Football Postcast: Champions League & Europa League Special


Follow party power on Snapchat. The username is the Patty power, and we promised I wouldn't be any boring. Snaps about gigs. The weather all the gym. Hello on Langton. The welcome to especial race in most foot will host costs. Open champion's lead. Angie, rope elite this mid we joining me in the studio racing post colleagues Charles and the implant and on the line from Aspen says potty power, it's Emmett's O'Keefe will everybody ROY. Let's get stopped writing to the champions the outright. It's a fantastic competition. Best of the best. Can you just give us a rundown, please the Champions League outright betting, please? We've Moncia tend to three Barcelona four to one event to six to one. They relate to one to one rather Madrid eleven to one bar Munich twelve to one Alaska Madrid twenties. I'll take that. I'll start with Manchester City were V favorites, and maybe even deserving of being shorter and your. Three thing they could be a little bit shorter. Don't see it seem compassionate at the moment. I seem to be getting better as a season goes on. I mean, you you Chris choice imports for the six Neil were defeated. Eddie have just city with frightening. The you know, the intensity they play that. I think that the Brian coming back being fully fit now is just taking on another level. I mean, didn't even miss DIVY silver who's been one that didn't stop one of the best players of the season. And I'll just think you look at some of the competition there, I'm overly convinced by some of the event about a little bit with dip recently at the free noodles Lance land. Didn't I in corporate Talia was big concern there ball? Should I always feel you can get them defensively? Especially in the away leg is where needs knockout games and go great record in the away legs Liverpool just dipped a little bit recently PS Jia fancied after the group stage. But the injuries Inc really going to hurt them as well. Name. Are it sounds like he's gonna be out until early April at the moment? I think that's going to be. I mean, that's going to be a problem for Pierce g the while interesting further down the list Athletico Madrid so on I should say after organs eventers spur always thinking these two legged toys because I defend so well, a good chance of getting through and twenty so one if they get policy events is you know, that be good better have Liam what's your the pick of the process, which best back a lot look at Barcelona. We know Spanish sides traditionally very good in the Champions League row. Madrid's having won three seasons. I think now an Estevao Vada is called the perfect balance in that scored and you look at that. So of experience core of Lionel Messi, so Joe Bousquet it's GOP PK being before that's now complemented by sort of young exciting talents is monitoring belly. And and Malcolm though, the first team to qualify for the knockout style. Well, no, honestly, I think I team to qualify from very challenging group with you know, intimate. Alon Tottenham even Pierce v in the fifteenth successive season in the knockout stage now, and I know people talk about distractions, and when you go competitions how much focus can you put on the Champions League? But it's hope of Lalita and a copyright semi final. Still we've around Madrid did not game, of course. But I think they've got the depth to cope with all those competitions. And when you're winning matches across a series of different competitions. I think I can only be a good thing. And they've of course, they were rocked a little bit by the loss of simultaneously to injury earlier, but he seems to be back in training now. And I think they'll only be a stronger team when he comes in to be back limo long way looks PK's that she co quite well, but yeah, for me also now we've got so blend of experience the younger players coming through. I think the rest of those teams that Manchester City oversee you can't rule out. But the rest of the team's up there arrive lacking in that kind of Champions League, lots of stage experience. So they've got some serious deficiencies in different area. Think boss'll under the most well rounded team in the copetition you've mentioned buffalo. Dunn's mentioned that let's go Madrid ongoing for the Spanish hat-trick Real Madrid. Are over priced double-figure olds. They'd go easy game against is. Because I did well against buying in in terms of in group stage by still seeing the Real Madrid who'd be happy enough with that for a last sixteen home if the season, you know, they spend the first few months doing absolutely nothing, and then they wake up or in the last week or so the drawing away to also loaner one away. So let's go Madrid lost free years. And for the last four now known Cristiano Renaldo is a big poll of that. But they still go. You know, the makings of a very strong senior called swallowing gold Voronin Ramos as that sue sends a house, and you've got customer crews, a nukem Aldridge midfield Benz. Mer does very solely job up front. Nothing Vinicius that the young Brazilian is really I did an x factor to to the Real Madrid. So of attacking recent weeks garb bowel came off the bench against let's go score. These hundred. Dole just finger. This was seen. It was around about seven zero one. So Mark when the compensation I started. Now, they're going over double figure olds they've won their group cable. They did in the league for the first few months this show before that doesn't count on guy around Madrid who you gun full. I told you echo your sentiments there. I'd like bar stone of the front three of the market. But I'd sided that definitely ran Madrid's Madrid's tomorrow of tiger event to say her price head of them. I don't think they'd be going much bigger than eleven to ten sixty five to qualify. If even I think they're not standing seam as you mentioned the strengthen defensive midfield. Unlike the the difficult more. A lot more of a team as of late, and they're very very impressive away to go the weekend. Okay. I was expecting to be standing alone with the Real Madrid. So they don't go out. I'm in good company with Emmett. Can you also run through the top goalscorer marketplace messy favorite thirteen days eleven days. Three to one name or ninth one gieco fourteen to one and by seventeen to one Garo twenty two