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Iran Launches Missiles to Iraq


It stays after. US drone strike held a top Iranian general terror. Organizer American troops who've come into missile fire in Iraq and Iran is claiming responsibility ability according to the Pentagon more than a dozen surface to surface ballistic missiles were launched from Iran targeting at least two rocky basis housing Americans and coalition personnel. One at Al Assad the other in ear bill president trump visited Allah side a little more than a year ago this video from Iranian state TV. We can't independently vouch for but it claims to be missile of missiles falling on Al.. Assad the question is what happens next of course will the president will president trump respond. or how will he respond. Remember just two days ago. This is what he promised in a tweet quoting now. The United States spend two trillion dollars military equipment. We're the biggest by far the best in the world. If Iran attacks new American base or any American we will be sending some of that brand new beautiful equipment their way and without hesitation. We have correspondents in all three capitals Washington Baghdad and Tehran WANNA I check in with Barbara Starr. So what's the latest from. The Pentagon latest from the Pentagon Anderson is today. Say That more than a dozen We now know them to be short-range ballistic missiles were fired from inside Iran against these positions at al-Assad and air your bill both locations inside Iraq that host US forces so we now have Firing of weapons very significant weapons from inside Iran. And that means absolutely no question. Jean backing. There's simply no question about that This is something that the US had been watching eighteen four. We don't know that any of those incoming missiles were shot down by any US assets. They had seen. We had reported that they had seen a wrong move. Its ballistic missiles around In the last few days so they were certainly on. Watch for this. But the you know if you're talking about retaliation Iran it has a very large ballistic. Missile inventory spread out in key area. They have also moved their weapons around the US assesses for essentially survival arrival worried about US retaliation if the US wants to move into Iranian airspace and launched strikes against missile sites or other targets targets inside Iran. It can be done but it is a very dangerous business. Iran has significant air defenses Their their military is is not one of the most modern in the world by any stretch but they would have the capability to try and shoot down any aircraft. We know that if the US I was going to go launch something against the Iranian regime it would be aircraft and ships at sea perhaps launching missiles. This is the way they could avoid. Those air defenses most significantly but let's be clear tonight. The Pentagon says it is still assessing the situation on the ground inside Iraq back trying to determine exactly what damage what has happened and we will then see how president trump decides to move ahead and their Sim Barbara. Talk a little bit about the significance against that that ballistic missiles were used. Well you know what we have seen over. The months is rockets and mortars this is so called indirect fire it's those militia groups inside Iraq that can readily use those relatively lightweight. Shoot and scoot kind of thing They do cause damage But most of the time they don't because they're very inaccurate those that's the category of rockets and mortars that we have seen for months this ballistic missiles they have have to be fueled up. They have to put on a launcher. There has to be a crew to man it and send and fire it off the Ronnie into it have to have love the intelligence they'd have to understand in terms of weapons. Firing exactly where Al Assad is exactly where you're bill is and be able to fire against those targets with some level of precision and the obviously the Iranians have been given their involvement women in Iraq. They had been backing short roxy. Shor Shor but this tells us what this tells us tonight Anderson is they tonight the the real issue. I think it's fair to say is the Iranian regime from inside the safety relative safety of their own borders the Iranian cassim reached out and touched and they hit US forces. We have no reports of casualties at this hour and they reached out and touched basically sending ending message to president trump. You know essentially now what are you going to do about it. Because they do have a very significant inventory of these missiles both short range inch medium range which go longer distances we know for the future they're working on long range missiles that's not relevant terribly tonight but the Iranian regime the Supreme Green leader. The Ron Ronnie leadership tonight. They made a decision to reach out and touch the president of the United States military force now Barbara Starr Barbara. Thanks giving activity as you might imagine at the White House including preparations for impossible Oval Office address by President Trump tonight. We'll bring that to you. Live the secretaries of state and defense were seen going in to the White House. There's a short time ago. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has arrived as well for will likely be a very long night. Jim Acosta's there as well he joins us now. Jimmy responsible for for the White House not yet Anderson. We understand talking to officials over here that they're planning for the president to make some sort of statement tonight whether that's in the Oval Office says whether it's even via paper statement. They are making those preparations right now. We we do believe that he will be on camera. Making some sort of televised address to the nation of perhaps the Oval Office at some point tonight about what has happened. This is obviously Perhaps the biggest test of his presidency on day. Two of the president being back at the White House After his holiday break Anderson you were just showing this video a few moments ago just to show you how dramatic a moment. This is for the president. We did see exclusively lucidly over the last hour. