. For anyone who grew up watching boxing on thirty two. Now, I watching pack at his peak which was like two thousand nine I'm guilt. Kudo knock out the the second round knockout of Ricky Hatton. He was invincible and greet everyone you he's he's a total. He's one of the few living legends. Be have you wanna see many pack. You off we'd Mayweather to. I would rather see Manny Pacquiao vs. Earl Spencer, Mikey Garcia one hundred percent one hundred thousand thank God, we can still be friends. So many pack down. He is being forty. We get a sense that there's a resurgence with many Pat cow because of his last fight and previous to that with the math teacher horn from Australia, which he lost in a controversial decision, which I didn't think it was that controversial. I thought horn did enough to I was upset at the decision. I was like I see that. But it was like oh my God. This is ridiculous. Here we go box. And again, what was troubling to me? And that Manny Pacquiao, Jeff horn fight was pack. I think it was the ninth round. Chef Warren was getting blasted and he has wobbling or on the ring impact out knowing didn't finish them. But let him come back and the old Manny packbell, which I mean is like the vintage Manny pack would have finished them for sure. And Lucas Matiz. I've yourself pack knock amount. But the team that looks pretty shopping for that against tear here on the fighter from Thailand's in January one year ago looks horrible. Yes. So how much of that was really Manny Pacquiao how much of that was not say don't don't you think this fight against Adrian Boehner seeing where manny's that is over the hill is he? Is he vintage Manny, you know? So I think Adrian Brodie it's kind of like where I think the whole thing is whereas many because Adrian Boehner he's not that old. And also if he shows up man has a fight on his hands. This is a great all these are all big is if shows up many Paki, I know he's really motivated to show that he's stars off even at age forty and he's still loves box. And you could tell the way he trains the pacy sets in the gym. If not something he's just doing four money because he looked different in training. Because you you you've been there was open workout, you tina's training. Does he look different than previous years or anything like that? Do you see father time at all great? I mean, he's you said the caps. He's norma's. He's in tremendous shape. He'll he's really filled out into that one hundred and forty seven pound frame now that he's forty and then with Adrian Boehner or do you see anything different with him? I see him and devante Davis trained together. People in his circle as never been more motivated. He's you know, he he's been on track. He's been disciplined for this flight, which we've heard before I've been burned before. But I do believe at this time. I have heard good things about Adrian Brunner hurt. He's looking really good everything I've seen. He looks good. The question for me isn't Asia. Asian Brunner's talent. Like, you said, I agree is very talented. It's busy going to actually throw punches. He just doesn't like punching and you go into shell. And you can't do that against a high volume guy, like ninety pack. Yes. To knock pack y'all out. I don't think he's going to beat them round. You're not gonna be by decisions Browner wins because the stoppage. It's no secret agent burners going to do he was like counter left hook, but is going to be super aggressive, and he's a step behind at the age of forty and they Freddie Roach says, oh, we're gonna bring this aggressive style. When I heard them like, right? The more chips over here in the Browner me, you you fall high low for a long time the guy gives you in Brian who showed his three biggest fights. He's not willing to take chances until it's too late. Is he going to do that? Now, all of a sudden, I think he you know, you gotta. A wounded animal and you're backing them into a corner. And now he has to perform because you know, even on the all access show on Showtime. He says, you know, if I be Manny Pacquiao, I become a legend. I live up to the hype that that since I was a kid. So I just think he's never had this amount of pressure on them. And he's catching many PacTel at the right time. They forty I don't think it's vintage many pack. I think he's going to be a step behind. I think the counters you're gonna be there. He's power puncher. I guy who always root for the dogs and bronner's one of those underdogs. How faded you think? Manny Pacquiao is seventy five percent of what he wants was is he less wall say this. If it's only seventy five percent that seventy five percent daydream Brooklyn. I felt good man pack out would that's why I'm picking money pack now. That's how how does he get it done? I think Paco could stop them. Wait if Adrian Brunner wants to get bold than start exchanging pack out down the stretch, I think could clip them or the volume could just force the referee to jump in otherwise probably a wide decision. So your your money's on? Many pack. You absolutely I'm taking Adrienne Brown. I'm trying to make bro. I liked the dogs. There's another fight coming up on Showtime. Pretty big one Abner Mahrez. Your boy verse. Devante davis. What do you think of that? I like the fight. I know some people especially online hate on like it kept people being sway too hard on that fight. I think it's a really good crossroads kind of fight Abner is going for title on a Fourth Way