Melanie C on Giving Fans What They Wanted With 'Into You' & Spice Girls Anniversary Plans


Hey everybody and welcome to the billboard. Pop shop podcast. I'm keith caufield. Senior director billboard charts and. I'm katie atkinson. Billboards deputy out of their digital katie. How are you. I am great tower. You keith. i am all right on this windy day. I am saying that now. Just in case anyone complains about hearing kissing or windy. Sound on our microphones. There's a whole situation going outside my home garage office so it. That's why and i'm right next to a window and it sounded like there was a tornado outside recently. So welcome to our wind tunnel. Yes as always the billboard. Pop shop podcast. Is your one stop shop for all things whether the weather channel and all things pop actually on billboard's weekly charts. In addition you can always count on a lively discussion. About the latest pop news von chart stats stories new music and guest interviews with music stars and folks from the world of pop today on the show. We've got chart news about how. Why don't we naps. Its highest charting album yet on the billboard. Two hundred friends of the podcast by the way with your latest release and why are underground as thirty four plus thirty five surges to a new peak of number two on the billboard. Hot one hundred plus a couple of songs performed on the celebrating. America inauguration special last week debut on the hot one hundred chart which ones well. You'll just have to wait and see and we have an interview with melanie. C on my gosh very exciting. We caught up with the singer songwriter. And of course member of the spice girls recently to discuss her latest single into you her new self titled album. What spicy plans she. And the girls have up their sleeves. Commemorate the twenty fifth anniversary of the release of their debut single and album this year and we posed this burning question to her if she could assemble her dream girl group who would be in the group and her answers may surprise you but first before we get started. If you enjoy the podcast subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast provider. So you won't miss an episode. And if you want to explore more podcasts. From billboard visible were dot com slash podcasts already. So let's do the chart chat. I up morgan. wallin's dangerous. The double album spends its second straight week at number one on the billboard two hundred albums chart becoming the first country album to score two weeks in a row at number one since twenty fifteen and chris stapleton traveler linked together two weeks atop the list in the wake of his multiple wins and performance at that year's cma award when he performed most famously with justin timberlake one of katie's faves plus with one hundred fifty nine thousand equivalent album units earned in the us and the weekend in january twenty first according to marcy data. Dangerous is the first country album to notch two weeks of at least one hundred and fifty thousand units since the billboard. Two hundred began tracking albums. Buy units back in december. Twenty fourteen huge more than lewd kinda. Apparently a little popular also helps you have thirty tracks on the album helping you with streams and unit. So let's four thirty two even if you're listening to the target alexis now i would like to point out that those two tracks since they're not available on streaming services are digital. That doesn't count towards your. You know your streaming units but yes. It's hilarious that the physical versions including the vinyl at target has two bonus tracks. There's thirty two songs on the vinyl at target. It's insane it's a lot of it's sucks. it's a lot. It's double album it's dangerous. He's reliance number two or number one for a second week because people are still getting through the album in use. There's they're taking pieces. It's really a triple on all right. Well next up friends with the podcast. Why don't we log their highest charting album yet. As the good times. And the bad ones debuts at number three on the billboard two hundred with forty six thousand units that surpasses the acts previous high watermark when eight letters debuted and peaked at number nine. Back in twenty eighteen. I'm super proud of those boys. That's awesome good for them and It's sort of a new like the album has kind of a different. It's a different direction for them. A little bit fans super fans will know they. They took like a total break off of you know because they were releasing music crazy fast and then they took a break road all this music together playing all these instruments on there. They wanted to come back as like a real solid band. And it's it's awesome that it's also doing really well. Yeah well next up over on the billboard. Hot one hundred chart as livia rodriguez driver's license stays put in the driver's seat at number one for a second week arianna grandes thirty. Four thirty five searches eleven to two beating. Its previous high of number eight following the release of its remix featuring doja cat and megan thee stallion and with that the song is now credited to all three ladies on the charts now combined all versions of the song because we track all the verses together for tracking purposes and charmer persists earned twenty four million streams up eighty-three percent and sold eight thousand copies up three hundred and thirteen percent in the weekend in january. Twenty first wild also logged forty five point five million radio audience impressions up twenty one percent in the week ending january twenty twenty weekend colin firth colin twenty four twenty four. Th everybody Clearly the remix helped So if thirty four thirty five can get to number one. It will be the sixth number one for day the second for doja cat and the third from megan thee stallion that's cute I also did this. Weird thing where i was looking to see. How many song. Titles that only had numerals and symbols had reached the top two on the chart. And i think this is only the third one you know i. It's funny you said that. Because the minute i was looking at the song title i was thinking when gary gonna write that article well tell you what If he does. I've already given him a couple tips and one of the songs i don't know but one of the other songs we absolutely do