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley the Defense Secretary Mark Asper and the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo all filing into the West Wing. Just as you know a few dozen yards where we're standing right now to go meet with President and talk about these next steps now. Obviously we heard the president ratcheting up the rhetoric earlier today. He was essentially warning the Iranians that if they were to retaliate he would strike back and so at this point. He is essentially telegraphed his next move move and the question is at this hour Anderson whether or not he takes that next step which obviously withdraw the United States closer and closer to war one other thing. We should note Anderson this evening and I spotted this with my own eyeballs coming in to the White House grounds just a short while ago. A law enforcement official tells CNN that security measures have been vineyard graded around the White House. Grounds There are some secret service officers with assault rifles at various checkpoints around this area. That is obviously precaution. Caution that the secret service is going to take because of just how very delicate situation is right now anti Jim. I think we'll be talking to you. Probably throughout the night Seen as Damon is in Baghdad. Bad for US tonight are what are you learning about these attacks. What are you hearing? Well what we have been hearing at at this stage is that at least the initial assessment is that there are no casualties among the US military personnel at these locations when it comes to the L. Aside airbase remember the vast majority of military installations here. Don't just house. US forces they house Iraqi security forces as well L. and what an Iraqi security sources telling us is that there is an unknown number of casualties among the Iraqi forces that are at the Al Assad thought Arab as we do not yet know if this means that they have been killed or wounded but it goes to show you just how entrenched this country's ending up being gene in this growing battle and this is exactly what the Iraqi government has been fearful of. It's unclear at this stage of this is just a a single isolated message that perhaps Iran is sending and if Iran's proxies here are also going to want to chime in in their Own Way remember they are not just enraged over the killing of Qasim Soleil money but here in Iraq also of the death of a Bouma at the end Mohandas is who was the leader of cut that has both a Iranian proxy here a very powerful Paramilitary force that most certainly does have significant can't capabilities. This is a force that the US has said has targeted its military installations repeatedly in the past. We do understand that there has been some sort of a conversation between the upper echelons of the US and the Iraqi government. This is right now. a situation that is very much as one senior Iraqi official was saying staring down at the abyss. This country does not know how to extract itself self from this proxy battlefield nor at this stage how to prevent itself from becoming an even bigger one remember there. Is this huge push by the Iraqi government by Shia parliamentarians by these Shia paramilitary forces here to drive. US troops out of Iraq. That is your main goal as well and it is the goal of its proxies in this country despite the fact that there is concern among some members of the Iraqi government as to what that would look like moving forward. But this most certainly at this stage Anderson is going to cause a lot a fear here not just for the potential security of US military personnel but also for the Iraqis who are alongside them at all of these bases and for Iraqi population. What is this going to mean for them? Moving forward if America and Iran continue playing out there war games in this contrary or are we just for folks who haven't spent time in Iraq. You could just talk a little bit and briefly about about the Shia. Paramilitary forces is about the Iranian proxies. Just explain how that works because it's it's sort of confusing for people haven't been there. You have Iraqi government you have Iraqi military forces Iraqi police personnel and yet you have these paramilitary forces who have power who have weapons who have freedom of movement it. Can you just explain to me. How many are there and how they play a role in this if Iran wanted to attack on multiple fronts at once? Well look the exact number at this. stage is unknown but easily thousands if not tens of thousands at this stage potential fighters that these forces could quite possibly call up on. Look Anderson we have to go back to the years of America's ocupation in Iraq one out of the many different militant groups that the US was fighting also included Shia militias very powerful powerful mostly backed by Iran. They were the ones who were developing the. ESPN those roadside bombs were able to penetrate through US armor many of these forces. These militias ended up also as Iraq moved forward throughout the years creating in political representation. Their political branches are in the Iraqi government. One Isis was sweeping through Iraq when it quite literally reached each the gates of Baghdad these various forces mobilized they ended up being the initial fund line on the ground force. That was driving is is away from the capital. They were the ones who were instrumental and recapturing key cities and towns from Isis. Then the Iraqi key government to try to gain a certain measure of control over them absorbed them into the Iraqi security forces. But they're only ostensibly actually under the control of Baghdad Hanson situation. You have right now. This very powerful paramilitary force that has very close ties ties to Iran. That has this history in Iraq not just targeting. US troops but also being heavily involved in the sectarian warfare affair that broke out in this country. That in the Post Isis Phase Anderson has become extremely powerfully both militarily and politically that dynamic really is at the very core of what is unfolding here. Yeah Damon appreciated again. We have video from Iranian state television in claims to be of the strike on the Assad base. Shortly after the missiles began falling would appear to be a jab at president trump or at least a response to the killing of Iran's top General Sulamani Iran's chief nuclear negotiator tweeted out this no words just the Iranian flag response. It seems to the president's tweet tweet. The American flag after killing General Sulejmani WANNA go now to CNN's Fred piped-in who is in Tehran Iran. What's the reaction been in Iran? Well so far. It's been quite interesting Anderson in that The Iranians really. Since we've heard that there were a missile impact on those Sir near those American bases inside Iraq. The Iranians immediately took responsibility for it almost immediately as that took place. There were banners on state TV TV. Saying that the I.. R. Was claiming the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps was claiming responsibility for these for these ballistic missile attacks and then also news agencies. Were sending out messages saying that. There was a second wave of ballistic missiles that had been fired so the Iranians clearly take more responsibility