twenty two one twenty two embar. Okay. Well, dose skiing leads to the moment from the no messy who would you be backing it? Well, one of the front or is it someone over them analyst? I think Messier FA the most likely winner as the odds indicates and could be a value in the in the place markets here because Levin. Ski at the moment. Barner it's about five to six barn qualify Liverpool. But I can see Liverpool going off odds on there is a decent John celebrities QB and therefore that eight goals could be surpassed. And then of the players on five goals. Three behinds eleven ski. You've Eddin Jacko who wouldn't wouldn't expect Rome which go far chrome rich the competition with often I'm Moraga from Porthos injured 's Todd from I XE again lightly, I I would say Royal and then pilot Balas who who may not even star. He's only scored to really goes and Sarah this year. So I think there's a lot of the guys who are a high open the goal charts are pretty vulnerable on the the two I like bigger prices, Nick, Nick, a place will be most solid fifties. I think it's a pretty big price. Liber put her in ninety two to make the final. I made the final I think twelve and a half to one on the place. There is pretty good and thirty three to one hundred about Benza as well, again, eight hundred place there, I can see. Getting a fair few goals against ex if they go far as expect them to think again, I could see him running into place there. If he twenty fever either for from done. What was your it said about the law? No mess shellings by far the most likely winner and probably a worthy favorites each way. Option auto for his Aguayo. He's on two goals at the moment as it's just mentioned there. Probably outside of messy, the target that you look in gets probably isn't going to be that big and guero. He's planning shock. Probably. The worst thing lessening competition a form he's in the monument and the White City applying amount of chances that Christ him for him. I wouldn't be surprised if he scores three four five goes over the two legs. I mean, I it's feasible. And all of a sudden he wrote in we've seen the I'm expecting to go away. So Queiro from easy each way value, and for you, keep him the boss, Elena fame, Galeano messy, again is probably my number one pick six goes in a very challenging group there expect as I said boss line into very deep into this competition, but outside of that I think Kilian mbappe actually looks quite interesting to me of Seapower sentiment. Hit with the name are injury. Now, the Edison Cavani doubt as well. I mean free goals in the Champions League. So far four sisters. Well, he's top score in the league with eighteen goals this season. I think we'll see we'll be more emphasis on him. People questioned. Ever. You can carry that burden with PS g tricky law sixteen fixture against Manchester United way, did it the woke up last year, and nobody expected that. So I think. Yeah. NPS G as well. I think come progressiveness competition. They did top very tricky group. We've live aboard Napoli in. Okay. I Messi probably will win Levin. Dos. Gay the stall he's done only Cameron in terms of the group thing that lost sixteen ties req- Megan's. If would say though in Levin, dusky favor Virgil Van Dyke he suspended for that first leg against blind. So maybe opportunities as so Nick one goal and set set sets hall gate is she messy will get for shell Evernote or the perennial winner of this golden Buddha. Cioni one goal for you Venter's, though, we have seen him before go crazy or pro Rinat too often against let's go Madrid. As far as the knockout stages, go. Well, we've got absolutely beauty's. In terms of the last sixteen starts, of course. On tuesday. Emmett mentioned all it's against PS g not imminent prices and maybe some qualifies as well. And then your view the game. Thirteen ten twelve to five and PS two your twenty one to ten and mine either eleven date qualify. VS G four to seven. It's it's interesting. You know, when this when the draw was made and what Marino still manager were tend to three to qualify. And that's that's that's one of the biggest deal ever. See it happening eleven days. Obviously, it's not just because you know, it's improvements neymar and and Coveney both being at is is is significant to the us wanting from PSG's favor is Marco vowed he returned from injury the weekend. Like, if he was I think that would administaff too far really fancy tonight. It's be interested to see a PS g set up here because they tended in previous years. Let's overcommit an attacks and be very void on the counter. And if they do this you ought to rewrite them, so marseils goals, two weekends, obviously rush. It's very Gordon the counterattack. So as the. That's something that they've really committed to undersold shore. And again, I would say the fact the PHD were desperate to sign. It Idrissa gay on deadline smacked of I would say vulnerability in the squad and vulnerability that holding would fill the position. So I think he can exploit this and. For the March. The the better go with the over two point five goes eight to eleven I just can't see they're not being goes here and PS g generally play very open. I think know his defense is quite vulnerable to. Okay, I think I'm gonna. Okay. I think I'm gonna go for PS g so qualifying thrift is just gone a little bit too, far ado respect even the soldier is done in terms of the recovery. Menges is position getting them up so forth. And we said, oh, I'm beating anybody. Then they've been taught me so well, they were lucky to be salting them. And then they'd be arsenal. And then we're still trying to find more excuses. And I agree that I think Popa could run that midfield against his mom bar stooping, PSG, aquatic, better the Manchester. You know, I'd say that defense, even even if it's second-string Bapai that Maria still fingers law quality in that PS g so I I think over the two legs, particularly on a very very strong power own in your we've seen them really putting things up also Liverpool. So the saw Chelsea as well. So Dan, you we all forget Cavani could be back for the second leg as well. Which would make a big difference. Now, I would favor piss g two gopher in this. On the first leg are she see it being caught? So I'll think PS g because of the injuries that I think my may go a little bit more