know and i'll leave it. Okay look to billboard dot com for more. Maybe no promises. He made the story Lastly following their performances. On the celebrating america inauguration special on january twentieth. Tim mcgraw and tyler hubbard's undivided and aunts. Clemens better days featuring justin timberlake debut on the hot one hundred the tracks arrive at number seventy six and ninety four respectively. They're also the numbers three and two selling songs of the week as well selling nineteen thousand and twenty one thousand respectively driver's license still top selling song of the week with twenty seven thousand copies. Sold you know these songs Keith and i talked about while watching the special together first of all. They were both perfect fifths for this exact occasion and that clemens song has actually been since early december which i didn't even know yeah and minutes. Yeah i mean yeah. It's weird that like a a song featuring justin timberlake just kind of like snuck in without people knowing about it. But i think this was the perfect big show for for that song and clemens Have big year got a bunch of grammy nominations for the show in march and so this is a huge look for for him. And it's one of my favorite things justin. It's put out a while. So i think it's it's pretty. It's it's a good fit all around not to put you on the spot. San ant- clements has grammy nominations for what he does. I mean let me take another group. And i'm adele. He's a solo artist. Okay remember when i said nominations. Let's go with nominate shun. He's nominated for best r and b album for happy to be here that's his various nomination and it's his own album yet. Oh wow yeah well. I'm an idiot. Congratulations you honestly i. We actually did an article for the week of the inauguration. Five things to know about clemens. Because i think it's a name that people are going to hear a lot. Because of grammy's because of inauguration because of this justin timberlake feature so go check that out to get a little back story on who are boy. Aunt is wow cool and now. It's time for our interview with melanie. C in our chat. We discuss her latest single into you and why it was the right song to release right now. How an epiphany during the spice girls tour in two thousand nineteen led to her new self titled album and what upcoming plans. The spice girls may have to commemorate this year's twenty-fifth anniversary of the release of their debut single and album keith. Even has some suggestions for her. So you'll hear that in a second plus. The pop shop poses this burning question. Melanie see if she could assemble her dream. Girl group among all female artists from the past and present. who would be in her group. Her answers might surprise you. So take into our chat with melanie. C welcome to the billboard. Pop shop podcast. Melanie see how are you. You know what. I'm doing a k. We are living through the strangest times. Aren't we some days. Good some of them. Not so good but speaking to you guys is made my day. Oh you say all the right things. Melanie well first of all. I'm going to say something nice back to you because happy. Belated birthday is your birthday just a few days ago. How did you celebrate the big day considering that your in a fairly elevated kind of level of lockdown right now in england well we We are kind of in Yeah close to the highest lockdown. We've had so far. So the highlight of my day was going to the pharmacy. Socially distanced worry ask to get some necessities but you know it was just lovely to have that day. When you feel special you know. Melissa girl was nice to me for a whole day. Which is a gift in itself. And i got so many lippi messages from funds all over the world so many lovely gifts and cards so yeah. Although he wasn't the the date. I expect it to have. It was still a nice day and You recently released the music video for your latest single into you. The track is off the deluxe edition of your new self titled eighth album. And it's it's does dance banger is what it is. So why was this. Track the rate single for right now. Do you think let's thank you so much. I'm happy to him. Virtually blogger at always a good thing. But you know this records. I mean it's been crazy. Because i had so many plans for the record. Close i want you to make a downs. Inspired pop album been di jiang for few years so i really fallen back in love with dance music and i was so excited only to release it and released videos. Was he get out and to do it. Live and to travel all over the world. Of course auto is possible right now but i found that will leasing get during the pandemic has been really a good thing. I think people have enjoyed to be entertained and to be distracted from other things on. It's made me really motivated to create this content and as you say. This song is from deluxe version. It was never planned to be single but it was just an all the forums all over the social media platforms that funds wanted it. They loved it so we thought. Hey you know what. It's a gloomy january here in the uk and across europe. Let's get a donkey out there and put really fun video to go with it to be quite honest. When is it not gloomy in the uk in january. Melanie so i got some pictures today. I have family. My dad's been yorkshire. Which is in the in the north of the country and they have the most beautiful scenes winter scenes deep thick untouched snow and hebron linden. It's gray and white and you know so. Hopefully we get some snow. We might see some nice bright sunny days You you said that the album you know. Isn't i mean the the tracking to you isn't on this quote unquote standard version of the album. It's on the physical deluxe version but you can still purchase it off the new ep. That's on digital platform. So everyone listening. Don't get it now. I've read that you said the album is all about self acceptance Did you go into the making of the album kind of with that kind of mindset that intention or did the direction of the album kind of find its way to you as you were writing it you know. I think so often an album you can happen. You know personally for me. I might have a threat of an idea. But it's it really kind of evolves at its own pace. And i think i had some writing sessions and it was taking some shape and then wanting to spice