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Inside Supercars - #219 - Erebus and DJR Team Penske Launch


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Tony talk reporting a big week in the civic house calendar baddies countdown to series Stotts at all teams in the series alone. Ching may cause liveries and in some cases, they knew setups within those teams such as film Monday in his rape Twenty-three moving across to join with ticket rising. Anyway, kick off the week on inside sip. Because we've got first of all the Airbus launch will fortunate enough to attain that launch in federation square in Melbourne and to meet up with the various players involved in it that being the team manager Barry Ron lay Dr day Reynolds, and the rookie who came through and showed some great skill last year in antone Davis quality we also quote. Out with we'll Brown who was shading the ninety nine cow in the pen. Right. Arabs team. Or I will is interviews. We'll start the show followed by deja tamed Pinski, and they launch h wait joined the inside Midas fourteen as I look at all the news from cross the Scalia and around the world. Yeah. I mean, it means a lot in through the years. A lot of reference. This race is one of our majors six hundred miles around. Here is no easy task. And may be around. I was right with the family. Jazz don't community radio and online at sport radio dot com. Are you the views expressed on inside supercars, including the panelists and guests do not reflect the views of the network. Thunder media will sport radio any publication will Ray broadcast of the show without the expressed. Written permission of fund media is strictly prohibited. Welcome back here her because we're here with Barry. Ron after the Lord of the Penrod Brian with Erebus. He's heavies co-drivers here. And he's drivers great guy for you. Right. Berry is really good turn out really positive feedback from everyone. He won't you. Pin racing is nervous. Well, tested. Things. Finished bulletin the championship loss to you. You had a really strong. You had your young driver. Do you introduced in each had Mets speeding took teams? Number of those. You must be very encourage the continuity of occurred the way die finish the overseas. Lost five ranaldo full polls and three wins or whatever it was some of that. And it's on finished real strong. The twelve I've come right back at these conferences up there. Why he called for this second? So yeah, we're looking for big starts at the Dave should have wanted that last year he proved that to self? I want to get in the back of the year and ants on those nail every track comfortably and be. The great teams for your team was that you came along with the same as everyone else and come into a last to you. If a new guy new balance, new engineering bought all new setup to sold out, and you showed the very early Onen throughout the year that you had the number's been very encouraging to your very small engineering. It was good Allen Recco. And now just have group we work together on it and would have theories, and it is and it's fairly simple. We've said that a lot and wait this Ed bay the satellite here. And we just continued we finish two thousand seven nine and just different Kaz slot. Different talents. Chinese. We really didn't have to reinvent the wheel. We picked it up pretty quick. And what was that many locked the okay, and it wasn't reinvented the wheel with some fairly things. And I think that's where where we stayed strong and saying this year will sign card so he know every track last year where we were a little bit week. We really improved it by Sunday. So is she. We're going to stop fraud is drawn and then by Sunday. Hopefully, we'll be winning consistently. So one of the things that you think in need to do. I mean, okay. Get good. Cricket earlier. Were there any fundamentals in the team in fit stops word from Utah pitstops for we upgraded air quit went around dollar last year, we vested heavily in that that might have been different sister-in-law ability and the wheels always coming off. And not a one time thing time, you'll have hopeful. We'll I'm Tom and we went out and do that. And it was mainly equipment. So we fix that. That might be different to the cruise confidence. Knowing that the equipment was good enough to do it. So it was no excuses. They have to perform. And yeah. We've had a bit of work to do on tar temperatures frontiers immature brake cooling and we've developed a new opera help us. Trump. Hundred. Yes was developed in you uproar. Is going to make a difference to right cooling, which makes Todd temperature difference in the front means you can follow along the way last year and the cat would catch them real quick. And then several onto wells and everything h Nikon possum. So we just didn't make listen little gains for rice pace. That's. Zoning zoning. Maybe going man Gambia wanted to James f every kind is friends. He's sports new machinery to do it. And he's been a great supporter of the site. Yeah. We've only pay stay safer. This is good. And we again, we haven't reinvented the wheel just made an awesome. All right. Well, we look forward to being involved saying. Chain you cows role that I mean, the terrific thing is that you've got the continuity crew as well as drivers something with. Well. Yeah, we