cautious. And it could kinda suit them in a way because much at three like teams coming onto them to use the pace on the counter attack thing veracity coming back. He's a big boost for pitch to veracity martinis should give the the defense Gupta protection. And you know, if we've seen as we've seen the the one song that title lied under social against bone Leona, they go back to but I want to convince in in doing. So I mean, it was a poor decision. Barter? The bony defender might the challenge to give the penalty away. But it looked pretty clueless up to that point. Now, just or just be still there's a question of it against it saying that sets up frustrates and got the quality of you sign on as he signed the bright Drexler they Maria by still plenty going forward there. I don't think both teams might be very respectful of each other here that could lead to a low scoring. I think the draw is a big price with. Completely agree drawers well thing. Yeah. You're not being priced is going to new found attacking mindset in in the last couple of months Belay can also grind out results as we saw against us. No and taught him all about the counterattack thing inferior possession. I think I lost shot count in both of those games oversee relied on David to hair against Tottenham. And I think Patterson is your man as well. They'll probably view draw Old Trafford is probably good results. Type back home with them, especially as we say with a potential Cavani boost. When I go back there over the tight literally identical down over over the toy price engine, man. Oh, traffic ongoing for drool. Okay. And the other game old choose they not probably won't get too many views own the full into over Britain, and all and everyone would be concentrating on the United game Bates Roma against Porto. We have some prices for the Neue and also to qualify. Draw twenty three to ten Porto eleven to four on a or ninety ten to qualify. It would Porto twenty two twenty three. Importer quite big pricier guy for them as a win the game or just call. It qualify eyewitness game. That's the other thing. You know, these two teams in very different mindsets, very different mental states of the mind. And as I talked about earlier having winning mentality across a variety of competitions portside spot couple of draws in the league, and they all still talk in the semi finals of the Cup. They came through probably the easiest Champions League group to be fair, but pretty much escaped five wins and a draw. And then you look at ROY Moore completely off the pace and Syria. Seven one demolition against fear. And teen is really set them back is so toxic atmosphere. Think brewing there the moment, and they progressed having lost free games in that group in occupancy with with the exception around Madrid. It wasn't a particularly tricky group bushiest K and Victoria Pilsen in there and has some serious issues at the back fat CO not particularly convince infamy so porty to win. On a very miss qualify. I just like is it tall? So it so I just feel I mean semi-finalists, you know, all season they are unbeaten in six league games. So this I know that shocking result in the in the corporate Talia, but I think there's been a revolve win the league a of injuries earlier in the seasons. Well, hasn't helped them new competitions. And I'm just not convinced tightly reporter, that's the main reason I think I read a week group. And they did they could win that group. But they're the record in love around the sixty. And he's in great. I've lost four that all five around the sixteen. So is just think wrong if the get anywhere near the best might be a little bit too strong on no going, go to qualify can go. I go. I like, I think Roma. We'll take a lead them. I'm not sure if they'll hold on buffing Marais as a big out of reports. Are you the destruction that has been scoring goals and just record against the big east teams important? They lost away to Ben fica. And then they also would not sound waves in the fall. In Oregon sports, and they couldn't put them away and then lost on penalties. So I mean, you got a lot of easy games in Portugal where you can rack up these long twenty match on being runs without doing too much. And this is a bit more of a test for them. And even though I think we're all right. Having a more difficult season lost yesterday like the quality. They've got in all areas of the Pige think they are still going to gain the four, and it's the it will show best bet for this. Which depending on the qualify where the match prices. So I think there's some eight to one available and Colorado score anytime for Roma. Everything's definitely worth. Backing he scored four goals in open play and Sarah all year. And he's also on the penalties on also also in his favor as the Vars coming into the knockout stage in the Champions League, which should increase the number of penalties. So that's that's where looking at all the games this weekend. Okay. Well, one of those games Tottenham against Borussia Dortmund amick. Can we have some prices to qualifies and also your verdict fees? Yes, we've talked number five four the draw Twenty-three to turn Dortmund to two on to qualify. Tottenham nineteen twenty Dortmund three to four. I think again, this is very hard to call grosses probably unlikely to be fish was a big loss for Dortmund, and then Cain and allier unlikely to be involved at least in the first leg Spurs haven't played that west since canes bananas didn't wealth groin that results. Blamed they've also been quite fortunate especially at the weekend against LeicesteR when they were fairly well played. But if scored the penalty would have been different game. I think it's in a hard game to call a chance saunas first goal scored six to one. I think even if you rented plays up front or I think he's they're most likely score eastward three scores in the last three games return from the Asian Games and degree decent chance. He actually starts. Frontier. I think that's the way I play. Can bring record against Borussia Dortmund eight goals in nine matches scored in these last free for Tottenham against Dortmund. But also when he was Hamburg and by Leverkusen, just use the score against Dortmund for fun as far as don't go where they've had a couple of free free draws in in the last couple of games knocked out the Jovan cuff on