for this. And that's something. That's absolutely key because I've been speaking Anderson to Iranian officials over the past couple of days and one of the things that struck down the most was when the US hits Sir Costume solely money that Iranian general that the US took responsibility for it and with the US doing at the Iranian. Say That to them made it an open act of regression towards Iran and with that they said it would require a response from the Iranians what the Iranians have been telling me over. The past couple of days is that there would be a military response. I Andersen and at that military response would be against military installation so that appears to be exactly what's been happening and then you've had some of the messaging which is only we really becoming clear right now. For instance at the funeral procession forecast them Sulejmani. There were scores of people who have placards with simply two words on them hard a revenge vange or harsh revenge. Well guess what the operation. According to a statement that I've just gotten from the Revolutionary Guard Corps saying that this operation is actually called operation hard hard revenge. It's interesting because on a telegram channel from the Revolutionary Guard Corps. The Revolution Guard Corps seems to indicate that if the US response to this retaliation and that the Revolutionary Guard Corps could respond then inside the United States. That's another threat that's coming out. Revolutionary Guard also warning the United States not to to retaliate after these strikes that the Iranians are conducting right now. They're warning America's regional allies that have US based on their soil that if attacks attack against Iran are launched from those bases. Those countries will become targets as well course. That's highly significant in itself Anderson in the US sir now seeing how wants to respond to this Iranian retaliation what are some of the countries in the region that have US bases on them going to think of this Iranian threat. The Iranians also once again threatening Israel as we've seen in the past as well but the significant thing I think is something that you talked about with. Barbara is the fact that the Iranians are using using their ballistic missiles to do this. It's the most sophisticated weapons that they have in their arsenal. And it's certainly the case right now Anderson where I think the Iranians want to make a point of the fact that they are not using their proxy forces to strike back at America. They're using their own forces and they're using homemade weapons iranian-made weapons which they say are the most sophisticated indicated in their arsenal lars Anderson. FRONTON appreciate it. We'll continue to check back in with. You goes without saying we're to check back with all our correspondents throughout the night as new developments warrant right. Now we're joined by C. N. N. military analysts retired rear. Admiral pervy retired Navy. Commander Kirk lippold former commanding officer the USS Cole. Along with us. Also the New Yorkers Dexter Filkins WHO's reported extensively on the region for years Admiral Kirby. Let's start with you. Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps taking credit for the attacks. It's obviously a significant escalation from Iran. A response what do you make the form. This attack has taken given all the options. Frankly at Iran's disposal is very clear to me that the way they you did this was was deliberately intended not only to send a message to Donald Trump that they mean business in terms of rhetoric. Retribution for ceremonies death but that They have the capability to cause real damage. That's why they chose these particular weapons and that they were willing brazen enough to launch them from Orion soil so clearly it's a statement of of not only their capability but their willingness to use that capability. And so what we're GONNA we'll see the president hopefully later tonight. I mean what I think is going to be interesting to see is obviously how he responds to this. But but the degree to which trying to understand that the degree to which for him decision space now is getting smaller. It's getting a little bit more closed as this pattern of escalation continues to increase. And that's the concern that finding deescalation method finding a diplomatic off offramp here is going to become increasingly difficult for the administration now that the writings have so upped the ante with the use of these particular systems commander lippold former ambassador ambassador to Iran and actually one of the former hostages who has held who I talked to earlier today is also historian said that throughout history countries have been drawn into war each side saying they do not actually want to go to war that it's the other side. I'm wondering what you make of what we have seen tonight and what the next steps may be or war could be avoided to be. I think right now what you see Anderson. This is a prime opportunity for everyone to take a step back. And in fact deescalate from the scenario. That's developing obviously. We had the strike against Sulamani which was extremely effective and achieved our objective of taking out the number one terrorist in the world world. That was working for the Iranian government. By the same token the Iranians got their message across by sending these rockets into the base at all Assad and up to Erbil right now. We're kind of like that operational pause. We're assessing damage. We're seeing what's going. On signaled signals have been sent and receipted for on both sides. This this is actually the perfect opportunity to take that measured step back and determine. Okay do we need to continue escalatory process or this in fact the opportunity to allow diplomacy to step in allow both sides to disengage go to their neutral corners. Figure out what we can do. And in fact I see a greater opportunity -tunities to now come to the negotiating table and I think we've had previously Dexter Filkins I'm wondering what you make of that. The president tweeted just which we read the top broadcasters couple as you know if they strike an American base we have all these I'm paraphrasing a highly beautiful new expensive weapons that will send over there. My sense of this strike that that happens evening. Is that everything about. It suggests that it was done for primarily for Iranian Romanian domestic political reasons. They are basically speaking to their constituency. And they're just showing that we've done so we did it. Yeah I mean if you start with start with with the National Security Council meeting that the Ryan's had yesterday. There was a story in the Times this morning. The New York Times in