only have one proven leave at the end of last year. And he was dissolving guy that Jeannie Longo say it wasn't a big loss. Everybody's a loss hasn't really affected the way we're going roll into stops. And all that sort of thing. All right. Well, thank you to marry on say manager, Penrod Arabs fame. Welcome back to inside Subic cows on. He was Danny Reynolds. He's just being out of the launch of a two thousand nineteen Henriette Erebus team. This wonderful New Year's Eve outbreak. You've been away in a way looking forward to getting into it. We come down here at federation square for the launch. And that was a big turnout at teams on a great job to put together. Cosmic fantastic, all the suits and stuff with amazing almost ready to get get on board and get a gun. You got a very big week coming up you. Tasting it through that must be exciting. Yeah. Yeah. Looking forward to the test to see how those Mustangs roll out. You know, there's a few few on nine within the sport of the minute. You know, there's the balance of power between the Mustang and the visit big Commodore. And as long as it's as what they was what everyone had lost you'd be it'd be it'd be good fought into the visit view technical rule changes between spring. So it's back to the old linear springs and we've done a test down, then it's probably going to hope a lot. So. So you had a pretty good deal. You certainly finish took. And had wins. And you certainly showed it back to you. Vice? But not quite you, babe. One of the turning things to your team is the continuity sandwich, the engineering management group. There's very little you needed to actually get done. All do run done. Just so. It's not done yet. We're looking forward to really good really good twenty nine so good. So good a little new in the team took it the same the same engineer the same bungee. But it's basically the same group we've had flu for a couple of years now. A little. Every time we hit the track. We learn. We learn more about each other better as a team, and we're only building on that. So you know, the success for lost. You is only a small part of fluids. You must have some goals if he is can you? Always at the same goals. Win the championship win win more Pall Mall, podium more. That's always the same. Same goal realistically. You know, if we can finish in the top three in the championship. I think that's a that's a big step forward than we were lost to you. So we if we can constantly mix it with the two top teams, which we did lost. You do it more. So this year success successful. You saw. I was talking to antone shortly before and I certainly believe he's one that's going to be stepping into a press conference. Yup. Goodbye sure that you will be back there again to give us your view on the world. What I do best. Actually, everyone else gets in there and says board things so that's. Something to everyone of those Tatars. Thank you. Thank you for your tone day riddles on appreciate it. Welcome back to inside civic is where here the launch opin, right? Arabs team in federation square in Melbourne and where with antone Davis Crawley coming off a great season where you showed lots and lots of ice. Lord. Hey, thanks for having me. It's obviously always going to you next year at the launch that ice of out you 'cause you branding starts. It's quite a good eyesight for. Quite a good wake. And quite a good year. So it must be good to be getting back into the same job for new year. Yeah. It's awesome. It's good to have continuity going forward. Same same tame around us San Carlos Santana. And so inside had that continuity in unit moving food is is good. And we kept getting better as you went on law. She's Haifa carry that into into this year and just keeping proving and punching now there are many times that you showed your colors world truly this. She probably the biggest one was a shootout at Mathis. That was pretty amazing stuff. It's cool. Anytime you get into the street out. My first one was a dollar when it's quite a special thing, especially when used to watch that has the most exciting thing, we used to watch when was two as a fan when I was no rice and super cost to get part of that. It's quite special get the whole crowd. You know, everyone's watching you do what you want at the same time. It's quite nerve wracking. So I had to do that at Bathurst. I think was a very special moment and to do it the way. I did. It was squad co. And you'd race before it back. There's already in Hilton series unites also Newcastle conservatories net, plus a whole new jumping in and doing it there in the mind. Yeah. Massive difference oversee massive events. But when you're always the support caddo you never get that same event field. So I you the main show you get a lot of the mass amount of fans appointed you're doing parade laps and things like got to be part of that squad coup. And then go in there with with Airbus's, you know, the cause very you. You're gonna go position to get a good result. All right. One of the things for you was that you push Dave. And he actually knowledge you on several occasions came out and said, I ain't helping me enormously improving east racing in previous car that must have been very good for you as well your own feeling about. So it's awesome. That someone like dive he say, I'm complimenting