penalties by Bremer. And then Fru away free goal lead against huffing high. I think Royces injuries every bit as massive as what is. Tottenham if he doesn't play I'll be back in salt odds against it's fair enough price. I fully admit that suppose, we're pretty horrendous against that stuff. They still won the game as they have been doing a lot this season. And I think the Dortmund over achieving probably more than what more in the Premier League. So I'm gonna go for Tottenham damn more about you go for the drawers heading towards going for Thornton until the rois injury Royce injury. As you say is a big blow for them. Kinda Ali obviously, a massive outs for Spurs as well. I mean, I in terms of the two legs, so many fish person looks kinda we back for it for the second leg that's going to be that's going to be in the thinking Inc of portraits for this game push. Yes. He's exactly. And that's that's why I'm looking at the draw auditing either team will be to displease of a jaw Dortmund are going to get get it get it level back back to our home ground where you know, as a fantastic atmosphere, and that and enjoy being be probably be available that I find the challenge there and suppose going to think about kind analogy if we can keep it level, and you know, we've away goals as well. And maybe you get you get came back possibly Aaliyah's. Well, they're gonna fancy the challenge as well. So I'll just think draw that both be happy with and that's what makes it valuable. We'll Vajgl the holding midfield has been playing sending a hall for Dortmund with a candy out in the L out a shocker against Hoffman. Hind lever. You guy for spas in this one. To me. This is the hardest law. Sixteen is a cool. So I've actually gone for goals in this one. I have a two point five goals about eight to eleven I think it was you know, these these are two of the free teams to maintenance knockout stages having conceded ten or more goals in the group stage, you know, Spurs go FRA is hampered a little bit by the loss of Cain. Same oversee goes Dortmund and mauka ROY spa. I think almost constantly around these still to teams with an attack in mindset about them Borussia Dortmund over the as where wherever it's being young and clock. Thomas to pollution five they've always operated in that way. Four two free one tends to be the system they guy with is almost a front four. They're talking numbers. Bundesliga Toko scores of fifty four goals. I don't think Tottenham have shown lack of goalscoring prowess in Keane's absence recently. So I still think is a a chance for goals in this one coffee, and that's probably the first and only preview tilting of us. Appreciate don't want. That doesn't mention Jaden Sancho vein involves I'm sure. He's got into absolutely everywhere between now and kick off and he was fantastic going forward against huffing Heim the weekend. The final game in the first batch of fixtures on Wednesday, it's acts against Real Madrid. Emmett can we assume firstly prices and some to qualifies, and then you're verdicts, please we've excellent for the draw three to one remedied five to six then to qualify. X twenty three to ten and Real Madrid two two seven I like like Ramadorai to win the macho at five to six like they've as we mentioned earlier in the right preview. They've been a different team lace winning their last six in the league and creditable draw away to bar some spa in Spanish cope as well. I think I exit kind of fall away. But in the league, they're five points behind PSV and PFC game. And Hans lead you think expert little bit flattered whether groups day's performance where they held Byron couple of draws when when Barbara Bodley at a form, I if they played now in could be a different results. And I think the Mark. Probably hasn't quite caught up to a go team ran Madrid. And I'm pretty confident they can take this six, right? Well, I'll keep it ram Android again. The wind done Al surround withdrawal full house. What? Three. I'll just I'll totally agree with him. It just said they're all acts being flat by the performance against bottling bomb applying that whether that so if you look at the trying to gauge their strength from being in the actually that beyond fine or what you got three points. So that the BS g go to point he s he s. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm gonna pass for you got two points in their Champions League group. So that that doesn't suggest that strong. They always say recently six three. Reuben Percy destroyed them which nothing to defeats all three league games, which I in Fadi week dots league. That's that's not great forms be to be going into such a big time Real Madrid. As you mentioned Cutler big, oh, I performance. He's recently. This is far easier than the the guy who whites up officer and a White Sox commentary Real Madrid for me. Okay. Liam is it full house full house. Yeah. Around Madrid as well. I think when the fixtures announced initially thought a fancy maybe all acts in the home leg but looking at it around Madrid completely steadied the ship onto solorio in recent weeks and massive massive win led to Madrid. Whereas look I XE oversee they got into like we said to that six two against fire nodes and they lost to Harare's in in the league recently as well. So yeah. Around Madrid to infamy as well. Okay. Well, we'll be back with more after this success. Ain't tent? It's board. That's why Poti power we pay the big bucks for the best techniques in the world to develop our new fastest app. Download the new app in the app store or placed on now. Eighteen plus become the widow tube. Hello and welcome to the racing post, postcards, Champions League and Europa league special on mcclendon. Joining me on racing post colleagues done chosen limb Flynn and then on the line from the sponsors, Patty power. It's o'keefe. Now, the first Lord Champions League gains, obviously being played. And then there's another batch Champions League games the following week. So on the Tuesday on the nineteenth for February's Liverpool against boy in Munich, unfil-, war gain this promises. So be awesome. I like prices and since a qualifies, please. Yes, we've lived for leavings draw of thirteen five and Byron twelve to five to qualify. Liverpool three to four and in nineteen to twenty. Okay. I'm gonna go for Liverpool to qualify. And