Derrius Guice Released, Are We Drafting Any Washington RBs?


Now. Here's some combination of Adam Day Jamie He. Friday night bonus pod here on fantasy football today. Adam Jamie, ben talking about Darius guys in the Washington football team backfield they're releasing Darius guys following his arrest on domestic violence charges. He was a second round pick in two eighteen mrs entire rookie season played just five games in two, thousand and nineteen, and we've got a wide open backfield that a lot of guys that could step up hopefully, this team has not finished higher than seventeenth in rushing in any of the last five years they've been twentieth in four the last five years. So Jamie Dave. Ben. Whoever wants to talk. I. Are you going to draft a Washington running back and if so who Dave? You Go I. I would be interested in a Washington running back. NPR would still be Antonio. Gibson Gibson wasn't the first one that I was going to take. You would been the second but now he will be the first but I'm probably not gonNA take a much higher than where I was taking him before whereas I was taking him in round ten. Now, my movement around nine, this guy barely had two hundred carries going back to high school. He's a converted wide receiver I think they're I don't think this changes how Washington uses Gibson to begin the year I just think it clears a path a little bit more for him to be used Moore's rusher, but it does the exact same thing for Adrian Peterson. paid-in Barber and the guy that I'm really kind of intrigued by Bryce love might have a chance to really. Get, some serious playing in no doubt about it I still expect Washington to split the workload up but getting guys out of the way does open the the runway for all those running backs Jamie. Colleague I mean you know we were I think varying degrees excited about Antonio Gibson, and the industry has been very excited about Antonio Gibson after Ron Rivera said Christian McCaffrey comparisons and knowing that he coached McCaffrey in Scotch on the offense coordinator is with McCaffrey. So Gibson you know I think Dave said best that he's not a proven commodity as a rusher, and so it was gonna take something like one of the two guys in front of him being out of the way for him to get an expanded role in that regard But I don't think they're all of a sudden going to say here you're fifteen carry guy you're twenty carry guy now. that. May Happen by the end of the season but when you have Peterson when you have love when you have pain barber who? As, we know was not very good in in Tampa. Bay last year, but they did give him hundred seventy touches also digging mckissick who now has a better chance of sticking around as well. So it's still a crowded backfield even with with with guys out of the way but MPP are I think you know you move Gibson little bit. Now you're definitely taking a flyer. On Peterson need just sort of a guy to have some touches or Bryce love. If you're looking for the upside play, I would lean more toward love because I think probably Peterson goes in the round ten range and love probably goes with one relator picks unless of course, you come out the the Watson football team comes out with a some sort of comment from Rivera thing. More glowing things about love. so He'd be the one that I'm the most intrigued by if I'm taking a late fire. Let me just let me just clear this up too. So we have it on record two, hundred two carries for Antonio Gibson since he was in junior high. So from the moment, he started high school through Community College and then with Memphis two hundred. Two carries Bryce love at Stanford five hundred and sixty nine. Carey's forty nine receptions I think Bryce love is the more experienced running back the to obviously Adrian. Peterson's the most experienced running back that Washington Scott and that's why I think they'll probably lean on him and he absolutely steps up as as zero rb slash week one type of running back that fantasy managers can start. Right, Ben, where are you guys? Peterson's had two hundred plus carries two straight years who's actually a top twenty running back two years ago two hundred and fifty one carries in sixteen games. Last year he played fifteen games. Yeah. Two hundred eleven carries. Was Outside the top twenty four, he was twenty eighth and non. Third PR Peterson has had a little bit of a resurgence I mean, he's been solid four point two, four point three yards per carry last two years with the redskins but they have paid and Barbara we we haven't really talked about him. I. Don't think Where are You ben on this backfield? Yeah, these guys hit on all the fun stuff and and nailed it, and so the reality is and I think they probably both agree that we're gonNA. We're GONNA see a lot of Adrian Peterson and maybe a lot of pain Barbara. They have these veteran plotters that are are probably GonNa make this fun for fantasy Gibson is is certainly a really exciting prospect. He's a I talk a lot about Jonathan Taylor. He's comp very comparable athlete to Jonathan Taylor and like Jamie said Rivera comparative to McCaffrey So. Are you not excited about the issue of course is that he played receiver in in mostly in college then like they said he the only at forty four carries and only seventy seven overall touches throughout his couple years at Memphis Bryce love by contrast to go back to what this guy did in college. His junior year, he ran for over two thousand yards and nineteen touchdowns I? mean he lives like Jonathan Taylor type prospect wasn't he production? Yup Number two in the voting he was I. think he was the runner up that year and his senior year he he dealt with ankle injuries and then. On. The final play of their final regular