more. He's doing and helping him making him work for it bit hotter effort to, hey. That's what you want. That's what all the all the best teams in the late and teach empty light stories. You have to drop his fought me. Charlie this. I'm Tom Foty everyone else to each other. And and you up the ranks sorry that was working you push him a lot hotter this year and. One of the things that was at the Las to you. We're seeing you came up with a very fast young man and say might in. We'll say he's he's a day. You must be pleased to have him back here. Co-driver? It's good law. She was fossils. And we didn't every juror was that first one and now freshman at together. So I think going into the next year will be easy for us. But at the same time after fast, and I think do result should hopefully guy well in the rights that we always who in the qualifying was there. And then he writes for quite well, and then everything happened that you sort of full backsides you mix you you've not at all of of little things and. Should go wonderful. So have you seen any goes for yourself for this year? There's always goes rice. You always wanna win made everybody and you want to be better than everybody. So that's always there. But at the same time law, she consisting almost call funding tents was back off the Eastern Cape doing that. And then make sure I finish. Where I am better thing. That's a mango for me. Qualify. Six something to finish sixth or seventh or something rather than tenth eleventh. So. I wouldn't feel the party is well within your capabilities that was I was getting this. I think lawsuit has a couple of chances where we actually could've snuck a powered him. If he did the something's with different. But I think I think this year by spayed, we should be fast. So if our module properly, I think a podium is possible. There's no reason why it isn't dive one you Rice's law. She is. So there's no reason what happen. I mean. One of the things you have in your corner is a terrific engineering group in that it was a brand new car brand new. An update that was changed the cow model the weird in the balance of it. And you showed you showed same sort of capabilities triple light in getting your heads around it and getting working and doing that pretty early. That was must be grazing. It's good. We ever caught a small engineering Gert bought. The the brainpower within that small group is massive, sir. I never worked together, and we all own achieve the same things. And we're not really fighting each other on the bay diving trying to be maybe it's trying to bait. Everyone else first. And then we worry about each other light on. So to have that kind of intelligent things. Really good. And you know, it's it's also back to basics and things like that. We don't try, and we don't end up too far into a whole choices something we. Dave Evans, pretty realistic and to keep him when he checks I it works. And then. Levy said plenty Brian power to make the cost and then up to Maine, David jokes. Now, your you'll parents garden, correct? Yeah. With farmers out west of nobody yet. Inter sometimes you get going. Yeah. Well, I still live a harm on the phone. So that even as a hand is dental manpower, always cook, himself hope helping. Hoping hoping out custom code flowers RAF attract whatever go to do. So not as much these days. What it usually whenever this is how old. Coming up. Mr. early just just knowing just obviously we testing on Thursday. So once that stars are pretty full on into the year and working with engineering group to make. I was delighted with the best possible at the moment. Just concentrating on the supercars and then the same Tomba. I did the Bathurst twelve hour the other last weekend so too. I think to get some more of that going to be quite cool more rice in the better. So I just want to be a car. We look forward to watching your progress. And I'm pretty sure. This year that I'm going to be hearing your voice from a press conference. Congratulations on twenty showing the speed your head. And I'm sure we'll both in again, and you'll be back into it. So thank you to angel people's me on the inside civic house Olsen. Thank you. Here because we're here was will Brown who has co-driver of ninety nine helped antone to have a great year at the back end in the jerus- your doing much in this year. Yeah. Looking forward to it to to be so on Arabs have everything sold it. So Elliot's really good at that gives us good progression of the year. And I'm just kidding to get back into it with them. They're an awesome team. It's like family and not just drink, right? One was shown obviously you've been running in your own Eggleston run team in. Timmy again for you. Yeah. That's actually really looking forward to see. And nothing's chimes the same teams gives a bit of granting, you know, the people in the team you not trying to get things. So I'm looking forward to Suprato. We want to win the championship hungry for it. So I'm going to be drawn as hot as we can for that. And then in Anton, Scott, we're doing the best job we can for him. So that's what I'll be doing. Now, you've picked up a few tunnels of your own through the us starting cons. Yes. Ivan guy Coutts, I thought a lot of the most people Salvino studying didn't know man did three three or four years that and then stepped