that's my best bet in this one. I mentioned earlier on in the post cost vandyke missing for that first which I think is important as far as Liverpool concern. But even if they don't manage to put buying away. First time around I think they'll kill him on the counter-attack immunity from very Monae of amino and sallow over play. Really? Well, it was only boomer Fano on Saturday. But they they really did look so back in terms of I think he's the key man. Reading just in terms in Lincoln that whole team together. And then Naby cater who I think is really disappointing for this season second half west time. He's really good. And he was involved in a couple of the goes, I just mean the buy and it's a famous name, but not necessarily great team in the conceding and giving up chances. I think over the the piece if you like livable going to reach the core falling on I've got really hectic period. Coming though, magic, you know. So that may be we'll count against them because of the primarily would be their priority. I still think they'll come through done anything for the first leg or the. Guy for the to qualify. Overall funds deliver for China votes on qualified. I think van dark if he's going to miss a lake adroit remiss the first lake when a fuel buying probably going to that a little bit more cautious be happy to sustain. That's how I feel like I'm feeling by dot coming back for the second lake just just too silly for him back away from how and then as you do that on the counter attack with the grateful, which like bond having proved but not to the level where it's would say they almost an even chance against a same as good as liberal for the moment. I mean, the experience that they're accumulating as well. Going to that offense. I sit around all season that's going to sign him in good stead as well. I'll just give it a genius who moved them things this world so pulse that best for. I mean, if you look, you know, against the in the in the Bundesliga, they don't come up against the gymnasts forwards of the quality. They're going to face over these two matches. And I'll don't think Liverpool exposed them. Okay. What the racing post Denia man going to? He's going to have a war words with some of the boy and hierarchy because he criticized robot Nevin dose gate the weekend on the the sky in Germany, Liam, you a big fan eleven of ski or do you think he is up for flat tr- bully and a little bit lazy, which I think was the main point did he was trying to might on a big fan of room Levin dose. Don't score eight goals in the Champions League without being taught close player. And I think he presents by me, and expressed best threat boss that they Liam says you to on fancy. Yeah. Fancy live for she to win the first leg. I think that Liverpool being given enough credit for progressing from an extremely tough. Grape Napoli passenger man and red star is welcome. Can be written off their mugs. And I think yeah. Liverpool to to get through that first leg of a win is is not our reach by Munich still wishes at the back to agent defenders. I think radio pummels and bud saying sort of the World Cup as well. And by Munich ships in each of their last five games Liverpool. Just seven conceited at home in the league this season found like missing is. Of course obliged. I still think they've going off to to shut out by Munich. And I think that yeah. Their main focal phrase eleven dose keep but beyond that. I don't think they're the intimidates inside. They they once were. You can have so between Liverpool as well. Adecco echo. All of you said really just unlock went off ski. I kind of agree with TD Hammond thereafter, say the remember seeing is dot years ago when he was Dortmund that he'd the most he lost the ball more than any other player in the league, juju bad, I touch do think like the real top end. I think he lacks technical quality. He was very very poor and their and their defeat Real Madrid over two legs last year. I think e let them down at the knockout stages won't too many times after me really say he's a real like cabal Balladur contender going thing. It was a very very sweet on on Liverpool. I mean, the his fingers going to be a close game. Forty six in Liverpool box t of a game on choosing is an intriguing one Leone against Barcelona. Emmet some prices, I shouldn't boss appreciate so some first-leg unto qualify process. And then you'll verdicts as well, please Leon seventy to draw three to one barstool eight to thirteen and then Leon eleven to to qualify in Barcelona. One takes Leonardo the most consistent team. But they did it be PS g at home recently, then took four points off city in the group stages, which is no mean fees. I could see as Don mentioned earlier Barcelona ten destroyed it away from home. So he the first being competitive, but kind of the prices reflect us, a maybe chance Leon double Johns for the first leg w I wouldn't be never strong feelings, Kathy. I'm gonna go for Leon older drawer. Wwl's in that first leg busloads of anyone one of their last seven knockout ties away from home that was against Austin would have collapsed a couple of times as whether against G and against Roma and Neo four points off city, and it wasn't like a fluky for points out. She played really well for in in both legs and or wall on on then Belay emit 'field of Inca asleep prize definitely going to go on. And so a Levy on the in the near future and upfront faquir in Memphis of go to in them, maybe not over a whole season. But certain in annoying t minute game soco's, boss alone, the problems, if you do to take the view lane boss is the way to go. It will be closing your eyes every time mess. He's got the ball because defensively the own can be vulnerable. They've beaten Pierce g that beat them. And see see that's the best teams in your. So what they beat boss? Learn or at least give them a really good game dumb. We'll give them a good game. Akai withdraw would have gone with a chance did faquir is is suspended for the first leg. So that that was just take a little bit a wife, and they're attacking threat for me. I think the Mexico corn has been used as a sub. He he was very very might begin packing. The group stage the woman that's enough of a string to their attacking by if you like Musha Zambelli as well. He's been scoring goals for them. So they got plenty of that going