goes. I'm we did. Stadium shows and twenty nineteen and that was a real moment for me a moment to really reflect on everything that happened to me not only in my career in my personal life all these different times. I'm not really when i. It was always like an epiphany realize that. I had to embrace everything that i've done. You know. i i kinda think. I had sporty in one part of my brain and my body and melanie c in nevada. I mean i realized that you know. I'm both all the time not want sometimes in the other other times so it was just a really nice thing to realize into just embrace every aspect of myself. Well and you know after that big tour. I'm sure you're sort of itching to get this melanie. C music out in front of fans to and obviously lockdown his sort of put that on the shelf for now. But are you hopeful that you'll be able to get back on stage. I know you have some twenty twenty. One date sat. Are you hopeful that you can get out there and be into these songs in front of fans Nine i mean things in europe right now especially uk. All you know pretty bad. There's no good news for us right now. So i'm keeping everything crossed. What constant monitoring the situation. And i hope and pray that happiness bring. I don't know if they will but as soon as we can. As soon as i can get back up there. I think you know all is to weaken everything grind so many industries. And you know have to think about things differently. Have there and i think you know for me. I'm going to continue to be creative. I found that it's it's a great time to to really be giving to fans you know. I think he's a time when we need each of that eight. Something we are living through the showed experience on. I wanna keep making music and get that. If i call be there in person i at least one a. b. that online and Also we were just speaking of the spice girls but twenty. Twenty one marks the twenty fifth anniversary of the uk release of the spice girls first single wannabe and the first album. Spice so you know. What can you tell us or any plans in the works to kind of memory. That big anniversary. Oh my goodness well we. Of course it's high on the agenda. I guess i mean since we did the tour in nine thousand nine hundred. I've just been like shadows maggio's and you know. Obviously that isn't something that's going to initiate a sadly so again. A big old we think on to the funds and incredible international fan base that have supported us throughout upgrades so we are working on tonight as i give too much away but definitely. This is the place to do it right. You know what we definitely want to celebrate and really acknowledge twenty five years. It's it's insane and We're so proud of like we do to celebrate in the best way that we can and if you're listening to fans than you should listen to keith. Because he's got he has an idea for you. So so just hear me out and i just play along So ever since the spice girls out that they had the twenty nineteen tour and Victoria wasn't gonna be part of it because she was focused on her other parts for career at the time which is fine I was thinking. Gosh it'd be great to get some new music from the spice girls. New music didn't happen and that's fine. Do what you want. that's cool but here's my idea. And i shared on social media. I don't know if anyone from management is seen it but here we go okay. So what about a new album from the spice girls. it can be called girl power. And let's there's ten songs. Maybe you convince victoria to show up on one of them and the rest of the nine songs can be say songs that are collaborations with women from you know women in music that inspired the spice girls and women that were inspired by the spice girls. So say you know little mix and spice girls or diana ross and the spice girls so there is my concepts. I'm not asking for any percentage. Any cut what do you think. I think that's an incredible idea. I oh wow i mean. That'd be amazing. I think you know we often talk. About how many people talk about listening to the spice going. You know i suppose. I'll funds evolving age. Now whether it will grow and you ought to sweater it do a leaker or even billie eilish is is so incredibly young which she talks about this vice goes beyond and adele. Of course he's brought about biggest funds and we've been inspired you know. I continued to be inspired by egypt artists. But like you say great. Diana ross madonna. You know. I think that's a wonderful idea. Come on. let's pitch it to the girls girls. If you're listening we will we mellon board. Apparently she just said that. No shooter down for this was actually in all seriousness. Has there been any talk at all of just doing new music in general or is that kind of on the back burner. Is that even a topic. You know what. I think when we talk about new music we feel very nervous because obviously we had such great success and we have such a great catalog and we wouldn't want to force anything and we wouldn't wanna do anything. That wasn't good enough so we've always said it. If an opportunity came up and we felt it was quite ogun. It about it happens then we would do it. But we kind of. don't want to force it gotcha. And finally because we've stolen a lot of your time speaking of Of groups and girl power keith. And i have played this little game before and we thought that it would be perfect for you. If you melanie. C could put together your dream girl group who would be in the group. We're just gonna take all limits off the table lake. Just pick from history pick from now from wherever who is where you drafting for your girl group and we and we literally do play this. By the way we play fantasy girl group lead. It'll i love that but there is such a wealth of amazing women in music. Isn't that so it's like this question. I used to this question but now to you. But i think it's gonna so slighted no one's gonna feel slighted if you don't pick them if you don't drop them when i wake up in the middle of the night going. No no no. I tried to have these guys but my my best pick would be tina turner. Yes and the reason for that. You know she. It's fast and my mom was a huge until i grew up on a lot of. It chatter tina's salad stuff and not just in. Or if she is and i think she obviously a huge inspiration to the great beyond. So could you have teen. And