which the supreme leader was was quoted it as demanding a proportionate response. I want us to do this. And I want us to. Visibly in rapidly and it was. There were three sources for that story and it struck me as that was. An orchestrated orchestrated leak. The Iranians wanted us to read that they they want to show they want their own people to see it they want. They are trying to satisfy their their the public. Now which is like very agitated very angry and wants revenge and I think this was more about them and it was about us. They haven't killing Americans as far as we know right. Yeah and we should say you know. These are very early reports. We really have no idea. And as we all know that everybody's watching those early reports in any kind of Conflict Connecticut Activity are often wrong or Or just it's just too early to tell exactly what has gone on the ground there. We're also joined journal Mark Hurtling. Who has been a Lotta time obviously serving in Iraq general hurtling Dexter filkins under or if you just heard what what he was saying that this seems like a very thought out response and perhaps in response largely to domestic pressures within Iran for for some sort of response given all the other options at the disposal of Iran? I agree completely with that Anderson. We're talking about not only the timing of the attack which appears to have coincided with the same time that Salama many was attacked with the don't drone strike in its messaging toward the Iranian people saying that we pride ourselves encountering any kind of actions by the Great Satan and and then the third message which I think is just as important as it's done on Iraqi soil it pulls them into this fray Iran and Iraq do not have a great have not had a history of great relationships. They've been trying to put together a little bit More closely lately. There's been some dynamics involved in that but to strike an Iraq a the US base on Iraqi soil is sending a message to the United States but to Iraq as well stay out of this proxy war because if you're sucked into you're you're going to bear the repercussions as well. All of those are huge messaging attributes to include the fact that they use ballistic missiles. Not the kind of rockets that have been launched by Iranian proxies at US basis in the past these Some devastating effects and the fact that there were twelve of them in the first wave to both Allison is significant. Because those are two major us-based right now Admiral Kirby the Pentagon said they're working on initial battle damage assessments. It's not sure exactly how long that might take talk a little bit about it. If there are American casualties and there are some reports based on at least one Iraqi source for to our Damon that there are some Iraqi casualties though. We don't know what that means wounded or fatalities if there are American casualties or if this attack has not killed anyone hopefully what the chances for this breathing as commander Hander lippold said might take place kind of some breathing room to kind of reassess and perhaps deescalate. I definitely think that if there's casualties particularly American casualties that certainly closes down. Decision Space for the president makes it harder for him not to respond in some way in a military fashion. Hopefully obviously there. There are going to be Any deaths caused by this But the fact that they conducted destroying such as sophisticated manner from Iranian soil Certainly itself is escalation enough and I think again it's going to force the president to do something And what that is we don't we don't know and as for the deescalation. Yeah I mean I certainly agree that Right now is a good time for everybody to to try to find a way to get off this. This cycle of escalation and violence The problem is that That's difficult to do now. This administration has basically cut off all ties and communications in diplomatic coordination with with Iran when they pulled out of the Iran deal so they've given themselves much leeway much leverage to have any kind of direct negotiations with Iran. It's not that it's not possible certainly If things get tense enough it could it could happen happen. It's just it's just less likely now than it was certainly before we got into into these more recent escalatory moves commander. lippold how how difficult is it to maintain that communication when hostilities have have actually started I mean in the past there have been communications Correct me if I'm wrong between countries is even if there are strikes happening because you do want those channels to at least remain open to have some sort of potential for de-escalation or off-ramps. Well I think right now Anderson what you'll find is there's probably more past communication open before we've never had direct communications with the Iranians. We have always done it. Diplomatically automatically through the Swiss emissaries who've been willing to relate messages back and forth but a key point going back to the strikes themselves that you have to remember is we actually have shown restraint already earlier today we knew that these ballistic middle button. Missile batteries were coming out of garrison. They were positioning. The transporter-erector-launchers order erector launcher were setting up. They knew that they were getting ready to fire. Every indication was there. If we wanted to stop that we could have struck then as a preventative or preemptive preemptive measure and chose not to instead we let the Iranians go ahead and fi am which is significant Just WanNA quickly or Jim. Acosta's the White House with some new information. Jim Yeah we're still waiting to find out. Exactly what the president is going to do in terms of You know giving a statement to the to the nation were monitoring that He's apparently meeting with advisors. Here's as we speak. We saw those top advisors entering the White House a few moments ago but Anderson. I wanted to pass along something. I picked up on a from a source close to the White House. House who has spoken with President in recent days This source essentially saying that. The president has no choice at this point but to retaliate against Iran based based on some of the talk that this source her down at mar-a-lago and Some of the other things that the president has been saying in recent days and according to this the source Trump has already set a standard that he's going to do a massive retaliation this source said if he fails to do that I think he looks weak Those are the words words coming from a source close to the White House who spoken with the president in recent days I I've spoken with other Republican officials. up on Capitol Hill And there is a concern