up into 'cause. Yeah. Loving it. Okay. Now, you one four we were fooled. Yeah. When the formula four championship in two thousand sixteen toy daddy six championship and the Formula Ford, I kind second. But I missed the first round sauce fifty eight points day on and I lost the by points known side would have been good to win. But the Formula Ford ones probably the one of a wise wanted to win if you have a look at the pedigree of draw have one full meal Ford. That's probably the the one that. I wish I could have one. Toddlers are one thing but having the speed to show it is another you that. Certainly and that. You haven't exonerated back. You in you in your rights and in in what you do. That's one of the things I mentioned that you and Antonio will benefit anonymously because you now going doing something done once before we know each other a lot better now as well. We. You know, we rise to gangs. Tell us what we didn't know Talavera. Well, we're good my town. So looking gone rising with a friend, and we enjoy what we do. So hopefully, we can now you'll be down there early Lord shirt. Got three days testing this week. Actually, I'll go super two on Tuesday Wednesday Winston, and then I'll be down the little Trump Thursday, a wonderful where you should be willing truly tuned up. Yeah. That's what I should be ready by by Adelaide. I'm actually down here come down from tool for three weeks just to get ready. Manto jump on the simulator push each other a long truck each other storms and see how we got. All right to we'll ram backs up. Again, this us over to two eagles as well. As being a co-driver antone in the ninety nine FINRA nervous. Thanks. Thanks off to the break DJ team Pinski, and they launch each week joined the inside motorsport team as I look at all the news from across the street and around the winning formula three I think the fantastic environment may be doing, however Philippe, though dynamo career and can talk to it. Because. Try and talk back game. I feel like doing inside motorsport broadcast really radio and online at sport radio dot com. Are you joining the conversation post your thoughts on our Facebook page and to ask a question? Email insiders at sport radio dot com dot AU. Because we're here host scorch in port. Melbourne scotla. Go on me two thousand eighteen. Champion. I know you got zero points. Marsha so we'll and you'd be looking forward to the season Thursday. Yeah. It's Joe just have the new base going out there and having a crack at it. It's gonna be awesome. You know? Yeah. I'm excited up in the team's excited and definitely nothing style that you know, trying to go back to back. Yep. I'll being on with manufacturers died, but it was a little bit of a different balance at that stage. Because just with the, you know, the air we could just try and change a few things as well. Yeah. To make sure it works. And we got the best balance for parody and stuff a Cippico. So we had to change couple things. But it was very close. Taste. I actually going that doesn't happen often. Does it and it's a great track for testing, I foster on the tar degrade. So you can to elapse in the one tour fos corners, long strikes big breaks and taught happens and add into that the wind is affected too. So that's big Faeroe and Washington so stuff. So it's very exciting. Now, very good team has changed visiting automated some monitoring nearing. It's all assign. That's very cool. No one. Can you have to do which is the same as? To like glass to you. And that was making you count would die one. Yeah. And it's easiest have been done. You know, it's gonna be a little hard work on the same still going on even back in the workshop. This college hates that is that she just showed costs. So we've all have hostile get to come down from from Quainton. So that working have on my show that works and make sure that everything's and too shy come Thursday because this is really one of the most important for us to get everything working. So. So let's see how we got Alex goose smart via potatoes on Thursday. Thank you. That's making that now is alive. Easy. You've been. Get. Yeah. That probably longer than that. She so for fourteen fifteen minutes sixteen seventy five years. So it's it's very cool. He's when he came back from his twenty sixteen having with hip and having with me and twenty seven and finally sold a lot came back and hung out again. And it was a lot of fun. Yep. Ex team mates from Jerry m and he's he's he's a he's a great friend, great friend of mine. So, you know, it's very cool to rice. The biggest rice is logs your friends. GM john. Now. A shock over the summer. And that was counts retrenching. Aw. I think the suddenness of it. Yeah. Was pretty is always different stores. Eight on here behind the scenes, what was happening. But yeah, it's a big coal. Obviously boost is it's when Jeremy bluffs, the sponsor. It's hard to keep the keep the the, you know sports built around money money coming in. So I guess I had to make a tough decision. Obviously reduced wanted Santa way. And that's how it went. And yeah, there's a shock for everyone. But. Golf probably landed in a pretty good role, regardless. Yeah. Yeah. Now, somebody who you'd be considered one of the odd rices in the Pedic. You would have enjoyed writing against gathered. Lease. Yeah. You know, he's