beyond saying the same. I mean that would just be overloaded with sensory overload. Who has would you want in that. I mean again. Seventy amazing women go see amazing you know. Would it be madonna. You see there is some women. I kind of show them in a kind of five. And i'm like i'm going to have to down being huge madonna fan. She was a huge inspiration to me growing up. So i'm gonna go tina. I'm going with you. Know the moment mature ladies right now tina madonna turks next next now soon who. I've always thought has so much girl. Power and i have so much respect for is pink and incredible artist on cheese being like. She's really play drama genres as well hasn't she she's quite our be and then she go quite lucky and and yet and she's really powerful so i think pink would have to be masked to me and then she makes some youngsters in that as well into the mix so do is having a moment right now an incredible album that she released last year. And i'm a huge fan of has. Maybe i think. I'd like to see duly pin and I'm gonna change my mind. Doing down i mix it all up. And i do. I have one spotlight. Sure as many as you want it can be a ten you to be able to look. I think you know what i wanna. I wanna bring some maybe some darkness the proceedings. And i think we're going to have to have many many eilly one of my favorites. I mean it's the craziest mix if women you probably would get on stage. Music and generalize but there are people that inspire me greatly love to see it. So tina madonna to billie eilish. Yeah that's an malady. Like your goes without saying. I don't want to miss. I can only imagine just trying to get everyone on stage together. That will be something. That's a site. What's up by the way katy and i are big fans of basically all those people those people. Yeah so we're in it and and you of course to melania on this has been delightful thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us and Much success with anything that possibly happens in twenty twenty one. Because we don't know what the heck is going to happen this but all of my love and good luck to you guys over there. You know heartbreaking crazy scenes. We see in america lots and i miss you guys and love to be over there so hopefully we can be together. See again to melanie. C cannot wait to see that fantasy group live. If only in our dreams as real as it can be in my during it makes it sound like we're saying that The gives them with an debbie. Gibson was not a selection. A fine choice nonetheless. She'd be in gary trough fantasy zero group for sure. Tiffany harry And also thank you melanie for during my unsolicited pitch for a spice girls album. I still think it's legitimately good idea. Melanie seemed into it. So all we have to do is convince the other girls and then we've got it covered. I mean for all you know. They already recorded it true. You never know you never know all right. Well now. It's time for the chart stat of the week. Well twenty four years ago this week. The spice girls debuted on the billboard. Hot one hundred chart with the track. Which first released. In the group's home country of england. The previous year arrived on the hot one. Hundred chart dated january. Twenty fifth nineteen ninety-seven number. Eleven it would sail to number one a few weeks later on the february twenty-second data chart and it's been four weeks atop the list. This was normal by the way back in the day were an artist would release a song or album in another country. I and in america this was like pre internet we have internet but it was like pre pre streaming pre youtube so the spice girls were just like this. Uk thing it became a phenomenon and then they brought them to america and it became a global phenomenon and this ties into something else. That happened the other day. When adele on social media celebrated the tenth anniversary of the release of her album twenty one it was actually released in the uk like a month or so. It was a month actors february twenty-second as the day here in the us. Yeah it it didn't come out in the in america until until a month later so it's the ten to her but for americans we still denied it for a. It's the it's the nine year and eleven month anniversary you can't really pull that off anymore streaming and everything else works much all right. We'll move in on wanna be was a preview of even bigger things to come for the spice girls as the group would reach number one on the billboard two hundred with its debut album spice in may spending five weeks at number one and was not two more top ten hits from the set with say. You'll be there and two become one. And before the end of nineteen ninety-seven the group would drop their second album. Spice world assuring in another batch of hit singles wannabe finished nineteen ninety-seven as the number ten biggest hit on the hot one hundred chart while spice closed the year as the number one year end billboard two hundred album so there you have it twenty four years ago this week. The spice girls spiced up the hot one hundred for the very first time as wannabe debuted on the chart on its way to number one. We've reached the end of our spicy show. How many times can we say spicy. I honestly don't know if i remember a bigger like pop cultural phenomenon than the way the spice girls in america like in my lifetime i should i. It was honestly like it. Felt like they came out of nowhere and were massive immediately. It was it was unreal. It was i all. I remember that year it was just pandemonium for the spice girls videos were on. Mtv and one incessantly say you'll be. There is the one that i remember the most playing. I mean because it was such a fine cinematic superhero looking video. That one is the one. I remember playing over and over and over again on. Mtv so what song should we go out on. I mean. I don't think it would be overkill to play another spice girls song personally. So that's what we should do. But which song. Because we've already obviously right. I mean i'd say you'll be there. We talked about it that video. It's playing in my mind just thinking about the spice girls arrival all right. We're going to give you everything as we go out this week. You know giving everything all this. I swear this is where all right time by.

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