concern. I will tell you Anderson even on the Republican side of the aisle that this thing could get out of control now. Obviously we haven't heard from the president yet. We don't have a full assessment as to what damage has been don on the ground in Iraq. But this is a significant moment. Obviously for the president and people who are close to this president seemed understand that all too well at this moment Anderson around Jim costs appreciate that are joining us. Right now is Democratic Congresswoman Navy helicopter pilot Mike Cheryl who serves on the House Armed Services Committee congresswoman as. I mentioned a navy veteran as a veteran. Would what is an as a member of Congress. What's your reaction to this attack tonight? Veyron well as a veteran I think my first thoughts are really for the families in a lot of us have signed up in the past to go serve our country. We know that that we might put ourselves in danger. But it's the families often that are sitting home waiting for the news from their loved ones and right now I just keep thinking of all of those families who are just waiting to hear from their service member or are you confident that the Pentagon on would have seen these attacks coming that. US personnel equipment would have been protected in case something like this. I mean I'm not sure. What the the the hardened capabilities are on on either of these visits? Well we certainly works affecting an attack from Iran and I know we were moving troops to try I to protect them as best we could and so. I know we've been very thoughtful about that. I'm just hoping that we hear that. There are no casualties. Certainly you know right now. Seeing the number of missiles being shot at the bases there I have a great concern. But I'm still very hopeful the You know we've been talking about the fact that ballistic missiles were fired from inside Iran according to the Defense Department as opposed to smaller scale rockets fired from Iranian proxies. She's what what do you believe should happen next a could happen next well Anderson. That's why we in Congress. Chris have been saying we need all of the information that the administration has so we can help make good decisions for our country as you know We we are the body from the Constitution that declares war. I certainly want to make sure that we don't and from this administration finding ourselves in another unending war. We want to make sure that we're very thoughtful. That cooler heads purveyor prevail and we simply see escalation after escalation after escalation. Now we find ourselves in a situation that we didn't thoughtfully and strategically determined was in the best interest of our country congresswoman. Shirley appreciate your time. Thank you very much Josh. Thanks to Anderson back now with her military security and regional experts. Dexter filkins spend a lot of time in the region. A lot of extraordinary reporting dexter extra has done and continues to do just in terms of you know. We were talking about the Iranian proxy the proxy forces. There's paramilitary groups and stuff if I mean if there is now this drumbeat to respond for this administration. If there's a back and forth the options on on the table for Iran it just seems to me are multi multi fronts and there were not just talking about in Iraq or Syria. It's really wherever wherever. US forces are and or other US civilians are installations anywhere. Yeah absolutely I mean if you just take it rock. They fired the missiles today but they could've they could've used one of their one of their militias inside the country. I mean they certainly are. Those militias had proved themselves to be willing to you act on on behalf of the Iranians. But you know the Iranians particularly historically particularly through his bowl they. They've shown a capability ability to act all over the world. I mean Thailand India Nigeria Latin America. They can strike pretty much anywhere they want. There's US troops in Somalia. There's operations operation's going on and you billions to the things that the Iranians have proved themselves to be very good at in the past our truck bombs and hostage taking and they haven't done anything like that yet but they they certainly could general hurtling just in terms of kind of next steps this you know how. How in the past these situations have either de-escalated or how they have escalated? I'll preface by first saying Anderson that it's an old tenant that it's very easy to fall into a war stumble into awards a whole lot difficult to get out now. Let's put this in perspective. Iran is foresight four times the size of Iraq. They have about three times the population and as we saw on the news over the last a couple of days. They are very rabid for the most part in supporting their government You're talking about a very large military to include the the coulds force source and the ability to strike back in not only conventional. It's but also an unconventional means such as cyber attacks along with the Conventional Angela tax. You're talking about a nation that truthfully We're probably rarely purview. Will say the same that from about one thousand nine hundred eighty S. We've looked at different exercises and in fact wargames of. How would we tackle an Iranian regime? If we ever got into a conflict there it's extremely challenging alleging not only from the standpoint of going against a very challenging force but a terrain and a demographic. That's very tough as well. The president tweeted out about how We have billions of dollars worth of new equipment. Will frankly that's not true You know anyone in the military that tells you we suddenly had went Walmart and got a bunch of new Patriot missiles in new tanks and new submarines new aircraft or knows how long those things take get into the pipeline. We have a budget. Get to purchase more and to refresh what we've seen over twenty years of war. Take its toll on our equipment but right now it would be a very strong challenge much to go up against the Islamic Republic of Iran Admiral Kirby of you talk about those those or games kind of the gaming Out How do you see the potential for this in terms of Escalate how that depends on what decisions the the president makes. I'm sure they're teeing up some options for him Probably from low to high in terms of intensity and the level of violence. I think my my my my supposition is that If they're looking at military targets right now there are probably looking at command and control facilities or are launch areas or trying to get at the source of these attacks Rather than prepping for an all out conventional conflict with Iran which is general hurling rightly points out would be Extraordinarily difficult