season game and then that you know his numbers were down the whole year, he played through he missed a couple of games but he played we played for ten games wasn't as efficient or anything but definitely after his junior year, this guy was thought of very, very highly like Debbie circles for for people who play in the Debbie Leagues. And now, we're at a point where like they took a fourth round pick on him pretty much knowing he wouldn't play in his first year and the third. Third. But yeah they it was a reasonable enough pick for a guy you knew wasn't gonNA play the whole first year, and so you you'd think that they were they would give him a shot and this guy has a ton of athleticism I think the most today's point the most running back experience of between him and Gibson but those are the two they're both. I. Mean. Love. Supposedly great athlete we don't know we'll be at physically. I. Am we never got to get tested numbers tested as an amazing athlete. They're both great athletes. Love has the the great production profile at least in his junior year But that's that's where we hope to see touch gopher fantasy because that's where the upside would be. Site I reached out around four around for I. reached out to Ben Standard who covers the Washington football team for the athletic I asked him to give me his take and he's the guy that's played in a lot of fantasy leagues some with us. So here's what Ben told. Me said AP's locked into the starting role safe reliable, and this team needs that gives the gadget guy but the fantasy upside play for sure love is the wildcard and don't be surprised if mckissick is getting a bigger role on third down as well not a word about barber he I think Barbara's Now how I think reviewing AP as the backup to Geiss Barbara's probably the backup to to Peterson depending on how what they see from. Love and Gibson. That's going to sway that you know and so this is where I think preseason hurts a team like this especially under the circumstances because they could see on the field what he looked like love certainly as well, and now they have to just deal with what they're going to be able to get into practice. So. They're not gonNA keep all these guys. That's for sure. You're not mckesson because the one that could play on special teams. So that helps his role potentially making the team but you know we'll see what they do with their practice. It can be a little more creative with your practice squad this took so and and for how much we talk about love he he might he might be the guy that gets ends up being the odd man out. Like Ben said, he's the welcoming the he is I. I haven't dragged him for dynasty purposes. This offseason trying to get reports on his health trying to look things up. There's not been a lot written about in which has been part of this. We haven't gotten a lot about a lot of guys, but it's especially guys like love who you know. They wouldn't be top of mind for a lot of people covering Washington and a lot of extra days. What's Yeah I think I hope so I hope we start getting some information about it. Well, listen you guys have talked a lot about love and Gibson, his players that you're excited about athletically in terms of their potential but. Are you going to rank Adrian Peterson the highest and was that? No, no, but he's Our started. I mean I just don't care Iky. Empty. Touches. goal-line touches to this. Two years ago when you had a thousand yards, he had I think five or six games in those in that thousand camping. And I may be off on one way or the other. Last year Carlos had thousand yards. It was a very empty. season. Peterson is going to lead the team in rushing yards it yourself he's just score the most touchdowns. Albee. Dave's right. Take your rb approach and you need somebody for the first couple of weeks this season this is a very good player to to have on your team in that regard but if you're shooting for upside because when you. Know. That I know he doesn't have super I know he doesn't have great upside I get he's going to catch any passes but. Let's compare him to Jordan Howard have Jordan. Howard Agent Peterson our hearts twenty five yeah I know. But Howard Got Brita in the Backfield is Peterson going to get more decade young Peterson Peterson. Look look I forgot about this I'm not GonNa lie I'm looking at his game log right now. Four Games of the fantasy season fifteen, thirteen, fourteen, ten fantasy points in non PR scored a touchdown in every game. I'm just wondering. If the answers Howard that's fine I get it. I'd take our two. But why why is he so such a clear choice over Adrian Peterson because he's not sharing with three other running as. Sherwin Shit. Peterson's going to be sharing with other running beds though I mean he. He isn't a share with Barbara or there's no doubt about it that one of those guys is GonNa get carries, and then the other scenario is Ben pointed out mckissick is a guy that has you know proven to be a good pass catcher either Howard or Peterson catching passes very true. But I, I still think either ben or Dave said. Sharing with one guy versus sharing with three guys Howard was good enough last year to keep as talented as mile standard was off the field. So if Howard is right and presumably he is, the dolphins will run the ball better than they did a year ago Peterson may be the better choice by the end of the season but going in you're taking out. Adam curious because he seemed to be the highest high in here on Peterson. Where would you take him? What do you think from like because? I think the concern for all of us there's no weekly upside there. You just noted in four games score touchdowns he got into like the the teams, the low teens, four times in