one of the one of the one of the guys that when he was in new mirrors that you will lock this is going to be tough, especially on a such coury side. He was absolutely phenomenal and restarts and Stotts themselves. If you stay in front of Gough after stop when he's behind ya. You adore won't. So he was he's a very good rice and very smart. Which I actually haven't told five u. Is is to be great. Great that he actually said was twenty seventeen service paradise when he it in the world. Yeah. Terrific. Give him the hall on. Yeah. I mean, you could ask the question you, obviously would have been thinking about a few things, you know, the off season. And you know, I it's obviously it was on his own. But yeah, that was it was pretty bad. It's okay. Now, you're had a great Christmas. Bright on agile. Director you warming shave in. But also with retro you'll feel. When you said a diet years. Also, December this year, we're getting married basically, touchy, very December fraud thirty so. Today. Well, no, no, we're going to be married in Malibu, California. And and yeah, so it's gonna be it's gonna be it's gonna be cool things. So it's bit of a half and half everyone like she's from New York. So the families go to fly at six hours, and then my family probably would fly that thirty now is but there's the best of both worlds for everyone. So it's gonna be cool. And Oviously looking for a new car. Any element in China? About what he shape, obviously, if everyone is gone from the twin screen to the Linea spring. It's going to be different. Have you tried it at all run run the spring, you know in this before two different into some trek set. Our preferred the twin spring, I've up, you know, it's it's going to be different. But at the same everyone, so I guess in some ways pice boys, basically pissing off as she think Arab should be strong because I know that used to run on the new setup all the time. So I didn't know that will probably be a head of the guy in moon anyone else. But I think you'll find your Ostra white. We'll get on pretty quickly. And we'll see how we got. Well, we look forward to catching up with you. I. Right. The case down here and look forward to the moon which Evans on Wednesday. Yup. A you and everyone else is going to be there on his head. Yeah. Yeah. That'd be pretty awkward if the Ryan shaved and talent to let one so to that. And it's gonna be it's gonna be a big week. But a lot of things going on in Melbourne, but you know, Melvin Ma X harm. So I love going and seeing everyone and catching up so funneling. It's been wonderful. Chatting, you cutting the to eighteen virgin, Australia, tearing catchweight, isn't it? Tony we talk here Santi because the Johnson murmurs after the shell Mustang has been exposed the wounds you'd be looking at for while. It's very interesting. I've seen it from the ground up, obviously, it's a civic cast, chassis, etc. Under nine hundred it's been it's been a hell of a journey getting out at this point. There were there were some interesting challenges. But I think the end result is what we expected it's almost since your day driving Mustang in this series. And he's trying during Jay it's set long since his beta to count it. Yeah. I suppose the maser was a two door covered. So so Sierra. I think it's the only way that we could really go with to keep the teams. Ford badge on the front of it. I think that's one of the one of the most prominent things about food is affected. Doesn't matter where it is round the world. It's just the same on every single very spout. Baser engineering where they did that for bedrock. Tell me more understand. There's no loaded changes within the team. Jobwise oversee engineering wise, you some changes in and not really think we've added someone to to the to the current thing. But as far as his nobody's lifting of the engineering department the rules too late. Now, I remember going to you this. I was headquarters it's obviously his polish over the years. You've got everything really rubbing sleep. Very very large can of paulie. At the end of the diets it's a facility that we built back in inaudible we first moved in March. So it's it's served its purpose. I didn't think they'd ever get to the point where we could fill it that we absolutely bussey in the same. Even to the point where we've had to move the engine Shabair really oh jumped the right now it's cross around here. And but all in all it's it's very good facility in very functional. We we did a good job when we. His day. Remember, it was quite revolutionary, John when you opened way. Hey, if anybody else had done, it was and that was sort of hopefully, planning a little bit for the future future screwed up for this. Okay. Now, you always had a museum, then he run your own internal who. Books about things like that. You do your own look tightly that Calvin five and COPA sits vici. We do everything by the the actual manufacturing the commerce. We they work and things, but. Oli engineering in the machine work and even in the printing all the graphics. The whole lots of the finding the penalty rating that finding Chitra everybody used on this. To go off and do other series of the categories. We're going to hand full of what we got. Where'd you doing it? Well, you do. Well. Doug lead to of. Take off the bull weird is because we're