And very bloody I mean it's one of the top ten armies in the world just in terms of size in Toronto much bigger country than Iraq. So so I mean I don't think and I and I'd be surprised if that's really where this is going But I I think in terms of kinetics right now. They're probably teeing up options that make sense To address the specific origin or capabilities that were put in place tonight. against Al Assad Commander Liberal. You talked about the possibility of de-escalation and taking a breath taking taking a pause. Seeing the casualties are with the situation is and what the potential for de-escalation is. How does that work when there isn't or it doesn't seem as if there's diplomatic channels that are at least open or You know Vibrant at this point I think Anderson we take advantage of the channels. We know are there as I mentioned before you got the Swiss that we have always been open be able to talk to the Iranians swift represent. US interests in Iran. Ron For for those. Who Don't know there's not an officer at American embassy anymore in Iran? Yes the other ones might be actually the European powers obviously they were very connected with the JCP away. Or the Iran nuclear agreement Germany France both of them obviously are going to have connections within the Iranian government that we could work through and use use them as pathways for Communication Asian. So I think there's a variety of ways to do it. It's whether we actually choose to do that. And we may do that in concert. With or parallel with preparing for more kinetic Caucasians if the Iranians want to continue this fight. Dexter one of the things. I'm just listening to commander. lippold is essentially talking about the possibility of using Switzerland or European penalize. Obviously our relationships with Oughta European allies is not what it was before and it doesn't seem like they were are necessarily informed about the attack on Sumani and I don't know where they would be in terms of willingness to be involved I I I think they'd be happy to try because I think just to avert any. Yeah this is like freaking out but I think the whole I mean. Starting with President trump withdrawing drawing from the from the nuclear agreement but his entire posture towards towards the Iranian government which they essentially as regime change. They don't like it. I mean they've made that clear if they could have their way. I think it's fair to say the Europeans would go back. They'd restore the nuclear agreement. They'd they'd put it all back in place and kind of go back to initially what the spend a lot of time in Iraq. What the fact that this Iraqi casualties here and and this attack was you know br an attempt to bring a rock into this? How does that play out on the Iraqi front? I mean not only these Shia paramilitary forces but you have the Iraqi parliament who has already said. US forces should leave. I mean if you're sources leave and there's many obviously Americans who would like to see. US forces get out altogether from Iraq. The the irony is that. That's exactly what Sulejmani Iran had wanted all along from the beginning to get US forces out. It's ironic and that and I think that there it's classic I mean. They are literally stuck in the middle. They have they have ron which is right next door. And they have the United States and they're and they're both coming out of all the time insane. I want you I want you in the other one thing. Same thing and I think the Prime Minister There Ottawa. demonte who is really about is pro. Western pro American a prime minister or get in Iraq. He he he needs the Americans. I don't think he's telling whatever he's saying publicly. And whatever he's telling the parliament I think in his heart he would like to keep the American needs the Americans because playoff against the Iran Iran because otherwise. Yeah otherwise he's got. He's he's powerless. I mean they'll they'll They'll thoroughly dominate the government there Jim Anybody the White House Jim What Are you hearing Anderson. We should update update our viewers that at this point it does not appear. The president will make an address to the nation tonight. We're hearing from the White House. Press Secretary Stephanie. Grisham that the president will not appear in front of the cameras. Tonight will not be making an address to the nation about what is unfolding tonight in Iraq The possibility of paper or statement I suppose still exists Or tweet of some sort I suppose but as of right now. We don't expect that to happen. Obviously in situations like this Anderson We've we've seen this movie before. They have have made preparations for these kinds of statements in the past and then decided ultimately not to do them. the other thing we should point out. Is that some of the top advisors who are meeting with President People like Secretary Estate Mike Pompeo and others who are here for meetings with President this evening they have also depart of the White House. What all of that means? Obviously we'RE GONNA be talking to our sources over over the next several hours to determine exactly what what was going on behind the scenes over here at the White House but at least for the very moment we can at least update our viewers and say at the president does not appear to be looking to make a statement to the nation. Tonight here at the White House Anderson so just to be clear. Years Pompeo Milley Aspirin that they have left now. We believe they have all left at this point. We saw the Defense Secretary Secretary of state the chairman of the Joint Chiefs all file out of the White House within the last ten or fifteen minutes I would say Anderson The vice president as well. They were all here for about an hour hour and a half a meeting meeting with president behind closed doors The White House press secretary was also meeting with the President they were all going over. What has transpired in Iraq tonight but it appears at the moment at the very least that the president is not going to be at least making a statement to the nation over the Airways in terms of what the next steps steps will be for the US? Obviously this is a very tender delicate moment. And I think all of that is being taken into consideration at this point. We'll see if he decides to communicate in another form tonight. Jim Acosta appreciate it. We're gonNA take a break. Reminder live at the eleven o'clock hour as well seen as live reports throughout the entire night coming next how this crisis can open the door to the return of forces such as Isis will hear from someone who wrote the book on it as our live coverage continues. Let's face it. Most New Year's resolutions are hard to keep get more exercise. Save more money well. Here's a resolution that's easy to keep don't waste time going to the post office US STAMPS DOT COM instead stems dot com brings all the services of the post office to you plus stamps dot com gives you everything you can't get at the post office big discounts on postage like five cents off every first class stamp and up to forty percent off priority mail print official. US postage from your computer for any letter package or class of male anywhere where you want to send once your mail is ready just handed to your mail carrier or drop it in the mailbox. It's that simple. No wonder over seven hundred thousand. 