a row but he's GonNa score touchdown every week you're otherwise probably getting seventy rushing yards. Okay. So seven points so I'm not I don't WanNa be the High Guy Peterson I was kind of playing devil's advocate because I didn't do this show and not. Feature the guy who's going to be most likely going to be the starting running back for the redskins and who's who's gotten more than two hundred carries two straight seasons I feel like that's that's you know. Hold on. Let me finish. I. Where would I draft Adrian Peterson? I probably wouldn't because I don't really want to Jordan Howard or Adrian Peterson I. Don't think these guys are in very good situations. I don't think they're going to be on good offenses they're not gonNA they're they're not going to be on good teams. So if the game script is bad, they're going to be out of the game plan and there are players in the backfield that I think are better than them I think that breed is better than Jordan. Howard and I think I. Don't know I. Don't think pain. Barbara's Adrian. Peterson. But I do think there's a chance that Gibson or low love is better than Peterson but what's you know look Gibson might not be running back he they might not use them that way and they have a lot of Andrew, the wide receiver and prices very fair point I think this this is the approach you take because Howard's in a range of still potential flex option or is your rb when you get passed. Thirty six, maybe forty running back depending on whatever the rankings you're looking at don't draft for guys that can maybe help you or to Jaffer guys that can win your league. We don't have this conversation enough or maybe to this point enough. I'm taking Chase Edmunds, Alexander Madison, and Tony Paulo Region Peterson. Adam if a guy who can sit on your bench and never be in your lineup for fantasy unless you're completely stuck because that's really the only time used to be playing a guy like, Peterson, unless you're just loaded at receiver loaded, you know great quarterback tight end and you didn't draft the right way by getting somebody that can help you in some regard whether it's you know middle of the season end of the season. And you just need somebody to to plug and play that to me what Peterson is like I would rather have Gibson sitting on my bench then Peterson I'd rather have love sitting on my bench right now until we see some clarity than Peterson but again, I'll take the the backup in a potentially great situation compared to the starter in a miserable situation right now applies to Howard. We all agree I mean we all. We all agree I I was just to averaging point I can't think of a point. Where I would take where there's not guys that I want more than Adrian Peterson even like into the fourteenth or fifteenth round there are some really intriguing upside has daring Evans like Yup. I. Want that Guy Kelly as my sixth running back I want Adrian. Peterson's my sixth running back right like so I don't know where his ADP could land. I was trying to think of my head I don't know what he's going to end up in draft, but I don't know where it could land where I would really consider him because I was asking but I know you're not be after route ten. After around ten I. think there's a chance that in specifically in non PR leagues that he's better. He scores, he scores, enough touchdowns where like you know he's better than than his skill level suggests. Okay. Gibson and non pbr his numbers will be better than where he's ranked his numbers will be better than where he's drafted he plays the whole season but. Like Ben. Talks. About the dead zone it's just empty numbers. Yeah. For what you're going to look at, and that's the problem with it is just not necessarily it's not attractive and I think your point about what is ADP is going to be. This is a name guy people know this name he's a hall of fame caliber running back and so people are going to say, wow, the starting running back is sitting there around eight round nine, round ten I have to have that because I need a fifth running back and forth running back to this last question and then I'll let you guys go eat dinner. We've lost now Damian Williams and areas guys. These were too enticing mid round picks and we haven't even had any injuries yet. Does this put even more urgency on drafting running backs in the first two or three rounds? With the lack of preseason games. No. Because these guys weren't. Especially for me because I didn't look at Damien Williams's a round six or seven pick like some of the other guys. I think this does thin out the talent pool maybe a little bit when you get to the middle rounds, but we just lost areas guys, and now you can make the case to draft Adrian Peterson and Bryce. Love. So we lost one guy but we're gaining two that are going to be able to get picked later on. When we lost Damian Williams. Washington. Came into focus the Andrew Ginger washing steps. It's Kinda just emphasizes the replace ability of these these options but day plan changed what targeting the Andre Washington is not being drafted the way Damian. Williams was being quieter would solaire jumped up if you tell me right now the Andrea Washington is for sure the backup to Clyde Edwards I, will take him over Adrian Peterson ten times. There but you're not gonNA take over. Just the possibility probably the same way to. All right good stuff guys thanks for hopping on on a Friday night. Really appreciate it. Hope this was helpful for our listeners Have a great weekend. Described show I was talking to you I was talking to the listeners showed. All. Right everybody. Vow Dave you're GonNa have a great weekend. We'll talk on Monday.

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