in a pretty good spicy. We wanna start. You would've looked at the numbers. Don't actually getting the daughter of it. I mean. I mean, I've got to believe that given that you'll cow the chassis engine works are will lost the last three years as. That will work, sir. Well that putting a new body on what you've seen typhi. There's no reason to that's gonna stop easy. Absolutely. Not other. You'll find that this will be competitive, and that's just the why should because parody system works. Here's what model bringing they should be compatible with any other kind of field at one of the great things was for this series that you're serving competitive he against the there's no reason to believe that you guys can't do with this. What was done with the with the Commodore? Well, I fully you know, we felt last year that we did extremely well before we have. And that was to the fact that we we run the nicotine. Design. It's been around for a long time and things move on. And hopefully, that's the grand that we picked up in this guy. Okay. Well, we certainly look forward to seeing mccown roll out this Thursday saying you don't drink because there's one thing saying static at a showroom. The I o was good. But on a drank is way below exactly. And you know, I think the proof of being pudding maybe not so much when we get to Philip ball. And because he really the caused on not really. Hip. That's looking for. I certainly look forward to being made and seeing the cow much the rest of itself us. Thank you talking on intouch hippy guy Johnson. Owning scientific has launch on the twenty nine eighteen Mustang and its new livery Majel. Welcome back to Ron story by tiny wonderful. Obey hit. It's a great moment. You say though, you don't on violent one or don't have a one a seven six time that the writing champ is has continued to with the seventeen and the following year. So Scott's following index tradition, which is something very special means a lot of jokes and family means a lot of us. Ownership of competition numbers are wondering rather than just over one, which it's an it's an iconic number through things that dick is dominant over the years. And there aren't many of them they now. No, there's not. I told me you had a great Christmas and the new year, obviously, very busy Time Engineering and manufacturing of these. But nor changes within the tain. Obviously the buddy Shane it's pretty much either. We we very fortunate to have really good staff retention, and we look after our people to be part of what we do. And it's a big pot of about Asian culture. So not a lot of changes within the organization got continuity without dravis continuity with a particular jury Cup draw one up his womb, sue we. We're pretty excited by the biggest challenges have been exactly as you say engineering challenges and getting these college. So we surf you changes. I mean, obviously you count white the Thursday to roll around you always say after but it's one of moving Scotty to being situation. Now having had the twenty seven hundred eighty eight and the twenty eighteen when he's growing that much more. Yes, he's he's done a tremendous job. He's he's grown grown as a driver and grown as a man. I think is my question about that. And we we give him if we if we can get a hit around this car. There's no reason to think that we can return Scott and five into the winners circle quickly. Hopefully, continue our phone from austere and trying to thin the championship. That's certainly what the of the game is one of the things that were so nice. He was half quickly Zayd bathe. It wasn't just one team because it was triple eight ride Jones. And somebody else was oh Erebus who they hit around the new Commodore on obviously the under the the body is side. And that was very successful for you. So it's really squished looting the balanced McCallum, the new shape, you think you can do that as well. As to lightning remains to be saying, I think that Sydney had had had a lot of experience over the years and coming out of the books new cars, and and being successful with them straight away. It's been a challenge for us. It's the first time we've been getting teams first home we've been effectively responsible for the design of Newcastle. It's it's new grad for us. There's a lot of people within our organization who've experienced on on this side of the alleged for us as an organization at some child territory, including Luda through mighty. Mighty balcony. Jimmy, absolutely. So for us we have to manage expectations sitting nearly on. And it's going to take us a little while to get out hit around this car into to defunct with. But we have no doubt of the kospi degree will be capable of. It's just a matter of us doing the raw doing doing doing a good job and understanding it and making sure we're tuning up to the track and enrolling rolling things out of the truck. Get competitive. Imagine your expectations ruby be pricey those wins RDM's right through the showing the way qualifiers as he's done this code. He's done for Las two years. There's no reason to think that as Boston eve expert of some he he certainly wouldn't for the like I said it's gonna take us a bit of time to get the Colorado, and we're under no illusions of much challenge that will be. I mean, we're up against some pretty fierce competition. We