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We talked to some of our friends from around the game pop culture and more search for Ludlow and Parker and subscribe today today data on events in the last few minutes top national security officials including Secretary of state. Mike Pompeo Defense Secretary Mark Asper have just departed the White House vice. President Mike Pence has also left. So has the chairman of the join us. We understand the meeting just hours after missiles fired from Iranian soil ballistic missiles more than a dozen according to US authorities targeting. American forces is in Iraq landing at two big bases. No proxy is no Shia paramilitary forces no deniability clear claim of responsibility from Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps the question now our president trump respond. What happens next a source close to the White House spoken with him? Over the last several days telling Birger Mukasa quote. Trump has already set a standard that. He's going to do a massive retaliation if he fails to do that. I think he looks weak. That is Somebody who's had communications with the the president in the last several days. Dexter Filkins is back with us from the New Yorker joining us as well as job work national security reporter for the Washington Post author of a book. I'm a huge fan. Black flags the rise of Isis job. First of all this attack tonight. What are your thoughts on? Well just been struck by how many times conventional wisdom is gone out the window in the last couple of days a week ago. Nobody would have ever predicted that the US would go after such a public figure as WHO's not someone not some terrorist so we've been hunting for years but someone who was out in the open and someone was a very bad guy but not a typical case for us to go after someone so directly and then who would have thought that the Iranians Ryan should respond so directly and so quickly most people. I spoke to thought it would be a measured response may be so much later using proxies or something else but this has been very direct. So we're we're essentially in totally uncharted territory. Now also Giambi you wrote in The Washington Post today about what you called a quantum change in the missile technology being used by Iran. Yeah so so about a decade ago. A pretty significant decision was made at senior levels in Iran They have a really crappy air force. Essentially you know forty year. Old planes aren't very effective effective. They decided to invest very heavily on their missiles specifically precision guidance. So you see a whole new generation of of cruise missiles drones that are they're armed Missiles ballistic missiles perhaps seeing tonight that have maneuverable reentry vehicles so they can get control them after they fly so they could be very precise as to the tens of meters and that's new Iran that gives them all kinds of new cards to play. They didn't even a year. You know five years ago. It's quite dangerous Dichter. What is the power that Iran obviously there is you know there was an Iran Iraq war which a million people were killed on either side? I mean horrific war involving children in minefields how is Iran viewed now. And how does that play into. You know it's an attack on Iraqi soil. Well good question. I think in Iraq Iran is seen as this kind of the big the big neighbour who's never go away. He's always gonNA live next door and around has obviously been putting a lot of money. On these proxy forces there is political forces as well. Yeah they're they're deeply embedded in the Iraqi establishment and the Iraqi government every way and they live right next door and they make that very clear and if they need to exert leverage or pressure in all the way up to assassination. They can do it. And so when the Iraqis try to talk to the United States they have they say you know we gotta we gotta live with these guys next stories. Don't forget that they're right in the Middle Jobe. We're talking with Dexter before you joined us about the weak now. Have the Iraqi parliament saying that the wants wants to expel the. US forces Iraqi cabinet has to take that up. I it the leadership as well and how if the US actually you know a sick irony would be if the US did actually withdraw forces from Iraq under pressure. That's exactly what Iran has wanted in terms of Isis though What is the potential for Isis to come back as they did the last time? US forces pulled out. Well if you think about why we have troops groups in Iraq to begin with. It's right now. It's mostly because we want to control isis to go after the remaining pockets vices that still exists. There's still networks that are there and prevents Vince. Resurgence already seen a win for Isis. Because some we've stopped training. We essentially shut down training of the Kurdish forces and others. Who are helping us go after Isis? The same is true with NATO has just announced stopping training as well so that's already a victory for Isis if the US has to leave then that's it's an absolute windfall for Isis. Because there's no question they're going to try to come back we're already seeing them try. There's there's a tempo of of attack the last few weeks of something like twenty tax in Iraq alone in the week of Christmas. So they're they're trying to do something. Now if we leave were forced to leave were forced even scaled-back. There's an opportunity for them to come back. It's it's not clear how president trump would actually view that though. Obviously he's he's been very proud of the The destruction Asian of Isis. That has occurred thus far and has claimed credit for it. Not really not recognizing the efforts of the prior administration as well Which is certainly certainly the rise of Isis also happened in the ministrations watch but if Iran is then drawn into a conflict with Isis in Iraq as they were through these proxy oxygen forces early on before they were US troops to also battle? It is is. It's not clear if the president would actually be okay with that. There's so many ways this could go wrong You know you can potentially see the recreation