forward. Just just can't see quasi boscell and getting beat. So just go on the angle at being a close game only. It'd be goes probably be close and three one enjoys is reasonably priced Lear going for boss, so win the competition separate humorously, you know, visiting too many programs. I think fossil I know both teams to school. I think of leeann at huge win against price recently, and they are tough opponent in their own backyard. But I think boscell I know just have too much leaner messy seems to shake off wherever injury issue. Had now playing against Bilbao somewhere t t as I said should be back in the side over the two legs. And we talk about C boss align is disappointing away record. But I did come through away matches against presidents or the great pretty much on escaped. And that was a very young set of Leon players remains to be seen. How they'll coat with a big knockout against buffalo in are still finger a bit to rule for that. So buffalo by teams to school. Okay. Okay. Well on the Wednesday, we've got one obsolete belting gaining some of the best in which we'll get to in a minute. But first of all we focus on the permeating team Xiaosha against Manchester City, just how shore man city to win the first leg and also to qualify for sure we've shock eight to one ninety two and city to seven for the match then to qualify shock at thirteen to city won't eighteen one. So I ain't seen them. I this is easiest healed suggestion what kinda valuable can you find to maybe get we city. I think is the angle. Tangle of going with as Manchester City, Manchester City double result thing I looks pretty good. I think shock owner horrendous run in the Bundesliga really believe they're a Champions League. So I had eleven games lost in the Bundesliga this season. One key. Probably I've looked at with them as they seem to keep eighteen kind of between us of backfire back four as a result of that thing. It says it coat and color, Jerry three backs. I tend to even in a back for right almost as wingback say commit themselves too far forward. And if you give Manchester City kind of space down, those sides, absolutely shreds, and I think it should be quite comfortable win for Manchester City. I mean, mentally if twenty one Premier League games this season knowing seen those wings. They were head the bright. So Dan Lewis, y'all s. Hopped on food. So I'm surprised it was such a decent price. Really? I mean, you could childcare. I mean, they've lost six ten Bundesliga. How games in taking on what are the best team in Europe? And not only that they probably plant as well as I have season. I mean, the why if you're doing the Hoff's on on the way the starting games at the moment as well. When he scored first minute new cost. I mean against all snow off, the, you know the full minute against show. See the flying out the blocks at the moment. And that that's the that's your only Bari really I think with a half song forward to unveiling if they're in front of the bright they'll go win so often full interest in the in the Champions League that she conceded. I in four the six matches. So I think problems earlier on in the season. Maybe their minds were just wondering they with. Of course, a good going over by new prior to this trip so gauche in kirkum when the in the FA Cup and then off to that. Of course, it's the phone. So. Yeah. Skate you at the moment. Offing see a win this one very comfortably going for city, minus one on anti decapa because I'm not sure what shall we? Do. I think if you were being only about you'd be really defensive. I don't know as a club one of the biggest clubs in Germany, whether there'd be too proud to protect themselves go off to the game a little bit. And then just get done by the absolute superior quality, somebody wants sewn, and of course, on these return could do the damage Emmett can you find a way of getting we Manchester City or you looking to take him on? It's echo again relieved the city modest Warner city. Halftime fulltime either will do skydeck without yesterday that I think city it scored the first fifteen minutes and fourteen league games. I think the closer to that was seven such shows how well they're starting compared to the rest of the league like childcare lower table Bundesliga side. And they the the GOP appears just huge. On the only goal shock will really lucky to finish. So it was hall as I did in the Bundesliga season. So probably lucky to to be in the Champions League. Then they got the easiest group you could possibly wait for we've pulled so and Lokomotiv Moscow and Galata Sarai. So it should be simple enough for the tournament favorites also on Wednesday. Maybe not so simple. This one's a call Letica in Madrid against events as I mean as long if you don't see this is the game that you need to be watching on Wednesday, the twenty February. How do you bet the first leg? How do you bet? That's a qualify. And all you all zone game goes to penalties afternoon draws for it sex issues. Sure to be extremely Thais we've athletic your thirteen eight draw two to one and even to fifteen days with electrical Madrid five to four to qualify and event is four to seven. I guess it tells you hear that the the price for an ill on the first legs eleven to two 'cause I was very. Very short. This is likely to be probably a cynical low scoring tie between two teams pretty familiar with the darker. So it say. The start started the season at win. The I could've flattered to deceive all year. They they spent money on Thomas Lamar they haven't really got much out of them. I think Simione is possibly I could say this during his tenure possibly holding them back a little bit in that. They're still think they're playing quite quite defensively in the already need to what some of the creative players that have a midfield. Having said that I haven't been that impressed by event to slightly done mentioned than behind by Atlanta and the cope I watched of their game. Wait, lots recently where they were outshot maybe nine shots two zero after but sixty five minutes the ended up winning and getting a penalty which Rinaldo scored on even I remember remember? Sure. Sure. But in I think they're on a wider picture their points. Total in Sarah, flutters them seriously. According to expect to goals and few defensive injuries as well. Like, the they sold Benatti