were fortunate enough to take the trophy way loss, but for us to continue that fall, and we have to continue to rise guy because we've been doing these 'cause opposition heaven exactly been resting on. Now. Apart from over the rising on the lot in food which has made number four and the change in the jury pool went with backers Spurs apart from that the formats run pretty well right through the year only Niger sort of changes at UC happening through the full rights at all the interesting interesting one would be seen more of the knockout qualifying format with the screen events, which are thinks exciting. And I think the fans really really like that. And and for us some of the logistic challenges particularly around the back to back with football and Tasmania that will be a big challenge for typically coincide to Queensland tanks. But is it looks forward to the she could Solomon than certainly client patient for us contingent Toronto emanate, and and replicates the successive when he had well, I look forward to when I semi regular vice I'm not here to be there everyone, but it semi regular ice Toews with Ron story about TGI Penske. And we look forward to. Singley white red and yellow crossing relied and causing it probably in the position view. Hopefully it makes Mesa chicken chicken flag. I go on on on on on the Asian. That's what we're looking for which. Thanks. So thanks to Ron story of DJ Penske inside circuit guys. Welcome back to inside serving house. I'm hey was fighting coach I with these new toy sitting right beside him. Now, this is quite some guy. This is the first time you've had a new shape in Yulon, John Ron. Stumped me here. If with brides, maybe thing, that's I think that's the first body shy. Like seriously photons since I like, all right? Right. Right. Okay. So that's something else. Short time ago baby and showed me a video. He his daughter. Yep. Doing hockey, aren't you? I'm working on. Born doing. I'm confused. But so you had a great Christmas as good, you know, it's nice to unwind from the year that we had launched year and just spend time with the family big pre kids go to white to America every month is a new one for you having. Now, these two little ones only read has pretty crazy. But you know, you gotta cherish every moment they grow up so fast. And we're saying that in the in the short time that we've had the the kids that everything happens fast. And all the all the things that is pretty cool. So yeah, really enjoying it so fly, but you to the states. I didn't know it was just made that win. So they can keep Stein. All right. A frozen seven and Jolla. Yeah. That's fun. Okay. So naive squeaky on the launch her Wednesday. And then Dan fillipponi, which I'm sure is a favorite track news. I love Philip ball. It's the next best to Beth. Fast-flowing elevation change. Which does a draw is exciting. So that's that's cool. Looking forward to getting their driving the Mustang in its current configuration for the first on which will be exciting as well. So I think it looks the pop so obviously hot and half the battle is nothing. Look the pot guys. Just have you ever road? Con I do and use eight Mustang. What is it? It's the five later. The I. I will sing an dot com. Lazy Irish focus? I took it back last week and pick on the Mustang enough going for the team Fayed or. Pretty crazy teams on isn't. It is awesome on fuel. Got shell fuel to pull it in as well. Yeah, it's very economical. Which is pretty cool. Okay. Now, you've been DJ basically full issue, a forty eight inches, and obviously very comfortable way. Yep. The the team does things for you in a certain way you haven't had before. Just a, you know, you you wanna along yourself with like on a grants and on people and to be able to say that now you've won racist for Roger Penske. Dick johnson. The whole nation. The morale the vodka is awesome. They look after us as drivers. So everything you could ask for so now we have great Foschi's on the right track as a drive you want to win races and here wherever to do that. Now, you got to the site system. You went today. Thailand Penske racing. So. Yeah. Again, the p. The sports cars running the Acura sports cars. So I just to be part of it. They they with very much part of their family. You know in Charlotte proud of that, you know, filming the pink speed gyns and everybody lease. They opened the doors for us. We're allowed to walk through all the departments unassisted ever knew what we were doing why we were there. And maybe that we're very much part of that organization, which is pretty awesome. So where their little brother down here in his trial. But he had to go and see how they do. Things is Scipione another live. Scipione another liberal Kerry. All right. Well, I look forward to being our until two you off you done selects. You have done very few like seventy I did a little bit when we were gonna find the aero package. But yeah, I haven't done anything once since it's been quantified. So. Will make your booking Thursday afternoon and ever checked go to nearly flawed say. Thank you. I would Li and so we've been told you on inside civic house with Fabian Coulthard and day, John Penske control wonderful, h wait joined the inside motorsport team is I look at all the news from across the Scalia and around the world, and you