class. He wins off. I think he's going to the hall fame. I really every hall of Famer also who's the best guy. Devante Davis's beat Jose producer Abner Mars be huge on his resume, and it's a tough test. Abner Mars, just some you know, walk to the mill journey fighter. Like, he's a bad ass. Dude. Biggest problem here is that tramonte Davis is going to be fighting at welterweight at some point not soon. But at some point he's going to be fighting a welterweight, and this is abnormally is really this is peak weight, and he can fight at. So we've got a pretty big size gap. Here avenue is going to have to really be smart. And he wants to get him into the later rounds for sure. Our boy the power never been twelve Abner nosy can't stand in the pocket with them. He's got to fight like vintage many pack kind of style coming darting in darting out giving angles. He's a smarter fighter then dramatic Davis. He more skills. I think there's a pure boxer. Yeah. When I heard devante Davis and Adrian Brodie were roommates and matched up. That's not good. You know what I'm saying? It's like. What you don't want to have happen? Devante Davis situation with Adrian Brodie agent. Brought has all the talent in the world. But he also has all these off kind of the field problems. Right. Like, there's always something going on and withdrawn Davis and don't want him going down that same path because again kid with tons of talent all the talent in the world, but never lived up to his potential. I'm not a dab. But if there's was one of my kids, I would not want those guys hanging together. The with the with the bad ass. Cool. You know what I'm saying? Don't do that with this kid. Don't hang out with all Adler hanging out with him HALE, many pack. Yup. But agent Boehner that's top. Definitely don't want those guys together getting into trouble, and they need to be focused. They're both really talented guys Travolta has awesome power. And he's really done a lot in the short amount of time. But he has way problems constantly what I really liked is. When I saw him a couple of weeks ago, he's pretty countable and owned up to all his problems. And that shows that's a sign of maturity agree. I think the one thing boner and devante Dave's having commerce. They both ate Floyd Mayweather now. I think maybe they bonded over that. They decided they love food. They hate void. You think they hate him? Now, I think there's something going on there. It's exciting fight either way. And then I think the topic around the water cooler is the heavyweight especially last year close out to eighteen with fury in the wild or fight. Which is one of the most epic heavyweight fights of all time. I wasn't upset at the drawl. That's fine. I'm not it's not a terrible decision. If a gun to my head. I'll probably give it to fury. But all right, cool drawl, they redo it. And then I wanted to immediate rematch was like, let's get a rematch right away. But then I started putting my business cap on. I'm like hold up here. Why do the rematch right away? Why doesn't one of these guys because both our stock is through the roof. No one stock went down. Neither stock went down furious can be any higher Deontay watered it looms anything especially in that twelfth round looked amazing. So why don't one of them's knocking each other off? Go get the golden goose right now Anthony Joshua hopefully beat him that'd be their playing. Then do the rematch. It's even bigger but don't kill each other off. Now, let's go for one of them. They should focus on Anthony. Joshua. I disagree. I I think he'd be right away. So the clear winner. Yeah. It's hot right now. You wanna everyone wants to see it? What if one of them loses to Joshua they'd both be site underdogs smell. But let's so let's say fury, Joshua fight. Just a rumor going around that he earned, right? So let's say I don't believe that. He no, I don't believe any either. He can't believe him. So let's get fury Joshua necks and Waller just chills. And then let's say Joshua wins. At now, while gets his shot either way the boys are getting paid. And then if they both lose your Joshua that rematch is still there. It makes sense. I. This. This is what I think's going to happen from what I heard I think Wilders going to fury and the rematch in either late may or early June. I heard Las Vegas or New York and Barclay center in Brooklyn. I heard New York. Yeah. Okay. And you would be awesome for the fight. I don't think Jude in LA again, I wish but no I mean for selfish reasons because we live here. And then I think we're gonna see Joshua fight. Either. Dillion white on April thirteenth at Wembley stadium in the rematch. I met at that. I'm Ed billion white was the first one, but he's got a lot better since then the great his last fight grain and knockouts leader. Joshua looks really shaky against back in like thirty nine years old and you've ever met him. He's a tiny heavyweight views hugely bussing Joshua up over that first half. So I'm fine with white or they might skip that and have Joshua because US debut against Giral big baby Miller, maybe mayor June. I've heard that. So let's say cut through all this tape fury. Joshua. How do you see that by going down? I like Tyson fury and not fight. He to bro me too. So. Nimble for you know, he's he has a lot of balls on them to decision works. Footwork the jab again, Josh was so stiffen robotic I guess much muscle on them. I liked that. And then what about wilder Joshua? I