it to the Middle East for kind of small of money mistake bars. Ivy's at injury problems Banou cheese Baluchi on Collini the same and they're all thirty plus stop a bit of a worry at there's some six to four and a qualified because reasonable you can just this is going to be a low scoring tight tie. And I would want to be back even to set really short prices here. He's going to be looking at the draw for the I think Simione takes Nunu. And then, you know, if he can Nikolai go for grease Mun or somebody like that on the counter, it's hot he go shins, you know, they need then it would seem to go chasing a first leg victory. So I think the draw I draw, Dan, what's your best? But you mentioned that ROY. How is facts is getting get little bit underestimated here actually, go in LA league record is is is the best thing alita. I'll just think you know, if you've ventures is going to pass it on or around Madrid. You know, what the price is going to be then I just think you know, one of the big freeze spine off being for quite walnut being consistent for a long long. So I'm another about the bad result. Coming in's coming into the to the type, it's I think there is a deep we've had a drawer Palmer recently as well. There is you know, the the. If the defensive injuries have been mentioned just thing I all for a deep is a tough tough places. Go for the first, and they can see Mickey an advantage actually in the first like, I think thirteen so I is okay. Too tight for Madrid. So in the I league Liam. I'm going to go against this common opinion here. The of see on paper these two guys defensive units in Europe. I actually think we price for over two point five goals at all actually looks. I'll be back in that process. Rugged soon. I'll show. Well, then we want real you're looking I don't think the market is taken into consideration. The recent form of these two teams event is losing freedom to Atlanta as we said concede in free at home to Palma. Let's go ripped open borrow Madrid at the weekend. And I think we focus so much on the source cynical defensive nature of these two. So as we forget they've go to the finest attacks in Europe as well. We've go Cristiano Renaldo palatable Antoine grease men all on display. I don't think you can say game involving those kind of players isn't gonna feet you go. So I think yeah. Perhaps a surprising gave over two point five goals in this one to me. The Laura is if there is an early not thoughts China, hold on I mix it saw the fact that, you know, both of them probably all going to shop initially to supply toilet. But if all the saw it goes in front, and that could then lead to to a change in the dynamic. Okay. Well, he's absolutely fascinating comb tests. That's for sure we'll be back with the European next checkout patties reward stamp simply place five bets if ten pounds or more across any sport in a week, and you get a free ten pound that next week teams. He's applying plus begin to welcome back to the racing post post cost. And now, we're going to be talking you wrote for the you get serious is definitely a marathon nor spring, but we down to the laws I e too, and it can you give us a decent show of Punto stimulants back some outsiders in this, and then maybe your view on who you think the outright? When will be. Yes, we've Chelsea four to one are still five to one not be thirteen to two severe to one Inter Milan. Intend to on blend CAT into one on-track Frankfurt twenty two one southbound twenty two one by Leverkusen twenty five's if at around twenty five's Zenit, Saint Petersburg twenty fives and Sporting Lisbon twenty-five thirty three's bar and you'll outright selection. But I I kinda like red bull south's Berg here. I'm very highly rate of Mandra, call Mark arose who won the Europe, the European you'd competition red blood cells Berg, which is no mean fees, and he's been talked about intensively for minority job. Even like they lost quite a few players last year. But they haven't really missed a beach there were dominance in the group stages. I think between twenty little bit overpriced. I don't. I'm not sure how seriously the Italian sides will take us. No talion teams won this competition since nineteen ninety nine when it was a lot more prestigious. I think you can pick holes and Chelsea an arson as well. Those prices. At the stall tipped so's Berg and Real Betis having only post cost of they're both made it through. I'm gonna change tackle. You'll be here. I I think that Napoli should be favorites. Damore watch of awesome. Chelsea the less convinced. I am by either of them I seen. Angela. We'll take the compensation pre seriously tends to like Europe. And then they say a reasonably high Stein that they were the best team in the Trump means leads to fall into the euro per league were unlucky. I mean, you could argue they were better than parsimony and Liverpool for the most part of that group. Staging just got done really in taught margin. I mean, they they the one for me the ones I've read a lot Valencia eating's one Spanish teams, go burningly in the euro for league Valencia on expecting goals and one of the top teams in Spain their Nassau in to turn some of their draws into victories. We saw them the oval gap point as a boss alone. Stewing the Coverdale rice EMMY finals, not missed all they're improving got. So I think they'll beat them. And go well done if you're not police off, I will very very impressive in the in the Champions League three think they'll continue to tightly competition seriously on the Chechen also supper them, all I think, you know, the way they're playing at the moment. I just don't feel you of any great coincidence. Further down the list on owed is Italian things have great recoup. I'll just the last show at twenty five's civilian the next round but severe I haven't been with. But at the moment, they not playing great. Is I just see our offense last show to get fruit. Atar that that position in Sarajevo little bit deceptive at the moment. They're only five points of third, but I've already played Napoli in Venice twice as a little bit. Folks position if you like the if you look at logically the different so Windsor who were actually caught hop in the betting so finish eleven importance of a last season in Serie ice. I I'll just getting a little bit underestimated get fruit Seville targets