know, every year three Jackie curve on praying for mama fell of his part in starting the pasta type account too sick to spot with Indies, news and opinion, Jack, certainly lifted Mark not only on a dried in motor sport. But modest four four around the world. Broadcast on community radio and online at sport radio dot com dot I you joining the conversation post your thoughts on radio Facebook page. Welcome back to inside Subic house on the road to Penrod arabists team nail pretty exciting times for this team in particular. But did a great job loss. You didn't they tiny? And obviously the expectation for them is that they want to build on that into the new season so forth in the teams championship last year. David bunt put together a bunch of wins. Some pole positions and tones rookie season was very impressive to cos-. That are presented in the same livery for this year. How I hope so I think that I'll be in for another good year. One of the great things any rights thing as is the continuity, and they haven't inspite buffet four drivers engineering management, very. Well, as you know, the business agent self log, so when you're not winning as always China China. China's drive his sponsors engineers mechanics management, and that's the whole nightshirt the biz the based. So as you quite rightly observed these guys had a precinct sexual twenty iteens. So that probably saying no reason to change it just refinement will be what they're up to bury later, a good group of people who are what they got a great engineering group. And by thrive is a highly credential highly qualified, and I'm sure they'll do job. Now, the season is being a few motivations. I mean years here changes indicts mix. Ender, fundamentally, it looks Pretty Woman site certainly arrived at rice links which are old well and conceited no van. Fifteen rounds for this new season and rising Perth under lots for the first time. So that'll be fun and starting in Adelaide winding up a gaining Newcastle. And we rising everywhere game with the exception of the ICT so toys NAS to be able to go to every state and territory in the country by one and often use Zealand again as well. So a little bit of shuffling, send comes later in the, but as you say largely much sinus, it's painting in recent years, and and lots to look forward to in law several seasons. We've had these fantastic finishes which have been really exciting. No matter who you very cool. So hopefully, we get another one of those and it'll be caused and we go all the way to the hospital. Who's gonna win? Things are changing much. But she signed for chain and folks. People ask me. And it's sorta sounds strange because I worked for super 'cause it's hard for me to know what ten and FOX programming. So civic media makes what you see and ten and FOX here. What you see? But on my side, it'll be every practice every qualifying. And every rice says it's been in recent years. So there's all you can eat supercars. And so nothing really changes in will intrigue. I can't actually honestly answer the question because I'm not sure how they program we'll be remiss of me, even though you started your career with television channel seven. Recently to these. Of the policy of Michael Woodson. In January died. Quite suddenly from what I understand. Murray. Lennox just recently, he was going to be having a meeting with choose after he died on the Mari was quite chalkboard. Imagine news world is really said those that have come to know and love motoracing and observable. That's cried about it. I did it gratitude to mock because in the nineties when he was at network ten he identified the need food might rising on the channel. And he was really at ground zero at the foundation level of building. What became the Heim motor sporting that very productive period where it was very healthy for motor sport and coverage of all sorts of things. Off-road rally championship world rally championship those things where always. Greatly received by five starting motor sporting public. Mike was a big part of it. I went to his funeral just in this past week. And so lots of all motorsport friends, and it's very sad to lose somebody. If he's caliber lovely man and be contribution. Thanks very much to say. But just won't do remember Mark because he was such a wonderful person and such fan. You'll you've got a great year coming up. I look forward to hearing your voice on the on the same throughout the year. And I thank you. My pleasure. Always good to catch up. Thanks. Thank you. That's it for me. And that's good. Not from him. Could not inside supercars is produced by thunder media shooting next week for more at sport radio dot com dot a u or locking the podcast on your genes or mobile device. Search inside supercars. Jared, we know devotion isn't a once a year occasion. And once the flowers have wilted and the chocolate's have disappeared. You'll still want them to know how much you care dare to give a gift that lasts. This Valentine's Day with our incredible selection of jewelry from delicate rose gold. Too bold. Black diamonds Jared has hundreds of pieces under two hundred ninety nine dollars and exclusive collections you won't find anywhere else. Shop online or find a store near you at Jared dot com, and they're to be devoted.

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