of conditions that existed in two thousand twelve in Iraq when essentially had Sunnis feeling they needed to join isis or are aligned with Isis. Because they're being pressured by some of these Iranian groups so that could happen again if if the US us isn't there to referee. That was part of the problem. Twenty eleven we we pulled off our forces out and so these Shiite friendly Iraqi government allowed some of these Iranian proxies to run roughshod over over some of the suny groups and really really persecuted them. And so there's that potential and there's just also Just endless opportunities for Isis to find ways to regroup in areas that are essentially lawless areas where they can go right now and try to train and try to plan and to do bad things so those are all opportunities we see coming back. It's also been it's been a fragile couple of years. I guess good compared to what it was before Iraq over the last couple of years. It's sort of a fragile with diminishing of Isis but those Shia Sunni tensions which I think confusing for again for many people who don't really know the region. Well that all still exists. Well definitely and I. You know not to confuse everybody more but but one more point on Isis. The Shiite militias Che's and the Iranians that we were all fighting together against Isis the Americans and essential in Iran and the Shiite militias that they basically oversee. They were basically cooperating fighting Isis. All that's kind of like together. I mean there weren't actually operating in the same unit. No they weren't they weren't they weren't communicating with each other but they were coordinating certainly Dexter filkins thank you so much in job. Thank you so much appreciated. It's great to have you on again next going to go back to Tehran wrong for the very latest from their guy. Hi Everyone I'm poppy harlow were out with a new new boss files episode fashion designer. Eileen Fisher she sees her brand as a platform and her employees encouraging her to stand up on social who issue colluding climate change. She's a leading voice on environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. Also take on profit-sharing. She owns sixty percents center for company and her employees owned the rest plus her advice for all of us as parents out there what she wishes she done differently as the mother and how Eileen Fisher uses meditation the Guide her work and her life here at all. I'm Boston's subscribe today. A lot of over the past few hours Iran launching more than a dozen ballistic missiles at Iraqi bases that house. US troops a lot lot of threats and rhetoric from the regime since then but no more missiles it seems for joins us now from Iran's capital Tehran Fred. What else are you hearing about these the tax from the Iranian side? Well the Italians very early on Anderson came out and admitted and took credit. If you will for for launching these attacks. What's going on right now? Is that an Iranian state. TV which is essentially the main way to get information at this point in time there's sort of alternating between showing pictures of Qasim Awesome Selemani of course that was killed in that the US strike in Baghdad and then reading a statement by Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps which is the entity that fired Those missiles essentially explaining exactly what they did say that they fired this these missiles saying it was in retaliation for the killing of Sulejmani and and warning the United States not to hit back so essentially the message of the Iranians are trying to send right now. is they fired back and they want things to the end here. So they're warning. The trump administration not to escalate this any further. Also another interesting point Anderson. There's a telegram channel that the Revolutionary Guard uses as well and that sent out to names of the ballistic missile types that were allegedly used. I was looking those. Those are both short range. Ballistic missiles apparently capable of traveling a little less than five hundred miles in both fairly new models as well so the Iranian obviously very much also showcasing their military technology. Anderson's GonNa ask you just to drill down a little bit on what you said about their sort of they're saying don't retaliate. I can certainly understand them saying. Don't retaliate and it. Meaning a whole bunch of different things is are are. They saying. They're not clearly saying this is a one off. We're we're now done or are are they thread are they. Saying there's going to be more attacks. Are they just not saying anything about that at all and just saying no more would you know. Don't retaliate. Uh what what the Iranians have been saying. And it's interesting 'cause they've actually been really sending this message for the past couple of days. Now they are saying saying that after the attack on Sony there was going to be a military retaliation on their part to be against military targets. That's exactly what's happening right now. And they said that's going to be proportional attack and after that attack. They want things to end. They don't want the US to go any further whether or not these missile strikes that we're seeing right now are the end of. It is very hard to tell. But certainly judging from the statement that we're seeing from the Revolutionary Guard Corps. It could very well be the case that the Iranians are saying. Look you hit our top general. We've just hit you back. We've shown that we have the technology to do so it's also wage open warfare. We can leave it at that or you can try to escalate late even for that. That's what the Iranians warning against Anderson for plankton. Also where I think we're just running. Prestigious showing images of Sulamani being buried in his hometown or being released returned to his hometown. Our breaking news coverage continues right now and a hand things over to Chris. Cuomo Cuomo prime-time Chris. Are you interested in learning how enterprise scale companies drive organic traffic to increase their online visibility. Download the podcast from the heart of Silicon Valley here search metrics INC's CEO Jordan. Kuni delivers actionable. Insights Dowdy was dated. Yeah to navigate the ever changing landscape of Google Apple Amazon the voices of search podcast armed search engine marketers and business analysts with the latest news and insight insides. They need to navigate the ever changing landscape of search engine optimization and content. Are you ready to learn to use search data defined strategic insights about your competition and your industry as a whole and search for voices of search wherever you download your podcasts. 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