or sought out full that I would that could channels on a little white and limb I think put make is generally good at right? Having the to English clubs at the top of the market for mayo. She I'd fancy also see not great timing with the Chelsea result recently in the inconsistent form of five clubs, but I'd fancy either of them Heim against any team in this competition, not really Accenture included thing. Awesome for me last season probably veering towards their more than Chelsea they were unlucky not to make the final season better against that led to curb across both legs this season. I've also got the boost of having a a man in the Doug. I was being there done it before free right belief titles of severe. I think they can be anyone at the Emerson Chelsea's defensive concerns after the city result. But the key issue was up front. I was being temporarily. Plugged with the Gonzala Higuera presidents who knows all about European football. So I think one of those two outside show that you would he mentioned the row bets. A thing about thirty three to one thing. So that we mentality being culpa del Rey semifinals zero and a top four spot and Lalita the beaten it, let's come down boss Celona already this season. I talked to group featuring two teams love your European experience in Milan and Olympia costs. And I think the difference the edge. I've over teams I like on-track Frankfurt who of people fancy is that they've go that sort of experience in there in Giovanni Chelsea has Rigas your wing who've been at big clubs, and I wa- those big games takes off good outside. Just all of the matches. If you just with through the process, please in the the free involving British teams, and then maybe pick out one bet from one of those Fremont. She's what everyone you best. Sure, we've about a Borisov level to draw seven to our SLA to five model a to one draw four to one Chelsea three to ten and then Celtic five to draw on ninety four and fluency eleven to ten and two in the game to game. I most confident in like are bucking modest won't five to four. I think it significant they've no game after this the weekend because they're out of the Cup. So expect him to feel a strong team here looking to finish the tie and then rest players next week where league game after us. And then if you can go buy me Yang anything three two hundred over first goalscorer. That's definitely Abeche. Good chance. They'll start by himself frontier. After like I said start at the weekend. Okay. Liam anything that you look over the the free British. Times. And now my Chelsea game. Chelsea and under free point five goals. Odds against thing Malam, oh haven't really been playing competitive football of see that regular they're out their regular league season at the moment. But I think for as a result of that they'll be probably even more cautious when they come to play Chelsea Chelsea f c I don't think it'll be at absolute best of ecological knock from the city game. Mom, I only have two wins in the group stage. She progressives fall. But I only had one loss as well. So they do sell quite consecutively and Chelsea's free away results in the Greek finish one no one no one to two so done anything in the euro. Visit you look all snow against boss. I I along with our in group of Bharti last season with the, you know, did not sue many problems in Italy on the flip Dolly. Yeah, they flipped all being on on the planet reserved for marching in. Remember all in that group stage. I think they'll stronger now I think that they produce he's gonna look at Emory is kind of a backup option to should she sent Champions League qualification there about three. A one to to to finish in four and five to one. So in the rope leagues he's gonna already be looking at anything in especially we we'd record in the competition as well. You know, I don't go to tighten this seriously. Interesting boss, I know in the same class Austin Austin with w was out with a while plights olds against as anybody go any any outside of the the the British ones they wanna talk about. Or should we crackle them? Nothing. Not have to go. Outside of the the obese ones. Don't. I mean, it was just one online chat saw against on Frankfort. Maybe both teams a school in that game front. Vocals, some wonderful attacking plaza. Spotify drew new against limes-, but shuts all caused a lot problems in the Champions League. Two will not man city, but the Allman hope for line they score goals. But defensively they're a little bit dodgy and maybe a little bit rusty to. Visit the league's only just about to re- stall in Ukraine includes which I think is a disadvantage full of Russian and Ukrainian themes and nice based in that poll of the world. Now, it's time for the naps will be going to kick us off keep it simpler, remedied of five sixty six. Okay. I'm going to sell spoke to beat club Bush, and it's one thing houseboat him semifinalist last season minister bore and Frederick Brunson season tangos competition between them Belgian teams. Additionally, pretty poor. And you're the one danger of Salzburg is her dollar when he left and went to must have been difficult negotiations. When he went from all be source boats, all be Leipzig in January, Dan for you Iran Madrid five to six hundred before so strong relax go free naps around Madrid. I just think that the only extra seeing that since the winter break in hold on just come back terribly that the crazy gaming it's in vain when they conceded full goes, then they can see that six against final. They lost. Iraq says don't know what's going on I acts but Franken Yang they stole midfield. He's also a major doubt for this game. And no miss. He's controlled image field. So free votes for ram with red and LIAM's going all be so's book. Well, thank you very much for joining us for this Champions League and Europa league. Specially don't forget you can subscribe. If you enjoy these shows don't forget to rate and review and subscribe wherever you download them. And we've got plenty more going on at the moment is racing on Monday Friday football back on Thursday, talking about the faith up until then goodbye. Full. Oh, putty power on Snapchat. The username is the putty power. And we promise there wouldn't be any boring. Snaps about gigs. The weather all the gym.

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