like wilder enough fight too. But I'm not as confident I just think wilder has the bigger punch, and it's one of those fights where Josh was there to be hit now. Joshua lands. I sure maybe he wins. I actually think Josh verse Wilders the more exciting fight. But I think fury beats all of them furious. Think about arm. My man, we've covered a bunch of boxing. How do you see to the nineteen kind of going down? There's some big news is there is I thought last year was amazing here for boxes is going to be better this year. There's some good matchups out there. How do you see it kind of all going down? I think the first half of this year is really going to set up a really nice end of two thousand nineteen because see fights like the winner of pack your burner like we mentioned earlier against spending monkey Arcia Homa Chang. Of Homa chanko is trying to get a big fight. Is he going to get one? You don't think? So everyone's scared of them, also politics. Mike Garcia is by far the best fight for him at one thirty five that had a great such a great fight and Vasilis tangos probably gonna fight Richard Komi Komi wins this fight on February second Loma Machiko needs a fight really needs one. So great hooting who needs a bigger named fight. Loma chanko orange. Crop turns cropper without a doubt. Without a doubt, though. But the thing is with Loma chanko. He's the lighter die. So for people to appreciate how good he is. He's the best boxer walking this planet right now as far as total skills the whole package, but he's so small people don't appreciate we had the same thing happened with mighty mouse. And then if he can get a big name fight and move up with the Mike you're see or something like that. He needs that with Terence Crawford. It's just like his team is house them in this bubble. And they're like, oh, you're going to find a name, here's Americana and was like we'll fuck, bro. Like, all right. I guess. We'll take that. You know? I would say turns Crawford the problem with him is he's thirty three years old now who has he faced anybody. But it's only in fucking Nebraska. He will only find Omaha Nebraska. And I think turns Crawford is the scariest guy in the world. Unbelievable. Everyone's notice no one besides devante Davis. Who's also crazy no-one calls out tunes Crawford. There's a reason for that. But he can't get fights terrorists. Corporates unbelievable fighter. But the fact is that his resume right now is paper thin even at thirty three years old. And then I have people saying, oh, well, he unified hundred and forty and it was the first undisputed champion, and those are the same people that complain we have too many bills. So which one is it those guys were mostly paper champions. He beat dream matchup for tunes Crawford. If you if you're if you're the Scrooge mcduck of box right now, and you have to worry about alliance. Who would you have to fight? I was diving into my volts of coins. I would make a fight between Terence Crawford and aerospace junior, right? Best fight in boxing, peering. Right. Why don't they do it man there? Talking shift each other in social media politics. They don't do it. The pipes going to have to rice in the level where PBC and topper and get together and say ok looks to join paper view, whether it's ESPN and Showtime ESPN and FOX let's join pay per view split down the middle and get this done. Same way we saw with Tyson and Lennox Lewis. For may whether in Manny Pacquiao, that's what's going to take. We'll see I don't think when I can see it goes down. All right, guys. There you have it. Adrian broder. Manny Packer, fighting this Saturday on pay per view, Showtime, January nineteenth he's taking pack yell. I think Adrian Boehner can do it. Tune in. Thanks for coming in. We needed a box and head on this show. Your might go to and I sent out the bat signal your. Coming in, bro. Appreciate around there. You have it boxing head. I think I made them uncomfortable. When I said balls deep insider of boxing, Mike, Koppen, jer fun guy, man. You need guys like this. He's a writer off the podcasting in connecting with maize, not his forte. He's a he's a he's an expert when it comes to boxing. I am not don't wanna box in my day. But he knows the insides the outsides the down low. He's in the camp. He's in the trenches. This is this is what he does. So I wanted to bring him into get different perspective of everything going on. And you know, I talk a lot of shed and I hear some rumors. But this guy he he knows and even offer he told me some things like, dude. I wish we could have talked about this. He's like, you just can't you just can't so yeah. It was a fun wine. Anytime we have big fights coming up. We'll probably reach out to him to kind of break it down for you guys. Hopefully enjoyed it. It's a quick one. It's a fun one. Hopefully, it got you kind of pumped for the fights this Saturday, pay per view on Showtime, many pack, yo Adrian broder. It's a good one. Enjoy your weekend. Thank you. Guys for all the well wishes on Instagram and Twitter from my special. I won't let you guys down. I've been working my ass off for you guys for this one night in particular, and it's gonna be great. It's going to be great wait for all you to see it. Thank you for the love thing for the sport. Thank for making a show. What it is. And yeah. Keep on keeping on Ambrym Shaab. Enjoy the fights. I will see you Monday.

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